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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 29, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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show, if you can't catch us live, have a great night. lou: good evening thank you for being with us, obama administration, that has spit on its promises of openness and transparency how in second term added a new element to its little bittal behavior. obama administration is looking for a fight. and as many fights as they can find. treasury secretary jack liu hit sunday show circuit with ultimatum for republicans if president obama do not get his way on the upcoming budget and debt ceiling battles, he will not negotiate. here is liu drawing the president's line in the sand, and kicking sand in the eyes of the g.o.p.
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>> president has made clear, he has told congress he will not sign a bill, if it fixes defense at expense of domestic spending, congress has it write bills that meet challenge. >> lew making his comments after washington post reports that top obama administration officials are pushing strategy that would lead to a government shut down if republicans continue to demand spending cuts and refusen to the sequester, and furthering administration stone call of irs targets of conservatives. fox news sunday host chris wallace asking lew if irs chief council, william wilkins had been questions by authorities yet.
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an office that reports to the treasury department. lew refused to answer the question, take a listen. >> somebody in treasury department ask william wilkins what he knew about this. >> chris, there is no evidence this went to any political official. >> there has not been an investigation. >> a lot of time has gone to asking a lot of questions of a lot of people, i'm not saying it is done, and we'll cooperate with all of the o ongoing investigation, i'm just challenges your assersion that something has been shown. >> i'm just wondering why the questions have not been asked. lou: president obama himself sounds like a man looking for a new fight over obama character, republican the not happy about the president looking to delay the roll out of super provisions of obamacare while allowing the rest of the law to go into
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effect, president obama told "new york times" he quote, not concerned about their opinions, very few of them by the way are attorneys issue much less constitutional lawyers, in the talk talk we'll examine the president's implied lofty states for you himself and his dismissal of his fellow attorneys on capitol hill, we'll show you why the president should be more than a little concerned about his inaccuracies project, and after numerous foreign policy failures, the obama administration is now focused on beginning peace talks between israel and the palestinians. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, former pentagon official kt mcfarland among our guest, and eric holder ignoring a supreme court ruling on the voter rights act. looking to -- the state of texas to get permission for from federal government before they
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change any elect rules. >> a new associated pressure have a shows poverty gripping lives of americans at some point in their lives, 4 out of 5 americans have struggled with joblessness and relied on welfare, the white acount for more than 41% of nation's >> and who doubted a plan for a thrive ons middle class only days ago. fox news chief white house crisp house correspondent, ed henry with our report. >> reporter: president obama is planning an 8 day vacation on martha's vin yard in mid august, while house republicans on recess from friday until september 9, administration
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insists both sides can avoid a government shut down. >> we don't need any more self inflicted rounds. >> reporter: lack of ush -- urgency comes despite two major studies that rich are getting richer, and poor struggling even more, 4 out of 5 americans 80% will live near poverty without work or relies on welfare at least once there lives, a study by pew have search center found in first two years of obama administration, the mean net worth of household in upper 7% in house distribution rose by about tweet percent, and mean net worth of households in lower 93% dropped by 4% that president has been highlights on his latest economy road show to claimly is standing up for the middle class. >> when the wrongs on -- wrungs
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on ladder of opportunity grow father and father apart. >> conservative economist note study show gap between rich and poor has been widening on the president's watch. >> there is too were emphasis on equality, and not much on how you grow theicec and create jobs. >> reporter: the economy tour resumes tuesday when president visits a fulfillment fulfill center in tennessee. >> we'll see benefits, flow to the top 1%, and end up in the led to us worse ik ki economic n tournament they realize at white house he needs to jump-start thisgenda. lou. >> thank you, ed henry, fox news chief white house correspondent, president obama's organizing for action group rolling out their
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plans for what they call action august. a month long push mobilizing again any opposition to about president's political ajepd agenda, top issues let's look at that list. it -- pretty staggering, joining us now to go through what is missing, we discovered something missing in white house, they will be upset. juan williams. radio talk show host, monica crowley, folks, missing from the agenda. obamacare -- i mean, wasn't there something about jobs and the economy that was suppose to be high. >> i think someone forgot the number one item. wouldn't you say? lou: he told the group he needed their help. >> he needed for their help but remember he made his 19 regular
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piv -- 19th pivot to job economy last week, his main political arm, now is pivoting to issues with exception of obamacare none of those issues are at top of the lists. lou: and how high can it be on the list, if what do you next is an 8 day vacation, in martha's vineyard. >> i don't begrudge him the vacation. lou: neither do i, i am just asking how energized is he about this agenda? >> look at the politics lou. what is that song, 19th nervous break down, i don't see the economy in top 19, but this is a guy, who right nowments to take on -- now wants to take on the congress, you saw in terms of list, immigration reform, and climate, gun control, those are all about fights with congress, he is trying to use organizing
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for america to anger over inact in congress, when it comes to economy. i think he is counting on republicans to im-- implode by forcing his hand in terms of upcoming deals. lou: are republicans going to implode? is that a smart strategy on the part of this president? in his -- early days, 6 term? >> well i would not discount the ability of the republicans to implode. they never seem to miss an opportunity, juan is right, total focus are this white house is picking fights with congress and dividing american people over very divisive issues, that is why they are going over immigration and gun control, and climate change, about jimming of the base, getting minority folks to come out in droves next year.
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lou: and turning to something that, you know emotional for democratic party, and dividing them, that is former clinton press secretary digital doppler digital doppler dee dee myers, said weiner candacey is painful for the clinton, i know that you are e empapathetic must be disturfed. >> it is just a reminder of bill clinton and his inappropriate behavior in oval office, right now he is very popular, she is running for president, i'm not making any announcement, but let's assume that. it impacts her as well, their political fortunes are impacted by weiner's refusal to acknowledge reality. >> you have to take any report out of clinton camp with a grain of salt, i saw a hospital that
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hillary had no idea that huma was going to pull the stan by your man routine. lou: i found david axelrod statement that he needs to get out of the way, he is taking up space. but what is interesting about axelrod, he didn't mention mayor of san diego, he did not mention his good friend prince elliott, mr. spitzer, every bit whatever you describe weiner as, why not? >> this is all about 2016, you know who obama had lunch with today. lou: the future is a crowded place. >> he had lunch with hillary
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clinton, i'm sure joe biden was pushed up the window like this. that was word that obama backed off from that, they are setting this in cement at this point. lou: i was shocked to see jack lew refuse to answer our colleague chris wallace's questions about investigation of irs to whether they talked with chief council and irs. are you shocked high would not? i was expecting national media to be in an uproar, because treasury secretary refused to answer a direct question. the public's right to know that been affronted. >> sure, but you know, he is playing a political game, he does not want to get ahead of any investigation, or anything that said, he is not breaking news. lou: he is a careful man. >> he is, but i engine this situation -- but i think in
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this situation, it may be every he wants to avoid any legal trouble himself. if it is going up the ladder, jack lew was chief of staff. we have to take that into account, he could be a player in the game too, but i will say from jack lew from your expectations of media, lou, come on, wake up, lou. >> juan, thank you, i will try to gain consciousness. thank you. juan. >> monica thank you. >> always. lou: we'll have much more on this president's new bellicose, bullying language, shocking throughout the broadcast here tonight. >> detroit, broke, bankrupt, and looking for a way to fight off its creditors. believe it or not, motor city is looking to obama care for a bailout. >> fox news contract mike
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emmanuel with the respect right here.
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lou: obamacare at forefront of a number of budget battles percolating in washington, the city of detroit is prepared to embrace the controversial law as a possible solution to at least part of their bankruptcy, fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuelle with the story. >> reporter: with detroit entering federal bankruptcy. city proposing a way to reduce some of the 5.7 billion it owes in retiree health costs. running it to obamacare insurance market, that would save city. tens of millions of dollars, ted
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cruz who favors repeal of obama carry calls tng. >> the idea that you and i attack payers across country would be stuck footing the bile fobillfor detroit irresponsibily does not make sense. >> a way to know sure that employees have good he'll coverage. -- health coverage. and at same time take the financial burden off of the city and town. >> reporter: spokesman josh said he was not shear how had would play out but emphasize positives. >> one of the benefits of the affordable care act is making sure those who did not get health character through their employees can purchase by quality health insurance. >> howard dean said that owner of the law, independent payment advisory board circumstance a
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major problem. dean writes in quote, a health care rationing body, will be able to stop certain statements its members do the no favor by setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them. and detroit is looking to sell garages and parking lots, des bite bankruptcy, more than 400 million in michigan taxpayer funds will be spent on a new arena for red wings national hockey league, they call it economic development. lou. lou: mike thank you. >> by the way, howard dean "wall street journal" column today is 4 year late vindcas vindoccasiot -- vindication of shorts for sarah palin.
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with ttday's admission it is a health care rationing body he is agreeing with her. just about 4 years late. >> turning to wall street stocks moved lower, following a drop in pending home sales. the dow lost 37 points, s&p down 6, nasdaq fell 14, and announcing 7,000 new jobs, ahead of president obama's visit to the warehouse in tennessee tomorrow, that is strictly no matter what anybody say, just a coincidence, thousands of fast-food workers working off their jobs demanding higher pay, a well the higher, how about double, hundreds kicking off protest in new york city today. more strikes in st. louis, chicago, detroit, flint,
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michigan, and can't can city, missouri -- kansas city, missouri, workers want pay $15 an hour. federal judge said ruled federal reserve board chairman bernanke can be questioned in a lawsuit regarding government's $182 billion bailout of aig, judge ruling he made an exception because bernanke has first hand knowledge of government a decision to bailout aig at the height of the crisis, lawsuit filed by former head of aig, hank greenberg claiming that government caused their shareholders to lose thens of billions of -- tens of billions of dollars. he wants at least 25 billion in compensation. lou: french police are searching for an armed robber, masked thief, allegedly held up a
7:22 pm
jewelry exhibition at a luxury hotel in cannes making off with $ 136 million of jewels, hold up took a minute. despite fact that three private security guard, two vendors and a manager were on hand. it sounds like ey like a hollywe plot, it was carried out in carlton hotel in kan. >> the summer has not been kind to big budget films. >> up next, president obama not concerned about g.o.p. complains, that his delay of 7
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lou: when president obama announced he was unilaterally delaying the employer mandate of obamacare congressman scott garett of new jersey here he is early this month explaining why he takes issue with the president's delay. >> if he picks and chooses on this what sections he wants to implement and which ones he does not covet no president has that authority to do so once the lot is signed under the constitution he has to execute the lock. lou: your * political reporter asked the president last week if he consulted with white house attorneys before he delayed the mandate. here is the president said''
7:27 pm
if congress thinks what i have done is wrong they are free to make the case but there is not an action that i don't take that some folks that some say i n usurping my authority some of those big guy usurper my authority by having the gall to win the presidency. ultimately i am not concerned about their opinions very few of them are lawyers especially constitutional lawyer. lou: you apply your a constitutional lawyer and an authority? said attorneys are a rare commodity in congress? so to bring everybody back to reality there are more than 1.2 million attorneys licensed in this country. that is a lot. some say too many nearly one-third of the house or
7:28 pm
attorneys just like you and almost half of the senate is made up of attorneys, 45 senators you should have known that because you spend a little time there and congressman garett? guess what? he earned his law degree in 1984 but as spee being an authority as be sure you are, we looked hard your resonate mr. president lecturer, and between 92 and 96 a senior lecturer at the university of chicago and then teaching three courses per year of course, by 1997 you were a state senator which prevented you from teaching full time that is 12 years of teaching it university of chicago law school but you did not publish a single article on constitutional law while at the university of chicago
7:29 pm
studying and teaching the constitution. zero. let me add that up again. zero. but doesn't exactly rival harvard so very simple we don't know where you get off pushing your credentials to those in congress to those who question your conduct under the constitution of a bite to see fewer attorneys on capitol hill certainly or if 1600 pennsylvania avenue could be persuasive -- could be persuasive. >> eric colder has never heard the expression don't mess with texas. the supreme court has already ruled on voter rights but why are they pressing? we will talk to break avid next.
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lou: president obama meeting behind closed doors today with civil rights leaders talking about the voting rights act by next guest says this administration trying to circumvent the decision of the united states supreme court that he seems is hot style to the constitution and joining us now is the attorney general for the great state of texas now a candidate to succeed rick perry as governor. of style to the constitution you must tremble he will not be impressed with your credentials as he has been so dismissive those of his fellow attorneys. >> this is what i think is worse reportedly for the purpose but in reality is
7:34 pm
nothing more than political theater will get the way this challenge was launched not an a courtroom but the national urban league convention that reeks of politics at follows in the footsteps of barack about the national field director claiming they will turn texas blues and it is nothing more than the obama ministration to use the voting rights act for political purposes. lou: the president himself talks about the very issue i had to scratch my head because of all there period during on two different occasions they were not paying attention to what you had done you have them 10 /
7:35 pm
four in court that would make any major league proud indyk just cannot get over what they are thinking instead of trying to provoke you? >> they had a parking space reserved at the united states supreme court we have been there so often when they launch these efforts to come down they give us two more victories against the aba ministration so what we think they're doing is nothing more than politics one of the issues is voter i.d. they feel threatened of the integrity of the election process while the insurer this is why we defend against these challenges. lou: the law that you passed is modeled off of indiana
7:36 pm
state loss supported by u.s. supreme court that. >> absolutely the supreme court said a voter i.d. is perfectly constitutional and does not disenfranchise anyone and it was mthe indiana . if democrats really think showing a photo it is discriminatory then why do they require a total id to get into the democratic national convention? rethink the id should be required for the most sacred of votes at the ballot box but the supreme court upheld the because said the carter justice said it was necessary to prevent voter fraud rethink the court should uphold it. lou: you have other contest in court with his
7:37 pm
administration what is the next to come? >> we always have some that involved the epa we're also challenging dodds frank because we have seen the havoc that is putting on the financial industry. we also weigh in on behalf of all the states that haven't joined with us to challenge the president constitutional power to make recess appointments that challenges those to the nlrb as well to the consumer protection bureau so rethink time after time it will take action that seems to challenge the constitution but then pushes right back. lou: we are delighted to have you with us and wish you success beyond the
7:38 pm
measure but you have already experienced. the attorney general of texas. up next after a series of foreign policy failures trying to initiate a significant talks john bolton and k.t. mcfarland is next. aha
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[girls laugh, bell rings] - whatever. - he asked me right before school started. - no way! - hi. - . - shine, come on and let it shine ♪ ♪ light me up-- - hi. lou: another accident involving trading sid tear of when three commuter trains collided head-on with more than 40 injured in four of ttem seriously last week's 79 passengers were killed on the spanish train crash the driver charged with 79 counts of reckless homicide in the united states the fbi has announced it has rescued when hundred five teenagers who were forced into prostitution.
7:42 pm
the us read a massive nationwide sweep had the rest of 150 pimps' and other individuals this is the largest operation today focused on sexually exploited children with nearly 4,000 local state national law enforcement officers and more than 13 cities and also the new director of the fbi was named an rand paul was the only no vote. the mideast peace talks about to get underway the first time and almost five years as israeli and palestinian negotiators in washington joining us now national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and fox news contributor john bolton. there low-level talks but a beginning and now there is
7:43 pm
some movement? >> at the end of the day i don't think it goes anywhere as the world fights with each other 2500 years but the opportunity cost is like the houses on fire the roof is falling in in the basement is flooded but they go to the pool house if the situation is it going to change syria or egypt i think it is far more serious this another round of negotiations which have a very low likelihood of success to. >> but that a superpower is capable to carry out that diplomacy at a time? >> yes when i watched henry kissinger settle that
7:44 pm
diplomacy it really takes the focus of the entire administration and presidency to deal with this situation. if not you are not focused on the foreign policy problems. i don't think it will succeed but i wish him well. >> voting to release 104 palestinian prisoners with other conditions attached for your thoughts? >> it is the calculus of the prime minister netanyahu is better for him to pay the price bantustan and the way of the evidence of termination of the obama is administration to have the talks go forward. ned idea who believes they cannot succeed be he concludes it is better to let them proceed to the inevitable failure than
7:45 pm
raising the ire of president obama and the reason this make sense is that netanyahu is foccsed on the most important issue of the iran nuclear weapon program i think he is facing a very difficult decision in israel whether to strike and as he approaches that decision he wants to be in a place that if he does decide to strike that i have done everything the you have asked me on that question despite the political cost know iowa you president obama to stand with me against iran. lou: but more massive demonstrations as the muslim brotherhood is in full retreat and assault. where are we headed? >> every and is it a hard
7:46 pm
place i feel for the government because of the one hand they crack down too much al qaeda set up shop that would be terrible on the other hand, if they don't crackdown they don't have that domestic security they need if egypt does not get its economy going it will be revolution 3.joe -- lou: why don't they do more to support the egyptian economy now with the more in light and government? >> europeans are actually waiting for the united states to do something they depend critically on the suez canal and the one that vital transportation been kept opee but ever since the camp david peace accord the
7:47 pm
united states is the prominent western player the yet all we see from the obama white house is the muscle of brotherhood then i think have most perplexed so i would not count on the europeans for anything and i think the situation will continue to get worse because the brotherhood is looking to create martyrs and the military. lou: john bolton and k.t. mcfarland thank you. up next making unprecedented remarks about homosexuality and gays affected have catholics more than an uneasy we will be here to explain and tell us what to expect. next. ♪
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the. lou: and the author of a new book on jesus has been ensnared in a modest controversy of his credentials of a historian. our columnist shasta's straight forward question why would a muslim what to write a book on jesus? he said he called himself a religious historian but apparently he does not have a degree of any kind of religious history and declared himself to be a prominent muslim thinker of the united states as well prominent maybe but not modest. go to first for the story. the controversy following a historic trip to the cope a
7:52 pm
caribbean beach drive more than 3 million people responding to questions about gay clergy stating'' mac ever person is gay and seeks god and has good will who of my to judge? joining us now for fox news religion contributor. he could have said many things that would have gotten more attention in this seems like the national media could have pointed out there are 3 million people on iacocca ben the beach. >> according to city hall 3. 2 million over a 4-mile stretch of beach of young
7:53 pm
people. where you go the 3.2 billion yen people go? status board or a rock star what amazes me is i saw him walking through st. peter's square alone a few months ago with young people seeking spiritual guidance. lou: it is interesting and a man whose seems to have the capacity in the character to really call your attention to what he has to say spiritually. >> keys to the name francis from st. francis of assisi that said preach always and
7:54 pm
when necessary use words. that is what he is doing. he is not even living there he lives in a guesthouse at the vatican. this is the guy a who is gathering 2.2 million young people. >> but he did talk about the gays. lou: i do you would get around to it sooner or later is this the direction of the church? here is my a first reaction that is great now why can't
7:55 pm
the priest be married? >> here is the huffington post headline today, breakthrough, pope is okay with gays. what is that? the pope and every christian is not okay with gays but it is saying to respect every single human being that doesn't mean homosexual? is there for good but to love and respect. lou: it is not an endorsement of marriage. >> absolutely not based in a compassionate way he said i want all of you that we can never marginalize anyone that is the first issue.
7:56 pm
lou: i support gays in marriage rights for whatever that matters but at the same time and also supports the idea why not open the priesthood to married folks? >> honestly a married catholic priest is a possibility in the future but he is dedicated solely to the mission of the catholic village has chosen to have celibate clergy. lou: you did an amazing job to bring that into the time that we have here. comeback and we will have a greater discussion. that is it for us house judiciary committee joins us to explain why those who
7:57 pm
want to embrace said gaining debate bill. good night from new york. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the ternet the room it needs to grow. this going to be big. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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neil: the latest fight saga. let's say, ed snowden has nothing on these guys he just leaked government's snooping on millions, the advertising giants take it to next level, these guys are going full bore, i am neil cavuto, thank you to chip chip for his ward -- charles payne for his hard work when i was out. two of the biggest advertising giants, joining forces. a dangerous level. here is why omnicom, at targeted advertising it reaches just the


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