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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 1, 2020 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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mike violence against children. this is developing news live from berlin is time ticking for tick tock president from threatens to ban the app over concerns about chinese spying so what's the future of the video platform also coming up. democracy deferred elections in hong kong are delayed for a year chief executive terry lam says a surge in corona virus cases is the reason. and we follow
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a coronavirus task force in israel and look at efforts to contain cope with $191.00 of the country's major hotspots. i mean use of thanks for joining us we start in the united states where president donald trump said he's considering banning the popular video app tick-tock from the country reports indicate he's also considering the option of forcing the apps owner chinese firm bite them to sell it microsoft is reportedly in talks to acquire tech talks u.s. operations american officials say tick-tock could pose a national security threat amid concerns that china could access the data it collects. here's what donald trump had to say. we're looking at a tick tock we may be bending take stock we may be doing some other things here government option but
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a lot of things happening so we'll see what happens but we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to that. now let's bring in our business correspondent yes quota in new york so what power does trump actually have to put pressure on a chinese company like that well i mean u.s. president donald trump a probably could not directly alter to talk or. the other company to sell the u.s. operations for example but as we heard he could say ok we're going to ban talk and then they could decide to sell for example the u.s. operations to microsoft and then maybe as u.s. president donald trump would. take this author back so that's probably how the whole deal could work and what is behind the american government's mistrust of this app to top well i mean they have charges for
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quite some time that talk has actually collecting privacy data from its users so we have those accusations those charges by the way not just in the united states but also in the u.k. or in germany at tick tock itself i'm always was saying that well if for example is the u.s. operations all the service are also u.s. based but still there were some suspicions that even if the service are in the u.s. that does not necessarily mean that danger has not been transferred to abusing. and looking at the business aspect of things here we've heard reports that microsoft might be trying to buy the u.s. shares of tik tok would this be a good deal from microsoft. well i mean to talk is incredibly successful was in a very short time span that just recently served pos 2000000000 downloads off the
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tick top at the world wide as far as we know there are estimates that tick tock the end tire operation might be worth about $50000000000.00 so all new to us i pod for a sions would call for less and that is money that microsoft quote clearly fort but on the other side then microsoft also might be right in between those 2 struggling superpowers the united states and china so we will wait and see if microsoft is really following that path d.w. business correspondent in new york thank you. in the u.s. 3 people have been charged in connection with the hacking of prominent twitter accounts 2 weeks ago prosecutors say a 17 year old from florida was the mastermind behind the hack that duped people into making bitcoin donations it affected some of the platforms most high profile accounts including u.s. president barack obama and democratic presidential candidate joe biden microsoft
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founder bill gates as well as some companies accounts like and apple twitter said the hackers targeted some of its employees who had access to its internal systems. hong kong's legislative elections scheduled for september have been postponed for a year chief executive carrie lam says the delay is necessary due to a surge in coronavirus cases but opposition lawmakers aren't convinced they accuse the government of using the pandemic as a pretext to thwart the pro-democracy movement there. hong kong's election 4 years ago it should happen again in september but instead the poll has been pushed back by a full year not how sailing at the last but it was a very very difficult decision to postpone the legislative council election which takes place every 4 years but it's necessary to fight off the coronavirus to
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protect people's health and up hold public safety we also have to ensure the election process is fair and open. thing hype be say that. ironically to curb the pro-democracy protests on const chief executive has activated a rarely used nearly century old emergency power dating from the british colonial times. that allows for short term only delays to elections. where does ition to postpone the trainee train to electrical election has nothing to do with politics has nothing to do with the likely outcome of this round of elections. dismayed by the delay the opposition is warning of a constitutional crisis. he said that he said that one of the. people who are not just these well this is some of those well because it was
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this something more city against the basic law against the promises made outside the city 30 years ago. around half the 70 members of hong kong's legislative council are appointed by the beijing backed government after a year of often violent protests and the imposition of a heavily criticised security law the opposition had been optimistic. for the 1st time there were hopes of a democratic majority beijing will not let that happen and seize the rising number of coronavirus cases as an opportunity to delay the vote. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. officials in portugal say at least 2 people have been killed and dozens injured after an intercity train collided with a maintenance vehicle hundreds of passengers were on board when the crash occurred
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near the central city of colima. police in zimbabwe have arrested a claim novelist's. after she defied a ban on protests coinciding with the anniversary of president emerson the non-god was election she was detained after opposition lawmakers called for demonstrations in the capital harare against alleged state corruption and the slumping economy. british filmmaker alan parker has died at the age of $76.00 after a long illness he started his career in advertising and later shot to fame as the director of films like midnight express mississippi burning and if parker was awarded a knighthood and the bafta fellowship. let's take a look now at the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the number of coronavirus fatalities in mexico has surged past 46000 it's now poised to overtake britain as the country with the 3rd highest death toll behind brazil and the u.s.
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british prime minister boris johnson says he's quote putting the brakes on easing lockdown measures and will instead be imposing new restrictions that's after a new spike in corona virus infections in the u.k. and germany has added 3 northern spanish region regions to its list of high risk destinations anyone arriving from those areas will have to produce a negative virus test or going to go into quarantine for 2 weeks. with the pandemic closing economies down fall out was expected in europe now it's clearly becoming clear just how devastating the pandemic has been g.d.p. numbers show that many economies that experienced years of growth are now deep in the red this is by some measures the worst recession ever to hit the eurozone. cash registers are humming again across europe iconic landmarks eerily quiet and spring are alive with people once more. no one knows for sure how the pandemic will
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develop over the next few months but what is becoming clear is that the economic damage done in europe between april and june was of historic proportions. that was the period when strict lockdowns brought large parts of the continent's economy to a virtual standstill the data for that period is now becoming available and the news it's as bad as anything the e.u. has ever seen it means the european economy has entered its deepest recession and post-war history spain's economy contracted by a massive 18.5 percent that compares with a near 14 percent drop in france and a 12.4 percent fall and italy german g.d.p. fell by 10 percent. with covert 9000 cases rising again there are some fears of a 2nd lockdown. even without the condemn expect anomic impact is likely to be felt for many months to come here in barcelona beach is normally full of tourists are
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far quieter than normal a local rise in infections is keeping travellers away. israel has suffered a surge in coronavirus cases in recent weeks the city of been a brock is now a hospital at one of the most densely populated and poorest cities in israel and home to a large ultra-orthodox population the municipality has set up a task force to contain the contain the pandemic and tanya kramer went to see how it's going. most of morgan's turn is on his way to the main synagogue in the center of the neighborhood home to a largely ultra-orthodox or how the community this synagogue is closed because of the pandemic people have to pray outside. without martin stern who works as a lawyer manages in this free time the corona task force. this is stigma and the
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general public against the us for orthodox and against been a. family people's thing to have a demon all sick and that there infecting people that it's evil but it's not true and i don't think there's any other community that keeps the rules as strictly as we deal with the argument. over 2400 residents are currently infected with call that 19 and their new cases every day in the brackets one of the most densely populated cities in israel. the australia boardman's for 20 family members shares 75 square meters and one bathroom one shower if one person gets sick everyone will get sick. on a simple almost many don't have internet no smartphones they can't get information online but this information on billboards.
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the minister polity has now set up a so-called more room to handle the crisis this is modern stern and his 2. team supported by the israeli army work every day of the week except about was some ultra orthodox communities forbid the use of modern technologies morgan's dance team rely on them every neighborhood is monitored to help isolate people who have tested positive for the virus and we check those people who are newly infected and send them out of the city if they agreed to it of course because we believe that the more cases we move out the less karuna will spread in this city. a family of 8 needs to be placed in quarantine in jerusalem they're taken by ambulance to one of the hotels that have been turned into quarantine centers run by the israeli military. morgan stern is back on the road the virus keeps him busy all
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the time. it's hard it's very difficult and very demanding but it don't give up someone is watching over us. been a block is taking up the task to keep the virus from spreading further just like the rest of the country which is in the midst of a 2nd wave of the pandemic. now good news for marine life in greece divers have removed 500 euros a fishing nets that were entangled in the wreck of a world war 2 submarine in a 5 day cleanup operation greek and dutch volunteers this ended to 52 meters but between the islands of catalonia and seek and those to work on the edge of mass perseus the british submarine sank off a couple lonia in 1941 after hitting a mine operations organizers say millions of animals die each year after becoming
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ensnared in the nylon nets and that's will be recycled and used to produce socks swimwear and carpets. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you u.s. president don trump has threatened to ban the chinese own video at the tick talk in the u.s. citing national security concerns media reports suggest trump is weighing the option of forcing the firm by dance to give up ownership of the tick tock. now could microsoft really buy tech tufted ferguson has that and more coming up on your business you can get more on our website. i'm scared that if i work that hard and in the end this i'm me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with lions and. what's.


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