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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 20, 2020 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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20. 250th anniversary here. this is the. present. president.
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extremely cautious about everything. to protect myself. no us about his safety in exile. i'm british manager welcome to the program european union leaders are set to resume talks are shortly to determine the size of a european wide recovery fund. leaders have been arriving back for what they hope will be a final day after some talks that lasted until dawn today the core disagreement concerns how much of the money would be distributed as handouts or as norms that
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would have to be repaid hard hit southern states including italy and spain want to see substantial payments but a group of some frugal northern european countries wants norms and more checks on how the money is spent let's listen to what european commission president also on the lawn had to say as your arrived for this meeting. good morning so after 3 days and 3 nights of negotiation marathon we are entering now in the crucial phase but i have the impression that european leaders really want an agreement which they show the clear will to find a solution and we need a solution to european citizens need a solution the european union needs a solution needs an agreement to overcome this crisis and to prepare europe for the future i'm positive for today we're not there yet but things are moving in the
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right direction. but it must cross in brussels remember just her european commission president also love on the line sounding a more positive note this morning is this going to be settled today than. emmanuelle mccraw the french president also just arrived here at the e.u. summit building in brussels and he basically said the same thing he said that a compromise is in reach is possible but to stay is prudent because he doesn't want to strike a deal at the cost of european their use he also stressed that he'll continue working and fighting that's actually the words he was fighting closely with the german chancellor angela merkel and she also said the same thing let's listen what angela merkel said when she arrived here at that you summit building. with talk. last night after. we worked as a framework for
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a possible agreement. that that is a step forward and offers hope that there could be an agreement today or at least that agreement is possible and it will. i'm very glad that we the french president and i back in may adopted the approach of a really substantial program for this exceptional situation and he's also given that was the foundation for the decisions by the commission and that's why we have succeeded in agreeing a substantial level of iran here and that is the on so we need for an exceptional situation and it was clear that the negotiations were going to be tough and they will continue to do that exceptional situations require exceptional effort for them also has been a challenge playing. exceptional situations but you know what do you think those comments are really meant for. it's interesting about angola merkel says that here
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because we heard that your council president shall michelle propose to hand out 390000000000 euro scranton's instead of the 500000000000 euro he originally proposed or so that you commission proposed and this is clearly going into the direction of the fruit the so-called self declared frugal 5 countries and these countries the netherlands austria denmark sweden and finland are us of the countries merkel is talking to you and maybe also to hungary in poland because one major sticking point today will be the rule of law if the money that will be handed out in the budget will be attached to a sort of rule mechanism and hungary and poland strongly oppose this idea so they could also make or break the deal today why exactly is this conditional of any financial assistance such a sticking point in the girls you know. there's it would be the 1st time in the
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history that is handing out taking up mutual debt and that's a really big thing and that 2 very different persuasions here was so we have the south and countries italy and spain they have been really hard hit by the covert 19 crisis and they already they already are are already confronted with economical difficulties they have been confronted before and they say we need your solidarity we want to be and the money to be had it was s. grants and then there are all of the northern countries there are so-called frugal countries the wealthier countries they say yes ok solidarity is a good thing but we want to hand out the money as loans and the reason there is that they also have their own tax paris in mind that's at least what they say and the idea behind this that they're not in favor of centralizing more money and giving the e.u. more power. my nostrils in brussels thank you for the time being
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now to some other stories making news around the world saudi arabia is a king. has been taken to the hospital the official president who says undergo medical tests after developing and inflammation of his. health has been the subject of speculation for years his son the crown prince mohammed bin. is now effectively in charge of. judges in iran have suspended the executor of 3 men linked to anti-government protests the decision follows a public campaign against death sentences the men's lawyers are hoping the planned execution will be over. britain is set to suspend its extradition treaty with hong kong amid growing international condemnation of china's new national security law in the territory. the controversial a broad range of offenses that are considered subversion terrorism. with foreign
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elements however didn't stop pro-democracy activists from holding an unofficial primary election hoping to come up with enough candidates to win a majority in the alleged later on monday problem pro-democracy activists joshua one submitted his application to run in the fore. another. more recent hong kong. it's not all new in london the left hand traffic he says from mine some of hong kong his home which he flips 2 weeks ago the new security law made it impossible for the activists to stay. under the law. so a lot of. fear of being prosecuted i'm meeting law in central london the 27 year old brought this banner all the way from
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hong kong a banner that could now get him arrested at home and a reminder of what he is fighting for freedom access and chinese the activist does not want to disclose his exact location and plans because he's concerned for his safety we all know that child us reach could be very expensive. for me i'm on the movie being extremely cautious about such a thing so i could protect myself. it was an umbrella that once made famous one alongside thousands of other hong kong as he protested for democracy in 2014 together with he founded the pro-democracy opposition party. and got elected to the city's defacto parliament now no one has had to leave his life in hong kong behind . very painful decision but for me i think it's more than myself more than personalization is
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a strategy for to meet him and because we need to have someone to speak on the international level freely. people cannot speak up on the ground so for me i would love to bear that responsibility even though i need to have some personal sacrifice. law came to london on a visit with one clear purpose he wants to be the strong voice for those still fighting the fight back in hong kong but who are now being silenced under the new security law yes a historical time for u.k. regarding the china policy there's a huge change in the past 6 months. i think is. a strong consensus in the u.k. politics that we have to be more assertive to china and i hope that my presence and my engagement in the u.k. could facilitate that change that we could hold china accountable in the future we have to respond all wants to and power the movement and his fellow activists from
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abroad but the reality of not knowing if and when he can return to hong kong and the future leave some sound. like. it is awaiting that you don't know when it will end. i also care a lot of responsibility on my shoulder for now and i have to remind myself. i don't leave for myself but for the whole movement. it's a lonely path that mason law has chosen but one where he believes he can be the most useful to the cause. our human rights watch report has found the child athletes in japan suffer physical verbal and sexual abuse during training the experiences of over 800 athletes in 50 different sports well documented the japanese are the big committee promised to deal with abuse and violence in its
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courts federations as early as 2013 but the rights groups say is not enough has been done it's how urgent japan to make reforms before the commencement of the games next year which were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. a representative from human rights watch talked about the extent of the child abuse the specific and uses we documented include hunching slapping kicking or striking with objects excessive or insufficient food and water athletes who were forced to train when they were injured or punished with excessive training cutting or shaving hair is a punishment and abuse by older teammates football now a coaching job in the job unfolds to wouldn't normally make waves but this one is the event to meet the only female coach in german professional football 3 months
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into her new role she says attitudes in the game changing. them couldn't host is in her element the 31 year old is head coach of german 4th tier club and a lot of it's her 2nd such job in men's football and it's all part of her plan. when i was little i know that i can play my whole life so i started just in the beginning to know ok i want to be a coach because i want a relationship for my whole life with the soccer last year she began to study coaching at the german football federation a move that a lotor to coach in the professional game and one that saw her learn from another trailblazing german manager when i make my internship. with you and i gets none it was. a very good experience he is such a good coach he worked in detail so it was very interesting to see how he how he teach principles the way to the top is hard enough for men and even more
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complicated for women men's clubs of next a new culture of female coaches old fashioned attitudes linger in the boardrooms and on the terraces wooden horse is the only female head coach in the top 4 men's divisions but she sees a change in attitudes among the younger generation the boys i coach they have a different thinking about women and i think when i am on the pitch with them and i show them how i want to play soccer with them and how i act with them it's perfect but to talk to a boss of a club and say ok i am the right coach for your team that is the hardest step of being a soccer woman coach in the men's. football the cliche goes is a results business didn't horsed will know that a few big wins with her new club will go a long way to changing perceptions. on
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the. state's. news. this story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. is. no chemicals. his wife.


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