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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2020 8:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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when are buying as well as some off on god i'm just playing what he was into my garnish. prices for bank were rising accordingly an invoice from a parasite gallery shows that in $1011.00 the museum paid a huge sum for the portrait of dr gushee. the money was paid in installments it cost a total of $20000.00 francs it had changed hands 3 years before and the asking price then was only 2000 francs so that's a huge increase and must leave a window seat on price. and the legend of bengal also helped to push prices high on. german critique and novelist you lias my agree did much to create that legend. michael davis on a constant my i agree felt was a central figure in making van gough legend of time on the one hand and art pretty
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it up a collector dealer on the other hand a novelist or writer who saw the potential invent gough's work. eat because he wrote a history of the development of modern art in 1004 them with in which a large chapter was dedicated to van gough who was a cop it looked a bit much but about as he developed the whole thing into a biography in 1010 months and in 1021 finally into a novel. and it went out to my ok for stylized van gough as the christ of modern art as he called it a savior because the romantic artist between genius and madness it's which suddenly gained an enormous readership it was to be on bonds and i gave us van gough biography was one of the 1st bestsellers in art literature coffee line a day i asked one of the best sellers once literati work. you had the vanguard died in 1925 and the queen to her son vincent villain the
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items that she had not yet sold. your vincent villain's grandson villain serves as an advisor to the bangle foundation. so that. theo was married to join you in a boner and the young couple got a son and this little baby is my grandfather. and grandfather inherited from his parents a collection of 200 paintings by fits and 500 drawings and for instance letters to his brother and here we see in the sixty's in the sixty's we see here the living room of grandfather and i remember the element was from hanging in the. living room the element blossomed a beautiful one of the most beautiful paintings ever made dedicated by francis to
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the birth of his little nephew it's not a family or holds the rights and over licenses it's the museum and my grandfather was the owner of this amazing credible collection but in order to avoid it it would be defied it in c. parts after his death the a 3 children and his dream worse to keep the collection together and to share the collection rid everybody for wace so he brought the entire collection everything effort by vincent or theo but out of the hands of the family and transferred it to a specially established fence and fingo front ation. so vango of sold the paintings to the dutch state in 1962 it built the museum for the collection in 1973. today the experts of the museum and the foundation and to maintain scientific accuracy and infuse future generations for vincent van
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gogh. the museum has 1700000 followers on instagram and about 2500000 likes on facebook thank god this works have become part of the digital landscape. but the balancing act between scientific correctness and ever new legends is difficult. so i thought a revolver was opened off in paris in 293-0000 i sold 413-0000 i thought it was a thought. the weapon was found in 1960 in a field near all their school was where van gogh he used to paint the auction house sold it as the weapon with which vanguard is said to have killed himself. forensic tests indicate that the gun lay in the ground for 70 years and had the
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same caliber as the bullet that was found in vang gox chest and the safety catch was off. but there is no scientific proof that links the weapon directly to vanguard. the owner of the auction house says he never claimed that there was. the will of the obama that we said before the auction that there was never any proof it's not like we're just saying this now after the sale so we've always been careful to leave it as a possibility is on the sets what makes a reputable auction house we only said that's the gun that he quote has killed himself so you know. but before the yorks in the weapon was advertised as vang dos revolver that was misleading to say the least the auction house also touted the fact that the gun had been displayed at one museum
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and requested for exhibition by another. in 2016 that was shown in amsterdam as part of the exhibition on the verge of insanity . deal a museum in frankfurt also wanted to borrow it for an exhibition. but was somebody known at a time when we had the expedition who sent not quite like that and so so he was asked what do you think of this and he said well as long as there's not a 2nd rusty gun coming from the same ground i mean it makes a very well charms of it and you have to look at it in that why i believe and it's when it's smaller to some so when you haven't updated very well likely but as i said i mean we have to take the word from be it from from from from the landowner 960 that indeed he found it on his mind and not somewhere else you can you don't have a d.n.a. prove of that he ever had it in his hand and. no. at the end i'm fed and all they are but as a designer why they found a gun on fire than all there and it's supposed to be the one that vanguard used to
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kill himself in the car how does he what did he really pull the trigger is it possible that it's a different weapon on him one of them but suddenly this worthless object this rusty revolver became a part of the legend author and so expressed interest in it but i don't want us to much interested. where does legend end and where does for all would begin. this book was published in france in 2016 it shows facsimiles of a sketchbook that vango is said to have compiled in r. and allegedly found by a private individual but experts have serious doubts about its authenticity. but it's going to see more of this drawing can scarcely be considered the work of god if he was an excellent draftsman at that point. he created impressive color and light effects with pens and pencils and. this drawing
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has none of that very. sloppy job and as if to show that the artist had no discipline he. was not like that at all. his work was always very neat. and. the book contains a sketch of a sunflower field for instance drawing start is very quick to restrict and it was quite clear also from the colors i mean that this brownish tins which we know from for instance of incense drawings have. all faded in more or less and this was to evenly colors in it so it was didn't look like it was drawn with. with a black ink which was discovered to brown with simply browning. dishonest dealers can earn a lot of money selling vango forgeries in 1932
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a burly broker auto vaca was convicted on charges of putting 30 of them on the market to bomb timers of his in some had authenticity reports from renowned vanguard experts so you can see a lot of people and a lot of money from van gough and. even his commercialization inspires tate britain london the valhalla of british art history he's very much the hero of modern out. and he says showing in a way british artists a new way need to be an artist and an artist and doesn't have to be innocence in respect to that can paint in their beds you know front room and things like that. in 1957 british artist francis bacon portrayed vanguard as a man with his head bowed on a path to nowhere. the paintings that god created during the
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final 2 years of his life have inspired generations his distinctive use of color has become part of the language of modern art. norwegian artist edvard monk painted this portrait of our bar in 1906 he portrays him in a very rough very. yeah i would say action mystic murder with this stark red color not a very defined backgrounds that's also something that can go those of course and putting all his attention and focus on the character of our boss and it's interesting that in his letter it was not so much about this portrait but also out of portraits he refers to. german artist. q should know was also influenced by van gogh as we see in this painting from 1908.
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artists turn vang doss artistic power into their program of artistic self dramatization max beckmann is vincent. here and there's buttons from the guy who's there we have ben goss of portraits and next big ones you know i think it's a great combination because you can see how similar the self portraits are. with beckman heard about the big exhibition in amsterdam in 1000 or 5 of them and then grew a beard so they would look like i am god here because if you know me from god i'm 5 then. you can send govind and you have a van gough artisans overcome they're going to go off with this relatively quickly because they don't want to be seen a successor soft convoy and so at some point then got receipts further and further into the background than one caught him about and then he wanted but his works opening lines to color to style to the application of color and some top. and that
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helps them find their own style and gives them the courage to find their own style and in mood to mine i have mentioned it's a vent. so is it this courage that transcends the legend is it his weaknesses or his strengths dr gushee a prescribed painting for vanguard as therapy and during his last 70 days you know various who was he painted another 80 pictures in a bid to save himself. and maybe that's why all these people are still searching for the real vincent. because in him they may succeed in finding themselves.
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then during the conflict zone in these extraordinary times we decided to take the opportunity to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are reports of invasive surveillance authoritarian power grabs my guest is the head of human rights watch and it's wrong how many limitations are people willing to accept in order to fight a threat like corona virus conflicts. in 30 minutes w.
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. and to own different. language courses. video and audio. d.w.b. . i know nothing. well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing when the couple of things leap into the jam a culture of looking at the stereotype but it is inconceivable country that i not. needed to take for this grandmother. it's all about. my job join me to meet the gentleman from d w. this
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is d. w. news live from berlin tonight the u.s. announcing a partial military withdrawal from germany a 3rd of its troops are being ordered to leave 12000 soldiers will either be posted elsewhere in europe or head back to the u.s. the plan looks and sounds like retribution as president continues to accuse germany of being a freeloader at nato and not paying its bills also coming up tonight turkey tightening its control over social media activists say a new law will help.


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