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most of the steinke of old kirsten was on top signing of all the big stars we have and there was amma since schuster. say roberto and lucio c.e.o. but he was the biggest player we had caused the most offices in. the denver effect . on throughout their socks since high school spirits. in both function. the mouse price. insists it's a new things in for buy. one that comes for the whole 6 hands. that despite a fetish to set sights order. and science just on. the business of
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living is a good of what happens we took the lead after a nice movie days when you dresden would defend solidly and it's all open at half time that's hopeful side it was often the 1st eyes on. for sherene the road to the final had been a long one starting at this tiny stadium opened in 1922. or . 3000 to show its own dogs how to stand with 3000 people there and then and there to use it for so for someone taking a corner they were practically tugging on your jersey this is the oldest of honor that and the noise to it was like a miniature and field in liverpool untrue than liverpool f. in the east german cup semifinals in april 1900 sherene like this one nil asked how he saw in 1000 fans in this little anfield if there was an atmosphere.
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where. they are and then we used to saying. no no nono nono no. no mo mo mo mo mo mo mo do not know what does modern time now imagine several 1000 people singing that last i interrupt me. was. this semi final it was overshadowed by fighting among fans before the game had even kicked off. that was one of the call that there was also lawlessness at that time people did as
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they wanted and the new system then gradually established itself but in general it wasn't an easy time and it was tough as i was really it side was better to have that i think i. was sure it. was i in the early ninety's following chairman reunification there was a huge upsurge of hooliganism at matches in the east i was based as you actually are it's difficult to pinpoint a cyclone i think there was some people who reckon they could now really go to town a. day of the ball go on. them i know vonnie probably the police no longer enjoy the same unassailable status for like an old school and they used that to
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test the limits of the game and buy them the machines are gone for the new cousin in full it's like a mini fence knocking should be in some bottles of the field the gets heated has the fields. you put it side seats the footing steinhart it's of which it's most of a frontin gas i. think sweden's issue given dollar dollars and hosting the one ton asked is that souped up. to go to the village facade i've never been able to explain it as a i just don't know footing on the ball so i guess there was this underlying frustrations and potential for aggression which then. erupted. and the police were extra vigilant during the last cup final before that and as germany also using cameras for surveillance.
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for the stream team the game was a golden opportunity to showcase their talents while for the club it was a big money earner. a west german adult magazine paid $20000.00 do it smarts to be sure everyone's shirt sponsor for this one match. jerseys did look a bit strange not too long ago i saw a photo of some thoughts on the movie how embarrassing it was was an issue i thought it was the end of east germany and the clubs desperate to earn some money and. i wasn't surprised because i knew you could quickly secure a lot of reps in the east with a little contract on call and fits of ice skating dates and on him it's nice to be
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sitting on the bus not that she calmed him and pumped as if. there's a not so nice a kind of stare look i'm a bit odd. they still did see me of the and that's exactly the neville this is the life that doesn't a price those are called clever. dice and it's all time sure they get all the songs most buckshot. done is to stop us yet and. use a gun you hope will still sound like us. materials on the i went on to have an illustrious career he transferred to stuttgart in the bundesliga and then to enter milan in the said yeah before returning to the goodness they got for brucia dortmund's. he became an international star for united germany winning hero $96.00 and the ballon d'or. this may see
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least. one star system you know that will go for a few mondays and then begin this evening and. these are not there before you give them a semi is it up for you to hold the shooting or condition by at least the down but even 54. it would be dinamo dresden his last major title the team then broke up as star players signed to other clubs not long afterwards some players were revealed to have worked as informants for the stasi secret police . this place. that will hold these stories about stasi links among the players on the medical teams will fall because the public could now access those files to a new twist. up to as he talked to the owner of it was crazy i can still remember all the wording from the files.
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the physio was watching the doctor and vice versa the center forward was watching the center back so tactically similar to on the pitch each man was assigned to someone else which meant that everyone was covered that was the essence of it but it wasn't a loving matter its false sense. among those active in finnish 1000 were frankly brown andrea's taliban and team doctor dr wolfgang klein. in this does the files striker thorsten good show had the code name shota. he was tasked with reporting on the mood in the team and providing an assessment of each player. including ralph ming it. doesn't love me. there was some things that happened that was simply out of line that this it
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was basically about hurting someone else. and that led to perhaps not lies half truths which were then distortive. and that was shocking went up to me it's now all in the past. it's been 3 years since i last checked my stasi file them just to copy the important stuff this is what some of it was still this huge pile of there in a sealed bag in a cupboard essentially i've buried them there and that subject is now over for me. and the steam from them. up to hooked. it's should there come a time when i'm retired and want to take a look there their minds but it was a symbolic act for me saying put a lid on it for mitch so it's mom with a deck of cloth it's a screwed. trish varying being runners up was the biggest success in club
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history. that squad produced future but just a guess ties like mathias stamina and injuries rank it stepping down guy is now head coach at 2nd division side patter born in western germany the last cup final before the end of east germany had 2 winners. and. i was disappointed to lose to win but you have to put on an act you could see me off to the final whistle with my arms in the air as if we had 121 fight sometimes it was an important signal to everyone. not on the losing side we all win it isn't a given that there is a process not to go and what i did spread to the others it was party time the cooks were pumping by the end we almost believed we really have won you know life goes on
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. that was what i'd worked for it was my life and today when i'm talking to friends however besigye am on why the wake when it comes to deny almost surely it's overwhelming to think of all that you've been through christmas is a business. good
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. confrontation between china and taiwan the superpower is threatening to invade its neighbor. how serious is it how is china justifying its claims. w.'s richard walker analyzes the causes and dangers of the conflict in taiwan china's next target closing. in 30 minutes on d w. e cote india. the baby
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talk a true western ghats mountains. to protect them from deforestation project helps villagers pick up fruit for use in medicine. it's good for people and good for nature. eco in. 90 minutes on d w. the face against the corona virus pandemic. weirdo science stand. what the new findings have researchers name. information and background to. the corona update comes with 19 special. monday to friday on d w. who
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told us of the morning. i can't sleep because you're for using. in those sworn to swallow for the. only reason the rules. there's no use no love. for them which. doesn't hold your world peace in the world or the. canceling. or soon. currents.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin back in full swing on the campaign trail u.s. president donald trump travels to the battleground state of florida for his 1st rally since being hospitalized with coburn 1000 doctors saying he's now testing negative democratic challenger former vice president joe biden also campaigning in a key state with election day just 3 weeks away. violence and veterans intensified squints police pepper spraying demonstrators the e.u. increased more sanctions in response to the escalating crackdown on dissent. and
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the arctic ocean is to die you asked a warning from scientists returning from the largest ever expedition to study climate change iraq to north dakota. and unify most unwelcome u.s. president donald trump is back on the campaign trail 10 days after it was revealed he was positive for corona virus before arriving in florida where he addressed a crowd of rallies of presidents medical team said he had tested negative for covert 90 his democratic challenger joe biden appeared at an event in ohio another swing state as now just 3 weeks to election day he is a flavor of the candidates competing visions on the campaign trail today. the radical left is hell bent on destroying everything we love and cherish their
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enraged and who out of vengeance and nobody can believe what they're doing and where they're going we're not letting them cancel culture us at all we're proud of our country we're proud of our heritage or good democrats and republicans i work for hard as hard for those who voted against me as the recorder for me. that's the job of oppression and. the duty to care to care for everybody. when you disagree on policy but you still care and i'm joined by g.w. correspondent color black in our washington bureau had a frozen trauma's florida rally white holes doctors gave an update on his health what exactly did they say. they said they're trying tested negative on consecutive days using rapid and tests now these tests are less reliable than tests where the results might take
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a little longer to get so there's been some criticism even though it's good that there wasn't just one negative results but you know negative results on consecutive days and the white house doctor's conclusion from this is that trump is no longer and factious. florida's one of the top electoral college prices holes chump doing there and what does that say about the state of the race. it's really no coincidence that trump is holding his 1st big rally after his covert 1000 diagnosis in florida because he is behind there he is trailing democratic candidate joe biden by by roughly 4 percentage points and this gap has been growing now florida is a crucial swing state with 29 votes in the electoral college and this is really bad news for the trump campaign because if he doesn't win florida it's really highly
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unlikely that he could still get reelected in november. you mentioned jim tell us about joe biden where was he complaining today and what was his message. joe biden was in another crucial swing states today he was campaigning in ohio and in ohio the situation looks a lot different than a dozen florida here's the 2 candidates are neck and neck they're separated by less than one percentage point. and joe biden was speaking in front of supporters who were in cars so you know people sitting in their own cars and social distancing that way which is very different than what we've seen from from recent trump events and biden was calling trump speech havior since this covert diagnosis unconscionable saying and i quote the longer donald trump is president the more
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reckless he seems to get that's correspondent in washington thank you so much let's turn now to some of the of the stories making news around the world the u.s. senate has opened hearings into the confirmation of a nicoli barrett to the u.s. supreme court republicans are rushing to fill a vacancy before next month's election it's confirmed solidify the conservative tilt of america's highest court. u.k. prime minister boris johnson has unveiled a new 3 tier system to combat rising coronavirus cases in india and regions will be cast into one of 3 covert alert levels in the pool pubs are bars and most public facilities have shut down the u.k. has europe's highest endemic death toll and now to some of the other developments in the penn demick u.s.
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based pharmaceuticals giant johnson and johnson sasser just temporarily halting its coronavirus vaccine trial after one of its participants developed an unexplained illness a new study is not only casting doubt on coronavirus immunity but also suggests it is possible to experience more and severe symptoms the 2nd time a person becomes infected and the world health organization says it has an ethical africa to hurt immunity as the answer to ending the pandemic adding it might not even be achievable so far germany has fared better during the coronavirus pandemic than many of its european neighbors but the number of new hotspots across the country is on the rice especially in urban areas that's from to the range of new restrictions which differ from state to state leaving lots of people uncertain about the rules 2 weeks of fall vacations are in full swing for many people across
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germany but travel will be difficult this year especially for those living in the country so-called corona virus risk areas. various areas have surpassed the threshold of 50 infections per 100000 residents over one week including german cities like berlin munich frankfurt and cologne. to try to stop the spread of the virus many german states have introduced travel restrictions for people who live in the risk areas in the states they can't stay in hotels or guest houses unless they show a negative covert 19 tests no older than 48 hours or quarantine for 14 days but other states haven't imposed restrictions the picture is chaotic making it hard for people in germany to understand where they can travel to and under what conditions the federal government is the fending the measure but critics say the domestic
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travel restrictions won't help stop the pandemic and will put a strain on germany's testing system. in my opinion not really a reasonable. measure because most travelers are no really infectious are low risk we wish the number of very important and very very p.c.r. terrorists in order to make sure that. it is also very burdensome for the travelers and it is basically useless for controlling penned in germany. the new restrictions have disrupted travel plans at a time when many families across the country normally go on vacation people are frustrated by the lack of clarity. on the one hand they think it's confusing for example i live in brandenburg and work in berlin and sometimes i wonder which rules apply where this always leads to some confusion and i would have liked more
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consistent rules i would prefer some uniform rules citizens would be more aware and maybe the rules would be communicated better. and if people understood the measures better maybe more would respect them. german chancellor angela merkel will meet with state leaders on wednesday. criticism of the accommodation ban grows they will try to bring some order to the chaos. european union foreign ministers have agreed to drop sanctions on belarus in. the uk is calling on him to halt the crackdown against protesters and hold talks to diffuse his country's political crisis and recent days authorities have to change hundreds more demonstrate has as a mass just pensioners on monday officers fired flare guns to disperse the crowds. factious the demonstrators chant as they confront belarus's feared right police in
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recent days means can saying it's my serious confrontations in months protesting pensioners he offices with flowers usually approach offices repeatedly use pepper spray on elderly demonstrate as. the older generation was once alexander lukashenko is bice now though many demonstrated a fed up with a regime. that i'm not afraid of stun guns into gas when mosques and goggles and everything will be fine for you carol they have now been over 2 months of protests in belarus over judges the government seems powerless to stop displays like days inside for minsk. but it's trying in recent weeks security forces have again been intensifying their crackdown. and now the country's hardline deputy interior minister is warning there might be even worse to come from security forces. when you would do them so i pledge we will maintain order in this country
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but if the situation demands that interior ministry offices and military service men might use right to control weapons. because we are older as the situation in better risk deteriorated in brussels a year foreign ministers met their deliberations focusing on how to get the regime to negotiate with the opposition. with little sign about the now pay grade to prepare more sanctions or government officials including one president look you're saying how himself today ministers heard. that. lacks any democratic legitimacy and they sent a clear message to the bit of russian authorities say that business as usual is no longer possible. the hope in brussels targeting those responsible for the crackdown on peaceful protests to force the regime to the table the e.u. wants to see more dialogue and less violence in minsk. and at
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that meeting e.u. foreign ministers also agreed to impose new sanctions against russia over the poisoning of russian opposition figure. the rock will draw up a list of officials told responsible. fell ill in august and was airlifted to germany for medical treatment tests by a german lab later confirmed by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons found he was poisoned with military nerve face novacek the russian government says it did not poison number one. the arctic ocean is dying that's the stern warning brought back by scientists who spent a year studying climate change in the region and made the journey aboard the german icebreaker the gathering valuable data about the ocean ice and atmosphere around the north pole. the last few yards of the most complex north pole expedition ever after
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a year in the arctic the german research ship pull our stern is coming home a special moment for the woman in charge of the alfred figure institute. but do you see my tears of joy i am so happy that our ship is back home and when i saw it again after such a long time i thought we are so lucky that everyone has arrived home safely. last fall the polar stand froze onto an ice floe and drifted across the arctic at a speed of about 12 kilometers a day propelled by the isis movement on ocean currents the crew came from 20 different nations and worked throughout the darkness of the arctic winter in temperatures that sunk as low as minus 40 degrees celsius one danger throughout the trip was hungry polar bears nonetheless they successfully gathered the information necessary to learn more about climate change. the experts on how the expedition paid off i am thoroughly satisfied with the results we have pushed the limits of
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polar research we returned with a treasure trove of data and samples from the arctic that will have a long term effect on science the expedition ran up a bill of 140000000 euros but it's not over yet for the scientists who are on board it will take them years to analyze the data and samples that were collected on the polish town. it's one of the wonders of the world much of peter in peril and one man has managed to secure a private tour after very long waits. and through in march and plan to just spend a few days there to see the famous ruins but he's been stuck in the country for 7 months and the site has been closed due to the pandemic there was government agree to let him see the park before he returns to his native. like i am i said it was an amazing experience. you're watching news coming up next our covert special you can always stay up to date with the latest news and information on our
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website dot com or you can follow us on twitter or an instagram at. i mean for how much time it's forcing. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand and. what are scientists learning. background information and. our corona. covert 19 special and next on.


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