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tv   Heute Xpress  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:04pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a dramatic escalation of the conflict between hamas and israel israel bombards gaza destroying a building it says was connected to some us intelligence the walk was also home to international media organizations. that another update in their story hamas launches dozens of rockets from gaza in the heaviest bombardment get of tel aviv one town is killed as the missile strike israel's key city.
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hello i'm claire richardson a very warm welcome to the show israeli air strikes have destroyed a tower block in gaza city that housed international media organizations as well as private apartments. israel's military says the building was connected to hamas intelligence among the media outlets using the walk were the associated press agency and the broadcaster al-jazeera the building's owner says an israeli officer warned him he had one hour to evacuate the tower before it was struck. and for more i'm now joined by a journalist in a gaza city thank you so much for joining us look this skyscraper was in the middle of gaza we've just seen the building being destroyed do we know if there are any casualties. luckily there was no casualties the building was
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was empty the israeli sometimes asking the residents of some buildings specially those high buildings to be evacuated in in advance. on or off the head of the building was it was asked and called by the israeli officer and asked him to to to to to talk to the residents and asked them to vote to take you wait the buildings how surprising is it that ability that was housing bureaus for international press including al-jazeera and the associated press where the target of the strikes. well that was shocking for many many journalists working in gaza i read a story today of a b correspondent who said. he felt a little bit off safe when he goes to the office and in the same day that the building was he's staying at was head and and they are now without any offices and
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. they they said that they their coverage of gaza will be will be limited due to jitter there i talked to many journalists who are working there and they are really shocked and they never expected that the building would be flattened or destroyed how much has that it will hit back it will hit israel harder after this attack and does it have the capacity to do so well today the spokesperson of. i'm sorry about the spokesperson of. military wing. said in a statement that we we have prepared ourself. to do to head to live eve continuously with for 6 months so i'm not sure how. critical the military wing is to do so but at least the statements that are issued by hamas officials within the political world before.


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