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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 5, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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and 28 said the same. be sure to law god for the question in evert -- every weekday. have a great weekend. >> good evening. the fate of the immigration reform bill making its waythro through congress may be in the hands of some of the most conservative members of the republican house speaker john baker says he will not move on the gate of a bill of less hit it has the support of theajo majority of the republicans in the house and it is under the kirk long clap -- clear they will support that. it has edged the declined and fell after president reagan signed the original amnesty legislation in 1986. tonight we will ask rnc
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chairman reince priebus if there any benefits they would gain from the legislation and alsofi the chairman of the veterans affairs committee, congressman jeff miller of the backlog of what he calls a national crisis and the obama white house involved in scandal. we have been asking our viewers to send a nicknames for the president and we will share some of your favorites tonight with the "chalk talk." joining us now to assess a number of issues that are pretty important to the like thean party, immigration, foreign l policy, the chairman of the rnc reince priebus, a great to have you here.e, >> good to be in the studio. lou: a delight to have you.
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>> and a nice elephant behind me. lou: what is going on with your spokesman? senator john mccain and senator lindsay gramm, beating h drums loudly for military intervention. 70 percent of the american s people say don't even think% of about it mr. president. of the recent.-- representing the american party?enti >> national security is up and i said this before it is not a place where we dive into a lot but there is a common thread if the president isn't leading andthat his yes is not est in his note is not know and is not decisive. when he is pushed into new military intervention of support to weapons by a comment made by bill clinton
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but over the next few days now he says to go to syria by dabbling in anything isng i problematic. lou: one would think theth republican party and the conservativesin would stand up for conservative values. we have always to believe peace restrict should be a hallmark of this country.ah, lou: is that the operative word? >> but establishing freedom around the world is t something the cornerstone of this country and.whoa lou: retelling the we have taken on the responsibility? >> of course, not.t but i do. think that as president of the united
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states that you have to exhibit strength sometimes that isso yes and sometimes it is no but i think the dappling to play both sides of the fence suddenly coming fa out in favor of some support after a former president f criticizes you shows youex exactly where the presidentnt's is at. lou: i don't know if youse o watch charlie rose but he reversed the reverse. he is back. >> he is now devolving on the nsa and now tries to bring bush.ue. lou: talk about another revolution, of marco rubio. lou: you are on fire tonight >>. [laughter] lou: talk about how greatd wa the bill is but then to personally say it won't workonal
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this way and will not pass.nd >> i think he is being consistent. i have listened to you for years and the fact is if you don't get the border security peace straight, iturit is the if we have comprehensive immigration reform and 10 items we agree on if you have no ability to secure the border, what will happen in a few years? there will be no secure i border if we're going to be negotiating over the five-year penalty why not make it for? is a 40 make it 10 and in mak the into have no secure border and nothing in the end. that is a problem. lou: if anyone was ever p preaching to the choir is you at this moment. let me bring to your attention the third amendment was defeated by the gang of eight the grassley amendment that would have provided security
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i mean significant security or the real deal was defeated with all the members of the gang of eight.if says either rip part -- party pay attention to history? in 2006 and seven there could have been a bil6l passed into law but thoseve senators primarily and thethos president tried to gain the issue and we're watching the same thing.nunfo and the folks watching uslks tonight we'll float and they will vote i think in significant numbers thankind they are tired. >>. >> but you have a democratic controlled senate and the republican controlled house but you do have a common denominator. what about rand paul? most people believe we need
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immigration reform in this country. it is a no-brainer. we although it is broken. now you have marco rubio leading on this issue clearly. leading on the issue. lou: what is the point? >> the reason we are focused on border security piece is. lou: you are focused on its? are you kidding me?g marco rubio, i voted against it. lindsay greer and bolted against it. >> maybe there is something wrong. lou: they say without border security does not work. is in that intellectually inconsistent? maybe that is politics.lo >> there may be multiple answers. lou: we only have time fore one of them. >> you will get a bill of the senate and have the border security piece to be beefed upgo by the republican controlled house and theseate people make calculations to
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would it would take to pass the bill out of the senate then send it to the house tol deal with the issues we talk about. >> i don't know why they want to make it complicated. lou: i am sorry. [laughter]time instagram says the g.o.p. is %-don't buy into the gang of eight deal but congressman trade goudy is pushing for lower individual discreet bills. why in the world with the republican party by into the proposition that is so undefined in terms of its reach that at best a top-selling? > i think the bill will get
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to the house. >> a death spiral?l? >> no. we are a long way from the bill being complete. lou: what if they don'tbou appear? what if it fails the prospect of the hypothetical? >> i don't think that isgo true.h >> with the congressman.h lou: if it does pass? doe >> of course, not tickets spiral either way. successful republicans are rumbles sides to make the cases to all americanss, w whether hispanic, african-american men, white, . lou: how many meetings have been held on immigration? >> republicans are democrats >> i don't keep a tally dzhokar tsarnaev --. lou:. i do. i pay attention they have not had any. that is a shame.
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>> to come into a republican sponsored meeting to really express themselves. >> i have been a part of them and have conducted them and another one in los e angeles. lou: friday? >> friday afternoon in santa ana. lou: we will be there. last time the folks were squeezed out of the deal may be will be different because of their effort. great to see you. >> watch the house. >> a threat tore the entire world a super above that knows no unknown origin or cure it kills the alarmingper rate.ith dr. siegel has a chilling detailn of the coronavirus.
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lou: turning to a new threat that has to be a joke onea high alert confirmed five more cases of middle eastfive respiratory syndrome. the coronavirus according to the wa joe the t2 like viruses a threat to the entire world. 27 cases have resulted in 49 deaths. joining us to give us aes perspective and understanding of the dead the virus we have dr. siegel. i have to say i have never heard of a virus that has been better if they and a 50% death rate. this is stunning. what is happening? >> let me walk you thru this
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we need to take thisinly seriously any time a new virus emerges in redondo would it will be. the initial virus does have a high def rate but here is the problem but margaret qian is not shy head of the who said it could kill up to 90 million and she says it every time there is any emerging market. she did it with sars but here's something interesting se in 2003 it affected 7,000 people and kill killed 700 when it first version was to present death rates and everybody panicked.e the city of toronto wasnto cordoned off and a just and $30 million keeping people from traveling and
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sequestering but that is the real story. it is the fear and the panicvery everybody says this could be ano another t2 but that was not as bad as people fought to.nt why do i talk about that? is the same kind of virus. a coronavirus. guess what else? the common cold. lou: when i look at the symptoms talking about of cold i think there would bemp hard to identify. the who is telling us there are 49 cases. we are planet of over 7 billion people we know how many died in this is the sound right to me. what is going on? >> exactly.
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it is too early to say what you say because we don't even know what the attack rate is. for every person that gets one, how many others? and until we see is spreading we cannot. of the new viruses are not as deadly as they spread because they don't affect a lot of people. but every year there is one in the virus is the year. i am not dismissing it. the we have the scientisteeds but we need a mixed message of information we're lookingess into it, a steadying itsigur brief even publish the dnad but it is not clear this will be a world wide support lou: with the etf panic with
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the world would do if it did panic but science is now allid identifying the virus. i am curious of the reporting at the abnormallyh high rate mutating to the point it is absolutely resistant to the anti-viral smith. put that in context. >> first of all, everybody loves the word mutated because it is a fear word the all viruses mutate but the problem is most mutate or a change in ways that c make them less harmful not more harmful.irus but now in terms of treatment the antiviral stuccowork. if they did we would have a cure for the common coldes.
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which is the coronavirus. the have no treatment but most of the time they don't spend -- spread like wildfire it is worth watching it in studying it. i don't see a vaccine coming because you don't have at it vaccine for the common cold. lou: that is a wonderful point.po we know your motivation which is true stand realitynd to share as best you can can, your knowledge.uldn wouldn't it be nice to bear that smart?t.'re [laughter] >> the nsa leaker. hero or trader? people are making up they're minds early and it depends mak on who you ask. some strange political bedfellows in the "chalk talk"
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♪ you know, we lou: we really don't know very much at all about 29 year-old that leaker edward snowden of the nsa. we have heard him described as a hero, a trader, a
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whistle-blower, public service, a fugitive, criminal even as some call him a bad boyfriend becker the you can tell where someone stands by the the letter following there name in washington d.c. but this is not been the case for snowden. the first calling him a traitor. first by the speaker of the house, boehner can now to a flat out he is a traitor for showing our enemies what our capabilities are in surveillance for cody is a republican but as senator feinstein she shares his view in says he committed ane act of treasonna.mitt the same goes for homeland security committee member and former chairman peter king who says snowden is a danger to the nation and president obama, here he is
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2013 he has now waited but the justice department is preparing criminal chargesiden and friday the president defended the nsa surveillance program to save and make a difference in preventing terrorist attacks in this country and america.d now the case to label snowden and his actions heroic, that has happened and we have clan back in michael more could not be more opposite its.eck but typically quebec said he has the earmarks of a real hero and more and call him the hero of the year. i have to sit here and watch the thank you again for leaving me my chalkboard. we want to thank you no matter your view.
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i want to say this again, as senators might leak and al franken, they have come together to say they are kind of behind this they have not attached to label but theyhe are backing legislation to require our government to be more transparent. think about they want to force theo justice department do declassify court opinions operating under the foreign intelligence surveillance ac at under the fisa court that will not pass but it is worse drafting to see the i'd pairing of senators frank in a and lee for the look of the difference between 2007 and president obama 2013 to think this job
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does not carry a little way to and the burden?ndid then candidates accuse the bush administration to put forward a false choice between national security and our civil liberties than he was very fired up about it but it is a safe bet that president obama would not make the same argument because he is as cautious as ar a very real choice between national security and civil liberties for right now is still very much a question mark. >> of a disgrace veterans forced to wait months ina years for their benefits.itler congressman miller joins us tonight with his solution. ...
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lou: our next guest referred to the benefits backlog at the veterans affairs administration as a national crisis. the backlog has grown to affect 600,000 veterans and the increase ofof 2,000 percent justin the past four years and with the people tried to fix it isirma congressman jeff miller alsons a part of the armed services committee and select committee on intelligence. good to have you with us. let's start with the numbers that i cannot even believe 273 days before any benefits?ts? that is appalling. >> that is the average youe might imagine somet s individuals waiting 500 daysys a or more. there are claims that in the@ years in the years old.
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we have to figure out what the problem is and i want to help i dylan to darr from the adversarial position but the numbers keep rising and veterans keep waiting and they keep dying before they get their benefits. lou: is simply an outrageous thank you for doing what youhi can i know ms. collins from new york, they won general shares shacky fired. >> he is an honorable thegent gentleman but the ice is i getting very sick and.ry, i have already called for the undersecretary of benefits to resign the secretary said he will not make that happen so we will work within the constructo that we have to make sure they have every dollar or personal technology available. it is not a matter to getat t what they ask for because for the last decade the
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department of veteranss affairs have got everything %-it is just as systematicy issue. lou: hundreds of files. >> all the office is to go to you will see stacks and stacks very little is digitized but when youav separatee from the department of defense to become a veteran they give you a paper trail you need apape health record that follows you. i have been told was the former secretary has suggested and i have not talked to jim about this, hs that he has an idea to give them a chance to get it out and figure it out later.
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>> i am great respect for secretary nicholson but thed virginia is to be terrible to go back to collect insurance payments for they have billions of dollarsut that are outstanding by to see a partial payment in advance of some type. that may be one of the only ways to get over the hill but thely problem with all ofthe this with the disabilityt backlog of the overtime if they don't fix the system it doesn't matter how manythe people they've flooded to make up the backlog the down in the left out the man that tha is responsible that is the president of the united states. here is one man who is not taken the lead and we
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appreciate the us so much and a deadlock. the rules of war to inspire operation men. we will introduce you to the former marine who became patient zero on talking on television with me.
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lou: urn lou: then turning to the wounded warriors come amazing program to provide reconstructive surgery to a service member's sparked in part by a conversation between a marine corporal and i talking on their seven years ago. it is called operation meant treating more than 80 wounded warrior since to houses seven joining us now iraq war veteran wounded in 2005 the first operation mend patient. good to have you on the
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broadcast. >> thank you for having me back. >> in the founder and a>> member of the ucla medical center board. it is great to have you with us. when we heard you got the idea from this -- for this from us talking, i just scratch my head and thoughtnd he was such a greate wa spokesperson for the army medical center in centennial where we met for wounded veterans i could not be more delighted you found him so inspiring. >> i really did he was exceptional in to see aptio one-year program. lou: the program operation mend what has that meant to you?you you have traveled so far 80 were wounded in an attack.
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as i sit here looking at you across the way, you look amazing. you are back to the rugged terrain looks that you represented throughout your life. but it has been one hell ofough a journey. >> half of what we learnedgh from life is through the journey that was just one day of my life but as severely wounded as i was it coming from that point that all is having nearly 60 surgery's over the past eight years to have a program likein operation mend be there for me as aon resource, serving my country to come home to have my country want to serve me in such a unique way to provide specialized care to give me back a sense of might heve valid -- humanity back to i was.
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it is invaluable and cannotthan think ucla medical systems, or the recording medical center, ron, everyone who has touched might like the enough. you, lou: i had the honor to report your story to get to know you. it is a treasured honor. the you have been receivingeen many and various spending and government funding in part but i have got to believe when people said 80 patients that is not very many people but intel they meet the people that they try to help it is a huge number. tell us what we can do to help youca. >> we deal with very severejure injured patients. it is not a single surgery but basically like in his
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case a large timber surgery's and you really have to pay attention. the services we provide are completely free. everyone that participates gets to, to ucla and w repairing their family because the family component is critical to care for people like aaron and their families to give them this experience along with all of of the people in los angeles that have gravitated to these young men and women women, it is very exciting community experience really. lou: we will put up on the screen if they can help out y out, operation links o sites.
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we hope that you will contribute lou: we hope that you will contribute generously to this program. it is great to see you i am delighted that you are doing so well anghd those daughters mean the world to you andlo look forward to seeing you soonok. lou: thank you very much and all for all you have done. we all hope you continue your good work. lou: the fate of the states make the caseo shifting prosperity at one negative prosperity next.
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lou: our next guest created a namefor hiself by making the toughest cal our next created qu
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lou: making some of the toughest calls m on wall street the tradition describes out economic power is shifting from the coastal c stronghold like your jake like negative the jersrnia to me attractive states just like an indian adjoining is now a prominent financial services analyst the author of the new geography of american prosperity. >> is an honor to be here. lou: congratulations on your new book the recommended by the. it is in bookstores a and we have a connection on the dogs did, but the idea to see the nation along the east and west coast so heavily regulated such a massive tax that it will be disincentive for folks that
7:47 pm
spell prosperity for a longfor time for the bill of the country.t >> if the businesses that have been in the process of moving it will take longer but all people want is the opportunity to earn a better life. they want to chop why is it job creation a big deal? the half a million jobs have been created since the credit crisis. old school economic theory of they will lead thele economy for of the coast is not working anymore. lou: taxes are raising astronomically also looking at different chefs that will be important but you predict the smart money will be relocating. i think some interior states like illinois at guinness som
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mark many applause. >> they just raise taxes by two-thirds and nobody will go there it is difficult to get anything done and if you are smart you would understand the liabilities you take on as a taxpayer that means they will leave and you for more tax dollars if you move there is pretty threatening. not only do your taxes go up but when the state is in bad shape many for important things like education or roads where public safety goes the people pay more and get less and there is a money to train people so unemployment stays high. >> has become chronic and without question without policy response or aship leadership response. it is all talk and no action
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>> but there is not an as no discussion of prosperity that is not just isolated areas but when do we start to see the return? is a new leaders in business and washington? >> you already see it in the state's 2008 through 2011 the last data available texas grew over 8%. states like louisiana grew 16% and north dakota 26%. c california was at 3% florida , arizona even nevadaev were less than that so it is really happening. h the state setter not doing the right thing toe california, new jersey and illinois don't wake up and pay attention they will be rate -- we behind it is dangerous. sad is sad the state's then need
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to change the most of the most resistant. i think the banks are also new structural transaction -- transition. lou: i like and we recommend her book the fate of the states it isd online now or go to lou up next we will talk with william doyle and a fascinating study of the fallen marine sniper. next. thank
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lou: at the time of a tragic death earlier this year the american stepper their runaway bestseller americanru
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againna tells a story of how 10 unique american fire arms got into this country and he reveals how firearm by innovation and pushed the history and here on behalf of. author offered.od >> is reat to be on behalf of chris kyle. >> you never chess we'd have a copy of the book isis terrific and we recommended to you. it is fascinating to me that you took this idea that are remarkable. the colt 45 and a peacemaker and though wind -- winchester rifle and any number of these third to
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myth -- terrific parts of american history. tell us about the relationship between america and guns. >> chris kyle there was an amazing series of stories to be told how they have shaped history the matter where youzing are in the political spectrum is not about politics but chris thought it is important for us toit know that abraham lincoln abr was a gun buff and technology keek he had a shooting range of his own s behind the white house he would go back there to fire off the round to test technology one day he wasne d crouched down shooting and the police came by because there is a rule against that at the timen and they started to curse at him and they ran over to grab the gun and abraham lincoln and coiled himself hired higher as iter is described and then they realized that is abraham
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lincoln himself and they've been away and he said they should stick around to see the shooting. but teddy roosevelt helped to create the rifle that our trips -- troops are still easy for a version of today andto kennedy was involved to decipher the m-16 so it is a fascinating connection. lou: also the plan with the m14 and the rifle it is such a magnificent part and many are gun buffs.stor >> and the m-1 saved the world because my father and others had that by their size -- by their sides in world war ii it is better than the chinese and the
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german shoulder rifle that counts for history and saving american lives but toes. move our history forward to put food on the tablerd. expanding the country and we know about the crime quite qui well but we forgot about the connection of the military history. >> we talk about the guns that won the west is a terrific idea of brilliantly executed you have another big winner and i am sure ano chris kyle will be thrilled. >> thank you. lou: the book is an american gun on sale now on bookstores everywhere go to
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lou bayer overwhelming response to our quest to find a perfect nickname of the president has gotten so bad he is past seeing tricky dicky and slick willie we're looking just right. for a name that fits into a strike. we do have some funny ones that these names are terrific we will start off with the lyin hawiian. bungling barry. snow job. and for those of you with tony pseudo latin kind of pensions, mendacious and borax of us. an imperial listed you to the the accused one thought of
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conduct obamacar. boondoggle to 30. barack-a-crac. -- barack-a-croc. one night we will have to do devote to just the bad ones. i thought obama been lyin'. keep your suggestions coming i think we should continue this you can even write didn't -- to see if we should continue the effort but we're having too much in
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effort. obama llama ding dong. i do have some standards but i refused to write it down. thank you for joining us. >> i bet you thought the fireworks were over. this day after, a scandal that is not taking the fifth. still crackling. more like exploding. welcome, everybody. i hope you had a good for seven july party because i don't think our american ambassador in paris did he is using the occasion to rip the good ambassador in our country a new one to spite to say it not been a sister that in the name of our friendship, we owe each other on the steve. and the french are not the only ones.


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