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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2020 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin making the case for a crackdown on big tech u.s. lawmakers pressing leaders of apple facebook google and amazon in cross a congress they accuse the tech giants of killing off the competition to boost profits in. the u.s. slashes its military presence in germany by a 3rd the decision comes after president trump repeatedly said berlin was quote delinquent on its defense spending. and nigeria's appetite for wild game meat
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often puts endangered species on the butchers watch w. follows one man's quest to save wild animals before entire species are wiped out. and 4 months after the last always bounce the n.b.a. is preparing us for turn the new season will be held at disney world in florida but will it be a fairytale slam dunk. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us today u.s. lawmakers have accused global tech giants of creating unfair market conditions that suppress competition for of america's biggest names and technology have appeared before congress to answer questions from an antitrust battle the leaders of facebook google apple and amazon denied that they're trusting competitors and acting like cartels. america's tech titans on the defensive
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facebook's mark zuckerberg alphabets sundar pichai amazon's jeff bezos and apple's tim cook all face the virtual grilling on capitol hill lawmakers say the c.e.o.'s and their companies are abusing their position and crippling the competition many of the practices used by these companies have harmful economic effects they discourage entrepreneurship destroy jobs high cost and a great quality simply put they have too much power for hours these big tech c.e.o.'s addressed allegations including abuse of power data survey lines and political censorship why does google steal content from honest businesses i disagree with that characterization just last week i made many small businesses in fact today he supported 1400000 small businesses supporting over $385000000000.00 in net on economic activity amazon has nearly 7 times the market
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share of its closest e-commerce competitor one seller told us that and i quote amazon continues to be the only show in town no matter how angry sellers get they have nowhere else to go so are you saying that these people aren't didn't go when they see that amazon is the only game in town. congresswoman with great respect i do disagree with i believe that there are a lot of. cooking soccer bergan system their companies aren't invincibles we don't have a dominant share in any market or in any product category where we do business new companies are created all the time all over the world and history shows that if we don't keep innovating someone more place every company here today and that change can often happen faster than you expect. also on display partisan divides on this cut to the chase big tax out the conservatives that's not a suspicion that's not
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a hunch that's a fact republicans say these companies are unfairly of suppressing and censoring conservative opinions and media but democrats say big tech isn't going far enough in cracking down on misinformation and hate speech a lot to talk about let's look at this now with rob watts from deed of you business good morning to you rob nice to see you good morning this hearing was billed as a day of reckoning for big tech didn't live up to those expectations and they certainly got a grilling very much you have to say a long slow cooking because this was 5 hours of questioning on various aspects of businesses now this feels in the u.s. congress and there was a certain amount of partisan split between the questioning that they were getting from the 2 sides for example the democrats want to talk a bit more about this information and then you go the republicans wanting to accuse these tech companies of suppressing conservative voices of having links to china
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those issues are not really to do with competition and antitrust which is what the issue at hand was supposed to be his so to some extent they were. diluted and these major figures in the tech industry were let off the hook on those particular issues there was also the issue that some of these congress people didn't perhaps know the subjects that they were discussing to the extent that they might have hoped for example at one point mark zuckerberg was asked about donald trump jr tweeting about hydroxy chloroquine and having his account suspended obviously mark zuckerberg counter that by saying well that was something that happened on twitter not on facebook but it was a broad ranging discussion no real hits landed i would say ok what we saw in our piece there the bosses of tech giants you defending themselves are some tough allegations that they were facing yeah absolutely and they batted them
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all back and one of the things that was quite surprising to see was against these allegations of you know being uncompetitive we had for example mark zuckerberg playing down facebook's strength saying that in for example the sector of advertising facebook is a huge player in that he said well you know we're not the biggest group was the biggest and we're not the fastest growing amazon is the fastest growing advertising platform on the issue of working with china google being accused of working with the chinese military while turning down work with the u.s. military being accused of being unpatriotic but summed up which i said well actually that's that's frankly just false and then also i am isn't being accused of driving small firms out of business but jeff bezos saying well actually no american companies created more american jobs than amazon now apparently some congressional probes are being planned one congressman said the firms should be broken up and after they are they should be tightly regulated what kind of government action can
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we expect moving forward the big discussion is around the side of breaking them up but whether or not we'll actually see that. i'm not so sure because 1st off he goes very much against the ethos of many republicans to smash up a company and to interfere with it to that extent also some of them will be sympathetic to the tech giant's own suggestion that by cutting them up what you have practically doing is giving the chinese have stopped that main competitor but there's seems little doubt that anti trust laws in the united states do need to be changed they need to be updated they come from the 18 hundreds and i from the times of the railroad long before we had the internet and we had companies of this size so expect to see an awful lot of scrutiny of these tech companies over the coming is particularly if they try to expand ok cluing modernizing the laws that would govern all of this rob thanks so much for coming in rob wants from you business
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let's get to briefed on some other stories making news right now the u.s. administration has agreed to gradually withdraw federal police from the city of portland oregon that after weeks of clashes with protesters local authorities criticize the agents present saying it only made matters worse washington says the officers were needed to protect federal court buildings. police arrested 4 students for alleged offenses under the territory's new national security law or cues of what authorities call organizing and inciting secession they pose a sweeping security law on july 1st that makes advocating independence a crime punishable by long prison terms. german police have ended their 2 days search of a garden plot used by the main suspect in the disappearance of british toddler mccann media reports suggest they found a seller at that site police would not get commented on that or any other discovers . we have some breaking news coming in germany is in
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a deep recession with the economy contract in by 10 point one percent in the last quarter that number is higher than expected and it is the sharpest fall in the country's modern history as according to figures just released minutes ago the figures cover the period during which the country was in its strictest lockdown phase closed borders shut down shops and production halted at thousands of workplaces across the country dealt a severe blow to many export reliant industries in europe's biggest economy it was get some reactions now from our financial correspond chelsea delaney down to frankfurt stock exchange today to a chelsea what have been some of the reactions where you are well of course it's a bit of a dropping number a 10 percent contraction is a little bit steeper than people had been expecting that the average estimate was
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for something closer to 9 percent this also as you mentioned is the worst figure we've ever had for a quarterly economic arena since they began collecting this data in the 1970 s. and it's also about twice as bad as the previous record and during the financial crisis so it is clear that that this was a really horrible quarter for germany we saw declines and basically across the entire economy exports and imports consumer spending business investment all of it was really decimated during this quarter ok this last quarter what about this quarter the next one moving forward is this the new normal or can things improve. this likely will be the low point for the german economy because in this quarter in the current quarter we have started to see the economy to reopen and we are starting to see businesses get back up and running people going back into stores people going back into work there is probably expected to be
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a pretty strong recovery and the economy through the rest of the year so by the end of the year we still are expecting a contraction it's likely to be something around 6 percent but germany has you know really put a lot of money a lot of stimulus into to getting people back into work to get to getting businesses back open again and so it likely is to see a recovery in the quarter as i had but of course there's still a lot of a lot of risks and this forecast particularly over the resurging fears over a 2nd wave of infections which could really do recovery that is the big unknown variable out there right now it could really throw a wrench into everything else the german economy fairing in comparison with others all germany is is generally doing a lot better than than the rest of the world if you look at some of the other g.d.p. forecast for the rest of the eurozone so france is expected to contract 15 percent at least 16 percent germany has really. really had
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a very large stimulus program here and that's really helped to not have have as big of a contraction as the rest of the euro zone josie thanks so much from frankfurt united states has unveiled plans to withdraw all some 12000 troops in germany that's a 3rd of its military footprint in the country u.s. defense officials say the moves along with addressing new threats from china russia president trump though has tied the reduction to germany's defense spending. a historic reduction in the number of american troops stationed in germany even more will be leaving than expected. the u.s. secretary of defense mark asked for announced the withdrawal downplaying its significance it is important to note that in nato has 71 year history the size composition and disposition of u.s. forces in europe has changed many times but u.s. president donald trump said the move is meant to send
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a message to germany where. for. me. this thing trump often points out that germany does not meet a nato guideline that all members should spend 2 percent of their economic output on defense germany only spends 1.4 percent but that guideline refers to spending on each country's own military not directly to nato medo members are now seeking answers as to how the new u.s. plan will be carried out and what it will mean for the future of european security there has been pushback from the u.s. congress and analysts say even the pentagon was reluctant to carry out trumps demand for troop withdrawal you can imagine the arguments and the discussions and disagreements that would have been going on back in washington inside the pentagon and with the white house but at the end of the day the president says we're going to do this and so the department of justice ok well here's here's how we're going to do it there are about 24000 u.s. troops will remain in germany but some observers worry trump's costly message to
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its nato allies could weaken the whole alliance. let's talk about this more now with our political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas what have been some of the reactions here in berlin. the german government had a brief statement in which it said it simply took note of the decision it would call it in 8 steps but it also said that u.s. plans were not finalized so could still change but if you ask further politicians and members of parliament here in germany for example that decision has been met with criticism there are those who say that this not only affects negatively the bilateral relationship which is already by the way very strained but it also weakens not only nato but u.s. defense as well very different reaction here in germany came from the left party the left podgy i should be welcomed the decision instead it didn't go far enough but except for that reaction most politicians here in germany were actually very
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critical of the u.s. decision ok let's get our viewers up to speed here on the u.s. troop presence function here why are american troops in germany. so on the one hand we have to understand this from a historical perspective the presence of u.s. troops in germany is seen as a key element of the postwar international order and since the fall of the berlin wall those numbers have steadily decreased but germany is still the country in europe with the highest number of u.s. troops and they play a very significant role they're seen for example as a hub here in germany for u.s. operations in the middle east or in or not rick unprotected at the ramstein air base that is the biggest military hospital outside continental united states there are 2 commands also stationed here in germany the european command the africa command so they certainly play a very important role it's not only about paying to defend germany operations here
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are also critically important for the u.s. defense itself ok this relationship the german american relationship is also critical for nato for the entire european transatlantic relationship what does this mean for the german american relationship the withdrawal it is seen as another no point in bilateral relation it's important to stress that this is only one of many issues that have been very difficult between the trumpet ministration and i'm going to calls government we're talking about trade we're talking about north stream when we're talking about some international treaties there are time and time again problems between both governments and the fact that those troops are being withdrawn or at least that's the plan that the u.s. has presented that means that it's another very difficult moment for the bilateral relationship it is seen also in a way as a punishment here in germany in particular if you what donald trump must stress on various occasions that he believes germany is quote delinquent. as ever thomas
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thanks very much for the. in other news today chinese telecoms giant wall way has become the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones korean market research company dallas while way over took its main rival samsung in the 2nd word this year analysts say china's early recovery from the pandemic reinvigorated its domestic market where it sells more than 70 percent of its phones. airbus has posted a quarterly loss of 1900000000 euros playmaker says the coronavirus pandemic has presented the industry with its biggest ever crisis its all half as many planes during the 1st 6 months of this year as it did during the same period last year air bus is planning to cut more than 10 percent of its workforce worldwide. mexico's supreme court has rejected a case which sought to decriminalize abortion in local areas just means that anti
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abortion laws in the state of veracruz will remain in place logis proops are celebrating the decision in front of the supreme court. a coronavirus demick has raised new concerns about the health risks of sowing wildlife and markets for human consumption but in nigeria it's long been a common practice and poses a threat to endangered species laws are on the books to block the trade but they are rarely enforced our correspondent on the far shore visited a major bush meat market in lagos you talked with a man struggling to keep species from being completely wiped out. it doesn't matter what day it is this market stays open shortly after the april lockdown it was the 1st 2 are come its customers back. had 1st side this is just the fish market but if you look a little bit closer you will find this is one of the biggest markets for bush meat
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in africa the thing that you can buy here are not supposed to be on anyone's plate yet they are crocodiles penguins endangered species are openly sold here and vailable to anyone willing to pay the right price not only if you know the i never got this one is not business does business follow a crocodile goes for $30.00 to $75.00 a small penguin for $25.00 bush meat is pricey demand is high. because i don't know how they preserve she can afford to. buy my so. it's not just seen as a delicacy among wealthy nigerians the country is an emerging transit hub for the illegal wildlife trade tons of penguin scales are shipped to asia every year. we are meeting china do more ball at this market he's
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a wildlife activist who says nigerians place little value on their own white life the piece you see here it's tasty whatsoever for what they don't understand is that most of this animals that you have continued hunting time i really do you see in the number of very soon they will be gone i mean if you come here or you can see it any more even in real life so this is where culture more top its own minute. today a lizard is on sale to teenagers trying to buy up animals that are still alive and save them before they are killed a race against the clock. if i don't buy them 2 for my purpose which is go for free and believe people will come and buy them for food and if you've seen most of these animals becoming like this every day dead they are lost in nigeria to protect the species we are showing the pictures to representative of a government agency that is supposed to enforce the law so why is this business
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floor xing them. away at all. try to just do really know what is happening so you can adjust sponson people who have to keep the people 1st saw and continue to do consumers education then of course then the 1st one to follow lead to though the agency rita rates how important it is to save wildlife it does not have any sanctions in place for those who breach the mall or policies to shut down wildlife markets altogether this takes time we are told. as nigeria has a lot of problems and wildlife is not the priority we meet him again at a sanctuary he created to raise animals and teach children about wildlife we have to prepare coming up in the future sort of become when we get there make decisions
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policies that affect positively no one knows how much wide life will still be left in nigeria by the time the snacks generation is able to act a few days ago the u.s. state of maine recorded its 1st ever fatal shark attack and australia has also seen multiple shark attacks last. this reinforces the fear people have that sharks pose an imminent threat to humans but how much of a threat are they that's what researchers in southern california are trying to find out. it is one of the most feared creatures on earth the great white shark seen as a fierce predator and perceived as a dangerous threat to beach goers but researchers in southern california are trying to find out the actual risk they posed to humans by better understanding the sharks behavior they're using drones underwater robots and boats to track and follow the
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sharks the city how they interact with people. we have some of the most populated busy beaches in the entire world and california is one of the few places where people are using the ocean here around millions and millions of people are out sharing the water with the sharks so how they're sharks behaving in proximity to people and out of people behaving proxima sharks. scientists 1st use drones to find the sharks once they have the tech to the animals boats head out to reach the sharks and try to get as close as possible the venue's a repurposed spear to insert a tag into the dorsal muscles of the sharks so that they can follow their movements and reactions from a far. what they're finding is that sharks are not that interested in humans after all. despite the fact that shark populations are going up and more people are using the water than ever before we're not really seeing
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more people actually being bitten by sharks in fact in some years the rate has gone down so what that tells us as a scientist is that we are not on their menu at all but occasionally accidents happen. the researchers want to provide the public with the right information to understand the risks posed by sharks but also to give lifeguards important tools to better protect beachgoers from the rare shark attack. and staying in the u.s. the n.b.a. season restarts thursday after being suspended due to the pandemic but the return will be very different from others courts 23 teams be competing in a bio secure bubble without any fans at the disney resort in florida walt disney world is the venue for the n.b.a.'s comeback but like the theme park new hygiene rules have been introduced to keep the coronavirus away basketball fans
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watching on t.v. could be in for a wild ride over the coming weeks with the season completely reach organized le bron james of the l.a. lakers is ready to outshine the usual stars of disney but the bio secure environment takes a bit of getting used to. your back now the ball once it is 20 point you know everything is different and be able to adjust but i will be turned off owns all during his run i can't afford to have kids and you're checking all my family. you know every single day. making sure you know everything is there was pressure and the uncertainty of what he told me i was all of the n.b.a.'s return will also address social issues the new orleans pelicans and utah jazz plans that neil in a black lives matter protest during the national anthem on thursday's opener. the los angeles lakers among the title favorites could be missing one of their stars
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antonio davis when the season tips off face of the league le bron james chasing his 4th title in 1st with los angeles might be left carrying the load alone the season concludes in october it might not be a fairytale season given the of he will cause by kobe 19 but the n.b.a. hopes its disney adventure can finish in style. let's get you a minor now some of our top stories the german economy has a contract to fire a record 10 point one per cent in the 2nd quarter numbers higher than expected any does the sharpest fall in the country's modern history recessions been linked to walk down measures from the past. and u.s. lawmakers have accused apple facebook google and amazon of using harmful practices to stifle their competitors the c.e.o.'s of the tech giants were testifying at an antitrust hearing a congressional panel is weighing whether to regulate the companies or tight.
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don't forget there's always more on these stories at our social media platforms and there are a website for now though for me bryan thomas the entire team thanks for joining us .
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enter the conflict zone in these extraordinary times we decided to take the opportunity to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are reports of invasive surveillance of authoritarian power grabs my guest is the head of human rights watch can it stop the many limitations are people willing to accept in order to fight a threat like coronavirus conflict. is. next on d.v.d. . i'm done playing a dog in
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a modified version of the world a long time ago but i want to. own the final fantasy not a good life and i'm not the guy who am i going to play. up to him that. tends to translate the divergent lives of 3 passengers aboard a cross-country train. 45 minutes on a moral your own. i think is everything challenging 1st on how to make a muslim. school much different culture between here and there somewhat challenging for everything. lead. to some of the same i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. i got my license to work as
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a swimming instructor and i'm sure now our 2 children $100.00 just robbed us of just this trip. what's your story take part charity on info migrants dot net. subject. feels it really is antithetical to the whole kind of you have called coronaviruses the new terrorism nobody wants to see it go to over over their head and. conflict zone is on summer break and we look back at this season's most controversial interviews in april we decided to take the opportunity to focus on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights amid reports around the worlds of invasive surveillance authoritarian power grabs and society's most vulnerable for using hunger i spoke with the head of human rights.


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