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their rivalry and their dangerous mutual admiration of the rest of. us. starts august 3rd on d w. news a live from berlin and the virus hits north korea leader kim jong. meeting after person shows covert $900.00 symptoms the isolated country has so far claimed to have avoided the pandemic. britain imposes a 14 day quarantine on travelers arriving from spain where there has been a recent spike in corona virus cases that spanish authorities reintroduce measures
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to prevent the spread of the virus. and millions of americans could face financial ruin as congress debates a new coronavirus recovery plan lawmakers in washington are divided over extending unemployment benefits set to expire at the end of the month. welcome to the program north korea has placed the city of k. song near the border with south korea under total lockdown after person was found suspected of covert $900.00 symptoms leader kim jong called an emergency meeting on saturday if confirmed it would be the country's 1st official case north korean state media say the. suspected of having the virus cross illegally from south korea
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. a little earlier we asked reuters correspondent josh smith in seoul if the information coming out of north korea is in fact credible there has been a lot of suspicion cast on north korea's claims to have no complaint cases so far not least because information is so difficult to get out of north korea in any kind of independent fashion obviously there's a lot of control on any kind of media access and even international institutions like the w. h. o. have only had to rely on numbers given to them by the north korean government and so while it's been a lot of suspicions that there is some kind of outbreak there we also have no confirmation that there has been any kind of outbreak and in recent weeks north korea had actually somes some signs of lifting some of the restrictions that it imposed there and so at this point it's really unclear and as you said this would
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be the 1st confirmation and so that's something that's going to get a lot of attention if confirmed. britain has imposed a 2 week quarantine on travelers arriving from spain after a surge in covert 900 cases there europe had only recently reopened most of its borders to travel nightlife in the spanish region of catalonia is shutting down once more while national authorities are introducing measures against the recent spike in interactions the new restrictions are causing renewed disruption to the travel industry and to tour. the u.k. sudden decision to take spain off a safe travel list left travelers with nato time to prepare for its consequences 2 is through turning her environment breeds around has an airport were frustrated they had come on holiday with the understanding they would not have to quarantine upon their return. i think it's pretty bad because it's just come all of
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a sudden it's not given much time to prepare. for everyone so i'll probably came and i also think it ruins cans of everybody we had a wedding to go to hell plans to visit friends and family that we haven't seen in a long time and not let them have to cancel all those plans so it's really quite upsetting more days with the holidays books for the coming days and weeks also face headaches too operated t.v. says it has canceled its upcoming flights from britain to spain but some airlines say they'll still fly possibly leaving would be holiday makers out of pocket. spanish officials insist their country is safe without brakes being isolated and controlled. cars but britain's foreign secretary said the u.k. had had no choice but to swiftly respond to the emerging data that showed a big jump right across. assessed yesterday. and we took the
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decision to swiftly as we could otherwise we risk reinfection into the u.k. potentially a 2nd wave here and then another locked out in barcelona nightlife escaping back once more with clubs forced to close and to reimpose curfew on restaurants and bars there are concerns young people could transmit the virus to the elderly from the season so advising its citizens against crossing the border into neighboring spain prompting consensus over to is in their. fears of a 2nd wave of coded 19 across europe are seeing nations struggling to stave off fresh outbreaks while trying to reopen their economies. for more now let's go to journalist richard fitzpatrick in barcelona richard greetings help us sort out some contradictions here the u.k. foreign secretary says there's been
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a big jump in cases all over the country meanwhile the spanish government insists the outbreaks are localized and under control what's closer to the truth. and you'd have to say the british are closer to the truth and the statistics are telling there's been. tripping forward increase in infections over the last 2 weeks and at the moment there's over 200 clusters all over the country and no closure breaks that the health services are battling with sen there and all the corners and stay in the open gallus in the northwest and kathleen you are gone and in the north east and down and in the sea as well there's a notorious case and a nightclub there in cordova where. 91 people were infected and and unlikeable 400 people were less than 200 people should've been in that's like. we know we know pretty much the causes of these outbreaks the problem with tourism and the problem
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with seasonal workers like grading around the country living in cramped conditions but the big problem is that the lack of contact tracing so the authorities don't have a handle on the infections and the people in the 2nd 100 people who could be infected . you know as as you surely know spain was hit hardest by the kroner virus in europe and just opened a month ago after a strict lockdown how big are fears now of truly a 2nd wave in the country. yeah it's funny that there's a bit of. kind of a lack of reality about this situation people in the middle of the summer here people are trying to make more stuff for a pretty severe lockdown and for the go to 2 months and so they're going about their holidays and going to their summer homes and going to the beaches though i live in barcelona the you know a lot of the beaches in the city were closed at the weekend and but at the same
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time the people who. realize that we are very close to the government says for only one step away from a returning to a state of emergency and so it's very troubling but after of 4 months of this pandemic there is an element of the t. so just have to wait and see what happens richard fitzpatrick really appreciate that thanks. now to some other stories making news around the world at this hour australia's state of victoria has recorded its highest daily death toll from the virus 10 people died within 24 hours this despite her 2 week lockdown imposed in the state's largest city melbourne the state leader says the workplace infections. thousands of israelis have held protests across the country calling for prime minister benjamin netanyahu to resign the largest rally took place outside netanyahu home in jerusalem the
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protests have been going on for several weeks now sparked by anger over the government's handling of the crisis and corruption charges against netanyahu. protesters have clashed with police at demonstrations in the u.s. one person was killed in texas after shots were fired at a black lives matter march demonstrators set fire to a courthouse and assaulted police in california president trump has threatened to send more federal agents to quell the rest. in the united states a record numbers of jobless workers are facing uncertainty as they wait for congress to decide whether to extend a boost to unemployment benefits the current coronavirus relief program expires at the end of july but republicans in the senate are divided over how much financial aid they're willing to provide. she won the fight against coronavirus but brown has
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lost her job and now bills are piling up that's why she's hoping to get the government's financial support. it would help out like with my car no. rand would ever we need we need it for and i think they. passed the bill in get the checks out there to the people who really need it congress is still debating the coronavirus aid package but time is running out the weekly complementary allocation of $600.00 for the unemployed will stop this week republicans one payments linked to previous earnings but with an eye on the elections democrats are pushing for a quick agreement this is deadly serious a house is burning down in terms of the economic security of america's families and these people are settling wherever they may be this weekend some $30000000.00 people would be affected if the payments stop many say they will not be able to pay
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the rent without the extra state allowance and as the deadline looms neither party wants to see a wave of evictions. correspondent has been following efforts to pass a new credit virus relief package in washington. time is running out for millions of americans who are receiving unemployment benefits the current relief package is running out and congress republicans and the white tells can't agree on a new deal the white holes wants to cut those benefits from $600.00 to $100.00 per week president believe that at the current level there are a disincentive for returning to work republicans of congress disagree and support higher unemployment benefits and promised a new proposal as soon as monday it's a dramatic situation however because what's at stake is that many americans might not be able to pay their rent if no deal is reached they could run into default which in the end might trigger a full blown financial crisis and that's
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a scenario that president trump has to avoid at all costs as he's trying to turn the tide politically as he is losing support of course among his voter base but democrats don't want to be held accountable for such developments either they are fully we can't therefore we can be carefully optimistic that a deal will be reached sooner or later but the white house republicans and democrats have to hurry up if they don't want to cause more chaos and suffering a small research lab in southwestern nigeria is working hard to develop new solutions to tackle the coronavirus and prepare to battle future and to dam excuse it could soon turn into one of africa's largest new make research centers its founder supports young african scientists in wants to strengthen local research is efforts are already paying off have a look. they've both lost the fever and i have the corona virus this
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research lab in southwestern nigeria has been at the forefront in the fight against killer diseases these scientists were the 1st to establish the genetic profile of the new corona virus in africa when the 1st case showed up in lagos the force behind this place is professor chris jan happy raised in cameroon he studied molecular biology at harvard then he returned to africa to set up a lab. this year every mind of his research center has been focused on covert 19. citizens of various covert 19 virus in africa in this lab and 48 hours that wasn't possible before neither in china nor in europe no laboratory has hit this record before. the center was opened in 2016 around 2000 scientists mostly from nigeria and west africa have passed through its doors
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professor happy trains them as top researchers in biochemistry and you know makes his aim to catapult a young african scientist to the top of scientific research he wants to develop affordable solutions for tackling infectious diseases in africa and in the rest of the world we understand that you if you had to go the way it was evening train for this that would be focusing the easy on this time that the guy moves very quickly and that is the focus of the copies team has already set down another marker in the battle against the corona virus they've devised a fast track test the cost less than $3.00 euros by the end of the year the lab will have moved to a larger building it's set to become the biggest genomic research center in africa and with an ongoing pandemic the world is counting on us. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. north korean leader kim jong un has called an emergency meeting after person exhibited covert 19 symptoms in
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case song near the border with south korea the city has been placed under total lockdown if confirmed it would be the isolated country's 1st official case. up for now i'm not michael oh cool here in berlin don't forget you can get all the information on our stories on our website www dot com and you can also follow us on twitter and instagram as well at the news more news in 45 minutes. competition marketing numbers here that's how intuition. stand. on you tube joining us.
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