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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  July 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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tomorrow, speech by chairman ben bernanke and a q&a session. he is scheduled to speak four p.m. eastern. fox business will carry it live for you right here. so don't miss us. liz: thanks for joining us. "money" with adam shapiro is here in for melissa francis. >> i'm adam shapiro in for melissa francis. here is what is money tonight. can bubbles be prevented. ben bernanke and central bankers develop tools to pop them before they get too big. will they sew the seeds of the next financial disaster? of wall street's brightest stars. storm clouds swirl around meredith whitney and her advisory group. it is all the word on wall street and we've got the inside scoop. and "who made money today?" here speculation that a certain billionaire will invest in their company has them seeing dollar signs. not sure who it is? stay tuned to find out. even when they say it's not it is always about money
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adam: our top story the newest twist in the health care fight. the back and forth and perceived hypocrisy over obamacare. the announcement that the president obama would delay the employer mandate another year has republicans up in arms. why for a delay just for employers and not for the individual mandate? if it ii in the law, how can any of it be delayed without congressional approval? the latest fight in washington and one with serious consequences for all of us, every american. fox business's elizabeth macdonald is on the story. emac, how can they do this without congressional approval? >> that is exactly right. three gop members. house, fill roe, kevin brady and darrell issa saying same thing. you can't ignore the law and
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constitution, constitution article iii, section 2, you have to dutifully to execute the law. you don't have discretionary power to enforce the law and what laws you pick and choose. kevin brady saying, i may hold a hearing and phil roe i want congressional reserve service to look into it. adam: did he say what resource congress would have tt make the president follow the law? >> he didn't say what recourse, treasury and administration saying, national federation of independent business said we want this delay. it will cost 1.6 million jobs. as we pointed out, what about the individual mandate? why not die lay that? that takes effect this january 1, 2014. if that individual doesn't have affordable insurance offered to them, do they get put into the state exchanges? already we're seeing those costs doubling for the state exchanges. that is has got orrin hatch up in arms too. adam: you point out the administration points to the nfib wants delay.
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what the nfib wants is to redo this. they think the law is a real hindrance for small-time employers, who own fast-food changes and restaurants. >> that's right. adam: they're really upset with this. is there any way to challenge the administration legally? >> i don't think they can challenge legally and certainly take the fight to congress about this they have delayed dodd-frank, right? the bank lobby has been delaying dodd-frank. two thirds of those rules are rewritten. why not delay all income taxes too and health reform? you know what is so key? this is so important for the viewer to understand, that individual mandate tax is really onerous. goes from 95 bucks or 1% of household income, whatever is greatest, then triples in 2015 to 3.25. the problem with the mandate tax, assessed against personal income, but household income. everyone on your house and coverage. that means the irs gets to know about your family's in order to
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assess the tax. adam: will be interesting to see how this plays out politically especially with this is designed now to be delayed until after the congressional elections. >> midterm elections. that's right. adam: liz, thank you very much. people are facing problems with this. employers are scrambling. some businesses already cut back the hours of employees because of the obamacare mandate. so several employers and employees are feeling the pain, with at this point, with no gain. andy is the ceo of a fat burger. he says, that is exactly the situation that he finds himself and his company in. thank you for joining us, andy. a pleasure to have you here on fox business. let me ask you, you guys were preparing for the implementation of obamacare, the affordable health care act. then this delay comes down. why is that a hindrance to people who have franchises with fatburger? >> as you know, adam, we're a franchise system and what that
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does, independent businessmen who are organizing their labor force to comply with law and they're trying to be prepared for it before it kicks in. so you're faced with these economic challenges being burdened upon you and the restaurant industry, as a company we want our employees and franchise employees to have health insurance but, the applicability of it and how it triggers like falling off a cliff, if you have 50 employees or don't have 50 employees, working over 30 hours or not working over 30 hours, it creates all the challenges that are very hard to execute. adam: in fact i learn ad term preparing for my discussion with you, slash and share. there is always a way to get around certain legal mandates. sometimes they're wonderful solutions. in the case of for instance, not only your company but several small businesses they're cutting hours of individual stores but sharing employees. they go to a different franchise and get more hours there, right? >> that's right. that is job sharing. that is not good for anyone.
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adam: no. >> it is bad for everyone. we want to encourage employees to work 40 hours or more, not go across the street to skirt the law or employer manage his income. we need coverage provided. we need to get rid of technical applications. adam: earned, one. negative -- on the other hand, one. consequences of affordable care act, obamacare, they applaud the fact that we have 300,000 additional people working part time, but aren't a lot of those people perhaps people who were working full time who had hours cut because the employers couldn't afford to comply with new mandates? >> on all levels. it's a huge problem, the cost of this, look, a restaurant has food cost, is 25 to 30%. labor costs of 30%. of the rent costs of 10%. you will have to bear this cost somewhere. the consumer will bear it on we'll have to pay it as a taxpayer. there is a cost. we need to reduce that cost to be efficient with it. having legislation that has so
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much administration associated with it, all the reporting aspects of it, it will cost more. you will have employees stuck in this, in this dilemma where the employer is trying to manage his way through it or avoided it. that is not good for anyone. adam: you heard a story, one of your franchisees, not through fatburger, through but the other side would close the store because of the burden of mandate, but you cut a deal to keep the store open but cut the franchise fee, right? >> we own another brand, buffalo, and that owner had more than one restaurant and therefore had more than 50 employees. application of this new law triggers a cost from $60,000 to $200,000 for health care for his restaurants. the problem for that, it would make one of his restaurants lose money, a significant amount of money. he would close the restaurant and all jobs would be lost. we stepped in and agreed to write a check to cover for the difference by lowering royalties. we can't do that across the
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board. adam: no. you've got a business. >> franchise ores can not do that. you can't have a cliff certain companies fall into and others don't. small business is getting killed with it. adam: we saw just this afternoon, very late this afternoon the nfib came out said, the delay, fine. we really need to do this whole complex situation with mandates but i've got to imagine it is incredibly frustrating for people like you when you hear from the administration, supporters of this, saying only 3% of the nation's, it is 5,700,000 employers are affected by this. that would, got to make you turn red? >> that's a huge number. when you say it is only that, come on. the, fact that small business is being affected period, it is hard enough to be a small businessman in america let alone to be singled out and punished with this. adam: right. >> yet the industry and our company we want health care coverage for all the employees, not just with this mechanism. adam: how do you get the
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administration to listen to you, men and women who work in the 3% threshold and we're employing millions of people and you're jeopardizing that. >> i think they hear it. they don't want to react to it. they will have to. this year in time, some ways better than nothing. at least take the time to implement it properly and massage the rules and apply them so they're even for everyone. really reduce the administration associated with it. business can't afford the cost of administering it. adam: as far as anyone you know anyone from the administration in crafting the affordable health care act contact anyone like you to ask what are the real world implications of that. >> i'm not aware of the restaurant industry getting a real voice of it, the restaurant industry as you know from a labor force affected by it significantly. adam: i have been there i was a dish walker at a diner in old orchard beach a thousand years ago. we really appreciate it. , andy. ceo of fatburger. next on "money," can bubbles be prevented?
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ben bernanke and central bankers are developing tools to pop them before they take us down but is it all a fool'ser rand? our power panel will weigh in. egypt's interim president names his government. the muslim brotherhood is fighting tooth and nail. we have new details coming up. more "money" is just ahead. my mantra?
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♪ ashley: if you're wondering don ho. whether on wall street or main street, here who here is "who made money today." fedex. bill act man, the billionaire hedge fund giant may make a big investment in fedex. he wants clients to make a total of one billion dollars to buy a stake in a major u.s. company. some believe that company is fedex. the rumors left fedex up by one point before closing up 4%. losing money, investors in intuit surgical maker of groundbreaking today vinci robots. the second-quarter earnings come in lower than expectations. they claim a decline in hospital
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admissions. stock closed down 16%. plus who is making money, and happier than a kid in candy crush. makers of candy crush. i see playing this on the subway all the time. this is app game that turned into addiction for those riding the subway and others. it makes $336,000 per day. it is played about 600 million times every 24 hours? you know what? get back to work, people. get off the subway. we need room. we have breaking news from the u.s. treasury on ge capital and aig. we want to go to peter barnes in washington with more. this is pretty big, peter. >> that's right, adam. financial stability oversight council designated aig and ge capital corporation as systematically important financial institutions. sifis as we call them. which will require extra regulation, to make sure that if they ever get into financial
5:16 pm
trouble they don't take down the entire financial system as we saw with, aig helped to do that back during the financial crisis. now they will get extra regulation from the federal reserve. the companies were notified last month along with a third company, prudential insurance, that they could be designated, but there is an appeals process in this. it appears that prudential insurance successfully petitioned the fsoc for a hearing, a written appeal and oral hearing according to the press released just issued from the treasury department and it will, the council, the fsoc says it will do it within 30 days for prudential insurance but the release says that aig and ge capital did not appeal their preliminary designations from last month and so today the fsoc formally calling them designating them, sifis and giving them extra regulation and supervision.
5:17 pm
adam? adam: huge, when you consider the billions upon billions taxpayers shelled out to save aig. we didn't have to save ge. in a reverse kind of perverse way, aren't we making it cheaper for them to do business by designating them? this is the complaint about the banks, you can borrow much cheaper when essennially you're too big to fail? >> there is a huge debate about that as you know apcontinues in washington. we saw a step towards trying to resolve that debate when the financial regulators also required eight big banks, not these guys, but eight big banks to pony up additional capital but, now that these two are under the umbrella of the federal reserve, maybe we'll see them -- adam: costs come down for them. >> we'll see. adam: peter barnes, thank you very much. the man who gets it first and right for us here on fox business in washington, d.c. all the best, peter. >> whether you think we're headed for a housing bubble, bond bubble or any other kind of bubble, think about this.
5:18 pm
why do we have to face one at all? could they actually be prevented? the fed doesn't like to burst bubbles but dress i can actions are taken worldwide to block them from forming. requiring a 50% down payment to purchase a home to qualify for a mortgage. that is south korea. we brought in a "money" power panel to break down whether or not we can banish bubbles all together and how we do it. first up is jack otter. steve patton steel vine investments and robert brusca, former research chief at the federal reserve. let me start with you, rob before. the fed said publicly they don't like to prevent bubbles. they like to clean up afterward. has that no it hasn't. theory of monetary policy doesn't have anything to do with bubbles. the fed doesn't have a paradigm with dealing with them. alan greenspan didn't want to deal with housing bubble even when he saw it irrational
5:19 pm
exuberance and he saw it far too early in the game and ultimately didn't want to do anything about it. the fed has very few tools but the for the most part things done in other countries aren't things in the fed's tool chess. adam: let's talk about that. jack otter. a freshman goes in college goes on a drinking binge ignoring the fact they will have hangover tomorrow. in south korea, 50% required to buy a house. i don't think most people can do that. should the fed do this to avoided a housing whether you believe froo forming? >> that particular tool the fed is not empowered to do but that certain thing, you would know bert than i, the fed has control over affiliates of federally-chartered banks. perhaps they could have tightened some of the lending rules a while back. to me the single largest cause of the housing bub, the securitization of mortgages. the fact that no longer a friendly neighborhood bank held it. it was chopped up, sold to
5:20 pm
investors, countrywide or bank had no responsibility for the loan. adam: that is almost like back alley mortgages in the era. that seems to be cleared up. let's bring in spencer patton. the talk we got from ben perhaps two weeks ago was that his own way of deflating what some people think is new housing bubble. >> it is so small. the federal reserve is convicted fell lon of inflating and causing bubbles. they have a long history of not catching it. kind of asking the fed to help prevent a bubble is like asking a prisoner to guard the asylum. in some sense the fed may be had a tiny little bit of saying we may think about stopping this 85 billion-dollar a month plan but it is so far, we're already $2 trillion down the rabbit hole of this fed experiment with quantitative easing. you know, the bubble is already coming. i mean as soon as the balance sheets open up we'll have cash coming out of everywhere. adam: is the bubble here, robert?
5:21 pm
is it an equity bubble? is it a new housing bubble? they say it is hard to actually spot a bubble but a lot of people seem to do it and warn the fed but they ignore them? >> may be hard to spot in their earliest stages. right now we have actually some nice housing price increases in new york. other parts of the country. the stock market looks more fully valued than looks like bubblicious. the stock market, you don't look at that, oh, the valuations look terrible. valuations don't look terrible. stock prices are moving unearnings and some measures standard. if you really want to start a bubble i like to say it is like cancer. you want preventive medicine. because once you got it your options are bad to worse. adam: jack, let me pick up on that. did they need to give us the very easy money problem policy that might create the next problem. >> step you take is unintended
5:22 pm
problems. that is not a reason for doing nothing but unreal listic view. would you want to jump many in the housing market or stock market now, absolutely not. look at reversion to the mean is the best way to spot a bubble. if you're at huge reversion to the mean that's when you got to be worried. again to your point what do you do about it? you can't just burst it because then you've got the problem you're trying to prevent. adam: spencer i had the unfortunate pleasure reading a fed paper on just this issue years ago whether they should clean up after which always had been the policy. doesn't look like that is going to change. how do you prepare for whenever the next bubble bursts? >> i think that obviously trying to identify where it's at is the most critical part. think bubbles actually perform a cleansing function for the economy. the free market operating in a way that those bubbles kind of compress human psychology of getting everybody excited about something. then having a giant flush which ultimately leaves the economy in a better spot. adam: can i be a naysayer?
5:23 pm
what free market we bailed out the people who brought us the bubble, jack? >> i think that's a very good point. you have creative destruction. you have the blow up and smart people who have cash left are able to pick up the pieces. in terms of the individual, for your viewer the best defense is diversify. we say that all the time. as long as you're not 100% in tech stocks. people who owned small caps in 1999 were kind of happy in 2003. adam: robert, i have let you close for us. before we started this discussion. we saved aig and give them preferential treatment of borrowing with this designation of too big to fail. sound like nothing is changed. the rich get rich and poor get children. >> we have destructive creation. we created these things are destructive and still around and they're zombies. we have a democrat president yet he hasn't prosecuted successfully anyone who wouldn't wrong in financial crisis. a republican president could never have gotten away with that we're being run bit financial lobby. not the other way around. i'm not really very impressed
5:24 pm
with these moves. a lot of laws are so darn complex make you think like you've got something that is protecting you but like a baby's binky. something to suck on but doesn't really help. adam: like going through security at the airport. all for show. scott, spencer and robert, thanks very much. if there was any crime in the financial housing mows mows's tan. we don't have -- angelo mozilo's tan. we don't have time to talk about the muslim brotherhood. 8 million-dollar in emergency aid may have made things so much more complicated. >> she has been called one of the oracles of wall street. watch out for the rocks. major storm clouds are gathering around meredith whitney and her advisory group. it is all the word on wall street. so don't go away. do you ever have too much money. ♪
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♪ adam: the latest developments in egypt and the money that is pouring in. though the muslim brotherhood rejected a 6-month plan to try and restore democracy and hold new elections, saudi arabia has pledged 5 billion in aid, and the united arab emirates says that they will donate 3 billion. the u.s. is still debating whether to cut the aid package that the united states gives egypt, but egypt central bank is accepting direct donations from anybody, if you want to help. here to help us follow the "money" and what it all means, the heritage foundation foreign-policy expert. is the debate in the united states, i understand that the law requires us to cut off the
5:30 pm
now we have the reverse situation where the army has kicked this guy out. personally, i think it is the wrong time. it punishes the egyptians were doing the right thing, but the law is the law, and it is clear. adam: a democratically elected president or official, right? >> right. in the president is simply flaunting the law which is just wrong what he should do is come back to the congress and say, look, these guys have a road map. if they're going to stick to it and meet their commitments for the human rights and maintain, we should reinstate aid.
5:31 pm
if they don't follow through we should suspend or cut it. adam: we should point out some pretty big names are saying we should be cutting aid. senator mccain is among them. but let's just, you know, be straightforward here. president morsi two has been ousted is now under arrest by the egyptian military. he was democratically arrested but instituting and democratic principles. he was putting people in jail, cracking down to create an -- a permanent kind of governing strategy for the muslim gupta of muslim brotherhood. that is anti-democratic. why would our law requires us to support that? wouldn't it give some kind of wiggle room for an administration? >> it was a stupidly written law. adam: imagine that? teeseven -- [laughter] >> from the people who did you obamacare it should not be any surprise. the law is a lot. if you don't like the law and have the and the courage to go back and change it. don't pretend that the law
5:32 pm
doesn't exist. the president is flaunting and ignoring the rule of law. what makes him any better than morsi? adam: let me ask you this. the muslim brotherhood is being ostracized. if they set out to mike they become alienated to the point where we just try some of the members of the muslim brotherhood into al qaeda? >> there are three likely scenarios. they go back to what there before, angry people in the scent. they become radicalized and take up violence against the government. they elected the old model, but the young disaffected people are no longer happy with the muslim brotherhood. they start forming al qaeda, al qaeda look-alikes and affiliate's and in essence creating an insurgency in egypt.
5:33 pm
eighty-one of those things are possible. a couple of variables, the muslim brotherhood and the army. adam: and that is the question we will ask. heritage foundation. thank you very much for helping frame some of this. the best congress money can buy in the united states has a lot to do with it. all the best you. up next on "money," she made a name for self making bold predictions, but problems are threatening meredith whitney and her advising group. although were on wall street, and we have the inside scoop. if you sell it, they will come. that movie with al capone. i feel like al capone. it is an all-star weekend upon us. baseball's oddest -- baseball's all-star weekend out there up for auction. they're letting me hold it. they're crazy. a special preview next. piles of "money" and great baseball stuff coming up. you can buy it. ♪ weekdays are for rising to the allenge.
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5:38 pm
onion operating hundreds of oil and gas rigs across the united states and blamed the earnings shortfall of -- shortfall on intense competition and bad weather. the whispers, rumors, behind-the-scenes cassettes. we have it all on "money," and today the word on wall street is all about marriage is whitney and a report that her firm is losing half of her top wall street clients and almost entire staff. he would be inside scoop is spencer jacob from the "wall street journal" who broke the story. is she going back to shut down the firm? >> it does not look good. right on the front page on monday andy tells how she went from having five people working for, which is not a lot, down to one. she has not published a report since last year on the largest u.s. bake, jpmorgan chase. probably isn't teeseven that would not be buying that kind of research. you want the experts. >> and so does not look good for
5:39 pm
the firm that she hung -- her reputation was riding high. it was the right time to do it. strike while the iron is hot, but she has not come up with any good calls. adam: the waves of the financial industry, one hit wonder. she made the call in 2007 on citigroup. she was wrong about municipal bonds. >> you're only as good as your last call in her last role was very bad. you know, it is interesting because now or in airport if she say there would be in in a wave of defaults. on 60 minutes. adam: cats and dogs living together. >> the picture she painted was much more dire than in her written research. people -- people or contact me saying this is ridiculous. did turn out to be a very bad call. it was a great buying opportunity because the market sold off in the wake of the comments.
5:40 pm
adam: why is she go against our own written research? >> she didn't go against a research, but she is not stated it in anywhere as dire terms and that respecter. she lays out some real scenarios. she points to problems. the bond market is going to go through a bit of a crucible. possibly going to bankruptcy stock. adam: she talked about a total meltdown. >> several large defaults. adam: why do we all seem to kowtow to these great analysts? and i am thinking dr. doom is right, but he has not been right sense. she is made a bad call. he made a few blunders. why do we worship these people in good faith and then they make a mistake in their yesterday's news? >> i will go even farther back, to one hit wonders from the
5:41 pm
1980's to sort of called the 1987 crash and said it could be a crash and it was just a few days before. watching her firm on the back of that. they guy who also called the '87 crash and then has been extremely wrong since then. so, i mean, you want to strike while the iron is hot. if you sell newsletters, said the firm or whenever, what she did, she set up a research firm which is a very difficult thing to do on wall street because research is given away for free. a loss leader for investment banks. paying out your own shingle, whenever you will charge them to receive their research, it's difficult to get repeat business adam: bottom line, she is not to be dismissed. a pretty bright rahman. >> i respect her and she is betsy. you have to get it right. >> you look at the crystal ball and this is that space. adam: thank you very much for joining us.
5:42 pm
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♪ adam: crackerjack. you are looking at a piece of american history. if you want to own it, which no further. the major league baseball all-star game. the selling of half a million dollars with america's favorite pastime memorabilia. a brief signed baseball, his actual bat. we have some of this stuff in studio right now.
5:47 pm
here along with some very cool peace is to talk about. let's get right off to it. we don't know which home runcie might have hit with this, but do we know the years with which he used this? >> the mid to late 20's. the funniest part about it was the gentleman whose relative worked for the paramount theater and used said trade baseball bats for theater tickets. at one time had a dozen bats, but gave them to this kid. he went out and hit rocks and kept one of them and this is it. adam: how much? >> around 75 to 125,000. adam: i am scared to move. i cannot afford it vibrated. wow. can you stay here while i run away? this is actually a babe ruth baseball.
5:48 pm
>> provenance. anytime you have a signature piece, obviously will have value as an autographed baseball, but when it has history we try to attribute it as tightly as we can to what we believe it to be. anytime you get one of those baseballs and will add more value. adam: this is one of them. >> exactly. and this should be 40 to 60,000. adam: thank you. that will go in the pocket. tell me about the ring over there. >> this is sort of a feature collection. this is a great left-handed pitcher, hall of fame member, and this is his 1958 milwaukee braves championship ring when they lost to the yankees. this along with many, many other things from his personal collection. anytime you get things that originated from a player's collection you see some pretty exciting pricing. adam: how much? >> fifteen the 30,000. adam: and the leather glove, that is another babe ruth aiden? >> no, that is his blood that he
5:49 pm
used to pitch. a left-handed throwing glove that he signed. in the time you get a game used piece, that is not something, you would have had to have contact with the player or family member to get that sort of bynum. ten to 15,000. adam: where will this auction take place? >> live at the javits center in new york city. the fans' best is a great event to have come -- to come down and enjoy these pieces. you can go online and been all week. adam: get online. >> yes. all these things are up there and you can bet until sunday. you can register tonight and we will ship it to you next week. adam: anything from the 49 cleveland indians? >> we probably do. as part of it, you have teams and players from all over the country, so we try to have a representation of everything. there are many, many things and then that our 500 or thousand
5:50 pm
more. adam: and member of the family who is a baseball left, there are some i don't want to see affordable. $500 for some people is very affordable. >> and that was something i was important. have this be an enjoyable thing. but have people -- things that people can afford and some of the more expensive things for the high dollar collectors. adam: and your favorite piece? >> this one piece that we don't have here, but it's a ball that was used in april 15th 1947 which was his first game as an umpire. happens to be the first game for another notable player, jackie robinson. that was one of the baseballs used in that game. adam: we appreciate you being here with us. the javits center. come on down and check this out or go online and bid. coming up, when you want to change a company's name, search on line before you do it. this is not a warning. this is actually happening because potential customers could end up finding this
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♪ adam: well, it's time for some fun with "money." we have my usual partner in crime, monica crowley.
5:55 pm
real-estate experts, first timer. thank you for joining us. feel better. you have to bring these folks back on.ight to it. it may be fair to say that most women don't know the average cost of car repairs. a new study says repair shops are more likely to negotiate with women than men. the results show that women were able to argue 35 percent of the time while men were only successful 25 percent of the time. keep in mind, doing your homework definitely pays off because the guys and girls have no idea what the cost would be an end up paying more. >> i agree. even in my business 600 of the 1100 people always -- women and on the opposite and they can negotiate higher fees. >> it is interesting. the key part is research. you have to go and having a ball park figure of what your particular prepared generally cost so you know you will be shaken down when you go wind.
5:56 pm
if you walk in and are totally clueless generally speaking as a woman you are more likely to be taken advantage of. if you have the research in mind, go winnowing generally what it will cost and then he would be more apt to negotiate a successful reduction. adam: i was not surprised, but for different reasons. i'm a pushover because it must be babied. >> don't you think guys -- >> i want to get back on the road. >> fix it, but do that the right price. here is why you should always do your diligence. changing its name, the name of the magazine. let's show you the magazine. features scantily clad young man . these pictures pop-up first.
5:57 pm
anyone have some advice? >> that last segment we did about have the key to negotiating a good price for car repair is research. a whole team of and turns that could do a basic search and find out. actually represents this crew that has scantily clad young man. if you don't -- if you're there you don't want that. adam: always trying to get more of those are negotiating when to come and. >> they need accountants. adam: all the power. you have to be careful with internet domains. e.b. real careful. now bodies of a different sight. americans should be proud that we are no longer the most of these country in the world. mexico takes that honor. 70 percent of its population.
5:58 pm
the third of them obese. we are in second place. are you surprised that our neighbors to the self -- >> well, he is a billionaire. trying to follow in his footsteps. >> is see that slim is the question? >> we are number two. we are number two. adam: number three and number four. >> but this is not something that anybody should be celebrating here. asian cultures, chinese, japanese, more western feared. this is not a good trend. >> before we-western trade and culture, is it just that perhaps we have reached a point in society where we produce more calories and consume more calories. >> they have richer food and more access to it and a lot more
5:59 pm
worth it. adam: coming up, check out this new bar. apart ghetto where well drinking. you can see that on the subway. made out of ice from their chairs to the glasses. you drink from it. they're going to make that money back. you're familiar with the real-estate. >> maybe a second date place. i went to one in l.a. adam: to the warm up to you? >> a little to cool. it was a great experience. >> i'm not sure about the first date. i would look. adam: i'm not know if i want to see my date in a parka. >> the object is to wear less clothing. listen, if they can make this work and they're is a market for it to make some money, more power to them.
6:00 pm
adam: welcome of vodka for everybody on the rocks. always good to see you. thank you for joining us. that's all the "money" we have for you today. "the willis report" is next. melissa, i feel better. we miss you. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report", yet another snafu with obamacare. how the latest foul-up of tax smokers. restaurant nightmares. the conditions that some of the nation's best known eateries. and america loves its suvs. we'd go for a test drive of the hottest ones you should be driving right now. we watch out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: all that and more, but first, our top


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