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tv   Die Zwei-plus- Vier- Verhandlungen  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 3:45am-4:31am CEST

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if occasion unfamiliarity of germans would agree. here beside me you can see a weigh in on berlin and he was born and became famous here the pedestrian traffic light might infect the east german 150 years ago the 1st east german traffic live man where in stealth in west berlin and the old ones removed they were among the few things from the former east germany to live on in our everyday lives and nowadays you can see that on pedestrian trussing throughout the city. is a little chubby. as a pole this knows and always wears a hat the traffic light from the former east germany known as the complementary. he's a bit of a cute childlike figure it is also a grown man with a hat who acts very responsibly when crossing the street as well as work for
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a day and night. i think it's the combination that makes him so popular the standing man is also something balanced and calm about it and a clear design which clearer than other traffic light not. 30 years after reunification the on to mention is celebrated as an east german success story. the traffic light men were 1st introduced in east berlin in 1900. traffic psychologist carl piccolo wanted to design a pedestrian signal that caught people's attention. difficult to appeal to children and older people when using abstract pictograms. so i simply tried to translate their clarity into personified symbols. lifelike and likable in the 1st designs the figure even had fingers on a mouse and karl big losses wife helped when it came to the half. of the opera
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mentioned became recognizable symbols which in the 1980 s. were used to teach children about road safety on east german t.v. . and a friend who can help. after reunification in 1900. step by step the west german pictogram gradually began to replace the east german complementary. designer. had just moved to the newly reunified berlin and witnessed the i'm to mention being replaced. after reunification i spent a lot of time walking around the former east berlin i was actually standing here at this intersection when they were changing the lights over there. and i thought i'd ask the workers there if i could have the old glass lens. figured i'd be able to make something with them gradually i had the idea of turning them into lights. because i may have saved the opposition from extinction because lights caught people's attention in the former east people mourn the loss of their man. along
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with inventor called a pig law because some successfully fought to keep the. 1970 often mentioned were recognised in the road traffic regulations. 20051 of the 1st east german traffic like many west berlin was installed in the famous quarters for. 30 years after german reunification the little matter more than just traffic suggests that this was on there's something special about them they don't look standardized they look as if there's something particular to the capital and if they're very friendly and project a nice image of our city you don't have them in other cities. and it creates a nice atmosphere we need to steam i'm afraid it brings bill culture and history to a place i shouldn't forget his gold tradition. the green walking round and the red standing fans are now world famous and popular souvenirs for tourists.
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internets and among our international customers is the japanese who like the op mentioned most they love little figures and fungus the up and mention are a bit like that and they're crazy about that in japan the east german op ed mentioned are quite well known. traffic like men as a brand ambassadors inspired other cities 2 years ago back in hessen installed an elvis pedestrian like the american singer was one station tears a soldier. and karl marx's life now shines brightness birthplace. some european cities now have traffic lights women. and same sex trafficked like couples. sometimes the shouldn't wonder is a subtle way of spreading a message before no one really. traffic like that look like. just that they were green or red and resemble a man but no one paid any attention to the design of it now because the east german opera mention of become so famous the awareness for traffic like men has changed
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worldwide on. most international pedestrian circles still feature simplistic pictograms. but maybe other countries will eventually follow these mentally. the sound of new united burning was hot and electric in the air also saw the birth of techno the clumps emerged overnight in disused industrial holds an abandoned spaces such as the bull go where i'm standing now on the former border between east and west berlin today it is the museum of art collectors cabinet. but shortly after you need to see the former air raid shelter was the center of the techno scene d.j. an alien from west berlin used to play here and experience firsthand how the city became a huge magnet for techno fans. now an alien is a techno icon and star d.j. and head of a record label born in west berlin german reunification was
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a defining moment in her life. for me reunification was like an explosion. i got to experience what i'd always longed full up the wall was gone and i could communicate and live with the people on the other side. of your lives. really and has performed all over from new york to hong kong for close to 3 decades she's been a berlin techno ambassador. as a teenager she was into hip hop but in the early ninety's she discovered techno. i like techno because it reminded me of berlin of how the wall fell and i walked around hearing the noise of the streets for me the sound of the city was taken up to. after the wall fell rivers took over empty buildings near the former border in clubs like resorts young people from the east and west celebrated techno as the new
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sound of freedom turns they were open in 1009 $101.00 and launched the careers of deejays like paul fein diet from the former east germany. ellen alien soon began spinning records here too and other top clubs being a d.j. wasn't enough so she hosted a radio show in berlin and founded a music label i was right down trying to delegate the work i have my graphic artist and my booking agency i have someone helping take care of my label i delegate stuff to friends and people i can rely on. today berlin is a cosmopolitan city but while it was divided even found the atmosphere oppressive that changed when the wall fell in 1989 and germany reunified a year later. the fact we had to hit what's not impressed me very much emotionally was finding out how different east and west but then this were. you
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know and also to live through the phase where we became one. and there have been for years clubs like back time and watergate have cemented berlin's reputation as a. techno capital but when the coronavirus pandemic struck last march the party was suddenly over. it was a nightmare for d.j.'s like alien who make their living travelling around the world and bringing people together to dance this summer she spent a lot of time travelling on berlin waterways trying to process the new normal. like this it was awful it was absolutely horrible because i was ready to go on to a full tour. so it was a big shock i must admit that i cried a lot. of good bye and. but instead of sinking into depression she took action in june she released her 9th studio album an hour and began streaming live d.j.
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sets like here from berlin t.v. tower. the lens techno scene isn't giving up either it's returning to its improvised roots after german reunification and like then finding empty buildings the club reveres and almost has opened on the grounds of a former brewery covers wear masks and socially distance cameras are not permitted when i've had a look so i told the festival opening up a club in the corona era in 2020 is very brave of doll that the owner here. it gives us a huge energy. and gives us something to show off to the world in berlin a club is opening up in 2020. 5 homes like this either. and of course ellen alien is performing here as well.
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but you don't have to go to a club to experience something new and exciting in the in the streets and buildings of the city common life during the ballet lights festival famous length box like the brand new book the gates are based in colorful lights and this was a year mix program dedicated to german unity and with these fantastic pictures from berlin it is time for me to say goodbye if you want to see mall and visit our social media channels our check out our website there you will also find all the details on our current views drop until we meet again goodbye stay safe and thanks for watching.
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good. good. good good. good. good.
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did the armstrong really walk on the moon. isn't the earth really flat hafter all good does the government just plain stupid reason or some. conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the internet or in the conspiracy theories can provide comfort in times like reality create another. democracy of the gullible. the byzantine and so on w. .
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every 2 seconds a person does forced to flee their homes nearly 71000000 people have been forcibly displaced and the consequences come into sastra so our documentary series displaced depicts traumatic humanitarian crises around the world you know. what get them we don't get i didn't go to university to kill people. or to have my boss come to me and tell me to kill someone and he got mad if i don't they'll kill me. people feel for their lives and their future so they seek refuge abroad but what will become of those who stay behind and it's a way our. my husband went to peru because of the crisis that number one today if he hadn't gone there we would have died of hunger anonymous. displaced
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starts october 16th to. the morgue 5 keys to say for food. keep clean to prevent contamination. draw and cook foods to avoid cross contamination. cook 32 kill microorganisms. keep food safe temperatures of the cold to prevent bacterial growth. use safe water and safe raw materials to avoid content.
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producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and the whole pipeline the 5 key is to say for food use them but you also have a role to play. this is day doubly need some things are on top stories. donald trump's personal doctor sean conley says the u.s. president is doing well following his diagnosis with coverage 19 other members of the team treating trump described the care he's receiving as state of the art treatment with him disappear at walter reed medical center is set to continue for another 5 days. germany has held an official ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of its reunification president frank. addressed the event in
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part stop the above in he described the past 30 years as a triumph of democracy of a person he also warned against populism and extremism. sudan's transitional government and rebel groups have signed the landmark peace deal and decades of war that has killed thousands you frame it was signed in neighboring south sudan called couples power sharing between the warring groups the return of refugees and land rights. this is d.w. news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram at the deadly news or visit our website that's d.w. dot com.
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this week on world story use. reintegrating ex militants in nigeria. election campaigns on reservations in the u.s. . but we begin in belarus despite the risk of being jailed the opposition continues to demonstrate against authoritarian leader alexander lukashenko prominent among the protesters or one of. the elements march had barely begun when the police started making their 1st arrests over the past weeks bellerose has ramped up its crackdown on protesters but despite all these women come back each saturday to make sure their voices heard it was like everything was quiet then suddenly those henchmen showed up and dragged these young women into their bastards what did they ever do to that we're not scared for our own safety i'm so worried about our children and grandchildren we want them to live in
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a normal country without this kind of. minute but what would set them on one of. our lines sophia are outraged and tried reasoning with the police. this time they can't get any of the women released. alice says she and her friend sophie are both retired school teachers do command a certain respect with the officers like the 2 women 1st met at a protest against look at shinnecock. the authoritarian has been bringing the country home more and more about the recipients who are expressing solidarity with these courageous women their bravery has aspired others to overcome their fears and join the opposition. or we're seeing women are leading the charge against luka shrinker. it was because it was. just i. guess it was.
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mush as what they affectionately call the opposition figurehead mahdi a kalashnikov. she resisted forced deportation by tearing up her passport and was then detained by authorities. in opposition leaders are now either behind bars or in exile. tells us that clinging to power with always might ever since the rigged election. mean more and more bella ruffians are openly defying look at schenkel and his regime to them he's a fraud was what we were so humiliated by that whole thing with this secret inauguration they don't seem to feel the need to prove anything to the people anymore. is now taking the threat these women pose more seriously arrests were meant to be a deterrent but they're having the opposite effect. and sophia tell us that they'll be out on the streets of mids flying the flag of the opposition as long as their
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legs will carry them even if it's just the 2 of them. week long. the nigerian government supports the reintegration of former militants for the terrorist group boko haram. some of their victims however aren't happy with the situation. what come to my degree this sign existed long before the city gates negative notoriety for being the birthplace of. in the past my degree was known as a major trading up a decade into the hardest insurgency more than 2000000 people have been displaced some of them find refuge in this camp like. he learns how to repair shoes during the 2 years he was with. he learned something else. they wanted us to be part of their insurgency and become people who are willing to
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attack and kill. we went through a training to be able. to kill and kill. the 45 year old claims. considered him all to be a move to iraq yet in the camp he still stigmatised he says he was forced to join the group. when we came to the camp a lot of people accused us of so many things but that doesn't bother us. we just want to live in peace that if we did the one. with we here refers to a dozen others who now live in the camp is becoming a hairdresser and claims he repents his actions. those people live killed whenever i think about it i have sleepless nights may allah forgive me i want to get married go to school i want to be a very good person. i will do and are both
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a government funded training program to help reintegrate militants that sounds like mockery to the victims here who fled their homes lost their relatives and face an uncertain future. she wanted to 9 you know to 90 i don't know how my life and that of my children will look. why does that it's better to train our children than them so many people here agree on this if they trained our children it would have more impact or angry that. victims and former militants living side by side preparing to gather for a entrance into society wants to respond that's the goal but outside of the camp life is anything but stable. in the wake of new attacks it is difficult to convince people here to reintegrate forming. suggest how fair is it to rehabilitate these
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people without doing the same for their victims for. the answer seems simple. it is absolutely unfair. to the victims it also encourages dogs who have never joined the insurgency towards i tempted because they are even more attention that their real victims he says rehabilitation why violence is still ongoing it's counterproductive but as other observers put it amnesty to acts militants though a bitter pill to swallow may be the only way to achieve peace once the war on terror is over. almost $5000000.00 native americans in the u.s. are voting age but only a fraction exercise that right now activists are canvassing on reservations for each and every vote.
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this is the heart of the south dakota badlands we're approaching the border of pine ridge reservation home to around 18000 members of the oglala lakota tribe. we drive for nearly an hour across the prairie land before reaching a town we want to know why people living here are less likely to vote than other and there. they feel like it's not in korean and they voice will be heard to. have it too scared to be around a lot of people. that want to be around a lot of people we live in 3rd world conditions majority of our people don't even own vehicles so how are they supposed to get to a polling place when they live 10 miles out in a country off the reservation in rapid city we meet with chante heart and kellen returns from scout they're organizing voter registration booths on multiple reservations in south dakota they want to show fellow native people that all they
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need is a social security number to cast their ballot even though that's not clear on the registration of calls then that person we make decision 7 generations ahead of time and so i'm thinking about my great grandchildren and hald life is going to be for them and right now i think the best thing we can do is vote and use our voices and that's just how i was raised their project is funded by a democratic party donor and while callinan chante aren't campaigning for the party they're sure most lakota voters are against donald trump. he's stoking the flames of racism all the things that i think we work so hard to build relationships across all walks of life and he's reversed that the state is soaked in the history of stolen land broken contracts and withheld payments to say nothing of those who paid with their lives. at the crazy horse memorial museum chante performs
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a traditional dance making an effort to connect with visitors. despite generations of betrayal she hasn't given up on dialogue. on december 31st the press a transition period will happen. at borough market in south london many small business owners are feeling anxious about the future. whether shops at barrow market in south london is looking for the best quality tasty treats from across europe 2. dominic court sells scouted she's from the netherlands dairy cooperatives in france deliver conti and more p. and the some of this fetid cheese from the greek island of lesbos but briggs it poses a threat to this little cheese paradise. the massive world the i me
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and has been very since the referendum and already we're on our 3rd stockpiling plan. to make sure we've got enough stock and at the prices that we're currently paying and we don't have to incur any higher prices that might be introduced by high tariffs. court shows us his story and he's worried that the already price of cheese he sells will be slapped with high tariffs that's assuming it can even be delivered undamaged with new border checks goods could be held up for days. the transporter just 6 is going to be that much more complicated it's going to be expensive does it could be actual paperwork involved. and i can only imagine it's not going to be as free flowing as it is currently food experts warn that the supply chains of fresh products could be disrupted britain imports roughly 80 percent of its fruit to learn much and also have another worry if there is no trade
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deal with brussels the u.s. might fill the gap food products could even become cheaper but what about quality american health and environmental standards are lower for example when it comes to meet. i think the real worry is that if we get these influx of much cheaper food being imported is that actually supermarkets will opt to stop the chain restaurants they have to stop face and so outrageous head who only supply the best face a fair price means that the disparity between what consumers are offered is going to be much wider than it already is she's much and many court has had lots of discussions about bret's it including with max tucker the fishmonger i believe england will always be on. always call me old fashioned the shiny. because we won world wars joining little island you know these other countries that you would have us over in your court is preparing himself in his own way
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a friend of his next at a pinch maybe he'll end up selling this kind of cheese. we know that this is a scary time for the coronavirus is changing the world changing our lives so please take care of yourself keep your distance wash your hands if you can stay at how we do w. here for you we are working tirelessly to keep you informed on all of our platforms we are all in this to get on together to make it. stay safe everybody.
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stay safe stay safe please stay safe. this is some milk story a stubborn rice farmer from thailand. his full bloom past. his credo no chemical. industry can. step. to. summon the strength. to stand on the best. training successful. starts october 15th w. . the
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following is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy do not adjust your computer telephone tablet or. television we will be controlling all that you seen and hear and maybe even what you think so sit back relax and enjoy the world of cognitive sciences. in less than 20 years the internet revolution has had a deep impact on human behavior of an all other media so that today it even affects the way we think. imagined and invented stories and even outright lies have become prominent in our media landscape how could this be. what underpins their popularity. why is it that we've come to down to expert
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testimony. could it be that our brains are predisposed towards compelling nonsense. when the world wide web was invented in the 1990 s. it was imagined as a democratic space that would provide everyone direct access to all of human knowledge yet today it seems knowledge is being eclipsed by conviction and we are all at risk of being dragged down into a democracy of the gullible. skee supporter usual greece achilles affair is now a competition between information providers from professional journalists to anyone with a facebook or twitter profile to capture our finite attention that would just put out the job it would i never look at twitter and never comment on anything on twitter on facebook if you keep hearing on t.v. about something going viral so well you know that when was the last time a you to
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a comic change someone's opinion could go. on the internet has profoundly changed how we communicate as well as the roles of disseminating information. the value of truth and fact. has been diminished online opinions are ranked according to engagement so that a much liked facebook post commit more prominent than an encyclopedia entry. it if you don't like the popular content is a problem because that determines whether it can reach and attempt to convince me is going to become more important is it to be to do the likelihood of capturing people's attention is increased if you shape your content to follow the direction of the brain's natural bias sees elf. the internet today is full of manipulation beliefs and superstitions. and the key culprit is not google facebook or even the illuminati but our very own brains. our mind sometimes lead us away from
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objective reality they allow a number of shortcuts deviations from russia analyse that service entry points to so-called cognitive biases. these biases act on the way we think of it like how an optical illusion fools they are but recognizing our little intellectual lapses is difficult for us as it would be for a person who was born blind to understand an optical illusion. take this checkerboard box as a and b. are exactly the same shade of gray but even when the illusion is revealed we continue to feel there is some kind of trick. we can see just how powerful these effects are and magic magicians are masters of manipulating cognitive biases. set so low that if we removed all biases it would be very difficult to make magic
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come to life that it probably wouldn't be perceived as magic but as special effects the true emotion we feel the sense of wonder we have watching magic i'm not sure there would be any of that left without our inherent bias is that. magician luke lashkar creator allusions that seem to defy the laws of physics. he does so also by exploiting our natural inclination to believe. also so i think over time the human brain created certain shortcuts that enable us to be more efficient but which also lead to errors of perception. cognitive biases may make us more efficient in everyday life but they explode online. here our natural weaknesses are exploited. and his book the democracy of the gullible drop of
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a well known sociologist from the paris de gaulle university has dissected the various biases in our brains that influence our judgment on the internet starting with doubt. a downside is fundamental especially in democracies people have a fundamental right to doubt things from official communications to scientific proposals but as a fellow painfully learned the seeds of doubt can be easily planted sometimes just for the sake of doing so. gives the right to doubt is not accompanied by jus diligence it's a real threat to democracy a good reason on the internet doubt is amplified by countless untrustworthy sources and although there are tools to check the truth of posts few people make that effort. by example for example you don't a priori believe that a man never walked on the moon. just
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because the deity probably saw it on t.v. and so forth but by utilizing doubts we can tell you a story that will lead you step by step to a conclusion that seemed completely unlikely at 1st. the belief that neil armstrong never set foot on the moon is untenable the u.s.s.r. would have been delighted to denounce even the slightest deception it was easy for them to aim their antennas towards the moon to confirm or refute the transmission. and for those who say a satellite could have broadcast the images from space remember that in 1909 a 100 megabyte disk weighed a ton and the saturn 5 rocket may have been able to transport the d.v.d. into space it would have had no room left for
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a player to play it on. board affairs. in 20092012 evidence from indian chinese and american probes put an end to the room as she will need to do to do if you were to doubt everything you couldn't live view for example you'd say i know i'll burn my hand if i put it close to a fire because i've already done that but what about my fruit my head i haven't tried those yet let that job i see. how cognitive biases and our emotions influence reasoning is a subject of great interest to is about that she's a professor at the university after beck a tough yeah. they didn't care how many doubt allows us to reassess our beliefs but at the same time we don't abandon everything because of one example that contradicts what we believe. or we have a tendency to characterize and categorize things are actually in the moon oil spill off a tree near us. we have an innate predisposition to attend to human faces
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this is crucial for recognizing people. but the same bias can lead us to question facts and believe in the presence of for example an ancient civilization on mars. and that's our boys and mash our brain is a sense made on machine so it isn't surprising that we have difficulty accepting coincidence as an explanation yet when we see you know why shaped cloud in the sky of course there's no unicorn there but our brains superimposes that impression. and we see those types of cognitive processes often if at any point you saw them all and. if we asked a person whether they would use the numbers 12345618 lot or a ticket fit most would say no because they'd feel they wouldn't win on the on this side of what i think is best yeah it's all the guy. we constantly encounter content
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that exploits have difficulties and understanding statistics and probabilities are dismissal of coincidence as explanation influences our preferences and the torrent of information. but a little mushy love the deregulation of the information market in china some of our minds natural slopes by for example if you have one chance in a 1000 of hitting the bull's eye with a dart it's only extraordinary if you hit it if you haven't tried a 1000 times. the need for the manipulation is to ignore the sample sizes amid the 999 tries that failed film the one that succeeded and say he's incredibly talented isn't here quietly more doing this. so these days we are ceaseless lee alerted to very low risks and that has turned us into a society of hypochondriacs something that may have been useful in the past but is
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now cumbersome. for example we have retained our craving for sugar despite the consequences this has for our bodies such biases and heritage from our ancestors and not defects per se on not all want that long ago certain bias seas were arguably extremely useful let's say you lived in a hostile environment if you heard a rustling in the bushes it would be better to overestimate the risk and run because if you don't you might not be around long enough to tell the tale and pass on your genetic code. but in the jungle of the internet overestimating the rest can lead to troubling results. so conspiracists often think that when 2 events occur at the same time it's not a coincidence. there's a correlation is not the same as causation but if things are related people see causality. each on her studied physics before specializing in the history of
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science he's particularly interested in the evolution of critical thinking. it's going for. the it once something is on law and destroying it is like killing 8 hours of head snack if you it's an infinite terrace there's a law that says if it takes this much energy to create credit it'll take $100.00 times more to destroy it legally. a lot this law was formulated by a better bet and an italian program in 2013. a lot of legislation. which called for god. shit sprayed the list with next year got a bill to about that. i studied. bundling formulated this principle after observing italy's former prime minister silvio berlusconi lie on television without anyone being able to set the record straight. not now but i think they
4:28 am
might say. that. this principle is used and abused by scammers conspiracists and a growing number of politicians. to a mockery on a market where we say everyone has a right to speak which is good and everyone speaks the truth which is another thing our minds including mine will be tempted to accept that which resembles truth even if it contradicts the actual truth. we have a mental tendency to accept the latest conspiracy theory wave after wave ag 70. so we might begin by being wary of palm oil rightly or wrongly hopeful that brings us to another science research is about something entirely different israel's role in the terrorist attacks for example this aggregates into a multi-layered construct which is intimidating even for those who do not believe it and. when this early to thousands we still hopes that
4:29 am
the internet would spread massive amounts of knowledge but that hasn't happened at all. sitting boarded in a funny type of democracy it's what i call the democracy of the gullible yes it's true the internet is democratizing because it gives everyone access to public space but while some voter 1000 times others never voted at all and often those who vote most carry the strongest and most radical convictions and beliefs vic's you do quite your swaddle had to go on at the last cycle where you generally associate with those who think like our cities and view those who don't as fools young someone things like us often we tend to believe they're intelligent they're someone it would be nice to have coffee with them or yeah this is exactly what's happening on the internet except much worse. as opinions are polarized into opposing camps diversity of viewpoints and new answers disappear. small
4:30 am
highly motivated groups often attract so many clicks that depositions appear to be much more representative than they really are. there is a tyranny of minorities who are louder than others unfortunately tyrannies know how to exploit the apathy of good reasonable people. today it's astonishing how conspiracy theories use highly technical arguments in a wide variety of fields 'd. said it was only a committee design you accumulate arguments that have nothing to do with each other and which are all quite weak but bundled together the unprepared mind thinks they can't all be false since he loves why conspiracy theories or the anti vaccine movement have such persuasive power that it's not that people believe each and every argument but there are so many of them accounts as. yet they're not.


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