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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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doctor, insurer, health care and lower your cost. again, this starts monday. thank you for joining us, we will see you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody, thank you for being with us. cheers erupting inside the house republican caucus meeting on immigration. speaker john boehner and republican leadership confirming late today the house of representatives will not be taking up the senate passed gang of eight immigration bill. commerce and darrell issa reporting to fox that the said bill will not see the light of day in the house of representatives. >> it was not a wel well-thought approach in the senate, the reason the senate bill has is little chance, no chance of
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being considered here, however we are looking at what to do with 11 million people we had lou: after telling fox business the gang of seven bill is "all done," just not public. they gang of seven bill would not be discussed in the meeting. the house republicans have now succeeded in taking up national leadership on issues of immigration and border security. the white house efforts into: friday senate bill obviously failing as the president plotted his latest strategy with democratic members of the congressional hispanic caucus. today trying to help a way forward releasing a report showing a broad coalition and major economic benefits from the gang of eight now dead proposal. council of economic advisors made a point of naming some
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prominent republicans who he said agree with the president's approach. >> it reflects a widespread bipartisan agreement, so for example people like grover norquist, former vice presidential candidate, former republican president george bush, all of them agree with the administration on the basic premise comprehensive common sense immigration reform will be good for economic growth. lou: president george bush reemerged in the public arena today after remaining largely out of public view since he left office. mr. bush try to offer a helping hand to his frustrated successor in the white house. >> we have a problem. the laws governing immigration system aren't working.
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the system is broken. we are now in an important debate reforming those laws. and that is good. i don't tend to get involved in the politics or the specifics of policy, but i do hope there is a positive resolution to the debate. lou: president obama's press secretary jay carney taking a different approach today essentially blaming his bosses support for the gang of eight bill and the house's reluctance to hold a vote. >> i know it annoys them that he is in office, let's just accept that. but this isn't about him. the reason why we have the progress we have seen is in no small measure because of the support the president has put behind immigration reform of the advocacy he engaged in
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throughout the campaign and throughout his first term, but it is not about him. >> it is not about him, although it was about him, but the communications department at the white house struggling with the language, most americans learned last year's possession campaign conservatism to prevail, far more than a balanced budget. conservatism has to be about far less government and both president obama and his predecessors created. to prevail on the issue for washington, conservatives must have better ideas, stronger principals and courage than the left. they must embrace the national interest, not imitate liberals and their proposals. today the house republican leadership demonstrated that they are now on that new wave.
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our first guest inside the house caucus meeting is one of those leading the way on the step-by-step approach to immigration reform. joining us now is member of the judiciary committee, chairman of the subcommittee on immigraaion, member of the house oversight committee. as always, good to have you with us, that must have done something to hear the cheers breakout in what has been a rather somber meeting when the caucus convenes. >> i think got the loudest cheer when he said i will be brief. but he reiterated what he has said time and time again the senate bill will not be voted on in the house. if i knew another language to say it in, i would say it in another language is so our friends in the senate would get the message but their bill will not be voted on in the house of representatives. we are going to do our own bill,
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our own way, step-by-step. it has been 27 years since the last foray. i don't know what the rush to do it in the next 27 days would be other than a political rush, and i have got to add this, i was listening to jay carney, and i have looked and looked and looked since i have been going to washington the comments immigration bill president obama and the house and senate democrats passed in 2008, 2009 when the head control of both bodies and the white house. they didn't lift a finger which makes skeptics think more interested in 2014 in the election cycle then they are a real remedy. nevertheless we are going to work in the house and we will do it responsibly step-by-step and hopefully engender public trust in the process.
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lou: that process would be regular order in the house, there will be hearings, rigorous analysis of issues and questions asked, insistence upon answers by the house. >> as now as that sounds, we have had for hearings so far in the amendment process went well into the late evening, that is the way it is supposed to be done. if you have a better idea, debated with stability and fact, and take a vote. don't lump everything in together, throw some more money in certain states where you think the senators need to vote for it. that is not how they set it up and that is not the way we are going to do it. another out of homeland security that deals with the border. there are other bills to come, and we're going to let the house
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work its will. i think that's what the american people want, i think they want to see the process unfold and not have some deal cut behind a mahogany door. lou: it is exhilarating to be quite candid about the matter to hear you and the leadership of the other members of the leadership of the house of representatives say this is going to be a government well-run, process well-managed and the people served rather than to see another effort, i once thought they were well meeting. i am not sure all the members of the gang of eight and this president are well-meaning because it suggests if they are well-meaning, they missed entirely the lessons of 2006 and 2007 which are the american people deserve far better on important issues that matter to our sovereignty, our destiny, our lives as americans and of
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course order security and immigration must, border security must be present, immigration must be reformed but it is supposed to be done in the national interest. you all have decided to do it the right way. it is exhilarating. >> what was exhilarating for me is in that conference to hear my colleagues who have very compelling stories about how their families came to this country. we are a nation of immigrants, also a nation of law, that does not mean you cannot balance us with compassion. i am thankful we have a compassionate citizenry. i don't know the colleagues in the senate have noticed or not, but there is a decrease in confidence in the institutions of government, if nothing else people are going to have confidence in the process, hope we end up with a product they
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like, but if we end up with a product or not, they will have confidence in the process and i don't want to repeat myself, but there are some who believe the president is more interested in the issue in 2014 then he is a solution and look no further back than to his first term with nancy pelosi and harry reid, they did not lift a finger on comprehensive immigration refo reform, why do they want to do with before august? why do it the next 27 days? lou: the coniston made an intereeting point on the sean @annity show last night said if president obama can force obamacare, who is to say he cannot be selective as an enforcement on border security. in fact i will say he has been extraordinarily selective and forcing security on the borders but also immigration law itself.
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it will have to change some of the rules if there is to be real reform, which i think most americans want. first and foremost want the border to be secured as a real change in immigration lo law tht is equitable. >> they want to make sure this is the last time we go through this conversation as a nation. the only ways to not give the executive branch ability to turn triggers on and off based on political expediency. i can tell the president right now we will not give them the authority to decide which parts of the law to enforce, you can add recess appointment to your list of laws he so actively enforces when he wants to. i'm about respecting the rule of law. it is not his job to decide which ones to enforce and which ones not to.
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eric cantor is exactly right. lou: always good to talk to you. republican leadership, quite a day in washington. much more on illegal immigration debate, border security debate coming up later, we will take it up in the "chalk talk" tonight. egyptian military gets more help from its friends. the general on that and the reduction in the size of the u.s. military. next. my mantra? trust your instinc to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment.
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lou: breaking news, associated press is reporting canadian officials are telling the families of the 30 people still missing after the runaway oil train crash over the weekend that those are all presumed dead. for the 20 bodies found today, that would put the death toll from saturday's derailment and massive explosion at 50. the head of the railway explosion blame an engineer for failing to set the brakes properly. a new outrage for taxpayers, pentagon likely to tou teradyne state-of-the-art facility in afghanistan. u.s. forces will likely never use. three years ago commanders warned the pentagon they didn't need the massive operation center that rivals itself. operations move forward. the afghans cannot afford it parked the because it is wired for american appliances, the military says it is investigating what went wrong.
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the white house today vowing to take its time deciding whether to freeze aid to egypt while avoiding a military coup. this is the pentagon moving ahead with plans to send for more fighter jets to the egyptian military. joining us now is former army brigadier general, commande comf the first infantry division along with many more prestigious, prominent commands. great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: let's start with the idea in a state senator johnnmccain saying the united states should cut off aid to egypt. your thoughts. >> historically egypt, israel, greece, turkey have received the bulk of the u.s. aid for the military, but in this case i think with the changing dynamics
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in this area, egypt is a very important country in the middle east and north africa. the dust settles and their sorting out what kind of government, treating the people and their place in the region. we do know saudi arabia and kuwait among others providing substantial aid to the egyptian with the fall of the government, do look upon that as a positive one as egypt itself when they desperately need that money, but also for the region. >> i believe it is positive, it is positive because it is good to have the arab states to
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provide funding to do so for the other western countries that may have fulfilled to the past. we have to wait to see how things turn out. that does not mean we turn our backs, but stand back somewhat and wait until conditions develop before we start providing a lot of a begin. lou: turning to afghanistan, considering is your option wishes the withdrawal of the troops from afghanistan next year. a wise course? >> with the strategic marks to pakistan, we need some sort of
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commitment to not only keep an eye on the commitment that we and sacrifices we made, but to understand a way ahead, to not be totally cut out of that country. a zero poll out had done wise. lou: 12 combat brigades to be cut from 10 u.s. bases, combat brigades to be polled, this looks like an extraordinar extraordinary, a complicated surgery that the military right now can't really afford. >> if you look back in history, vietnam and the first iraq war, other wars in history, we always do this, people are the most expensive part of the military, but the most critical. more critical than the type of equipment you give to them.
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cutting these out, you have to be very careful. you cannot mobilize recruit, train for mobilize those kind of units overnight. having the forces at a good rate providing proper rotation overseas giving you a perspective. it provides jobs. it is an employment issue, every g.i. and their family provides jobs with three to seven other people in the communities where they serve.
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cut out the troops spread it affects more than the numbers of the army itself. lou: general, thank you for being with us, as always. thank you. turning now to wall street, stocks finishing basically flat following the release of minutes from the federal reserve meeti meeting, that's a good thing given recent history with those minutes on the market. the dow falling nine points, the s&p gained a fraction. the volume on the big board 3 billion shares. fed chairman ben bernanke speaking as a market is closing saying the economy needs highly accommodative policy. they will not raise short-term rates for some time after it hits 6.5%, which is the feds target. security and exchange commission ended the 80-year-old advertising restrictions for hedge funds and other firms that seek private investments. those companies need to raise a limited amounts for private offerings for private
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advertising. gold up a dollar and a half. finishing $106, $0.52 per barrel. the highest since march, 2012. the yield on the 10-year rose to 2.68%. up next the white house making it sound like the gang of eight immigration bill is supported by all. we know now far better than that, we will show you why that is just a problem.
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>> you have a coalition of support behind, consensus of support behind comprehensive immigration reform, reflected in a senate bill that includes business leaders, law enforcement leaders. democrats, republicans. lou: the way the white house is talking, you would think nobody opposed the gang of eight reform bill. republican leadership and house of representatives have said that legislation is dead on arrival.
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j connie says there is no reason to not just move quickly, but not so fast as they say. obama 2012 coalition has a lot to fear. after the president 193% of the black vote, 57% of the middle-class vote. and those making between 30-$50,000 per year. what the white house won't tell you is the study shows african-americans and the middle-class will be hit hard for the gang of eight immigration to have moved ahead. why? pure research did a tudy on illegal immigrants in the country and found illegal immigrants are just proportionately likely to be fully educated, low skilled and working though income jobs. 47%, 47% of illegal immigrants have less than a high school education.
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compared to 8% of us-born working age americans. that means likely be competing for low skilled jobs with young american citizens. the congressional black caucus supports the gang of eight, in what sense does it make for black youth unemployment already and unacceptable 43.6%. let me say that again. 43.6%. there is so much ideology over the so-called gang of eight legislation that they cannot seemingly get the impact of the prescriptions there often. during the inauguration speech, the president also railed against the forces in the middle-class. in his first term the president even called income inequality the defining issue of our times. nowhere in the white house report the gang of eight
7:29 pm
proposition that it would work worsen income equality. the income is about $36,000, $36,000. compared to $50,000 for u.s. immigrants. the cause of those lower wages, bringing down average wages the entire labor force. possess sound like something any of us should be supporting. house republican leadership decided two hours ago they would not be picking up his senate bill or if you prefer the president bill. creating effective and humane immigration policy and secure borders. and you have two give the
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chairman of the house judiciary committee, the congressman a great deal of credit for working in the national interest be it george zimmerman declined to testify the defense rests its case in the murder trial. the attorneys aaalyze it all next. ♪
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♪ won let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. >> your blood is about to boil. this story is incredible. newly released documents show the justice department uses taxpayer dollars to organize rallies the purpose to demonize george zimmerman. home -- george zimmerman. according to the record did
7:34 pm
-- record the called a community relations service immediately following the shooting death of trayvon martin instead of following the stated mission to prevent racial and ethnic tensions they helped to organize anti-zimmerman demonstrations. we have talked a great deal about the politicalization of the justice apartment but i don't think anyone ever anticipated of what we just reported to you. the defense rest of the murder trial of georgia zimmermann did not before a dummy took center stage staging a dramatic re-enactment between the fight using a life-size dummy or many can how they claim martin drove zimmerman
7:35 pm
said into the cement. joining us now former federal prosecutors in now from new york city, a good to have you here. today, the defense counsel turning it into his prop how important was that? >> almost to show where it is going down. put to her calling in on the stand. they need to be careful. big surprise. >> it helps their rhetoric the other slaves it. it is comical quite honestly i am sure the jurors understand each side's been set the way they want to.
7:36 pm
lou: i would think there reid the amounts of that with any trial but this is overwhelming when they bring the case for word from nearly every point spinet that is a great observation but part of the issue is looking at 60 year-old jurors they will say. >> they are brodeur minded? >> yes they are. [laughter] that the analysis starts off with why dat get out of your car? but it may all may say look at the moments before the gun was pulled. that is in favor of suburban. if you look at him for when he gets out of the car things will go our right. >> what i have said all
7:37 pm
along just because he disregarded 91 and follow the kid it does not mean that he did anything wrong that if he is attacked he cannot defend himself. lou: dispatcher did not say to follow him they said that we don't need you to purple and purposeful destruction. >> you are right. they may get past that but it looked at the age. 17 years old. anybody who knows a teenager knows they do not make the wisest decisions. you are an adult. these of the types of issues lou: they portray george zimmerman as a wimp. >> that is all they needed
7:38 pm
to do. that he doesn't have the macho ness that isn't bad to have five out of 10. [laughter] >> all joking aside that with the women all lawyers are scratching there heads say how could that the prosecution and the defense be satisfied with the jury? thinking the jury may be of course, . i lost my son. lou: this is a casual observation, i do not follow this minute by minute but this judge seems to be clearly on the side of the prosecution. for rulings have been disastrous i would take if there ever is an appeal if necessary, she is beyond the pale. >> she has a lot of discretion. this goes back to the decision of the case.
7:39 pm
someone is voted into office she will be sensitive to that because constituents don't want this case so that is why they have been. >> all constituents? >> not all of them. [laughter] lou: up next crude oil prices at the highest level in more than a year even as production is soaring to an all-time high. what is going on? we will have the next.
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lou: in crude oil prices more than a year after the report from the eia that they get the lowest level in five months. my next guest says this takes money out of consumers' pockets out of the already fragile economy.
7:43 pm
senior equity strategist first of all, this is stunning. everything to be accommodative into the market what do you make of it? that is the last thing the fed wants to see. i was downtown with gas and $4 a gallon but clearly if we get some high intention in the middle east and oil goes to 130 a barrel so that will clearly will take wind out of the recovery. lou: said a question that bill riley would insist upon.
7:44 pm
watching will production screen higher. what is going on? will we see them reverse? >> a lot of that if we think back between israel will they baum i ran? -- bomb iran? >> i don't agree with bill of rights these conspiracy theory. lou: neither do i. let me be clear. there are hundreds of thousands of participants in the oil market. it is running:fear because there is plenty of supply
7:45 pm
despite the inventory numbers. there is a lot of oil out there. it is purely middle east tensions. lou: derek is a lot of money and in this economy. and then bernanke made it very clear the unemployment rate does not represent what he considers to be a very difficult labor market in and he will be accommodating for the foreseeable future. he made that clear. but the market tomorrow will react how? >> i think the market has bounceback remember on may may 22nd it miss redbird khaki saying they would start to taper. and to try to be more clear
7:46 pm
on that. the rest assured in my opinion it will be an extremely long period of time and i still think despite the comments from bernanke i still think they're unlikely to reduce the monthly purchases until 2014. inflation is low we have been paying a lot but if you look at it the way the fed does the economy is growing very slowly. let's to use those conditions to pull back and take the floor of the accelerator. lou: and the etf of reducing ssme of the exemption on the muni bonds and talk about reducing deductions for mortgage interest.
7:47 pm
is this for real? or will become a significant factor in the marketplace? >> the to the you mentioned, the to deductions are very unlikely the duty bond and housing deduction are very unlikely to go away for a long time but rest assured given the fiscal situation over time all taxpayers, all citizens are going to be receiving less entitlements in will be paying more taxes. we have a fiscal problem ahead of us. it is not a crisis now that is why the politicians don't act. it probably won't maybe fiber 10 years but somewhere unless we change the way we do business there will be a
7:48 pm
problem but right now we can borrow all the money we want at 2.6% and that is not a crisis. lou: a somebody wants a crisis then they can talk about raising taxes. this president better be constrained. >> there is a lot of uncertainty. lou: thank you for being with us. the brand new book collusion shows a liberal mainstream media. and how to avoid a bp to in 2016. next. >> one democrat now says james obamacare. change the law.
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and a 30-tablet free trial.
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lou: my next guest says the mainstream media has not shown as much bias as they did during the presidential election a and if conservatives to do something now they will not win in 2016. here to talk about his new book in the media's role with the bombing is reelection from the media research center the author of the brave new book entitled collusion, how the media's role the 2012 election and how to stop them from doing it in 2016. congratulations on the book.
7:53 pm
with the cables you talk about the cnn candy crowley the way she responded a and interjected in that debate asserting that the president had declared benghazi was an act of terrorism and there was no consequence in civic no. every four years republicans complained about the moderator's that they have a heated in choosing the last year it was interesting because the two moderators you expected to be left wing jim leyritz and especially bob schieffer both did a terrific job in the first and third debates. they both did a great job. the middle was candy crowley and i would have put my money on her. but she was terrific and took away a golden moment for me on the. he heard the president say that the president declared
7:54 pm
it a terrorist attack and he looked at the president in disbelief that you may have just given me the presidency with that statement and she rushed to defend the president and said he was right and he made her repeat that he was right and he was not at all. lou: a hint the idea i watched that moment i thought it is even a better moment because now he can take on the media as well as the president of united states. had he chosen to do that that would have been a golden moment. >> what was the high watermark of newt gingrich? georgia when he took in the media.
7:55 pm
bush 41 tried that with all was lost but the conservatives can stand that against them dirt you saw the nonstop attacks against every single republican while white washing any controversy with barack above and conservatives are fed up. lou: the book is called pollution -- pollution. -- collusion. lou: but they cannot find a way to counterattack the national media. you talk about ignorance, and arrogance and fear i just think that you
7:56 pm
and reince priebus will get along. [laughter] >> the ignorance they do not understand how important this is and should be at the top of their agenda. they have to get through this force that stops them at every opportunity. the arrogance is to think that they don't need to do that or that they are above that. you sought it with the new rob the campaign. they made no effort. and so many republicans believe if they are smacked once they better not respond they may get smacked twice. %-why not respond? lou: i cannot agree more and i find it amazing republicans didn't think they needed to get out the vote either. that was a silly oversight with a presidential election >> i was asked last night is it fair to say the media stole the election?
7:57 pm
buttenbaum melos to for many reasons but i do believe the media was fair barack obama would have been defeated. lou: the book is "collusion." good fight.
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neil: and leased it is something if the irs will not cut any one then let's cut the fund of the targeted budget. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. how is this? republicans looking to cut 3 million from the budget more than what the white house once it is a penalty for the agency that will not reprimanded cells because two months after the white house promised it would get to the bottom of this not a single group has been questioned or have initial findings reported. maybe the irs is getting the budget cut is just a deserved


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