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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2020 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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wine region but it's got a lot of history and culture just. checking. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. double your world heritage 360 getting up now. is great poverty style bonce why these check in special is all about wine there are
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13 blind growing regions in germany we visited 3 of them. to explore the vinyasa among the most of. us and follows their socks and wine brooch on a puddle steamer. just . takes a drive along the german wine route through the pa tonight. you know. today's journey takes me to one of the warmest and loveliest regions in germany the german wine route. is 85 kilometers long and winds through the politeness vineyards.
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the sign bearing a bunch of graves shows me the way. the . wind is very important around these parts the latin that is germany's 2nd biggest wine growing area there are over 23000 hectares of vineyards here. good wine good food combined with this incredible landscape the perfect set up for a little odd and get away. there are many typical villages along the german wine route. i've made a stopover in the interview. book. a really romantic setting.
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i poked a segway tour through the bin you're in here but 1st i have to be introduced to my trusty. hold tight transfer your weight on your toes in the slightly for who this is so we are. going of all the routines for your way to refuse to break and that was how you moved to steer but i didn't know yes you did. and off we go. after 20 minutes we reach our destination. base to. it was commissioned by
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bavarian king louis based back when the pilot and it was still part of bavaria his former summer residence is now a popular destination among daytrippers. the perfect finish to our tour at picnic in the vineyard i'm looking forward to it. and one regional specialty in particular. big stomach. i can't wait to try it. but that's right it was just this one most of us most of. the other. i didn't expect it to taste like this what's in it and there's a lot going on in there just take a look. at the stomach is all i stuffed with. whole
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bacon might make so much potatoes when i was in this and i margarine that's very important which is all have their own secret recipes for sauce and then sell mart and then also an eye on the guns of all modern to find out you know i mean why don't you introduce the wine to match the now get someone exactly which ranking up over its 29 yes it's a variety that's typical for hold on to. the it has one of the world's oldest vineyards it's over 400 years old and of it's stocked with what's coming up vines from you know the when bush took. let's continue our journey along the wine route off to. thank my team is a small charming wine growing village you'll find it in every travel guide the town's
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entire center is classified as a historical monument. now we're on our way to our last stop for a today the fair game winery close to land. everything under one roof. very modern. with a big production plant and a wine bar with a lovely outdoor terrorists. in the wine growing is still very much a family affair. inherent at the vineyard from his father 18 years ago. if we're going to need this is a stunning property it really sets itself apart from the rest of the region the modern design immediately catches the eye and why would you go for this kind of style. but i'm probably one growing is changing we've looked to the rest of the
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world to me people want to go out to the videos during joy the countryside. they prefer bright light to old time rustic oaks alice it's more fun to taste wine in a bright room and make it in these beautiful surroundings. you know people but then what is the challenges for modern wine growers the climate change the past few years were all very different lots of change we've had everything's fine weather high humidity late frost spring frosts and lots of precipitation extreme weather and we had to react specifically to that that's the challenge to deal with every year so that the grapes flourish and ripen well for. less money ones makes for a good year which factors have to come together to achieve and exceptionally good wine. like. this is good for that's a good question basically the whole year has to be right the rain the sun doing the
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work all at the right time whether it's tilling the soil pruning the vines or picking the grapes you have to have a real knack for doing the right thing at the right time and we think you can too and i feel like the only right thing we can do right now is try a glass of your wine sounds good then. you have the money we have a sling the king of the white wine varieties in germany let's start with that now. why was why is the riesling the king of wines why do the germans love their riesling so much. grapes grow better in germany than anywhere else in the world they develop the best aroma and the best flavors like what. you know. and what they smell like ok. but nonetheless.
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he's looking at me like i'm completely around here's h h yes or. and i listen i want to read you need to remember at least 3 things and one before trying it that's proving rather difficult with my rookie knows that i would have detected something else. honey yeah yeah yeah. point for me i mean go in there on your way to becoming a pro. night and falling over the wind around and the really lovely day is coming to an.
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ashtray god takes us along the moon but our journey begins in a mysterious 1. wow it's pretty dark down here pretty chilly too i'm intolerant on the missouri river the city is known for these on the ground syllable. where are we what kind of solar is this how this is when one of the largest centers of the tartan tub under former wine cellar unfortunately they no longer use just such today. there are sellers under the whole of tartan tub because at the end of the 20th century it was a huge wine trading center people said it was the 2nd largest wine trading center in europe after bordeaux in france when in the year 898 alone some 18000000
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leases of wine made their way from here out into the big wide world. in the course of i today. the 1st thing all visitors notice above ground is the bridge gate on the ms ill. at the beginning of the 19th century that was enough will be here to commission the well known berlin art nouveau architect blundell merely he not only designed the bridge gate but also a number of villas. thanks part of the architecture characterize a stop on top of to this state a great place to start my journey along the missouri. today i want to find out why the muzzle is one of the most beautiful river scapes in germany so i'm all for right along a part of the most ill psychopath from try to call him but that's not all i'll also
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be finding out why was the winds are so special. the nice thing about a bike path that runs along a river is that it's fairly flat at least as long as it's close to the water the mozilla valley also offers a lot of beautiful panoramas but for those you have to paddle a little harder. but it's worth taking the detour up hill here for example are the ruins of cleaving book castle built in the 14th century it was repeatedly attacked destroyed and rebuilt until it was finally blown up in the 18th century from here i can get a fantastic view over the valley. biking along the muzzle i can definitely recommend that most of the time you can ride
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along the water away from cars and streets through natural landscapes or small wine growing villages the river and the wind somehow they belong together especially near because it's where you'll find the probably the most famous vineyard in germany because of its steep slope i meet the wine maker. why is the wine from the muzzle special how does it differ from other one in the sign. it's the soil. because we have these steep shale slopes the slate found that these elevations warms the vineyards slightly due to its dark color the slate stores heat which is a mid to the grape vines little by little. that means it's always a little warmer up here on the hill than in the flatter areas and that helps the resupplying most of all to ripen well because recently is a great variety that ripens relatively late so here the recently matures nicely without acquiring too high an alcohol content and due to the shale soil it has
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a great mineralogy you. can't eat one. yeah you can but it won't taste very good. but we're still too far from harvest time so it won't be much of a treat but you'll notice that the grapes are still pretty hard but if you want to try go ahead and. go to one. or all like i said recycling ripens later. 5 it's still sour because there's still a lot of acid and not much sugar and we have other varieties that mature somewhat sooner and already taste great they'd have been better for a taste. don't be offended but just spit it out. out of the bin yet and into the it will take up the shows me as one shop where you can taste the fruits of his labor is a wine maker. what
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have we got. selected a wine for you a recent thing of course from the vineyard we just visit it back and give it give it a try. with pleasure. so to your health. void. delicious wonderful and glad you like it maybe you noticed the mineralogy i was talking about. well i'm not much of a wine connoisseur i could say that the wine is somewhere between sweet and sour what should i be tasting what is unique about this wine. because for the vine. it generally it has a slightly peachy aroma as is the case with many recently the nice really
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characteristic thing about our recent grown on the steep slopes is it's like mineralnye which makes it taste a bit salty if you let the wine dance around a bit on your palate it develops this characteristic quality and a certain lightness. even though it's quite mature it's a bit lighter and doesn't have such a high alcohol content. so that's what makes the mosul and its shale soils so special. and there was a but these are shift made stay that way. along the moselle the cycle path runs on both banks of the river on route you can always find ferries to take you to the other side. but. i still have
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a few kilometers to go before i'll reach my destination cookham visible in the distance was cut from castle it looks old but only dates from the 19th century call them as just 5000 inhabitants but it's a much visited city. many mazola river cruises set off from here. i've got one last tip for you and cook them take the cable car off to the pinup back. and. from there you have to hike a little further over the rock to the pier not quite so. this cross was put here in memory of a shepherd who wanted to save one of his animals from falling and died in the process. from this spot you have the whole panorama in front of you.
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final wind will start on the album. its early morning and the old town is only just beginning to stir waiting for the 1st tourists. you could spend days just going through the churches the museums. but i've got other plans i have a steam ship waiting for one from greystones white fleet. today i'm going to take you on a trip along the sex and wine route right wine route the name says it all and one of those ships down there is going to take me quite comfortably into the vineyards starting here in beeston via another boil all the way up to the top of my to. the white fleet and still it's not historic paddle steamers.
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these days the ship stopped steams along the sex and wine route. one last look at greece the skyline then it gets rustic. after about an hour i go ashore in a fog the boy. the city is the center of the sex and wine route. the steep slopes the small palaces and the dry stone walls that's what the region is known for it is one of the smallest and northern most wine growing areas in germany most of the wine produced here is served and consumed locally. the oldest winery in saxony is the whole flue snit's it used to belong to the sec selectors and the most famous of them was the strong is said to have celebrated lavish wine gods here
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today organic wines are produced on the wall through snit's which you can taste on the terrace. a jewel of sexiness vignettes is fuck about castle named after the count who had it built around 730. today it's the location of the sec's since they've been you know. i have an appointment at a winery called good enough the golden wagon one of the best locations in the heart of oil and then ok i'll discuss nice to have you here at the golden wagon. turned back to must tell you about is an innkeeper a tour guide and bobby vinton he climbs the staircase many times a week he owns a little vignette next to the golden wagon go out of breath no no no i'm in good shape. this keeps me fit. the long climb is
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rewarded with a spectacular view of the elder valley on clear days and you can see all the way from the golden wagon to dresden and the czech republic by october most of the grapes have already been gathered only a few bunches are still on the vines. must talk about says about 80 percent of all that doesn't saxony do it as a hobby like he does as. the boy he worked in his uncle's vineyard and later took it over the work is tiring but the wine is delightful. to most in all these walls are they just ornamental or do they serve a purpose the walls are very important sacks and he's very far north for a wine region and we've got some problems with climate a wall like this soaks up the sun all day and stores heat like an oven and then radiates it back once this was how are you looked down on by the professional wine
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growers. as the polar professional wine growers are glad to have the hobby vintners working to keep the countryside in shape they would not be able to handle it economically and steep slopes couldn't be maintained without the hobby vendors and if the vineyards fell into ruin the tourists wouldn't come and at the end the commercial wineries wouldn't be able to sell their wines any more. time for a wine tasting. still right there i brought you a flavorful drop from the golden wag. try this. and this is a solaris. and then what is true does that remind me off. maybe pineapple. yes yes very good the pineapple node is quite pronounced. in here my white connoisseur you know learning i'm impressed it has to taste good that's the most important thing cheers.
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the steamboat takes me now from father boyle to my son. is the oldest ship in greece is white fleet it was built in $879.00 but 140 years later the engine is still running smoothly. now the town of meissen comes in sight with its vignettes and castle hill. the market square is the scene of my son's action there is also a phone kosher the church of our lady. in addition narrow streets and lots of wine bars by the way the 1st vineyard sex in the west documented here in meissen 850 years ago. and then again. climbing stairs but i'm already used to
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that. the mice and cathedral is 80 meters high and 800 years old. the 2nd attraction up here is the book it's over a 1000 years old and is called the cradle of saxony. it was 1st built in $129.00 as a fortress defending against the slavs and later became the seat of say. nice routers in the 15th century it was converted into germany's 1st real palace with ball rooms and living and working quarters. but the castle stood empty for some time the prince electra's had moved to dress them but it was here that i'll commit to you one for privilege but found white gold
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in 710 europe's oldest porcelain manufacturer started production in the ugliest book. in the late 19th century the factory moved down into the town once again the book was renovated and given several murals depicting chapters from sex in these turbulent history which began here in mice. do you know what it takes to make a real castle. exactly a castle tavern even if the weather is not very inviting it's enough for a last look over my scene. i noticed one thing above all today most of the wine here is served directly in the taverns or at the wine growers on site that means if you want to try some of that
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delicious white you just have to come to the sex and wine route i have to admit it's a small wine region but it's got a lot of history and culture. the be. the be. the big.
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emergency please for explain a the bureau is in a climate system intervention. researchers. working radical ideas. salvation. who are.
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fine tuning the be the 5th body double in a. there is this guy. shows defied gravity. the slack line artist of. the french something struck the balancing act between extreme sports and the at. 90 minutes on d. w. . with him how to be done it goes on because when the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on the trip i would
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not have put myself and my parents in that dangerous but it's a game of the open to give a flavor would. love on sunday because that one little bit of the give them i had serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there much i'm going to. you want to know their story info migrants terrified and reliable information for more prints. it was the 1st international tribunal in history. the nurnberg trials. 75 years ago a high ranking officers of the nazi regime of where you're going to be fighting allied forces. they were the 1st war criminals to be held accountable for their crimes. and as i did a count them i'm. going. pear early years frasier.
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our 2 part series the 3rd reich the dog starts nov 12th on d w. this is day devon emus live from berlin mania and as a vision try to overnight missile strikes multiple civilians are killed or injured in their sleep as fighting flares up again over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh bringing with it fears that last week's russian brokered cease fire has all but broken down also coming out prime minister to send out and labor
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party hold a big early latest votes are counted in new zealand's general election for their life to christ church as results come in.


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