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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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irresolvable conflicts. with the use of by diversity. in 60 minutes. what secrets lie behind. discover new or ventures in 360 degrees. to explore the mating world heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get me out now. that. there's a shared space of inspiration and dialogue with someone and you're here left can transform. your treasure that dos was good well that's a good luck graduating bethel no good on people really came across my bigger more.
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solid passive. can then change the world no i mean. i would like to believe it can and. john says moving their bodies in order to move us. with a at an open atheist faso in colorful costumes in columbia or in mosques on the caribbean coast duns is universal. and the contemporary dance company damaged goods choreographing make steel that is known for creating productions that challenge the stay. just. i'm not afraid to
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work with pay in our darkness are things that are. uncomfortable but i more to give her a kind of transformation or transportation or things are moving things still you know bringing things up so they can kind of. open up. contemporary dance pushes emotional physical and social democrats it makes a political statement without using any way just great physical exertion what's moving the dance world these days we set off to find out starting interest in. american choreographer meg stuart invited experts from around the globe to dress in to attend dance congress or tons congress 2019 some 500 people from the world of dance came to share experiences and discuss new ideas one to. mount.
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was. it's really important and was great to do about this this congress is really the end specialist that people have different interests but that intimacy can really break barriers that people can really. meet in intimate settings and feel like they're being heard and seen. the congress was about the body as well as the mind the global exchange of ideas was to get the dancing new impetus to help people make contacts and break down barriers is. something which required full commitment from everyone present and 2 full years of preparation and planning. with the support of the future institute workshops and meetings were held in the lead up to the congress of around the globe as. we called the tense progress along lasting affair so. actually it started 2 years before with this just bringing
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artists together so we went to different cities and met artists in certain cities and brought them together. where they ask questions for the share they dance together that. kind of an exchange. my county with the world of contemporary dance and to journey to 2 countries where artistic self-determination still also meets with resistance. to. our 1st stop licking the fast. in the capital do good we need. ebooks internationally as a dancer choreographer and dance teacher yes he's had to fight for recognition in his home and. it was difficult because my parents didn't accept my choice. they didn't want me to
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give up building houses and become a dancer because for them dancing had no future. it was really tough going to have to leave my family. there were no role models and there wasn't a dancer you could point to and say oh with dance you can be somebody looking up with dance you could build homes and buy big cars there were no reference to a song because she did it because once you have a part in a fiance. book and also a trade if you see that it's really tough to live from dancing and working a fast so i have to go elsewhere to do projects elsewhere to earn a living. the
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only developed this production together with an artist from ivory coast a collaboration that wouldn't have been possible without financial support from france. the stage is littered with trash which symbolizes the chaos of conditions in many african countries. how can they rise above the chaos and free themselves from dependence on the former colonial powers and what role can. these are questions younger african artists ask. for people here are afraid to say when things aren't working but i see it as my role to contribute something to change that i want to use every human being is useful to society i think as an artist i can create a positive change in the world from
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a short amount of money because it is more. to. you but changing things through contemporary dance is far from easy and looking up . dance is like selling magical grace still face prejudices and discrimination. in south pacific and i don't know what contemporary dance is they've never seen it yet they criticize it they say the few months dancers are prostitutes before non housewives no one wants to marry us and no families are willing to accept us and our society accepted by. the way still southernmost a cobra a risk at all she left her fiance because he couldn't accept to work as a dancer. in the single mother owns a living by performing internationally. no no she slowly also. receiving
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recognition at how. it was already the show. that helped me to convince my family now they support me and that's why i say to all women it's possible with the will. be. the choreographic developments and to. all the termite mound is a hive of activity. the unger small firm enough project which puts women center stage is also based here. created by the directors of the company. it profiles the work of female dances and choreography. to touch the audience questions. to question what is right in our society.
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improvise in front of a symbolic backdrop the rundown formative. is a relic of $980.00. when the country saw many pro-democracy movements and cultural projects. today the grounds belong to the choreographic development center several dance companies are based here it's also home to artists in residence workshops and festivals. unique in west africa it was founded by a new one of the biggest names in contemporary african dance in his latest project he works with refugees from mali. there are lots of refugees here the 1st place an african refugees head is elsewhere in africa europe. people think africans are
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going to cross the mediterranean and invade europe for that's false stuff lots of african refugees stay within africa and off he. is just to put the purpose of the beyond borders project is to go into the camps and get refugees to dance. this allows them to regain control and self-confidence and to overcome boredom and loneliness event could lead to the. evil of the party don't look they're going to return to the camps with new knowledge with a breath of fresh air and hope said knew very little that's why. it works deal with the issues which affect everyone but from an african perspective . to try to do that dance for such shows dance because it's a universal language you can communicate transmit emotion and church audiences with it using words. as
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a representative of africa's politically active dance scene beyond the neighbors here also to pass in the tonsil case in dresden along with dancers from ghana and senegal. said there were everything revolved around the arts dance above all but for me it was a bit more than that we were like a family we ate meals together dance together and combine different forms of art there. was a real human element to all the activities we did that's what struck me most. is according to i got to know make stuart in dresden. i knew her name from before he was we've never met that was the 1st time. i danced congress 2019 makes do it is the 1st choreographer to be. maid artistic
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director. she hopes to create lasting connections collective experience through dance improvisation and perhaps even that utopia of a global community. their connections are real the conversations are grounded and they're all sharing different experiences together. and it's great to be in a social dance class with the term attorney and then be in dialogue with it with students it's just really i find it really mix and i feel like it has a real promise for another way of for us to strengthening the whole dance community . so i look at the movements between people i'm interested in social courtesy. it can be so simple when we go to meet someone new how do you greet them what or how do we never get social space social interactions and movements. and what causes change what causes people to really mobilize around
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a certain idea. to get passion about something where they they stop being neutral and stop being an observer and kind of when they're become empathetic. when they're like yes i'm involved i'm with i come with i support so i'm really interested in this fragile systems of support. sharing and learning from one another. the workshop was caribbean beats that's about a ghost teaches tempeh and african i'm going down sign music star. but i always. call him you know maybe i grew to like terminator more over time. it's the rhythm that surrounded me growing up after all. and today i can use this very rich dance language to develop my own steps.
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i only realized now that i draw inspiration from those roots. and from everyday relations and life. gestures are part of a sign language that's hard to put into words. you could always find your freedom through it or save yourself from something so. there are codes that help you navigate difficult situations. in this sense it seems done stern create new spaces. a port city on the lumbee is northern caribbean coast this is the center has been a unesco world heritage site since 984. in the 16th century it was the center of
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slave trade as a result of cultures and the music and dance styles mixed here leading to a vibrant colombian don seen. a better body of us was born in captivity in and studied at 3 now to. vote today he teaches that himself. at this institutions he students are taught a range of different dance techniques there's everything from that way to modern contemporary dance. was more. an improvisation exercise. that somebody else place experimental music while the dances let the inspiration guide them in creating a new production born out of the moment.
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here or better as rehearsed in the performance of cardio a student of his from venezuela. they plan to perform the piece in public spaces. on that list. for him to 70 percent of the population have got there he now has african roots in the language being white in a corporate amelie black neighborhood was a challenge for me but i mean to survive here i had to adapt to the environment. so whatever we wanted to me. it's that our whole casing got to him this work here in qatar was a form of dance research the answer is i wanted to really delve into this and
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explore the people of this city. down the room on the name is el mundo. but it somehow captures the essence of colombians today or you can call on. him to send more and out of it but it's him among dollars stands for your average person in constant need offices to come up with a way to survive in the kitchen you know to see less but upwards or whatever the money dance is in order to earn a living. but. not a solo you. know better body has made a name for himself experimenting with new forms of expression and combining improvisation and classical technique. i think that strength an artist or. they come together and they find.
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spaces outside of institutions that they find their own initiative that they work on their own and their value and their. kind action and how they work with the city i think this is a kind of empowerment for the l.g.b. t.q. community for instance. in colombia the clear the formants house of to is drawing already and. it was found about a 100 of you know together with other like minded individuals. with a collective combining voting with the south american dance. but we also do other things we got together in order to go out in the evenings and perform to explore to experiment but follow. our lead because he left lot of experimental film.
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bad move a little bit down to the penny it was a professional dancers who were trained done school as much but as large supermarkets were top of libertarians for movement we've expanded the basic rate deal done. more expand b. you know some of us are still studying at the dance academy but i was going to see movement is actually more of a priority than classic training. fitness and i'm often in more union. i'll commute for no 1st we didn't want to become an artist collective or activist group. or. that wasn't their intention at all but we just wanted to have fun together some of the stuff that we've been artists for a long time before tomorrow's to. go. together to vogue and have fun when we would be a. bogota colombia sprawling capital has a population of over 1000000 it's full of contradictions open and liberal good home
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to aggressive machismo full of progressive creative projects but also discrimination although the clear arts center house of tomorrow is required security it provides a safe space for those who come here. we create spaces where we're safe from hostility to threats with the promise we're very proud of what we have achieved in such a short time period i'm proud of who we are but i must get a safe spaces that we've established are not exclusive for others to us but on. me and the idea is that everything is in constant flow not just dance involving armor but also gender fluid gender but of the fluid in our bodies fluid in a latin american city fluid and nightlife like in america and. you just have to them are as an important have for the scene to connect and run
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free. to. look. at i believe the energy beauty community of the moves in strongly separated and isolated spaces familles when we're together we feel that things are changing but then we go out onto the street and the surroundings stay hostile. because i believe that our approach is pretty radical. in the case on both of them into theatre campaigns and activism in music or politics or luckiest on. the. i don't see dance as entertainment but i think it can speak about complex issues in the world. post-colonial. you
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know the rise of the right the fascism politics history decolonization. the cultural center flora in bogota is an independent privately managed institution which supports artists through grants. manages the dance and performance section the renowned artist commutes between new york and her hometown bogota and is especially interested in concepts of vulnerability and strike. you. can connect with them again i'm interested in understanding our bodies which are confronted with
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a harsh reality in colombia in the midst of a political crisis a social crisis an economic crisis as well as an ecological crisis but who recognizes. that this guy like this is a. look at them again our bodies are exposed to all of these things at the end of it especially here in colombia there's also a connection to magical they are hidden secret of power and possibilities of exploring the world. as the. situation is that there's a lot of aggression they're going to see only that's not easy moving your body through such a metropolis simply get as a kid in that sharpens your senses. it gives you something like a $360.00 degree view. a war no 2nd want to aspire. on the list and doesn't get out and i think there are other perspectives you can take to. for instance to listen mows me to rediscover my body through the city from the good the us to your
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calls and then there are lots of those calls as if wasn't us here on this and i'm going to need to i think it's likely just covering the animal within. which they were. lending money. or something or north or like my sense of smell. the amount of sense i make out is just incredible. stories and my sense of smell gives me so much information and then they this allows me to perceive the city in a much more encompassing way because that was on the bus we are. going to have brought this high season sensory awareness to dresden and was drawn to old video tapes. she used the dance congress
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2019 as an experimental space and made new connections. during precarious times and it's evident to keep going when there is more limited resources or you feel that rather that you're. not in the center or that people are not appreciating your work or that seeing the worth so how to strengthen the collective voice so i think there's a kind of real like that if you would take what's the source of a kind of an guard or a shift or breakthrough that's in this really structuring element you know this other kinds of ways of. bringing. people together and discussing. issues and making things more transparent to. the dulles congress a long lasting effect
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a celebration of the body mind and soul under connection that is sure to leave a mark. this was all 21 take care and take a moment to dallas. what's
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going on here oh no. house of your family your own son a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shaved explains delivers facts and shows what the future holds
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yet living in the digital world shift. 15 minutes on d w. movies just to make a living on an island. endangered animal planet down to. the mind body the rapidly growing population is encouraging and more into their habitat is it and irresolvable conflict somalia biodiversity ban. the 30 minutes of calm dumb. boy. oh boy. in the height of climate change. africa's most of. what's in store for the team is going to be used for the future the 1st c.w.
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to construct a major city to the multimedia inside. the turret. cutting through the noise. where i come from people are known for being tough but fair to your country block people tell it like it it is but they call it the concrete jungle the melting pot of the city that never sleeps if there's an energy that makes it feel like old but amid the hustle it's important to listen and pay attention because it's not just the loudest voices who needs to be heard we all have a story to tell the i see it as my job as a journalist to go beyond the obvious now i'm based in europe mum i work takes me around the world my instincts for me in the state to tell the important stories behind the headlines. what is the heart of the story why does it matter who let's. focus if you want. to cut through the noise of the truth.
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this is. standing in solidarity people across france honor the history teacher who was beheaded after discussing cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad with. an 11th person is detained over the killing also coming up. a new president on sunday amid a deeply divided political landscape the winner will have to deal with the
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coronavirus pandemic. economic crisis. and in the.


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