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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2020 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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so please take care of yourself keep good distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we deal with you are here for you we're working tirelessly to keep you informed on over platforms or all indices you get on together or making. sure you save everybody stays in the city so stay safe please stay safe. welcome to global 3000 people all over the world are taking a stand against racism in germany activists and scholars search for solutions to the country's racism problem. the elephants are coming in india and
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a launch system warns villages where massive mammals are headed their way. but 1st we go to hong kong where protesters use blank pieces of paper to symbolize the suppression of freedom of expression. the fate of a small 1106 where kilometer corner of china was determined by opium. it was here in the 19th century that the british manufactured the drug and sold it to china. the chinese emperor tried to stop the opium trade but the british increased pressure attacked china and occupied hong kong. in the years that followed treaties were signed the grant of the british 99 years of rule over hong kong. during those years it grew into a financial metropolis in 1907 the leasing agreement expired and the british handed hong kong over china agreed that the so-called administrative region was to remain all talk. it's for 50 years but then beijing began to intervene politically and
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more and more members of the pro-democracy movement began taking to the streets. in 21000 the situation escalated and more than a 1000000 hong kong residents took part in protests originally the demonstrations were against a proposed extradition law and then turned into opposition to the influence of china's communist party but now a new national security law has silenced the demonstrators. a lot has changed in hong kong you can see it on the streets it used to be that many kathie's in restaurants exhibited post it notes with pro-democracy sayings written on them now the notes are all blank it's the same for a cafe owner dixon the blank poster is the new form of protest written political statements are now too risky. the police could put the national security law into effect. they are. just being
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accused could lead to arrest and imprisonment. demonstrators holding up blank signs overnight political opinions have become dangerous in hong kong. as soon as the new national security law was instituted the 1st arrest came a young man with a flag demanding hong kong's independence. just in the last few weeks 10 people were arrested under the new law no one knows which political slogans are still about. who should be left going to see although eventually to leave people guessing is that they will be more who has and less willing. to speak out and them and that maybe. we'll see a. public libraries and school libraries are now will be. forced to remove books
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that aren't following the party line. books by democracy activists have already vanished. most teachers are just heartened but resistance could cost them their job. and many in hong kong won't express their criticisms in public. we see that it's. freedom of speech freedom of press or. 3 the most publication also. strictly prohibits or controlled by the gulf among we are free to its cultural worth rooster and we will come back to a home call and do is turn to your son 3. the younger generation has been especially involved in the pro-democracy movement now schools are being targeted by beijing so called security law. even statements that teachers make in private are
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being monitored and. there you receive the compression on teachers on their political concerns or and social performance the ones lost their school tour for us to kerry's or you from o'keefe warn them to teachers and all of these. your silk routes through for and for all before the atmosphere at schools has changed according to these students cake and k.f.c. they use the nicknames because they don't want to be recognized a month ago cakes music class chose the song glory to hong kong for a class project the song had become a him in the protest movement in the past year and a viral hit. students in schools and universities developed it made a video and then spread it on social media it was often sung at pro-democracy demonstrations.
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but cake's music teacher paid a high price for making the song the subject of the school exam she was fired. all told why i'm one of the students the president of the song and music class so. now i feel guilty. oh you know what it's all call your teacher was fired because of a song. i never thought i would have such terrible consequences what a whole the thing that angers cake and k.f.c. the most the reason given for firing the teacher was that teachers shouldn't influence their students but petri out of songs praising china's communist party are allowed in the school. so i think that. the song without the communist party there would be no new china is not defined as
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a political song. why should glory to hong kong be considered a political song. cake and k.f.c. want to continue their protest the 14 and 16 year olds can't accept how the new law has already changed their lives of free hong kong no longer exists in the same streets where a 1000000 people march to defend their rights in security and fear are now the new normal. but. fortunately in other parts of the world people can make their voices heard on the street. all around the globe millions are demonstrating against racism. the dehumanization of people with dark skin has occurred since time immemorial it was. even used as
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a justification for slavery for some it's hard to believe that these prejudices are still so entrenched in people's minds how can we get rid of them. i can't breathe the last words of george floyd his death sparked protests around the world including in germany. i live and experiencing racism makes you feel powerless even the time race is a historical relic discredited as a biological concept shots and hundreds from detroit of being black in germany means having to constantly justify your humanity on every level that even. last year there was a 10 percent increase in racist incidents in germany $1176.00 in total so i design for a country like germany which is forever boasting about its democratic credentials
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not good enough. examples of everyday racism being asked where do you come from being addressed in english all the time not being recognized as a citizen of germany being stead at a steady hum of hostility that never goes away that's hard to pinpoint. racism in germany is very subtle. didn't defective micro aggressions is very underestimation. every time a black person or a person of color leaves their home experience hundreds of incidents of racism have something really. big. does the musts symptoms that it deeply rooted problem by and large racist attitudes in germany are attributed to individuals a matter of personal prejudices but in fact there. as clear evidence of structural
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racism across society. on stuff of sean it starts with ignorance of the existence for decades of black germans and. tyo not seen as belonging to the population. as it covered this because locals that's part of germany's structural racism is the way we're made invisible. the loss of his hago and can't shape the age of enlightenment but to them human rights were white right in the 1900 century south west africa was colonized by the german empire its people subjugated. their race based nuremberg laws designed to protect german blood were introduced in 1935 according to the right citizenship law a citizen was only someone descended from germans a becomes it will trash the last option as i can imagine that germans are tired of
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having to keep addressing their history but there's no way around it economist or your own deep there has to be a willingness to dig deep into this very bloody marcie pacifist after the 2nd world war many african american g.i.'s remained in germany and started family it was an opportunity for germany to become a more diverse society but these children were often ostracized and many women were forced to give their children up for overseas adoption west germany wasn't ready to become less white while communist east germany flew in contract workers from socialist african countries such as mozambique only to eventually send them back many chapters in it's history explain why black people don't feel at home in germany mainstream culture is white culture and most of the population is unaware of its white privilege. these men didn't. call this state of being happy
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middle class society and people on the left have understood that racism is bad but they see it as a right wing problem and they think they themselves are anti racist and that's all that can be expected it just. there is now fresh debate about how gemini reflects on its racist past but again this tackles the symptoms not the root cause is simply expunging the word race from javanese basic law won't eradicate racism and white people need to realize it's not just a problem for black people and me expressing sympathy is nowhere near enough. that's with counseling it's vital that criticism of racism is built into the education system does more to pick up information multipliers education is racism and discrimination are issues that need to be part of their training.
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we need control mechanisms for institutions independent control mechanisms for the police for schools sure this is some good some good racism is a problem for society as a whole no one can ignore us. all persons shall be equal before the law declares article 3 of the german basic law it's a promise that germany needs to deliver on once and for all. they need firewood to cook fields to harvest food and a place to live. in india 1300000000 people need every bit of space they can get. in the last 20 years 18000 square kilometers of forest have been cleared to accommodate the expansion of said. yes and settlements
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but the habitats of many animals have been destroyed in the process in the southern indian state of karnataka that has resulted in human wildlife conflict sometimes with deadly results. to my lap as morning hasn't gotten off to a very good start the coffee farmer is assessing the damage caused by his unwelcome visitors the elephants. it's not the 1st time the pesky package terms of cause damage to his plantation. luckily only the door was broken down today. over the years the animals have ruined 7 hector's of rice fields as well as many coffee plants and palm trees. have a huge impact on our livelihood eating our daily life has become very difficult. damage whatever we can be able to do a lot more of that if. the latest encounter however was different
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a message he received in time helped him avert a major disaster on his plantation. a week ago i got an alert message saying there is an elephant in this area one of my laborers was in the paddy feed he did not have a phone so i called someone else who alerted him they live and was right there he screamed and the liberal was able to escape if not for this morning he would have been there to get in my. house one district where he lives has some of the largest populations of wild asian elephants in india live mostly in the plantations monocultures and paddy fields around the towns conflict with humans began to get serious around the 1970 s. when this district that used to be largely forest began to become urbanized the forest is now highly fragmented and largely replaced by human happen. nations.
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where the developments have wandered into the villages up by lawyer and roman army villagers please be vigilant please be vigilant like. the forest department must stay on their toes to keep elephants and humans out of conflict. illegal. krishnan is part of n.c.f. a conservation organization that has been working in the area since 2015 to develop technology led solutions to alert locals of elephants present as a gentle way of ensuring no lives are lost on either side. in this area that have been about home and that's in the last 10 years. and most of them more than 60 percent of the cases people know that they don't have
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any friends in that area and. probably if they had information these incident could have been avoided. in 2017 the n.c.f. launched an early warning system the 1st of its kind in the region that covers $220.00 villages in haasan district. it is a free service for which locals can sign up by registering their mobile phone number with the organisation. we've seen over. 70 on this is a public service announcement while infants have been sighted in the villages we request you to be vigilant at all times and i mean you know and. anyone registered routinely receives alerts in the local language canada about the possible location of the elephants as well as additional warnings if things look.
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especially risky. this is done through both s.m.s. his voice messages as well as digital display boards and alert lights. which has never happened in. the state forest departments record response teams supports n.c.s. efforts. this group of 48 people is mostly locals who have been trained by the forest department to physically track the elephant herds so that there was constant updated information about their locations. the integrated communication system is brought about a broader change to the relationship people an elephant shared their. remarkable
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. things. they were. interacting with them. i think it's. because they have. system has helped reduce conflict in district but as more forest land is set aside for development the future of human elephant coexistence remains fragile.
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seen from a distance it's breathtaking our blue planet. and although it has an abundance of water only one percent of it is suitable for human consumption. despite this scarcity people are often wasteful with the precious resource. this combined with rising temperatures is causing many regions to suffer severe droughts. and that is leaving people around the world literally sitting on dry land. on the way to an always this or rather what's left of us. by he grew up here in southern morocco wants to show us what climate change looks like in the desert. together with an acquaintance he's causing damage dead pan a tree to make furniture from the wood but that is because these trees have not borne fruit like dates for a long time. thanks to advancing fountains the palms didn't have much of
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a chance. still for the in a way we're paying our last respects to this palm tree this is now a graveyard. all we have left is the remains of that palm tree. the oasis is sinking into the desert sounds for years it's been getting hotter and hotter. and while rainfall has been decreasing sandstorms are on the rise. not so long ago hellenes father planted many palm trees here and lived well from bang to full days harvests. why does this cemetery exist the answer is simple it's a lack of water. the political end of this shortage is caused by climate change. you. and it's accelerating the desert expansion that is if you close your.
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eyes. for you it's the glaciers and the mountains that are disappearing halim says for us it's the oases. the village of honeyed elders land on the edge of the sahara. only a patchwork of always remain. agriculture is only possible on a few plots of land. the farmer hardy cultivate a small vegetable garden here on what's left of the tail of the land. the 61 year old has 11 children most of whom have long since left the region. farmer but hardy does not know how long his garden will be able to keep lost something. although he has his own well he frequently has to take deeper for water
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. to get a future it looks like this the boys have to look for work somewhere else. only my generation the older generation stays here. in. the sand dunes are ready encroaching on his garden only a few palm trees are left to remind him of the former oasis. 7000 people live in harmony delegates. most of the inhabitants have left the village. to buy runs a small cafe here. and he also works as a tourist guide. he's fascinated by how the climate is changing his home country. chemist mariam 10 after he
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is researching this exact subject at the university of kansas lanka. studies predict that the temperature in north africa will rise twice as fast as the global average hold to the desert climate would be worse in the future and especially in the summer the increase of temperature were also about 2 to 3 degrees. in the mine scenario. 2 thirds of all oases in morocco have disappeared over the last century. but a bit of the farmers are hoping to stop the advance of the desert with bushes and trees but also a new pate and from holland. the water box is a pasta made of bio plastics. going to probably going to be met
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with this fledgling tree is placed inside and then planted in the soil then the water boxes filled with plenty of water the hope is that this method will give the new tree a natural water tank and a better chance of survival trees that bush is a barrier this is one way that the last fertile fields will be defended against the thought. this is an alarm bell for the rest of the world soon they'll be nothing left here the desert is quickly taking over our oases was he's. not far from the village is the largest sandy desert in morocco eric to gaga it's a popular tourist destination. but the minute she sand dunes are also a warning because their growth is not slowing. the devastation that halim is fighting against continues.
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that's it for this week's episode of global 3000 white house at global 3000 d w dot com and check us out on facebook at d w global ideals and d w women until the. tweak by by. the been.
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glued to. the. x. to conspire big changes the people making a big go africa from time to right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future the because do you all what's in it for.
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30 minutes on d w. how will i pay my ranch more money for. ever more people are facing this reality around the world the coded 19 pandemic is shattering millions of lines are released. in germany the government is reducing the flow. but how are things in places where people are struggling to survive. in germany. in 90 minutes on d w. i'm neal i'm good looking for the 2nd season of only good senselessly back environment still about society it's still about us but all the planets on the brink response to some of the leading experts in the field. to challenge the to slip along with
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the speed the flintlock. in the. climate change from up. close to me a civil. slip. play. to the head of their future. deep blue dot com a 2nd ago series the multimedia. clear cut are. playing tough it is for me it. is for. me told it is for him. or her. and beethoven is for. beethoven is for everyone playing the beethoven
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2021 fiftieth anniversary here on d w. place. blame. blame. blame blame. this is the news live from berlin growing fears of a 2nd wave of a coronavirus in germany. worried over soaring new infection numbers people are letting down their god and the consequences could be deadly also coming up president trump again defends the use of drugs in warding off the coronavirus
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that's despite mounting evidence of the anti malaria drug is ineffective. police say it prevented.


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