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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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of for it to record the show if you cannot get to us live. have a great night, and we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ lou: new reports that the obama administration lied a lot of the year. i'm lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. a "washington post" reporting that the obama white house delayed enacting controversial regulations on health care, the environment, and worker safety, all trying to help the president win reelection last year. thaa is according to the seven current and former obama administration officials who told the "washington post" that
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the motive behind many of those delays were simply political. at the white house today press secretary jay carney try to defend the delays claiming that they were just being thorough. >> the administration is committed to regulatory strategy that maintains a balance between bedecking health and welfare, and safety of americans in promoting economic growth, job creation, competitiveness, and innovation. our goal is not to move rules hastily but to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of the rules of the complete. lou: the president said -- press secretary obviously reading from a prepared script in answering a reporter's question to my report, by the way, chief correspondent ed henry. the obama administration is accused of doing far more than manipulating rules and delaying regulations. to fact checking organizations
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-- we heard countless times over three years. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able o keep your health care plan. lou: and that is not the only obama assertion dean the line. the "washington post" reported that three of the top five biggest lines of 2013 belongs to president obama. we take that up tonight in the "chalk talk" with the "a-team." many of the president's problems with the truth involved his signature health care law and obamacare, once again, generating headlines today. house republicans holding the fourth in a series of hearings looking into the disastrous rollout. today's oversight committee hearing in texas looking into reports that obamacare navigators, workers to try to open roll people are actually encouraging people to commit fraud.
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oversight chairman darryl i said said the program is severely lacking in federal oversight. >> we cannot have a repeat of the acorn rights activities that led to too many people believing that there was something for nothing and ultimately ending up with nothing when they started with something. lou: but at the white house press secretary carney fired back declaring that i saw was trying to undermine the affordable care act. >> this is just one more datapoint in our public an obsession with sabotaging obamacare. all navigator's must complete about 20 hours of training, including training on privacy issues. and this training is not a one-time-only process. lou: but emphasizing congressman ices point about security, today a confidential obamacare navigator training manual was up loaded on to the web.
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that 217 page manual reportedly offers advice similar to what you would tell across it -- a car salesman, smile, make customers feel welcome. but for some reason the obama administration put a giant disclaimer at the bottom of each page, that the information is not to be released to the public well, the obama administration continues to try to spin the disaster is health care rollout, new polls show many americans simply are not buying into it. according to a usa today and to research survey, young people who once overwhelmingly supported president obama by a margin of roughly two to one in his campaigns against both john mccain and mitt romney now have abandoned him. just 45 percent of 18-29 year olds approve of the job president obama is doing. that compares to 67 percentage who did so this time one year
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ago. just 41 percent of millenniums approve of obamacare itself compared to 54 percent who disapproved. and it is not just young people troubled by the health care law. a separate poll by the associated press finds that nearly four and five americans with health care insurance, 77 percent say obamacare will change their policies for the worse, covering fewer types of medical care. so what is the obama administration doing to combat all of the negative sentiment? kicking off an advertising and marketing blitz using taxpayer dollars, but the state run exchanges, the federal government, and health insurers are reportedly starting to bombard the airwaves and social media with obamacare ads, insurers alone are expected to spend more than half a billion dollars on television ads next year.
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the ryan marry bipartisan budget compromise which passed the house last week is expected to pass a key critical procedural hurdle in the senate tomorrow. at least six republican senators have indicated that they will join with the democrats and vote to end debate on the 2-year budget deal. that needs at least 60 votes to advance. final passage requires only as simple majority. congress, however, faces another battle over the debt ceiling after congressman paul ryan said over the weekend that republicans will seek concessions in exchange for extension of the limit on borrowing early next year. the white house today reiterated that president obama's position is not changed, and he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. a federal judge ruled today that the national security agency is likely operating an unconstitutional collection of telephone call information and data.
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u.s. district court judge richard leon finding that nsa activities appear to have violated the fourth amendment's prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures. judge leon issued a preliminary injunction that bars the nsa from collecting so-called meta data from verizon wireless accounts, but he then stayed the order in order to allow for an appeal. the ruling is the first legal setback to the nsa surveillance activities since edward snowden expose the practice. snowden, a major part of a 60 minutes to expose a on the nsc last night where it was revealed that there is rift within the agency about possibly granting snowden immunity in exchange for the remaining files see is believed have in his possession. nsa officials richard legend says it might be a good idea. the white house sayy it has not
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changed its position and all. they want him also, of course, to return to the united states to face felony espionage charges we will take that up here later. reports out of saudi arabia that the obama administration policies in the middle east have upset the royal family colonel ralph peters joins us on the strained relations with one of our largest allies in the region , and we will have more on the president's effort to delay for political reason new rules and regulations until after the 2012 election. the "a-team" will respond. among our guests tonight, former mtv vj, year with a fox business news those not. and she tells us all about her new show called the independence right here on the fox business network. and we are going to be telling you about winter weather blanketing much of the northeast over the weekend dumping as much
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as a foot of snow in some areas. and here is the headline tonight. more snow is on the way. and now set to drop about 5 inches of snow in the midwest and northeast over the next few hours. a fast-moving low pressure system moving in from canada is expected to hit milwaukee and chicago with one to 3 inches this evening. major accumulation and colder temperatures arrive overnight. through tomorrow in pittsburgh, philadelphia, and new york making the morning commute hazardous and disrupting evening travel as well in the boston area. on wall street today stocks finished higher end of the fed today meeting. the dow up 129 points. how about that. happy monday. s&p up 11, nasdaq up 28. new reports that the chinese are taking advantage of the towards bankruptcy, buying and countles. one real-estate broker reportedly saying she has said
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chinese buyers caller to say they want to buy 100 properties, and they don't have to see them first. we're coming right back. ♪ lou: the budget battles resume. will the senate passed the budget? senator john barrasso on whether the bipartisan plan makes it to the president's desk. lou: in this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around withotating categories" card. it's not the etting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... at's in your wallet?
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♪ lou: and a new poll from the des moines register. it shows what they think about the potential 2016 candidates. and one of the biggest surprises, paul ryan, congressman ryan, -- topping the republican list, 73 percent favorability. governor mike huckabee came in second. by the way, he will be our guest
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tomorrow evening. and rick santorum coming in third. on the democratic side hillary clinton coming in first. and 89 percent favorability. talk about a blowout fallen by vice-president joe biden and maryland government -- governor martin o'malley. the democratic senatorial campaign committee reporting they raised just over $5 million last month. that means that the sec has roughly 12 million in cash on hand compared to the republican counterpart which has only 5 million. the senate republican campaign has not release the november numbers and. they will do so later this week, and when they do, we will have that is for you and see how they're doing. my first guest tonight says the budget proposal does not go far enough to stop washington's runaway spending, and the by now pay later mentality that has our nation's capital in its grip. joining us, senator john grosso
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of wyoming, republican policy committee chairman, member of the senate foreign relations committee, senator, great to have you with us. this -- you opposition to the ryan, murray armory ryan budget surprises some people. first, why are you going to vote against it. secondly, are there enough votes in the senate to move it through? >> i am going to vote against it because i think it spends too much. it is more washington wasteful spending. it is kind of like i will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today. puts off the spending cuts, but it spends the money now. i do think that there will be the 60 votes for cloture and that we will ultimately pass the senate. this week was summoned wyoming of the weekend talking to folks who have to live within their budgets, live within their means , and they just have concerns with the amount of spending that is going on. this budget is essentially breaks the camps.
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you and i talked before about the value of the sequester, and it actually resulted in less spending. i think we should have stuck with that. lou: it worked. going to the issue here, there is some good. if you get away just from the plane numbers, and i think you and i can agree that the numbers are, frankly, at the margin among small and perhaps small to the insignificant, but what is significant is getting back to regular order, looking at a number for a budget for two fiscal years instead of going from continuing resolution to continuing resolution. that surely has to throw you. >> well, it is important to have budgeting uncertainty. of course, when a family does the budget they have to do it in realistic numbers. things that they think what it will really be like over two years. so i'm encouraged by the fact that there is a budget. i certainly wish you were at a lower number. lou: let's turn to the "washington post" report.
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now accusing the administration, again, flying, manipulating, frankly, governess for the purpose of the president's political fortunes. the line in point of fact to get obamacare past. it appears the line also during the campaign about obamacare. it turns out now according to the "washington post," and if we can put this out, the report saying internal reviews of proposed regulatory changes in the administration took longer in 2011 and 2012 because of concerns about the agency's issuing costly are controversial rules prior to the november november 5th 2012 election, specifically talking about workplace rules, talking about obamacare and talking about implementing rules and regulations by the environmental protection agency, costly, controversial, and a push aside in order to have a clear track
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during the election. your reaction? >> it is not a surprise. this has been one of the most pulpiteer of politically manipulative administrations in history. they have delayed so many of these rules because they knew that there were going to be liberal and opposed by the american people. as a result they said let's wait until after the election. part of the debacle of the website of the health care law has been just the fact that they said, we are not going to go after any of those things until after the election because they did not want to fess up and be honest with the american people. you talk about presidential honesty. you saw they gave president obama the line of the year for his statements about if you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance. the majority of americans now believe that the president is not trustworthy. and, you know, when you lose that trust in a letter -- whether it is a patient and doctor or a population and their
7:19 pm
president, it is very hard to regain. lou: later in the broadcast we're not only going to go through the number one line, which is not only by pull the fact of the "washington post" itself in a number of other organizations, but if you want to keep your plan you can. we are going to go through the top five lines. 60 percent of them, frankly, brought to you by this administration and as president. we are going to be focusing on that. i also want to take up legislation that you plan to introduce with senator lamar alexander to give people proper notice, the purpose of which is to give people proper notice oo an increase in a premium. how soon you will do that, how effective do you think it will be given that train wreck that is a obamacare? >> people need to be able to plan, anddthis is the premium disclosure act. the administration cannot hide
7:20 pm
what insurance premiums are going to be next year. you know, the administration unilaterally -- and the president decided to push out the real next year until after the election. well, this was another deliberately deceptive ploy by the administration, and senator alexander and i have introduced legislation this week to say, oh, no, the open time for enrollment is october 15th. people need to know a full month in advance what their premiums are going to be so that they can budget and plan instead of letting the president-in numbers until after the 2014 elections because people across the country know that the premiums are going up. they think they're paying more, getting less under the south carolina. they know that the website is just the tip of the iceberg. lou: uufortunately in point of fact they're paying more and getting less. certainly not at all what they were promised by this president and his administration over the course of more than four years.
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senator, always good to talk with you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: senator john grosso. well, let's turn quickly to the weekend box office and bring you up-to-date. tujunga sequel struggle. the high bid, the desolation of smog debuting in first place and earning nearly $74 million for warner brothers. last week's number one, disney's fraises slipping to second place bringing in just over 22 million. tyler perry's idea christmas opened in third place, $16 million. in the music world, beyonce shattering records it reader self titled surprise alban, the fastest selling ever on the itunes torte with an unprecedented 830,000 albums sold in just three days. that is in stark contrast to lady gaunt house new album, are pop. it sold a dismal 250,000 copies in its first week and will reportedly cost interscope
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records $25 million in promotional campaign costs forcing, some say, layoffs. we would like to take a moment to give you a sneak peek of a new book shorten the grip national media and to become a welcome a favorite over the holiday season and into the new year. it is called the people, winning back the country with knowledge that empowers ideas that matter and solutions that work. written by this fellow dobbs. a doggone new boat -- good luck. it is great. debuts january 7th. the great thing about america is it is available online right now for pre order. get to amazon, but some million, barnes and noble, in the ground, or go to to get all of those links for bookstores and sites. leo p. well. the book is a people. up next, new details on classified reports that say that the government aided the 911
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♪ lou: tonight a look at some global hot spots. conducting a new round of aiistrikes against the rebel held northern city. in a southern province. that bombardment coming a day after air raids killed at least 76 people. russia today confirmed it moved nuclear capable ballistic missiles into territory that borders nato members poland and lithuania coming in response, the russians say come into the development of the u.s. missile defense system in europe which russia has long opposed. and senators john mccain and chris murphy putting some pressure on ukraine's embattled government. the two senators were in the capital over the weekend check pledging support for tens of thousands of pro european union protesters. >> the free world is with you. america is with you. i am with you.
7:27 pm
lou: demonstrators, well, the demonstrations will not be ending anytime cent. they continue. the european union has suspended talks on the trade deal. protesters have been demanding that deal for nearly four weeks. not entirely clear what is going on as between the european union and the ukrainian government. russia is signaling it may give the ukraine a bailout loan of as much as $15 billion to help deal with economic problems in the wake of those protests. a congressional report said to point to specific sources of foreign support for the september 11th hijackers to carry out the terrorist attacks. two congressmen read redacted portions of a 2002 investigation and say that they are absolutely shocked. twenty-six pages of that 800 page report% surge. pages completely blank except for dotted lines were some 7200
7:28 pm
words or at one time presence. leaked documents point to somesr the terrorists. the congressmen are now pushing for resolution asking president obama to declassify the entire report. joining us, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant-colonel ralph peters. good to have you here. your reaction to the shock. looking at a redirected report. >> anyone who is shocked that the saudis are out to harm us is incredibly naive. it to me, they may not be the most immediately dangerous enemy that we have, the most insidious and pernicious. the marcos, regard the united states as the world's greatest prostitute because they have been able to buy some much influence in washington and well beyond washington.
7:29 pm
they joked after desert storm by hiring the u.s. army to do their bidding. the saudis, just briefly -- lou: we have a lot to cover. briefly, as you put it. >> the only difference is tactics and timetable. the ultimate goal is the same. just a violent and impatient. they both wanted the colts to prevail. lou: let's turn to, if we may, the former secretary of the navy writing a very important caught dead in the "wall street journal" talking about the fact that a million and a half of the employees in the pentagon, a civilian, a contractor rather than uniformed personnel. more than half of our active duty uniformed personnel are actually serving on the staffs of various offices and officers rather than being, if you will, at the point of this year. he says that this is so
7:30 pm
wrongheaded. your thoughts and how we can break this cycle of creating an ever more massive bureaucracy. >> i agree with him in part. certainly the prevalence of contractors, even on the battlefield is outrageous, counterproductive, expensive, and destructive. however, our modern military is vastly more complex than that even the vietnam-era. you're going to have to have more commandoes, technicians behind the lines to make greater proportion of technicians to front-line shooters. there is no way around that. he is partly right. we have a lot of fat, but you're going to need more guys behind desks. lou: going to one other point that secretary made. that is, as you look at the procurement of time to build a weapon system going from four years three years ago to now 22
7:31 pm
years based upon regulation for procurement, i mean, that is a deeply troubling, if not downright frightening balloon in time to have this nation has best prepared as we can be. >> every honest person in washington. there are four of us now. we agree that the military procurement system is terribly broken and it is broken -- there are two things behind it. back in the early 90's, ladies, congress allowed the contractors to write the program and rules. guess who they favor. the second thing is, it is not capitalism. we do not have competition in the defense industry. it is a massive cartel, and they collude, but they do it legally. they have more lawyers than we have. >> i could put up with the lawyers some, if you will,
7:32 pm
proximity, cronyism. the way that they could reduce and make more efficient the procurement of weapons system being moved through the pentagon in to the battlefield for our troops. >> to whose benefit would it be to make representative and -- weapons of procurement. certainly not contractors. the only people that they benefit would be the taxpayers and the soldiers, and no one cares about them. lou: some of us to. we appreciate it. >> an honest man in new york. thank you for in cuba -- including me. i appreciated. up next, the washington post has its list of biggest lies of the year. how many pinocchio's the president wrapped up bentonites "a-team".
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>> "the washington post" fact checker released the top 10 lies of the year. and that is a lot of lies. so we thought we would bring unify boards. and so let's start with number five. claiming that the day after benghazi, he personally acknowledged that it was an act of terrorism and not so much. and number four, chairman darrell issa. claiming that been secretary of secretary of state hillary clinton had find this an april 2012, ordering a drawdown of security for the u.s. embassy in the conflict in libya.
7:37 pm
in the capitol hill janitors would be getting a pay cut when the sequester kicked in. not true. and number two, the nra. the national rifle association claiming that this is protected by armed guards at their school. and they disagreed because they said that they do not carry guns, and they are security guards and that the secret service protecting the children are armed. and i think that they could have done it so much more reasonably. and the worst lie of the year. are you ready? because he has been saying this for four years. president obama and his assertions that he liked her health care plan that you can keep it.
7:38 pm
we will take that up with the "a-team." joining us now is the columnist for the "new york post." michael goodman. it is good to see you. and holster and fox news contributor, great to see you. >> thank you. >> former member of the senior staff, brad blakeman. with president bush ever have three out of five? i mean, what do you think his record would have been? >> welcome i don't think he would have a record anywhere close because president bush didn't lie to get anything done. this list since i'm not only one lie, but several. and of course, that every american is going to -- they will see the value in signing up. these are not nearly misstatements but lies. when he's not line, he's
7:39 pm
tampering with authority the one i thought this "washington post" what was a blockbuster, accusing the white house of a series of regulations and carrying out how it that they thought would be too controversial and would not be part of the benefit during an election year. >> well, yes, the most transparent administration has been one of the most manipulative administrations since richard nixon. if you like your plan or doctor you can keep it. probably the biggest lie of the 21st century. it is -- it speaks everything they have done on health care, which is the mainstream press for the most part will let us get away from it and we will do slightly warm. and that is basically the politics. lou: how much trouble is he in?
7:40 pm
focusing on what was described as ethically slaughtered. it is almost incomprehensible of the conduct. what are your thoughts on where they go from here? >> i think the idea of one of the bond of trust is broken, and i believe the lie, which could've been alive any of the last four years, could like you say, he has been saying it all along. and once that bond of trust is broken, it's very hard to take this and that is what we teach our children. if you like, no one will ever trust you again. and the president of the united states says things that are demonstrably untrue. why are we to believe him on the next budget or anything? >> we will be taking up that
7:41 pm
issue with the a-team in just a moment. and millennialist are beginning in the two latest polls. it is astounding. also ahead, google making a strategic move to cash in on robot technology. we are coming right back with the a-team. hi honey, did you get e toaster cozy?
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7:45 pm
to north american companies last year and they thought we were talking about the future and back with the "a-team" now. now, your party is taking on the tea party in your establishment, paul ryan, being careless with his runner. you know, once considered to be at the forefront of the tea party. what he was trying to do yourselves? >> we but we should be doing is trying to unite. but in the defense of paul ryan, some wants to govern in the world they wish it to be and quite frankly we have a divided government and it has to be done by compromise and we have to do this in reality. the budget deal may not be the best. but it's a step in the right direction. getting back to regular order. lou: i agree with you. but what i don't understand and
7:46 pm
they look like fools when they do that. these people weren't smart in 2012, and they haven't learned that it amounts to a drunken 2013. >> we cannot be eating our own. what we need to do is unite. we have a big battle coming in 2014. united we stand and divided we fall. you pointed this out really well. and i hope that people listen. it makes no sense to vilify your own. especially when it comes to being successful in 2014. lou: what do you think? will they be any more effective than what they have been? >> some of this is personal. i think there's a lot of personal bad blood.
7:47 pm
lou: i think people in office as long as they have, taking it all personally. >> our rulers have the sensitivity problem. and nothing is worse than watching the other party, whether republican or democrat. >> that's right. both sides, both parties. and by the way, let me just say this about john boehner grade b- will get this out of the way. the administration has lied from day one about this. and john boehner, 60 some percent of the american people refuse to have a select
7:48 pm
committee. heaven heaven knows only why. but it is this -- this inside game and we have no real deficit cuts. the tea party, for all of their problems, the american people are mad as heck. all of them we be on the tea party. lou: mad, but seemingly passive. i can't remember a time when the issues were bigger than the working men and women were in greater jeopardy as a result of the policies of both parties. and i'm talking about the outsourcing of jobs and everything. >> absolutely. >> it's absolutely disgusting. and here we are. but it's great to see a. >> great to see you as well. lou: michael, it's good to have you here. up next, mtv star kennedy is now a fox business star.
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lou: house minority leader nancy pelosi speaking out yesterday against the deportation of the illegal immigrants. they said our view of the law is that somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation.
7:53 pm
and so according to the associated press, never stood trial in a new report by northwestern university. linking chronic marijuana use to devastating brain abnormalities, similar to schizophrenia. the study finds the effects last for at least a few years after people stop using the drug. in my next guest, taking on republicans and democrats in her brand-new show. it airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. joining us now is former mtv vj, kennedy, it's great to have you. kennedy: thank you. our offices are right next to each other. >> yes, they are. we are delighted to have you. you are a delight. lou: you have a terrific show.
7:54 pm
>> i think there are a lot of people that share your views. the one you're talking about many of the same issues that all of us have been talking about. the president, who has lied, you are talking about a republican party that can't win an election, at least it seems a presidential election and doesn't understand what a ground operation is when it comes to turning out voters. so how do you deal with those issues? >> we tend to not think about them in party terms, which people have been known for a long time. it's always like, what do the republicans say, who i agree with? as though there has to be one side or the other. and, you know, i find living in
7:55 pm
southern california there are so many people that go issue by issue and the views change, whether it's immigration or health care and even thinking about what is within the scope of government. oftentimes, that scope narrows. >> we talk about california, it seems like an entirely reasonable place to live. you wouldn't think that it supports illegal immigration, that in fact it had over 13% in sales taxes and income taxes and it's a pretty striking place. >> they see this government regulation working against them. in their lives, daily decisions. a lot of the regulation directly affects the poor. so if you consider yourself the robin hood populist, you really should be a libertarian. by all rationality. [laughter]
7:56 pm
>> you can work less government and still be a registered independent and be independent. i celebrate that. lou: celebrating it, you have a lot of company. fewer people than ever in recent history are self identifying as republicans. and a few more are self identifying as democrats, and 45% are identifying themselves as independent and that is striking to me. >> it is striking. and it's not just generational. your seeing young people as well. lou: they now have been opposing him and his chief policy that is a pourable care act. >> yes, he was never really there for them to begin with. and he always took us for granted. but you're looking at a group of people who have such incredible easy access to information. they all know about it instantly
7:57 pm
and it's instantly disseminated. lou: kennedy, thank you so much. come back soon. the independence air monday and wednesday and friday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you and good night from new york. we talked about axiron. the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to rmal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or aone younger than8 or men with prostate or breast caer. and children should avoido are contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puber in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medication serious side effects could include increased risk decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems brehing while eeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redss or irritation
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> when the new year brings zen and the ball drops down. round two, well, it could be worse than round one. welcome, everyone, i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. the irs reportedly has a plan. house republicans saying that it's changing the rules to classify all activities of these groups as political. that would make it nearly impossible for them to get tax-exempt status in my next guest says that once again the administration is blaming political


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