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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2020 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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sports correspondent dunya barcelona in lisbon there let's go to recap now of the top story we're following for you thousands of demonstrators have gathered on the streets of mints for a show of force against president alexander lukashenko 2 weeks after an election they say was stolen because franco has vowed to put an end to the unrest and beefed up security. at your news update at this hour coming up after a short break sports life asked why coaches on average get fired so much faster than other football professionals michael oku thanks for watching. like. a mom gorgeous was food for the russians so. steep. so
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many different walks of life. some are pumping. oddly. but all of this comes straight from the heart just to see it even when there's no more delicious the mushroom inches. from the road to their final resting place the russians d.w. documentary. i. mean. there's a reason why the man. just chair is known as the hot seat when defeats mount up
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when the fans turn and when media pressure ramps up the ax is usually about to fall . but where are the best and worst places to coach in the world we'll show you where coaches can feel truly safe and when they're in constant danger. this is their life. so. when they see results maybe do. they change that was thomas dog who has managed clubs all over the world but he's probably best known for his time at percy a dortmund he coached for 14 months in 20072008 after taking hamburg into the champions league he's never had long to build
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a team but that's not so unusual. the top 16 clubs in men's european football have had nearly 100 coaches between them in the past decade and they've lasted only 21 months on average. here are just a few of the heavyweights who have sent managers packing even quicker than that by in munich real madrid manchester united liverpool barcelona arsenal and juventus a survey from the cia e.-s. football observatory study of one $110.00 lakes in $79.00 countries and found that the average managerial writing worldwide was even shorter just over 15 months. while you leave did you truly. believe that one day hungry to view soviet radios 'd. in cyber some months now and low.
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patience and trust are hard to find but not impossible the best job security in the world is offered by the welsh premier league where coaches last an average of 943 days. the only other league to average over 2 years is sweden's top flight the ouspensky while switzerland's top 2 divisions also make the top 5. but the world's league's figure would be a lot lower without calling katyn wales's answer sir alex ferguson took over at ballard sound more than 18 years ago and one of the longest active managerial stints in the world started by accident the chairman and simon he approached me for advice on trying to bring good managers of the club the friend who introduced me to arrest me really on the took the job on the basis that i'd do it until we found someone who was still on the agreement because when i was. there.
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when i came into the ins of the manager and game of think i was 31 so. you know obviously i'm looking at 31 to 2 year olds now and they're trying to shift me off the perch or who are going to give me a pretty big push to get me off so i don't see i think i'm going to the sea the ballot box has led his part time squad from the tiny town in the welsh valleys to european football ballet had been playing in local amateur leagues for more than a century until katyn took them to the 2nd division soon after arriving a few years later they were promoted again and started competing against the country's most established clubs several of whom operate on full time budgets europa league football and a 1st ever world cup victory followed in 2017 not bad going for a town whose entire population would fit into most europa league away ends twice over. katyn has helped build his club up in a literal sense helping to. whole the stadium something even ferguson never did.
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you know. it's going to you know that's the way we are we all we all are. you know it's not it's not seem as though it's a club effort i'm in the construction game so you know help them out all advise them and obviously went down there alone. because it was a committee of about 30 people who were just so enthusiastic it was difficult not to help them out really over the border in england perhaps surprisingly the premier league is the most stable home for managers among europe's big 5 coming in 11th overall and then come last league and league followed by italy syria and the most impatient of the big european leagues germany's blunders league for things are even more precarious in south america the top flight bosses in argentina and brazil are lucky to get 6 months and in turkey 2nd division called the 1st lake managers last for an average of just 124 days or about 4 months dennys cole who
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knows the rapid hire and fire culture only too well. just. to go through to. talk. reassess the search do you know that the course of the loan you. showed it was a lot more than was. your major question. in those of the listeners. don't. usually. you. don't do so usually. all of the ancient since then do you push it in stone we should assume that will solve them so. he speaks from experience can't be managed 5 turkish club. between 20152019 with his longest stay lasting only 26
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matches the shortest was just 15 games it's a whirlwind and life can change dramatically at any moment colgan believes there are particular cultural and financial factors at play here. but so just a moment you. 'd know the. truth of. the pressure in turkish football is relentless and the expectation enormous should be to talk over the. 2 since it's only me because it's. too little not. so in turkey job security is close to the worst in the world but here in the welsh premier league
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where managers get the most time calling katyn things there are specific reasons why he and palace have made it this far. the lads that we bring in and got to be a special kind of a lot of you know they're going to buy into what we do as a club and we're going to put something back into the community and in wales the focus is on education development and stability rather than instant success just to coach education up to that we get taught with their freedom when you leave the train or monitors you've got a pro license to coach and beliefs and you know what makes makes teams better and the students better organized it makes but also different since they're so you know churn the truly good so yeah but there's a lot of there's a lot of monsters that have been around or around the league for a long time bosses at british clubs are often managers rather than coaches taking control of more than just tactics and training sacking a manager often becomes a bigger deal than dispensing with a coach but in england and around the. there have been some ludicrously short
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managerial spells still got lower league english club talky united promoted in a successful reign but when he was rehired later he lasted just 10 minutes the club were taken over by new owners moments after he was hired and they wanted their own man blank and you'd miss it. a couple of years later german coaching journey many years ago was given one game to keep armenia billa failed in the blunders league or a draw with hanover meant he didn't succeed he was relieved of his duties 5 days after he started it was to be his last job in the game it even happens to the greats brian cluff won the english league title with darby county and the european cup twice with nothing in forest but in between he managed leeds united soon after arriving there he told his players they could throw the medals they won in the bin because they'd won them by cheating under his predecessor don ready he lasted 44 days so why is there so little patience for managers why seem to be
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a lot of people it's not going to look good it don't understand. pressure from outside to pro-social to maybe do for you. or do to. me and it's now. all your some teams buck the trend and back their managers allowing them the space to change the culture of the club in their image atletico madrid for example diego simeone he has been in charge in the spanish capital since 2011 winning the club their 1st league title for nearly 20 years in 2014 achieving an unprecedented success in europe and changing their image from flaky neighbors to street wise up starts. the argentinian is one of only 2 managers from the top 5 leagues to make the top 20 longest serving coaches in the world the other started his job. 6 days later frogs christine strike
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the german boss doesn't have a trophy holds a match for me oni's but he's one of german football's most popular figures a sense of humor decency and some passionate touchline antics make him a club icon and freiburg continue to overachieve. and he's not the 1st long term or at freiburg focused thinker holds the german record for longest spell in the top job spending 16 years in charge they stick with their man in the black forest there are also coaches like pet quality ola and you can club who have enjoyed successful careers without ever getting sacked calling katyn is one of them and he's not far from becoming the world's longest serving manager. that title is currently held by bruno lewsey of sean lee in the french 2nd division he's been in charge for almost 20 years but for the ballot box it's not all about breaking records across
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a news who's playing full time at the moment so you know it hurts me a little bit when i watch him so there will come a time when i've got to go and watch him and support him as well but he'd be heartbroken if i practice of the draw because he still makes a lot of the friday night games because he plays in the summer so that's the way a lot of things are you know i'm privileged to get to the stage in the situation i'm in and obviously because it's a cultural business and obviously. i don't think of me that's a big patience has been rewarded in ballarat just as it has in madrid and in freiburg but katyn simeoni and strike are clearly exceptions most of the time it's instant success or the sack. football's overall trend is one of constant coaching change managers like joe's a marina. and carlos mencia lots of built careers on making relatively short term repairs before moving on to the next project the pressure is always on and in most places time is short the managerial hot seat isn't getting any more comfortable.
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than. the one spraying little hours of summer music festivals. this year they're modestly quiet. or even silent. is their music playing anywhere. summer music festivals during the coronavirus contests. are just 20 more. next on g.w. . healthy eating. is it making the environmental. super food the global hype about eating. but what happens where super foods are grown. since the exploding demand for them threatening entire ecosystems.
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in 60 minutes. in the art of climate change. africa's. what's in store. for the future. e.w. dot com we're going to go city hall to get inside a clear picture. i've been craving art co. in fresh air. you can. see right now people in the cultural sector and artists have to be the ones coming up with the idea that you can expect politicians to understand exactly how this business works to get. here also the challenge we face is how to take the situation seriously while also enjoying ourselves.


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