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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2020 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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stark's july 27th. this is news live from european union leaders reach agreement on a coronavirus recovery package worth hundreds of billions of euros. europe is strong europe. for days and nights they finally agreed the details of loans and grants to be given to member states hit hardest by. the who won and who lost also on the program germany sees a stock of the high profile trial of
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a not accused of targeting a similar called in the city and killing 2 classified. british lawmakers criticizes the government for failing to investigate russian meddling in u.k. politics a long awaited report calls for immediate action to tackle the threat. i'm phil welcome to the program european leaders of seal the deal on an unprecedented 750000000000 euro coronavirus recovery fund after 4 days of often heated talks and leaders finally agreed on the details of loans and grants to be given to countries hardest hit by the pandemic of the 750000000000 total 390000000000 will be in the form of grants to the remaining 368 will be available as cheap loans. it's
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a compromise that satisfies the demands of the more fiscally conservative member countries good morning everyone we did it europe is strong europe is united level for these were the words the delegates have been working towards a deal has been done and the wrangling can stop everyone can go home some kind of when. relief was visible on their faces despite the masks. e.u. council chief francis emmanuel mccall and ursula funder line commission president plus standing tallest of the mole mark reiter from the netherlands. he had led the group who'd limited the grants and made them conditional what i was aiming for and i think we have achieved the emergency brake and emergency brake at the level of european council to be able to enforce the reforms in member states if they are not taking place against the broker of the particular member
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states. have agreed with european commission. states like poland and victor all bans hungary they insisted though they hadn't been boxed in any apparent which tried to make a connection between the rule of law and budget. was. packed was such that fully rejected despite underlying problems that haven't gone away maclin mcchord say the e.u. works. after a very long session we have reached a good conclusion and i am very happy about that therefore. europe has shown that it is prepared to take new paths in what is a very special situation i believe that is necessary extraordinary events and in this case that's the pandemic that has reached us all demand extraordinary new methods for doing the whole thing may have been close macron says the deal they
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reached will help all 27 e.u. nations just recovering i'm convinced that this plan this budget will respond to the health economic and social challenges we are all facing in our country stricken be. it was a long fight 4 days of negotiations brought significant divisions to light but the deal stands and now everyone can go home or. reporting on these negotiations for us in brussels and a little earlier i asked him about the role the german chancellor played in the negotiations. yeah you really cannot overstate the german role in the in this in these negotiations especially how much the german role changed and chancellor merkel's position changed just a few months ago she clearly would have been in the in the frugal camp in a room with with you austrians and the dutch she was always against communal death
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this was her position but this is exactly what happened here today that a deal was struck on on the basis of that so she took a real u. turn she got behind the french proposal which made possible now for the commission to borrow money at the financial markets and distribute it to countries hit hardest by the pandemic and some experts now are saying or asking raising the question why why is this why is this happening and there has to this is that she is in a very privileged position now she's it will not stand for elections again and so there's no real national interest there and this also might be a turning point a historic turning point. or a turning point in european history so to say. brussels well here in germany the trial has begun of the man accused of attacking a synagogue in the eastern city of hama in october is alleged to have killed 2 passers by after failing to get into the synagogue on young. used day in the jewish calendar prosecutors say he intended to massacre the worshipers inside.
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and wearing a coronavirus face mask 28 year old baby was led into court to answer for one of the worst anti semitic attacks in post-war german history it left 2 people dead but prosecutors allege he intended to kill many more $43.00 victims and relatives have joined the trial as co plaintiffs they want answers but there are concerns the suspect could seek an opportunity to spread more anti semitic hatred. because. peculiarity of this case is that the perpetrator has already confessed he doesn't deny it and i have learned from the files that in the end he only denies he's killed by arguing that he believes that struggle is necessary to achieve certain political goals. phobic and related to anti
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semitism. yet it was your last year judaism's holiest day when an armed men tried to storm this synagogue in her 52 worshipers were inside only the sturdiness of the door prevented what investigators say would have been a massacre. the man then shot and killed 2 people nearby this video was filmed by a member of the public the perpetrator live streamed footage of his attack on an internet gaming site. the case has drawn huge interest the start of proceedings was delayed for 2 hours while dozens of reporters and others passed through security. across germany people are concerned about a rise in the number and severity of anti semitic crimes according to official figures such attacks rose by 13 percent last year the interior ministry says right
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wing extremists are to blame despite that context the authorities say they're reacting to violence with fairness. and the. defendant is presumed innocent until a final judgment has been made his statements in the investigation and the videos which are supposed to show parts of what happened do not change anything the presumption of innocence applies without restriction playing. the suspect told the judge today that he liked using the internet because people could talk freely their charms with warnings for instance from the government's commissioner for protecting jewish life that social media gives a new outlet to hatred that's just one of the aspects to consider as the call tries to understand an attack that struck not only against jews but against german society as a whole. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of israelis have protested against prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his
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government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic business owners are protesting trading restrictions and anti corruption activists marched to the prime minister's official residence in jerusalem the 5 term premier has been under pressure amid an ongoing corruption trial and surging infection rates. a german out curator has been kidnapped outside her gallery by unidentified gunmen in iraq friends of helen mavis sorry she had feared for her safety because of her involvement in a recent protest in iraq's interior ministry says security forces are searching for . emergency services in china say they've managed to rescue most of the trapped by flooding in 3 provinces last weekend 3000000 people have been hit by flooding which worsened when levees to keep the floodwaters back final on sunday. police in zimbabwe the rest of the prominent investigative journalist you know know
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who filmed his own detention is the latest of the government's critics to be arrested ahead of anticorruption protests planned for later this month. to the u.k. where i committee of lawmakers is criticize the government for failing to investigate russian meddling in ukraine politics in its delayed and highly anticipated report the security intelligence committee warns that the u.k. is a top target for russian interference but it says officials turned a blind eye to allegations that moscow is trying to influence king votes such as the referendum. now the british have it in black and white the kremlin interfered in the $24.00 teens nonissue independence referendum members of the intelligence and security committee also believe russia intended to. it's the bricks that referendum to help so discord in the e.u. but they say the government was not interested that no one in government knew if
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russia interfered in or sort influenced the referendum because they did not want to know the u.k. government of actively avoided looking for evidence that russia into field their report says that the 2014 referendum in scotland in which 55 percent of scots voted against secession from the u.k. was the 1st post soviet interference by russia in a democratic election in the west russian influence is the new normal says committee member kevin jones so the question is is who is protecting british public from interference in our democratic process when a no show we found no one is parliamentarians suspect that this is why prime minister johnson delayed the publication of the report for so long 4 years british media have reported on the close ties between wealthy russians and the tory party especially members of the house of lords these relationships should be carefully
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scrutinized given the potential for the russian state to exploit them the must be complete from sponsored by any links with russian businesses at every level of politics and we do not have that in respect of thanks of lords praising the committee calls for a full report on russian election interference. for latin american girls 50 is a very special birthday it's not as confined yeah the rites of passage into womanhood a krone virus pandemic sounding some hurdles to business celebrations but as our next report from cuba shows odds of girls all finding fashionable ways to adapt. schick and safe it's the way to go for young cubans the likes of fia who are celebrating their king thing i knew or 15th birthday during the penn demick.
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i designed my 15th birthday dress and the mask was very important to me it's a symbol of an important stage in my life which was the pandemic i had to design my face mask to fit the colors of my outfit and it was not just about the combination of colors it was also for security reasons. across latin america turning 15 is seen as a special milestone in a girl's life it's the moment of transition from girlhood into womanhood latinas often mark and yet us with large celebrations including with glamorous photo shoots and d.c. year face masks have become an integral part of their party outfit. for young women this contrast between the mask and address the combination is striking it's a fashion that i think will stay. they take selfies and it's something that's part of the whole show the whole experience of the photo shoot of their.
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cuban maid wearing masks compulsory early on and credits them with helping the island to contain the spread of the virus. but for these girls face masks will also remain a symbol of coming of age as an extraordinary time. to the story of a teenage footballer in russia who's got to be one of the luckiest people life to look out for the fleeting moment when the blinding flash strikes a pitch at a small moscow's stadium ivan as a borowski he's unconscious he's jersey burnt and smoking and his coach helps a save the goalkeeper 3 weeks later the only evidence off a strike is a burn on his chest so let's take another look at the flash which shows the stunning power of lightning which somehow sped in 16 year old boy.
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