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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 4, 2020 7:15am-7:45am CEST

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website that any time that's to be found that day w dot com i'm at me how would. that be someone else here in the chair at 45 minutes time until then statement. happiness feelings for everyone schuman penises are very different from primates phoenix 3 has a totally ridiculous romanticized view of nature and their theory that this is climate change phrases sex how females in free folks feel smarter for priests did nobody looks on. the funny side and gensler coronavirus pandemic. where does science stand. and what the new findings have researchers new.
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information and background into. the corona update comes with 19 special on. monday to friday on d w. ha . but 9th 98930 years ago though. wall fell people in the east looked
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forward to the future to a new world new possibilities and western products. was similar in november 89 german clubs looked forward to western t.v. money sponsors and. as did players like manchester city legend. then a 20 year old east german international we watched our ideas ideals on television for years for decades and then we played against them all g.d.r. talent stephan florent who benefited from the change not just because he later won the euro's. went to straight away a penthouse flat can you imagine a pedophile of. the people of east germany so great times coming but things turned out differently most companies in the g.d.r. was shut down millions of people lost their jobs the east an economy crashed and
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so did its football. today 30 years after the call off the wall not a single team from the east german top division in $89.00 is a part of. the last g.d.r. champions hum's all stuck us stuck in the 3rd division g.d.r. record champions to normal girl in play in the 4th tier alongside luck light 6 and the air force are in the 5th division they all formerly played in europe and even worse stephan floyd's former club style become the book currently playing in the 7th tier. 30 years after the fall of the wall it's pretty clear to see reunification and football. couldn't have gone differently the situation for the g.b. are in november 89 wasn't so bad. reigning champions denominate dresden had reached the u.a.e. for a cup semifinals just a few months before. almost eliminated us in venice a s monaco from the cup winners' cup. start one game after game.
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i and the national team were on their way to qualifying for the 9090 world cup they beat the olympic champion soviet union in this stunning performance ah i was a big hero so how did his german football become what it is today. he came over . with a few guys and bought the best less is a good example why in the end was difficult to survive. in labor queues in manager i know a column on sealed the 1st east west deal just one month after the fall of the wall he signed. the best g.d.r. striker time. dressed in style followed and. later
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when i went to stuttgart the same year. came over and. all the talent. and. didn't really got paid the money they should exist. in their structure the dream of the golden west turned out to be a nightmare the g.d.r. couldn't compete in the free markets. were all parts of. the play as paid by the state there was no know how in terms of marketing sponsorship ball contracts. regional sponsors in the east didn't have much money and most of the western companies didn't want to invest in east german clubs and i would think the investors from the west were interested in other things probably mainly in real estate. trusts. no one was really getting into investing in football
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but. we called. invested in many east german clubs in the ninety's and 2000 he saved only one berlin from bankruptcy and helped the like 6 arise but some of his our fellow investors ventures failed. denominated dresden for example ruined by a west german businessman who later went to prison for embezzlement. i mean we can get many club simply made wrong decisions with the money we can try to get people to know exactly what they were doing when they sign players or coaches from the west for way too much money. or you know this. through. too few. of course it was bad management of course a lack of investment of course lack of infrastructure but how the club in the east should know how to run
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a football club when he was never exposed to. some of the lack of commercial power in the east was a big factor in why the reunification in football failed. now the reason for that. is that the fusion of the east and west germany simply wasn't fair in 1989 the west german bundesliga had 18 teams and the east german over league had 14 sides instead of merging these leagues all 181 is the good teams were allowed to stay in the top division and only 2 east german teams could join a further 6 g.d.r. teams were relegated to the 2nd division and the rest went on the 1st to hurt all germany for example former european cup winners knocked a book all record champion. played here in this stadium because well. it was pretty unfair or should have expanded the bundesliga then maybe the damage would have been so bad that it put the 10 years. in.
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the east football family. the west german family basically. just won the world cup so basically you have to take what you get. starts in the 1st 3 unified season he struggled at dresden in $92.00 he unsuccessfully went to the west german club. to cope with. contracts. also little society both you have to do look out for yourself in the east we will cain from a collective we was more. in the west you need to. expand to survive now you have to look after you said if you have to. realize
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a little bit. how far. east german side was away from the. west. despite these differences. in the west he won titles with dortmund and germany and then did up as a family favorite at the. same for manchester city between 94 and 98 he scored 50 goals for the sky blues becoming part of their hold of fame. meanwhile their former clubs collapsed. went bankrupt in 998. dressed and left the bundesliga and 995 with millions of debt and never came back. so 30 years after. but wait in the east german class may think you are
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but in some ways used to it's very much alive. take the current german youth development system it is undoubtedly one of the best in the world with specialized football schools and an outstanding scouting system from age 10 all implemented in the 2000 east germans. basically copied a lot of things what already happened decades 2030 years before in the east and i think all football germany had benefit that. in. the golden years came off the lot with a lot of young talent i propose if you take a look at the 3 decades after reunification who were the best. in the 90s some are born and raised in dresden. in the 2000 mikhail ballack born and raised in calm mark structure and in the 20 tense 20 course also born and bred in east
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germany a lot of east german players play later for the german national team there is a character and a power that i feel comes from the overall situation in east germany east germany was a poor country you have to fight you have to work hard you have to grow as a person. east germany is no longer poor things are getting better and since 2005 we even have an east german chancellor. east germany was. obviously not the nicest we have to live no is fantastic to live there and then you realise our why not to play for our knowledge to play for the race and again leipsic now. and with abi like think there's finally a team from the east that can really compete with the big teams from the west the club was promoted to the bonus. they get in 2016 and finished 2nd in their 1st
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season behind by m. but ahead of don't mint and therefore top flight season so far they've qualified for the champions league 3 times last season under the guidance of their young coach 1000000 not those months the team breached the semifinals beating the likes of tottenham and atletico madrid along the way. thanks for the likes of people that somebody comes in and. thank you for life of the chance to participate in the politicization participate in champions league and. to have the option to fight for the title to something fantastic. since last season on your own berlin has also been in the bundesliga for the 1st time after spending 10 seasons in germany 2nd tier the club from the east berlin district of company enjoys cult status far beyond the capital on your own cultivates the image of the underdog in terms of sport the team was able to convince in the 1st year the promoted side
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finished their 1st season in 11th place so reunification failed but the east is still alive. and. well. can really feel how high tensions are running i'm going to. make plans and never people because. i am crazy here if. it is going to.
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that daytime job is a village. but they have a sideline as a you tube star. shunyata elements. the couple are a breath of fresh air in gemini consistent challenge. different comments. next on. how you have 2 sides of her home together in the years following germany unification. in pop culture. music. and last but not least. 30 years of german unification from the perspective of. the roma. in 60 minutes on d w. w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio
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drama series continues all of us odes are available online and of course you can share and discuss on w. africa's facebook page and other social media platforms crime fighters to me and no . place. i'm. from. this is i'm a small town in the northern german state of lower saxony. it's home to around 2000 people and nearly all of them are protestants. but i'm a has something no other town. in the region half. stephanie and eleanor
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vodka are a same sex couple both ordained ministers the local pastors and also the you tubers their channel is called men on doors being the german word for different and then well so be it. the topic of an upcoming episode is the gay and lesbian hanky code by which some queer people signal their sexual preferences. i don't think i can do it's. what will happen after it's broadcast. all have to go into hiding. are a means to bring querencia together that's our intention and not long ago while listening to a podcast i heard something about the handkerchief i thought this is interesting some color as always seemed to have the same significance like violet for instance
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means practically the same thing in the church isn't it here as in the link. brigitta shada chairs the parish council and imo she showing us the best meds and various alter linens. each color has a special liturgical significance the pastor's about to see a link between this tradition and the color code the queer people use to indicate their sexual preferences. don't discuss pretty much anything there i'm heterosexual couples don't signal in public what they like to do to each other. and when it comes to the topic of sex you may reach a point where you say i really don't want to know what that could of course happen
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to us but then it's usually the case that it quietens down again up. and down. the field. they knew from the start that not everybody would like their you tube channel. it's a sad oh do for. me. here you see the sperm container in the car. we have to pick it up ourselves then you must never. know i'm in an elevator with sperm. and here you can see our positive pregnancy test. finding out the time carrying a child that i'm going to be a mother that we're going to be a family has really changed things just like that i've developed enormous feelings
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for this child the love for this being in my belly. he wants di if we were in a polyamorous relationship this would maybe you die to. want exclusivity. if i had a horse or woman on my side it would kill you. now out of it i think it has a lot to do with the individual in the course of your life you have to figure out who you are and what you need. they were core of the videos in the old parsonage. the channel is produced by the local protestant churches radio station. is the programme producer. cheering auditions we quickly noticed that most people weren't up to it then we met ellen and defeat by chance at a party in frankfurt we drank a lot of apple wine together and realize they were perfect for it in their total opposites and yet have such
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a strong bond we had so much fun that evening and maybe that will come across on the internet. or internet remember if you show means penance fire that violin and then we have to hang on for most of your listeners it's clear that by that i mean spanking or your let him help but if you are like steffi and don't understand these concepts spanking means putting somebody every 1000000 afghans away pennis equal spanking in just 6 months under us our man has garnered more than 10000 subscribers that makes it the most successful program in the german protestant churches new social media offensive. stephy isn't bothered by negative comments but recently one of her parishioners expressed criticism that she took to heart. and it's causing her problems while filming the latest episode.
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but do you know it's inhibiting me that comments about how when i change my voice i sound stupid that post is blocking me. but most reactions are positive there's lots of fan mail. all of this is wait it's bigger than the beirut i have seen your videos was like a revelation it's hard for me to put into words and it probably sounds crazy but just to see your buddies knowing you're there and that you're happy makes me happy to hear. candace amen has found an audience. some of the 4 we couldn't have imagined it 5 months ago then the coronavirus came along and gave digitalisation momentum in the church and maybe a whole new form of church is developing through things like under the hood for. the capital of lower saxony. founders was controversial in the protestant church
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from the start. we asked the local bishop what he thinks about it. my story steffi and in the heart because the bishop is no fan of men. trying to mammas me for me they're not doing it for me. i'm not the target audience the cool is if i gives off there are lots of things where i think after 3 minutes oh no not again or that's just silly. the continuous self irony and the story of their relationship which they talk about over and over no thanks i don't need it so but other people like you know they find it interesting and that's the reality of. the pastors themselves you tube as part of their ministry including their candid discussion of how ellen got pregnant
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. the bad english to see if you just according to statistics one in 5 couples can't get pregnant without help. and the chits remain silent on the issue. and this is talk of your pa. i think we know what it's like to get a negative pregnancy test after 2 weeks of wasting test not after you've invested a lot of money in the process. why is this night the church's silent in the face of the suffering one hears all but ministry is about letting people know hey you're not alone so. giving people hope when you look at work. for us there are stories in the bible about people who tried desperately to get pregnant but these stories are largely unknown no longer told me talking about human failure is part of preaching and that's why we do it. as.
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the doctors are visiting the german capital berlin. it's where stephanie vodka was born and raised and came to know the church. and the visit to her old parish in the berlin might be district. pastor sasha bauer open the church just for her ok it's so nice of you to do this on your day off to. this is the path we'd always take. you know i'm not sure where it is but it's not on here i think we only have to go up one flight of stairs. and this was your room this was the room it's really big. so cool. it's amazing that they gave us a room like this we were just great kids. you didn't have any supervision this was
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a number it was incredible we smoked weed here and drank they put in a football table and asked if we needed a t.v. and a playstation and they never asked anything of us incredible i was so impressed that they trusted us it was reason enough for me to go to church. as if it's amazing for me to see this room she told me lots of stories about herself and her friends things that happened here i couldn't quite visualize it because for me the church was a place where you were taught a place where there were clear rules that's the complete opposite of what she experienced here so it's really great to be here in this room i'm. officially stephanie belong to a different parish the kaiser frieda reshma morial church in the berlin hands a quarter she was confirmed in this church and here she struck a bargain with god. she would attend church for
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a year after confirmation if he helped her make something of her life. you were confirmed here. for crazy you know this is strange to be back here it was so long ago that was in 2000. when you received your 1st blessing on those steps as well i was already christened but the 1st i can remember kneeling section me. well there's no need or it was not exactly sure where it was what you don't really show you. i didn't laugh i was so nervous. i noticed it made me feel cold. as a teenager i heard that our i didn't understand the sermon and didn't understand what the people was doing here i was glad if i could find the right him i had no
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idea what was going on even though i'd been confirmed. or. i just used the time to think about my life happening and that one hour a week helped me become calmer more reflective. and i heard really good things. i try to listen to the sermon but after 3 minutes my mind would wonder. but i would still grasp some idea that i could think about me as in the back of my mouth is in your thought. the best gift i felt at home here in church i was lost in a battle and i had my parents but my father died young i was always a troublemaker in school. and here i learned to find peace and. it enabled me to do things that i hadn't been given the chance to do before. christian ministry was in an obvious career choice for stephanie factor but she
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rose to the challenge today she's meeting her confirmation class for the last time before their big day. on the agenda making sure everyone's shoes are in good order i love for ok we're prepared it's most intimate now you just have to relax a little and enjoy yourselves why you. ask people get their shoes on i. thought. i might have come over here since you had twins show me your soles the other one. ok here ok. ok. yeah i know mick i get that leg up you can do it ok. no visible price tags on the soles now comes the running test strips a c i love then but now i want you to run around the rails to nuts in your shoes
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and make a new start. new guy her step it up that so that show won't make it that was also falling apart. the shoe exercise was simple now it's time to rehearse the confession of faith busy people are twins go 1st. you declaring your faith in front of the congregation i believe in god the father almighty the creator of heaven and earth. if we get into the scenes the resurrection of the body and live life have a lasting and in. very good not have got it noisy i was the one necessary for the pastor. but not all of the kids know their confession of faith as well as the twins pastor roger gets tough. if you can't remember it all cancelled tomorrow
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i keep telling you you're the ones who have to declare your confession of faith you have to recite it on your own i won't help you. stephanie hard can also be stern home. she agrees to practice with each candidate. only the twins are allowed to recite together. but the kids do get to choose a group activity. as a go i think is really cool guys. not everyone would do it no.


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