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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 23, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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the sure to log on to for our on-line question every weekday. does it for tonight and "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. breezy being here. ♪ lou: good eveng. thank you for beinwith us. america creating new enemies in the middle east. kiki -- key congression into teeven reignited the of obama administration efforts to arm syrian rebels fighting the regime. the ama administration has been widely criticized for is e fm behind policies in libya, egypt, afghanistan, now providing small arms and ammunition to some of that 1200 different rebel groups that he beendentified in syria. we don't know which groups the united states will arm, but we do know -- excuse me. we do know groups and elements of the opposition you don't
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ive our military aid won't likely be our allies. but does the white house mean it when they say that syrian president day are numbered? saying that for two years now. here is white house press secretary jay carney trying to lower expectations. >> he will never control sia again, never ruled syria again. this is our firm position that the people -- he will not. and now because we say so, but because the syrian people will t stand for it. lou: identifng where exactly president obama's hansen syria is now what might be called of you -- fool's errand.
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use of chemical weapons is that red line. the president has not acted, but he has also warned it is easy to slip slide into a deeper involvement in syria. the natios highest-ranking general, chairma of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey also elains in a letter to congress by intervening inyria would be a terrible idea. dempsey wrote, should the regime's institutions collapse and the absence of a viable opposition, we could inadvertently empower extremists or release the very chemical weapons we seek to control. joining me now to talk about what we can expect is a fox news national security analyst katie mcfarland who will also be giving us her view on this story, the administration would probably like us to ignore it. a group in iraq is now claiming
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responsibility for freeing some 50 suspected terrorists. an unknown number of other prisoners from another prison near baghdad. and also tonight, the latest on3 the internal revenue service scandal. tonight we talk with the man who says he and his wif for personally targeted by the irs after theytarted the southwest cincinnati tea party. we begin tonight with syria. members of congress play any role and syria likely influenced by pollshat show up birds of 60 percent of all americansrom both partiesant ltle or nothing to do with that 2-yearld civil war including farming any of the various rebel groups. fox newshief washington correspondent james rose in as the report. >> amateur video purported to show the syrian rubbles enjoying
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their first taste of victory in weeks after the free syrian army was able to enter the town some groups work to ensure a large number of soldiers would defect. the obama administration remains vague in its pledges to ramp up direct militarynto the rebels who in recent weeks had been badly at de by theictatorial regime and its chi suppliers of forei fighters. >> part of that is expanding t scope and scale of eight on the o that,d i promise you, i wish but i cannot detail at. we are a slice of the pie, not the entire pie. we are focused on stability, but we are working with our regional counterparts to continue to coordinate and increase aid. >> house intelligence committee chairman, the michigan republicanaid the panel harbor is very strong concerns about e strength of the administration's plans. the committee with reservations
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now offense to them. other lawmakers trapped in the pending administration bill aimed at forcing administration at your to the war pows act and not deploy u.s. troops absent congressional authorization. would not cause great problemsat for the white house. other democrats demanded more and put. >> give us a vote. that estimate. let us meet our responsibility. there will be main and women that wl go into hars way, stumble ahead because we did not stand up and take responsibility >> the house top republicans offered a terse support for the administration's program. >> i think their efforts to help the right set of rebelsn syria is in our nation's best interest >> beyond fierce, lawmakers expressed concern that americans supplied weapons could fall into
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the hand of syrian rebels. still others on the right voiced fears that the administration is doing too little too late to make a difference. lou: thank you. fox ns chief washingn correspondent. the head of the national security agency making a high-profile visit to capitol hill today urging lawmakers to vote against an amendment tha would severely cripple the agency's surveillance. nsa director general keith alexander meeting privately with republicans and democrats to voice his opposition to the amendment that would see to rollback section 215 of the patriot act. thats he program uncovered by edward snowdon or at least one of them. e one that collects the phone records of millions of americans to protect against terrori. the measure which is being sponsored by replican congressman just in a mosh i expected to be vot on later this week also on capitol hill, lawmars
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ramping up pressure on house leaders to allow a vot on legislation that would create a special committee to investigate the terrorist attack in benghazi republican congressman steve stockman is circulating a discharge petition that would rce a vote if 218 members of the house sign-on. to promote that effort he held an event where he rolled out a 60-foot long scroll signed by 1,000 special operations veteran some who supporthe establishment of that select coittee. joining us now to assess the impact of arming the syrian rebels, otherational security issues facing the nation, former pentagon official, fox these national security analyst katie mcfarlane. good to see you. first, this green lighting of an administration proposal to provide at least initially small arms to rebel groups that are as
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of now unidentified. >> senior military officer in the united states has just come before congress and said, this is a mistake. this is not going to go well. and do not foresee any circumstances where this will be a success. listing five options on various levels of military involvement, and in eh one of them he had major caution on wh should happen. if that is not a red flag to somebody, don't know what is. lou: what is the interest of the republican party, particularly in specifically senator john mccain in driving this agenda to intervene in syria talking about no-fly zones, intervening as if he is the world's leading authority on u.s. interest in the middl east. >> i have a lot of respect for senator mccain, but in this he is absolutely wrong. the militarhas said this is not going to work out well. seenhe example of libya where@ we d our rebels, we get into a war for the rebels. the same time you see what happens to the weapo that we
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gave. they turned around and were used agains us. they're is a cardinal rule in washington. number one, you know, if you have two enemies fighting each other, do not step in the middle and dresd up. you have the syrian government which is a murderous and chemical weapons using and the rebels. the predominance strong this groupre terrorists affiliated. they be headed a catholic priest. ere are others are well aning and secular and good guys, but they're not going to n. that is, in fac, the ultimate problem. we may like our rebels, but they won't -- lou: it is one thing to have failed and waylaid efforts that foreign policy in the middle east it is quite another to accumulate the number of outright reversals and failures that this administration has now managed to put forward. why is there any view in the
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part of mccain or any oth republican that this is an administration that would be wise and effective in syria? particularly after two years of your bombast about removing the er. >> there was an option to years ago about arming the good rebels and those given rebels would predominate. that option is long since gone. if you look at the various issues, a libyan war did not turn out well. a year ago we were told they were on the rooes, finished. there are now there. they are in syria. in parts of africa that it was never an befe. it's on the rise it. lou: and have just gone from prison 500- an estimated 500 terrorists from of low-grade and another present that we don't know the number set free there.
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this is becoming a very -- i cannot even tell you the frustration that think tt we are so stud as to permit this to happen. and this adminisation has not been held accountable. in fact, john mccain steps up like it's a clean slate for him. the republican party is acting as if john mccain is a rational actor in this place. >> we have to spend ten years, over a trillion dollars. we have lost countless american lives and the countless americans that will carry the war wounds for the rest of their days. we have not had a success. we have not had a success. we have not had a success and libya. why anyone thinks it will go into the middle of the syrian morehich even the chaman of the joint chiefs of staff says is not going to be a success. why we would even think of doing and i do not understand. lou: and the calamity and is being driven by a broad based coalition within the republican
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party, speaker of the house said the effort to help the right set of rebels in syria is in our nation's best interest. your reaction? >> sure it is double what does that mean? a we willing to do what it takes the chairman of the joint chiefs told you would taka lge military commient. boots on the ground. the american people don't wa that. short, it ght be a great thing to have appen, but that is not an option available. u: general dempsey is being wise a offering words of constraint and good counsel to the president a the senate if they wl only listen. this is a senator mccain's py. he says he is putting a hold on his nomination. and dempsey has just how smart it in, and i have to believe that senor mccain is smarting fromhat the chairman of the joint chiefs did today which is, make it, as you said, clear as crystal that the united states has no interest in intervening.
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>> let's go back to 2003 when the chief of staff of the army came forward and said, this is what it is going to take to win. everybodyaid, oh, no. weon't need that many troops. we are going to b welcomed as liberators and we go. what happened? it was a disaster. we now have military people telling you the same thing. and in stark terms telling you what the consequenceces are goig to be if we go ahead with this. yet, as you say, there are plenty of people on both sides of the aisle and say, you know, let's get going. it will not end well. he's on recor as saying, don't blame me. i told you so. lou: in fairness to what happened in 2003, the analysis carried out a successful invasion and did so with fewer troops than anyone ever imagined. i think we have to say secretary rumsfeld had that one white. was not correct, what would follow on. obviously for years. but the first -- the iasion.
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>> i was phenomenal. but then what comes next. that is again what he warned. if you have a collapse of the syrian government you don't know what comes next. it could be an extremist government. lou: we know that this administration has a lou track record in affecting policy in the middle east. thank you vvry much. appreciate it. much more later on the obama shift on syria and the congress that seems willing too along with it. what are the republicans thinking? stephen hays, mercedes joins us in the "a-team" next. ♪ it is hard sometimes to keep track of all of the obama white house scandals. the justice department, the internal revenue service, the state department, and now an algedrongdoing at the department of homeland security, newly obtained documents showing homeland security acting inspector general charles
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edwards bild the federal government for a series of questionable trips to pr and south florida where he was allegedly pursuing his ph.d. that is not the only scandal certainly engulfing this agency. president obama's nominee to be the number two at homeland security also now under investigation over his alleged intervention to obtain visas for foreign investors in a company run by a brother of hillary clinton. that invtigation is t conduct. director of the u.s. citizensh on immigration services. that's right. the white house has no comment on the investigation into a man critically important to any implementation of immigration policy. the presidents or any other. america crude oil production at record levels of.
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so why are gasoline prices surging? jack girard, president and ceo of american petroleum institute joins me with the answers next. ♪
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lou: wall street stocks finishinglat, mixed after a bead of earnings and the weak regional report. the dow climbing 22 points. another record high. the s&p down three, the nasdaq lost 201. bill of -- gol fell $2 selling at 1335 per ounce. cre oil up 29 selling about $107 per barrel. domestic oil production, we will talk about that now. continues to grow. the western states, a dramac increase in production
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since 2010 oil produion has incrsed 64% in colorado. 51 percent in oklaha. 46 percent to new mexico. 45 percent in utah, 23 percent in wyoming. now, why are we talking about those states? those states and their prodtion rival that of the balkan field in north dakota. despite the increase and the production, gas prices are rising. you probay know that already. the national average n $3.67, up $0.20 higher than one year ago. joining me now, president and ceo of the american petroum institute, jack girard. great to have you with this. >> good to be on again. lou: let's start with that incredible oil production. watching. we are -- it is pretty clear based on what is happening with all of the new discoverieses oi, gas, shale. this is a true renaissance in energy for the united stes.
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>> it really is. it is actually quite remarkable. five or six years ago no one would have predicted this. and now today because of our modern techniques, the vast resources that we haveound here in the united states, we are now the world's number one natural gas produr. the international int -- energy agency predicted a few mont a that if we keep this up, if we keep the growth of production of we could become the world's number one oil producer in seven short years. so like you say, i it is a renaissance, it is a big deal. we a putting people to work, generating revenue to state and federal government and perhaps equally important, we are becoming morenergy secure as a nation. we have ried today on only 40 percent of imports where just two years ago that was abt 60%. so we a going in the right direction. we just have to keep going and make sure that the policies are righto allow us to produce our own energy.
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lou: everyone watching and listening, i am sharing you want produce, produce, produce. but i am also saying, why in the world am i paying these research and gasoline prices. i mean, we are doing all ofhis and what is the deal. as a consumer wants to break. >> we could not agreeore. a couple of reasons. the cost of gasoline is determined primarily by two key factors. the first is the cost of crude oil. as youust mentioned, the cost has been going up. trading on the global market. the unrest, particularly in the middle east, places like egypt, 4 million barrels per day coming through thsuez canal. people are concerned and they are gettibout what happens if that gets cut off. the other piece we should look our gas taxes. a lot of peopl don't reali i sometates and the u.s. today, theas tax is over $0.60 per gallon.
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there has been a number of states that increased the gas tax very recently. lou: fair enough. we a using a lot of time. why in the world if we are increasing production and that of oil going to our refiners is coming out of dulles as you just pointed out, 20 percent more coming from domestic production that certainly two years ago. there are loong at prices well. they will have to give us a break here because, you know, i don't want to get charged. >> understand. again, we need tgo back to that global ctor where the price is determined. lou: you are talking backs. i am telling you, i am a consumer and i want a break, particularly when it is our oil being pulled out and produced and refined into gasine. i want to ask you very quickly. we are in real troue on time.
10:24 pm
keep testified at the house energy and subcommittee on the renewable fuel standard. why is congress trying to drive his forward right now? >> this is another factor that some believe h has contributed o the increase in gas prices. what happened in 2007, congress said we had to blend eanol and all the gasoline d we produced now the volumes that they require, this year it will exceed 10%. our cs and pickup tcks are only qualified and allowed to use up to 10%. so of the producers have said that they will not warranty cars if we use over 10%. we -- the congress will make us blend more than that. some believehat is what is pushing up the price for hping bolster the price. lou: surely the republican party will not go along with that kind
10:25 pm
of ignorance. >> well, we cerinly hopeo. it was intesting. was surprised because some her republicans were saying, we just have tfindiddle ground. we need to keep pushing this corn based ethanol. lou: tell that to your engine. >> yes, of the manufacturers say we want warranty those cars. we are in a position to have to decide if we're going to produce fuel are not, particularly fuel that will not be used in autos because it will void the warranty. so we are in a real quandary. some believe that this was pushing the gas price up even further. lou: another culprit that you and i can talk about how we will just the price downward over a couple of months. always good to talk with you. thank you. >> good to visitith you. thank you. lou: coming up next, preside of lomas said to make this pivot. it is exciting. in the next choctaw quite a president has been a little distracted from tackling our
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lou: you know i was about to say e obama hype machine is working overtime this week. but it serve week, right now though for 12th time since elected president, the president is promising to pivotobs and the economy. he has a big speech planned in illinois tomorrow, normally doing something 12 times signifies a trend but not in obama white house they are fired up about tomorrow. look at the white house web site. right there. big letters, you'r going to wa to watch the speech. how did they know iould b anchoring our coverage on fox buness tomorrow, join us about 12:50 for the speech, and mainstream liberal media is taking bait, looking at new york time headline, quote, obama plans to unveil his agenda for the economy. can you believe it? after 4 years and 6 months,
10:30 pm
president obama is unveiling his agenda for the economy. the times editors think it might be a big secret, but we'll take a wild guess, and say, bigger government and higher taxes will be the foundation of his speech. we know what you must be asking, why? why now. here is official whit house answer, president thinks washington has large let's take elet's takeen its eye off the be most important issue issue facing theountry. really? you are blaming washington for what the president has not done? you have to admire these folks, thhy are bold, they do not blush. they blame washington for the most powerful man in washington, choosi not to talk, not to act on the economy and jobs, what
10:31 pm
sets the agenda in this cntry? if the white house wants to talk about taking the eyes off the ball, let's talk about it since beginning of year president delivered 5 speeches, solo gun control. 3 speeches on iigration. by the way they don't rankn top 5 issues that the american people want action on. president obama eve delivered a speech on climate cnge this june, now that was a barn burner, the issue he said, could not wait any longer,t has disappeared since then. since the beginning of the year president has gone on 21 golf outings, he is on track to surpass his own golf outing record, while in office. that does count aseeping your eye on the ball, but just a different ball than most of us ha in mind.
10:32 pm
majority of americans are not happy with what the president's doing, president's approval rating at 41%. a two year low, how is that for squandering the beginning of a 6 term? this president tomorrow will be trying once again to change the subject. but the subjects now clearly, this president's relevance, not in anyway his agenda, we'll see you tomorro-- we'll see tomorron change that. lou: congress is investigating internal revenue service for targeting conservative groups. george burn man is a leader in the cincinnati tea party they have been targeted, they wonder why there is no the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words.
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lou: prince william and his wife kate, gives the public a first
10:36 pm
look at the new prince, crowds of people, rents in cheer -- erupting in cheers, william said he and kate are still trying to decide what to name their one-day-old son, turning to affairs of our own, scandal at internal revenue service, our next guest is one of those targeted by the irs, he believes that ongoing scandal gives people a new reason to be enraged, joining us leader of southwest cincinnati tea party george brennerman do have you your tax exempt status yet? lawyer at the time said that the irs is not going to grant it to you. >> the son of a gun. >> pardon? lou: the son of gun, fight, go get it.
10:37 pm
they were going after the irs on their application, they were one off first that actually got it. it was a month and a day after the 2012 elections, kind of convenient, it has been a crazy fight. >> you are fighting the irs, which is a bad agency to fight with. but, you say that because you wanted to create a tax exemp organization you and your wife were targeted. >>e were targeted for an independent reason, my wife was treasure of local tea party in 2010 we made a depos ou depit oe past of the party party -- tea party, we got a call from a personal audit saying because of your association with the ciinna tea party you wil receive a personal audit. when they came to the hse, they shut down my wife's
10:38 pm
business for you know a couple days, she does taxes for living, we had to produce documentination for every depost into our personal acouncils and every reason behind that, yet they did not want to know anything about the tea party accounts. lou: they are auditing you personal. and told you they were auditing you because of your association with the tea party. >> that is correct. lou: you have an attorney. you have account tants, what did they say to you? we did not go to attorneys or account anes, typical aricans we take care of the problem ourselves, it was not unil we realize how large the problem of at first ways and means commtee, a roomful about 20 tea party leaders 5 of us received personal audits, so it is fairly widespread.
10:39 pm
lou: all right, so all that happened, you areenot engaged with attorneys are you working with a group o folks, as you said, but, i am curious, where is the tea party going to be in 2014? the tea party was neutral rises inart because of by what irs did perhaps in conjunction with the obama white house,ing orgation fogation -- the the orr acti, they will be powerful in 2014, i get the feeling when i talk with replicans and conservatives, they don't know about what the fight is about let alone how they will wage of war. >> i can't speak for nationwide but in ohio, i think that conservative groups, lib terry groups and tea party groups in 2012 we were foot soldiers for
10:40 pm
the ohio g.o.p., there is no doubt about it. lo you sure done get it done, george. you were lousy. everybody needs to understand, by the way, you may have been better than party regulars, but the result was, awful. >> it wa awful, in the county we took it personal "wall street journal" on january third said there will be 3 countie in u.s., and ours was number one county, we lost after a significant effort. lou: what are you going to do about it. >> i think it is a combination of things. lou: i talk with tea partiers all over, some are great, others talk about they have no clue, is it perhaps time for tea party to say, lead, follow or get out of way? just keep talking
10:41 pm
about you don't -- some o you say you don't have leaders, that is not the way you work. i don't understand the way that tea party is organized in many parts of the country. >> well, you just gave a speech i've give up several tim, don't think prior to 2012 i understood the game as well as i do after 2012, i think that is very rare in the tea party. there are few leaders that get theact the whole politics thing is a game. and you -- >> reay a game? >> even if you don't like the rules you have to learn how to play it, some of us have learned our lesson. it is time for us to takeover. lou: george, iook forward to watching that happen. i wish you and the tea party there in ohio all the very best thank you for being with us. >> thank you. lou: up next. dow at a record high, wall street veteran david malss will tell us how far the
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lou: joining us new. david pal pass, it is -- malpass it is great to you have here. the market $25 billion a month is adding up, is there anyway to be a bear. >> i don't think it is fed you are referring to the money that fed is buying, i think that equity are going up for a different reason, the econo is slogging along, earnings growth haseen strong. the fed is boeriing money from the -- browiig monyfrom the
10:46 pm
private sector. lou: ben will be upset, wt is stimulating the economy then? why bother if there is going to be a negative? >> big funds for the fed, big funds for washington, they are in a guilded age of powernd expansion they don't top stop, wall street gets the transactions, all of flow comes through wall street it directs credit from other parts of theic coke the government and the -- the economy into corporate bonds. lou: here we are 18% higher the averages, since the beginning of the year, this is quite a remarkable time, i am listening to bill gross, you know they are talking like they ran a big bond fund. they are talking their book getting away with it on some
10:47 pm
networks like say cnbc, why isn't anybody calls nonsense? >> some are, but i think there is a huge amount of the market that likes the fed doing this they are part of the governmt being bigge and corporate sector being bigger, it is small sinesses that have trouble. i think it has been a drag on growth. the question that i hard to answer circumstance what would have happed -- ansr is, what would have happened if they had not done this, if fed did not take credit and focus on governnt we would have had more jobs, stock market would have been higher. lou: do you think that president will say something new tomorrow when he talks about jobs, and the economy? >> i hope so, and you know, almost of day a cross my fingers think he might triage late, a way to go forward, give people new ideas, think how remarkable if he said one ofhe ways to get jobs is having small
10:48 pm
businesses get more confident. lo i don't think we'll -- we'll he to wait a while, david thank you. >> great to see you, lou. lou: up next, new york city mayor candidate, weiner caught with his hands in the texting account. next. when we made our commitmento the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gul recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, fer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drillg activity twenty-four-seven and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce enenergy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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lou: joining us the a-team, senior writer for weekly standard, steven haze, mercedes fox news legal analyst. in nework city. thank you for being here.
10:52 pm
let me start with if i may, the anthony weiner press conference today. if not everybody in the world is following it, it is truly a strange moment where he could be mayor of new york after resigning in disgrace. >> anybody that is watching this, ss what a train wreck, he was so upset he first got caught up in it a couple years ago, he left in disgrace, it will never happen, i will do my best to make amends with my wife and family, here we go. happened against, by the way, it happened after he made those promises to his wife, and public. and now, we have this other lady said, by the way he sent me these pictures, here they are. lou: and is this just becing
10:53 pm
-- american politics, agonizing, embarrassmen on part of the electorate. they are shipped out of ofce and brought back rehabilitations, is this not a farce this process. >> if that is becoming american politics, i want out, it was newsiatinnews waiting to watch,t his job in congress as a result of what he did, almost lost his marriage, caused untold public hume hostile to himself, and his wife. certainly to his young child at some point who'll read about these things, then didn't stop. then kept doing it. i find that absolutely extraordinary, i think that case they would make circumstance new yorkers -- make is, new yorker who may or may not haveroblem
10:54 pm
with this in terms of morality, certainly have asking questions just about his judgment. what kind of a personoes this after having been through that. >> and how trustworthy is he? that is going to be a big issue for a lot of voters,his is a tough town to manage, this is someone who lacks judgment. and how trustworthy is he really, he made these promises and broke them. lou: it is in new york city. if you' to sample of atmosphere, have you elliot spitzer running for comp troller, i am not sure trust is fake or thi factor in f polling in new york.
10:55 pm
>> here is spitzer did funny stuff with transferred that is something that voters should think about. here is someone who did what he did with these prostitutes now he will manage our finances. lou: let's turn on with senator john mccain. he -- for all world it looks like he is try z t trying to lee republican party into the abyss, pushing for immigrati reform on any terms, when they have achieved the seizure of mantel of leadership on immakee greg reform -- immigration reform, senator mccain is pushing the "gang of 8" approach, as republicans of house made clear, not happening. and once to intervene in syria?
10:56 pm
>> i don't think that senator mccain is likely to be much of @% influence on house republicans. houseepubllcans i think will be more skeptical of this senate gang of 8 immigration reform, if mccain continues to push and push for house to to something. prospects of that happeng are slim, i think that there i little likelihood we seal will comprehensive immigration reform @%at washington has spent so many months talking about. i don't think we'll see it in next couple years. lou: i hope you are wrong on that, w have room to do that, mercedes about 25 seconds, zimmerman, rescues a family, in a wreck. your reaction? >> i thought it was the wonderful, he isnder death threats in hidin he is concerned for his well being, he
10:57 pm
seesa tragedy, runs out and saves family, they said that george zimmerman saved our lives, parents, two
10:58 pm
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make the switch to the aarp auto insurance program from the harord. why wait? charles: a phone fight with billions of taxpayer bucks at stake. welcome back i am charles payne in for neil cavuto, remember this woman? >> you got obama -- you know. gave us a phone. >> how did he give you a phone. >> you sign up. you got low income, disability. charles: she is thrilled to get a government subsidized phone but now a push on capitol hill to hang up on that program. it has grown to $2 billion, now


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