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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2022 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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in indian capital against moves by president case said to give himself sweeping powers over the judiciary is presidential decrease, scrap the judicial watchdog and gave himself the ability to block appointments and dismissed judges. protesters excuse him, of undermining democracy. thousands of unvaccinated health care workers of march through the greek capital, athens, demanding the government, allow them to return to work without being vaccinate. vaccine mandate for health workers means those who have not had at least one dose, will face suspension without pay. we're going to pakistan now, which has become a haven for at least $1400000.00 refugees from afghanistan. and they are just the ones who are registered as thought the real number could be twice as high. but without proper papers, many children are denied access to pakistan school system. and that's why afghan communities have set up their own classes for their children. in pakistan,
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many schools were even recognized by afghan, a stance, education ministry. but all that changed with her last year's taliban takeover. now after years of schooling, african students are leaving education without any recognition at all in karachi, the future of 18 year old dom your hums are and upon refugee tags in the balance. although honda was boiling by his nun, he cannot get enrolled in a school recognized by the pakistani government. this meant completing his high school education in one of the schools run by the upland community. said to my latino plan, high school, located in the neighborhood of acid square in karachi, is one such place. the school is recognized by of my sons, ministry of education, of hon. children come here to finish their studies. hums. i had hoped to be one of them. but while his thoughts education system has been on the brink of collapse,
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fall upon takeover. and for the time being diplomats from you tomorrow, the high school are no longer being issued. bringing the halls to homes, us plan me good. waited from the school 2 months ago and to know i hadn't received my certificate without the certificate. i cannot get admitted into university. i mean admission in the uncertainty or upon itself. educational assistance and lack of international support if career think generation of content with this crisis is unfolding even beyond the countries border here and focus on where the future lines and writes to higher education, referee to children, remain in both like comes off. but seat of i the to is one such student with no job opportunities inside and to make she know the just in the same. she studied it
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. say, i graduated from the school 4 months ago and i still don't have my diploma. since i have a refugee card here, i can't do anything else. back to sort of home to an estimate, the 2800000 of on refugees. and while many were born, you know, of 150 children, remain deprived of official recognition or citizenship. making it impossible for them to then most schools and universities recognize, but the focus on the government. the government provides of one refugees with proof of registration gods. but human rights experts argue that more must be done to integrate the refugees. these refugee cards are not vitally acceptable in pakistan because you know that the institutions, especially the private institution, they had their own policies and the higher education commission time to time. you know the group on their policies in regard to the foreign nationals or especially to the refugees now with few citizen rice and boxed on and turmoil in the home
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country of con his bonds. the lives of children like basil and hums, remained suspended, and nobody knows how long we are still standing by front expected news conference with german chance at wolf shots and ukrainian president. for them is lensky in a key, if that or schedule to start more than an hour ago. and that is following a meeting between the 2 leaders, focused on what is regarded as an imminent threat from the russian military on ukraine's border. importantly, the chancellor will then fly to moscow. the speaks of moral with russian president vladimir putin and we'll bring you that press conference live as soon as it starts . but 1st we go to canada, where police have broken up protests against corona virus restrictions which had been blocking an important trade route with the u. s. a blockade of trucks and cars had stopped the flow of commerce across the ambassador bridge. north america's
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busiest border crossing, but demonstrate as at a large, a protest, i still occupied parts of the canadian capital ottawa to the annoyance of local residence. after a week long stand off at the ambassador bridge police in windsor, ontario have arrested dozens of protesters and cleared away vehicles that had blocked the vital highway. i'm frustrated that were on the 7 of this. i mean this, i could have told you from the 1st hour that this is not going to end well, unless we get in there and cut the, the head off the snake very, very quickly. this is a crucial water cross and we're talking about $400000000.00 a day that crosses at this one border crossing. so the financial impact, you know, to now is, is nearing $3000000000.00 international economy. that's huge. the situation in canada's capital ottawa remains far from resolved trucks block the city center and protesters camp out in front of parliament. residents have had enough. you're not
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free to go anywhere you want your city. i mean, there's an illegal occupation happening there. the rule allied doesn't exist a few blocks away. and so i mean it's, i guess it's intimidating. the lease has been reluctant to clear out protesters as long as there are children with them. i'm, well, there's children here in unfortunately, parents are using their children. and so i don't know the place is really tough situation for the police because i know violence, it should not happen. so and i, i had to police are normally tough situation. candidates, pride don't seem to be listening for the belly. knowledge has made a name as the most political of all the major international film festivals. now after a lukewarm start, is beginning to live up to that reputation over the weekend. the competition put
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women front and center, focusing the limelight on the fight for their rights. robbie a corners is a woman on a mission, one that might seem impossible that'll see or take on the u. s. government. and when and last reasons movie robbie a corn us versus george w bush tells a romanticized version of a true story that of a german turkish mother seeking justice for her son moore got innocently detained in guantanamo berman. in guantanamo zits, is to when you are detained. in guantanamo this no perspective, it's kind of no good, no hopeful. it's kafka ask look. and so i was lucky to meet marat's mother revere anna, and enchanting the wonderful, cheerful woman who is also funny labels or whatnot, or to whom offered of coal. met him, captain, brings all those adjectives to life, and it's her stellar performance that turns this story of david and goliath into
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a heart warming tale about the boundless power of motherly love. phyllis nod cinematic directing debut called jane introduces us to a club destiny women's network, providing safe abortions in 1960 s chicago a distant past. one might believe. i think women's rights in the united states you're talking about. they have not moved on one bit. since the events of that film and it's something again we, we touch on at the end of the call jane, you know, hey, let's go get equal pay. yeah. you'll be waiting until where long dead for that. me. k arrows, drama, and the passengers of the night uses politics as a means of triggering our collective memory shuttle up gains boom, portrays elizabeth, whose life changes drastically around the time form. swami. dental is elected
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president of france. she's a very ordinary woman. that's what i love to back and she's going to a woman of her age. i left my husband with mine and john, just very basic things. it was okay. forced to reinvent herself. the film follows elizabeth in her years of transformation from broken spirit to lie ins against all i know. and before the end of mitchell's presidency. lots of political undertones this weekend at the belly, nala, and, except for richey ponds, everything will be okay. most competition movies went about it without wagging the finger, without preaching, especially the films with leading women. those were much more about perseverance, about emancipation and about the people, men or women who lift us up. and many premieres left the viewers with
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a sense that passivity is no longer an option. and that change can often only happen if we take matters into our own hands. because push reporting there from the belly knowledge while we wait for the german chancellor, ukrainian president to emerge from their face to face meeting. let's now a bring in michelle acuteness at the sides of the press conference. that is, was supposed to start roughly 90 minutes ago. oh, the meeting between the 2 politicians was scheduled for just an hour. it's gone much longer. it was happening that well, clearly we expect that they would have brought in the advisors as well. that was also scheduled that 1st that would be those talks just the 2 of them, and then a white, a circle of advises. and then later on a lunch after this press conference. but they happen talking for a good 2 hours. and this only is a lot to talk about at germany has
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a very mixed reputation to put it actually mildly here for standing by ukraine's side verbally. but the not delivering in terms of weapons, although certainly it has bolstered the ukrainian economy over almost a decade now. with 1800000000 euros at this moment of crisis we expect, and that olaf saw it is bringing more money, more cash, as we're seeing some signs of people leaving. certainly m some embassy stuff have left a quite a lot. soak of western countries have, have advised this citizens to leave and this ever to me as the lensky, the ukranian president, feels is something that is already causing damage before any russian soldier has crossed. and he bought out where any kind of cyber or other attack could have taken place. so very delicate, a delicate talks, between what a supposed to be eyes. so what do you think it done? oh, shoals is pushing zalinski to give him to take to moscow. where
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they need some kind of way out of the stalemate at both sides. the russian side and the ukraine inside. when we talk about the ex minsk pro says, which is something that actually both sides including but even pigeon himself of signed off on at needs to take additional steps on the russian side. that would mean a withdrawal from certain areas on the ukrainian side. actually, organizing regional elections and no side is moving there. so the big question is, what of that to me? is lensky at this acute moment of feeling of real national threat at will be willing to give will off. so it's some kind of room for maneuver for when he goes to moscow tomorrow to meet fighting with putin himself. there is no expectation. there's a very sober assessment of what's owed of. so it's can achieve. but the german line very much is as long as there is talking em violence can still be avoided and
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that is seen as a success in itself the ukrainian side. i'm not sure whether they have the patience actually to see it that way. after all, since the annexation of crimea in 2014. and that threat by russia is something that has become somewhat of a, a normal daily feeling in the ukraine. and this renewed heightening of tensions more than a $100000.00 russian soldiers at it's borders. is something that is also seeing what i mean soleski and oppression domestically at to actually show that he is in charge. not just of a potential natural response, but also getting the allies behind ukraine where it needs it right now. you mentioned the internal pressure, the domestic pressure that zalinski is under. some of the pressure relates to the in the country aspiring to become a member of nato. do you think it is realistic that they would sort of drop that
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from the agenda and, and promise not to join nato? so that would be a good argument for russia to back all this would answer is absolutely no, there is no way and, and ukraine it's, it's almost an academic argument to certain degree or, you know, political argument. but in concrete terms at the very fact that and crimea is currently an excited by rasa, prevents ukraine as a country from doing the nato. it's just not legally possible. no hot conflict can be incorporated into what is a defense and structure of nato. so that is simply not going to happen at the same time. and the question is, there is a, an acute threat perceived by russia for sure that in this is the western argument goes against all agreements. previously,
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nato's already said that it will not allow for any one to cross that red line. any country can theoretically aspire to be a part of nato. nato won't say by itself at that it won't take in certain countries, but whether they could have to be a potential moratorium at certain times found where this is rolled out. oh, when it gets into the final details of which weapons can be stationed, where this could also become a vehicle of a new and new threat diffusion auda a new way, a new map out of these acute threats. but there are many, many different aspects that would have to be incorporated. and the question is whether or not so it's about him is lensky can work on one part of that potential puzzle that could pave a path out of the acute stand off, which.


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