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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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cannot stress over holiday shopping. of that is it for tonight on "the willis report" please have a great weekend and we will see you back here monday. ♪ >> tonight the worst jobs report of the year. too bad you cannot. it the white house. hey, the wages are not keeping up. don't fret. also, it is over. back to school. we will crunch those numbers for you. a sign that the nfl really does have a heart. does it justify the $40 million salary? our weekly check. let's go make some money. ♪
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kind. i am charles payne. welcome to "making money" right here right now. i was thrilled today. how do we do it? we invest in the stock market and manage portfolios. a couple of things. let's face it. all kinds of news on your smart phones. those are just headlines. you own a stock, the earnings come out. the only way that you truly ever know, you have to be able to monitor pecans the numbers. that is my job. here to help. it must be fashion week. there all right.
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this point, i like them. they work for you. >> bipartisan purple. charles: nobody else is more bipartisan than me. >> royalty purple. charles: john so worried about the last man that i messed up the first man. all right. let's do it. you know, it was an obsession. lower on to the jobs report. we kind of grow our way back. the lot of people missed the data. as think what helped was this unified western front. it looks like there were other influences in the market as
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well. this report of the latest cease-fire between ukraine and precious separatists. president obama spoke. it was live. we had it the market went up the comments seemed firm. the stand-up. president obama hinted about new without specifically saying ukraine. so once again the stock market found a way to ignore the most important economic data of the world and to focus on geopolitics. make no mistake. it is a report card on america and it cannot be ignored. this brings me to my first "payne's playbook." it is a big report. a lot of stuff and there. a lot of components. the most important, i chance to press labor secretary.
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>> fifty-four consecutive months we have seen people working part-time for economic reasons. we have seen the long-term unemployed coming down. we have more work to do. that is why we are fighting to see an increase in the minimum wage. charles: select to carve out these time frames and talk about trends. take a listen to what your looking at. that is the ultimate trend. it looking at your wages. you don't need the government to tell you that. then there is this mean dynamic. part-time jobs replacing full-time jobs. talk about that trend that is shocking. a percentage of overall new jobs in december of 2009. it got worse and worse. an economy with part-time jobs. little pay for anybody.
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that brings us to our next real real deal. as the market ankle. this is an absolute disaster. some would say it absolutely justifies. be featured and talk about a lot of the shop. >> that's right. actually, it was not a surprise for small business owners. the engine that drives new job growth. the administration does not talk about what is happening. the optimism index remains flat. 13 percent of small businesses say that they plan to hire in the near future. all of that number, this is alarming, 81 percent said that they cannot find qualified job applicants. they have this stepped response. they are not ready to hire. they might be ready to invest in capital expenditure but they don't believe that people are ready to spend.
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>> is in the difficult for small businesses to get loans? this is what drives these small businesses, the ability for them to hire. charles: we will talk about that later in the show. the loans are starting to come out, but you have a two-part team. reluctance and people being afraid, no matter what, even if your business is operating you are still not sure what is around the corner. there is still something perry that jobs report reveals something that most people know. charles: we talk about this. the story of what we have seen. no one knows what will happen in november with these elections. >> no one will make a difference. no one knows what will happen with taxes. small businesses worry about that. i don't think the market went up
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. charles: i disagree with that. i have some great data. in fact my will tell you, this year except for this jobs report the jobs numbers beat estimates every single month and by a total of 33%. every economic data point. the market goes up on the good news. i watch the market. when president obama started speaking we went green. finally he talked about fighting isis in some kind of manner that made it seem like he was being honest. shifting away from that, will talk about mullen meals and the idea. manufacturing was zero. some months it's up, someone sits down.
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>> every millennium, they want a full-time job. if they can't get it they will take what they can. charles: a lot of it seemed like they want to pick and choose because they can because they can get this program, that program. they have the luxury when they go look for a job. >> they want a high-paying job because that is what they have been conditioned. if they don't find that they can go live in the basement. that was not an option when i graduated. >> and i don't live with my parents. charles: un the other. your roommate. >> it is a 2-way street. both parties have to hold responsibility. charles: we predicted the jobs number. i don't know who had the lowest number.
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80,000. but again a gets to that point the reid i cannot believe the world friend, and utter disappointment every other month . about 195,000 jobs per month. the trend is not getting that much better. >> five years and recovery. 350,000 jobs. going back 30 years. the unemployment rate falls and wages go up. >> they can't cut any more.
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[inaudible conversations] >> the issue, all of the jobs will be on. you know what, small businesses, the profit margins have already been shortened. they just cannot afford to pay more. charles: our weekly check. how much money could be making. the highly anticipated back-to-school season progressed what we can see that this jobs our board was a dud. stay with us if you want to make money.
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♪ charles: all right. let's start this segment of by blowing the whistle and opening up the page from "payne's playbook." you might have heard that kmart has begun running christmas ads. we still have to address the
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back-to-school shopping. wall street is waiting. a lot of anticipation. at least if you start to look at the surveyss overall 86% of consumers had plans or have gone out and purchased things were back to school. 55 percent said they would spend more money. as far as going back to school 94% said school supplies is a given. they would spend more. onlyy15 percent. finally, this is interesting particularly end of next week's big apple news. 23 percent of consumers are looking to buy a laptop. 43% set i am going to spend less. i am going to go to you. really this is a big deal.
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the second biggest shopping season. but the backdrop of the disappointing jobs report. >> we should expect these numbers to be great for september and into the holiday. same-store sales came in at 5% beating estimates. analysts expected them to come and -- charles: for july. >> for july. people don't think that is back-to-school but it is. what is happening that these retailers is that they were promoting in july, even june for the college students. promotions crrep into the summer and june . charles: you are feeling confident. >> that means it is done. they plan to spend. no one got in the car and did this yet. with the other part i don't know people that are going out and banging their registered.
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charles: numbers out today the only segment that did well. >> that is. so the gizmo we have here. samsung's just came out with new products. the tablet as well. you are going to see a huge amount of electronic sales. best buy and some of these names do extremely well. the really do. holding out. >> we are all procrastinators. he was to shop for back-to-school in june and july. >> the day before school, sometimes even after.
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charles: that is one of the things that happened. they go to school, see what the kids are wearing blue ridge come back. now i know what i want. >> making a lot of money. the highest percentage of jobs this summer compared to other summers. they have money to spend. a lot of them will be spending on electronics. apple is having that launch on september 9th. >> i just want add a little something. you have these tax-free holidays. it includes everything in from paper and pencils and office supply. back-to-school. they tend to spend more. expecting $670 per family per household. >> that for sale sign.
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>> if they see a sale they will go for it. >> a lot of sales that started in advance. macy's, for example. every day another coupon. in the junior division macy's did a pretty good shot. charles: the retail winners. how stocks that people should be in. >> i like amazon. bat-to-bat and beyond. the real winner is going to be home depot. they start feeling better about the economy. home depot has cleared the market. >> they have their presence, so strong. an amazing website. charles: tracy and matt. he like best buy and nordstrom's. >> the electronics.
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no one service is better. charles: great segment. some security alerts. this, of course, after the hacking exposed thousands of explicit images of celebrities. don't mess tonight. why he says people are not doing enough. bnl, securities, passwords, that kind of thing. you guys love that segment. sennight 8:00 p.m. on this network. up next is america turning into the land of lost of a genetic? it does not have to be that way. we get an e-mail from one of you. it inspired our next segment. a lesson that anyone can learn. we cannot wait to share it with you. just like we can't wait to help you make money. we've never sold a house before.
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you could even get a discount when you add a car. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ charles: all right, guys. it is time to address your questions. curious about the market and industry. you can always ask me. here is a great e-mail. she writes, as a newly divorced 60-year-old i am extremely anxious one of my holdings will be adequate to support my daughter and myself. what a horrible environment. est government bureaucracy. i'll least think it is a
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great time for someone to start a business. here is the good news. going up. it is the highest it has been in years. of course even more intimidating. already intimidating enough. now it is scary to start a business. here is a woman 60 years old, newly divorced, probably never ran a business before but she wants to do it. colonel sanders started his business has 65. >> a lot of entrepreneurs because they cannot afford to retire. i think anytime is a good time to start a new business, like youusaid. the key is to find the right idea and make sure it will be functional. show me a man who can figure out a better, smarter,
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faster way to make anything and i was sure your man. charles: you wants to work. >> most small businesses start with less than 10,000 startup capital. coming up with that great idea this gentleman from a major telecommunications company, a high-level manager. i'm not going to go to the unemployment line. he started standing in line for people for seven tickets, to get the new phone, whenever. now not only is he making a good income but hiring people to do it with them. home. charles: i agree. >> too many americans say i want to do this. i want to start a business. they blame the administration and,. you've been doing. if you work hard success will come.
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over 12,000 financial advisors. good, good. things? nearly $800 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. how did edward jones get so big? could you teach our kids that trick? by not acting that way. ok, last quarter... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ ♪ charles: all right. let's stop and blow the whistle. let's open up. something really great to discuss. there are wrong reasons. i know you heard about it because it covers 100 percent of the state and has become a huge political hot potato. as usual there are opportunists with agendas looking to score points. hey, fracking is causing the drought. it creates more gasoline and
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uses a lot of water which is unfair. an interesting fact. western north america has been in a drought. while this is one of the worst times it was actually worse in a 1159. this story is so old water was used as a backdrop for the highly regarded movie. if you have not seen it check it out. here is the thing, today's drama is about poor public policy that is seeing water diverted. and soon gallons of cool, clean, fresh water will be poured into the river as a pre-emptive move. it is a pre-emptive move. in the meantime, all the farmers keep getting the short end of the stick.
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the arab cultural industry has lost 7,000 jobs and counting. food prices have been skyrocketing. let's talk about this policy of misfortune. this is out and not crazy. the dow is not -- the drought is not about global warming. we have seen the history. in decisions that say it is global warming and the ideology behind it have only made things worse. king salmon. it is important for native americans. is that enough? in 2000 to a lot of these fish died. they want to make sure it does not happen. there will pour all this great water in there. >> i am concerned about my salmon sashimi. i am also concerned about my wine that i drink with it. the vineyards.
6:33 pm
what about that? charles: which one could you go without? >> i can't go without my wind. we should reroute the water. >> so you say this. it is not affecting me. few eat beef it is affecting you. this goes to a jobs issue. the farmers -- i hate to say this. they have skills for other things. there out-of-work. the farmers out of work. this is a major issue. >> the sunshine in california. destroyed the state. you talk to anybody, including the people that on the vineyards and they cannot even stomach the policies. i know of a lot of them. they are stuck. you cannot pick up and move a vineyard. >> the problem, a lot of wealthy people out there. water shipped to their homes
6:34 pm
. shipping 5,000 gallons. dry as a bone in that area. hundred 25,000 per year on just getting water shipped. these people. >> where is the water coming from? >> the point is, in toward as part bringing in water. at the same time there are people out there who cannot indoor. >> we have been talking about the income gap widening between the rich and the poor which affects how we eat. over half of our country's fruits and vegetables come from california. the supply goes down, it will impact people more. charles: this segment is called miss policy. you want to talk about a perfect example. i cannot agree that a small fish, native american
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ceremonies should come before other things. we are too politically correct. you can see the damage. i can tell you right now, we are making it so much worse for some many people. all right. i hope you're ready for the gridiron. one of the biggest money-making machines in the country. do you have any idea how much the commissioner is raking in? one of the most heartfelt football stories you'll ever here. we love it. we will be right back. want to make use the money. [ male announcer ] if you suffer fr a dry mouth
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♪ charles: are you ready? last night this season kickoff. the super bowl champion seahawks dominating green bay. you know, and as i was watching the game, karen rogers as much as i like the guy. instead, the story of the defensive tackle cut and then rehired. you see, the distraction of his daughter being diagnosed with stage for pediatric cancer was in june. on the active roster. he just could not focus. the team rehired him as a practice player which means that they have medical insurance that goes along with at $6,300 a week salary
6:40 pm
so who says that the nfl does not have a heart? that is a beautiful story. you can be sure that they do have deep pockets. enough to pay the commissioner $44 million a year. the owners justify the compensation by giving his strong and the fact that the nfl is by far considered the most successful sports league of there. now, all the while the league is run as a not-for-profit association. upon further review is the commissioners pave really justified? >> yes. i can't fault him. it is successful. ten years from now -- i played football in college. it is all is doing. he is changing the sport. here know, put up his girlfriend and get set to game suspension terrible.
6:41 pm
>> we need this. his daughter. that was a great move. doing that and all the press surrounding it. >> i disagree. pay him the sky and the moon. what he has done for this part is out of control. fantasy football has a lot to do with why the sport is on fire. people are interested in all aspects of it. i tell you what, trafficked web sites during the week is like three or four times higher than it was last year . [inaudible conversations] >> i could run the league. [inaudible conversations] charles: why? >> i am a great marketer and i understand business fundamentals. a team of people who are smart.
6:42 pm
charles: said comparable company, drepper, the ceo makes 3 billion the -- $3 million. rock-and-roll. moving from games of skill to games of chance. he says that legal sports families in the united states is inevitable. he hopes he can take advantage of it they did support one when he wanted to and implement a sports gambling they were like no. now they say they will profit from it. upon further review should sports gambling be legal in all 50 states? >> yes. come on. charles: roll the dice. >> why not? everyone is betting six ways from tuesday anyway. you are supposed to do it. nobody does. charles: right off my losers . >> it is not dollar for
6:43 pm
dollar by any stretch it is happening. why not. charles: well, look at it. >> gambling in general. states need money. states need more money. it will help the sport. tracy is right. if you want to bet you can bet as much as you want to. >> is going to help tax returns. charles: i get nervous when he said that the nba will profit from it. i guess he just means more intense involvement or is there some other way? >> the more people that are involved in gambling and betting on it is more marketing dollars. to the ripple effect. more into the sport and more involved. if it was a statewide think, think about the revenue. >> this is awful parrot the stress that is on these
6:44 pm
players. already under some much stress. then knowing that their family members are betting on the mat losing money. >> this is a double-edged sword. there's a good point. when you have gambling you have corruption. >> do we really need to condone it? [inaudible conversations] charles: says we are talking about this and everyone seems okay, is it time to let pete rose and of fame? >> yes. >> yes. >> i don't know where that is. charles: absolutely. i say absolutely get ready to count that money i have one big loser and it still does not matter. we will talk about where we should be now. my goal is to inspire you to get into the game. we will be back to show you how. we've never sold a house before.
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since i told you to buy it is up 31%. up big plays today of course new york city. it is a pilot deal. they where those cameras. if it works out, can you imagine? wallow i've been immobilized on august 27. you have 10 percent in ten days. i have to tell you, amazing. numbers were not that great no competitors it is going to continue. i would suggest that 10 percent trailing stop-loss. disaster. i have three or four people sending me melson i don't want to buy the stock. what else he light? i am going to go with this.
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i was -- it was an understatement. it is a disaster. 29 percent in less than a month. we were not in it, but if you are in and i would dampen it. i would not hold onto it. >> a consumer staple play. underwear, undershirts. i was against you. i think a lot more coming out. i love that. it is a momentum play. thirty-six you were against me. >> i lost a lot of money. thanks. charles: here's the thing. a spokesman. his name is michael jordan.
6:51 pm
>> i love this a lot. coming out. activewear apparel. trying to take market share away from these companies. we will see it grow more. charles: we have been talking about the popery they will keep buying a fancy underwear. god. [inaudible conversations] >> depends or something. >> they are great. in ferguson, misery. it is definitely the wave of the future. charles: we have a shout out school is back in session. if you are like me that means commuting is an absolute nightmare. it has already begun. you ever sit in traffic and
6:52 pm
say, i wish i had a helicopter? it is not so far-fetched. this thing has been a dream for a long time. henry ford is close to making this a reality. he put a lot of money into it. a look at this you really can't tell. they did not care about safety. hop in that thing and go to work. more recently conversions have become more feasible but amid the good news, the faa is working on new technology that can coordinate flight paths. who is ready? >> i am not a great driver on the ground. >> i am the ultimate defensive driver.
6:53 pm
i am sure like you to, you have no choice. i would give my left arm. >> the service. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> forget the birds. bring on the flying objects. charles: we got rid of a lot of them anyway. you are too young to remember this. >> i think we ran them over. charles: thumbs-up. you know when it comes to me i am all about passion. i want to help the line and understand and have the confidence. we have a few words of wisdom. we call this means passion. you don't want to miss it. ♪ (vo) rush hour around here
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go. ♪ charles: you know after 9/11, some scoffed at the notion that america was attacked because of its values and way of life. and, you know, people are people and such thinking is air again. i suspect few people think that way anymore. since the month of may, 50,000 to hottie twitter accounts have been set up, including 28,000 since the video of james foley being beheaded. i think that there is a way and i hope there is a way we can trace the accounts back to the source. either president obama, who is taken to talking little bit tougher, i do think the nato summit sparked today's rally. and i think that americans are really over their fears of fighting in the desert. and i think that we understand that this is a foe that must be destroyed right now. the polls are through the roof
6:58 pm
for republicans and democrats. yes, i know that there are people who hate america for our way of life. just check your smart phone and go to twitter. if you need to be reminded of it. >> what is so great about technology is a you can be on one side of the world and you can talk to someone on the other side area that is also a horrible technology. and with social media and twitter accounts, it's almost like we humanize these people and we can even glorify these things. charles: there is certainly an attempt to do it. >> i say this because there are people who want to fight for a cause or think it's really great to stand up for something and some of these people have a goal. charles: what do you think? >> i went to my office today and i looked up and i could see the freedom tower and it was surrounded by smoke this morning. my heart dropped.
6:59 pm
thankfully it was nothing, but i have to tell you that that reminds me every day how lucky we are how vigilant we have to be. charles: we are actually going to be thinking about that a lot in next week or so. what do you think about this, tracy? >> i think that i would've been in the tower if it were not for my son being born. he is the reason i wasn't there that day. i think that anyone who was alive during that time has a story to tell. there are people that survive for strange reasons and those that didn't survive or you all the more, the president better a cop. i'm still not impressed. charles: i really think that we need to thank david cameron. >> he's the one reason were getting a little tough. charles: before we go, we have a great suite. we have a great tweet. flying cars, what do we do when they stall?
7:00 pm
[laughter] that's a good question. thank you for great show. thank you for joining us. we love you and we will be here every night weekday nights at 6:00 p.m. dvr the show and tell us about it. i will see you on monday. charles: good evening, everyone. president obama seems caught co. when he isn't contradicting himself, the facts are. mr. obama boasted that the economy is improving on his watch. but the august jobs report released today shows otherwise. today's job report is the worst of this year and it shows a record number of americans no longer in the labor force. and the lowest total so far this year. while the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1%, 53 million of the people who are working do so


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