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tv   Hart aber fair  Deutsche Welle  January 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am CET

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this is the news live from berlin the big question from the european union where is our vaccine anger is growing over the delay of millions of preordered bills as of the covert 1000 vaccine from drug maker astra zeneca what's behind the delay and how will it affect those most vulnerable to the corona virus also coming up italy's prime minister conti resigns plunging the country into political uncertainty in the midst of the pandemic but come to could be back in charge soon. and football made
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in germany is in demand in the english premier league as thomas to the world takes the reigns at chelsea joining you're going club and rants throughout asymptotes all in the top 2. i'm told me already well welcome to the program the european union is demanding answers over the millions of undelivered doses of coronavirus vaccine that it ordered drug maker astra zeneca blames last minute supply chain issues for the delay but with all $27.00 countries facing heat for a lagging vaccine rollout politicians are openly questioning whether astra zeneca is telling the truth and whether vaccines produced within the e.u. are going to hire bidders outside the block. talks and more talks have done little
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to less than anger at astra zeneca european officials say the firm has failed to adequately explain why it was slashing expect scene deliveries to the e.u. . europe invested billions to help develop the world's 1st covered 900 mexicans to create surely global common good and now the companies must deliver. they must honor their obligations. astra zeneca as delivery cuts for the latest setback to e.u. plans to vaccinate 70 percent of adults by summer earlier this month fires are said it would temporarily reduce its deliveries to the e.u. was well citing production issues. but u.k. health officials say they expect to have enough supply to meet the country's vaccination targets that reality is fuelling tensions already that. i
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think the thing to do now is not to. go down the sort of the dead end of the nationalism is to work together to make sure that we protect our people that's my priority is to protect the british people to protect the united kingdom but also to protect the whole world is no one to say from tools that. divisions over how to fairly distribute vaccines will likely persist in the near term south africa's president lashed out at wealthy countries accusing them of buying up the global vaccine supply. now rich countries in the world won't need vaccines and we are say these excess. that you have you have a ordered and the hoarders south africa still needs to secure 14000000 more doses to accomplish its vaccination goal by contrast the e.u. u.k. and the u.s. have signed contracts with drug makers to acquire more than $200.00 times that
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amount. now we had south african president cyril wrong in that report accusing rich countries of hoarding vaccines but is anything happening globally to ensure the facts as we put that question to rachel silverman she specializes in global health policy at the center for global development. the truth is it's complicated the truth i mean fundamentally this truth is there is. not enough vaccine supply to go around to everyone right now and so what we're seeing is no country actually has access right now everyone is struggling to get enough supply to back me their citizens and is trying to keep up with demand however what is true and i think what happens in the photos i was referring to is the fact that rich countries have preordered much more than they will need in aggregate so by the end of this year assuming supply projections happen as expected many wealthy countries
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will have much more than they need while at work countries probably still will be struggling to meet the needs of their populations so what i'd like to see is some commitments to back to me to do any of the excess machinations once countries have know that they have enough to vaccinate their own populations and what norway's doing actually is donating some doses in parallel to their own oxidation efforts. let's catch up with all the developments in the pandemic the number of covert 19 cases worldwide has now surpassed 100000000 that's according to johns hopkins university the kovacs vaccine sharing platform says it hopes to supply 1800000000 doses to poor countries this year and iran has approved russia's sputnik vaccine the islamic republic has banned the import of vaccines from the u.k. all the us saying they are quote untrustworthy. let's look at headlines
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from elsewhere in the world. u.s. president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin have reached a deal to extend the new start nuclear arms control treaty the treaty was supposed to expire early next month it limits the nuclear weapons washington and moscow can deploy the trumpet administration refused to extend the pact without concessions from russia. ugandan opposition politician bobby wine has been released from house arrest he had been unable to leave his house since disputed elections on january 14th one by a long serving president yoweri in with 70 soldiers and police surrounding his compound stood down on tuesday the day after a court ordered an end to the alliance confinement. solve west somalia has seen fighting between the federal army and jubilance state forces at least 11 people were killed in the attacks near the border with kenya
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somalia accuses kenya of backing jubilant in the fighting kenya says none of its troops have crossed into somalia calling it an internal somali matter. in south africa part of the crew go kruger national park a flooded after tropical storm eloise brought heavy rains the storm is passing over southern africa making landfall in mozambique on the weekend kruger park management is urging tourists and nearby residents to avoid roads and low lying bridges. italy's prime minister has stepped down deepening the country's political disarray giuseppe conti's resignation comes after a small coalition partner pulled out of his cabinet will be spared the prospect of a humiliating defeat in parliament this week in a vote on judicial reform but observers believe he may be in a position to form a new government with broader political support. just last week.
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seemed in delish form as he addressed the senate. on tuesday morning he was being quizzed from the critical palace having informed the president of his resignation. fairly dramatic person of the republic sergio mata reller has received this morning at the kernel palace the prime minister giuseppe conti resigned as his head of government at a thing out of the. country's undoing lay in his inability to secure support for proposed additional reform. this former coalition partner material renzi was the man whistling a different tune with the d. the party chief has come under intense criticism in italy though he looks the most relaxed manner own. when september ends have a good renzi probably had good reason to show everyone that this government did not have a sufficient majority. so i think that they will find
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a solution because italy deserves a good government. but not everyone in rule was still sure. confidence in the government. at this point. especially with all the games being played i salute for one extra member of parliament to reach. this is not the way you go in a country a country like italy very very. well. not very confident frankly because i think the behavior particularly of some political parties has been very irresponsible as. president matter relic at no charge condi with forming a new government if he can find additional support whatever the outcome italians must know deal with political upheaval to add to the turmoil caused by a financial crisis and the con demick. earlier we heard from.
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he's a german italian political scientist with the center for international studies at oxford university and he explained why we're seeing this crisis in italy now and whether it could have been averted or delayed. there was no way to do ladies these reckonings sort of speak because a very very small party that supported a majority called the kind of evil that italy alive which is probably true percentage of the vote in opinion polls pulled out of government so to go away to the numbers that were needed. these could never be less the result fairly quickly because a person or a public will pursue a number of avenues the 1st one is to try to see whether it will become to conform to your government in he needs name by bringing in. a number of
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m.p.'s that are nor not aligned and that could support his government. the 2nd option would be to call for a technocrat to step in and form a go with a very broad majority across the parliament or spectrum in their names that have been made in the past that might be a drug addict former president of the european central bank as well as marco rubio who was the former. head of the current supreme court. 3rd option would be to go to vote however i think this is the least the only option that the press in the republic will try to avoid at all costs. because of the pond and i think so on health grounds but also on the common grounds he needs a government that can restart economy as we get possible. in football english side chelsea have confirmed thomas to hall as the new coach
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he's signed and 18 month contract with the london club replacing frank lampard who was sacked on monday to haul is the latest german coach to try his luck in the premier league so what can chelsea expect from their new man we take a look at 2 holes career so far one that's been very much made in jail. any. thomas took over likes to do things his way the german coaches tactical accu men 1st became apparent said lonely but does league aside minds with his unique football philosophy the nickname wrong breaker. was. so patient as a guns folks we broke up thinking patterns and sports structures very old fashioned thinking pattern that is a presence across germany in our 1st season in the bonus league or we played with different systems. that attention to detail went as far as making the team all eat together. because the 1st thing. you have to imagine a buffet for
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a brand is really good team has it from different soups and poultry to grilled fish and 3 kinds of desserts before i could even finish the c. part of the team and already gone big. circle cemented minds his place in the bundesliga before following in the footsteps of yogen clawfoot he led them to the german cop in 2017 thanks to his brand of attacking football put on like circle was unable to win the league with storm and he was sacked the picked up his career in paris which star studded p.s.g. more trophies followed but the one they really wanted the champions league eluded them that also really cost chokehold his job now a new challenge awaits in england. to sailing round the world one day globe yacht race is entering its final stretch far as her man is currently in 2nd place and vying for the lead with the finish in france less than 2 days away
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her man is the 1st german to take part in the race and he's known for taking environmental activist grettir turned across the atlantic but it hasn't all been smooth sailing for her man he had a dangerous encounter on the high seas with a container ship he had to convince. the huge vessels captain to change course is what he had to say about the incident as a player but that with the friends that visit to the friends living with the guy in the cool of the common knowledge checking the thing and hello my was a lone mother one of. the luggage the bug was knocked down to one dumb luck. you're watching news from berlin news africa is up next for christine that remember you can keep up to date with all the names on our website e.w.
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dot com for us on twitter and on instagram at the handle i'm told me a lot of cool for me and the news team thanks for joining us. tonight children to come to terms. one giant trouble i'm unwilling to no limit to see the picture you. decided to believe the change in the late fuel economy. how will climate change affect us and our children our. morning e.w. dot com slash water. w.'s crime fighters are back with
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africa's most successful radio drama series continues all of us odes are available online and of course you can share and disco song w africa's facebook and other social media platforms crime fighters to mindanao. this is deja vu news africa on the program today the cold at 19. and how it will be tough for women. more women around the world have lost their jobs because of. that man will meet women in uganda who've taken the wheel up to the pandemic to let them out of work. i will also meet the cameroonian nurse who is giving cervical cancer screening she's trying to raise awareness about the disease and save women before it's too late.
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hello i'm christine it's good to have your company some of the world's wealthiest people have seen be a wealth soul during the cloven 1000 pandemic while poor people off facing the hardship the united nations say's the crisis has disproportionately affected women they have faced an increased risk off devastation and poverty level according to the international labor organization to the jobs that will be permanently lost because of the pandemic of job stand by women that's because women make up more than off of the workforce and six's that have been hit hard by. retail hospitality and tourism now at this is world economic forum which is being held virtually the u.n. secretary general and highlighted the issue in his keynote speech we see if you
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give me 10 views on people and companies that have been struck by the pandemic. women in particular have been badly affected by job losses and the extra burdens of care. that's the u.n. secretary general. speaking that but even with women facing tough years ahead in the uganda a culvert 19 pandemic has opened the way to new koreas for some women when the coronavirus hit many jobs in the country were lost and millions and hope but as you're about to see a group of women decided not to sit idle instead they launched a new all female taxi service and its cheekily called diva taxi. diva taxi in kampala puts women exclusively in the driver's seat it's normally only men who drive taxis in socially conservative uganda female drivers were unheard of until the pandemic struck. driving alone can be risky book especially at night.
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that's why old diva taxi drivers get self-defense training they also all carry pepper spray and knowing how to use if he'd needed this drive out like so many others he lost his job at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic the former accountant he's glad she found diva taxi. you say to take it up because you keep going to continue to. suck and i'm going to be funny to meet you i need to take you to grant. more women in uganda have lost their jobs due to covert 19 than men according to the world bank this is deepening the country's already wide employment gender gap diva taxi which started last june is proving that women can compete in mouth dominated industries oh well it is extremely hard working very motivated and i like that sense of pride when they're doing this with
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a big one. and that's the difference we have details and more importantly customers also appreciate having female drivers. i am more safe being driven person i need this is a gender issue i feel safe at being driven by a few but also because. that's the way the careful way while driving. is amazing. the driving service has grown into a successful startup it's helped more than 80 women in kampala overcome unemployment during the code 19 pandemic. and to talk more about how the pandemic is impacting women in africa we've invited the executive director of the un women in level onto the program welcome to news africa and the u.n. saying that most of the people that have been pushed into poverty by corporate 19
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all women how will african women be affected by the pandemic in the long term well women in africa in the social services to begin with if this is in the health care sector is just slow it is globally there are lots of 80 percent elite in the health sector so they are exposed. to the pandemic in much more but also all the also in the services in indices this have lost most of the jobs many of them would not speak evil to get to underneath the economic activities in those those in the informal sector who are self-employed those informal sector and the family business there's been this image it. and them right it isn't. doing less packages so i just remain in the former sector so getting on their feet
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again is extremely difficult right so as these vaccines are being being prepared and rolled out the conversation is now shifting to the recovery from the pandemic and you have talked about the fact that governments should be including women in their recovery strategies and as you have as you've said more stuff african women in the informal sector there they don't get support from the government so how how can they be included in the recovery strategies that the governments are drawing up now. what we are advocating together with women's groups to governments is there to be interventions and there leave measures they're putting in place must be designed specifically to speak to women in the private sector we should not have some of the . structures for the present and former sectors because those do not reach the women in the form of sector the level of literacy the liquid which aren't there
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folks don't get businesses are not elections that should not went against them. and what is your advice to a woman in africa listening to you today how can she position herself for that life after the pandemic to recover economically. well in the 1st place i think you're we must make sure that girls in africa do not miss out of. patients we should not have and are the last generation we are seeing there the number of girls that are going back to school after the pandemic. has reduced significantly that is agreed consent it's child marriage trafficking are some of the fields that are affecting the council we are only at around there if part women who are employed need to be of this skill to be doing it's there for the
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women to do that themselves some point has to come from governments in other institutions including the un and the private sector to help to retool women for the jobs of the future in those that are under a culture we are edging governments to procure food their women produce wherever possible scenario is a good example of that country it is beginning to put your rights from women who are small producers producing as a block in being able then to sustain the. business and then we. missed out on more guy you were the 1st female deputy president of south africa and at that time you were actually the highest ranking woman in the country's history what's your sense about if there is more space opening up in africa for for women to meet. it i will i will it's only excess then it is definitely. a bigger push from women
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it to clean gas base it's the higher level and those they're more acceptance of women and you know it's like it's just not happening fast enough. it is slow and also it is something that you have to be it's going tomorrow because when there's an election is not guaranteed that the woman that was elected before will go back again as we speak right now there is only one woman presidents in africa it is only if you're here so you know certainly we've seen legislation we seeing courthouse being introduced we're having a government asking us to assist them to design this court has but then at the end it also depends on votes house and they sometimes voters let us down and that is the executive director of you and women and in number one ok thank you.
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now in many countries in africa lack of information but not just beliefs and cultural ties has kept people from taking vaccines all getting screened for diseases much of the talk now is on getting people to accept a cold 1900 vaccine when it is eventually available but even as it is raging at the diseases ought to cervical cancer is the 2nd highest women off to breast cancer but if it is detected early it can be defeated and one health worker in cameroon has made it her mission to do just that. if you want and diana mcgrew is holding her weekly circle cancer awareness talk in cameroon's capital yeah. the meeting is one hour long and the audience is almost entirely female 27 year old diana is a nurse and cervical cancer activist for 2 years she's been fighting cervical cancer by raising awareness.
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of the loss of the other states where we can manage this that's why we can no money this little thing to be diana facilitates mass cervical cancer screening for women in disadvantaged communities at this hospital owned by the local baptist church the screening is done for $10.00 this is less than 10 percent of the usual screening fee in cameroon cervical cancer is life threatening if not detected early that is why diana's goal is early prevention. so you didn't put it back on but it's a fight. so streaming is that all it says that go for it will month 2nd but it doesn't know when to begin because one 3rd of that concept begins there is no science i think if all it tests that can prove that the concept has. cervical cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus and can be prevented with
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a vaccine however many women in cameroon are skeptical about getting vaccinated worldwide one woman dies every 2 minutes from cervical cancer the majority of deaths happen in developing countries like cameroon. an estimated 1000 women died annually from cervical cancer in cameroon so. it. reported principally. just. to the. president which means it's quite a few extra deval when she was younger diana lost loved ones to cervical cancer.
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now she is on a mission to make sure every woman in her community is away or of cervical cancer. and that is a full today's program there is more false on the dot com forward slash africa we're also on facebook and on twitter i'll see you next time about. many places not mine since apparently hydrogen being sold as a clean all round as the energy source of the future many industries are very interested in the sealed to neutral field. but what potential does it really carry . me in germany. 60 minutes d.w.
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. stores that people will go for the information. they want to express g w on facebook and twitter today to touch followers. pacing the spread of virus variants vaccinating in a hurry the international monetary fund tells countries that's what it'll take to win against the pandemic but does the i.m.f. think it can be done. also on the show a merry band of amateur traders on reddit clubbed together to take aim at institutional investors. and don't look down on me are you turkish woman who rose to go hide or go whoa. this is the
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w business i'm joined now the milan in berlin. you can join us final numbers are still being tallied but the international monetary fund has come out with an updated forecast for the global economy the i.m.f. says it fell by 3.5 per cent in the past year it projects global growth of 5.5 percent and 2021 and another 4.2 percent in 2022 now how those numbers will actually pan out will depend on how the crisis is handled from here vaccination goes better than expected the economy will likely come back faster and stronger but another surge of the virus new variants and prolonged lockdowns mean the recovery could take much longer. joining us now is. brooks she is a deputy director at the international monetary fund welcome to the program know
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there's been so much uncertainty around vaccine rollout in many places how do you know what's going to happen and how it might impact the economy. thank you very much for having me on the program we had a c.m. dinner for our forecast that there will be a widespread availability of vaccine in advanced economies and some emerging markets into some art of this year however for many of the emerging markets and developing economies we've assumed that availability is going to come much later 2022 so our message is really trying to get the vaccination down as quickly as possible doing this on a universal bases across all countries and just have enormous benefit of the order of 9 trillion dollars in really advanced economies that are going to benefit from
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this as as much as emerging and developing economies. now speaking of advanced economies you're also expecting the u.s. and china to recover faster than say europe and africa what is behind this forecast . apart from that path of the pen demick and what we expect in terms of the rollout vaccine the amount of policy support provided is another important factor which is shaping the recovery so we have we are expecting to see this divergence across regions but also even within regions so china has already reached its pre-crisis level last year and a 2nd quarter we're expecting the us to do so this year with the euro area we expecting that pre-crisis level to be reached in 2022 but it's really the the developing countries and many of the mine africa are the ones where we see the
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biggest hit and the biggest losses and so they're not only by the lack of policy support they just don't have space to provide the support that many of the advanced economies are giving to the economies but also they're the ones that are likely to get a much later roll out of vaccine so it's really the worst of both worlds thank you very much patel cueva brooks is a deputy director at the international monetary fund. now why are some companies share prices rocketing despite there being little or no value behind the businesses it's all thanks to the latest trend in mean investing he was or is a reddit to wall street a bets for him have jumped on multiple stocks sending their prices sky high the most recent example was game stop who stopped peaked at $119.00 on monday from $40.00 on friday users have also backed obscure companies from former phone maker
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blackberry to chinese a car maker neo despite only making 44000 cars last year its stock has shot up 1000 percent in the same period in part thanks to social media. now our financial correspondent joins us now can you tell me is there any real difference between these people on his reddit forums and the wall street investors that they're all in it for a profit why is a significant well i mean one of the questions that nobody can really answer yet is who is really behind those huge show moves is there an initiator who really gets the community going and we've seen the hype since then pete's on wall street before but let me put it this way what we're seeing right now is definitely highly unusual and we had another a stock here on q. stick cos i've never heard of that company before but maybe that's my mistake it's
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a headphone maker headset maker from milwaukee that was a penny stock last year or so costing less than a dollar and now the stock is trading at around $10.00 a share just i'm here on tuesday of this stock at some point more than doubled in value so there is some stock picking going on and it's definitely highly unusual and a lot of people on wall street professionals are wondering what's really going on. well what's really going on is they seem to have some competition but what does it actually mean for the companies involved. oh well i'm not sure if the company really wants to be the punching bag kid between short sell us on one site so people who are betting on the falling stock prices and then the reddit community on the other in theory you could say well it might be good for the stock for the company because the tires are the valuation the big question is how lasting that is
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because also what we know on wall street it can goes both ways right it can go up and it can go down there's also some speculation or if some. discussion here on wall street what the as you see it surely might do if they might have a closer look into what's going on was this stock picking but one trend is obvious at the moment stock picking so not that you're buying index funds but signal stocks is definitely on walk on wall street and then also we see the big comeback of retail investors they stand for about 20 percent of the stock market on wall street at the moment that small the then double what the retail investors meant for wall street just a couple of years ago our financial correspondent there yet it's quite a thank you very much. time now for a look at some of the other business stories making news. they view as calling for a tighter controls on exports of astra zeneca. a vaccine made in the block this
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after the drug maker cut deliveries blaming supply chain problems brussels accuses it of failing to keep contractual promises. far but firm sanofi is says it will produce 100000000 doses of the rival pfizer by vaccine the french company's own efforts to develop a job have so far failed to show a sufficient immune response in older people. the european commission has approved nearly 3000000000 euros in subsidies for 42 car battery makers the consortium which includes auto makers like b.m.w. and tesla says it will help to develop european battery production freeing the continent from its dependence on asian manufacturers. prices of newly built apartments in tokyo have risen too high is only seen during japan's asset inflated bubble era in the early 1990 s.
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official figures show experts say higher construction costs during preparations for the olympics and increased demand for apartments in a high rise buildings are to blame. now here is the story of a woman who was found a way to move up in the world and neighboring her to offer us a view of istanbul in turkey from a rare perspective let's call it a bird's eye view. with bucket and cleaning products in hand the crew has to balance along the edge of the roof top attached to a thin wire they slowly move forwards. this red rope is where nazli gets to work now every move is a matter of life and death imette is laid under the safety rope so that the sharp elaman human edge of the roof doesn't cut into it her life hangs on this thread. now the real work can begin.
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we are 130 meters up it's a wonderful feeling i really feel free i'm not dependent on anything apart from my rope. and as lee uses mountaineering techniques she learnt during her training it was hard both physically and mentally but she believed in herself against all odds. going through the training pointless you'll never be able to do that job even my friend said that. 5 years ago. worked inside a high rise like this at the reception desk for the window she always admired the cleaners as they scaled down the facade then she asked more out of shelley who's now her boss if he would hire a woman on his so far all male team. knows lee proved that women can do this too. it doesn't matter if you're a man or
12:41 am
a woman what's important is if you're able to do this risky work or not. today nicely you'll murs is the only woman working in this previously all male domain. she doesn't have time to admire the view of istanbul below the skyline of this city of 18000000 live it's 161 skyscrapers has been totally transformed in the last 20 years but i respect every job no matter how high it is after i'm roped up that i feel safe. today illness and her team are 35 floors up. for cleaning up here in wind and weather muskets has a pay meaning she earns a 3rd more than the average in turkey just don't drop the sponge.
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and a reminder of the top story we're following the international monetary fund has updated its forecast for the global economy depending on the roll out of the scenes the i.m.f. predicts 5 and a half percent well g.d.p. growth this year. thank you so much for watching. what secrets lie behind these walls to discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get here now. as our favorite.
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angle for cutting the battle of. the u.s. at. first but i don't act. like . i'm. out of. here i have found i'm a loner. and i'm afraid that. i will follow. up. oh for. sure my i want. programming. or at the moment i'm a. right i am. god yes.
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yes. any. hello british author as latest book is out right now partly a kind of rumination about his life here in berlin as an ex-pat he's my guest today also coming up. the world's largest condom victims and survivors of the nazis starts a new project to coincide with holocaust remembrance day. and one of the world's great blind breeze the stops take here in berlin reopens off to substantial
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renovations costing over 450000000 euros. i was born in london and moved to berlin 2014 he studied lore of oxford and then practiced both law and football with the emphasis he says. actually the emphasis is also on the written word as he gave up the law to become a poet and writer his latest book in the end it was all about love is just published i'll talk to him a minute in a minute after this. a congo was born and raised in britain after earning a scholarship at the age of 11 he attended the prestigious eton college an experience which left him with the feeling that as a black person in british society he always needed to achieve more than his white
12:46 am
peers in order to be accepted. congo went on to study law at oxford university but after graduating he soon realised that working as a solicitor did not fulfill him instead he decided to focus on writing. his latest book in the end it was all about love is the semi out of biographical story of a black british man trying to adjust to life in berlin it's a tale of pain and loss but also love and spirituality as the narrator drifts through an endlessly addictive and sometimes mystical city. people ask people to breath. and also using just these words as if you're struggling to. perhaps to some sense work. apart from writing books of conga keeps himself busy as one half of the future blues duo b.b. excello sent us the co-host of a pod cast about football all while continuing to live in berlin the city he was
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summoned to 6 years ago. and. joins me now on skype for 1st of all our should say i love the books i've fought off and i fail as if if i know you because it is your writings are personal but it's cold and novel is it really a novel. you'll see why actually you'll see why there is much that has a very strong element of magical realism running through which is. which develops at the time. but it starts with the heart realism because the idea is to make the reader feel attached to the car so when things go left in the book you work out why yeah. you say bowden is where outsiders feel at home and it's where people end up who don't feel like they fit in anywhere else did you not fit in anywhere else and do you fit in embolden yeah i think i do fit in here because i
12:48 am
think it plays to our particular sense of chaos when i say chaos i mean anyone that's got a life that is not entirely linear where there's a clear path of a to b. . korea mortgage and so and that's not your sort of set off and i think but it works for units and it works for me because i think my creative journey has been unusual i think it's fair to say yeah and sunday has come to some more of your creativity in a 2nd but you seem to have a love affair with the city but you say berlin is done i want in the book why is that are they do they do they do they do they don't it's i would call it a love hate love relationship so as you know that is you know your scope and how things are in the northeast and it's like the sounds of it being a bit grumpy but they're not really i'm sure you realize this is sometimes the external grumpiness hides and it warms up to me as a kind of paradox of life in the city what seems unapproachable is actually very insular so i. think you've put the nail on the head there about the name is on
12:49 am
another notes and you said this in the past as well you don't imagine i believe having a family and i quote now from the book bringing a new life into a civilisation that appears to be accent racing towards its finish plunging headlong into a well pool of its own making now you're right it's actually before the pandemic so how do you feel now. i feel we have a choice i think the pandemic has changed a lot of the old rules it's made us look at things in terms of inequalities to exist so we really have a choice that really matters to be honest rather what we do in the next 18 months i think it's. important that critical that we really are now in relation to climate in relation to social issues political issues we have to act now otherwise the world pool is going to accelerate. ok let's lighten it up a bit because we have mentioned about your love of the beautiful guy football and
12:50 am
you're actually renowned for your football pub costs you wrote a book called had to be a good football manager so would you like to be a want to mean thomas took what he's going for the chelsea job well actually off this into your into setting him at the airport to get his job back on the cost up to write another study or set up the right understudy across the caucus but yeah i just want to manage chelsea so i'm sure my messages after this incident show have several messages from them contract office the rest yeah you've been very busy the not down seems of help show writing certainly because you're also i believe got another book coming out in a couple of months as well what's thought about actually does there's a there's a couple more sort of one coming out in a couple months is my time a to college i won't come out september as a book about the like of iraq to parachute actual story based on his life the great for playwright so yeah it's going to a busy year the little 2 it ok so those 2 ones coming out and i know bones come out
12:51 am
in september. it's been great talking to you thanks very much i should just mention the book i'm going to it is cold in the end it was all about love it's published right now i can recommend it to anyone especially people who've left their home country and live somewhere else most of thank you very much thank you so much for a much appreciated. here in germany they are ows and the international center on nazi persecution is aiming to create the world's largest digital memorial to the victims of national socialism january is $27.00 is holocaust remembrance day and the archive is promoting a project called hash tag every name counts inviting people from all over the world to take part in this project is mall. the every name counts project kicked off with
12:52 am
a striking visual crowdsourcing installation shown on the facade of the french embassy in berlin names of holocaust victims sent in under the hash tag are projected on to the building and they can be added by anyone who wants to participate. as it is also and it's extremely important to rediscover the names of the victims and to highlight them. that is how we can resist the legacy of the nazis attempts to erase those names to erase their identities. and to treat people only as numbers or categories of category banalities what are we without a name what's a tiger by the one anomaly. the project was initiated by the arrows in archives in hessen central germany they're part of the unesco memory of the world program and contain information on more than 17000000 people who are victims of the nazi regime some 50000000 reference cards and thousands of personal objects recalled the
12:53 am
darkest chapter in germany's history. it's part of an international effort of remembrance and it helps researchers and relatives of the victims find out more about millions of individual destinies that were shattered decades ago. the german ministry of culture is a patron of the every name counts initiative at a time when remember its culture is more important than ever so it's obvious to us these are it's so important that this action reaches each and every one of us and not just the research community well because we see that democracy as we've known it for 75 years the rule of law that human dignity is respected our achievements and not gifts that we need to work for them that we have something to lose and that these are things that continually have to be defended here and now against right wing. populism discrimination racism hate and anti semitism lawyer and. title
12:54 am
from most the project is a testament to peace and despite their painful shared history france and germany are working together to face the good england to is the new everything good in the culture of remembrances a very important aspect of the bilateral cooperation between france and germany but it also has a european dimension to me and i think that's especially interesting because it is european but europe in all its diversity because the history of national socialism was experienced differently from one country and one person to another was east in need of nuns and from you dimension and us and up to all. these pandemic times only a few people were able to attend the opening of the installation but those who were there were moved by what they saw. both times when there's a motion being conveyed here i think we have a lot of theories we know a lot we read a lot we hear a lot about what happened but this kind of initiative is another way of
12:55 am
experiencing. the digital memorial knows no borders and thousands of volunteers around the world have already joined the project to make sure the memories of the victims are honored because each and every one of them counts. it is germany's largest academic research library and one of the leading ones in the world stops the beauty call state library here in berlin renovations have been going on there for 16 years of the last year the library was closed because of the corona pandemic it's still not open to the public for the same reason but it had its official reopening digitally a month. in the heart of berlin's historic center stands a pression palace of knowledge finished in 1914 in filling a whole city block. the extensive renovation took 16 years partly because the library remained open for much of the time surviving 2 world wars and
12:56 am
decades of neglect the complex bore the scars of time now finally removed 12000000 books and manuscripts are kept here rare and important pieces of germany's cultural heritage such as a 15th century good and her bible or handwritten scores by beethoven and mozart including the magic flute at the virtual opening ceremony under star president spoke about the library significance today give i do not have to get out of list charge in our digitalized public sphere i need neutral and reliable institutions that document knowledge make it accessible and yes filter it to freedom and so allow readers to evaluate information critically from informants your own produce to be a part of their role is making the treasures of the library available online a decade long project that's the only way people can currently access this trove of
12:57 am
knowledge well the reading rooms are shut to the pandemic. that is an impressive building and it does look amazing after all white to visit mall on that story and many of us on our website at www dot com slash culture that's all for this edition and thank you very much for watching and join us again as soon as you can. in.
12:58 am
many places not a minute since apparently. it's being sold as a clean all around. the new energy source of the future many districts are very interesting in the seal to neutral field. but what potential does it really carry. me in germany. in 30 minutes hong d.w. . images from the warsaw ghetto secretly filmed and released for the 1st time. they include disturbing footage taken from the jewish district during the nazi occupation of poland. their documents of horror. and memorial of an unprecedented genocide. the warsaw ghetto. in 75 minutes on d
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can make a difference by choosing smart new solutions overstrained said you know where you see. googling goes into a series of to move 3000 on the dog mauling. this is d.w. news and these are our top stories. tens of thousands of indian farmers have stormed the historic red fort in the capital delhi they broke through police barricades to enter the complex as the country marked its annual republic day holiday farmers have been camped outside the city for months.


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