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tv   Halal  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2022 8:15pm-9:01pm CEST

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russia evade sanctions imposed over its invasion of you cried. you commission president ursula found the lines and spacing brisk, reputational damage. facts moscow. china says it will not be forced to take sides of next on d. w. a documentary about the increasingly important role. hello products. how played in the economy of more wold news for the top of the out of the day and we're interested in the global economy. our portfolio d w business beyond. here's a closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. good is still the head with d w. business beyond ah,
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hello is the term from islam. it defines what's permitted from ms limbs, according to his law, make law vera. all said prohibitions and things that are discouraged. most well known is hello fees. but there's also how loud banking tourism and dress caves, it can influence all aspects of life. panel products are an important economic driver now and in the future. vn close not switching to hello will go under toronto, my leslie miss out if you don't cater to it them and was mich be in the halsey, alyssa selling point for an ever growing group of consumers. that how reliable is the label? it is only give you similar. there's a certain marketing strategy behind that when you get here and less of a religious message, no more chaff desk, it's about money, not fight initial m globe. alchemy is gaining visibility. there are more and more
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products, some supermarket shelves and in restaurants is in her in a very hatch for gems society of the image source normal to at some point of hello hot dogs or something similar hot tops harm order. and of course, this will enrich some one. i shut the human hello place not only an economic growth, but as socio political one to push globe to think anything to do with his loved one is currently seen as a provocation. at soon amusing, but the hello industry is often met with hostility and criticism of our comments like full now there won't be player and carry vol. i'm only i, roman sutures is hello i religious commandment that's changing society and the economy. islam is a passive germany, and so to is the hello industry. some 5000000 muslims,
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a driving demand for hello products, products steams permissible under islamic law. but hallel is more than just a world of products. it's a broader way of life. it can influence diet, closing work, and even one's choice of a partner. one of the major islamic umbrella organizations, the islamic council for the federal republic of germany, has an office in berlin bore, han kissinger explains hal's far reaching meaning. in fact, it encompasses all of life. it's not limited to a specific topic, johnson, but when i talked to you the, the wire conduct myself, i, she, where i work as all of this is influenced by my religion. oh, to borrow law. oh,
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oh. the values of islam, a based on the quran, the holy scripture of islam. they're also based on the sooner the traditions and customs of the prophet muhammad, the shari'a stipulates what is consistent with islam. there are a few terms to note. hello is an arabic quad, halal and turkish and means permissible. it determines how muslims behave, for example, helping others, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and praying daily. on the opposite is her rom or what's forbidden. for example, alcohol lying and products made from pigs. mark cru means allowed, but disapproved of frowned upon in islam, there are multiple schools of thought as to how to interpret the quran. therefore, the distinction between her rom and ma crew can vary. sometimes smoking is
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disapproved of meaning ma, crew. other times, smoking is considered her rom, meaning forbidden. hello, should not be confused with kotia, a term from the jewish dietary laws of the 2 ram. hm. so how to muslims know what is hello versus haram. mo, 100 holl hate heads the center for islamic theology at the university of minster. prim either is the air stick. villa family is the 1st source for learning religious norms, excuse followed by the mosque for muslims to go to moscow, and then public discourse and media again, a fault from them from position discourse. the internet also plays an important role internet. when people have questions, they search the internet and from where they can find a range of answer something and a bunk brighter, untoward. there are also apps these days to identify permissible products. after all, it's not always so straightforward. oftentimes alice seen only as
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a prohibition of pork and alcohol, that other foods, medicines, and cosmetics can also contain alcohol. and all parts of the pig prohibited including bristles, gelatin, and pigskin. the issue of hallel is not limited to religion in so, so playing and increasingly important role in business there are around 1900000000 muslims, worldwide in 2019 they spent 3.2 percent more money than in the previous year. total sales for islamic consumer goods were just over to trillion us dollars. in addition, there was the financial sector with sales of around $2.00 trillion dollars. can i check his editor in chief of the online business platform holidays? he's kept a close eye on the market for years. mittlerweile ambia on glo going out have
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a global hello economy service is an estimate. for example, honestly, is number one and hello market. a draw fuel the company has some 400 production facilities around the world. and about 150 of them are a lot, put a shorter than those who don't switch to haul in the future will go under conf. tick initial finance. it's get winter in germany, the hallel market is just getting underway and industry experts like chillik convinced it's chuck full of potential. they estimate it could potentially be worth 5000000000 euros in countries like france and britain. hello products have long been a standard offering whiskey to go glad. oscar shifter. lease countries even have clothing, store info, change like marks and spencer which so islamic clothing and some locations. lamishia cloud over cove artist. com. this isn't something one could even imagine here in germany, like cna, for example selling islamic fashion. she would have
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a coffee or tea, can club in bergen book by she was full as if the hanover chamber of industry and commerce has its way that will soon change here the one of a kind working group. highland kotia is a network of companies manufacturing with these guidelines. tillman, printer heads the international department, the hm. we have around 260 companies in our working group away from all across germany. constituents. so you can't say it's niche, fernand, you fight isn't the who's who of the food industry is represented head of people and they're serving the smoke. the working group has been around for 10 years. these industry partners take the subject of hallowell seriously, but that's not always the case when it comes to the wider free market. some products appear rather indiscriminate. man, most of his o hm. the, the goal is to reach as many consumers as possible domain. so i've personally
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experienced instances where a store declares that it's a loft, but it isn't clear exactly what is whole all about the business is to to perceive which once someone was selling fish and said, i guess i know this is hollow fish golf. and i asked you, what's all all about it we should have given, and he said it was slaughtered according to hello. so islam and i said, but fish is always a lot of money. i've got bon is an islamic studies scholar under nonfiction author . he also sees instances of profiteering and how products emily marketed is hello. remember thing that's yet vill via the hollow market is already accounting for 18 percent worldwide. but this is a huge business. this is people are desperately trying to expand into this market so they can profit me. i look rough. i mark so in that regard and i see it's about commerce and business. he's not religion risk. oh then commerce other david shoves or this is really good. the best known hello products,
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even among non muslims of food products. meeks plays a special role in this, according to islam. animals must be slaughtered in a particular way. one of the criteria is that animals are killed without prior anesthesia. but this is prohibited by germany's animal welfare slaughter act, which is why large companies such as reason, hope make a compromise when they produce, hallo, meet in germany. they stunned the animals before slaughter in this way they comply with legal requirements slaughtering without anesthesia is only permitted in germany with a special exemption. as it does, the legal situation is such that a special exemption can be obtained to slaughter without anesthesia only on religious grounds. in the populace, what does it in practice that rarely happen much because you have to have the status of a religious community was on. i can't prove you belong to it. one was providing this one. nobody wants going just on good. the item cooper, company in esla,
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a town in the state of hessen, has such an exemption it one before the german federal constitutional court. in 2020, however, the european court of justice ruled that e, you states made ban ritual slaughter without anesthesia time will tell what consequences this will have in germany. and for the slaughter house in osler company boss, close to him, i to cooper once to prevent ritual slaughter and animal cruelty from happening in ordinary people's backyards. thus he calls for legalizing the method and the loaded legally functional, often kind for people who have absolutely no clue about slaughtering under shall think they can just stick a kitchen knife into a sheep did. and that kind of slaughter really is animal cruelty officer. gammas vision. that's why i say it must be done officially, all with regulation issue. and when we look at mass slaughter law,
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when we look at slaughter with anesthesia, it's nobody can tell me that stunning or electricity or gas ink is better than our slaughter method. better off, i completely reject that limit. i was up in germany. more than 2000000 animals are slaughtered every day. they are stunned with captive boat shouts, electricity, or gas. the failure rate for stunning pegs is 11 percent. for cattle, it's 4 percent. that means some 24000 cattle mpeg so impacted by failures. there are precise regulations for ritual slaughter. the animal must be facing in the direction of mecca, and the kaba, its legs must be restrained, said that it does not hurt itself. the butcher, who must be muslim, speaks the name of god and cuts the throat of the aneice, the ty ssd animal with a very sharp knife. once the blood vessels, the esophagus, and the trachea have been severed, the animal bleeds to death. hostem,
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i think cooper is only allowed to slaughter a limited number of animals in this way. until about $100.00 lambs per day in the wind, $600.00 lambs per week. like in every slaughterhouse, veterinary inspections carried out. the german federal veterinary chamber is fundamentally opposed to the slaughter of animals without any anesthesia sets. that doesn't spy hut. do you feel that the federation of veterinarians of europe has been consolidating and publishing it, is position from 2002 up to today glasgow. and that is, that animals should be kept transported and ultimately killed in accordance with animal welfare. and in our view, slaughter without anesthesia is not in accordance with animal welfare. no one's an not one of fossil. just how much animals suffer during slaughter is hotly debated.
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but one certainty is, the more professional, the cut, the less pain it causes. by more focus from by feel the home at the feast of sacrifice. for example, we have at least 3 better in areas with us. i, they watch, we slaughter the animals and even all the animals are slaughtered under observation . a 3rd even be a small mistake and feel that the entire slaughter would be stopped right away. block your customers travel from all over germany to buy meat from this slaughter house. it's come off. i'm from north, right westphalia. your deuce book. we come here regularly to shop my sister, my whole family. it's very tasty here because of the special exemption. the meat can only be sold to jews and muslims. what they go. yeah. mission does or who we have to get all our customers to sign that their muslim them,
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they confirmed that they must eat animal slaughtered in this way. and t as in mission, only then can i sell for them? done buffy stuff. and then if it as a vincy michelin is wrong, and if, if i personally am against allowing something like battle giving exemptions to both jews and muslims, one should do that. as for the muslim us will give her with all due respect, really religion does not have the right of way in our democratic system. the for thought to in was it m, democratize him as you see him. the koran can be interpreted in different ways. when was leman and miss la machine luncheon and chris, according to the wording and the koran muslims are actually allowed to eat non hello me. when they live in a non islamic or christian country, this needs to be shifted to flash anguish. isn't due from muslims, recognized hello, mate, and other products by the label. ideally, the product has gone through a certification process and then received
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a seal. the problem here is that there are differing requirements and certificates according to the german federal center for nutrition. there are $130.00 standards and hello labels worldwide. even in germany, several are running in parallel. mrs. matego and certification is a market that's completely outside of government control is what vos, there's often friction. oh, so it's a bit like the wild west. it's an overall modernized, situationist, one term insomnia, truen. in addition to the primary market for hello products, a secondary business sector for certification has taken rates, and it's very lucrative. susanna schluter from the frankfurt research center on global islam explains others for such a few people hope that whatever a certified will sell better as that it's more likely to sell than something uncertified. so if you, so of course there's for nailing and cheating at these certification agencies. some
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take it very seriously. others take it less seriously. you also have to look at who is doing the certifying and what standards they're using. it. this is an entire sector that's cropping isaac, to act as a self taught. however, there are so many companies in germany that are reluctant to label their products. hello. the reason, fear of negative attention. take cut years for example, and they're all veggie campaign. in 2018, it aimed to draw attention to their vegetarian sweets made without gelatin from pegs. one of the models was a woman wearing a headscarf. as a result, there was a backlash on social media. among the critics were members of the far right alternative for germany party. they alleged this was, quote, is la maya zation and called for a boycott of the company or deck at loan. in 2019, the french sporting goods retailer introduced a special jogging headscarf for muslims. after considerable protests from right
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wing circles, they stopped to marketing it with an impartial because a few a shouting loudly. any muscle doesn't mean that it's a mass movements and that the company will suffer muscle d as a result. this does fuel. oh, so still we've not that many in a working group. don't necessarily put the whole al seal on the products they sell and germany. i'd like to put them on the products that are exported to muslim countries. um, even though it's the same products to dish from the same clone, and it's produced in exactly the same way with which it is. oftentimes companies in germany don't dare to print a halsey alone their products. even though doing so would make everyday life easier for devout muslims. meanwhile, the financial sector has carved out its own approach to how loud in frankfort employees of k t bank a. performing their midday pres law,
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whose role along k t bank is the 1st is law, make bank in germany. this means that its banking operations are aligned with the basic values of islam. the bank has been operating in germany since 2015 and now has branches in 5 cities. did off hydrolyzed, michelle, the demand doesn't start models as a few since opening and we've had a large number of inquiries from new customers and interested artists. we have much higher growth rates here than in conventional bank inventory. then bank katie bank share some features with ethical banks. it does not invest in the arms, tobacco or gambling industries. it also avoids industries that are bad for the environment and speculative financial transactions. some aspects of specific to islam like staying away from industries involved with pegs and alcohol sharing profits and losses, and being interest free to be able to trade. nonetheless,
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the islamic bank has developed other models. for example, if a customer needs a loan for a car, the bank buys the car and then sells it to the customer. the customer then pays the amount back to the bank in installments, plus an additional financing surcharge. it gets a bit more complicated when buying a house. customers in the bank form a company that buys the house together. the bank then essentially withdraws. and within an agreed time period, the customers pay back the purchase price to the bank along with a financing surcharge. when money is invested, it's done at an islamic bank via a participation account. the bank invests the money in the real economy and then divides the profits according to a pre defined formula. so is, is lamar banking also appealing to non muslims law, the letters, but
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a quote on norma, mr. because we don't ask about religious affiliation. when we accept customers, we can only guess, edson this should send us over. we estimates that about 15 to 20 percent want religiously motivated. we had somebody come customers for 2 reasons. why like, who in quinton dakota bunker 1st they find the values behind islamic banking were supported the hint of his stomach banking staying on to shoot and 2nd and perhaps at the combination of both of these reasons were lost by them. we offer terms that are more beneficial for them. candid soon, harden default. our last us in pursuit 32 year old yasha is tamir, has had an account with katy banks since 2016. he travels a lot as a sales representative and deliberately chose the islamic bank. the ethical values convinced him can also be just as i want to offer sustainable products to my customers, marcia, i expect the same from the bank. i work with some olive. katie bank follows an
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international standard for islamic banking. there's also an ethics council, an independent committee made up of 4 islamic scholars for mr. mrs. at us tay, that's the deciding factor. they schedule the consultation appointment because they're looking for an islamic bank on religious grounds. we into sales for an mg in we're interested in real estate financing, which might have hall my wife and i muslim. and that's why we're looking for an alternative to a normal bank, the collector's interest, which is not allowed in islam and symptoms of awesome islam. michelle out is k t bank office is la mic banking mind, and its importance was to comply with our religion and not have any problems there . vis dish does via dom middles of really yawn, conforms and own time. kind of probably mom islamic banks have taken up the cause dictated in the koran of prohibiting interest. however,
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is law. make scholars disagree on whether there is an lee ban on in chest, in islam desmond, it's to improve standards 5 paying $12.00 or 5 percent interest today or collecting interest yourself to steam. what does this system didn't exist in mecca and medina at the time of the profit on the sub is this evolved frog lucia in the end. it's questionable as to what extent we can talk about prohibition of interest in islam. even on this on is this concept lumnick banking of this is why the whole model of islamic banking things for even though i know it's more than just a ban on interest as not really taken hold of me. so even in the islamic world, welcoming into is lamson village in turkey, shanicea, and morocco. islamic banking is still a niche product in malaysia and saudi arabia. on the other hand, the market share is already 50 percent. is an alternative banking concept on the
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verge of a breakthrough. is the simplest. it's basically just old wine in new bottles, nothing else. the financial world and muslim countries is no more ethical than in other countries in and many things are simply dressed up differently. and so the interest prohibition can, of course, be practiced actually, while still charging other corresponding fees, question to could be $1.00 instead of credit interest, it's called profit sharing. instead of financing interest, it's called financing. surcharge is islam make banking just to fraudulent label these? if i reached out to starters all to love this question arises automatically, because the end consumer still pays an extra charge x meal or put those sits in the comments whether it's done through a conventional bank or we're financing that's in line with is long beach for the wallet, it makes no difference ill portal matos can hold a sheet. there are more than $500.00 lemay banks worldwide. in that
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sense, the niece has already expanded strict adherence to holland, her rom can lead to an authoritarian system of normative or political islam. mister allen was lima. what is her law or her rom is not important for all muslims in germany or in other countries. what rather only for a very specific wind of muslim z. namely those who are, i would cautiously call them orthodoxy of you could also call them fundamentalist eisen, and it's people who say that the most important thing for a muslim is, is to adhere to norms unaware. here to what god has written down in the koran kwan what the prophet muhammad has set forth, how much that means, a very antiquated islam, meaning a totalitarian system, to be quite honest. critical scholars have observed that some segments of islam are increasingly focused on her la commandments and her rom prohibitions
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to huddle her, i'm reagan, voiding the rules for hello and how long have become increasingly important for political reasons. asthma demit, a chain people more effectively and the name of the sacred dis, highly gar, couldn't hear parallel structures, could develop as my mission. so the people no longer say they'll go to the german supermarket mark today, instead at lane, and i want my own exclusive god made my own exclusive stores, english labels, brands and so on at lee. but is martin on so greater than via, that's where the question of integration of coexistence then becomes difficult. it should be of an issue and i seek out allow certification from true certain foods, according to religious not this has nothing to do with integration or with society's acceptance. she cuts shorts were to not the instead, it's my way of life. but this might, we have to move away from this attitude that everyone who thinks differently is different. things don't get her to have to figure out how we can live well together
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with such diversity or limb can. on the other hand, hello symbols are often misused to protest against the supposed threat of islamist zation. for example, the hello challenge. in 2016 people on facebook and twitter cold for people to put port products on hello, meet countess allegedly to draw attention to animal welfare. but in reality it was an is an am a phobic campaign. it was right when groups associated with the anti islam. pacquita movement in particular, that took part in the challenge and it's not been limited to protests. attacks against muslims occur on a daily basis. the perpetrators predominantly right wing extremists in 2020 a total of $901.00. so some muslims and visit him. institutions took place. that's more than 2 assaults, a day. 48 people were injured. as a result,
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there were 77 attacks on mosques, where islamic buildings were vandalized, odessa, crated. the speech therapy to these issues that this once again reflects a social situation in which we as muslims are hardly accept likely. for example, hey latonya, allow me to allow food. this is actually relatively normal. yes, because there are vegetarians and vegans combos and follow certain dietary restrictions on the stall with us. i think anything to do with islam it is currently seems a provocation, amusing, but the majority of germans on not anti muslim. and the majority of muslims and neither orthodox nor fundamentalist. many people with a muslim background do, however, value, hello and mom as a guide in everyday life, get all the converts you have to deal. i've seen how converts and particular se islam appeals to me because it provides value structure to my life. and man, it's especially true for people living in a post modern world, from di, with super stores, truck full of choices that make it so hard to navigate. questions like people,
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what is good money? what is valuable? can your even, how should i structure my day late was the solution. talk you bob? and then comes a religion that structures everything very meticulously and in detail in the ability to do that provide support the script. huh. ah, this is clay found where the penguins take to the ice, a club of the german ice hockey league since 2018. the team's been sponsored by yella, the company sells turkish specialities. a statement on the company website reads of all the quality standards and certificates that yellow at he has to hello certification plays a special role. the how long certificate guarantees on muslim fellow citizens that the consumption of food certified in this way is permissible, according to religious regulations. yellow is active as a sponsor in many sports. as a primary sponsor of the crayfish penguins,
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the logo started appearing on the player's jerseys and helmets as well as banners in 2018 fabi on house oak sponsorship manager of the clay fed penguins recalls romance. is there contacts a child on time? yeah, i love relationship developed because you either wanted to give something back emotion ganna, yala said intake, we want to thank you for the integration and inclusion into the cry felt community where you've experienced for the last 40 years worth a shot leave. and we want to support the sporting and put cry fell back on the sports match. what on call to be often of little yellow has kept its word one year later, the company scored its next success, taking on the stadium, naming rights. the koenig palace, named after the conic brewery, came the yellow arena, from beer brewer to her louse specialist. the difference could hardly be greater orlando, how should one react wells, my positively abs report, it's an absolutely positive sign and a crippled company is committed to this location that city and club and wants to
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invest test young. mr. indeed. yeah, le, invests quite a bit reportedly $1000000.00 euros per year, but not every one sees the changes diplomatically and pragmatically. as the sponsorship management, the new name was not well received everywhere in his class. as a fan and head of the cliff had supporters, the largest advocacy group in k fed ice hockey, she saw the resentment i thought when the naming rights for the stadium were transferred to cough brought out that there were, how should i put it? a few verbal gaffes. there were comments like haneke. now there won't be beer and carry walls any more on the ironman suit you. soon we'll have a turkish club. the license will be sold, and an ice hockey will be over my truly shambler. of course we also heard there was some negative voices or doesn't, and we took the appropriate action of ford. i'm a very clear and opposition of the contract for the name sponsorship runs until
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2024. and fans have already gotten used to the new name is raphael, and it was the conic palace for 14 years. and we rallied together at home games. the stadium announcer greeted everyone in the yellow arena. so the name became part of the language after a year. it was well established and no one got upset any more on kind of like norco with hannah is also playing an increasing role in fashion. the koran states that women should cover up in order to not show off their chums and rather guard their chastity. latifah dirty is a fashion designers specializing in clothing for religious muslim women. hey, hey, i'm a woman to you and i'm also interested in fashion is why isn't there any fashion for me just because i choose to cover up for religious reasons when that,
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which doesn't happen even fedex design. the fashion brand was founded out of necessity in mainstream stores, the designer could not find clothes that fit her expectations for tie us up until 3 years ago. muslim women were being completely ignored as a target group. now muslim women are willing to spend more money on muslim designs because they valued at their being noticed by the ivr ships that you've either numbered with an average age of $24.00 muslims or the youngest religious group in the world. according to estimates, they spend almost $300000000000.00 us dollars per year on fashion. to day established brands make about 10 percent of their sales from hello collections. the dress code for muslim women includes white cuts, long sleeves and ham lines, and head coverings. the stink, i'm huge, it starts with he job, then there's
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a by our half of and then me cab, which is a full face covering this with these things are real and exist in our religion in islam 9, it was early gone. in some histone one you have to look at it in the overall context of what is a headscarf mean to a woman in the fall isn't restrictive, or is it something normal, so to speak, as islamic dress codes also apply to men in arab countries. they wear long, loose shirts, and head coverings. in the west, they have adapted their look while women often stick to the rules. but to muslim fashion has changed. there are now more brands and dresses of ale to women, so that they can find their own style. the cosmetics industry is only now discovering young muslim women as a target. great and producing the 1st hello product lines. they contain neither
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animal products, no chemical ingredients like oklahoma. this is on the is off by law, special thing about a law cosmetics for muslims. so that is that they can also wear them during ritual washing on them. cronan fired her criminal issue because conventional cosmetics usually contains silicone that forms a felony. the i've been on these are for which prevents water from reaching the skin, meaning ritual washing cannot be performed as on it to beats fossil michigan for chosewood. is it not a contradiction for a woman to cover her head to veil her chums? and at the same time embellish her face with makeup. mamma inquired if you go by the koran, by the rules, it's actually for yourself at home. and of course, for your husband to help her americans into rules of hello and her rom were mostly designed by men to be a hard should i. that means patriarchy dictates to women. what god wants, and what god does not want it. people continue to debate over whether strict
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interpretation of the koran disadvantages women. but not all muslim women feel restricted by hello. on the contrary, sometimes it is muslim women themselves who creates new hello markets. one example is hello travel. holidays in line with islam agencies have long since been offering hotels, villas and package holidays, especially for muslims. the options are as varied as the vacation destinations. sometimes the only thing missing is alcohol in the minibar. in other cases, those strict gender segregation in the pulls bar and be cherry is the so to clear them, we didn't muslims, muslim women are behind this phenomenon because they're the ones who said, i don't want to compromise, get hunter, meaning there are separate barbara, for example, or beaches for women only can't move her, found
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a popular destination for her la vacation. as is turkey, there are hundreds of hallowell results on the turkish riviera. never had this become a reminder, was all the thought of hallowell hotels promise and his lam friendly stay. that means guests can fulfil their religious obligations, their permitted to veil themselves and the kitchen is set up to be held. although in fact, a guest arriving to day called earlier, he asked us to bring a prayer latin to prayer beads to his room. were of course very happy to fulfill this request. ashley tourism is one of turkey's most important sources of revenue due to political differences. the number of european and russian guests has declined in recent years. the industry is reacting and increasingly focusing on religious vacation as ribosome virtual ski vin is hallmark when it comes to business and even when it comes to marketing, mark me, there's a drive to look, furnish markets on the to sell something different for so it was to sell an idea
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and hopefully attract a certain clientele placed and wished him to school in til to be common and dusty to hear. it isn't religion that's in the forefront and was all none, but rather marketing motif for economic reasons. hotel manager ok at my child also wants to focus more on hallo, vacations, will possibly keep us because this market is getting bigger and more important for us. and then we're focusing on hello tourism and all of our resorts. she said she teaches whether it's, there are 2 categories, hello, hotels or less strength, muslims, and non muslims, men and women, unmixed in islamic hotels, men and women are separated from allow tourism is not very fanatical or extreme. his young talk was that we have seen instances before, museums of a guest once said, but i don't want to stay here. would it come on? i came because i thought this was an islamic hotel for the double doors. i wasn't
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then off to what was bothering him. good, as he pointed to our guests at the pool and in the boss, i located the because we made it clear and that we are a hello hotel. but the milton, veiled conservative hotel, the developers avenue. and that's exactly how we market ourselves as well. a couple of a message says, islamic hotel on the door. yes, yes, it's those hotels, the ones that offer a hello vacation, just as we do you do business with us in this hotel. the outdoor areas are open to all at the pools. women are allowed to wear berkey knees, but also bikinis. is that a problem for the muslim guests? dani to look. oh no, no. i mean you caught impose your views on everybody. oh, other people they on holiday, it's their entitlement dress, how they want to the same way that i would like them to be nice to me because i'm wearing heater or hello swimming costume that are going to be nice to them as well a lot. but the way that it is us by the british coupled to hello hotel. so it would
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be easier to continue practicing their religion while on holiday. and islamic hotel would also be an option which has held them back so far. is the physical separation of the gender. really? yeah, that would be, that would be quite interesting to try out to be, to see whether we sort of felt better or not. i mean, sometimes it's noise so that you know, we can happen from time together as well, but it depends on what is available if they have boxes well, so yeah, that would dr. recently would look into another important factor for muslim vacationers is hello food. in this kitchen, they cook exclusively. hello and it's not only muslims who value this. there are also advantages for vegetarians and vegans. wow. i don't eat pork at all. i never did, and i never real. well,
8:56 pm
i mean the whole country is good for us because we don't eat pork. like i say, i'm married to a muslim. so this is why know all about the culture and fall and all of this. and we don't do this. the majority of muslim guests come to turkey from an arab country for then the religious aspect of the hotels is key. this out of the place if you want to read that, it's a lot of restaurant. they put the food tele, many things. most hotels in antalya have had hello tourism in their portfolios for a long time. until now they've hesitated to embrace the label. now it's being used for promotional purposes. well, this set a precedent in montana, in some countries, it makes perfect sense if they want to attract a clientele that is very devout and then it makes sense to label everything as hello alice. i see the hello vacation, the hello hotel hotel. but for us,
8:57 pm
i'd like to make it clear that i think this is an extraordinarily bad idea. it would only result in what and further encouraging attempts to segregate right on districts. globally, hello vacations are one of the largest gross markets and a spark of hope for the tourism industry. the hello market is booming, old wide and in germany. in the future this industry will become even more important. the soon we see this internationally, johnson, large, international corporations all have their hollow lines inc. and naturally that's starting to happen here to you and we already see hello product lines. and of course, we also have a muslim population as potential customers. you know, many companies don't want to miss out on this business again, this a business that promises increasing sales muslim. so one of the fastest growing
8:58 pm
population groups, more than 5000000 muslims now live in germany. and they're helping make the hello niche and increasingly lucrative mulkins. oh i to move in. oh mm. mm. oh, fighting for protection with one of the most detailed wildlife censuses ever taken in kenya. it gives us a status of the health of our ecosystems and i'll buy a diverse ah, how science and technology are eating conservation efforts. eco africa in 30 minutes on d, w. o.
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o, or an eternity time. it can be measured precisely. and yet each person exp, as if there are different forms of type, type phenomena. a dimension and illusion. about time starts april 14 on d, w. ah
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ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin tonight, mission are boarded a red cross con boy on its way to evacuated civilians from mario paul has turned back. conditions made it impossible for the team to get there safely. dashing the hopes of those trapped inside the besieged city. also coming up tonight, a start warning from the european union to china. do not help russia in its war with ukraine. the china says it will not be forced to take soft and the draw for this year's.


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