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tv   Quarks  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2020 10:30pm-11:16pm CEST

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with the biggest composer of all time i can't even begin to imagine a world class horn player single willers on a musical journey of discovery. on a world without beethoven starts september 16th on the w. . one by one the leaders of the political opposition are being detained or disappearing on tuesday morning at the border with ukraine maria kolesnik ovah reportedly ripped up her passport and prevented her own deportation kolesnikov is one of 3 women who joined forces to become the opposition and another is former presidential candidates that lana scalia tonight her plead to europe to help the forces of democracy in bella reuss before it's too late i'm brick off in berlin
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this is the day. my country my nation my people now meet tell the thing it's international pressure from the street she on this one seems to be doing this very quickly in front of this news that mr. does not have and you're rejecting me see as the president. and firmly believe the situation room i want. to do our research i'm now fighting for the bill use these and in this issue just treat it to. a human rights democracy and there are. also coming up the west coast of the united states is on fire the worst is in
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california more than one and a half 1000000 acres burned in 3 of the biggest blazes ever recorded in the state our number one priority for this fire is the protection of life and property situation that we have right now is a life threatening situation with the weather forecasts that we have for the next 3 days. and to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day as a country tries to dispose of its political opposition for 4 weeks the streets of the bella rusian capital minsk have been filled with protesters demanding an end to the 26 year rule of president alexander lukashenko last month he was declared winner of a nationwide election but the opposition claims that that vote was rigged ever since they made that claim the leaders of the opposition in bella ruse have either
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been detained or they have disappear one by one the latest maria kolesnik over on monday she was seen being thrown into a van and driven away this morning she reportedly prevented her own deportation at the border with ukraine her whereabouts tonight remain unknown nicko is one of 3 women who came together this year to leave the opposition and another is former presidential candidates for atlanta to handle scalia last month and she lost the presidential election but she says the vote was rigged she then fled bellerose into neighboring lithuania a decision she says she was forced to make in order to save her children's lives today she delivered a plea to europe to help the forces of democracy in bella reuss she says before it's too late i refuse as do millions though bear a sense to accept it they won't simply stand and what she this congress
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abuses of human rights this blatant disregard for human dignity this complete in here ration of any basic respect. i refuse as demure and severe a sense to stand down and. my country my nation my people now need help we need international pressure on this regime on this one to be do all this perfectly clean and on to power we need some actions on individuals issue and exhibit your criminal or this that violates international norms and human rights we need an immediate release of all political prisoners and to start to see the
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civilized in order to find ways for our country to move forward only yesterday one of the leaders of the peaceful protests medea kindest nicola was kidnapped also kidnapped there and done at a new war and iran craft so all of them were members of the team that nobody. who is in jail for simply dear in to run for president my husband still gets a harmless he is in jail for the same reason or there are 2 versions tonight of what happened to opposition leader a maria kolesnikov a bellerose says she tried to leave the country tuesday morning and flee to ukraine but the ukrainian government is offering a very different account. maria kolesnikov bravely preventing valerie special forces from expelling had to ukraine 2 other opposition members were
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forcibly expelled and valorous now they are on ukrainian territory. in an attempt to provoke and discredit her as if she had failed to flee valorous was said to have been detained during that attempt alexander lukashenko pollution dictator is responsible for her health and life. well for more i'm joined tonight by all good friend over with the research center for east european studies at the university and braman she is following developments in bella ruse or going to have you on the program the leaders of the opposition in both the roots detained and disappeared what does this do to the protest movement and the calls for president to resign. well i think it is important here to make a difference if it's going to skill levels you know of people protesting in this case and other leaders of the disappearing and each it disappear into the rest of
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kolesnik of her and her team and it's i mean it's not the 1st case over such methods that there isn't a slaughter of kids while also locked. up a member that was like one. or the pilotless couple who were also forced to leave the state so it's kind of not to supply us when you know the state just continues to use them and you can get it and use it for but you also have to remember that neither kolesnikov or nazi cannot say that actually our culture through to some people still so organized themselves to receive a protest must implement it for weeks it's quite it's unprecedented well for the history going to receive and i really have the impression that people are learnt to stoke organize themselves in this camp without anything to will send us well i would not leave that she walked to the floor to those who would reach that ain't going to see a good game of lies and didn't she beat people but is he. in his 1st interview
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since last month's disputed presidential election president lucas cinco he's signaling that even he realizes that he has been in power to law he spoke with russian reporters and he was quoted as saying i may have stayed in power a little too long but only i can really protect bella ruffians now i'm not going to leave just like that i've built up bill ruse for a quarter century i will just give it up besides if i leave my supporters will be slaughtered and president lukashenko he various that his supporters would be slaughtered by whom it is here choosing the opposition if it were to come to power of being prepared to murder. well maybe not to murder but to you know some aggressively action conference societies and i think it's also not the new because
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it's you know part of this official and narratives not approved as i'm not really that peaceful and they've seen the t.v. and there will just this kind of thinking out why does this society improve question going on to the question so just gave us also tried to organize a number a pool of look i shan't go plus state revenues as well where their condition didn't so i think it's do you know what this kid message to show people those who still support who question can but also international public in specially the it department in russia and yet he's been the only person so to say sure it's killed controlling the situation in the counter which is not actually the truth because we've seen the how how many people when needed to go on the street so it's kind of a. party official narrative and matt. cooper should also take it you know it's the kind of police state narrative of the president i don't fit into the same moves to
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see what he does more to make about the protests having staying power i'm wondering if they do continue with that provide president lukashenko with a reason to ask for the russian military to move into the country. live section one of the biggest questions for trying again and again here is actually a dam but we have to remember that i mean that there are some subtle agreements between valorous and russian military agreements that's only public use and that you're not russian and we have not seen any external aggression until now also have seen that the protests up peaceful so they have been also some statements by would seem to have their you know there are already some police forces a pretty actually this case in belarus that's wonderful the case although. it rests in the sky residents come in from the group just these and also have a case for example prove just as to come some actual gosh which is also
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not going to castel nonsense quite in the middle east syria if you know if they could do that legally about any other thing you know in connection come from the kurds how realistic is it do you think that president lukashenko will convince russian president vladimir putin to say yes to a closer alliance with bella ruse there's talk about him even giving up some of bill ruses sovereignty over to moscow. well i think it's just exactly the opposite way i mean the question should be like this is any how far is it possible that actually of planting beautiful buildings that. well up to date prints from the question to because it's actually it has been happening call for a number of years already so just this whole conversations involved you know given
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union states and russia and belarus and about giving up their slow rent economics already political slower to 6 actual one of the main aims of russia not the whole question and it's also quite dangerous not to belarus i have to admit because president has lost legitimacy within his own society so his extremely dependent now throwing. russia from trying to change it economically and politically of course is the engine still there i would say expects you she would need to tackle deep integration with russia these consequences i think that one had as a consequence would have been you know at a higher wave of protests within the recent society but i recently are tired of the question though that he doesn't mean you know that they would like to become part of russia so she is not present. in the dollars in public opinion so if she wants to just become an album within that there's not over and over with the research
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center for eastern european studies at the university of breman or we appreciate your time in your insights tonight thank you thank you. well here in europe governments are facing pressure to act as new corona virus infections go through the roof hitting levels that have not been seen since the darkest days of the 1st wave of the pandemic spain has become the 1st european country to pass half a 1000000 cases with the 7 day rolling average now higher than it was when the virus 1st hit britain which has europe's worst coronavirus death toll is also seeing cases rise mostly among younger people and germany it too says that a high number of new cases are being reported among the country's young. well that's good news and bad news young people are less likely to fall ill and die
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from the virus but they often show no symptoms meaning they can unknowingly infect those who are vulnerable despite the statistics many remain skeptical some who reject government regulations are even making their outrage public here in germany mass protests have erupted where skeptics now find themselves marching alongside neo nazis right wing agitators and conspiracy theories d w news met a man who took part in one of those recent berlin demonstrations he says that he's just an ordinary citizen not a political extremist. about you know was at that big demonstration against the coronavirus measures here at the ins brandenburg gate he's 50 years old lives with his family and barely and does freelance work in advertising. frank does not believe that the corona virus is especially dangerous he says the infection
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numbers are low and that coronavirus mortality rates are similar to those of influence he feels the restrictions are excessive. if i go somewhere to eat i have to leave my address behind and it makes no sense if i get up to use the toilet i have to wear a mask as everybody knows these totally absurd regulations that i think are in themselves pointless based on a theory that actually doesn't justify this. thousands of people demonstrated in central berlin against the policies to tackle coronavirus such as social distancing and masks black friday protestors question the science behind them. that we're all alive because we've worn masks is simplistic thinking. think that's something we should have left behind after the age of 5 or 6 it's as if we were to say someone's
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wearing red jim serious and has a headache and then i stand there and say man i'll go read gym shoes calls headaches. frank describes himself as a democratic citizen for him the people protesting the coronavirus measures come from all walks of life. as if you can mention to. these people stand for democracy for freedom and so on i found it all very peaceful it was a very peaceful demonstration it was huge gigantic and it showed me that there were many many people who think this way perceiving similarly to me. what we need stream is groups among the demonstrators hold for the german parliament building to be stormed. a few 100 radicals breached the barriers and got to the steps of the bundestag symbolic. images that made the news around the world the entire
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coronavirus demonstration was tainted by this action frank buckley says that he had nothing to do with it. this president decide to distance myself from any kind of violence i distance myself from any kind of raj we may extremist ideology it doesn't appeal to me. but does it not bother him that far right radicals also took part in the demonstration the fun and for good if it was a handful of people what else can i say imagine that you're running a train and a running ring radical gets on to get off the train. i mean this. is frank about now says he except that his protests will be joined by right wing extremists he says that one stop him from attending the next demonstration in berlin. a controversial decision from a controversial president syllabi president. has pardoned a u.s.
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marine convicted of killing a transgender woman through tears he issued the pardon on monday to lance corporal joseph scott who had been in prison since 2014 for the murder agenda for a while on burton pemberton has served just over half of a 10 year sentence for that murder. public is here with more on this story a public brings up the speed on what this story is about well pemberton met jennifer in a bar back in 2014 now they decided then to get a motel room and it was during that encounter in the motel room. pemberton found out he says that. it was in fact transgender and then what happened was he assaulted her and he said that when he left the room she was still alive in fact she was found the next morning. apparently strangled subsequently he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and this is where we are right now just last week
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a local court decided that he should be released early from prison for good behavior which of course jennifer allowed the family were raged by. the lead to an appeal process and this is where we are up to the start of this week where the government decided to intervene you know. their ideas about how to proceed exactly and this is where president attended the decided to pardon pemberton for the crime and in fact it was announced on twitter surprisingly it was actually the secretary of foreign affairs who released this statement essentially saying pemberton was going to be released early from prison and used the word justice which was something. was also being used by president detached they when he spoke to the media what's also important to say about this is that pemberton actually didn't even spend his prison sentence in a regular prison in the philippines in fact he spent it in solitary confinement in
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a military facility in the nella and that's because of the visiting forces agreement which is an agreement between the united states and the philippines with regards to u.s. military personnel which is angered many people to what has been the reaction of the all of the presidential before obviously the family are up. and in fact their lawyer virginius what it said that the decision was a mockery of the country's judicial system and we've seen a lot of outrage online we're seeing here some tweets saying that the government is transphobia that they deem a white murderers life more important than that of our trans sisters there's also another tweet in which they say that this pardon is an affront to the suffering of jennifer louder and her family and rewards criminal behavior so brand it comes as no surprise that of course this is causing a lot of upset and it's interesting the cause of that for many different reasons is renewed a feeling of anti-american sentiment in philippines as well for this former marine
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has been treated and the fact that he's going to be released early it also comes at a time the president to take at the interesting need back in 2016 very much distance distanced himself from the united states and sort of shifted the focus of the philippines towards china and most importantly this is once again a murder committed against a member of the transgender community it's you know it highlights the fact that there are a huge number of assaults committed across the planet every year and also there are many many murders over 300 in the past 18 months alone against people of the transgender brings into question how many justice systems are there one for certain people and one for others is always public thank you. i really need to the pay attention to any instructions on evacuation fire is likely to move forward 6 commuter.
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lot of people on the property the result of this body right now. and so we're working very hard with all the fire department and the law enforcement make sure that we're. there is a fire. dramatic images there from california where wildfires have come early this year destroying at a speed never recorded before my next guest has been called the world's leading authority on the history of fire in the latest edition of his book fire a brief history stephen pyne addresses the importance of fire in the 21st century and he contends that our fire crisis is morphing into a fire epic which he calls the piracy i'm happy to welcome back to the day tonight stephen pyne stephen joins me tonight from phoenix arizona steve it's
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good to have you back on the show we've spoken several times the last time i think was last october we were talking about wildfires in california now we're talking about them in september and they're worse than they were last year why are these wildfires getting worse. well there are a number of reasons certainly climate change is a part but it's also land use how we live on the land how we manage our forests landscapes in general on fire is like a driverless car it has no single sort of hands on the wheel it integrates everything around it and different things loom larger it at other times i think what we're seeing now that was an extraordinary outburst i mean california is built to burn it's built to burn explosive believe you have to build into its physical geography but for years running of serial conflagrations and fires of this sort
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happening at this time of the year all of this is. the whole system has been put on some kind of performance and hits are in there faster than worse the more damaging way is there anything that can be done then to reverse this process if that can we take the fires off steroids if you will. well we administered the steroids now we can quit administering and we can start some kind of race. there are a few fairly simple things we can do. likely relatively quickly and that is get a better control over some of the ignition in this case we're talking about lightning some of that that's out of our hands the power lines. gender reveal of ants where you have exploding targets just idiotic stuff like that we can control we can also harden our houses and communities there's a lot of research that points to the the main vulnerability in structures as being
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from swarms of embers coming in and it's pretty well identified what you can do is relatively simple number of things to prevent those from taking out houses then houses taking out other houses those are things we could do within a couple of handful of years the deeper the deeper issue of course is getting getting control over fossil fuels. slowing if not stopping it ultimately reversing . the climate change that is exacerbating so much of this and also coming to some. point of resolution or at least resolve of what to do with our larger landscapes of the countryside public lands how we've been locked in to get another form of political paralysis over how to respond to these things fire
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isn't listening it really doesn't care ok otherwise if it's like a virus story behind it unfortunately we're out of time but the thought with you longer but we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight and come back again stephen pyne thank you. thanks for the invitation but the days almost on the conversation continues online there we will see you tomorrow.
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bring temperatures above the center rush is fast becoming frost you store announced. faster and faster. washing on the promo seats. and how do people on location size up the situation. couple 3 times a. 90 minutes on t.w.
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this is the w. news live from berlin tonight leaders of the opposition in bella ruse are they trying to flee or being forced to leave a drama played out earlier today at a border post between the roots in ukraine but the recent protest leader maria kolesnik was either. trying to leave or resisting her own her whereabouts tonight remain unknown also coming up it. could only have been carried out with the approval of. the order to poison the white scene of olney king street from the top other activists say that poison is just one tactic
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that the kremlin uses against its enemies and sudan declaring a state of emergency because of floods more than $100.00 people have done thousands are homeless and the rising nile river is also threatening the ancient pyramid. it's good to have you with us we start tonight in some dramatic developments in the mystery about what has happened to a leading opposition figure maria kolesnik over kolesnik went missing on monday sparking intense speculation about her whereabouts. released these pictures they say that they detained kolesnik over while she was trying to escape across the border into ukraine now to opposition members who were in the car with the listener
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they've spoken el providing some dramatic new details. are for those details i'm joined now by resnick aman a journalist in the capital minsk she has more on that is good to have you on the program so what did these associates of kolesnik over what did they say what happened. well the. executive secretary and the press secretary they told the story of how they were. forced to go to the crane and they told that my area of where was also forced to go she resisted to go and on the dos and ukrainian border she tore a passport so she couldn't be in another country and just walked away and. now the. 2 men basically just went to the ukraine
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in seoul and. they say she was probably detained and you were looking at pictures now from the breast press conference of those 2 associates of hers when they gave that information today do we have any information about the whereabouts of maria kolesnikov but. this is very complicated the border committee has said they confirmed the detained kolesnikov on the ukrainian border but they deny him to give any further information about her location or reason of detention and about to press secretary of my we are going to think about so they have information that she can be at the. border of divisions near the town was there which is which is close to the ukrainian border we know that a number of opposition activists they have been forced to leave the country or
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they've simply disappeared is this weakening the opposition movement in bel reuss. well you know you need to understand the process not arcanite by kolesnikov or i or anyone else of course the opposition politician they take part in this demonstrations. by the end of clear political leaders so all. the people with the protests will go on a just just just like that is there is there a concern consequence of the consequences of this is there concern that these protests will continue and reach a point where the president. will then ask russia to send in its military. well there is now here's here the demonstrate they protest so they only one foot
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to go so they just. go on the streets and that's all they want ok resnick of joining us tonight the latest from minsk nice to thank you thank you. well now to the case of the russian opposition leader. foreign ministers of the group of 7 leading nations have condemned what they call the confirmed poisoning of the kremlin critic for its part moscow has summoned the german ambassador over statements by the german government about this case on monday in a volley awoke from a medically induced coma here in berlin at the hospital his doctors here say that there is unequivocal evidence that in of all he was poisoned with a form of a soviet era nerve agent the german chancellor has called the poisoning attempted murder. then of all the case it has parallels with that of another russian
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opposition figure he was poisoned 2 years ago he says the use of the nerve agent no veto indicates that of all these poisoning goes all 'd the way to the top he wus moscow correspondent yury has more. he'll offer is fighting for it but 2 years ago the activist was left fighting for his life struck down by a poison his situation was similar to that of alexei navalny but unlike mitt romney there were no signs of the nerve agent novacek. restartable as. my poison wasn't as bad as his i was able to recover more quickly i was already able to speak in the 2nd week of recovery but navi chalk is an extremely strong point and it doesn't make a difference that i want to heart someone or kill them. chocolates perfect for committing murder. it was for me the way it's. like
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novell me seal off was treated the burn in charlotte area hospital. no one could confidently identify the substance that had been given to him his symptoms prompted the doctors to suspect poisoning but with novell new jersey law says there is no doubt. they think the cop was the fact that not because what used clearly points to the russian president up there was that by get this one thing is only secret agents have access to this specific poison. we'll call this operation could only have been carried out with the other group of blood to me up a team. with a rival we're going to put the. other opposition figures have been targeted with less deadly means among them is the independent politician dmitri good cough one year ago he was barred from standing in the moscow city council elections and jailed for 36 days. when he was just another gallium enough an
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independent local politician and a prominent figure in the mass protests in moscow one year ago she still faces charges for participating in demonstrations. that border the life of living in a store. or tyrian country in a dictatorship began when vladimir putin was a lot into office with thousands. of running of human rights aren't part of the equation here freedom and justice don't exist here you can be jailed every time you call for people to join a protest. in the face of intimidation plot of a seal off refuses to story silent since his recovery he has become politically active in moscow again and that despite the fact that he has a young daughter just above me. i want my friends my family and my daughter to live in a wonderful country without putin and his disgusting system there i'm sure we can achieve this goal of this together. until then he also has the loaf won't let his
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duel to go it's a little know it and every morning he's blind and the want to school. has a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world and 2 journalists working for all straw in media in mainland china have left the country and returned to said the chinese police sought to interrogate michael smith of the australian financial review and bill burbles from public broadcaster a.b.c. in connection with a case unrelated to their work the journalistic shelter in australian diplomatic compounds while officials negotiated their return home israel and the united arab emirates are expected to sign an agreement to normalize relations between the 2 countries next week israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will join the u.a.e. as foreign minister abdulla been ziad in washington d.c. next tuesday the u.a.e. will be the 1st gulf state to have diplomatic ties with israel firefighters are
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tackling a 2nd blaze on an oil tanker off the sri lankan coast days after the 1st was extinguished the vessel is carrying nearly $2000000.00 barrels of crude oil officials have warned of potentially massive environmental damage if there is a leak or if the ship explode it's. floods in sudan are continuing to threaten communities and important historical sites as the nile river swells to record levels now authorities are pumping the water out to try to save the ancient ruins in morocco and in europe which are 2 of sudan's most important archaeological sites the flooding has killed more than 100 people and left thousands homeless sudanese authorities have declared a 3 month state of emergency. well for more on the humanitarian situation there i'm joined by john roche in nairobi he oversees the red cross and red crescent efforts in sudan it's good to have you on the program give us an idea john of just how bad
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it is right now and is the worst still to come. yes thank you we've been monitoring this since early june when the forecasts were looking quite bad and i think our worst fears of coming to fruit and there has been heavy rain since july and recently. 16 out of 18 states are no effective i think from pictures that you would show or. you can watch anywhere and there is there is massive water at her and this is impacting people houses are destroyed. infrastructure is destroyed and this will impact on people's livelihoods we're only it's only unfolding as the figures that you that you use. are going to come much much higher and higher information now is being god you have teams out assessing and we think i mean if you have 16 out of baking state this is really
11:12 pm
just to bring to context this is a country in transition i mean just just just that you need to understand what's happening a transitional government with right massive humanitarian needs confronted with an ongoing economic crisis internal conflict and on top of it 1000. our fears are it will get worse because as traditionally would floods not on this scale even on a smaller scale usually when the waters recede then you have possible epidemics such as cholera so so it's really a concern let me ask you these pictures we're seeing a dramatic is it hard to access the people who need help most right now. obviously. now in many of the parts where where where where the water is is different yes it's difficult but we worked through the national body as you said
11:13 pm
we're a membership organization gets national red cross we you know we are one of the biggest largest humanitarian networks in the word as we bring in support from from everywhere but we rely on our 1st responders which are the volunteers of the sudanese red crescent now on the frontlines and you can imagine they're already exhausted they've been working on months already dealing with a cold beach pandemic where they've been out doing risk communication and trying to work with their communities in keeping them safe and just to see to a ship now where they have to evacuate people and on and on and provide shelter. in a very new world that we all live in where we have to provide social decency this is most we're descaling the numbers that we're talking about so. to the numbers are not really not the realistic numbers that we that are being portrayed now we have to get worse john ross we've certainly appreciate your time and updating us on the
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situation in sudan thank you. in athletics caster semenya has lost her latest appeal against rules that seek to control naturally high testosterone levels in female athletes so many. a double olympic champion over 800 meters had taken her case to switzerland supreme court the decision means that she will not be able to defend her olympic title unless she takes to softer on reducing drugs or death let's say that the rules are necessary to ensure a level playing field so menu has to quote continue to fight for the human rights of female athletes. here's a reminder of the top story we're following this hour you know the words a protest leader maria kolesnik over has been detained while attempting to cross into ukraine but ukraine's interior minister says that she was resisting forced deportation list because his whereabouts tonight remain unknown. you're watching
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the w. news of next d.w. business news with stephen beardsley will be right back. culture. hair. superfood stylish style icon. lifestyles.


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