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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 22, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ imus in the morning >> boy or girl? we don't know, but the royal child is definitely on the way. good morning, everyone. july 22nd, mark the date. that will be the birthday of the king or queen of england decades from now. there is one financial angle to this story. the brits will spend an extra 94 million dollars on alcohol. they will open 3 million bottles of champagne to
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celebrate the birth. that is why we're covering this event and believe me, we're on top of this. president obama is going to bring us a financial story. this week, he's going to plug or more spending. the big speech coming wednesday, help for manufacturing, help for housing, help for students, all will on a campaign style address on a college campus. in a moment we'll show you the president promoting the success of his economic policies. "varney & company" is about to begin. we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it sier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens, and i helped create fideli's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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>> what's at stake is whether this will be a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, own a home, secure their retirement, we've come a long way over the last four and a half years. our economy is growing, our businesses have created 7.2 million jobs over the past 40 months. of course, we've still got a long way to go. stuart: all right. now, that was the president, you heard it, that was the
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president's announcement via youtube over the weekend is the president pushing to polish his record on the economy has just begun and so has his push for more spending and dan pfeiffer blames all e-mails. and what he has to say is that the president thinks that washington has taken the eye off the ball, it's not us, it's them again. the president is kicking off a series of speeches on wednesday this week with an address to the nation from knox college in illinois. his pitch will include new efforts to expand manufacturing, sounds like more spending and investing and signing up the uninsured for health coverage, broadening for pre-schoolers and more spending and plans to revitalize the already comeback housing industry. so, while the president's aides are busy blaming everybody else in washington for the troubles the president is revisiting poles he's pushed for in the
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past and may be about to deliver another series of campaign style speeches. all right. if you want to take a look at the action on the market this morning, it's all in gold. that's where the action is. gold is up $28 right now, firmly above 1300. we've got a weaker dollar that often helps gold. gold is up 6% this month now, however, it's down 23% this calendar year. then we've got detroit, yeah, gone bust and here come the demands for a bailout. will president obama balk at that or agree with it? we'll bring you downtown detroit, show exactly what it's like with the pawn shop in downtown detroit. we're also, of course, watching your money. several big names you know are making moves, amongst them are mcdonald's, down by the way, and netflix, apple, stay right there. you're about to see the money and how the markets open monday. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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♪ >> well, it may be upbeat music, but mcdonald's really disappointing financial results today. that stock is going to be down big, it's a dow stock so it's going to drag the index down as well. seconds to the opening bell, here is tres knippa in chicago.
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and going to keep printing be and do you guys figure that in, do you care about japan at all? >> i care about japan because i have a fund that i manage that is short japanese government bonds which i think are one of the riskiest assets in the entire world and i think that the chance that the japanese are going to have a painful restructuring for a default, i think the chance of that happening is a virtual certainty. let's put into perspective what he's doing. this is the same thing that japan has done for 20 years, he's been pushing the button of spend, spend, spend, fiscal stimulus, they think the guy will push the button harder, but they may so some gdp, but that's not an economic plan. stuart: that's why you care. i'm not sure the rest of us do.
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tres, thank you. and the dow is up 15, 550, i should say, a slight gain, but the trading volume really slow in the middle of july, in the middle of summer. we've got disappointing profits and a rather luke warm sales picture at mcdonald's, so, nicole, tell me how far down is it? >> well, it's down 2 1/2% receipt n-- right now. and obviously, on the dow jones industrials, they talked about falling sales and that's the challenge for them going forward and also the competition that they're facing, you know what, stuart? i just checked being mcdonald's, it's up 13 1/2%. burger king is better than mcdonald's? chipotle, better than mcdonald's. how about jack in the box, better than mcdonald's and wendy's better than mcdonald's, i don't understand. it's underperforming this year. stuart: okay, we understand that one, thanks, nicole. and we have apple kind of playing catchup here, they're
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testing larger screens for iphones and ipads like samsung already has. nicole, have you got apple for me? . nicole: it's up higher. 427. stuart: that's it. 427, that's stable pretty much. goldman sachs, according to a new york times investigation, they've been manipulating aluminum. and charging a higher storage fee, nothing illegal. unintended to consequence of dodd frank, and 5 billion, goldman barely budging on that news. to nicole, netflix, it reports after the bell. it's a tear recently. >> it's doing a whole lot of nothing. is it waiting to see the numbers? and i have to say one other thing, stuart. i have to take one moment. i'm so happy, maybe, just baby,
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will and kate's baby would be born during your show. the first thing i saw that at 5 a.m. she went to the hospital. stuart: you know, they have martha mccallum over there for about ten days waiting, finally. and all right. president obama is going to call for more spending in the face of this rather slow economy and that's the call later on this week and they're going to help the economy and let's ask david kotak. looking at the wall street journal, growth outlook stuck in neutral. i mean, the second quarter of the year, april through june, they're looking at a miserable performance. do you think it would help if the president calls for more spending? >> he can call for all he wants, stuart, it's not going to happen. the political construction in washington is not about the change, the republicans have control of the house of
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representatives. they're probably going to pick up a couple more seats in the next election and a couple more in the senate. obama can make all the speeches he wants, it's not going anywhere. stuart: is that the problem with this economy, government spending? >> well, i don't think so. i think we are recovering slowly from a big shock. we've had huge monetary stimulus. it's slowly working and we've taken interest rates way down and we've come through the gyration of fed speak and backed up the mortgage rates and slowed the housing sectorment it's a slow recovery, we need to accept it. >> accept it? we can't accept a new normal between 1 and 2% growth four years after the recession ended, surely? >> well, but stuart, we are at 1 and 2% growth. we have a huge negative output gap. 20 million people in the united states are underemployed or
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unemployed. putting them back to work is a slow process, that's the nature of our system. we went through a financial crisis and a stiff cyclical down turn and we're healing from it. you heal slowly when you have a big wound. we had a huge wound and that's the way it is. stuart: if we cut taxes to individuals and corporations, wouldn't that help? >> yes, it would. we didn't do that, we raised taxes. >> what are we doing now? well, because it's not going to happen with dysfunctional washington. we raised the payroll tax on 135 million americans and asking them to pay more and raised the interest rates. and this is not a good way to run the railroad, it's the with a way we do it, it's a shame. stuart: we hear you, but a lot of us don't like the new normal, but i guess this is reality.
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david, come and see us again real soon. i know you've got a lot to say. thanks so much. >> thank you. stuart: i want everyone to look the a the price of oil. up at 107-- call that $$08 a barrel and has implications for the price of gas in the future. we keep a close eye on gas in this program because we're in the middle of the summer driving season and look at this. the national average for regular is now, $3.67. we've got two states in the lower 48. california and connecticut, they are paying more than $4 a gallon. we did say this, the spike has arrived, not done yet. to detroit. would even the most bullish of real estate bulls buy or recommend that you buy property in detroit right now? there's a loaded question for you. why don't we bring in tanya who knows the answers to the question. would you recommend at any price any purchase of any home in detroit right now? >> no way. stuart: why not? they'd be bargain hunting and
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get something free? >> what do you do with free when there's nothing to do with it. stuart: sit on it. >> absolutely not. 78,000 properties sitting there vacant. they want to tear down at least 10,000 of the properties. when you look at property taxes, they are four to five times higher than property values. what do you do with that. 50% of that population is on government assistance. 44% of them have a record. and what do you do? >> you've made your point. but i believe there are some pockets in -- detroit is a huge city, geographically very, very large at least two pockets of what we would call middle income, middle class housing. >> yes. stuart: you know about this. >> yes. stuart: you've got example of a house from one of those distr let's look at it. >> sure, it's in woodbridge, a gorgeous home one of the houses that he is abouten completely redone. granite counter tops and wood
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floors. going for $432,000. four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. >> it's fabulous and you can with aing distance to the entertainment district right near the ballpark, it's great. stuart: $400,000. >> 432,000. stuart: you would say don't buy it. >> no, 432,000, you could buy four $100,000 houses that are going to bring you income in arizona and make money on it. go rent in detroit if you're working there. if you're one of the lucky ones working there because most people aren't. stuart: your point is that you can in the rely on basic services, you cannot rely on safety in detroit, therefore don't touch it with a ten foot pole? >> 40% of the street lights are out. what do you do for work. if you're on government assistance, is that who you're renting to? i wouldn't touch it. stuart: stay there, at 10:00, we have the existing home sales and that's the realty biggest
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numbers. >> you got it. stuart: check the big board. middle of july, late july. no go market in the early going and the volume is extremely low. coming up new at 10. phil michelson wins the british open. mariano rivera gets a standing ovation. two iconic athletes over 40 years old. highly respected and all around good role models. the question, for fox and friends host, brian keilmeade. any nice guys next? we're still on royal baby watch, the duchess of cambridge still in labor and to some degree a money story and people around the world are betting on it. girl or boy, what name? we go to london after the
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>> dead flat monday morning, very low volume. dow down 16. not so true with the price of gold. up $28 an ounce. 1322. 1322 for gold. yahoo! announces it's going to repurchase 40 million shares held by third point. by the way, the stock lost a lot of ground last week. it was the one year anniversary of the ceo marissa mayer and that's down nearly another 3 pest. hasbro, they make the g.i. joe,
9:45 am
nerf, mr. potato head. pasted week demands. why is the stock up 3%? i tell you, they've got a deal with disney to make more super hero toys. the world is waiting for the newest addition to the royal family. joins us from london is rory scott with the book maker patty power. there's a delay in hearing what i have to say. i'll keep it short, sharp and to the point. and favorite girl's name and odds, go. >> favorite girl's name, alexandra has been the consistent front runner 25-1, heavily backed into 7-4 ahead of victoria. cut in recently, a lot of money there and ahead of charlotte, pippa middle name. down to about 6-1 at the moment not long now. stuart: yeah, really. favorite boy's name and the odds thereon?
9:46 am
>> yeah, george, the regal george, 5-1. been again been a connistent front runner ahead of 8-1 james, which is pippa's and katherine's brother's name. and then we've got henry, obviously, harry's name and again, that's late charge, hadn't been in the betting at all until the last weekend. we've taken over $50,000 worth of bets in the last day alone, in the las few hours, a lot of money on harry, henry. louie, albert. and 500-1 hashtag and pay for the summer holiday. my favorite hoping to see henry the 9th. there are potential for bets down the road and bet on the baby's first words, is that correct? >> yeah, we're taking bets on everything, we're british, this is the royal family and royal baby, this is a double header for us, and betting baby's
9:47 am
first word. who is going to hold the baby outside of the house. which magazine will have the pictures. jump forward what's the name of their first girlfriend or boyfriend. what nightclub will they first be seen leaving, a journalist, a book maker or represent team gb in the olympics? >> outside the world of betting, i believe it's a huge excuse for a huge party with an awful lot of drinking in britain, is that correct? >> yeah, i can confirm that. we're on the roll. and murray won wimbledon and the royal bump is about to pop. the sun is shining, we're all suffering from sun stroke and this is a great time to be british. stuart: okay. may i point out to our american viewers that, in the entirety, the ashes is something, is a cricket game between england and australia. and last one for you, rory. i'm told that william hill, had
9:48 am
a huge book making operation only took in about $150,000 in royal baby bets. that doesn't seem leak like a lot of money. >> we're a better book maker, paddy power. william hill had their day. come to paddy power. you dealt well with the awful delay, better than anybody i've seen on television recently. rory, thank you very much indeed. you know it's a historic day, and yes, we will have a new prince or princess today. almost certainly today. my take on the royal baby and the world's fascination with it later today. ♪ i want to make things more secure.
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>> oh, please pay attention to this. what is the best performing stock in the dow? it's microsoft. i was in tears last week when it fell out of bed. a modest bounce back higher. the microsoft would be higher
9:53 am
if it were not for mcdonald's. and the existing home sales report. here is the question, will higher mortgage rates cool off the housing sector? we'll get the biggest and best read in housing in minutes. we're talking about detroit and less gold among those joining us. a detroit native pawn shop owner. how does business do in a pawn shop when detroit goes bankrupt and how does he feel about the shambles in his hometown. we will ask him. >> because i have a british accent i am asked frequently what i think about the royal baby. well, i guess it's time i answered. so, here is my take. no matter how americanized an immigrant becomes, no matter how long you live in your adopted country, you still have strong feelings for the country of your birth and i'm no exception. % man monarchy works in britain, it clearly didn't work here.
9:54 am
but in that sense i follow the royals with affection. what i don't like is the class system. make no mistake, the monarchy sits at the top of the social tree and the baby will sit at the pinnacle. and in america it's different here, you can climb up the food chain, there, you're stuck in the social class of your birth the way things work out in britain. very different from here, i like it here. by the way, it's no surprise to me that americans are fascinated by royalty. celebrity watching is huge and the most watched, most powerful and most important monarchy in the world is celebrity of the highest order. of course it is. it's of great interest. of course it's of great interest in america. better to be fascinated by the royal rather than the kardasian baby. and finally, there is this, the coronation of queen elizabeth was in 1953.
9:55 am
my family bought the first tv on our street to watch and the whole street came to look. she's been queen for most of my life. so of course, i'm interested and, yes, delighted to see the arrival of her great grandchild who will take her place many, many years from now. americanized as i am, i shall offer my very best wishes. that is my take. now, how about yours? please join us on facebook and give us your all american opinion. keep it short, to the point, please, and we will read what you have to say one hour from now.
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>> july 22nd, 2013. the birthday of a future monarch. is there any show on television that did not lead with this? well, we also have. china, it's those foreigners who are corrupting us, beijing goes after the western drug companies. the left wants a bailout for detroit. there have been talks, but don't call it a bailout, it's just a helping hand. and here is a successful business in bankrupt detroit. les gold is here, he runs a pawn shop there. phil michkelson wins the open and mariano rivera retires. and believe me, the moment the
10:00 am
birth announcement is tweeted out, you will know. ♪ all right. here we go, we've got 6 or 7 seconds and we'll look at the big number on housing. it is existing home sales, how many. up or down from the month before, the year before. interesting. i've got the number. 5.08 million. that is the annualized rate of selling of existing home sales in america. 5.08%. it is down just over 1%, month over month. 5.08, down just over 1%. month over month. tanya, own real estate guru is here. it's disappointing. >> it is, because of the lack of inventory and we're going to see that go up as the release of inventory, but we did expect it to be at 5.28 so that's a disappointing number for housing.
10:01 am
>> that's interesting, because you say it's because there's not enough homes for sale on the market. and a lot of people will be saying, wait a second, mortgage rates from 3 1/2 to 41/4, 4 1/2%. you say no? >> that doesn't matter. that's a good realtors negotiating, $10,000 on a $260,000 home at 3.5%, only goes up $10,000. so, a good realtor could negotiate that down for you. the adjustment of rates right now should not matter in housing. i truly believe it's because inventory hasn't come back to the market, but we're starting to see it. >> 5 million and 80,000 homes sold in this calendar year. that's what the number is telling us. >> yes. stuart: what's a really good dynamic year like back in '06 or '05? >> i think it's 7. stuart: around 7? >> exactly. we're not close, but we're moving upwards. we would have liked to have seen this go up 1.5% in the realtor community and it did
10:02 am
not. and-- >> what was the low? i'm thinking probably $2009 would have been the low? >> i don'ten the low. stuart: it would have been more in the 4 region? >> yes, it would have. stuart: we're back to 5 million and 80,000 and that's all we've got. >> exactly. stuart: your characterization, it's disappointing? >> it is disappointing. banks need to let the inventory go and there are buyers out there. stuart: they're holding on to-- why would they hold on to them. >> prices are going up and good old americans bailed the banks out and they're making. as the price goes up, the banks make more money. stuart: really? it's the bank's fault. >> i truly believe it. stuart: truly? >> truly believe it. stuart: thank you indeed for the expert opinion. i know the dow has done nothing. >> we know that ben bernanke has two mandates, jobs and inflation, but this housing thing has been more important to him than anything else. i think there's still a question mark as to whether or
10:03 am
not the spike in rates are hurting and what that means for the federal reserve and their policies. >> so, but what you're saying is ben bernanke, he wants a vigorous housing recovery? >> absolutely. stuart: why he's chucking the money around. charles: if you talk about the wealth effect, the most places people feel it, if the price of their house is higher. >> he said he would not increase rates to hurt housing. he said that. stuart: he did, but okay, do you think that-- is he going to take away a lesson here that all of this printing of money, when he got the housing market started, but now, it's stalled? >> it is stalled. stuart: is that a lesson? >> it will rev up again eit hasn't started on main street and my argument has been. i want to go through the numbers and see the first time buyers and that ind coo-- kind of thing. ben bernanke, as far as getting everyone enthusiastic, the
10:04 am
animal spirits, people would rather rent than buy and-- >> and lending, we'll have lending conversation another day. although there are new programs coming about. stuart: we'll see. tanya, thank you indeed. look at the big boardment we were down 20 before the housing name came out and had no impact thus far today. the price of gold, we've got real movement there and now we're up 33.50 an ounce. you wouldn't touch gold. charles: have gold coins somewhere. when we were at 1200 number and i thought it was an inflection point. and now everybody likes the gold miners. buy yourself to metals and put it away. stuart: it's an estate planning
10:05 am
tool. charles: some people think it's an armageddon planning tool and i don't think you want to do that. stuart: you bury it. charles: you've got the money buried, the gold buried. that's stuart. stuart: i've got a big mattress. [laughter] i keep saying this, too, we're waiting for word on the royal baby and here is a look at the london hospital where the duchess of cambridge is in labor right now. here is what we're waiting for. somebody is going to emerge from that door with a letter encased in an envelope, and that will be carried by helicopter to the palace. and the queen must be the first to know who is the heir the sovereign must be the first to know. what names are the favorites?
10:06 am
alexandra for a girl. george for a boy. victoria for a girl. and please remember, the name of the heir must be approved by the sovereign. so, don't expect to hear a formal declaration of what the name is going to be for some time. okay? that's the british. to nicole, the home builders dropping on that existing home sales disappointing number. give me the numbers please. >> start with the home builders to the down side. lennar down 2%. all of the home builders are pulling back. those existing home sales came in, they were disappointment. there were some who would argue and be on your side and say obviously, mortgage rates are on the rise and the seasonality, it's the spring selling season not the summer. >> how about mcdopnald'cdonald' think that's down. nicole: mcdonald's came out and maybe under pressure, european
10:07 am
sales. can we talk about the baby for a moment? >> you're going to. nicole: pedestrian it's beautiful how you gave your take and understanding roots and i'm fascinated by them. i can't wait for this baby. i've been watching every single day and i think that it will do wonders for england in addition to all we've seen and the morale is improved. stuart: you're right on all coun coun counts. nicole: and andy murray. stuart: will you shed a tear? >> as a young mother, it's beautiful. young love is something to admire and-- >> if it happens, we'll have the camera on you.
10:08 am
and charles. charles: it's too-- >> you were the guy who always says you use mcdonald's, you like the product, buy the stock? >> you like mcdonald's nuggets anylonger? >> i think i go to mcdonald's once every two or three months of the if i have 25 family members including kids, we're having mcdonald's. a good emergency outlet. stuart: you wouldn't buy it? >> no, it seems clear that americans are casual and last week, kentucky fried chicken says they're going to attempt to do that, but this pure fast food thing. i think there's a pushback against that and carbonated sodas add, a push back. stuart: detroit mayor dave binge is leaving the doors open
10:09 am
for a bailout. and some say they'd be open to some federal help. here is what g.o.p. congressman told us on this program on friday. >> a direct bailout which i don't think is going to be happening, i couldn't go along with that as it's currently structured, hough-- however, there's a difference between bailing out a city than providing help to them. >> the basic question, should president obama help detroit? joining us now for more is liberal radio host, nancy skinner, nice to have you back on the program. great to see you. >> great to see you, sir. stuart: i'm not going to fight with you. i'm going to ask you a straight forward question. do you think that the president should bail out or help, some way or other help detroit? >> yeah, a direct bailout, i agree, is not in the works, because the city is it not like the auto companies. with the auto companies, we had a recession and knew they would once again have increased auto
10:10 am
sales and so that's a model you can work with. this city needs restructuring help. i do think because of the situation as it is, that there are very-- some avenues they can help in terms of the federal programs going on, and the system plus programs and getting the city on its feet, not a bailout. stuart: some kind of help you would approve of and you think it's likely. i've got steven raftner, the car czar had to do with overseeing the bankruptcy of chrysler, negotiation. help people are detroit. the current residents are no more responsible for the hole that they are in than the victims of sandy were responsible for the storm and it's the victims of sandy who got helped big time to the tune of 60 billion dollars. so, he is making almost a moral
10:11 am
comparison saying you've got to do this, what do you make of that argument. there are a hundred cities behind us ready to file in bankruptcy court so the president has to look at that. it's a disaster, an economic disaster and steven is it right in that record. the bondholders are crying and screaming and refuse to take a bus tour. they want to recoup their entire environment. they are getting 46 cents of the dollar and only 54 cents goes to the other services and everything else to the citizens. >> we don't know yet what the bankruptcy judge, when and if they get control of the case, who is going to get what. you wouldn't give the creditors and a couple of european banks in there, you wouldn't give them a dime. they don't get any help. you would maybe put some money into basic services for the city. here is my last question,
10:12 am
nancy. do you expect this? do you think it's likely? >> you know, here is why i do. what people are not reporting in the national media is that we have billionaires like dan gilbert who bought 29 buildings and they have already gotten entrepreneurs there, we have all kinds of activities going on in the downtown area, casinos, mgm grand and entertainment and a film tax credit that our governor killed off when we had movies all over, george clooney, clint eastwood and our governor stepped in and cut that off. what would they have done to the city of detroit. diversified from the auto economy and what didn't they do. the federal government should look at what's going to imagine. what can we do and recreate this city that rebuilt the american middle class, i would say, stuart? >> i hear you nancy and glad we didn't indulge in a nasty political fight.
10:13 am
thank you very much indeed. okay, charles, come in for a second here. because you don't think that they-- >> i was grimacing at some things she said. first you have to take responsibility. to fix the problems, you have to acknowledge how they happened. this is like grease, didn't become the greece we know overnight. it started in the '70s. with communist socialist rule. the detroit we know is 30 years ago, culmination of years of bad policy. stuart: let's get real. they've got no money. got $18 billion in debt. now, what happens? do you just totally, no services, no police, no fire, nothing? do you do that? do you do that? >> you don't do that. >> that's what you're staring at. >> you're staring at a lot of things, okay? but we're looking at a city that's the self-inflicted
10:14 am
wound. stuart: yes, you're talking about pouring money in there this month and you've got to pour in money the next month and the money after that and money after that. it's a terrible thing and we have to acknowledge how it happened before we fix it. >> when it comes to detroit. the issue comes unions and pensions, too, and a lot of other things as well. now one judge says a bankruptcy finding is unconstitutional. all rise because our judge on that is next. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a rtgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfolio.
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10:17 am
>> dead flat market, but charles is going to make us money with federal-mogul. >> auto parts company, classic turn around. reported 57 cents this morning. a year ago lost 60 cents. beat the street by 18 cents and the business up all over the world including north america, and china was up 30%. and they're going to buy a lot of cars around the world. 30 million cars and 31 million cars in china and 3 million in europe, 5 million in brazil. they're all over the world, a great company, a great turn around company. a $26 stock in april of 2011 looking for it to go much higher. stuart: dramatic. charles: it's a dramatic day. stuart: in more ways than one
10:18 am
we're not going to ask the judge about this. oh, no, no, the judge is here and i've got the question for judge andrew napitano. only bankruptcy can get cities and i guess, justice-- just cities out. and the answer from judge andrew napitano. >> the answer is question, not only cities. only bankruptcy can materially change pension benefits between the government and the pensioners. >> okay, so, detroit, let's focus on detroit. >> the city of detroit. >> the city of detroit, to get out of the union contracts, the health and pension benefits which they cannot pay, which they cannot afford to pay, the only way out is back-- >> we're talking about two sets of contracts here, current employees of the city who have health and benefits packages that the city can't afford. >> right. >> and we're talking about retirees who pension checks
10:19 am
came from the state. so, the bankruptcy court can interfere with both and yes, only a bankruptcy court can interfere and yes, a state court judge cannot block a bankruptcy court from interfering because of something in the constitution called the supremacy clause. when they clash with state proceeds and the federal states are superior, and-- >> they're saying they better get on with the bankruptcy because that's the only way that we are going to get out of these unpayable contracts of their own. >> and unpayable, this must be a true bankruptcy, you can't go into bankruptcy because you think you gave into too good a deal five years ago and you must truly be bankrupt and your obligations must materially outweigh your assets. i don't know what the assets are, and i know they're 20
10:20 am
billion, but their assets, city hall, if there were a buyer at a fair market value, judge could order is sold. charles: some people argue the art that they have. stuart: they've got a lot of art. charles: but that would be a one time payment. with we're talking about cash flow obligations with pensions for years, the judge would take that under consideration. >> et cetera not clear who is the ultimate obligor. i think it's the state of michigan, and the state of michigan has not filed for bankruptcy, but they would love nothing more than to reduce their obligations to pay the debts encouraged by those folks. and detroit put this off too long. they should have declared bankruptcy a long time ago. stuart: hold on, i've got a news announcement for everybody. food stamp recipients apparently buying groceries with their ebt cards and
10:21 am
shipping them off to relatives in jamaica, dominican and haiti. and food lines the walls in caribbean cities. judge, that's legal, nothing illegal about it. >> it's unusual, the recipients of good stamps are supposed to be those who need food. there's nothing wrong taking the card and buying it for somebody else who is a needy. could be a neighbor across the street or a neighbor a thousand miles away. ten seconds. your thoughts on impending royal birth? >> what impending royal birth? >> i wasn't expecting that. thank you all we've got. >> are we looking at something? >> st. mary's hospital in london waiting for birth as we
10:22 am
speak. we're talking china, bribery. western drug companies. how widespread is the most populace country. and is it limited to foreigners there? that's next. wedays are for rising to the challenge.
10:23 am
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10:25 am
>> a dead flat market. and we're down 13, 15-5.
10:26 am
and we have the home sales numbers. down 1% compared to the previous month. the annualized rate is that we are buying, selling existing homes to the tune of 5 million and 80,000 per year. that's considered disappointing. down go the home builders. red arrows for every one. nicole another losing, yahoo! how bad today? >> it's down to 3.7% to the down side. 2803. it's bad if you're hoping it's going up and you'd rather be up close to 4%. in the middle of a repurchasing program and dan you may remember settled in battle with yahoo! and there's been resignation is of people on the yahoo! board and what's happening now, yahoo! is buying 4 million shares that were owned by third plain and
10:27 am
buyingbacks and this is part of it. stuart: china, feeding the public debate on corruption by saying, it's the foreigners who are corrupt not us. david asman has been keeping a close eye on this for us and this concerns drug companies and chinese saying, it's not us chinese. >> shocked to hear that pharmaceuticals would bribe foreign officials. it happens. and ethical standards in the pharmaceutical industry are not to be extremely high paying doctors to use drugs and the fine line what is helping doctors and what is a bribe. and many times, china is a problem and sellers and buyers who deal with china have to beware. they want to clean up the pharmaceutical industry and time to put bribery in the
10:28 am
medical system to the knife and they kill people who are convicted of bribery. you don't want to mess around with chinese officials if you're caught. on the other hand it's the way you do business in a communist system. in communism are' promoted not on the quality of goods or services, but on the basis of your connections and many times, those connections are solidified with bribes. so the chinese have to once and for all decide, are they going to become a part of an active free market worldwide economic system in which you have to adhere to specific legal rules and regulations or are you going to continue with a communist system in which legality is out the window. charles: isn't that what they're doing. >> what they're trying to. charles: a couple weeks ago they hit the baby formula company and smith field foods with-- when china does the things that we say they don't do, like make it harder to make and lend bad loans which we probably should
10:29 am
be doing. which way do you want? >> you have to pull back and see at the bottom of the system it's a communist system and communism at its base is not a legalistic system. it's not based on legalities that we recognize. >> this is moving them toward a legalized system. >> they still have a communist stem and still-- look, bribery as long as you have a communist system it's endemic to the city. the only way to outbribery, have a free press able to report on bribery, they have neither, neither a free market or an illegal system nor a free market or oriented journalistic system in which all of these actors would be outed in the free market. >> glaxosmithkline is the first and-- >> astrazeneca and a lot of others, merck and p can-- company and novartis, if you're caught redhanded in china, you
10:30 am
can be jailed under harsh conditions. stuart: david asman on top of it. question, does detroit going bust mean it's more expensive for other cities to borrow money? we will have the definitive answer for you in a moment. ♪ ♪ this is your hometown ♪ this is your hometown
10:31 am
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10:34 am
♪ speak true will detroit's bankruptcy make trouble for other cities? ed, you say it will make it more expensive. >> i can give you some examples. this did not creep up on us all of a sudden. this week alone, stuart, $9 billion of new enjoyed this are coming. next week, 7 billion. stuart: when these bonds are issued, we are lending money to
10:35 am
other cities and municipalities. we will get a higher rate of return for taking more risk. that translate into a lot more money and repayment terms down the road. >> a lot of people are buying those bonds. this is not a bad thing. in fact, it is a good thing. obviously, other cities in michigan, this is a huge problem. it will get worse.
10:36 am
stuart: we should remember that there is talk of a bailout or financial assistance. that is only help for retirees. >> you never know what this president or this administration will do. you should expect to get anywhere between seven cents on the dollar and $0.45 on the dollar. it is just pure speculation. stuart: that is a haircut and a half. thank you very much for doing the research on this. i am tryyng to get hard numbers.
10:37 am
you have them for me. detroit native and friend of the show joins us now. you run a pond shop right in the middle of detroit. how is business in the pond area? >> our normal customer is not affect did buy it. >> my palm line is shorter and my redemption line is shorter. that is good things for the population of the city. stuart: you are a detroit native. >> we want detroit to come back. we believe in the city. we are firm believers in the city. this city will come back. downtown is being renovated and it will be restored to the
10:38 am
beautiful city. stuart: you have to have a bankruptcy declaration. they cannot borrow more money. they cannot repay. everybody loses. you are saying that you have to have a clean slate to start with >> there is no question. you start rebuilding. i believe, and i truly believe in my heart, detroit will come back bigger and better than it ever was. i hope that they make the right call. i do believe that the cause that they have made will rebuild the city and make it a better place.
10:39 am
stuart: where will the money come from? tell me. >> that is the question. i wish that i knew the answer. when you declare bankruptcy, you do start with a clear slate. i wish that i knew the answer right now. stuart: tell me what people think. >> people hope that we get help. and every problem, hopefully there is a resolution. we are hoping that the government comes in and gives us a little hand. we can be stronger than ever. stuart: right there in the middle of the action. thank you.
10:40 am
stuart: we have phil mickelson winning the british open. mariano rivera ovation. who is the next star? ♪ in today's markets, a lot can happen in a second. with fidelity's guaranteed one-second trade execution, we route your order to up to 75 market centers to look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments. our one-second trade execution is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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♪ stuart: an important number. existing home sales came out at the top of the hour. the supply of homes remained somewhat frank. we have more coming up in a little bit. we are now selling 5,000,085 homes per year. look at this. japan. stuck between a gap and a platform. after an eight minute delay, the train was on its way. more wasteful spending. and likable star. who are the of and comers?
10:43 am
10:44 am
stuart: give me the good news. microsoft. nicole: it is up 1.6% right now. it is adding three hole positive dow points right now. stuart: sarcasm is a low form of wit. do not do that. nicole: i think that it is good.
10:45 am
make donald right now is negative 23 points. that is not good. i am happy for you that you are doing well. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. good guys do finish first. to class action athletes making the news. phil mickelson taking the british open and mariano rivera now getting an ovation in boston. question, are the good guy athletes a dying breed? have you got some suggestions as to who can be the up and comers? the good guys? the role models of the future? >> you look at tom brady.
10:46 am
you look at both manning brothers. they are tremendous. on the other side, you have not hardly. he is a standup guy. i look at tori hunter. he has a million dollar smile. be anyone exactly like mariano rivera. people say that this guy is tremendously lucky at times. he is the most cooperative with the press. at fenway park, a team in first place, the red sox against the yankees. the red sox are trailing, obviously. incomes rivera. they stood and cheered. i never thought that we would see that.
10:47 am
it is not just because he is good, it is because he is a good person. stuart: mariano rivera widely liked. even off the field, the man is a good guy. that is worth a ton of money. you are a good guy in your sport, you make so much more money than some guy that maybe top of his game, but not a great guy off of the field. >> alex rodriguez, 19 years old. one of the best in the game. here he is at 38 years old. the yankees want no part of him.
10:48 am
he will retire a guy that is not looked up to. no one will be emulating him. mark maguire. you have to be a good guy, number one. you cannot cheat. if you cheat, you are done. they want to be a part of you when you are at your best. stuart: you know what soccer needs, american soccer, a good guy, a brilliant, great player. >> that would be something that would get your attention. i know you do not like the mls.
10:49 am
i will give you one guy and he is not new, but he can still do it if he chooses to. he is 30 years old. he is 5-foot 8 inches. if you watched him over the weekend, you know he still has a lot in the tank. landon donovan. he does not have the stuart varney samples, but he does have the look and charisma. maybe that kid is 12 years old. that kid is usually scooped up and put into the academy system early. stuart: ten seconds. you really do care about the royal baby; don't you? >> are we out of time yet? i want everyone to be healthy. it is just a baby.
10:50 am
let the water break. stuart: i wish i never asked. we are totally out of time. thank you very much, indeed. excellent stuff. charles: almost everyone he talked about is over 30. kids are so spoiled in the process. stuart: very well said. we were asking where the president was. this week we have an answer. sounds awfully familiar. what ir this will be a country where working people can earn enough to raise a family, build a modest savings, building home and secure a retirement. we have come a long ways.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
stuart: this week president obama will again lay out his plan to fix the nation's economy. at the same time, his top aide is blaming congress for all of
10:55 am
our problems. you dropped the ball on the economy. charles: the president is supposed to lead the nation. it is frustrating. stuart: he will help manufacturing. help housing. help students. sounds like another planned to spend a lot of money. if you get off your butts and go look for the job, you could have a stake in the economy. stuart: still on royal baby watch.
10:56 am
you heard my take on it last hour. my take is next. ♪ peace of mind is important when you're running a successssful business.
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10:58 am
stuart: i hope you didn't miss it, but i said that i was following the events of the royal baby and i asked for your take on the royal subject. jean is following the story and he said there are negative things that have been happening in the news and i wish the royal family well. however, a majority of comments on facebook and twitter totally disagree. donna says i hope he has a healthy baby and i don't care at all about any of the royal family. i don't think they are more royal than anyone else. well, they are. and tammy chimes in and says, sorry, i really don't care. i am happy for the british and the birth of their baby and i don't believe on anyone being royalty. >> we have a profound royal audience.
10:59 am
>> we certainly do. the difference is that anyone can become royalty. that is what we are trying to hold onto. >> when you are an immigrant who country, and matter how long you've been here or americanize you have become, there is a part of you i think some of this interest is waning a little bit. dagen: that is nonsense. are you coming back tomorrow? >> may be. stuart: all right, thank you very much. are you for a boy or girl? >> i am interested and i am following it.
11:00 am
but i don't care if it's a boy or a girl. we will talk about that and we will talk about detroit at this hour. joining us on "markets now", working quickly to try to solve that financial problem. the emergency manager says that it needs to be done fast. we have mcdonald's taking a beating, falling short on earnings. even while people in here is a sore spot. fewer buyers are young people. we will get into all of that and maybe more this hour on "markets now."


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