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doesn't the. world peace love love. love. ugh can't sleep. ugh couldn't sleep. a close one. this is news and these are our top stories donald trump has cost his ballot early and the u.s. presidential election concerns about the coronavirus are dominating the final days of the campaign and fueling a surge in early voting on friday the u.s. set a single day record for new infections with more than 85000 cases strick. chileans are preparing to go to the polls to vote in a referendum on whether to replace the country's pinochet era constitution present
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constitution is considered by many to prevent social progress and justice the vote comes after a year of mass unrest against social inequality. scuffles have broken out between protesters and police outside the residence of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the demonstrators were demanding that netanyahu resign over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and criminal indictments against him for corruption. this is g.w. news from berlin follow us on twitter and instagram at u.w. news all this is our website w dot com. or forward the order for.
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you what she indeed w.'s house in good shape coming up. the quest for eternal youth how men skin difference from women. getting in a sweat why is hyperhidrosis such a burden. and touchy feely how does the sense of touch. hello and welcome to in good shape oh atmosphere is polluted we all know that it's full of the highest but did you know that part of this dust consists of dead human skin cells approximately 1000000000 tons of it that means each one of us produces a truckload full of that skin cells over a lifetime even though its skin is constantly removing itself many people have problems with it like pimples referees in spots especially in times of corona why
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this is what i'm going to talk about today with someone who really knows everything about the still don't they get it willing but before that let's take a look at our skin which is very much alive take the sensors in it for instance in your fingertip you can feel an elevation approximately 0.005 millimeters high that's amazing our skin is full of wonders. in our skin countless sensory cells and nerves work together like instruments in an orchestra assigned to play different parts. in the merkle cells mostly register pressure. they help us to identify the shape of objects and whether they're hard or soft. our lips have many many receptors there especially sensitive just like our fingertips. some receptor is in the skin of our hands and fingertips even warn us when we're about to drop something. and. those are the meisner score
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puzzles which are only found in the hairless skin they register vibration instantly transmitting signals to the cortex via the spinal cord the brain fires back a command triggering a grasping reflex that happens without any conscious awareness on our part. touch can tell us where we've placed our feet and even help orient us in space. that's called proprium step and it's mediated by sensory receptors deep within our skin and muscles along with our brain sense of balance. tactile receptor is don't just tell us exactly where we are they also inform us about our proximity to other people. but 2 important questions remain a mystery why is touching so pleasant and how to feelings develop from touch.
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for years scientists have been researching whether special nerves in the scan might play a role some of these c tactile afferent fibers are especially responsive to gentle touch. these special neurons connect our skin to areas of the brain that process emotion so perhaps that's how a touch could become a feeling. scientists suspect that the rewards of pleasant touch are important to social bonding a form of touch that is mysteriously attuned to tenderness. we all have to suffer in corona at times because we have to keep our distance so we cannot cuddle and cuddling is so important not only for the skin. touching and being touched are vital to good health a simple touch can come astound strengthen our immune system and enhanced our sense
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of well being but how. touch causes a change in our top most skin layers intense touch like an embrace activates several 1000000 tactile receptor those receptor sent electrical signals through the nervous system to the brain. that has an effect on brain activity producing neurotransmitters and hormones. those chemical messengers travel through the bloodstream to every part of the body where they get to work our heart rate slows and blood pressure sinks our breathing also slows anxiety is reduced along with stress hormone levels. and our immune system also gets a boost. if we're touch deprived we miss out on those vital responses and we have less of the hormone oxytocin which is involved in human bonding.
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into our we humans bond through physical touch untucked stimulation and you could think of oxytocin as a kind of biochemical glue in a way that hasn't vital function cleave emitted. so what can we do during this time of social distancing should we be touching plants and animals instead given you can compensate to some degree by having pets especially mammals. comp and it only works to a point it isn't think i'm fully replace a human physical contact couple can talk much of that. music though can help in times of social distancing. or cooking with its wealth of tastes and fragrances. that can help to feed our others as. well it seems like to be touched but what about cuddling in times of corona skin is a social organ it is made to touch and to be touched for example we have
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200-2500 receptor us in our fingertip just in order to feel everything properly when we touch very closely the horman oxytocin is set free in our body and this lowers the level of stress so the expression make love not war is kind of a neuro scientific way to see the skin so we need our skin for communication you say but but also it's a barrier to the outside world so some kind of protects us against a coronavirus but the coronavirus itself affects the skin all kinds of medical specialties examine patients with corona and they observateur changes on the lung on the heart on the kidneys on the vessels and we dermatologists observe changes on the skin in some patients for example which can happen in any virus infection we see rushes and different types of rushes so this could be
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a sign of corona and we have a special new symptoms symptom which is called covert told many children develop this and this is kind of a reddish live it toll or toes and it's a sign that there is inflammation in the small vessels and some of them are clots that the symptom heals spontaneously it's not dangerous but it can be seen as kind of a key symptom is another thing we use a lot of this effect we tried to keep helps a lot and this is this well isn't for the skin it's a big stress already before corona it was recommended to wash your hands regularly before you eat and after. going to the toilets or if you come out of a public place this should be kept on nowadays to use doesn't it's not necessary in most cases it's enough to just wash your hands because the
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virus is killed by soap or 10 psi it's what we should all keep in mind to always apply a cream and it's better to use a really crazy mend and not a light queen with par fumes my favorite pointman is traditional pure 100 percent unrefined she butter the yellow one it's full of vitamin a in allentown and it really recover siskind and protects the skin it contains in the bit that are similar to our lip it's and we apply this cream wash our hands again and even has a little bit of this cream left so it's a perfect protective and prepare cream but you can and cannot use it in your face can you because when i wear my mouse. through a surgery always find that it's irritating my skin in the face so so you can get some pimples here so what can i do my recommendation would be to just wash your
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face twice a day only with water and use a towel off towards other. peelings or whatever and then apply no cream because then you would at more moisture on the skin just use a mineral powered or pure minerals and they suck in the plus of water and really calm down the skin so you have less irritations ok then let's stay on the topic of skin and let's cut a little more. well this could be the start of a new romance. she's been busy getting ready made kind of a lasting 2 hours creaming and motioning plucking and powdering to make her skin look is flawless and as useful as possible. as for him his skin looks not truly fresh even though he's a good 10 years older how does he do it the classic male beauty programme is
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usually fairly basic soap and water that's it. i never use cream he doesn't the crematoria doesn't like it. i don't have any. with me as a member rises going through but that's too that's my thing the bathroom is 90 percent full with my stuff. but why is that is there really a difference between men's and women's skin dermatologist cristiana compared the skin types of both sexes she found that men with skin is better supplied with a natural skin lubricant. went on to men and women have the exact same number of sebaceous glands but in men these are larger so men produce more limits and then the sebaceous ducks transport that extra additional symptoms to the surface of the
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scan. on average male skin is around 20 percent thicker than female skin which means there's more space for largest sebaceous lands and those clones are more active thanks to male hormones men have much higher testosterone levels so that's a basis lands produce around 30 percent more than women. forms a thin protective film on the surface of the skin and keeps moisture locked in. that's a real advantage for men because testosterone is produced well into old age leaving their skin well nourished. women on the other hand showed signs of age earlier more quickly. as they were my height and that's one of nature's cruel tricks it's because women experience a dramatic drop in hormones after menopause unless we take hormone replacement therapy and then this hormone level the testosterone that keeps them young declines
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very slowly. it doesn't meet a low level until well into all the age and it's hormones that modulating are complection making us look fresh and. at some point however men also start to age and then it happens very quickly college in which keeps the skin tight plays a major part men may have more collagen but the body gradually breaks it down wrinkles appear. college and is the most abundant protein in the human body in the intermediate layer of the skin college and fibers form a connective tissue the cushions the epidermis makes it firm and springy the more strands in the skin the tighter it is. those college and fibers are arranged differently in men and women much to the annoyance of many women because that is why they are more prone to study light. by men and in
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men the fibers holding the connective tissue run parallel to the surface of the skin that prevents the underlying fatty tissue from pushing its way outwards in women this connective tissue is a perpendicular to the surface so that makes it easier for fat cells to protrude into the layer of skin where it becomes visible that's what we call cellulite it's probably part of nature's plan because women need more elastic skin in their pelvic area for childbearing skin. for many men the big problem is shaving the average man will shave around $16000.00 times during his lifetime shaving removes the top layer of skin exposing immature skin cells that are especially sensitive that's why after shave can sometimes sting. irritated skin is.


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