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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 9, 2022 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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a garage on the floor to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans and see right. you fools or have decided to put their trust enough? my name is jenny perez and i work at the w. ah. you're watching d. w. 's asia coming up today. new faces and old names in the race for the presidency. what does the future hold for the philippines ferdinand marcos junior son of the former dictator has teamed up with rodrigo d charities. daughter also coming up afghan refugee children struggle for an education in pakistan and the taliban takeover has made a tough situation even tougher. the uncertainty or upon itself, educational,
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festive, and lack of international support. if i think i lost generation of conscience, ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. campaigning for the presidential race has started in the philippines this week and the main candidates to replace outgoing president rodrigo . do tear tay include everyone from a boxing legend to the son of the former dictator. and do turkey's daughter is also running for vice president. it's going to be a wild election season. voters go to the polls on may, 9th ah, 6 years from the last presidential election cycle, the 3 month long campaign season has arrived. the main event is that race for president and separately elected vice president. and while a world renowned boxer is in the mix, the guy drawing the crowds of a rock star is
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a politician, ferdinand marco's. if that name rings a bell, it should. marco's is the son and namesake of the philippines, former dictator who toppled a stable democratic government in 1972 and imposed martial law. ferdinand junior is known as bon bon, and fines. much support from younger people. born after ferdinand seniors dictatorship. well, only feel that there is no filipino who's not in need of help, which is why we all need to come together. standing at the side of ferdinand marco's junior, another big name and filipino politics. sarah, to charity a vice presidential candidate who is the daughter of the present president, often critical of her father, while backing marco's eye
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face on oh, you are running a distant 2nd in the race for president is the current vice president, but also opposition leader. lenny robledo only female candidate for president after becoming one of rodrigo to tear tay staunchest critics. while la di young, nothing can match our combined strength. not being locked up, if by now. so let's go unwinnable. if winning on physical strength, mattered former boxer, many peca would be the clear front runner, a national sporting hero. he is much love for coming from humble beginnings, to rain as world champion before turning to politics to become a congressman then senator indian. unless it is not my fight alone, but the fight of every filipino the philippine economy will be
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a focus in the campaign and economy hit hard by the pandemic. corruption and public office is another topic of interest and china's military presence in the waters separating it and the philippines. but those issues may well take a backseat to personalities in the next 3 months and political dynasties. aah! joining us is manila based journalist j. c. good tenga j. c. i want you to explain what might be difficult for many of us outside the country to understand the marcos name can possibly be a good association. are we missing something here? right, great question, melissa, you know it? oh, it has to be understood this way, you know, ever since the marquesas were ousted from bower in 1986, they have not stopped trying to reinstate themselves. so this has been a long coming process of them trying to slowly find their way back into the
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philippines scene 1st through their hometown of locust north there in the north of the country. and then slowly back into national politics. now why the name suddenly seems to be, you know, not as pariah as it used to be. well, it's a mixture of number one. ah, the narrative has not been so well ingrained among filipinos asked. we might have expected that are the fact that on the ferdinand marco senior, or the progenitor, the former dictator, or is the holster guinness world record for the greatest robbery of a government in the world. ah, that's not very clear to many filipinos, apparently. and then the machinery of the marco says, especially with the help of social media, they have just see that their narrative at 1st suddenly, but then now are very, very blatantly trying to whitewash their families reputation, putting into question fact such as the thousands of atrocities during the marquess
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regime in the 19 seventy's and eighty's, as well as the fact that they still have billions of basis worth of money from the government coffers that they have yet to return supposedly. that's fascinating. and then we have sarah do charity as the site kick to marcos junior, the daughter of rodrigo d, charity. what does she bring in all this? well, the pair to me remains very popular indefinitely. what she brings to marco's is a sense of legitimacy. or if we recall in 2016 when mark was ran for vice president, he was running in tandem with miriam, defense or santiago she has since passed away, but she's a very credible, very highly respected politician. and it was a surprise that she ran in partner with marcos, but there are many observers here say that it, if this help mark was very much in that it really,
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it changed many filipinos perception that in all, suddenly the mark was his r. okay. maybe the mark was weren't as bad as they were framed up to be also he did not help that in the postmark was years many politicians, many precedents turned out to be a disappointment. so that played into it as well. and can we back up a bit because i'm curious and do tear take has operated like such an autocrat? did he try to change the laws to hold on to power and it just didn't work out or what? because it's almost, it's surprising. there is a democratic process here. i think there were a lot of expectations. he tried to stay on. yes, he did. i'm in the earlier half of his turn. he tried to initiate a change, an amendment to the constitution under the guise of, you know, improving the economic revisions. but mostly people were wary that it was to remove the term limits to allow himself to run for reelection. that did not work out because the senate found out the effort early on. ok,
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so now we see his daughter santa that there there are running for vice president. she had been expected to run for president. but given the alliance with the mark was says, it didn't, it wouldn't have looked well if he or if she started that there they and bumble margot. as marcus junior both ran for president, they might have divided the support base. aah, right? yes. out there, they did make attempts to try and stay longer. now we've been talking about the fascinating personalities. let's also talk about the issues. what do voters want? right, you know, it, filipinos, for many, many filipinos. it's really a matter of the survival, which is why concepts of just democracy and human rights and, and political freedoms often don't figure in their list of concerns. when they head to the vote for them it's about, you know, how to put food on the table. how can they make sure that if anyone in the family
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get sick, that they have the money, they have access to medicines and healthcare, which for many filipinos, is a problem. there is. the pandemic has shown that our health care system is nearly non existent and very, very well, it's not enough. so oh, because it is always, it is mostly a question of personal survival. it also makes it easier for people in power for politicians to, for the lack of a better term by their support from the masses. jessica tenga, thank you so much for joining us as always. ah, afghans have been fleeing to pakistan for decades. around 1400000 refugees are registered there, but the unofficial number could be twice as high as a lot of afghan kids needing in education. but without the proper papers, most are denied access to pakistan. school system. so across the country, community lead classes have been set up for afghan children. many schools were even
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recognized by afghanistan's education ministry. but all that changed with last year as taliban takeover. now, after years of schooling, afghans students are being left empty handed in karachi, the future of 18 year old m u homes are an offer on refugee tags in the balance. although homes i was born in boxes gone, he could not get enrolled in a school recognized by the boxes on the government. this meant completing his high school education in one of the schools run by the community theatre. malvina, upon high school, located in the neighbourhood of office square in karachi, is one such place the school is recognized by the ministry of education of conscience. when come here to finish their studies homes, i had hoped to be one of them. but upon the spawns education system has been on the
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brink of collapse insoluble takeover. and full time being diplomats from you tomorrow, the high school are no longer being issued. bringing a hold to holmes us, plan me a good waited from the school 2 months ago and to know i hadn't received my certificate without the certificate. i cannot get admitted into university, i mean, or admission in the uncertainty or indication of lack of international support. if career think generation of content with this crisis is unfolding even beyond the countries border here and focus on really the future lives and right still higher education of the children remain in both like comes off, but see the why the 2 is one such student with no job opportunities inside and to make she know, be just in the same. she studied it. i graduated from the school 4 months ago and i
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still don't have my diploma. since i have a refugee card here. i can't do anything else. back to sort of home to an estimate, the 2800000 of on refugees. and while many were born you of 150 children, remain deprived of official recognition or citizenship, making it impossible for them to then most schools and universities recognize by the focus on the government. the government provides of one refugees with proof of registration gods, but human rights experts argue that more must be done to integrate the refugees. these refugee cards are not vitally acceptable or part time because you know that the institution, suspicion, need the private institution. they have their own policies and the higher education commission time to time, you know, the group on their policies in regard to the foreign nationals or especially to the
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refugees. now, with few citizen writes in, boxed on and turmoil in the home country of con his bonds, the lives of children like monsieur homes, remain suspended. and nobody knows how long that set for today. there is more from the region on our website, d, w dot com, forward slash asia, and always as usual, you can follow us on facebook and twitter. thanks for watching and see tomorrow. i look secrets my behind these will discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites d w world heritage is 360. get the app now you can i hold your hand. mm. king's we have
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a lot in common. can this become love of i don't got book an eye on me. faith that made they could if they deny annette. baker, 10 artificial intelligence. loneliness high and i love stories from the future. starts february 14th on d. w. ah ah, the biggest ever financial seizure? the u. s. department of justice announcing it's confiscated more than $3600000000.00 in bitcoin and accusing a couple of having been laundering crypto currencies for years. we get more in the story from our financial reporter. also coming up australia says it's locking arms with lithuania, as china has erected, trade barriers, emit disputes over its political agenda,
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and will take you to hong kong where measures to contain a fresh corona virus outbreak have spark alec buying amongst citizens. i'm just over in berlin. welcome to the program. 94000 bitcoin. that is $3600000000.00 a record seizure by the us. justice department, tuesday police in new york, arrested a husband and wife couple that allegedly tried to launder just that amount, which seems to be connected to a 2016 hack of the virtual currency exchange. bit in facts finance. the attorney general says, the arrest or prove that, quote, crip, the currency is not a safe haven for criminals and that the law will and can, we will follow the money no matter from the law. what no matter what form it takes us. earlier i spoke to our financial reporter and form a wall street correspondent lars culture, and i asked him who the people are who stand accused of laundering the
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$3600000000.00 worth of bitcoin.


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