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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2020 2:45pm-3:00pm CEST

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all around me were people who said i should open my eyes i started crying at that point from on top scorer that. they could run with virus can do lasting damage to the kidneys like causing a kidney in far action a part of the organ dies in that case and becomes dead scar tissue. in syria verse of the kidney can compensate somewhat so you don't notice it immediately but you only have so much kidney and all of a sudden half of it is scar tissue thought has a lasting effect because the scar tissue doesn't recover. so young people especially don't even notice that their kidneys aren't working to full capacity but the older i think it the more they'll feel the consequences. breathing in deeply and feeling the body with air it's something that most people's
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lungs do automatically but 2 months after being on a respirator. has to relearn just that. dog in 5 minutes and i find it hard to breathe sometimes and i'm sometimes limited in what i can do but these courses teach me how to breathe again properly how to breathe consciously that's really helpful so much. the lungs can get badly injured during a covert 19 infection but there is some good news they have a good chance of healing. that's according to initial observations. professor good. is comparing the tama graphic images of covert 1000 patients during and after their infection. fortunately we can already say that we haven't seen severe late affects in the majority of cases. the lungs heal well even in people who have had 3 weeks of intensive care you don't see much change 3 months later peter made me see
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a feel for him no. catalina piousness none seem to now she can sing again. what about the psychological problems with corona patients and their families it's important to focus of on possible positive outcomes of the situation for example when i get infected by corona that i actually get symptoms it's less likely then that i actually do not get any symptoms even if i have if symptoms of the colon the disease it's more likely that they were just disappear rather than i stay with them but but looking on the bright side of life may be difficult if you're in if the fear of losing your job because of corona what you tell those patients again it's important to focus on things which helps me to stay stable and besides. limiting the time i am dealing with the covert pandemic.
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i have most most of us have vied to knowledge of what is helpful in stressful situations so it's important to stay was there for example to look after oneself to do positive things which will help food to be stable like reading on seeing a friend also input and it's always helpful to be more active so to do sports or something else and so if i have the opportunity to do some things like that it's easier for me to cope even with the economic consequences of the disease there's a service i think it came from australia which is called moot jim yeah so what is this so this is a program which is free so everyone can use that and it's available in many languages. and it focuses on what we know from cognitive behavior therapy is helpful for people who tend to have depressive symptoms so it focused on kind of
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restructuring us thinking. to make it's more likely to have kind of positive thoughts and it helps you to be more active in your life which is the other important strategy for people who tend to have to process symptoms and there's always more easy how to improve those strategies when you have a program which helps you because sometimes as we all know it's not so easy to start new things on your. autumn is arrived in the northern hemisphere and with it there's an increase in forensic cases the flu is a serious respiratory disease which kills many people every year and i as a g.p. tell you get your flu shot especially if you're chronically ill and especially in the times of corona it's important that as many people as possible get accidents and. it comes on suddenly it's persistent and potentially very dangerous. influenza is the real killer. w.h.o.
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estimates that more than 10 percent of the world's population catch it every year but the flu is europe's most fatal infectious disease it's enough to be taken lightly especially for people just 60. to. the flu is a serious respiratory infection which often has a very severe progression for people with preexisting conditions like heart or lung disease. of fall and it can often be fatal for these patients. on a child but isn't that's just one small injection can stop that a new vaccine has to be created every year for the seasonal strain and it provides up to 80 percent protection when introduced into the body the immune system starts to create antibodies the body can then recognize and just. the aim of the flu shot isn't just to prevent people from getting infected at all it's to reduce
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the number of severe cases hospital admissions intensive care patients on ventilators and ultimately deaths and even a vaccine that's only partially effective can do that. and the coronavirus pandemic it's important that has many high risk people as possible and vaccinated to help prevent a similar way of coronavirus patients this winter. so let's all hope that there will be. available for all of us. various kinds of vaccine for corona virus or in development one kind is an inductive ace's virus vaccine that uses proteins from the virus to create the vaccine viruses 1st up to be broken down into parts and there infectivity has to be destroyed so it's no longer dangerous. but it still has to provoke an immune
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response in the recipient so that the immune system develops antibodies to it. so what are the advantages and disadvantages. of this approach is well established. companies that develop and manufacture vaccines are familiar with it. and the production processes have been perfected. but certainly an advantage ready. the disadvantage is that it takes time to grow the underlying virus in large amounts if more is needed. a viral vector vaccine uses a harmless live virus of a different kind as a carrier to transport genes from the dangerous virus. into cells in the recipient's body. a protein gene from the virus is 1st added to the benign one
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in the case of the novel coronavirus it's a spike protein gene. modified virus that resembles sars c.o.v. 2 in one key respect the immune system detects the offending protein and creates antibodies in response. for the safety requirements for growing the virus not as strict as with inactivated whole virus vaccines of. disadvantages are that it takes a lot of time and you have to choose vectors that are not affected by any preexisting immune response capability. and. then there are vaccines that use messenger or an egg for the novel coronavirus it is m r n a with instructions for making it spiked proteins. such vaccines prompt cells in the recipient to make such proteins themselves which in turn provoke an immune response although these proteins are not dangerous they are still identified enemies by the immune system which then creates antibodies and thus immunity.
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for. one advantage is that the safety requirements are much less stringent. another is that you can modify the r.n.a. quite quickly manufacturers say that within a short period of time perhaps 6 weeks are in a vaccines can be produced in very large volumes millions of units must you can't match that with vector whole virus or other kinds of vaccine stuff. so each of these approaches has upsides and downsides nonetheless they're all considered worth pursuing it is likely that we need more than one vaccine. i guess it's grown over just go away like that it will stay for longer so how can we keep our spirits high. i think there are lots of opportunities we can do by all seth's to keep off the interstate stable without lots off the head of possibilities to
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support us in this like in the internet in counseling and those kind of thing but maybe it's also an option to think about the chance once every crisis has a chance in it so. corona makes let's think about all our routines and maybe there are routines we were not very comfortable with but in in in non choral not times like many people who are struggling from too many appointments too many time pressure and all those kind of things and maybe this could be an opportunity to hear you think about how we want to live and what's all day in your reader a veil for fleeting is and. very important also every crisis of a golden age even the corner prices if you go away and there will be time in future career when i will be less important than it is today thank you so much for this interesting talk here and the show is over for today so until then let's all try to
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stay in good shape.
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good. this is the devaney news live from the head of the world food program pays tribute to the agency's workers for winning the nobel peace prize now here in the most difficult complex places on it in the world well this war conflicts one of the strangest it doesn't matter if they're in algeria and they deserve the shortage here while the u.n. .


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