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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  July 28, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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it runs deeper. than so many different walks of life. some are on base and oddly trying to get all of that comes straight from the heart just for a c.e.o. even when there is no money delusion the marsh book interests come. from the 1st glimpse of the laws to their final resting place the russians on w. documentary. ancient city of hebron which is now the occupied west bank and just outside the jewish settlement of killed just. among the latter is inhabitants is this man. from
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a no maybe my name is pete haas autopsy i also have a french name of course for those. i don't know. where they are right for being jewish comes above everything else for me but over any affiliation to a nationality i am fundamentally influenced by being a descendant of the hebrews who arrived in the land of canaan for over 3500 years ago on his arse all wrong. the land on the other side of the fence is mine to the world. whether jews arabs or christians they all need to get the fact that israel is never going away israel never got it's quite. the telly was born to french jewish parents in how g. is jr algerian war of independence after growing up in paris he moved to israel at
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the age of 19 today he lives in the occupied west bank in the jewish settlement of jihad on the outskirts of hebron. it's home to $8000.00 jewish settlers who have been cheeky radical reputation as to those living in the alternative run itself in an enclave that is fenced off from the rest of the city and guarded by israeli soldiers. as a tele encouraging jewish settlement of the west bank is closed of the divine mission back in france he was the leader of the zionist terrorist group later in israel he served in a special forces unit. half a 1000000 jewish settlers now live in the occupied west bank they're widely seen as illegal under international more. filmmaker chiffon she is also
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a french jews but with a different stance on judaism israel would be the 1st stop on his doctrine. journey through the promised land is the time at school in cuba. oh my gosh if this film maker accompanying me says that we jews are living illegally people who can you know i thought i was young of showing us all find me a verse from the torah that proves the opposite something in writing a land registry entry ship that says that he ground is ours and momo law abraham said to sell me the land on which the tomb of the patriarch stands in return for pieces of silver me there it is so many. lately and there were witnesses to the sale that i think of. the tombs in the biblical patriarchs abraham isaac and jacob comprise one of the most sacred sites in judaism.
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keenness actually is a regular visitor to the synagogue located in the movie section of the famous cave complex. young boys coming to study ancient scripture. the was. what was i notice you have to limit there but because my come here every morning i can't imagine a better place to preggers the hebrew is the capital of judea and today it is the old israel the heart of israel. i have no problem talking about what people here pejoratively hop if you bush. occupation. then there is less like bush conquest do you know worse it could get yes we have reconquered the land and it is occupied occupied by its residents we are the palestinians palestinian or simply the jewish settlement of kitty and founded in 1979 on
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a vacation military base outside hebron peanuts and i. lives here with his wife and the 1000000 children. you really have got to. see the settlers here a considered among the most extreme in the movement. no notion of. you just not is fully on base camp. are you careful when you go outside. because of course when i'm in the car i look to either side to check whether someone's about to throw stones or attack us when there's a traffic jam i make sure i get enough distance to the car in front in case i have to turn around. some people would ask why you moved here when i'm not originally from here this is because this is my homeland i refused to be driven out of. muslims likewise trace
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their roots back to the patriot abraham used to is so sacred to them its heavily guarded by the israeli army. only about those they all do this place is divided the world there's an entrance for muslims and one for the jewish population of europe will bless your dream of. getting here and here we have i 6 last resting place which were no longer allowed to enter the door is padlocked if you will for it and we don't have a key it will only the police do. know and on the other side is isaac's tone is good because that's the area for muslim success or the secular party you are putting reasonable can you not imagine everyone praying together. and he's going to do leaks that could lead to a dispute or worse this is no place for a brawl this is
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a sacred place where we come to pray not to fight. if we don't want to see chairs being thrown across the place which it's better to avoid contact right now these year old whistles flavius up honest my courage i heard the canes that the patriots intended to century of abraham and 2017 you mr to kid the complex and the entire own town of hebron a palestinian born to teach such fronting how. the. 1 1 1 1 her. car was. this will lead one might overhear folks on for the shock of this film when they know in the name of allah the merciful the hope i am shake of is abuse and i know what would be mom and director of the mosque in the caves of the patriarchs in the
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tavern in the oil at the bottom this is the 3rd holiest site on islamic to me after mecca and the some lost interest a lot of mustard a little block. just. nothing no not a bit of clinches everything in this place is part of our history the nation and all this is a holy site this for you have the i will web it in this trap door on it's directly to the interior of abraham's tone of the name. show you a little careful. while you'll draw a feeder lowering these lights into the tomb. i'm on how they hear. the tombs of the prophets are in the 1st section underground and it was listen let me tell mcdonough had been nobody is allowed to go down there and.
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live with let you go and see the good jewish this is a. boss is jewish a lot of i don't child says that abraham was neither jewish nor christian he was a muslim and not and i don't esteem and i'm not going on the show i can't. what he more i deficits son in law then the more is in has to go over to the jewish side for to issue the call to prayer let's say you didn't have a son that's where the loudspeakers are and the technical equipment he needs while i am a fossil saw it's been that way for ages now and the done me a good job out of order for you. to lal dome and this is what sarah bit of the settlers always think of the museum is our home which is why there are
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always such strict security procedures in little under my garage with a pool. in the malazan has to trust the judiciary he often faces the patients from the jewish settlers who said gratian i really don't see who got. the short run up if we got caught. up i. bet you got to. 2 get him on a home this is good to put up with that he he it's. a verse written by king david that says that said deacon the righteous jews will rejoice safe here provided he has exacted revenge he will wash his feet and the blood of the wicked. king david wrote that if you do and are applying it here at the tomorrow he travels to the fields are going to begin for the community if we don't.
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continue their. division i mean to get even on the slave. owners want. me to. know. some jewish
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settlements moment goldstein remains here a. cross a dialect a new sound look at this some call him a saint in the middle of the others a murderer lives the local mayor's office he cuts olga decided to have him buried here into your yard out of in a solitary grave we could say it's all to obscure that he was a doctor and a highly respected man should be good you too now he lives here practically alone like a dog but the other very few people come to visit your surgery and most of them come to spit on his grave yet he says if a cautious i would never dare to lay flowers by his grave or they go away but neither would i dare to spit on a trajectory crusher you saw something for you you can. yeah marty then it could affect. the candidate who am i to condemn and either condone nor condemn it. but naturally i don't approve of it but. here are the palestinians have a different perspective. on the there is no end to the conflict because our
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fundamental rights are constantly under attack nobody can live under colonialization a one nobody no arabs not even us don't know what to do. as an experienced soldier in an israeli special forces unit genius actually was involved in the security issues of kiryat arba from the outset dollars in his own this is a zone under complete israeli control and internationally recognized and i say that not out internationally everyone says the settlements are illegal to mold in everyone here or to people who do not say that so not everybody but for people who live here and people enjoy gaya and some areas and a lot of people in israel this is 100 percent israeli territory up there you struggle but well. unlike in israeli and
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east jerusalem israeli citizens require a permit to set up home in the occupied territories in the west bank israeli authorities consider regular settlements legal but not the dozens of so-called outposts the settlers claim land simply by installing pool cabins. their hope is for these to be the basis for new settlements. and then he just. says i how you doing just fine. and i ask you a question sure why you're living out here. it's what. 2 reasons 1st zionism. surely you and the 2nd is to keep an eye on this area and also to save money if you know the land here doesn't cost anything but primarily it's about zionism that too isn't it dangerous. that anything can
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happen. but it's all in god's hands. the traditional. history says settlement based on the good result of a sense of i don't know but it soon will be we are occupying the land just as naturally as a frenchman would farm his fields because of the. news . as you quote but you too i don't see a palestinian flag ever flying here. is a symbol it's the capital of judea and a symbol for everyone from today and some are you know what this is not about a handful of settlers and pilgrims as you were talking about half a 1000000 people. nobody is just going to throw us out of today and.


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