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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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became a bit of a shaky the chinese state has a lot of money this disposal. and that's how it's expanding and asserting its star is in position in the world to be fair to kick a ball boy. china's gateway to europe starts feb 19th d.w. . i thought i. knew some or sometimes i get so angry. i start screaming like
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a crazy woman i can sometimes feel the rage welling up inside then i just want to endure. 12345678912 years so. that's how long i've been here. i don't give all the men their time and i feel like i'm suffocating the drains overflow and it all flows into the building you can hardly bring. size when we live in such crowded conditions disease spreads quickly that i would find solace to down the anger grows or. beneath them all down the. musicians being stuck behind their schools for 12 years. you can see the skyline
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but only through the bombs. the building is in one of the poorest districts of north korea. complex the resembles a prison. the women here live behind us the beleaguered salutes and ideas go round and round free them up. to be the case a decent it is the largest psychiatric facility in asia. fear defend ation is a word for organization that can be seen all of the pakistan in many areas it's taken over the responsibilities of the state's. foundation runs off midges maternity wards ambulance services along with facilities like this one a hospital cum shelter for women.
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15 years ago there were 400 women living here. now there are 1700. every evening as the light fades the volunteers staff prepare for new arrivals. seracini is a city of 20000000 people a monster and this evening the monster will spit out another woman but nobody wants . that in iran cheese huge it's a dangerous city for young girls and for women. usually
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a bad. decision years mohamed below has driven through the docking streets of the city if we not. only be updated obviously big is it going to we hear that there's a woman wandering around on her own at night we immediately take her off the street and bring her back to the center because it's very dangerous for a woman to be on her own at the train or bus station or even at the police stations station robot their bodies yet they charge us a. lot of dodgy shit that the women that we find out on the streets of karachi may be suffering from mental illness all they may have been rejected by their families or they were beaten and fled. so i gather that what if you still.
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be up a lot of it i just got a call from the police base picked up a young girl a job it. is the duty officer there. alice $30000.00 on her. is everything ok. is that the girl. sallow once your name. cindy she doesn't speak sending only pashto. her name is nita. she says she comes from sha town. but i call the police there and no one knows her or has reported her missing. yes it's very late so we called you at least should be
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safe with you he killed a. man she seems a bit bewildered at the way of the chaps that's why she got lost they missed their sawyer lives there the better said. it she kept up that this 2 possibilities either she wandered off from her family or her parents threw her around jobs we don't know yet which is a. good. laugh well it had a bad. laugh . the reader doesn't really understand what's happening to the right now my. in
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pakistan the people with psychological problems a scene is of the families so many just want to get rid of them. is but you're going up the trauma she can sleep here in the center kanaka like and i got a 1st she'll have something to eat so i guess then she can have a bath and we'll give her some clean clothes but if they fall it has sleep 1st and then in the morning after breakfast we'll try to find her parents but as i get a car that. is star the case is ma'am. but in cases like hers the parents really turn up the odd very few come to collect their children it would be a miracle if they came out most of these girls end up staying here and grow up here a lot of possibly with god it's quite possible that we'll look for a. for one day. i'm is the child because the mommy spoke out about how to.
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split up. mohammed takes her with him. was i was i. i. i just at 1st i cried every day on the way home from work. i and everyone said i should give up my job but i didn't want to be i believe god has chosen me to care for the poorest of the poor of our focus he.
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joked in a scene has spent a quarter of his life in these car doors. she runs the center she's all she familiar with how society in general seems so strange the people i hear disorder has a field day just go to the families in pakistan have no idea about mental health problems so they don't want to consult a doctor in the teens face and yet these conditions could be treated right from early on as soon as the 1st symptoms emerge the doctor. or do they was up to her i was at least a bit depressed or mentally ill sister or wife is considered a disgrace and so it's to be. true. that a lot a little bit said never again they remember what they shouted. that's not an area
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are left out. when they turn aggressive the family started get down it's sometimes they find no solution a bomb got the was. that was and then they get even more aggressive the women break things they are restless hit out at others threaten to kill them and so people bring them to us. the children and you don't live until sometimes they arrive in chains on us ropes tied around the hands and feet and the but those are all one though i did i i was. i took me in. there are 2 categories of patients. it was 2 the 1st lady there are those with genetic conditions. and they have congenital defects so they're born
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with it 4 months of mentor who. was all. and then there are women who are quite normal soon but they were subjected to abuse her husband's a mother in law's hippie of them half of them up on mistreated them in some other way. and that gradually drives them insane. that. was. doing it years boggle did they just reach a point where they can't cope. and they develop personality disorders. and in the end they can't be kept at home anymore without the government having.
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kalimba hera is and are you doing or. are you taking her tablets yeah that's what are you taking an antidepressant that is a feeling better or do you still feel depressed so has your father visited you know of the good he's never been not even once so ok. i. know my lumbar planned that day i woke up packed a few things i got in the car and came straight here over to go up in a car does my. dad drove a. man know my name is here i'm a false image of the my father locked me up here 2 years ago because of depression . you're going to depression. i will be with you doesn't want to
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take you back i know that. i talked to him on the phone a year ago he promised he would come and get me a bob and help me go back home again bob you need to convince your father to come and get you he brought you here only he can get you out call them and let me talk to him go up to him this is how we give up the boy we let you talk to him before a year ago. if you want i'll call him again. and if he comes to get you no problem then you can go to the most well call. he'll are you still waiting for that call it's our only chance of getting out of here. she's 31 years old and she can only leave if a member of her family agrees to it. the same applies to women. all of them hope to leave once they proceed. treatment and become stabilized again.
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you know when you're shot. on by the boss this is not smart. husband brought her here in 2003 is to short out about that for the past 10 years she's not had a single visitor here couple believed it would i be of use today as she's been insisting on it and because she's more stable now and we have her address what we going to try taking her home very much for the children made out. you know i was issued with . he says now is issue. father brought her here in 2006 and said she was sick. he said this is my daughter keep her here at the center and give her treatment. oh you've been dogged by their deity is put up made other men who are
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killed or started with their. marketing tell way to punish i needed my family beat me and didn't give me any fate. it is that they hit me and threw me on the fill. my done this for they beat me with everything they could find a serious mistakes. made us i am sensitive i really i couldn't take it anymore i started my high says. i was doing really badly they were very difficult times for me. then they want on the negative. and if they start beating her again. that's my biggest yeah i know but that was 12 years ago now it will be different today maybe they'll take me back and not hit me anymore. last night as you boys have big now they'll protect me.
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they cling on to hope hope that things have changed now that life outside will be different now. better in some way. the disease and match mark could be making the most important journey of their lives. about i don't know is the seed here do you remember.
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that better now do you recognize the house come alive of the nurses you wait here for us and. yet that democracy you know knowledge maam. could not be oh no i don't know her legit this is not why did you say you don't know how to. get this is not must mother in general mothers endorse. the mother now then admit she does know her like. are you crying. getting back at her now that you did come and sit with your mother going home to give up. her like a man on a moment to ask the mother if she wants natch not to stay no no i don't know why not she's question now she's useless she can't work in the house no man would want
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her was being out here there were only be her again or that odd it was it was no one's visited her in 10 years she pleaded with us to be allowed to go home again she cries a lot can you let her stay no no they can't hurt you you want that for us i doubt my own mother doesn't want me anymore what should i do you mean we've got to figure out how it was up by i know all the neighbors have turned up and they all have an opinion about what should happen to this 36 year old woman who was. bedridden. finally the mother one more great she can stay for 2 or 3 days after that we'll see she said ok you've been out. for a while that the my god they are so mother doesn't want her anymore. she says they have no room she can't afford it and we should take her back with us it will be here but they are living here with the family of her husband and her mother in law
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wants to give it a try deal though she says they'll keep her if she behaves well if not they'll send her back to one of your whoppers obviously he said that's all that. but. i have no job to highlight i think. we'll send her back in a few days and by whoppers i. think they want to keep out of the budget that that should never live up to the light of the right to. believe. on to another district and more narrow streets. this was once when a seizure looked. at everything that was different now. or is it just to memory playing tricks.
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please please like there are so many cars. like them but in real houses everywhere. you can i just recognize my own neighborhood anymore. they're stunned monday or not it's been 10 years since i came here. during their country on my hands it's difficult to believe. someone is going fellow winning number 144 look fine 59 of the most. no one's really sure when making his. escape is her address is incomplete the one in her papers is wrong it is just unbelievable because well yeah but all you are going to use that.
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week. i have the feeling i'm never going to go home again. that exists. and i forgotten the address i just went away. and now i'm back here and. just like massage 3 quarters of the women that they try to return hunt end up back at the same time.
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here has hardly slept. she knows that if you chill we decided today in talk to no seems office. wednesday is the day that dr i asked visits the any psychologist in the facility with 1700 patients he's kept very busy. it'll be ages before healing can get another appointment with him. hello dr. make you sit down. are those my files what are you writing. or i've just seen how long you've been here. since 2017 years when you came here you were doing ok but your family brought you
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any waiters. yes. there are certain numbers and. this. belief is. all made up. hello dad. dad it's me healer. but how are you. can i come home. that i'm doing really well now come and get me. this. was going to look after me we have servants and i've always taken care of myself come and take me home. yeah. i can't stand it here anymore come and get me. now no.
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doubt i'll put you on the loudspeaker then you can speak to everyone that is going good. so good afternoon how are you. i'm fine thank you. i know my daughter has been with you for 2 years. but my son is sick. my brother isn't well either. please pray for us and keep my daughter there. yeah but she wants to live with the u. she's stable now she's been in treatment for 2 years she's doing really well on the medication she's very stable and she even helps take care of other patients. no no she's not well she wanted to kill herself. over the years but back then she wasn't treated. no she was on medication back then too i have her
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diagnosis i went to doctors all over karachi. wait a minute let me pass you to dr in a scene she knows your daughter very well have a word with her. yeah we are happy to keep you posted here but she is young she has a whole life ahead of her she deserves a 2nd chance. as long as she takes a medication there's no risk then she's quite normal you know love the good. i am sick to you know. very sick. and my son is not well either. seeing to his treatment takes up a lot of my time and of course they can obviously lie should i go but here are. his rock. he says i can't take it back.
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what he doesn't are the responsibility. of not i will never talk to my father again he's dead to him just like i out to him. q feel . up and go but you tell them it behave and they should take you by you will with you yes what did they say my mother doesn't want so she said no. natch much she was back at the center. the aisle found her standing outside the gate. her family didn't even keep her for 48 hours.
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but i think what did you do over the last 2 days. yeah yeah. i washed dishes whose dishes my mother is here and now you're back. yes they said that come and visit me but that's what they said. yes to. the will visit you my uncle and my sister. the boys we tried our best to return you to your family so you know now you'll have to stay as they don't want to. stay is that ok. 200 metres long and a 100 metres wide. that's the size of their own trial. a
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world where the days cost more slowly than elsewhere. but the sad monotonous well. the world outside doesn't want these women. this seen as a disgrace to society 2nd class citizen. and even have a nickname for. the ghosts of karachi. to. kick off. back home so they pulled off
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a victory over friday can extend their claim. partially to the 4th performance of the team. believe proved unstoppable. notching up 3 points against labor cusa should. be given up on w. . children to come to the. one joy your trouble i'm unwilling. to. this is deja vu news a live from berlin the kremlin critic alexei navalny calls for russians to take to the streets after he has jailed upon his return to moscow he calls his treatment
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a mockery of justice several countries have called for new sanctions to hold moscow accountable it's told them to mind their own business also coming up on the show with last and then 2 days left until president elect and joe biden's inauguration the u.s. remains on high alert defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack.


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