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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2020 12:45am-1:01am CET

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ah has avoided the spotlight for the entirety of his pioneering career but a new documentary gets his story in his own words. germany is set to impose new nationwide coronavirus restrictions for a lock down light as of next monday the creative community was out in force in the capital yesterday to make its feelings felt and earlier today i spoke to theatre director thomas but 1st this restore this report. bar and restaurant owners artists and entertainment industry staff took to the streets of berlin on wednesday that's widespread concern about the new coronavirus measures that will close businesses for several more weeks one of the speakers was the singer of punk rock band knowles and. as you are and we're talking about more than 1000000 jobs and livelihoods since march people have had to live as if they were banned from working will operate without any profit because of the restrictions how does
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it feel to be banned from working virtually overnight since march and not a cent has fallen into your wallet since then warm words are of little help here in the world today. most of those who attended the demonstration have been directly affected by coronavirus restrictions. came from distilled off she usually unsound money as a singer but she's been forced to take a part time job at a butcher's to tide her over one demand of the demonstrators is that all those affected should receive adequate compensation to cover fixed costs or you know it may be a moment's thought i would have to establish what our monthly expenses are and then see what the minimum is that we need to earn and that has to be paid out we need to get compensation it's not that we're unemployed we're not allowed to work. hospitality and entertainment brunches feel that they've borne the brunt of the
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coronavirus measures. with no end in sight patience is running out. and there's our director thomas alston from berlin saldana theatre joins me now he's just fresh out of rehearsals but also my are this is a major blow to artistic and cultural life here in berlin just as it was getting back on its feet tell me how are your plans and projects affected i believe you had an opening coming up and how are you feeling about this. well we're massively affect because we have to lock down from monday on and we have. run several shows every woman was. lost and ending up on our schedule and we were supposed to open on thursday. with a new show with the premiere of the answer book it's which i'm actually rehearsing
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at the moment and we don't know what will happen we can't bring the crimea. so do you do you actually recognize the need for these new measures and do you feel perhaps that they're justified to tell and with in respect to 2 theaters. well i don't believe it justifies the because if you look at what's happening in atlanta and look what's happening in trains if you look at work sapping in other parts of our social life. some parents get the feeling their politicians are trying to prove that they're serious with the measurements by undocking cultural. institutions in order to prove that the suv year we did everything in the make sure that there is no danger of infection our team on stage is tested twice
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a week with people in the audience you wear masks we have generic concepts and tearing cancer and as far as i know all there wasn't any spread event in any the show in any audience so. critical. ok now we also saw in the report there is criticism of the government regarding the support that the cultural sector is actually receiving do you share these criticisms and perhaps have concrete demands of your own. of course i shared this because independent our lists were not on the permanent contracts. are in high danger or are not so i having this crisis as an artist and i think there's an urgent need to make
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sure that all of these are this can survive the crisis socially and that the government has to make sure after they make sure of that for example of time that will survive they need to make sure that all the artist and all the artists in germany which me. this only hurts your but obviously obviously a great imbalance their welfare survive this crisis just quickly. i'm sure that it will survive this crisis but i'm not sure that. the landscape will survive in the form what we had before corona crisis ok well here's wishing you all the best for this difficult fall season we will remain optimistic with you thanks very much for joining me thomas alston my own. well internationally speaking many people will have heard of leipzig or dresden 2 of the calling cards of the eastern
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german state of saxony which is why the euphoria was grates in cabinets on wednesday with the announcement of its european capital of culture status for the year 2025 all the city known for nearly 40 years as starts under the east german communists and infamous for its recent anti immigrant sentiment hopes to give its tarnished image a new shine. it's one of the best known landmarks in cemex the car marks monument erected in 1971 and it's still on man was on the city's bidding committee for the european capital of culture title to him the site evokes mixed feelings. on the one hand this is a place where he saw a lot of really great concerts and events. where the mood was really positive and happy. but it's also a place that the world got to see in a way that i personally had never experienced before. he's referring to the events
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of august 28th seen far right demonstrations raged here for several days after a 35 year old local man was killed in a fight with 2 asylum seekers riots in counter-demonstrations followed and those images went around the world one man hopes that its capital of culture status will now improve the city's reputation. there a high rises next to the historical city hall examples of classic east german modernism white streets it's quirky just not necessarily love of sight can it's made its contradictions and rough edges the cornerstone of its bid it's an industrial city with a rugged unfinished charm it may not have architecture but it's gritty and it is home to some striking up projects like the sculpture in the city's main part that depicts comics his bowels the building committee obviously to. the right approach is that we hope to welcome people from across to your families not just to see
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fantastic exhibitions and cultural programs but also to actually take part lives of us with so much involving the public was a key element in the application stage the idea was to get locals to appreciate the city. as it is for when i was still at school with talk about where we were going to go when we left but with the capital of culture status people will see the city through new eyes and hopefully be more likely to stay with it and maybe others will move yeah. it's you know the title is an opportunity for the city to put its best foot forward and get a welcome make over. rose to fame in the late 1980 s. which was a decade of conspicuous consumption his groundbreaking work was hailed as being akin to art but in an era of fashion superstars like for instance he stood out for his anonymity and self-effacement well he shuns the spotlight and usually refuses
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all interviews but one german filmmaker has managed to let him tell his own story. models with obscured faces of unguarded silhouettes and unconventional materials ripped and shredded garment runway shows reminiscent of surrealist paintings imagine my jailer as one of the most influential designers of the last 30 years he's also an enigma never appearing in public in the banksia fashion if you like. but now german documentary filmmaker heights a has made a film that offers an intriguing insight into this elusive creative genius. please father misha be fathers a lot of people ask me what was it like filming with am really keep his face covered all the time did he hide from you who says but it wasn't like about he's not paranoid he lives of relatively normal life he just doesn't want his own image
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to matter more than his work the crimes he views to give you up you know how. much other doesn't in fact show his face in height so much film he's always preferred to let his work do the talking. i don't like the idea of being a celebrity. to. be. like everybody else a conceptual artist as much as a designer marcelo turned fashion into something abstract and experimental in 1904 he unveiled a barbie collection. so their duty was to take. bobby and. blow them up to life size. people would say it doesn't fit policy and that's what i'd like to look like a dog's garment
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a living person. mark my jailer was also one of the 1st designers to use normal people as models 30 years ago the designer pioneered techniques now considered mainstream including up cycling he would reinvent garments found in flea markets turning them inside out and taking them apart at the seams many of today's style staples were 1st dreamt up by martin my jailer. take us along on the other day i was waiting to cross the street and there was a girl in front of me in jeans with distressed seems that's classic marge ala ripped jeans his jeans were almost completely in trends was new today ripped jeans are expensive but it all started with him on top of a car on his for me. martin my jailer retired from the fashion world 11 years ago sealing his legacy. some his film is a tribute to one of the most influential and any magic designers in 20th century
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fashion. well that's all for today more on the website as always that e.w. dot com slash culture without it's time for me to sign off so stay safe and until next time all the best.
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to the point strong opinions clear positions of international perspectives. cortines priority along seem to be restoring russia as a global player but despite mounting tensions in the neighborhood he's showing surprising inertia as he lost his touch russia's explosive from tears are topic on to the point. to the point. the 30 minutes on t w every 2 seconds the person is forced to flee their homes. the consequences are disastrous our documentary series displaced tomatoes and greed the exodus of gonna screw us. factories are being deserted. farmers are facing bankruptcy the current free trade. in 75 minutes on d w. it's
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for me. it's for you. it's for help. beethoven is for. is for. me to move in is for. brito is for. beethoven 2020 the 250th anniversary year on new. this presidential election is a crucial why not just for the united states but for the world leading the race in america is cool runnings told to the streets you will be right here for you and
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we'll tell you everything you need to know as america decides who bring you the numbers issues the background as it happens and until the last vote is counted join us for special live coverage from berlin the u.s. election november 4th on details. this is day w news and these are our top stories french president among them up call visit at the church where 3 people were killed and the suspect at islamist knife attack in the french city of nice the president promised to deploy more soldiers to protect places of worship and schools france's anti-terrorism prosecutor says the suspect is a tin is young man he's in hospital and critical condition. german chancellor angela merkel has defended new restrictions and at.


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