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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 25, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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looks like the game could go ahead. just lightly range in new york. that's tonight i'm ashley webster. making money with charles payne coming up next. >> the terrorist network planning an attack in paris in the united states. senior officials says no one in and iraqi officials never raised the issue with the united states. us officials it is they're following up with the iraq ease. meanwhile, fbi investor says 12 americans are fighting with iraq and syrian. more than 100 americans have attempted to travel to syria.
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to discourage them from fighting with isis the us department has developed a twitter account called think again. attorney general eric holder is retiring after six controversial years. the white house says the president will nominate another person the other day. >> that twitter thing i don't think is going to work. she's on the floor of the new york stock exchange. more on today's huge drop. >> what happened to the rally. it was is all selling all across-the-board every single sector. concerns about higher interest rates. a higher us dollar. the dow jones industrial average lost 260 points. you know that means that obviously there were no bulls out there today. nobody was getting in there to buy. the s&p was down 1.6. and naz deck was down.
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take a look what happened with apple. apple was down 4 percent for the day. turns out they have a couple of problems. number one, the operating system, ios8 they're telling everybody to reinstall it. people are not getting the cellular service. the second thing is that the iphone bends in people's pockets. what are they going to do about that? it did hit the stocks. then we're going to look at nike. nike is likely to hit a new high in trading assuming that it's trading the way it's trading in the after hours. revenue rose 60 percent. sales have been great. they've seen the demand. looks really good. and micron says they have huge demand. they have stabilization in personal computing. that's good for them. so watch those two names tomorrow. >> nicole thank you very very, y much.
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we're going to take a deep dive into this crash. let's see if we can make a little bit of sense in this. welcome to the show. we're going to need all your expertise. thank you very much. we need your enthusiasm today. you see all these old folks ready to fly. did you answer the phones? >> of course, tracy byrnes, guys. listen to this. by the way, at the beginning of the week we saw this. right? but it finally broke it down with the biggest sell offs since july. a lot of speculation of what caused it. i think it was a combination of factors including that friday we closed at an all the time high. danny i know you've been cautious about the market. is there some special sell off that you weren't prepared for. >> i think it's about time, first of all.
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weaved a market that has just done nothing that has gone up. september is really never really a good month for stocks either. so i think euflghtd some trepidation you have some liquidity coming out of the market. everyone is getting revved up for holidays and christmas. a lot of the geopolitical concerns i think are wavering some people. you had a holiday today too. >> now, to me there were fewer traders around. we get exaggerated moves. we see this around christmas holidays. it exage ratesly role. >> i think it did. you did see a lot more volume today than you had typically and moves that we've had back in july, for example. >> you know, it was sort of a -- it was a panicky feel today. >> it really was. why the market was done, a lot of small things coming in. news editor maybe they'll taken
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the foreign assets. everything that came out was negative. it just created more panic, more panic. people weren't talking about the us dollar. some of these big companies were getting hurt with the us dollar going up. the winners got crushed. midday the biggest losers on the nasdaq. they averaged 65 gains. people are selling the big winners now. >> the people who had big money this might be the signal to cash in a little bit. >> selling to get selling. well, let's just go for it then. s&p 500 got killed namely because a big chunk of it is tech and financial. both secors had a bad day. i would not be surprised to see it turn around quickly. >> it was so interesting because the apple sell off sparked it all. people sitting on their phones
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break or bend. kind of a dud. then you had a problem with the operating system. we've seen it so many times at apple. >> i don't think this is any sort of indication -- the company woo is doing terribly, the stock will take a dive. we see this a lot with apple. we're having some information come out tomorrow about gdp. it might be a trade of good news and bad news. i think it has a lot to do -- >> do you think it was a patient of a bad number. what would be a bad number with gdp. >> it's anticipation of a good number and it's contracting a bit, and i think people are anticipating that, that the fed is increasing interest rates sooner than we anticipated. >> i think that's not going to happen. i know richard spoke today. he said the same thing he said 473 times.
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he's no longer voting next year when they really will raise rates. to me it was a nonevent, but people who are riding this fed thing found another reason to bring it up. >> i think to the point many of us have made. it's about time people were happy about selling. the bears were out today. i think they were out in full force. i do think to your point, charles, the markets in the us are reacting to the fact that we're doing better. it's a weird kind of diatribe where you're anticipating that by selling off the market. >> april and august, they're both up. each one had a day like this. everyone thought it was beginning of the end. and a week later we were back. >> we were down 300 points in july talk about that. we're going to blow the where i feel right now. you know what, a lot of guys
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have been asking. i want to know more about the charts. all right. let's do it. let's talk technical analysis. i must say for long-term positions when i do my decision-making process it's only 10 percent. obviously those that are trading it should matter a lot more. i begin with a one-chart. i look for basic trends. you can drive yourself crazy. this is a chart i put together. it's pretty simple to see. we've been in an uptrend. we've made a series of higher highs and lower lows. some would call this base consolidation. in fact it's a good spot really to testing the result of would be sellers. you form up support, if it holds around this area. i like to use moving averages. that net coming into today's action was critical. obviously if it does not hold that leaves this index vurnl
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with 500. by the way, the purpose of using text message analysis, using this kind of information, it helps you decide, do you want to risk gains, ride the market down or do you want to cash out. the point made here already, a lot of people decided to cash out because we broke some key critical numbers. that brings us next to our real, real deal. matt, how big of a role do you use. >> i'd say it's probably 80 percent. >> even for your long-term plays. >> even long-term plays. it may be two too high too low. every pull back that we've had the big pull back simple you moving average. october, february, and back in august again. >> 16,550 pap that two and a half percent below where we are now. >> joe an i've read this survey where 60 percent of million
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inyells will never invest in the market. >> i think days like today make us nervous about taking those risks. but i do think million inyells are optimistic about their finances long-term so i do think that we will get our hands a little dirty. >> i'm optimistic because they think they are the chosen people and it will work out. >> oh, we are. >> i guess we got to wait for another 50 years. but in the meantime, how do you make it all right? >> i don't know. i definitely think, you know, investing in those things that you really believe in and riding this out. >> i love the fact that you invested in the same toenail polish as your shoes. if we could get the million inyells to invest the same way. >> definitely. it's all about perspective and energy. >> it's sexual harassment that he's looking at your toes.
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>> it's a good thing i never took that course. it's a good thing we have another attorney general coming out. attorney general eric holder he did announce his resignation. we know wall street breathes a big sigh of relief. >> this is the biggest longest alley he's had. he's one of three left of obama's original appointees. there's nobody left for the president. basically we're going to remember how he handled wall street or how he didn't. his unsuccessful effort to hold trials in the new york. the trials he had over fast and furious. there's going to be a lot of stuff we'll remember that are not just so good. the whistle bloar blower fees. eric holder is the most devivacity us attorney general mornd history. period. end of tweet. how did you feel danny?
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>> every time all attorney general's are devivacity and i think that just goes with the territory. they're trying to make it clear that the us has one way of thinking. but tnchesz. it never does. >> here's the thing we're running out of time. going after gun makers and legal firearms dealers, the gibson guitar company, the us attorney general doing that kind of stuff. it was ridiculous y what about not jailing the ceos that were scoured during the financial crisis. talk about devivacity they were part of the problem. someone needed to be held accountable of. >> they did make ailment of money off them. >> representative jeff duncan good riddance eric holder your disregard for the u.s. constitution will not be risked. >> all right. by the way, i'll be talking about more about holder more tonight with cavuto 8:00 p.m. on fox business. you know i want to get you into
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the stock market, but avoiding classic mistakes is what you have to be concerned about and the biggest going for the home run. that and allocations. stay with us because even with the clashes every now and then i'll make you some money.
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>> all right. guys. got to stop right here. blow the whistle. let's open a page and talk about allocating your investments. it's critical for people that want be sure money to work for them rather than fading into worthlessness in a savings account. allocation is also important because it mitigates your emotions. it allows your investments to mature. now, let's zero this whole thing in. first of all, hard assets in my mind should be 15 percent. you read all times, hey, these comic books made new highs. equities we're talking about the stock market i think between 30
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and 65 years old. if you're younger even more. domestic, international, then there are bonds. listen, they cover a wide range of things. unless you're over 65, or if you're very rich maybe a bunch of to protect your money. cash is cash. right. short-term matures 10 percent of your portfolio. now let's zero in to the equity part of this thing. your equity portfolio and one of the big follies i see all the time is going for the home run. i want you to take a look of this email i received. i asked our subscieshz to take a loss on right aid. they just reported their earnings in the morning. they had it guy was upset. i just took a hit on red. really annoying. i can't take a chance on anymore of your ideas. nobody likes to take a loss, but
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this guy was more upset than normal because he was swinging for the fences. i looked at his portfolio he had a lot of other things in there. he had tap, up. you know the right aid loss it was 8 percent, but that one single idea nullified these winners and you know why because he invested more than two times the amount of money on rite aid than these other ideas. he looked at it as being cheap on the price. it's cheap. i'm going to load up. also the last time i played rite aid it ended up being a double. taking a loss is part of investing. i was proud of the fact that i saw the action in the premarket. i wasn't that the stock was vulnerable. let's take a loss at $5 and 74 cents, but the stock ended up going to $5 and 11 cents.
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so the market is obviously volatile i think every single day this week the dow had a trim move. i know it's human nature to take a stop to go for the home run. it's fine, but you have to know why you're doing it. why are you taking these extra risks. it's got to be based more on a hunch. danny, do you go for the home runs? how do you advice people i really believe in this one more than any other one. >> it's experience, charles. i believed in things, i've said this was going to go. this is the best technology, this is the best thing since sliced bread, but most of the time that stuff doesn't work out so it's much of more better to go for the consistent singles over time. take your losses when you can. see, the problem so many investors lost out in that five-year period of time where
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they weren't in the market where they're pulling everything out and now they're coming out on retirement and they don't know what they're going to do. they're trying to catch up. that's a recipe for disaster. >> i do what derek jeter has been doing lately, i strike out. i say to my client if you're okay 5 percent of your portfolio -- you have to realize it's all or nothing. a lot of those you may lose 50 percent. >> how can it be all or nothing? i'll go for a home run periodical, but it's really like the company is taking market shares. the stock is breaking out. i don't think it's ever going to be all or nothing. >> but i don't consider it a home run swinging for the stock. >> i'm talking about allocations. >> you do your due diligence and you did your homework. research has proven that typically that stock will go higher. i think of something risky.
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that's out of the ordinary. >> i think that's how you have to play this as well. i think people intrinsically want to go for the home run, so i do think the logic says set upside down slush funds. don't do it with your college fund or your retirement fund. set up some play money. you play with your play money. you lose it, and you're like, damn, i'll never do that again. >> i looked at his portfolio and i immediately found a problem. some would say your first marriage is going after the home run. >> i don't play sports, but if i did, i would be very happy with even a foul, just making contact with the ball. i think that's what happens people get little hits and they get a little confident and, of course, i'll score a home run. i'm a seasoned pro. >> you know what's interesting
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what jesus said in my service you put what service you got your idea from. on that one, he put himself. all right. listen, my first idea coming up, first will flying robots finally save the economy. the drone industry is set to make many jobs. the good news there's a lot of ways to make money. when we come back, we'll show you how.
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>> all right, guys. want to blow the whistle here. talk about the industry group that says that drones, you know, those flying unmanned vehicles. they came to fame because of the terrorist they killed. they better create 100,000 american jobs and 82 billion-dollar economic impact once the faa begins to approve them. guess what happened today? the faa approved waivers for seven movie companies. they come with stipulations. they have to be fewer than certain amount of pounds. high alty attitude. they're going to start the testing at sniffed it's inevitable these drones will be approved soon. they spook a lot of people because well, it's a low orbiting drone. i go to the to tell you also,
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it's going to be inevitable as well. dhl this is the german post office. they began the parcelcopter. it delivers medicine and other goods. right now to some german islands. i keep saying all the stuff is inevitable and we should actually in my mind be fast tracking approval on all this stuff. it's going to be rev leurgs. >> did you hit your head on the way to the set? you were so opposed to this snp. >> it will be a sweet spot. it will be 15 years before they turn on us. >> first of all, we hear they're coming. ninety countries already use them for surveillance. they're being used. china is going to start exporting them. they're here. we got to get on board with this and it's not just for me to get
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a bottle of wine on friday night. we're talking about drones instead of men and women on the front lines. >> it's not going to happen. maybe a remote island off the coast of germany. if everyone has one, our skies would be filled -- wouldn't the environmentalist be mad because then we can get sundown here. >> i got to tell you, google has bet on this. i think tracy is right. i think it's inevitable. i think it will happen and i think the faa is wasting time. >> tracy is always right, but in this case she's definitely right especially with the wine part not at all is the faa is betting on this, but retail is betting on this. amazon is initiating this whole thing and i think retailers is going to follow as amazon tests the waters. >> i think the average parcel
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from amazon might be a lot of those parcels today. >> now, i wouldn't buy amazon for that reason. i wouldn't buy facebook for the reason they're testing drones. i think you have to go to to the source of ones that have approval right now. they actually got anna ward yesterday from the mernlgt marines a nice one and this is a company that is actually making already for the us government. this is government -- >> i've been in that stock many times over the years. the guy who planted it is on the cover of time magazine. he was the bicyclist and he also did the whole thing when you put the kiting thing back. and he put them together. he got this big company. i'm not in it now. you look concept tikal. how are the millennials going to rule the world? >> it's an inconvenience it's an
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annoyance. everyone is going to want a drone for presents. it's to walk the dogs. it's to go out to get the mail to do things no one wants to do. you need to pick up dog poop to get some humility. you can buy one right now. >> you need an faa approval to fly it. what's the best way to make money on this? >> i think an israeli company. more military. stick to military and they have countries all around the world. >> i'll bet amazon environmental. i may get back. all right. guys. let's check in with neil cavuto. neil. >> tonight on cavuto, wall street on high alert. we're going to have the details on this on this so-called terror
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plot. you'll be with me to discuss when eric holder and why wall street is cheering his departure. but maybe prematurely. 8:00 p.m. right here. >> thanks a lot i think because it can always get worse. i got a great stock idea for you later on in the show. ain't nothing going on, but the rent so, hey, guys we can solve the millennial marriage crisis: don't get a job. stay tuned.
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>> all right, guys. got to blow the whistle again. let's open up another page. there airnt nothing going on, but the rent. as it turns out the great millennial marriage crisis is all about women looking for a spouse that can help pay the
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rent. according to a new pew research survey, many women in that age-group are looking for a man with a steady job. it's a lot more important than any other factor that they steady. the problem is young men are in trouble. more and more of them have dropped out of the work pool, that leaves some slim pickings for the women. while it shows that college educated women wait until 30. the pros include you have a family. higher income. better health and a longer life. so let's ask the panel. joe ann you know i'm coming for you first. >> i don't know what you're saying, i don't know any millennial that says i'm looking for a man that's collecting unemployment. that's not really a factor that a lot of my friends talk about. of course, it's important. it's because he give is so
6:36 pm
expensive these days. you need jobs to pay to the wedding itself and to continue pay off those student loans and the debt you've collected through the years. a job is really important. and women are wising up that it's not about love. >> a guy will go to burger king, like a rich guy and take her out. if a rich guy went into burger king they would never date any of those dudes. >> i think women are getting smarter and smarter and they are thinking i will get my own job. and build my own wealth. grub hub. so i think that you know they're saying single longer what are they going to do cook an entire meal for themselves? grub hub, the address market is take out and delivery service.
6:37 pm
this is the way people get their food. >> we do have a millennial that is getting married in less than a month. >> what's up you're taking a plunge. i'm sure your fiancé has a job. >> yes, he has a job. i have a job. we both work. >> is that the site mike recommended. >> we both put into the pot and make our own money. >> would you marry him if he didn't have a job let's say if he had been unemployed two and a half years. >> i had met him fight this years ago and he wasn't as financial secure as he was now. because i had a job. >> but you waited until he had a firm footing inly you got to the wedding. >> it's less about the money than it is about character. if you're willing to stay home and collect unemployment i'm not
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going out with you. so it's about that. you know what, if you're working the fry machine at burger king because you want to be manager, that's a different story. or if you own a franchise and you're working the fry machine. >> if you have goals too. if he has a goal, then yes. this was just confirmed about 30 minutes ago, he met his recent girlfriend on it's and a bunch of other online dating sites and i think that's the way i say it's going. >> another question. >> i know what you're trying to do you're trying to break the track record. okay. hey, the garage police are out there. they want to begin fining people for throwing up too much food. they want to get their riling up for the city.
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so if you're a resident, you can get a fine up to $50 if you to say out too much food. there's no doubt americans waste too much food. look at this table. it's outrageous it's obscene. i think this is opening the door for something a lot more worry some. the police state. >> i mean, you need a compost thing, should we have garbage men digging through our garbage. >> i mean, anti-level regulation. i have to agree with them. i think it's disgusting how much food is thrown out. just here in new york city, tons of food waste going into the landfills. i heard this when i was young too. this is a real issue. >> what am i going to do if i can't afford it. >> you're going to buy companies that take your waste and turn it
6:40 pm
into energy. >> get it together walk outside, give it to a company. >> table to table is one of them. huge organization where they go to a restaurant and take all the food they didn't use and give it to people. >> what about for a household? >> well, again, that's up to the household. you don't want the police going through your garbage. >> the obesity is on the rise. a dollar can add up in a big family. >> danny, you live on the farm and grow your own beans and all this stuff i bet you like this stuff, but isn't this a slippery slope. >> if you own an apartment in manhattan they actually do go through it and fine people for not properly recycling.
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>> you're throwing up too much food. if one drumstick is putting you over the limit, it's kind of scary. every man for himself it's a great way to survive. in business, women know what really works. send your messages and your tweets. i'm getting some, but i want a lot more. keep it right here because i am going to help you make money.
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>> so does it pay to play nice qurk coworkers. a lot of people say it does. would you be shocked to find that women think differently than men on this. we'll be back to debate on it.
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>> well, we all know that a happy employee is a productive
6:45 pm
employee. right? well, companies also know that when employees get along with their coworkers well they work harder and stay in the company a lot longer. over 70 percent of women would actually turn down a higher paying jobs if they could not get along with the coworkers. is this just proof that women are better employees than men. >> there is a list of things that i could go in that women are better than men. but i won't. women are good at different things than me men are. women are better collaborators. they are good at that. they love to network. they love to figure out how the dynamics work. i think that's why you see that evidence. >> taking less pay. >> it's not taking less pay. it's not taking a raise. i'm sorry. it's not taking a new job, the higher level. it's not necessary more money
6:46 pm
for the job. >> it's the i don't care who i'm working with. i'm working to get ahead. but life changes. things change. you make choices. that's where we are in life. now, i kind of like the people here. >> essentially you'll say is that someone your age will be more considerate. >> some things aren't worth the money. unfortunately when you're spending hours and hours of your day at your job with the same people. if there are bad attitudes or sexual harassment. >> women are catty they want to be friends with everyone. men want to make money. >> my next investment is actually known by a lot of women. we're going to talk about this because at the end of the day we all want to make a lot of money
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>> all right. let's get down to how to make you some money. zu sticker. it's one of those swashbuckling stocks that crashed later this week. it's coming back. it's carving out a really impressive place in the internet. revenues were up -- well, they came at 205 million. fourteen hill up 100 percent. customers 4.1 million up 86 percent. orders. the average ticket $53 and 85 percent. p that's up over a year ago. now, here's the thing, the entire flow is short.
6:51 pm
i think it should be illegal it should set up a beautiful short scenario. i'm looking for a close above 40. i'm telling you i don't think it will take long for the stock to get over there. i'm looking for north of 60 bucks. danny, do you like this name or not? >> i'm familiar with it. i'm one of those new customers those 4.1 -- >> will you use it again. >> i will use it again. i will buy the stock. second quarter revenue is up 1960 percent year over year. yes, it's a retailing -- it's very similar to, but it's more for the younger set if you will when where we they have a sale for a particular amount of time. i found some great sales on it. >> forgetting about the stock for a moment, this is a huge retailing success we talk a lot about women on the show.
6:52 pm
women account for $4 trillion of spending alone. it makes much sense they had such a huge revenue growth over the last couple of q it going ur because women have more spending power. >> they got it lower for the third quarter. it has too much competition. if it closes above 40, it's definitely a trade. i don't like the long-term because i do not believe they can keep this up. there's too many competitors out there. >> address the market making money moves. curious about a stock, you can always ask me. i got a great email from keith today and he said this: okay there's blood in the street and i have the mental fortitude to buy. what are the recommendations? i love your attitude. buying the dips is very, very smart. here's the hard part, finding
6:53 pm
the bottom. get aggressive. joe ann wouldn't you agree. >> of course. i mean, you get ahead by being aggressive. >> that's what i'm talking about. now, the idea of trying to guess the bottom is tough. >> it's absolutely impossible. don't even try it. it doesn't matter. if you're a long-term investor like i am and most of my clients are. you're looking at the long game. these dips don't really matter. >> don't you want to clarify aggressive. aggressive should mean just keep your average on in. let's not say aggressive go pick a bottom and go all in. >> when you buy, buy. the market looks sort of good, i'm going to buy one stock and give it a shot. the march 2009 low, even people that did get in bought a stock,
6:54 pm
they didn't built a portfolio. that's what i mean. someone set an email a long time ago, i picked a bottom in march 2009. i said either you're lucky or you're lying. it's true. look for the sweet spot. >> i would not be buying here. let it bounce a little bit. >> what if it updates tomorrow. if the market is up, you will recover 100 points. are you buying? >> i buy on the dips. i was going to buy today. but i don't think the market is going to go up tomorrow. >> remember what joe ann said. aggressive. if you have a tweet for me. always remember cp payne twitter. or post to my facebook. well, you know about the passion that's what this show is all about. that's the underpinning. we want you to learn. we want you to understand.
6:55 pm
we want you to have confidence. it's not about the market only, it's about empowerment. the segment is called payne's passion and you don't want to miss it.
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do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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charles: in today's we think "wall street journal," a great piece on derek jeter, calling him a exempt larry person. i agree. something else that i think that i captured or tried to one of my first tweets, i said baseball is not one of my favorite sports but derek jeter is one of my favorite athletes. >> i am a derek jeter fan, my son is a huge sports person, if you look up to anyone, this is
6:59 pm
the guy, i don't know what he does off the field, but as far as on the field, stand up guy, i am all about it, less of all evils, at least jeter came out, did his job, and did not be a jerk. >> he brings you to a time when baseball, and apple pie. charles: he talked anywhere have you gone mrs. robinson, and joe dimaggio era, you remember that era? >> i crave it. charles: we had a tough day but lost in hysteria were hopeful nuggets, a strong business investment number, optimistic comments from swift transportation. they are hiring people and they are raising incomes, great earnings and nike, and strong guidance from icon. hardest thing to do ride out the
7:00 pm
skwraoeurations of the market. it is worth the wait, thank you, appreciate it, thank you for watching, if you can't watch, dvr it, tell your friends about it right now to lou dobbs, this is fox business. lou: good evening, an imminent tread of a terrorist attract on american and subway systems, according to iraq's new prime minister, said his government has uncovered credible intelligence that islamic state terrorists are planning to attack subway systems in u.s. and france. u.s. and french governments offering no statements in response, we'll take up the islamic state threat with retired four-star general, richard myers. and also, with us, to assess military and geopolitical strategy. yed by president, former


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