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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  July 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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alcoa received the kickoff. how far the dow component runs with the earnings. whether the smart money billy's we could bank on a robust second quarter and which stocks might be team when is for your portfolio. the deadliest days. dozens killed in cairo. the egyptian billionaire and chairman of the country's major telecommunications company he says the muslim brotherhood threatens he and his family. and al the use the box office? how about l-o-n-e? beging to gain. good to be a despicable and tiny ? comcast and universal laughing all the way to the bank. ♪ "countdown to the closing bell" starts right now.
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♪ liz: good afternoon, everybody. i'm liz claman. the long weekend is over. but the good times roll, at least second quarter earnings. it will be watching a whole bunch of names. alcoa, the first company always to report its results. the first major company. major u.s. indices in advance of that are all higher. today of the earlier highs. the dow jones industrial, not a bad picture. get this, 79 stocks in the s&p 500 have hit 52 week highs. when we pulled these numbers apart it gives you a more granular sense of what is happening with the market. the stocks are looking healthy. maybe on to something. he sent a notice to his clients last night telling them that rise in company earnings coupled with margins.
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1,750 by the end of the year. that is a pretty high bar to it, but we will see what happens. by comparison, three stocks that dow jones industrials. still pretty much the same ratio, but all of those, united healthcare group has set an all-time high today. shares of dell shooting about 3 percent right now. this after institutional shareholder services, the biggest proxy advisory firm recommending that shareholders vote, the chief executive michael dell's plan to take tell private. the $24 billion buyout offer. we are watching this closely. it is really -- the big shareholder vote. right now stock is moving higher. juneau's. getting the nod. but let's get to the floor show. here is what the traders think
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about all of this. the new york stock exchange, cme. nicole standing by. first, let's get to our traders. allen at the cme. i cannot ignore treasuries at the moment. last friday when we get that better than expected jobs number, the yield on the 10-year skyrocketed. right now we are off of flies. what does that say about treasuries being less attractive, attractive? as we see, all very bullish. >> i think that the bond blow back might be at year end. we had an extreme move. you have to look at the yields. the halfway. between 42 and 1/4. this is the midpoint. as serious level of resistance. the market got overdone. some call option spreads in december will give myself a fiver six months of a balance. the 30-year treasury.
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30-year, the midpoint resistance . almost got there as well. a lot of the safety happens quickly. think we may see a little bit of a balance as people realize these are getting to be decent levels. i'm looking for all the money. going back to work in the equity markets. look for stocks. back up to 1810. liz: and just going to pull of the 30 year yield because we cannot seem to get it. we do have the 30-year. and here it comes right here. san about seven basis points. that same year at 264%. okay. i want to get to ben willis. if you looked at the big picture today, now people realize, we have a couple of positive days strong together. good, solid data. looking healthy. better than expected.
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the first-time jobless claims, the jobs number. what do we have to make u.s. equities are looking good. european and foreign stocks, every single european industry was up about 2%. when you look for real value? you may start to follow. >> you have to look at the equimark it that has come under pressure because of those people that were invested for the yield perspective, meaning bond fund managers that were allowed to invest in equities sell-off. utility sold off. they were not investing in the stock but the yield. and so the money was pulled from those accounts. continuing to hear about money. that actually has an effect on equities. you have that is your buying opportunity. liz: i know the perception is that yields on dividend paying stocks look to be less attractive right now, but is that really true?
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>> the yield got better because of the selling pressure. if you are a long-term investor sitting on the sideline or you are selling those bond funds that are now dramatically underperforming and you like the idea of a dividend, these are the areas that i would suggest. i think those of the places you want to take a look at. the communications stocks, the utility stocks, those sectors that are traditionally continuing to pay a dividend and grow the dividend, that's where i would tell you to be. looking for a balance in the bond market. would use that opportunity as a selling opportunity. liz: good to see you. thank you. speaking of getting a balance, united healthcare getting a bad bounce today. nicole petallides with an all-time high. >> it is an all-time high for the dow component. when the company caught so positively, you get the baron's bounce.
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that is was happening with united health piquancy it's up nearly 2% today moving to all-time highs. the company according to some of the experts here caught better positioned for a revamping in the u.s. health care system. obamacare rolled out of the next two years. the stock could rise. it is a line of health plan. the businesses make a 29%. that's up from 16%. an analyst over. beyonce said much of the same. people loving this one. and the analyst says that united healthcare is better positioned than some of the counterparts. liz: thank you. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. about 53 minutes away from the closing bell. use of this deadly train wrecking ball back. it now has controversy to the showdown over whether trains or
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pipelines are the safest way to transport oil. this tree was loaded with oil. could the disaster in which many people have died give a boost to supporters of a hugely controversial fiefdom xl pipeline? and we are counting down to the unofficial start of our earnings season. the results will be out just after the closing bell. up 1%. expecting about six pennies for etf. just three months ago they were expecting $0.14. it has been downgraded. we have your earnings flavor for a huge week of news. coming up. ♪ i'm a careful investor. when you do what i do, you think about risk. i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash.
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♪ liz: you know, it is just amazing what an upgrade will do for a stock. we picked for our power mover of the hour. shares, 11% to the upside. natural gas producer gushing higher after, yes, you guessed it, and upgrade. bank of america upgrading. the rating they're giving it is a body. cannot get better than that. overweight. this is good news for investors to sell the stock fall nearly 30% last week.
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the drop resulted from a securities and exchange commission inquiry into the merger. not entirely back from losing 30 percent, but 11 percent of the bought last week thinking there might be something better ahead. you are in the money for the moment. alcoa set to take the center stage after the bell today as investors get ready for second quarter earnings. expecting earnings to be about 3% higher year-over-year. that is not bad. liz macdonald joining me with a look at what analysts are really watching. i am sorry. the past couple of times that alcoa has reported it has not been a benchmark for the rest of the industrials. people put it aside. >> that's a great point. and by the way, the number that is being posted, $0.6 per share is black brassiere guilt. we are watching a number of companies, seven big companies reported this week. also looking to and jay peak.
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wells fargo. but the big story of the day, all about the negative announcements, negative guidance coming out of the companies. ninety-seven companies pre announcing. with analysts on wall street, they don't like it that. companies routinely like to lowball the number in order to beat the earnings estimate. instead and we are watching revenue estimates, that is the number to look at. real looking at that 3-pronouncements, there is one positive. this is the worst performance since the recovery began. valuations are the story. valuations are so tightly correlated. the price-to-earnings ratio. still really cheap. they history shows it is around 18 to 19 times earnings. looking at stocks trading at levels that they were.
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when you look at the run-up in the market that we have seen, it looks exactly like the dot com run-up. the valuations are running at half of what they were during the internet bubble. solo of earnings stemming in. low revenue numbers. that is what you can expect for the second quarter according to the preannounced as we are seeing. liz: and so glad you brought that up. that is a great point. again, either fairly valued cheap at this point. exactly. so historically now looking bad for this market. >> that's exactly right. liz: thank you. we need to get to this deadly train accident. a deadly train derailment in quebec is now raising some huge economic questions. certainly focused on energy. at least five people have lost their lives in this explosion fueled by oil that was being carried on the train. this disaster, of course, aside
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from the human toll which we never end a state, has many wondering the best with its transport oil. long distances. what is next for the proposed teeseven xl pipeline. experts to joining me now. let's get to the human part. five dead and many missing. >> thirty buildings that were totally incinerated. it is going to take a long time for investigators to even get a handle on what happened here in the toll. the toll on human life is incredible. liz: the derailment, runaway trains. >> the train cars were parked. standard procedure when the crew is resting is that they go, they get on the train, parked in, lock up the train cars cannot turn them off, leave one on which powers the brakes. they went back and check. something happens to the train
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car that was powering the brakes. that is of the believe the derailment began. some people wondering if there was sabotage involved, but so far this is what it looks like. the trains were then just speeding into town and basically crashed into town and exploded. when a million type accidents. you have to wonder is your seeing more and more oil travel by rail, is this the safest way to do it? when you look to the shipments for years ago it was about 9,000 carloads of were being shipped. now it's up to 233 in just four years. that number has grown that much because of shale and all the resources. liz: that has done very huge. this leads to, of course, the keystone pipeline which is still controversial call waiting to hear what may happen. look. pipeline versus trains. pros and cons, but does this then step up the conversation with the battle or the argument, everyone to call it about
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whether keystone would have been as safer bet to transport massive amounts of oil? >> without question they're going to jump on that train ride away. you see on the very back of the "wall street journal" today there was a big gad saying that this is the safest way to move forward. when you talk to experts as i have and we are going to tonight , they say that the pipeline is, in fact, safer. rail in general is very safe. we have seen more drama slightly because of the dramatic increase in shipments, but the pipeline is safer. there were about pipeline being a target of sabotage. that is always a concern, but it would take a lot. liz: of course the problem in nebraska was the people -- were concerned. pros and cons on both sides. more on this at 5:00. >> absolutely. also talking to a psychologist about the power of money. what keeps them coming back.
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we are doing that story. you get it all. liz: trying to come back. melissa frances, closing bell ringing in 42 minutes. britain's new tennis ace has been around for quite some time. finally won the historic wimbledon competition. the big league of the top earners and global sports. and will disney's the lone ranger sank into oblivion? waterworld. it is exactly, the water world. back in the 90's, 25 million. we will find out whether heads and which heads could roll at disney after the western movie dismal opening weekend. state sen. ♪
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♪ liz: the wait is finally over for british tennis fans. seventy-seven years. andy murray has become the first british man to take the wimbledon singles title since 1936.
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on sunday -- there he is. defeating 2011 champion in three straight sets. with the win comes not only national pride, but also a major money. as the 2013 men's singles champion he gets an impressive to a half-million dollars. you have to know that is chump change compared to what he will make on new endorsement deals. sports marketing firm brand estimating his new sponsorship deals could earn him an additional $22 million per year following the victory. last year he earned an estimated 12 million in prize and deal money according to forbes. already endorsement deals with swatch group, royal bank of scotland, sporting goods maker said and adidas, of which could now get a very nice boost following the historic victory parity also won the olympics which was a huge deal. everyone was excited. when you are in england and you win wimbledon, it cannot get
3:25 pm
better. the minions of despicable me ran away with the july 4th box office leaving johnny depp and his western, the lone ranger, in the dust. what is this falls going to do to disney considering it is the second in one year. remember john carter. an inordinate amount of money and they barely make back 20%. time for ratings from both. an analyst to has a neutral rating on disney. credit suisse analyst telling giving it an outperform. you first. and outperform, which you just recently made that call knowing how a lone ranger would do. why is that? does this not concern you? >> thank you for having me. you know, just beyond perform, maintaining our rating. we understood that the lone ranger was out there. this movie stems from the previous regime which was replaced shortly after john carter. so the movie has been tracking
3:26 pm
forward for months. we are looking at at our outperform rating promising on catalyst's and also, the strength, the espn asset, lucas' film coming out of the the next couple of years. a number of other ms as they have made in theme parks. so the bigger picture is really the driver behind it. liz: let's get to the numbers. so an estimated $250 million to make the lone ranger. okay. that in and of itself as the production cost. 1,705,000,000 in a marketing budget is huge. what did it make? what was the last number you saw? i saw just under 50 million for the five day weekend. >> that is domestic. there is also international box office. liz: let me interrupt you. speaking of international, correa was just about 16 million. so there is an indicator.
3:27 pm
>> right. well, not every territory is equal. there is some correlation within the domestic box office and international. liz: says this or you? what happens? >> well, it does not -- i would agree that if you are positive on disney is not because of how the lone ranger is going to do. that should not change your view, but i think it highlights that in the studio they're is a volatility in earnings. every year you have some constant that comes and. so the volatility is i. you know, warner brothers, fox. liz: so it is matching. you know what, when you look at what happened a year ago, what was that? that was a massive loss. it was another big budget picture that deplorably. chairman of the film union lost his job, replaced.
3:28 pm
you cannot really blame him. this has been green light for three years. it is funny. this looks like an orphan. no one is commenting, although i saw the world wide distribution saying we hoped it would have done better. did somebody lose their job? >> well, anything is possible, but you know, right now is seems like most people are attributing the lone ranger to the ross regime. i think he has a little bit of a fresh start. the strategy moving forward is really unknown. liz: you have a $69 price target. the all-time high is 6789. you're hoping to head above that. what would get it there? we know that the shanghai -- the theme park will be opening at the end of 2015. what would be the driver for disney which, you both are correct, much bigger company than just movies. >> well, a price tag is 12
3:29 pm
months out. so the multiple gets rolled forward. earnings growth and you will see a higher -- you will see a higher stock price. the reason we are neutral is because that is the case for all of the companies. almost all of them. so we are not expecting earnings to climb for disney air anything like that. they're is a time and place. liz: quickly. no right down? >> we are actually expecting a write down and we have modeled at about 100 million. we will see where it lands. hard to project because there are some other international territories still and other studio windows that could monetize. liz: a neutral. anverweight. a pretty interesting report on this one. if you want to find that and reid, thank you. we appreciated. disney stock not getting heard.
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closing bell ringing in 30 minutes. the sheriff of wall street is back. if you have seen in the new york, you will know exactly what we're talking about. charlie gasparino is here to talk about that man on the screen and give us all the dirt about eliot spitzer making a comeback in politics. and deadly violence erupting in egypt. dozens of supporters, hundreds more injured. this is a live picture right now cairo, egypt. this is not over by a long shot. a live report from the front lines straight ahead. many u.s. workers are still there on the ground. ♪
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liz: now isn't this interesting the lacque laggards today are my technology names. straddling the flatline,
3:36 pm
microsoft also flat as well, intel down. facebook is higher today. nicole has the story. nicole: taking a look at facebook in particular, member all the hoopla pertaining to the big announcement? that turned out to be a graph search available on facebook to all of their users today. maybe you've heard of it, maybe you didn't. it gives you the opportunity to find queries. related time restaurants. you hit up friends . we have watched facebook shares,
3:37 pm
year to date to the downside. liz: i want your opinion on my look. look. , we will be doing this comment here is the building home for heroes right here. nicole: i love it. liz: i did not say that. >> you are going to say it. liz: yes, we're building mortgage freeney homes, so i hoe you find it in your heart. charlie gasparino here to tell about a new share on wall street continuing to pursue as a c capital, the hedge fund, still going on? it hasn't expired, right? >> let me straight to my tie, it
3:38 pm
annoys me. i think we should point out i have a book on this, one of the reasons i'm trying to push this story. we should show a copy of it. this is what the book points o out, although they don't get into the detail i get into in the book, there is still an ongoing investigation of steve cohen. it does not mean they've given up the pursuit to the contrary. my book says why it is so difficult, same for the book, primarily because they don't have wiretaps, the guy involved in that trade involving those drug stocks, allegedly after
3:39 pm
having a conversation with steve cohen that he is not flipping. liz: you get closer to a statute of limitations expiring. charlie: they could bring civil charges, that throws mode of the industry, there are other potential charges they are looking at. here is the one thing i will point out on this, i happen to personally like steve cohen, the federal government believes he runs an organization that is semi-corrupt. making money illegally over time. top with arrows coming down. generally they will do
3:40 pm
something. he will not be charged criminally on this. my flip it, i will tell you that they are superseding an indictment that may add more charges. i will also point out this morning on a morning show we run into eliot spitzer, the former new york attorney. there i am. liz: whose video is this? charlie: this is theirs. he talked about how it is likely to be when you put this much time into it there are a lot of other avenues they can go for, also explaining why he wanted a run for control. it is not the biggest control, but he was a former governor, left after being caught with a prostitute, admitted to using a
3:41 pm
prostitute, new york attorney general. if you are a small investor and you buy investable funds, the office is huge because they help issue new york city debt which is the second largest in the country, they manage the chief financial officer for new york city, one of the biggest invisible balance sheets in the world, this is a huge job if he gets it. liz: is anti-up against some woman? charlie: no, scott stringer. is she running for mayor? liz: comptroller, i think. this is embarrassing for new york politics. charlie: i asked when he started to do this, said it was over the weekend, he believes people don't care about the hooker scandal, consider indiscretion.
3:42 pm
it is pretty bizarre he is running for comptroller and anthony weiner is running for mayor and they both have a shot at winning. liz: yes, they do. we will be watching very closely, thank you, congratulations on the book. it is a medium. the closing bell ringing. i can't tell you if you're being complementary or mean. now you better donate. "countdown to the closing bell" ringing in 18 minutes. when we come back, u.s. investors might want to look on the united states and go global. specifically where and what names, david winters will tell us those names and what he sees as fabulous opportunities overseas.
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more than $2 billion in assets under management. talk about a revolving door. making a comeback, this time as ceo at the philadelphia 76ers, he has quit his job, the young guy very highly regarded. we will be right back. friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards
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and apply online.
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liz: anyone who thought the violence would be over in egypt it's wrong. in fact, it is intensifying and
3:48 pm
investors are starting to take notice. this index dropped more than 3.5% today. reversing some of the gains it had made at the start of the crisis. investors in egypt not the only oneone to have cause for concer. morsi ousted, several blue-chip companies have a presence in egypt including coca-cola, exxonmobil, general motors, microsoft, yum brands as well. the latest on the crisis in egypt. greg. >> officials are still getting over a very deadly scene this morning outside the republican guard barracks. according to eyewitnesses we spoke to at the scene, it was ugly, bloody, a clash between a pro-morsi activist and police, all told over 50 people were killed, over 400 people were injured. as for who was to blame, islamic muslim brotherhood activists for
3:49 pm
organizing these citizens say the soldiers fired upon them first with live ammunition, their followers were just there at the muslim morning prayer. they describe it as a bloodbath, massacre. officials are saying something completely different, they say terrorist groups were in the crowd and they fired first and soldiers were just defending that building. whichever account is right, it is succeeding pushing the two sides further apart. iislamic party yanked it support the transitional interim backed government, a leading muslim figure warning of civil war and stalled efforts finishing out the assembly of this transitional team, they're still looking for a vice president, still looking for a prime minister. one thing we have seen the last couple of days, one thing everybody can agree on is perceived mishandling of the
3:50 pm
situation by washington, the pro-morsi camp think the white house backed what they called a military coup. and the anti-morsi activist say washington stuck with an unpopular leader for too long. tricky and dangerous terrain out there, back to you. liz: they were all over the place when it was with mubarak. so come on. thank you very much, greg, live in cairo. in this country the market has made a pretty penny if you are invested in them so far this year. major indices have enjoyed double-digit gains, but one fund manager says it is time for some traveling. hop on the planes, trains and automobiles. ceo and wintergreen fund portfolio manager breaking down the fundamentals of investing overseas. all you have to do is look at
3:51 pm
the emerging market index to see how much those names within that basket have fallen to see they are certainly not overvalued at this point. is that the theory behind you going to other countries? >> you always want to get the best deal you can get, today the deals are outside of north america, so we're on a shopping expedition. liz: what countries do you say i love this one, i love that one? >> there are lots of places to go. liz: why hong kong? >> hong kong is a great way into china. liz: some people are running away from brazil because there is violence there as well, but you like that as well as canada. still a little u.s. centric. you are up double-digit
3:52 pm
percentages as well, let's look at what you like right now at least when it comes to some of the names that are in there. british american tobacco, berkshire hathaway, a big warren buffett guy. how do you pick a stock? what is the threshold for you when it comes to things that matter when you're picking names? >> we want improving economics or management for all shareholders and undervalued price. liz: do you talk to these? regulation fair disclosure, it is a big difference. >> you can learn a lot by watching. i know you are consistently good, that is a lot of the same with management. they do what they say they're going to do. are they always perfect? we study the management, we visit the companies, we visit
3:53 pm
the assets, but are the businesses getting better. liz: now let's go to brazil. there is unrest, but you like one name in particular which is a mobile payment name. >> the dominant credit card and mobile payment company, 13 times next year's earnings, yields 4% in the world is going to plastic and mobile payments. liz: does anybody use cash down there anymore? >> they do, but less cash, so there is money to be made. liz: how do you buy this stock? >> would like the local shares, so you have to go to the area to buy the stock. liz: or by the fund. what is your name in canada? >> would like an oil and gas company. liz: what else about this name? >> it is well run, a big
3:54 pm
shareholder would like, and we think it will get taken out one of these days. liz: last name in asia. >> super well-run, yields 5% and undervalued. liz: are not worried about the dividends on the yield? >> people like to gamble in china's we think it is a great long-term investment. liz: thank you very much. the closing bell ringing in about five and a half minutes. are you hungry for restaurant stocks? which names are hitting all-time highs today's? we were up more than 100. and here come alcoa earnings.
3:55 pm
stay tuned, we will have them for you when we come back. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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liz: you want some cheese cake with your hot dog, pizza an wings? why not. these are all names hitting 52-week highs. the restaurant business is looking very good. start with nathan's up a third of a percent. check out buffalo wild wings. we don't even have a super bowl to add to this one. usually they really roar ahead on the super bowl or nba playoffs. papa john's up a third of a percent. cheesecake factory. let me get turtle cheesecake, please. dow jones industrials, 15,220. alcoa numbers are about to come out. we're getting ready for after the bell. >> we are. start of earnings season, liz, sitting in for david asman. vacationing david asman. lucky man. expectations are, well, let's
3:59 pm
wait and see. people say the second-quarter earnings will be like the first quarter. liz: we'll see. alcoa originally said it would make 14 cents. that was three months ago. downgraded to 11. now six. >> that's right. liz: nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. always excitement in advance of alcoa numbers >> people love to watch earnings season. it will be play-by-play and headline through the market. david: top gainers, nicole. energy stocks.
4:00 pm
liz: intel sliding into the red. >> intel was cut by several analysts. [closing well rings] liz: that is a story we know. really, this is the getting into the phones. here come the bells on wall street. look at this, another day to the upside. make it three in a row for the dow jones industrials. seeing a gain of 89 points. look at nasdaq up a half of a percent. just a fraction. the s&p up half of a percent. you have some banking analysts from big names like goldman saks saying, 1750? not bad, ashley. ashley: we shall see. that is a big prediction. time for the front page headlines. the white house says it will not immediately cut off aid to egypt after the military over threw president mohammed morsi. the state department calls on the egypt unshun army to -- egyptian army


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