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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 9, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we will see you tomorrow..3 >> good evening. tonight the focus is on justice in america. that is often perverted by a huge cost and denied by motions to differ, and competence and outright corruption. and a trial in florida with each and every passing day that too often that all officials are willing to make every day with a political sacrifices to
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ensure that it is the indoor preserve. that more on obvious display than the trial of george zimmerman. a trial that should never have been ordered based on the evidence in the testimony presented of over 11 days in court. since george zimmerman fatally shot trayvon martin. in seeing one prosecution witness after another to strengthen the defense case that could compare this trial to the show trial of the former soviet union that guilt or innocence of the defendant -- to fund it was are important -- less important than leo. today the most damning evidence yet to the prosecution's already collapsed case. here is a forensic pathologist indicating
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martin was on top of george zimmerman when he was shot. >> if you're lying on your back it will be against your chest. so the fact we know it was two or 4 inches away is consistent with someone leaning over the person doing the shooting. lou: testimony confirms he was fighting for his life when he pulled the trigger. self-defense. not murder but this is never been about the simple pursuit of guilt or innocence but to focus on the claims and the ideologues with the pursuit of political objectives at the local state and federal level. florida authorities are now
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appear struck by mob violence threats if the child does not go their way. reports today surfaced that county shares have been ended together to release a video to ask the public to refrain from writing in case of a not guilty verdict and notably with the president with a racially charged situation his remarks last year were unhealthy. the comments coming weeks after is a man was charged. >> natalie is the justice department looking also the governor of state of florida has formed a task force what is taking place i think all of us should do some soul-searching how does this happen? when i think about this boy and i think about might own kids.
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lou: comments by a president that never should have been made about a murder trial that never should have been ordered. also appeared to knight egypt's new prime minister designate looking to put the muslim brotherhood in the interim government we have congressman miller with us and i'll ask him among other things about the efforts to find edward snowden and just who appointed senator john mccain to be the g.o.p. spokesman on egypt? and blumbergs billions. with the power overwhelm our constitution? one illinois mayor bales on the anti-second and engineering group we will introduce you to him from rockford illinois. and now to consider
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withdrawing all troops from afghanistan, the zero option politically motivated maneuver to aid the obama administration with the uncooperative afghani president and the allied effort to disengage from one of the most frustrating foreign policy barriers. fox news correspondent jennnfer griffin has the report. >> for "the new york times" exclusive suggest tension with afghan president cars site pushing obama to consider this zero troop option speeding up the withdrawal will be no u.s. troops behind after 2014. >> the house has made clear there is does your option on the table. >> in the january 8 conference call with
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washington d.c. and the president does not have these negotiations to keep the troops in afghanistan. >> we stated that zero was an option. >> it was a shot across the bows and the president is upset of the cars i attitude and the fracturing relationship and he wants to tell him he has the option to pull the american rug out from underneath him. >> a conference call between the president and cars i was said to tip the balance. >> i was told that was a mitigated disaster. both presidents went after each other. cars die with pri in on the one hand to cut off relations with the united states because we talk to the taliban in the president tried to get his agenda
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through and teeeighteen was not listening. >> after the id ministration failed to negotiate an agreement to allow any troops to stay as a stabilizing force. in a 1,000 iraqis were killed in sectarian violence the most by the months since before the surge in 2007. >> i will not do any comparisons. thissis about afghanistan. >> the taliban is in protest to have the flag removed saying that it was setting up a government-in-exile. lou: with the ongoing presidential instability in egypt trying to elections and to draft the
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constitution after the military-backed interim president was named and appointed pro-democracy leader as vice president. joining us now is congressman miller also a member of the armed services committee, congressman good to have you with us. let's talk about the zero option. with the effort to prepare the ground trying to move things much faster for the troops. >> this is something president obama has had his sights on for a long time but unfortunately eppley distraught to quickly we will give up a lot of the ground that has been gained by the men and women that have shed their blood. they go to provide the
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afghan people to stand on their own 2 feet but to do that too early is a huge mistake. lou: egypt the president has made no secret is supportive of the muslim brotherhood with the months leading up to morsi ouster but today relearn the muslim brotherhood will be part of the new interim government. where should the united states be? john mccain republican senator seemingly speaking for the party to say that we should end aid to egypt and the president says that we shall not. what is your judgment? >> ending a is a political choice that some would want to do but unfortunately i don't think it is the right move to make. egypt is critical to helping, believe it or not, it keeps the peace with
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a very important ally with israel. the issue is whether or not what you call a coup but i think by all definitions it is so most of us would call it a coup but but to continue giving aid to egypt i would support the president. lou: our military. 50,000 defense department employees taking the unpaid leave andy army will cut 12 combat brigades. how can this be a crime? >> fighter wings on the
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ground, ships staying in the port, aircraft carriers to leave ports that are not able to do that. we try to give the president flexibility with the department of defense or to make savings where they could but unfortunately the president has chosen to use the pressure that it could to make the public react to what is going on. we try to make sure that washington stays within its means and we have a long way to go but unfortunately sequester was the trigger the brought everybody to the table. lou: i am not sure what has occurred and who remains at that table or fit is that correct table to be seated at. >> the important thing is that the american public understand there are those
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in washington that say we need to get in control of spending unfortunately some of that is with the department of defense with those that are invested right now. but unfortunately the president says the forces the white house that they need to start to furlough of the population. lou: having done so the response is what? it is good for the budget? but then there is no modesty or constraint on the ambitions or the goals that is unrivaled stress on our men and women in uniform. i have no problem to constrain the military but
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also the missions that we ask them to fulfill. >> in to draw a dam in afghanistan in places here is the president talking about doing something in syria right now with there is no appetite and we never should have gone into libya in the first place. so the republican house has been trying to put options in front of us that don't raise taxes which is what the white house wants to do to get that issue under control but the problem that you talk about not only active duty but also veterans. lou: also it is obscene what we're doing to those veterans that are denied the benefits. we're out of time.
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we always like to hear your voice on these very important issues. i could go along with a reduction of the combat brigade but i meant as a free constrained the mission. but for the like of me i do not know how we can do this to our village terry given all the challenges that we face and i hope we find a way to be constrained with the nation's interest. >> we're only to be providing for the defense of the american people and that is what we're doing. lou: amen. another embarrassment for the irs posting the social security numbers of tens of thousands of americans
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online last week. many of those numbers below to people associated with the political groups that filed for tax-exempt status. the question looms large and bolt, was that a mistake by the ira's? were was it a vindictive act of reprisal? it a spokesperson says the agency is assessing the situation. coincidentally or not, the irs also announced it has canceled a controversial plan to award $70 million of employee bonuses this year. lou: innocent until proven guilty. today damaging testimony by an expert to support the george zimmerman story how trayvon martin died. least we'll joins us with the prosecution crumbling
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lou: enjoying me on the bombshell developments of the zimmerman trial we have our fox news legal analyst lis wheil. the testimony today, the specialist says that trayvon martin was above george zimmerman when the bullet was fired. >> a gunshot experts with 40 years of experience and a professor and has written books about this and very common sense because he looked up the way that martin's shirt came down upon zimmerman when the shot was fired and he talked
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about gravity when you are over somebody mueller picture will go down. that is important because when he was shot there was to 4 inches so it was a bombshell testimony but jurors will discount what experts say because they are paid feds this was just so much common sense. lou: all of the witnesses and all the testimony over 11 days. could you cite one piece of testimony or evidence that speaks to george as the revisions gilts in absolute terms? civic the only evidence that i thought helped prosecution was the defense to bring martens bother. i don't know why that happened because he was able to testify that was my son calling for help because
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that was a critical piece of evidence. but he contradicted himself earlier. lou: i could not agree with you last see like to ask for a piece. lou: if that is the strongest piece is a contradicted witness by his own words recounted by the lead investigator, the prosecution looks like fools to be a trial. >> here is the problem. they did not bring the charges over 40 days after the incident. lou: there were forced to. >> they had to bring in another da and he said no. here is a bizarre thing to watch but the witnesses for the prosecution, the detective, the people that would present the case, they did not want to be there.
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they were very clear. lou: and the prosecution and capable of presenting over 11 days one scintilla of evidence or testimony to support a case that tells you it is a travesty of political corruption, pandering, and absolute disregard to the rights of an american citizen. we also have a president saying that could be his son. and the activist demanding this trial and now we have a share of of the state of florida banding together to come up with a video to tell people not to write it if he is determined to be found not guilty by a jury of his peers. this is america. right? >> that was absolutely
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political and i agree 100 percent but there still is a dead boy, . lou: and correct me if i am wrong, all prosecutors across the country have to make decisions whether to press charges and in this case they exercised discretion and they were charged by the president of united states effectively to be corrupt and prejudiced, they were threatened by the same president with the u.s. justice department which she has politicized. to me, this has the worst kind of stench. >> you are right because one of the big jobs of a prosecutor is to weigh the evidence and then deny a case. or bring it to a grand jury. that is part of the judgment of the prosecutor. lou: the legal system in this country looks to be to
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have never been were fairly charged with corruption corruption, incompetence, of politicalization it is disgusting. every american who aspires to beat third middle slice one negative middle-class watching us tonight but know that they steal and an almost absolute certainty the allies toward a port if the prosecution makes a decision. hall and the held we tolerate this conduct for any american? >> i cannot answer that political question. >> you are aware and they theyall possible. make all possible. >> where are they? >> assuming he is acquitted of all charges, dollars and
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two doenitz he will bring a lawsuit against the city. lou:. lou: this is not the answer. we have to strip the money out of this legal system and struck out the corruption and the politics i hope you lawyers figure out the way. >> i will try i will get debt memo to you by tomorrrw morning. [laughter] lou: bid to have you with us on wall street bullish sentiment driving the market's higher. the dow jones up 76 points closing over 15,300 for the fourth straight day long this streak since the end of april. the s&p 500 closing above 1,652, that will is a technical indicator of the move higher and the s&p off
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the record high and the nasdaq of 19 points is the highest close in 12 years. 3.1 billion shares with volume on the big board and the russell 2000 is another reco the index went up more than 4% and gold settling down but crude oil is still rising 101 negative $103.63 but up next mayor bloomberg tapping into his billions to destroy your second amendment rights. we will show you why that many is being poorly spent. before copd...
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lou: mayor bloomberg advocacy group mayor's against illegal guns what is wrong with that? he is making a lot of enemies. senate majority leader harry reid is upset with mere
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bloomberg and his group for targeting four democratic senators who voted against expanding background checks. he is going after harry reid democrats and two mayors after the third largest city said they are leaving the group because the group is not carrying out the stated intentions. part of the problem he named the group mayer's against illegal guns but instead it is theirs for gun-control or specifically, mayors for the assault weapons ban and it might as well be bears against the second amendment of the constitution. but the fact is with the assault weapons ban focuses on a small number of firearms fetter rarely used in the committing of a crime. according to the latest statistics there were just over 12,000 murders in 2011.
7:31 pm
that is the most recent numbers that the government can provide. can you imagine that in the sage? 6,220 were by he and cans. handguns. only 323 committed by rifles or the so-called assault weapons. the subset of the rifle tuned as you know, what is used more often to kill people then the rifles? sharp objects. 694 knives, a 1694. 720 people were murdered from hand speech or fest and 496 such as a club or hammer. more than rifles.
7:32 pm
but mayor bloomberg knows to never let the facts get in the way of what he wants. to spend at least 40 million of his $27 billion fortune on gun-control this year were the country's mayors aware allowing them to be on the issue of gun control? coming up next we will talk with one of the mayor's cruz says he has a bellyful of attacks. from rockford illinois, he joins us next. >> the last novel focuses on the in is a surveillance tactics. tonight we will reveal the next conspiracy to shocked america. joining us next. [ man ] look how beautiful it is.
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lou: breaking news, illinois becomes the latest state in the nation to allow public concession of concealed handguns as lawmakers rushed to finalize a proposal ahead of a federal court deadline. both chambers voted to override that the changes that they made to the build more than a month ago even some critics argued it is better to approve their own risk the courts' allowing the unregulated concealed weapons in the state of illinois and in chicago in particular that has sevvre gun violence inverter over the past three years at our next guest also reversed course he was with the mayor's against illegal guns be he has had enough after finding the agenda in his judgment was bidding ways to seek to end legal guns or 10
7:37 pm
owners. good to have you with us mr. mayer. >> evening. lou: your reaction to the legislature to override the governor's veto? >> i am pleased with the decision of the legislature today for us to have been in favor of concealed carry for a long time, we had a lot of help with the seventh circuit to order a solution rethink our citizens in a democracy are not supported to the government should be partners and i am pleased with the decision. lou: you also like the acolyte you joined up but now you said your out. why did you make this
7:38 pm
decision? >> back when i joined the group in my first term 2005 by to its reorganization for what it was about which was trying is to keep drugs -- guns and of individuals with the crime that we see committed a and in cities throughout the country is by people who have no right to carry a gun with a felony conviction they have issues they don't have the legal right that was the original focus but unfortunately over the last two years it shifted away from the original focus and i did not feel comfortable to support the organization any longer. >> even schumer criticized about the anti-gun ads and he said putting ads against people will die be effective the 900 mayors could be affected he has $27 billion
7:39 pm
in design understand it the organization is funded by bloomberg. you tell me, what do we need to do to wake people up that they try to strip them of the second amendment rights? >> just like blumberg and others i expect americans to make up their own mind but my personal belief is it the organization has gone too far then it was owned and operated by bear bloomberg there was a time i was supportive of the mission and i think others feel it has gone too far in frankly it is up to individual citizens just like illinois to make up their own mind. i just felt the organization and the tactics were too heavy handed i did not feel
7:40 pm
comfortable i will keep moving forward to do what i can but much of what we deal with right now is not on the guns themselves but the individuals to carry them in those who are supported by a federal government to enable those cultures to exist. lou: mayorr as we watch the bears play god, 900 of them to a billionaire with his purposes, if you think other mayors will follow your lead that they will not be appalling to me and who has no greater vision other than a massive fortune? >> i know he will call them kinds but the organization
7:41 pm
at a time with my own reasons to be out of it so they may agree with mayor bloomberg by kentucky and there is more than 900 mayors throughout the nation and a lot who feel just like me that we need to be supportive of the second and been and as citizens. our founding fathers were not just thinking of rifles and hunting guns they know the government is the people not to put the police against the citizenry. lou: the vp clear when i said to expect as you pointed out yourself when you join a group called bears against illegal drugs they do find out the guy who was approving the ad is against all guns, not just a legal it would you find out
7:42 pm
what he wants to do is make all guns illegal, it gets to be that they are moving into the area. thank you for being with us and also for sharing your thoughts and reasons for leaving the of bloomberg billions behind. >> i appreciate the opportunity to be on tonight and our citizens have a lot of issues and our goal is to focus on that. lou: you are a good man. figure for being with us the too big to fail banks will force them to do double capital would give the zero leading analyst joins us with her analysis next.
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lou: stocks moving higher
7:46 pm
for the fourth straight day in and joining me now with the outlook on what is moving the market with the four text of the markets we have meredith whitney. good to have you with us. four straight days of gains in stocks are rising and it looks like the whole world is candy rock mound. >> the west on her own looks great and the fundamentals are improving and the u.s. economy looks better than anywhere else in the world's we have the environment of real growth in to have the inflation hedge because part of it is inflation sullivan has deflationary so it is a safe place to put your many of the bond market also why it is so cheap but everybody wants to have the market had a big pullback by justin
7:47 pm
doing and not saying that it won't. lou: your right. this market is frustrating a lot but a couple of things developing today is the suggestion that there should be rolled back of the tax exemption for the municipal bonds? >> that has been on the table for a while. i don't know if has advanced toward not but it has been on the table. we will see how that turns out. lou: balls '03 is not strong enough so someone like to raise it up that 6 percent it be done and with the banking? >> it is just one more move to make the big bank's smaller so the one missing ingredient is the regulators are not allowing the small banks to get bigger so of
7:48 pm
all financial institutions you have to have something to break the medium ground so for certain the big gains will sell assets they have to because the profitability isn't there so they have not gained any type of multiple bayou ration and i don't think they will. but the regionals, it depends on the threshold level if you are of a 50 billion in assets there in the penalty box if you to a capital you're in the penalty box. so those that were below 50 billion removing a fair in their criteria doing well but what we know well will continue to have problem. lou: a dan to reference though "wall street journal" article today which i could not quite figure out talking
7:49 pm
about the size of your firm to downsize some clients have moved away from you but you retain half of them? give us your response to that story. >> they didn't have much of a story because the pitcher was more than the content. i read a private firm privately so there's no way i talked to the journalist there was a factual irregularities irregularities but at least he spelled may write. i don't get it. lou: we appreciate when you joining us your. lou: the next the brand-new book hit in order to talks about a super secret powerful government. powerful government. next.
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lou: the brandon new book headed order tells the tale of a secretive powerful organization more powerful than the federal government itself paying shows in the midst of the assays still being scandal anticipated by the author's previous booker in a global hunt for edward snowden. rising to number three already on the amazon best seller list best selling author joins us now. graduations. first of all, this is an exciting idea that you pursue to build your book
7:54 pm
around but the secret powerful organization? how did you come up with this? it is very real. >> absolutely. 9/11 happened and my wife and i were stranded on the east coast we were about to go on vacation so we said we would make the most of it so we thought we should spend our money at home in we went to jekyll island off the coast of georgia where this the founding of the federal reserve. lou: there is. >> fascinating like the pages torn down a bus by a novel but the fact that private people got under rail car in the middle of the night to snap off to put this together i thought was fantastic but the fact they decided since tour killed in the united states because people despise the central
7:55 pm
bank they would make it look like the arm of the federal government and they would use the word reserve is about as federalist federal express and as the reserves. i said this is really great stuff what sealed it for me is whee when the rebels killed before they killed gaddafi they said we need to set up a central bank. that is god. why would they focus on the central bank? the more i dug into this there is a lot of conspiracy theories that there is interesting stuff surrounding the fed i said that is what i will leave in an. lou: talking about your previous best seller to say we we talked about the federal reserve i never would have believed you could build a thriller but
7:56 pm
it to a queue while. hasn't been 12 years? >>. lady because i wanted to know more about it to say it is interesting enough? i am an entertainer. i am only as good as a last booker had written. it had to be a page turner that i could not stop. that was the litmus test. the more i dug into the background a more purposeful bid -- brick walls is that i can do this. lou: you have done this and it is a delight. the book is hit in order and brad is the author is for sale at bookstores near you a note to lou i know that lululemon will be
7:57 pm
among those to purchase the book. [laughter] that is it for us tonight congressman dowdy we will talk immigration house style. good night from new york. ction - ction - itld be question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. si effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immedte medical hel for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat,
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial.
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neil: stop the nonsense. stop the health care law before it kills somebody. these are the folks in charge of health care a and so many blunders with so many times now just taxing all the time because the irs could not score much worse. the thousands of social security is on the web site apparently the numbers were included is the ira's database one of those learned of the reach while working on anot


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