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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2020 1:45pm-2:01pm CEST

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1st in less demoed trains than for buying leverkusen for what would have been 1800000 here else. best dying of old coolest and was a top signing of all the big stars we had and there was amma since shoe stuff. said roberto and lucio c.e.o. but he was the biggest player we had caused by physical. effect he unsought there's a sense i still skates is on the top bar. i involve function. the mouthguard. and since it's a group things in full by. one that comes all the holes in his
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hands isn't that a struggle i just wish to saturates order. and size just on the. basis of saying is that he wouldn't wear happy we took the lead after a nice move a case we knew dresden would defend solidly and it's all open at half time that's hopeful side as was often the 1st possible and. for sharing the road to the final had been a long one starting at this tiny stadium opened in 1922. or . 3000 to show how can stand with 3000 people there and then and there to make up for so for someone taking a corner they were practically tugging on your jersey this is the oldest of the new and the noise to it was like a miniature and field in liverpool untrue than live up to it. in the east german cars. semifinals in april 1900 sherene like this one nil asked how
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the solution 1000 fans in this little anfield if there was an atmosphere. where. they are zones and then we used to sing toot toot toot toot their dues or none. none no mo mo mo mo mo mohel. nah no one does mon and i'm now a mountain several 1000 people singing that isn't just dying to open it. was. the semi final was overshadowed by fighting among fans before the game had even kicked off.
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was that once upon a call that there was also lawlessness at that time people did as they wanted and the new system then gradually established itself but in general it wasn't an easy time and it was tough as i was really inside was never to have to think i. was just sort of. nice guy. in the early nineties following german reunification there was a huge upsurge of hooliganism at matches in the east. these days actually it's difficult to pinpoint an easy glow and i think there was some people who reckon banks now really go to town a. deal. on. my nov on the police the police no longer
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enjoyed the same unassailable status for life and they used that to test the limits of argument. for i knew because the new police like a defense knocked up if you have the gets get it has the fields. you put it so it's easy for him steinhart it's over it's most of a frontin god's eye. since we insist even dolly don't want to know how to distinguish one ton asked is that souped up. i've never been able to explain issues that i just don't know. all but i guess there was this underlying frustrations and potential for aggression which then erupted. and the police were extra vigilant during the last cup final before that and as germany also using cameras for
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surveillance. for the stream team the game was a golden opportunity to showcase their talent while for the club it was a big money earner. a west german adult magazine paid 20000 marks to be sure i mean shirt sponsor for this one match. jerseys did look a bit strange not too long ago i saw a photo of some thoughts on them or how one that barry singh was was the our new show that it was the end of east germany and the clubs desperate to earn some money on. she won by i wasn't surprised because i knew you could quickly secure
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a lot of reps in the east with a little contract on call and sets of ice skating dates and on and it's nice to be sitting on the bus rather she don't give month to month as if. there's a not so nice a kind of still have a behind. the race date see me again the i got sigs really know that this is the nice day for us those who called can have a. dyson that photon should have a get all the songs most buckshot. done is to stop to see it on tour and use a minute before to seal the sound like this. committee is on i went on to have an illustrious career he transferred to stuttgart in the bundesliga and then to enter milan in the city out before returning to the british they got every assia
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dortmund. he became an international star for united germany winning hero $96.00 and the ballon d'or. in this next seeding i was always. one step sister you know that was going to see monday's big and big and this being in. these attacks not that well if i was in a semi is it up for you to all the shooting you know cannons is finally shut down but you can see people. it would be dinamo dresden last major title did team then broke up a star players signed to other clubs not long afterwards some players were revealed to have worked as informants for the stasi secret police. this awful place now that all these stories about stasi links among the players on the medical teams will fall because the public could now access those files through
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a new list. on one of the answers tough call to the it was a crazy puzzle i can still remember all the wording from the files. are pretty up. the physio was watching the dr and vice versa the center forward was watching the sensor back so tactically similar to on the pitch each man was assigned to someone else which meant that everyone was covered because that was the essence of it but it wasn't a loving matter it's a sense. among those active for the in finnish 1000 where frankly brown andrea's taliban and team doctor dr wolfgang klein. in this does he files stryker thorsten good show had the code name chota. he was tasked with reporting on the mood in the team and providing an assessment of
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each player. including ralph ming it. doesn't love the media there was some things that happened that was simply out of line with this it was basically about hurting someone else. and that led to perhaps not lies half truths which were then distorted. and that was shocking to me it's now all in the past. it's been 3 years since i last checked my stasi file just to copy the important stuff it was lots more but it was still this huge pile of there in a sealed bag in a cupboard essentially buried them there. and that subject is now over for me. to steam up from with them. up the hogged. should there come a time when i'm retired and want to take a look there their minds but it was a symbolic act for me saying sins of bletchley put
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a lid on it for me. so it's mom with a degree club if it's good. trish varying being runners up was the biggest success in club history. that squad produced future going to suggest ties like mathias stamina and engine a strength stepping bomb guy is now head coach at 2nd division side born in western germany the last cup final before the end of east germany had 2 winners. and they survived i was disappointed to lose to win but you have to put on an act you could see me off to the final whistle with my alms in the yeah as if we had 121 fight sometimes it was an important signal to everyone not on the losing side we all win it isn't think of it that you suppose it's not. what i did spread to the
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others it was party time the cooks were pumping and by the end we almost believed we really have. no plans to vote on monday and that was what i'd worked for it was my life and today when i'm talking to friends however be on why the way when it comes to denominate surely it's overwhelming to think of all that you've been for as much as we did need to.
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confrontation between china and taiwan the superpower is threatening to invade its neighbor. how serious is it how is china justifying its claims. the w.'s richard walker analyzes the causes and dangers of the conflict in taiwan
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china's next target close on. in 30 minutes on d w. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago high ranking officers of the nazi regime of morning judging by the allied forces. were the 1st criminals to be held accountable for their crimes for. our government. going. past new year's eve frazier. our 2 part series the 3rd reich dog starts nov 12th on the d w o. y discursive.
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there are. there is a lot that can be done to. make up your. the face against the coronavirus pandemic. where does science stand. and what new findings have researchers me. information back around. the corona up to. 19
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special. monday to friday on d w. this is d w news live from as governments step up the fight against a coronavirus 2nd wave of corner virus infections hopeful signal from germany health minister yen spots expecting a vaccine against the virus to be ready within the next few months and he says there should be more than enough to go right to. china.


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