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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2020 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin economic growth in europe's biggest economy plunges by more than 10 percent germany has seen the worst economic contraction in the country's modern history wiping out 10 years worth of gross. washington slashes u.s. military presence in germany the decision to try to its troops in the country by a 1st comes off the president trump repeatedly said berlin was quote delinquent on its defense spending. last night jarius appetite for bush meat often puts
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endangered species on the porch is flawed. as one man's quest to save wild animals before entire species alive towns. and a giant leap towards finding signs of life on mars nasa gets ready to launch a new mission with a rover and helicopter that could reveal more about the red planet's just. as well come to the program germany is officially in a deep recession with the economy contracting by 10 point one percent in the 2nd quarter it is a shopper's fall 'd in the country's modern history the figures cover the period during which the country was in its most restrictive lockdown place closed borders shut down shops and production halted thousands of companies dealt a severe blow to. small businesses and many export dependent industries in europe's
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largest economy. let's go straight to our financial correspondent charles the delay in the french food for more details of what have been the reactions on the market chelsea also shock i mean this is a historic decline for the german economy it's the biggest drop quarterly drop since they began collecting this data in the 1970 s. and it's also about twice as big as any contraction we've seen on a quarterly basis so it really is it's pretty mind blowing to see decline of this magnitude of course people were braced for a really steep contraction in this quarter because obviously the economy was basically ground to a halt in these 3 months but it's still pretty shocking to see and it also wipes away about 10 years of economic growth for germany in this one quarter basically the entire post financial crisis recovery has been a race and that's
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a pretty steep hole for germany to climb out of so this 10 percent drop refers to the 2nd quarter which is now behind us lock downs have been eased what's the picture right now. well the german economy is recovering so we likely won't see a decline like this anytime again soon and the in the current quarter the 3rd quarter the 4th quarter we likely will see. the economy of return to growth. this is really being reflected in data already as well we're seeing auto makers for example report sales are picking up again we're seeing service sector activity rising again so there are signs that a recovery is underway but there still are a lot of risks including the potential for a 2nd wave of infections and even even if that doesn't happen it will take years for germany to recover from from an economic blow like this compared to other
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industrialized countries you compared to other current countries in europe germany whether this economic storm so. germany is doing much better than most of europe so today we saw reports from belgium their economy contract at 12 percent tomorrow are expected to see france and italy report 15 percent decline so germany was very aggressive and very fast in passing stimulus measures and that did cushion some of the blow from the crown of virus so it's a delaney in frankfurt thank you the united states has unveiled plans to withdraw nearly 12000 troops from germany that's of its military footprint in the country defense officials say the cut is in line with addressing new threats from china and russia president trump is tight the reduction to germany's reluctance to spend more on its military. a historic reduction in the number of american troops stationed in germany even more will be leaving than expected. the u.s.
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secretary of defense mark asper announced the withdrawal downplaying its significance it is important to note that in nato is 71 year history the size composition and disposition of u.s. forces in europe has changed many times but u.s. president donald trump said the move is meant to send a message to germany where a forward. like trump often points out that germany does not meet a nato guideline that all members should spend 2 percent of their economic output on defense germany only spends 1.4 percent but that guideline refers to spending on each country's own military not directly to nato medo members are now seeking answers as to how the new u.s. plan will be carried out and what it will mean for the future of european security there has been pushback from the u.s. congress and analysts say even the pentagon was reluctant to carry out trump's
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demand for troop withdrawal you can imagine the arguments and the discussions and disagreements that would have been going on back in washington inside the pentagon and the white house but at the end of the day the president says we're going to do this and so the department of defense it was ok well here's here's how we're going to do it there are about 24000 u.s. troops will remain in germany but some observers worry trumps costly message to its nato allies could weaken the whole alliance. let's bring in our political correspondent on a sparrow thomas all of the reactions to his role here in germany. we heard from the german government in particular from the german foreign and defense ministries they said they take note of the decision they're going to further discuss how that is going to be implemented but they also stressed in a brief statement that those plans by the united states and north to get finalized so they could see changes other politicians for example members of parliament have been very critical of the decision they see on the 100 decision as weakening the
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bilateral relations bilateral relations are already strained between the united states and germany and they also see at the same time that this is the wrong signal that this could weaken on the 180 by they could also weaken the united states as well in particular the united states' security. can you tell us why are american troops here in germany anyway. well they are obviously a remnant or a legacy of the cold war they're seen as a very important element of the postwar international order numbers were big in the past in fact since the fall of the berlin wall those numbers have decreased or germany is still the country with the largest number of u.s. troops in europe and that's why it is so important it's not only about paying to protect germany these troops here in germany pay a very important role for the united states and for the security of the united states and if you look for example of the composition you will clearly see that the
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ramstein base for example is seen as a very important hub for u.s. operations in the middle east or in africa you will see that they that there is largest military hospital outside of continental united states you will see a direct command here like that european command the africa command they play a very important role in the way the united states engages military around the world it seems you say that because a former commander of u.s. troops in europe has told t w that the withdrawal hurts us overseas capabilities more than it hurts hurts european security what does that mean what it means exactly that means that for the united states their presence here in germany and by the way the presence in other european countries it's essential so where are some people in washington may see the presence as only helping european countries it actually plays a very significant role in the way the united states in gauges with the rest of the world the fact that for example those commands are here in germany the fact that
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you have the ramstein air base they have the fact that you have that military hospital with it where many soldiers have been treated who have come back from iraq from afghanistan this means that when the united states takes those troops away with throwing withdraws those 12000 soldiers that also affects them negatively but again this is only the way some people view it in the united states the government has presented this in a different light by saying that they strengthens nato and also offer security to the united states allies talk about the critics some of them of the main beneficiary of this withdrawal is the kremlin do you agree. well there are those who clearly say that because they say that this actually is a symbolic move that it shows us disengagement that it reduces the capability that it shows how it fights against allies or it refuses alliances but there are other views in this that say that germany still has a very important military presence in the front when it comes to the united states of 24000 soldiers will still remain here so this will still play a very important role when it comes to that key relationship to russia thomas for
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our political correspondent thank you. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world at this hour the u.s. administration has agreed to gradually withdraw federal police from the city of portland oregon after weeks of clashes with protesters local authorities have criticized the agent's presence saying have made matters worse washington said the offices were needed to protect federal buildings. tens of thousands of people have again taken to the streets in cities across bog area protesters are demanding the resignation of the government and chief prosecutor accusing them of suppressing free speech maintaining ties with the mafia and refusing to fight corruption there bulgaria's largest government protests in 7 years. iran claims it has launched a list of missiles from an underground base for the 1st time it's part of a series of military exercises which also included targeting
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a dummy american aircraft carrier u.s. troops stationed in the region were put on alert during the drill. chinese telecoms giant huawei has become the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones to market research company catalyst while they overtook its main rival some some in the 2nd quarter of this year analysts say china's early recovery from the coronavirus pandemic reinvigorated while his domestic market where it sells more than 70 percent of its phones. police in hong kong have arrested 4 students for alleged offenses under the territory's new national security law the law makes advocating for independence a punishable crime. if used of vote organizing and inciting secession beijing also announced it has abandoned doesn't for democracy activists from running in september's election prominent activist joshua warner was among those bob called it
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the biggest ever crackdown on them and. now let's bring. correspondent to be home from home. what more can you tell us about the pro-democracy come. to this is it comes up. and the rest like. we are last night. and to the last hour. that i knew nothing at all and now this modified and. they represent a line that's come off the opposition and so not only those i follow progress if activists and protest leaders they talk along with bands but also those like relatively moderates and timing. like including several incumbents lawmakers are banned from running for reelection so these also marks the 1st example in the city's history in the past and like helping comes lawmakers will be banned like
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from running for office again so this is the 1st time in history. and also this is this is particularly sensitive play especially one there are several reports and room this suggesting that the government may postpone the election for at least a year or less a tank run up recently but this is this is not huge controversy in the city and. you speak about. that what has been the reaction to this of these candidates. it's actually like the resounding like stop the prophecy all the polling place and the system how many other kind of this way do you solve opposing the new national security law. although some of them like i only disagree with the way out and that's the law but
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returning office says to find that this this is not fine as generally. tripoli ah hold it if you really want to tell him if there was this is not right for him to lie that's a lie. let him be home for half a hour so they would be modified and some of the kind they say their family after paid off before the government also see how the laying on of the 1st part of government to pay for the 14 months so this is also fans like minded definition i think government but also of course they often can't think if they found themselves in the truth here on the right and me but on the other hand the counter thing that they deny has asked that question i think they stand and saying that there is no such political censorship. from all of us and. we apologize for the poor quality that the coronavirus pandemic has raised new concerns about the health risks of selling wildlife markets for human consumption
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in nigeria it's long been a common practice and poses threats to endangered species laws on the books to block the trade but are rarely enforced our correspondent funny from shah visited a major bush meat market in lagos she talked with a man struggling to keep species from being wiped out. it doesn't matter what day it is this market stays open shortly after the april lockdown it was the 1st 2 are calm it's customers back. at 1st side this is just the fish market but if you look a little bit closer you will find this is one of the biggest markets for bush meat in africa the thing that you can buy here are not supposed to be on anyone's plate yet they are crocodiles penguins endangered species are openly source here and vailable to anyone willing to pay the right price we are selling.
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this one is our business does business follow a crocodile goes for $30.00 to $75.00 a small penguin for $25.00 bush meat is pricey demand is high. because i don't know how they preserve their boards. so. it's not just seen as a delicacy among wealthy nigerians the country is an emerging transit hub for the illegal wildlife trade tons of penguin scales are shipped to asia every year. we are meeting chinedu mobile at this market he's a wildlife activist who says nigerians place little value on their own white life the feeling is sweeter it's tasty whatsoever so what you don't understand is that most of this animals that you have to leave home to over time are we do you see in
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the number of very soon we will be gone i mean if you can see it any more even in real life so this is where culture more starve its own limit. today illicit is on sale to do is trying to buy up animals that are still alive and save them before they are killed a race against the clock. if i don't buy them too for my purpose which is the feeling for what i believe people will come and buy them for food and if you've seen most of these animals they come in like this every day and dead they are lost in nigeria to protect the species we're showing the pictures to a representative of a government agency that is supposed to enforce the law so why is this business floor xing them. away at all. try to just. do really know what is happening so you can adjust pounce on people who have to kick the people 1st saw. in the kitchen then of course then the 1st one to
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follow. though the agency rita raids how important it is to safe wildlife it does not have any sanctions in place for those who breach the mall or policies to shut down wildlife markets altogether this takes time we are told. to say as nigeria has a lot of problems and wildlife is not the priority we meet him again at a sanctuary he created to raise animals and teach children about wildlife we have to prepare coming up in the future should i become when we get the proper food decisions policies that affect positively no one knows how much wildlife will still be left in nigeria by the time this next generation is able to act. and in other news mexico's supreme court has rejected
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a case which sought to decriminalize abortion in local areas the judgement and to abortion laws in the state of across will remain in place religious groups celebrated the decision in front of the court. and firefighters in brazil are buckling blazes in town tunnel the world's largest tropical wetlands the number of fires in the region has more than doubled so far this year compared to 2019 in response the regional government has declared a state of emergency. german police have ended there today search of a garden allotments used by the main suspect in the disappearance british toddler not madeline mccann into 2007 reports suggest they found a hidden cellar on the site police have not commented on that or any other findings . in u.s. lawmakers have accused apple facebook google and amazon of using harmful practices
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to stifle their competitors ceo's of the tech giants were testifying at an answer trust hearing a congressional panel is weighing whether to regulate the company's more heavily thoughts the countdown is on for the launch of a new mission to mars to search for signs of life a saturn 5 rocket is set to blast off from canaveral florida later today and it will carry perseverance that's nasa as new rover that will help scientists to study the martian surface like never before. the event is descent will testify to new navigation system it's an autopilot designed to work at the best target like ation and steer towards it. it's supposed to make touchdown and safe and more precise. the rover is aiming for this riverbed in the year 0 crater. perseverance well investigated surroundings
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with cameras and measuring devices us researchers hope the data work if the new insights into the geology and climatic history of mas but perseverance has another job too to search for signs of life. we probably won't find old d.n.a. or anything like data on mars. but we might find rocks that were formed by a biological process is that's what we're expecting or at least we're hoping. viewers. must camp said has been specially developed to search for these traces of life. it has 2 cameras which can deliver detail to color photographs in 3 d. the camera system also has an advanced zoom to help researches see tiny patterns and structures in the rock the all. there is our team
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leader is a professor in arizona and he always puts it like this imagine you're sitting in the stands of a football stadium at the goal end you can see a fly buzzing around between the goal posts at the other end of. the mission is also sending a small helicopter to mars. its job is to carry out autonomous test flights where it controls the whole process by itself. it's propellers have to spin 8 times as fast as on earth because the atmosphere of mars is so thin. since the 1st flight attempts it's taken engineers 5 years to get to this point. the missions most important goal is to collect rock samples examine them and pack them ready for transport to do this perseverance is fitted with the most complex robotic system nasa has ever developed. perseverance will deposit the samples on the surface of
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mars in 10 years. another rover will collect them and bring them to a launch pad at iraq it will then carry them to a satellite in orbit which will finally bring the precious. excitement is growing mission control let's bring in mitchell to he is a program scientists with a mass 2020 exploration program at nasa headquarters in washington and joins us now from them which they have been rovers on mars before what is the big difference of this the very big difference is that we have finally designed instruments to really look in detail at the rock record to see on the level of microorganisms which is what we think life might the kind of life that might have insisted on mars so we'll be finally be able to see things in the detail that we need really to tease apart whether this landing site in these rocks were was habitable and whether it left
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behind evidence that life might have been there. if you indeed find microbial life on mas what kind of impact will that have why should i care. well so we really don't understand how life started on earth and so just finding another example of life somewhere beyond earth will be a really big deal because it will tell us that there is something fundamental about life that it sort of wants to start to be clear we're looking for evidence in the ancient rock record on mars that life might have left behind deposits we're not looking for current life on mars but we do see that mars and earth are similar geologically and so this would mean if we find evidence for life on mars this would mean that there are a set of conditions that could be sort of universal that law that allowed life and in fact sort of make life form but if we're looking into the future this seems to be a race so why now why is it so important for us to learn something about
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a planet that view and i would have so much trouble to live on well so one of the things that makes it hard to live on is that has a very thin atmosphere so it's not able to trap heat from the sun to keep it warm one of the things that we know about life on earth is that wherever there is liquid water within certain limits of temperature for example we find things alive in that water here on earth and so we can take lessons from studying mars that help us understand what conditions are necessary for life and what can happen to a planet when conditions and environmental factors change. so one of the questions that is on everybody's mind of course all the time when do you think that the 1st human mission to moscow will be on its way. we're working on sending people back to the moon 1st sort of as a base for getting to mars eventually and we're planning to do that by the middle
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of the coming decade and so after that we'll probably you know it'll take a little while for us to to scale things up to being able to get out to mars so it'll probably be a few a couple decades further down the road and soul which is the one thank you very much mitch schultz if you program scientists at nasa thank you. you're watching the news here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you right now the german economy has contracted by a record 10 point one percent in the 2nd quarter of this year the numbers are higher than expected mr shop just full 'd in the country's history recession been linked to plucked all nations from the coronavirus under. the u.s. slashing its military and germany by nearly 12000 troops there will be redeployed in america and elsewhere in europe trumped up things 1st says the move paints to counter new threats from russia and china. and that's it from me on the news team
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from i'll have an update for you on the. meantime don't forget you can keep up. with the news on our web site. and also follow us on twitter and instead this is news from berlin alpha's that's for. me.
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koreans have had enough. for years they have forced their governments sink into the swarm corruption. darksome grant themselves privileges while law enforcement officers oppress the citizens. now there are daily demonstrations and the demand for new government of. soup is under up. next on t.w. . into the conflict zone in these extraordinary times we decided to take the opportunity
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to focus on the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on human rights around the world there are reports of invasive surveillance authoritarian power grabs my guest is the head of human rights watch kind of propofol many limitations on people willing to accept in order to fight a threat like coronavirus conflicts of. 60 minutes on t.w. . far more posters from nigeria who we are as a people here does what molly would stands for their unique. one don't. often take.
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the tough going fast moving come a long. and successful beyond belief. good nollywood this is the way we do it. nollywood starts august 7th on d w. my . elo and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm liable oh it's nice to be back it's the most corrupt country in the e.u. for years belgariad has been rated last by transparency international for corruption and press freedom in the european union and many blame one man in particular prime minister boyko borisov balgair.


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