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tv   Deutschland im Kalten Krieg  Deutsche Welle  October 3, 2020 10:00pm-10:46pm CEST

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this is d w news live from brooklyn donald trump personal physician makes an announcement about the president's condition saying donald trump is doing very well the u.s. leader is being treated at a military hospital after testing positive for coke at 19 also coming up germany celebrates 30 years of arena fixation german president from vulgar steinmeyer speaks of the official ceremony calling the past 30 years a triumph of democracy over oppression and he issues a warning against populism and extremism.
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i'm married to evanston and welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has tweeted for the 1st time since he was hospitalized with covert 19 he said he was feeling well and thanked the staff at walter reed medical center his tweet came shortly after the doctor treating president trump gave an upbeat assessment of his patients progress white house physician dr sean conley said trump symptoms were improving but he also warned that the critical phase of a covert $1000.00 infection would come in a few days. as reported yesterday consultation with this group are recommended we bring the president up to walter reed the precautionary measure measure. to provide state of the art monitoring and any care that he may need just 72 hours
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into the diagnosis now the 1st week a coded in a particular days and times of the most critical in determining the likely course of this illness. at this time the team and i are extremely happy with the progress the president has made. there is a he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion fatigue all of which are now resolving the all right for more on all this when joined now by our correspondent in washington stefan themas hello to you stefan so trumps a physician there painting a rather rosy picture of trump's condition but his statement was rather thin on details what did you make of it. yeah right it was thin on details and guess what it actually had holes there is a problem with the statement on 1st sight it looked very very good and everything is hunky dory the president is in good care and there is no problem and there
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hopefully won't be any problem now he says 72 hours into the diagnosis that's a problem he is messing up dr sean carley is messing up the timeline it does not add up when was the president found covert 900 positive and how long was the negative was it 72 hours ago that means that the diagnosis he's been over 1000 positive was on wednesday on thursday still on thursday the president went to new jersey to a donor event and a full kraut no mess no social distancing only on thursday night into friday morning we learned that he is covert 19 positive so something is not right there and this statement i'm sorry leaves more questions still then it gives answers well stefan there are some more contradictions now that there are some other reports we're hearing saying that president trance condition is actually concerning what
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can you tell us about those reports. now you see this is the same this is white house communication and their effort to get information and it is a mess so we have 'd this statement at this press conference from the doctors from the team of doctors take care of the president and then minutes later a source approaching the pool reporters those reporters who are on the site at medical at the walter reed medical center because you cannot put hundreds of other reporters in this in those quarters there they are approached by a source who doesn't want to be named but who has intimate knowledge about where the president is in terms of his health is there and he rings the alarm bells with the statement saying basically that the last 24 hours they were really really concerned that he is definitely not out of the woods and that's why he is at medical rule to read medical center and not as a precautionary measure as the doctors just say bottom line is this white house has
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a trust problem and an information problem meaning it is not transparent nobody believes the white house and as reporters and press here everybody is disappointed about this lack of transparency in this situation to fund do stay with us for just a moment we 1st like to have a look at how news of president trump corona virus infection 1st emerged and the treatment he's been receiving and then we'll talk some more. the 1st glimpse of the u.s. president since he shocked the world with his covert 19 diagnosis. here donald trump is being transferred to a hospital with officials insisting it's only a precautionary measure. the white house said he was fatigued but in good spirits and experiencing mild symptoms. before takeoff the president assured his supporters he was doing ok. i want to thank everybody for the tremendous record.
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you want to read i think i know very very well. maybe you were the. first lady is doing. so we're very much very appreciated. thank you. the white house had been on high alert after news that a top aide was diagnosed with the virus on thursday. politics seen here in the brown coat often travels with president trump now the race is on to trace and test the people who might have come into contact with the president and the potential pool of people is huge several other people close to trump of now tested positive for corona virus and that number could grow even further. form a senior adviser to the president kellyanne conway seen here talking to u.s. attorney general bill barr was at an event at the white house rose garden a week ago she has since tested positive for the virus and so 2 republican senator
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mike lee seen here shaking hands touching and hugging people at the same event. with an election to win trump has been on the road to addressing voters. but he hasn't always want to face mask or followed social distancing god lines. outside of the volta reed hospital trump supporters have been gathering to show their support for the president. but with a month until the election trumps illness has thrown his campaign into uncharted territory. and if donald trump hopes to stay in office he's going to have to beat the coronavirus 1st. and still with us from washington d.c. is the correspondence to fun the most so chef and we saw in that report numerous people in trump's inner circle have now tested positive for covert 19 did his physician say anything about where the president and the others could possibly have
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been infected. you know he stayed away from this because this is of course highly political it's it's problematic it's political and this man is a doctor he's trusted with the care of the president he's not going to go anywhere near saying where this is where the president was impacted or infected by covert 900 for him for his purpose and for what he's doing now it doesn't really matter what it was that's important for us that's important for the american public but it looks like it was this super spread event at the rose garden in the white house they were not only sitting in the there were also a lot of handshaking and hugging and celebrating inside the white house as the president nominated and announce his pick for his supreme court seat and he currently parents want to say one more thing just now and that was referring to the statement of the doctor. a few national outlets here national media and now reporting that a source in the white house is telling now that the president actually received
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oxygen support supplemental oxygen on friday which would again ride throw a wrench into what the doctors say it's what the doctors team of the president said about what how the circumstances where he was going to walter reed hospital so it doesn't seem to be out of the woods at all and it does not all seem to be as the white house is making us believe or those doctors teams was making his belief stephon cmon in washington d.c. many thanks indeed. all right let's turn now to some of the other stories making news around the world the sudanese transitional government has officially ended years of internal conflict by signing a peace agreement with several rebel groups the agreement was signed in neighboring south sudan the deal covers power sharing between the warring groups the return of refugees and land rights at least 15 people have been killed in eastern afghanistan
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after attackers detonated a truck bomb in our province local officials say many more people were wounded and that casualties could rise no group has yet claimed responsibility violence continues in the war torn nation despite ongoing peace talks taking place in qatar . pope francis made his 1st trip outside rome in 7 months on saturday he traveled to the italian town of assisi in the tomb of st francis he signed and psychical a document laying out the pope's views on key issues on for turn of the and social friendship. well germany is marking 30 years of the country's reunification on this 3rd of october germany's national holiday earlier today the country's president from walter steinmeier gave the keynote speech at the official ceremony in the city of potsdam near berlin the event was significantly scaled down
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due to the corona virus pandemic. a landmark date celebrating 30 years since a divided germany became one again the film studios in potsdam just outside berlin provided the stage for the official ceremony a toned down event due to the coronavirus pandemic only 230 guests were present about one 5th of the audience originally planned plans for a big street party had to be abandoned. in his keynote speech german president. said the pandemic couldn't blunt the country's pride in the achievement of reunification he paid tribute to the peaceful revolution in communist east germany that brought down the berlin wall in november 1989 and. 2020 the german federal republic is a country that has been molded by east germans and west germans well rooted family
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in migrants it is a country that draws hope from the victory of the ideas of 989. many were the lessons learned from germany's the vision and reunification steinmeier said including the country's strong belief in international cooperation and approach now often being called into question around the world. we germans are committed to international cooperation even though it has become harder especially since it has become harder and. we want to stand up for a strong and fair international order together with our partners in europe ladies and gentlemen dear guests this too is a lesson in mission we've inherited from our history. a day of remembrance but also of celebration accompanied by performances appealing to the musical tastes of all age groups including the almost 13000000 germans who are 30 years old or younger
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who never experienced a divided germany. a country now united but were economic and sometimes cultural differences still exist recent polls show 2 thirds of germans don't think the process of reunification is complete a task that will be up to younger generations to accomplish in the years to come all right this soccer now where dortmund were a looking to bounce back from their shutout loss to alcs for last week early on saturday and or one took on friday burke and last season's runners up had players they were counting on to help them get back on track. young norwegian scoring machine adding whole bunch netted to goals indorsements 1st home game this season now against fribourg he was hoping to add to that total time and that's exactly what he did and opened the scoring with half an hour ago. gio raina us set
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him up to thread the ball underflow here mother's outstretched leg and into the net . 2 minutes into the 2nd half a corner from raina and m. rage on double door and sleep i've fribourg simply can't be giving john all this space to head home. i pray now then set up call them 20 minutes later to make it 3 nil for dortmund 53 assists on the day for the 17 year old american. lives and turn provider for félix. rounded out the scoring in the game's final minutes with his 1st ever been just league goal i for neil the final score call them got more goals to the delight of fans young and old and get back to winning ways in convincing fashion i'm here watching t
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w news coming to you from berlin don't forget you can always get the latest news and information and our website just go to www dot com my name is marion edelstein i'll be back at the top of the hour with another news update for you for now from me and the entire team thanks for the come. easy to use full of surprises. to lose some seats and get the footsteps also revealed in your. town the fleet street slave. wants but still very much a. challenge to specialists in germany. where
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exactly. i learn a lot of our structure history in. detail travel extremely worth a visit. i. play this week on world stories. reintegrating ex militants in nigeria. election campaigns on reservations in the us. but we begin to beller us despite the risk of being jailed the opposition continues to demonstrate against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko prominent among the protesters are want to play
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along with the march had barely begun when the police started making their 1st arrests over the past weeks bellerose has ramped up its crackdown on protesters but despite it all these women come back each saturday to make sure their voices heard was loved everything was quiet but then suddenly those henchmen showed up and dragged these young women into their what did they ever do. we're not scared for our own safety i'm so worried about our children and grandchildren we want them to live in a normal country without this kind of. you know i knew before you were sitting. arline sophia are outraged and try reasoning with the police. this time they can't get any of the women released. but allah says she and her friend sophia both retired school teachers do command a certain respect with the officers when the 2 women 1st met at a protest against look at. the authoritarian has been bringing the country more and
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more about the recipients were expressing solidarity with these courageous women their bravery has aspired others to overcome their fears and join the opposition. or worse and women are leading the charge against negotiable. was i. was was was i. was was. was was. what they affectionately call the opposition figurehead mahdi a kalashnikov. she resisted forced deportation by tearing up her passport and was then detained by authorities. and opposition leaders are now either behind bars or in exile. tells us that luka has been clinging to power with all his might ever since the rigged election. more and more bella recipients are openly defying look
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at schenkel and his regime to them he's a fraud. and you know what we want we were so humiliated by that whole thing with this secret inauguration they don't seem to feel the need to prove anything to the people any more. goes not taking the threat these women pose more seriously arrests were meant to be a deterrent but they're having the opposite effect. and so fia tell us that they'll be out on the streets of mids flying the flag of the opposition as long as their legs will carry them even if it's just the 2 of them. when. the nigerian government supports the reintegration of former militants for the terrorist group boko haram. some of their victims however aren't happy with the situation. what come to my degree this sign existed long before this city gates negative notoriety for being
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the birthplace of. in the past my degree was known as a major trading up a decade into the hardest insurgency more than 2000000 people have been displaced some of them find refuge in this camp like. he learns how to repair shoes during the 2 years he was with. he learned something else. they wanted us to be part of their insurgency and become people who are willing to attack and kill. we went through a training to be able to kill. and kill. the 45 year old claims. considered him to ought to be a move to iraq yet in the camp he still stigmatised he says he was forced to join the group. when we came to the camp a lot of people accused us of so many things but that doesn't bother us. we just
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want to live in peace. with we 1st tried dozen others to now live in the camp is becoming a hairdresser and claims he repents his actions. those people i've killed whenever i think about it i have sleepless nights may allah forgive me i want. get married go to school i want to be a very good person if. i would you and i are both part of every government funded training program to help reintegrate militants that sounds like mockery to the victims here who fled their homes lost their relatives and face an uncertain future. she may have to manually tonight i don't know how my life and that of my children will look. why design it's better to train our children than them so many people here agree on this if they trained our children
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it would have more impact we're angry that. victims and former militants living side by side preparing to gather for a entrance into society once theory speeds that's the goal but outside of the camp life is anything but stable. in the wake of new attacks it is difficult to convince people here to reintegrate forming sutures. so just how fair is it to rehabilitate these people without doing the same for their victims for. the answer seems simple . it is absolutely unfair. to get them it also encourages dog who have never joined the insurgency to also i tempted because they are given my danger that they're victims he says rehabilitation why violence is still ongoing is counterproductive but as other
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observers put it amnesty to acts militants though a bitter pill to swallow may be the only way to achieve peace once the war on terror is over. almost $5000000.00 native americans in the u.s. are voting age but only a fraction exercise that right now activists are canvassing on reservations for each and every vote. this is the heart of the south dakota badlands were approaching the border of pine ridge reservation home to around $18000.00 members of the oglala lakota tribe we drive for nearly an hour across prairie land before reaching a town we want to know wife. people living here are less likely to vote than other and there. they feel like it's not a voice will be heard to. have a scare to be around
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a lot of people. a lot of people we live in 3rd world conditions majority of our people don't even own vehicles so how are they supposed to get to a polling place when they live 10 miles out in the country off the reservation in rapid city we meet with chante heart and kellan returns from scout they're organizing voter registration booths on multiple reservations in south dakota they want to show fellow native people that all they need is a social security number to cast their ballot even though that's not clear on the registration then. we make decision 7 generations ahead of time and so i'm thinking about my great grandchildren and hald life is going to be for them and right now i think the best thing we can do is. just how i was raised their project is funded by a democratic party donor and while callinan chante aren't campaigning for the party
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they're sure most lakota voters are against donald trump. he's stoking the flames of racism all the things that i think will work so hard to build relationships across all. and he's reversed that the state is soaked in the history of stolen land broken contracts and withheld payments to say nothing of those who paid with their lives. at the crazy horse memorial museum chante performs a traditional dance making an effort to connect with visitors. despite generations of betrayal she hasn't given up on dialogue. on december 31st to press the transition period will have to. at borough market in south london many small business owners are feeling anxious about the future.
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whether shops at barrow market in south london is looking for the best quality tasty treats from across europe 2. dominic court sell scouted cheese from the netherlands. dairy cooperatives in france deliver conti and mopey and the some of us fetid cheese from the greek island of lesbos but briggs' it poses a threat to its little cheese paradise. the massive world the i me and has been very soon stay referendum and already we're on our 3rd stockpiling plan. to make sure we've got enough stock in at the prices that we're currently paying and we don't have to incur any higher prices that might be introduced by high tariffs. court shows us his story and he's worried that the already price of cheese he sells will be slapped with high tariffs that's assuming it can even be
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delivered undamaged with new border checks goods could be held up for days. the transport is just 6 is going to be that much more complicated it's going to be expensive because it will be extra paperwork involved. and i can only imagine it's not going to be as free flowing as it is currently food experts warn that the supply chains of fresh products could be disrupted britain imports roughly 80 percent of its fruit alone merchants also have another worry if there is no trade deal with brussels the u.s. might fill the gap food products could even become cheaper but what about quality american health and environmental standards are lower for example when it comes to meat. i think the real worry is that if we get these influx of much cheaper food being imported the actually supermarkets will opt to stop say 'd chain restaurants they have to stop face and so outrageous here who only supply the best face
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a fat price means that the disparity between consumers off it is going to be much wider than it already is cheese merchant dominic court has had lots of discussions about bret's it including with max taco the fishmonger all believe england. always call me old fashion a shiny. because we won. a lawyer and you know our days over countries that you would have us over in your court is preparing himself in his own way a friend of his next at a pinch maybe he'll end up selling this kind of cheese. what
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does mean after 3 decades of a unified germany. 5 are. to this question. mark 20. next d. w. . africa. are symbols of luck. or a crown cranes bring good fortune to the environment to. get in kenya their numbers are sinking dramatically. now volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck charms. for. 60. dollars. what secrets lie behind.
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discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage $360.00 to get the maps now. i much is home is land sky high it's also an inner landscape a lot of traffic that feeling somewhat contained to the idea of home. have kind of like a home can be something quite wonderful it can be custom dialects idiosyncracies.
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what is home and what makes a home home germany's been reunified for 30 years we mark the anniversary by exploring the german concept of heimat home. norcross has lived in the us for almost 20 years she's an illustrator and writer and a professor at a new york art school. we met in berlin at the plate since the memorial center for victims of the nazis. to her to be german has always been to feel a sense of guilt and awareness of things and sit in the future like many germans and i grew up knowing that members of my family had been soldiers but you weren't allowed to mourn to acknowledge loss it was only when i read letters written by the
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brother of my paternal grandfather which were very emotional and i have to say that she wasn't a supporter of nazi ideology. that i allowed these feelings to come out for the 1st time ever else mobile home. belonging a german reckons with history and has been translated into numerous languages and won a number of awards in it she unearths a story of her grandfather and an uncle who was only a teenager when he died in the war. isn't interested in concepts of guilt victims and perpetrators but in the masses who didn't rise up against the knots. regime and thereby in able to its crimes the fellow travelers. firstly because they were in a majority and secondly because it's such a vague term there were some fellow travelers who helped jewish people and save their lives but then there were others who committed horrendous atrocities and in
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a way they're the ones who make us most uncomfortable because they're the ones we most identify with. nora kruger takes over readers on a journey into her family's past starting with her own experience of facing hostility as a juman. and the shame she felt the 1st time she met a holocaust survivor in new york she put on an accent to cover up her german. and the growing she felt to investigate her own family's role in the war. whenever she visited germany she would troll through flea markets on the hunt for clues to the past photographs postcards documents anything that gave her insight into the nazi era and help to understand what it means to be chairman today. it's been i grew up with german culture and i was raised in germany i grew up
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speaking german and of course that gave me a very deeply rooted understanding of what home. even though i live in the u.s. and these days i'm more at home there than i am in germany when i visit germany i would never refer to the u.s. as home. america even though it's where most of my friends are. because to me home is closely tied to my childhood home of. the place that defined you at an early age on the money. to me that's an important part of the concept of home tired of homework because it's. not talked to her family and collected everything she could find. and from letters to school exercise book that once belonged to her uncle to her horror one of his essays was titled the jew as a poisonous mushroom testaments to the nazis racist ideology and how it infiltrated the classroom. she collected everything she found in a sort of scrap book juxtaposing the stories she heard and the documents she found
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with her own illustrations inspired by family lore such as the moment her father's family was informed of the death of the firstborn son franz carl was 18 when he was shot in italy describes a conversation with her father's cousin how memories came pouring out of her like ice melting. home as she discovered is not necessarily something positive it's a concept in extra to be tied up with the responsibility that we all have as inheritors of our country's pasts. there because. the term. home changes as society changes and in the course of time everybody should be able to decide for themselves what it means. that was the reason why the book was called heimat in germany before it's a loving attempt to reach out to germany but at the same time it's
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a commitment to keep examining the past and commitments also. says nora croke means carrying the burden of history but it's also a longing for songs landscapes the bits and pieces of a life it's both terrifying and wonderful. they're still warner original section of the girl and while remaining knew it personally from the days of screaming border guard i was 18 at the time and had pledged an oath to defend my communist homeland. but after a few months i refused to perform armed service was demoted and experienced the fall of the wall locked up in the barracks i hated to walk yet i also hated the frenzy that followed being shoved from one contrived homeland to another being essentially the next was something i considered wrong and dangerous and jet even
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after 30 years a very unified germany i'm thrilled that a piece of the wall is still standing. a friend of mine urban archaeologist stoppel concer often to tell terse about it. as from mine says there's some bible sense that this is a bit of a special place i think that's true though it has a kind of aura folks come here and feel like they're intruding on something and just like now they ask where can i see the wall and i tell them this is the real war and they're like ah ok people are always seeking authenticity and then comes where is based in where is west because no one can really notice or imagine that anymore and the kind of as a man one question. is what is it about the wall that interests. of this interest i'm interested in urban history. and in everything that also has an impact on society and there's nothing more blatant than a physical barrier that divides
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a society. these days people no longer talk about reunification healing the scars of the vision it didn't take long for disillusionment to set in former east germans were to take part in the free market but not have a shared just 5 percent of east germany state on property sold off by the tri hand agency went to east germans at the same time east germany was officially branded as an illegitimate state a dictatorship robbing people of the former home. being robbed of your. land is such a loaded concept. that you know i see it more as an egg ation of your experiences your memories of your past. that deprives you of your existential need to find your place in the world maybe that
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something connected with homeland being robbed of your very existence. with parents but. then 16 years later germany was awash in flux in the east and west north and south the world cup truly united the country which was caught up in football fever. yeah that was cool really ok yeah 2000 and see if you will have germany flags of their cars. yeah i went to university with a germany flag painted on my face but then i also went there sporting the turkish flag value and my professor from the xylo and came to me so even with anger you can't be for germany one day in turkey the next you have to choose one thing you can't be for one sometimes and then for the other and when i said sure you can he got all huffy and that's what i mean with love for your homeland it's possible and it's enriching it's not a burden to love more than one homeland and it's not just about nationality it's
10:40 pm
also about specific things. the. flags have never made me feel patriotic to me homeland has more to do with the landscape in which i find peace the aroma of pumpkin soup cooking and fire pits of the yard the sound of folk songs the many things i love about my home none are political why germany needs a home ministry remains unclear to me this is how my homeland ministry isn't a nice way of uniting us so i mean and this unity thing german unity i think this word has to go i mean. does the. most basic. why do we how do. it's not single entity i'd rather we have affectionate german affection. perhaps the wall is a good projection screen for that a symbol of the possibility for change the way of encouraging people to define themselves what they call home or smacked him or not but i still like the war like
10:41 pm
the walter mears for me it's a symbol of something positive. yes namely that nothing stays the way you think it will be nothing lasts forever and fundamental skepticism over everything is always judicious. that's a super statement really yeah. disrespect the wall is a real piece of home to me taught me to doubt things but to overcome them including contrived ideas about my homeland. at the n.s.c. trial in munich in 2018 to be out of shape was convicted for her involvement in 10 murders for over 5 years the terror group known as the national socialist underground went on a murder spree targeting immigrants older men children had lived in germany fields yet their new home betrayed them. the trial is
10:42 pm
a central theme in his life and work. writer and director one who researches germany's dark side for years callus has been studying the n.s.u. and waiting his way through thousands of pages of trial transcripts with terrifying results. we suspect that there's an assertion of complex didn't dissolve but instead of migrated and our security apparatus. was in the lookout for hidden fire rights networks. in 2014 callus wrote a play called deal for the gap about the energy bomb attacks on court strikes in cologne it started actors and local residents of turkish origin for a long time the police suspected them of being behind the bombing the victims were treated like perpetrators that's a thing in the play alice also shows that the murders exacted yet another victim
10:43 pm
germany's open and largely tolerant society. callus knows that he or his own father could have been targeted by the ennis you so he holds up a mirror to his home born in germany callouses the. of an armenian father and a jewish mother who both immigrated to germany from turkey callus himself is a german citizen and yet. it is often certainly a quest but in exploration of the question i've asked myself what does this word high might hold really mean to me what parts of brought me here. i mean land of the father's but the wrong place for countless. issue to the us from on this father's day. i sit in my father's ashes down the hill of this toy when the blows them on to the shrubs the bushes once the ashes settle all around
10:44 pm
their enlisting i was of the rocks which surround me my father asked could hold out but i do not believe what you need to hear. not in armenia. but in bielefeld this is where he belongs where carlos was born worked as a bouncer and almost ended up in the wrong crowd but he wrote about his experience is autobiographical novel was angry and fierce and helped him liberate him self from his family from his roots in the reason. of his a suit. and shyness is not. for a lot of them were saw it as a burden. a rucksack and struggle to carry as a young person to apply right over this novel i wanted to rid myself of.
10:45 pm
callous studies writes plays and directs in berlin stuttgart cologne dresden challenging stereotypes and defying expectations in his work he takes a keen critical look at german culture and society because she regularly receives hate mails and death threats sometimes his premieres take place under police protection he keeps fighting for precisely this reason. because the cost is now driving forces the fact that what surrounds me is wrong. are still up against strong antagonists when i 1st stop working no i leave room for them in. the bad service i see myself as a soldier in a battle you know them coming from. a battle with the right wing.


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