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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we will be back tomorrow night. lou: good evening. attorney-general eric holder has had a 24 hour changing public focus that led to the acquittal of george zimmerman that has led the attorney general away from the original accusation of racism aimed at the jury in the entire year judicial system and the nation's top law-enforcement official this afternoon decided instead to target the stand your ground laws and those exercise their rights under the law. here is the attorney general moments ago at the naacp
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conference in orlando miles from stanford wears a permit was acquitted of second degree murder a and manslaughter saturday night. >> separate and apart from the case has drawn national attention it is time to question laws that since easily expand the concept of state -- self defense and our neighborhoods. they cut to fix something that was never broken. there has always been a legal defense accused of the force if it, and it is retreat is available. but we must examen laws that take this further to limit the common-sense of the age-old requirement that those who feels they've been negative threatened have a duty to retreat to if they can do so safely. we must confront the underlying attitude, the mistaken belief in the
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unfortunate stereotypes as serve too often and private judgments. lou: stereotypes and does he include such as a jury should be deemed racist because they are white? or a police department racist because they don't bring charges with the investigation determines there is insufficient evidence to do so? stereotypes, mr. attorney general? al sharpton again today vowed to hold a 150 protesters were about weakness the disorder will become a battleground of a new civil rights movement. we reached out to the department of justice to see if they would be funding and assisting him again as they did last year to funding and organizing demonstrations. the justice department still has not answered our questions.
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sharpton has been disappointed by the low turnout for the demonstrations that he called for. cities nationwide reported gatherings and protests that number in the hundreds, not thousands or tens of thousands with a small pockets of breakaway groups with was the angeles and baltimore and fortune of the resorting to give a listen and assaults in some cases. the attorney general behaves rather badly with the justice department to site demonstrations while the crime of the result mr. holder ignored for out that four children were gunned down and murdered in the president's hometown of chicago during the course of the 20 day the zimmerman trial. president obama and his attorney general offered no comment on those of unnecessary deaths better every bit as tragic campaign full as the death of trayvon martin. perhaps cover more so because the president of
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united states is a sturdy general chose to not speak of those victims and their families. the president again in today's teens use ground with the right to remain silent with the political fallout. justice members of his cabinet push the boundaries of ethics and professionalism and public service to reveal again there clearly political officers of the administration rather than the objective and neutral service of all americans pursuing narrow partisan policy into do so in the most embarrassing way. said henry has the report. >> in a speech in orlando miles from the courthouse where george zimmerman was acquitted in attorney-general took direct aim at the controversial steel and your ground loss. >> we must stand or ground
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to make sure they reduce violence to take a hard look set those that contribute to more violence than what they prevent. >> the sharpest attacks yet on the law allows people of fl with force if they feel threatened in their home, business, a car, or where they have a legal right to be. >> to encourage violent situations that escalate in public they undermine public safety. >> they're likely to inflame supporters of zimmerman who claimed self-defense part of the speech came as the naacp revealed its petition demanding the attorney-general seek federal charges reached over 1 million signatures and sharpton appeared outside the department of justice today to demand a civil-rights investigation. >> recall an investigation because trayvon martin had the civil right to go home and that was interfered with
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and violated. >> declaring his national action network to organize protests in 100 cities and anchor over the verdict continues in oakland where l.a. police chief revealed his officers would be out in much greater force after 150 protesters ran through the streets vandalizing property 14 arrests. and said all options are on the table -- including the push against stealing your ground. >> it is time to question laws that senses the expand the concept of self defense. >> are the first time he has raised eyebrows with controversial comments. >> the nation thought of itself as the ethnic melting pot but with things ratio we have always been and i believe we continue to be in too many ways essentially a
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nation of cowards. >> 22 other states already have laws of the bookselling people to defend themselves with lethal force aside the administration may have a major battle in its hands of all over the country. lou: chief house correspondent. for more on the obama bit administration reaction to the acquittal i am joined by a columnist for the hill and fox analyst juan williams and stephen hays. the attorney general has moved from accusing the surgery and the judicial system of racism without reservation in yesterday's to today's focusing on stand your ground laws which means he decides self-defense is no longer questionable under the constitution? >> safe -- did your ground is not an issue because it
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was not used by the defense is an irving case in the said it was self-defense. i can tell you when having spoke to governor bush to was the governor at the time he said it did that apply to this case said he thought it the law was being maligned in this regard but obviously you have it that eric holder is looking for something to give him traction that he can offer that he has evidence he is taking action in the aftermath. lou: is that the job of the attorney-general to call the emotions of a select group of people in society and is the not the attorney general all people? should he not be extensive holdings the integrity of
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the verdict? >> i hate to say it but i agree. i think what happened today is eric colder changed the subject and to a debate largely about race fuel from his recent comments to make it a debate about stand your ground. the administration feels more comfortable having that debate been trying to bring additional charges against george zimmerman that everybody agrees would be almost impossible to win a case. i think he changes the subject trying to get people to debate something else to avoid the difficult decision whether to bring those charges down the road. lou: in the nra has just handed us this statement just put
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out. the attorney general says the nra, officials to understand the self-defense is not a concept but a fundamental human right. to send a message that legitimate self-defense is to blame as unconscionable and demonstrates once again his administration will exploit tragedy's to push their political agenda. chris cox, 70 nra executive director. >> sometimes we get into these political debates with mudslinging and you just have to laugh. they say they have a political agenda? steve and your ground is an extension of self-defense. it is not that anybody is attacking self-defense it in the simmering case there was logical steps he could have taken to avoid that confrontation ended becomes a matter did he feel threatened a and the jury
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said he did and the prosecution failed to make the case he was acting with any malice. that is the verdict. you excepted. but for the nra that is said to to pursues the guns in every corner agenda, that is laughable. lou: your reaction to the statement, steve? >> in the sense eric holder seems to pre-empted when he talks about senior ground that it is a law that did not need to be passed because you already have the right to self-defense so that is his response to the statement i am more sympathetic to the stand your ground law because they have proven effective over the years. lou: the idea that the attorney general would say he wants americans to retreat in the face a threat is bizarre. to me i cannot begin to understand why this
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attorney-general and president did not do the gracious, smart, in dutiful thing to support our judicial system and this verdict. there is a scalding hypocrisy about all that this administration has done in the past 48 hours. they know full well they cannot bring a civil rights action against this young man and they know full well as they sought a petition to bring civil rights. and with reverend al sharpton in to talk about the 100 city demonstration, to me it is reprehensible conduct. i assume the attorney-general is behaving badly i think it is worse on the part of the administration. >> a ben.
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to me there are so many people out there is so many bad leaders they the people down the garden path but ignore the constant carnage in the black community that you referred to the children killed during the course of the trial. if you look at someone like sharpton he is pumping the numbers for his ratings. yet there is legitimate concern about injustice. why is it if there is a dead child and no acknowledgement of that in terms of the jury? i agree. but the larger issue you have to stop. if you use the word, a birding scorn for this behavior, i share it. lou: you get the last word on this. those four murder victims during the course of this average trial of the 20 day period were children they
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did not have a gun in their hand in they were not standing their ground in a worse -- defenseless. i hope the attorney general or a president willing acknowledge that reality for the sake of those in chicago who lost loved ones. >> i would not hold your breath. i agree. is a nice moment. [laughter] this is what al sharpton does. he does in the past and it now and in the future he will get attention. but ultimately end of the equity is doing, not only not helpful but it is harmful. lou: the deal. stephen hays. juan williams. to much more on the not guilty verdict leading attorneys join us next.
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president obama the changes is timeline for immigration reform. tonight he has spanish-language news outlets saying immigration will hopefully have been in the fall. previously said he wanted congress to pass legislation by the end of the summer. he said he did not -- approved the piecemeal approach referring to the house approach and republican leaders say that they are staying with their approach said that calling it quits? janet napolitano leaving a post vacant as border security becomes a focus of the debate. tom ridge reacts. here. next. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello.
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lou: entrance noted submitted a request for temporary asylum in russia according to his attorney who claims he needs asylum because he faces prosecution rather persecution from the federal government and fears for his life he has been denied from nicaragua and bolivia but the password has been revoked and travel from moscow to any of those countries is complicated to say the least. to napolitano as decision to step down expose is a leadership vacuum there are now 15 empty slots and homeland security senator john mica says now is a good time for congress to consider to dismantle hamas security to replace it with the smaller focused entity
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that is realistically capable to connect the dots of threats posed to national security. joining us now the former head and former governor of pennsylvania, a tom ridge. >> my pleasure. lou: here are presiding over a monster is entity. what are your reactions to his statement? >> i respect the congressman's public-service in his senate great deal of good work i think he is wrong when it comes to the department it was a bold aggravation of over 20 departments but the real challenge i believe has more to do with congress than the department. the secretary continues to report to almost 100
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committees and subcommittees at the end of the day there is no smaller group in the house are the senate that can continue to work with or communicate or collaborate to make it the most effective organization possible and nobody wants to give up jurisdiction. everybody runs to the hill to protect your interest but not one group that runs the enterprise. not a good situation. lou: he is also a former congressman to talk about motivation. vhs -- d.h. as one-third of the positions will be vacant by september have a kid a department that large function? >> i don't think it can't possibly function with anything close to what you and i expect relief from the
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necessary organization but at the end of the day that does not fall on these secretary's responsibilities that is exclusively the white house. they know there have been many vacancies for months and to my knowledge talking to some people very little effort to fill those vacancies. it is not even benign neglect of the third largest agency that needs leadership all levels and you are spot on. those physicians should be filled immediately as the thing to do with budget option in the senate. >> 84 being with us. >> we are shifting our focus to cybersecurity and when america is doing to protect our critical assets.
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turning to wall street where stocks retreated from record highs with an amazing boost of a bill the optimism the highest level in four years dow jones industrial average fell slightly with the s&p down six and the nasdaq nine points on the day. the intradayidiocy and industry regarding the zimmerman verdict tonight we will highlight the most annoying. here. next. r children is something we all share. but who can help prepare them for the opportunities ahead? who can show them how to build on your success, but not rely on it. who can focus on making your legacy last for generations to come?
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our commitmentas never been stronger.
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lou: the great song and a message and great entertainer now issuing threats regarding the zimmerman verdict and "stand your ground". stevie wonder performing sunday in canada and he said he would never again for foreign in the states of florida where he founds the
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-- refines the "stand your ground". we're rethinking? we have no choice to include him with a parade of fools on the issue. folks to come out to densest they know better than the florida jury that listen to the evidence in examining it carefully to deciding in a narrow and reasonable verdict that there was reasonable doubt of the two charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter they exonerated him. he is free to boycott anything he wants but there are a few problems of his reasoning. first is the remains attorney did not mount the "stand your ground" case by the way he is in good company the attorney general himself is confused about the law and decided today to shift his focus to the law rather than further trying to demonize and vilifies the
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jury in judicial system that reached the not guilty verdict. second the boycott leads with fewer travel choices but florida is only one above 23 states that has of version of "stand your ground". good luck with that. up next in the parade of fools is a senior who said'' this to me feels like a new form of modern day and lynching for you can walk away as of nothing happens what signal you sending? first of all, referring to when shane is disgusting one of those available to the critics it is hard to discern what is more of courageous? the charity that ms. tyndale been misspent $60 million
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that should have gooe to the victims. we have a wrapper that you may not be familiar with the don't get upset that is not a bad thing. boarded united states but raised in cynical posted online the statement'' every african-american in the united states needs to move their money, family and knowledge back to africa where you are treated white the realty war you deserve this treatment is not your country. we know it is a lot to expect with the intellectual capacity and integrity from entertainers the menu use your notoriety to incite racial tension we have 2.0 what a fool you are a and yes, it is our country. maybe you can tell me why we have to put up with rules to make comments like that?
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that's right because it is our country and it is america. you get to do that sort of thing but we also get 2.0 how in knowing they can be. we will continue in just one moment. >> george zimmerman. will the administration really go after him with civil-rights charges? joining us next with "dobbs' law" this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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from the sweltering conditions not expected until saturday. turning to the zimmerman case is attorney general holder deep into the controversy our next guest will sorted out from their perspective. is there a foundation for civil rights charges against individual? a wrongful death suit that can prevail for the criticism of the stand your ground lot? joining us is criminal defense attorney arthur itel also ashley, a good to have you here. a civil rights action in head you never heard of a proceeding? >> i have definitely hurt happening but signed into law 2009 and changed to the federal civil rights statute creating its own class of
7:35 pm
crime called a hate crime the only way you could file one is when it was a law-enforcement official violating civil rights but it changed and now these actions can be brought against any individual. >> but a favorite -- a very famous case in new york with the riots here in brooklyn where the jewish man hit a and killed the young black boy but only because he was jewish and black man killed a jewish reenforce retaliation and there were people saying killed the do. that individual who committed homicide was found not guilty in the local court then the fed did come into prosecuting and he did go to jail. that is not the case has ever been away or shape or form.
7:36 pm
i will shave the mustache if the fed to bring down a charge. lou: the fbi conducted interviews of 36 people. there are even in instances if you look at the results of those interviews it looks like the fbi will get a different answer than what they have got but they got no hatred, no racial bias was a weber on the part of george zimmerman. why does this attorney general act like this is an ongoing investigation? why does he even talks like that? why does he talk about the evidence that is now the record? >> the unfortunate thing he is not following their own guidelines for the federal government has guidelines that they are supposed to follow in deciding whether
7:37 pm
or not to prosecute. they specifically say you cannot prosecute someone if the decision is based on race but i cannot help to think this has something to do with simmons race is different day and trayvon martin. >> she hit the nail on the head. there should be more personal responsibility. the attorney general should step up to say emotionally we wanted the answer would and people were killed in a car accident. that is an accident. we want an answer. that is human nature. in those two are no better not criminally responsible. lou: go ahead.
7:38 pm
>> sometimes an accident is just an accident. lou: is a shame and what you said people want resolution but that verdict is supposed to be the resolution. to support the jury trial and judicial system and it is a shame we are witnessing right now. we will continue the examination of this case and the politics, the legal politics in just a moment. fortune magazine joins us with a revealing look at the man for responsible for exposing china's backing of u.s. companies and over government facilities. stay with us.
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lou: we are back with our attorneys.
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a civil lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit, what are the odds? i don't think many people realize the trayvon martin is family has already received the wrongful death settlement believe to be over $1 million against the claim of the homeowners' association as a result. rodrigo from here? >> i actually think the likelihood is higher but if these entities were in control of themselves. this case takes on a life of its own not everyone has all these advisers whispering civic and i am sure the jurors had people whispering in their ear. that is unfortunate because at the bottom line trayvon
7:43 pm
martin is not here and nobody should make money off of that in my opinion. lou: a does a wrongful death suit to brought by the martin family against zimmerman, does it succeed? >> it doesn't make sense but it seems pointless because he doesn't have any money or assets so to keep the litigation ongoing doesn't make sense when they already received a settlement but now it is a much lower standard of proof in civil court just because there wasn't for a beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean there won't overcome the standard in the civil courts that is more likely than not they just have to show more likely than not. >> example is the adjacent to and -- o.j. simpson case you're not guilty in civil
7:44 pm
corbett liable. >> exactly but whether or not you can collect on that judgment is another story. lou: there is a far more powerful inference from this verdict they and george zimmerman. exonerated that he is not guilty. in the o.j. simpson trial it seemed i dunno, it didn't have the same influence or power. >> with o.j. simpson i was in law school, there was some of overwhelming evidence there. we all went in to watch that verdict but there was a lot of evidence with o.j. simpson being guilty and this is what annoys me the most, how fast that jury
7:45 pm
came back. for hours or something. we you have that much responsibility think about it. taken a nap before you reach a verdict smith that was nice about this jerry they really did take their time if it is unfortunate there getting backlash. lou: it is predictable and it is expected and one juror in particular has revealed there thinking and approach she is a very bright woman, a conscientious person. it is clear i think the state of florida wells will served by the intelligence and diligence of this jury. >> their concentration from the jury experts, the producers in the courtroom courtroom, taking notes come on the edge of their seats,
7:46 pm
not nodding let the clock one negative not nodding off the astra legal charges and if you ask a law school question if she put them with the law it is a not guilty verdict. >> they did the right thing. lou: and the "stand your ground" approach how far does that go? the attorney general can do anything about state laws but is he pandering to a base? is that all is about? >> it is political pressure to put on the states that still have though lot to amended because they cannot force the individual states. they have the right to have them if they want ttem and florida once the law and it doesn't look like it is going anywhere but he is trying to put political pressure on the legislature. lou: the nra made it clear
7:47 pm
they will stand up to his statements and advocacy to removed "stand your ground". it looks like he picked another loser. >> unfortunately this is not the and. it may just be the beginning let's hope that it doesn't glad of control with a knee-jerk reaction. one minute of one day of the trial. lou: this parade of fools will exhaust themselves and about one week. figure very much. of the story of one top cybersluicing and you better say thank you the inside look at the man who exposed china's systematic hacking of our businesses and government in what he faces for political retaliation.
7:48 pm
nina easton has the story next.
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lou: panamanian authorities say they took control of a north korean ship trying to sneak materials from cuba through the panama canal. they say it appears to be part of the soviet era radar system at a more intrigue to the story. the components were in the cargo and the captain had a heart attack trying to commit suicide when the vessel was stopped. north korea could have better luck if a billionaire has his way. with a $40 billion waterway through nicaragua to compete
7:52 pm
with the panama canal. the government is on board but experts doubt that such a fee could be accomplished. they said the same thing about the panama canal 100 years ago. our next guest wrote an article about the information security company and its report that exposed cyberattacks on at least 141 businesses and organizations by hackers in china. from "fortune" magazine and nina easton the story was terrific. great workout to come away realizing how dependent we are on behalf of this great country. >> with the japan real minds
7:53 pm
with the officers turd of japan were. to lay the groundwork with china they are systematically to stealing trade secrets particularly in the last five years technology blueprints, recipes come ingredients, even deals that are not done they going to the computers of law firms to get the memo so they have the upper hand. this has been going on for some time. the administration has been trying to do deal with it through diplomacy of course, they deny it and claim they don't know. but eight cybersecurity firm says we will show you prove.
7:54 pm
that these hackers are not out of china but the chinese military part of the chinese liberation and army over 147 fortune 500 companies to undermine the economy. lou: these are only estimates. to talk about intellectual property theft costing the united states $300 billion per year. as a result went on the united states with the intellectual property whether the public-private sector. how could this be? >> china is building their economy on an copycat.
7:55 pm
you don't necessarily see the results right away. it takes time but it is part of the culture and the game plan to steal technology and trade secrets there also stealing our national security secrets, weapons designed to build the of military. not just the economic issue but a national security issue. lou: arthur there repercussions by the chinese ? what is his dad is right now? >> the chinese of like other hackers typically have a different rules of the road and typically don't destroys
7:56 pm
systems for about it is not that obvious but to go into the computer system it is clear they try to get inside. then led investor tells me down the winding he worries about the reputation attack on the company because if they take out embarrassing e-mail's to undermine the credibility. and he told me i knew when i decided to release this report to take on the second biggest economy in the world we would have a gigantic target on our back but he believes because the chinese will not do anything to stop it. he said it is time to do this. lou: and our government is
7:57 pm
doing something and a great deal more needs to be done. we will take that up if you welcome back in a few days. lou: that is it for us. good night from new york. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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charles: a democratic that the democratic party is supposed on forever. i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. the hispanic will for decades has been for the democratic party. against john mccain and mitt romney. many say that they will lock up elections for generations many young hispanics are starting to support the gop. mr. ortega says that this happens


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