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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 29, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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that. don't miss our girl kennedy in her own self-titled show. fantastic show. really, really appreciate it. at home if you can't watch us, dvr it. i'm making you money. lou is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. what was once perceived by many as president obama's sudden encyst answer on war against libya may have been hillary clinton's rush to overthrow mom gadhafi. military leaders and at least one prominent democratic leader at the time was convinced that the secretary was managing the flow of intelligence to solely support her desires to oust gadhafi. newly released audiotapes revealed the pentagon used a lee aifn
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to communicate with gadhafi's son. without state department approval or knowledge. (?) and allege that hillary clinton was withholding key information that could have avoided us involvement in the conflict altogether. >> everything from the state department is that they do not care about being a part of this. the congressmen very much want to be a part of the solution. the state department and clinton have -- have no -- they don't want to negotiate at all. it's been very bad. >> former congressman dennis confirmed the awe thenaumf thenauthenticity of the quotes. i had facts that indicated america was headed once again into
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an intervention that was going to be disastrous. they claim the taliban was mainly a quote, armed insurgency. they took that implausible classification a step further today. >> it's important to draw a distinction between the taliban and al-qaeda. the taliban has resorted to terror tactics. but those terror tactics have been principally focused on afghanistan. al-qaeda sought to carry out terrorist attacks against americans and american interests all around the globe. and that explains the difference in classification. lou: perhaps to mr. earnest it does. homeland secretary -- joe johnson delivering his state of security address. it does not come as any surprise whatsoever that he omitted the terms islamist extremist and radical islamist from his speech. we'll be taking all this up here tonight.
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talking with retired jack gene, and the white house now targeting israeli ambassador ron did youdid youdermer for what appears to be a vigorous vicious complaint of retribution. (?) the latest anonymous strike from the obama white house comes from a, quote unquote unidentified obama administration employee. you'll remember another unnamed white house staffer. referred to the prime minister as a chicken expletive and a coward back in october for refusing to de-escalate tensions with his muslim neighbors. the escalation and personal attacks means the prime minister can't ignore even israel's friends when it comes to threats. but iran won't be outdone when it comes to threats against israel. the iranian state news
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agency published pictures of netanyahu's children and calling for a hezbollah hunt. mr. obama is assailing our key ally in the middle east. and seeking -- only for a time with our enemy the islamic enemy of iran. former ambassador daniel among our guests here tonight. (?) we begin with the taliban exchange. the swap, all five guantanamo detainees for sergeant bergdahl have been accounted for in qatar. one of the five has made phone calls to the terrorist group. joining me now, retired four star army general. general jack keane. for the institute study of war. fox news military analyst. good to have you with us. let's start with this, this character
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assassination effort on the part of the white house against the prime minister of israel. what do you make of it? i have never seen the like of it. >> no, i haven't either. but it certainly began right from january 2009. this relationship has never been right. it has -- it has been so distinctively different than any previous relationship of a us president and an israeli prime minister. the facts are, israel is our number one ally in the region. one of our great allies in the world. and our presidents, despite maybe having policy disagreements at times with an israeli prime minister have always had good relationships. this relationship obviously is not anywhere near where it should be. and as a result of that it's hurting israel. that's the truth of it. >> and i'm going to be talking to the former us ambassador to the united states, daniel ayalon
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here later. but this relationship now. i mean, this is petty. petulant. spiteful. efforts on the part of the obama white house to attack our allies and the resonates representatives of their government in this country. does not -- let me ask it this way: doesn't that reflect far more poorly on the white house and this president than it ever could on the ambassador on the united states from israel? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. and no doubt about it. and look, there's no call for it. i mean, first of all the president of the united states and the white house should be above that behavior. and disagreements with an ally should always be kept private. and it's unfortunate. these disagreements have been in the public domain right from the beginning. now, we have character
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assassinations as part of it. it's a destructive relationship. really unfortunate. lou: let's turn to other unorthodox behavior. i'll be as neutral as i can be. when it appears the joint chiefs of staff were outside of channels altogether without the approval of the white house, without the approval of the state department, back channeling, if you will with gadhafi, the son of momar gadhafi. trying to avert us involvement and a conflict with libya. what do you make of that, that conduct, and the situation as we now understand it, some years since. >> well, i don't think that's a serious problem as to what is potentially a very egregious issue and that's mis-- potent misrepresenting the
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potential genocide issue in libya, which was the basis for the un authorization of military intervention. if that took place and i think that could be cleared up quickly by having a hearing on it and bringing the parties in and put them under oath and get straight answers. the other thing is, the pentagon's decision on libya before they made the decision for military intervention, they did not recommend it. they were trying to explain that military intervention actually meant war even though we were trying to avoid a human catastrophe. they would have to destroy gadhafi's military. it would be likely that they would move to a regime change. if that's the case, what is our political objective? what are we trying to achieve in libya? there was no answer in that. that's why he spoke out against the libya intervention. some people in the pentagon had their ears wide open when gadhafi
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recognize that had military intervention was coming and he was trying to reach out through his son and others and say, hey i'll make a deal here. don't drop bombs on me. i'll meet your conditions. that's what military strength is actually used for. it's used as a threat and intimidation to change somebody's behavior and change their will. and that's what strengthens diplomacy. if that was taking place and we didn't adhere to that, we didn't put that back on the table, i think that's a mistake. there's two big issues there in my judgment. one, was it misrepresented going to war with libya. two, did we have a diplomatic out because gadhafi was willing to make accommodations? lou: if she did distort and manage and direct a channel of misinformation as it turned out about the intention of genocide
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on the part of the gadhafi government muammar gadhafi himself, to what extent was that misrepresented, to not only the president of the united states, which is paramount, but as well to the pentagon that had to carry out those orders. it will be a very interesting hearing, should we get to that point and people get excited about having the truth. that seems to be a wave that goes through our public. general, with varying levels of intensity. hopefully there will be intensity behind this one. good to have you with us. >> good talking. lou: president obama is planning to normalize relations with a communist nation has run into headwinds. he's looking for more concessions with offering absolutely nothing in return to the obama administration. >> the establishment of
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diplomatic relations between cuba and the us is a good start. it won't be possible when the economic blocked exists or the guantanamo naval base is not returned. >> press secretary josh earnest back before the cameras telling the guantanamo base is not up for negotiation. >> the president does believe that the that guantanamo should be closed down. that serving -- that continuing to operate that prison there only serves as a recruiting tool for al-qaeda and other organizations. but the naval base is not something we believe should be closed. earnest refused to answer whether or not the white house will pursue an end with the embargo with cuba. not saying much of anything as normalization it seems to be the goal without a lot of participants on the other side of that purported negotiation. it was day two of
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loretta lynch's confirmation hearing to be the next attorney general. it turned into a bit of a roast for eric holder himself and the president. except the allegations were anything but funny. witnesses testifying regarding his irs targeting scandal. the unconstitutionality of his imperious executive fiats and the intimidation tactics that holder used to punish the press. here's former cvs sharyl attkisson. she's suing the administration because she says the obama administration spied on her. voice: if you've crossed this administration with perfectly accurate reporting they don't like, you will be attacked and punished. you and your sources may be subjected to the kind of surveillance devised for enemies of the state. lou: although the argument could be made that the obama administration has a record of treating our enemies of state like friends, sharyl attkisson's
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point does seem, well, reasonable. we're coming right back. stay with us. >> the white house going hostile on israel. iran directing its terrorist arm to begin targeting the families of the jewish state leaders. my next guess former israeli ambassador to the united states daniel ayalon.
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lou: more unidentified unnamed anonymous sources being used in connection with heated charges against israel and members of its government in the new york times, the house organ, if you will, of the democratic party. joining me now to talk about what's going on here. the former israeli ambassador to the united states, thank you for visiting. professor daniel ayalon. thank you for being here. >> good to be here. lou: i can't imagine what it's like for benjamin netanyahu, who i know someone for you for the government of israel, to be treated like this by a president of the united states. what is it like? >> it's tough. it's tough. and, you know, israel is the best ally of the united states in the middle east. and i would say even beyond. there are so many, you
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know converging interests and the values and everything else. instead of talking to each other talking about one another, i think it just defeats the purpose and it hurts -- i mean, they're growing in tehran over this fight now. lou: well, in tehran they should be. i don't know if their glow is because of the abject nasty campaign being waged by this white house against the leader of our greatest ally in the region, or because it looks like they're going to get everything they've ever dreamed of with these nuclear negotiations, which prime minister netanyahu opposes and has forcefully from the outset. >> the unfortunate situation right now lou, with his visit to washington the focus, instead of being on the danger and the threat of iran the focus is on the relationship between the prime minister and the president. there should be some
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responsibility. some responsible adult that would put things down and would meet and would work together and backseat or back room negotiations needed now. lou: yeah. talking with general jack keane. talking about this kind of nonsense that's ensuing, pettiness and spite from the white house, it hurts israel. but it splashes back so forcefully against the president. and certainly they realize that. netanyahu, to his credit has not said a word. either anonymously. has not sent any messages. you know, he's a man not pure as a driven snow i'm sure. but he's conducted himself in this -- i would be attempted to react differently. >> he really tries to focus on the issues. we're still all traumatized with the holocaust. just seven days ago there was the
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celebration of the liberation of the auschwitz camp. because people didn't speak out against hitler we ended up with 6 million jews in the gas chambers. he feels he has to speak up. who iswhere is the better place than congress? there are ways to avoid it. jeuvment i lou: i think the vast majority of americans are eager to hear the prime minister speak to our congress. because right now, we are sorely thirsty for a leader who will speak plainly to us. there is a great equivocation from this white house and from others about that reality. most of us want to talk in plain terms about what confronts us all. >> we're all tiptoeing
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around iran as if, you know, not to upset it. not to somehow make it -- they'll never live the negotiations. they have the lousy card. you have the international community and iran which is on the verge of collapse. you have to demand they comply. not play with them. lou: whatever their cards, when they start insinuating the assassination of the prime minister's family, his children that card, as far as i'm concerned has been played and it's conclusive and i think it's shameless beyond measure. it's great to have you here. >> thank you very much. lou: daniel ayalon, former israeli ambassador to the united states. good to see you again. senator john mccain likely echoing the feelings of a lot of people when he addressed antiwar protesters who interrupted a hearing by the senate armed services community on global threats. the code pink protesters pushed up behind
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91-year-old former secretary of state henry kissinger trying to arrest him they said for war crimes. committee chairman mccain was displeased. >> arrest henry kissinger for war on crimes. voice: i have never seen anything as disgraceful and as outrageous and despicable as the last demonstration that just took place about -- you know you're going to have to shut up. i'll have you arrested. get out of here you low-life scum. [applauding] lou: you know, i love plainspokenness. good going senator mccain. and kudos to former secretary of state george shulty. less than an hour more demonstrators popped in the room screaming about
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vietnam. former secretary of state stood up and said quote as they assailed henry, he said i salute henry for his contributions to peace and security. and that led to a standing ovation that drowned out -- what did senator mccain call them? the low-life scum? code pink drowned out. [applauding] and up, next, i'll tell you why a battle i was involved in more than 12 years ago continues. imagine that. almost 13 years ago a battle over language and our enemies. and why both bush and obama are responsible.
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lou: a few comments now on the obama administration's insistence on playing word games. the super attitude they bring to their assertions whispering the words islamist. even stand in front of microphones and cameras and say with straight faces for the most part that the islamic state is not islamic and the taliban even as it carries out a campaign of terror is not a terrorist group. >> i'd also point out that the taliban is an armed insurgency. isil is a terrorist group. so we don't make concessions to terrorist groups. >> the taliban terrorist group? >> i don't think that the taliban -- the taliban is an armed
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insurgency. lou: the idiocy of such remarks creating a furious backlash against misplaced political correctness at the white house and apparently in the minds of the white house required even further rationalization by josh earnest today. >> it's clear that the ambitions expressed by the taliban and the ambitions expressed by al-qaeda. the threat from the taliban, is -- is acute. if you are a service member serving in afghanistan or if you are a us diplomat or a contractor that is working in afghanistan in this case there is a clear difference between the aspirations that have been articulated by the taliban and the way they carry out or resort to some of their terror tactics and the terror tactics are carried out by al-qaeda. lou: his expression saying, if not all of it, much of it,
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idiocy and drivel. the result no better for the administration stirring more word games. this administration argued absurdly that it isn't negotiating with terrorists, just the taliban. as they did when they swapped taliban for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. the administration is ripe with idiocy and drivel. political correctness posing as meaningful language. refusing to call terrorists radical islamist terrorists. torturing reason, patience, and truth. homeland secretary jeh johnson demonstrated. >> we are concerned about the foreign fighter who leaves his own country travels to another country to take up the fight there links up with terrorist extremists and may return home whether it's this country or one of our allies, with a terrorist extremist purpose. lou: obviously the secretary giving those words a careful
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reading. terrorist extremist. a member of the obama political agency obviously wrote the johnson speech. he merely read the words, as any obama functionary in his position seemingly would. this is not merely an obama problem, i would remind you. i was criticizing president bush and his administration as far back as 2002 for much the same reasons. they also refused to call radical islamists what they plainly are. radical islamist in fighting a war on terror. more than 12 years ago this was the home page of the drudge report. june 6, 2002. back then i said the government and media for the past nine months have called this a war against terror. so have we here, but terror is not the enemy. it is what the enemy wants to achieve. so on this broadcast we're making a change in the interest of clarity and honesty.
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the enemies in this war are radical islamists who argue all nonbelievers in their faith must be killed. as drudge pointed out, my comments generated a somewhat heated angry response from nearly every quarter of the world. lots of those folks from the middle east. and here we are, 12 years later fighting the same enemies, radical islamists and those who think that by controlling language they can change outcomes. now, our quotation of the evening. this one from the sixth president of the united states john quincy adams. yes, radical islamists were at hand even back then. he wrote the precept of the koran is perpetual war against all who deny that muhammad is the prophet of god. the vanquish may purchase their lives by attribute. they may be appeased by a promise of peace. john quincy adams.
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he wasn't politically correct. but how correct was he? we're coming right back. >> president obama continues to learn the hard way about foreign policy. dictators simply can't be trusted. that includes the castro brothers. next.
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lou: joining us now fox news political analyst julie. pulitzer winner, joe.
7:37 pm
outnumbered, jedediah mueller. good to have you here. let's start with the president carrying on a character assassination on netanyahu and dermer. what are they thinking? >> oh, stop it. if it was a republican president -- >> you're out. let me speak for you lou. tonight, look, if this were a republican president, you would have a very different attitude about this. this is not an insult to barack obama. lou: no, it's an insult to me. i think you should check the record on my love affair with the bush administration. >> you kind of rolled your eyes at me on this. this is an insult to the officer of the presidency. this is not an insult to barack obama. it's the office of the president that determines foreign policy.
7:38 pm
lou: thank god we don't need treaties or anything. >> when you're an ambassador, you present your credentials to whom? lou: i think obama is a brilliant man. you convinced me. >> my work here is done. thank you. >> i have to say, lou when you have a relationship that is already as strained as the relationship between israel and the united states, you do not want to be the israeli ambassador who injects israel, which has always enjoyed bipartisan support into a rankrist bait between republicans and democrats and split support with israel. i think it was a stupid thing for him to do to accept this invitation without telling the white house. it's not going down well in israel. as your guest talked about earlier on the show, it has now shifted -- lou: my guests are wont to do. >> it has shifted it to
7:39 pm
whether israel is right or wrong to inject itself into american politics. that's not in israel's decision. i agree with a lot of what julie said. >> i find it odd that the white house wasn't looped in. no one thought it would be good -- even interested in the optics of it to have everyone come together on the same page. with that being said, let's move on. now i'm hearing the president won't meet with netanyahu. people are giving reasons why. let's have the president be the bigger person and meet with him and be the person to bring this together. this is odd how this happened, john boehner included. lou: i applaud the democratic lust for the emily post style of american politics and the relationship between congress and the senate and the white house. i applaud judy's preference that the president be bigger. yours that everyone rise above it. but the reality is,
7:40 pm
netanyahu has not said a word. the reality is that through back channels and through a smear campaign of anonymous sources and unidentified campaign officials administration officials, we didn't even mention the campaign officials of the obama administration who are now in israel working to defeat netanyahu. i am so sorry that if -- if -- if the little daffodil who is our president is offended because that is -- it's very discouraging to me. >> to judy's point, you have bob menendez. senator of menendez of new jersey. lou: i know him. >> who has been the leader of these iran sanctions. something they absolutely want. when you have taken the debate -- listen the democratic party was very bifurcated on this issue. lou: at least ten of them. ten on the record. >> no. obama was fighting stringently with the ranking member of the committee -- my point being is this, you have
7:41 pm
now, as judy said shifted the debate from iran's sanctions. netanyahu was doing a good job of advancing on both sides of the aisle. netanyahu a few weeks before his own election ten days before, coming here with his republican operative, campaign manager to the united states, all of a sudden using this -- lou: do you make the same distinctiondistinctions when you talk about valerie jarrett or dan pfeiffer. do you make the same distinctions in their roles as senior advisors? >> you're confusing the point. valerie jarrett is not representing the united states as our ambassador. lou: she isn't? she wasn't involved in any way with iran. get a grip, judy. judy, if you would like to participate tonight you'd better take your time away from judy. she's going on an
7:42 pm
offensable flight. >> i think israel's survival depends on -- (?) lou: would you have netanyahu resign? let's be a little sober in this. the reality is, this is a president who is puffersing what is effectively an alliance with iran. responsible for a third of our casualties with the war in the iraq. they are the largest state sponsored terrorism. we have no window into these negotiations. only the assurance of a president who seems to have never met a dictator building in whom he doesn't have absolute servile faith. this is perfect preposterous. >> i am not not defending what the president may sign with iran. at a moment like that, you'll need the most support you can get. lou: i'm sure that will be a news blast for them. >> i don't thinki don't think it's
7:43 pm
a good idea to expose the risk. it's good when you have your president and congress. i think netanyahu should have been there. i think our president as their ally should have been on the same page and been in the loop. lou: i love the way that all three of you have cast john boehner as the innocent fellow on the sidelines. >> no, i said john boehner. you know that. lou: valerie janet will be joining us. we thank you. all three of you very -- >> great to be here. lou: on wall street, stocks rising as oil prices do as well. a little bit. the dow jones industrial surging 200 points. the nasdaq up 45. volume on the big board picking up 2.4 billion shares. two forgotten television actors find themselves in dire straights up next. but our next guest the host of "strange inheritance." jamie colby. we'll tell you what a
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happy ending really is.
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things that people are bequeathed by their loved ones. even sometimes those tharnlsthat don't love them. imagine inheriting something very interesting from a hermit in illinois and one they never had met. >> i was praying for a job, and then the letter. i refer to it as "the letter." comes. this is the original letter from the attorney saying, you don't know me but i represent ray fulk. he was a hermit and a herder. a farmner illinois. don bailey who wrote the letter said, if i got a letter like this, i would think it to be a scam. lou: joining us now our colleague jamie colby. first, congratulations -- jamie: i'm your colleague now. lou: you are indeed. and we're delighted to have you as a colleague. also with that very fancy new successful
7:49 pm
show of yours. terrific. congratulations. jamie: knock on glass. lou, you're very generous. i knew that families across america and shows that people want to watch as families would love the families i met. i was on the road for eight months. twenty-five states talking about the private insect collection to the 3300 classic car collection worth an estimated $100 million. to things that weren't as financially rewarding, but have legacies like something from gettysburg. what general picket who gave the failed charge really was doing. (?) so we taught these families about their ancestry. which is so interesting to delve back. plus learned a little bit about what they had. it's like an antiques show on steroids.
7:50 pm
lou: two episodes air tonight. tell us about the two television actors we just talked about whom i don't recognize forgive me. >> i didn't either. but that's part of the story. the hermit that lived in illinois who barely left the house had such a fascination with these two actors. one was on young and the restless. the other had a show called lucan. which was a boy saved by wolves. this guy kept journals by every episode only one season long, he related to being a kid raised by wolves. he wore a wolf -- when you see the hoarder video in the house. the original will had to be found by the lawyer who barely remembered ray. turns out they inherited this farmland that's $100 million. i would never give all the good things away. lou: it sounds like that's just a down payment on what's to come in that episode.
7:51 pm
and -- jamie: and in the series. i've wrestled gators. alligators. learned to drive a tractor in iowa. you name it, i went. i tried. lou: that series hasn't aired? are these mostly john deere tractors? jamie: it's a big name in the tractor business, i have to say. lou: i have a little farm. jamie: i ran the nasdaq bell the closing bell on monday. lou: you did the bell well with the bell. jamie: everything went as planned. i signed up without knowing what it was, it was the greatest experience of a lifetime. even though i've traveled all around the world and covered a lot of different stories. lou: well, we have about 15 seconds or so here. (?) i want to ask you this, do you have a favorite story right now? not to relate it. i just not to, is there a favorite one?
7:52 pm
jamie: well, barbie dolls are pretty exciting. i heard you didn't get your official "strange inheritance" t-shirt. solved. lou: i accept. jamie, thank you. be sure to watch "strange inheritance." monday through thursday here on fox business. 9:00 p.m. i'd rather do anything else than sit at a dealership. it's a lot of haggling and it takes so long. craig's experience is completely different than mine. yeah. yes, mike has used truecar. at truecar, we'll show you how much others paid for the car you want and how much you should. because i used truecar there was no haggling about the price. they treated me so well, and it was just such a quick, easy experience. get your car, and get back to the life you love. welcome to the future of car-buying.
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. lou: the super bowl and what some call raunchy ads seem to always be linked, but super
7:56 pm
bowls and sex trafficking? senators including, john cornyn claimed exactly that earlier this week. >> while most americans are going to be getting prepared for the seahawks and the patriots to tee off in the super bowl, the dirty little secret is that the super bowl is one of the highest levels of human sex trafficking activity of any event in the country, and for example, dallas in 2011 we saw a 300% increase in ads for sex -- sexual acts related to human trafficking. lou: the senator's claim was repeated by democratic senator amy cloeb shar in a press release. both are pursuing tougher laws against human trafficking but claim deserves four pinocchios get ready for this, because the
7:57 pm
claim is based on a rise of escort ads on a single site in a single year, and the post found that so shocking and so exaggerated as to necessitate four pinocchios. folks on the left can't stand the success of "american sniper" it seems, that includes the mainstream liberal media. listen to nbc foreign affairs reporter disparaging sniper chris kyle. >> stories back in texas, lot of his personal opinions in iraq what people described as racist tendencies as iraqis and muslims going on the killing sprees in iraq on assignment. lou: well the "american sniper" criticism seems to coming from folks like you heard there folks that include
7:58 pm
filmmaker michael moore, the former governor of vermont, howard dean actor seth rogen. these folks belong together, they work together, they have no sense of either the empirical evidence the reality, nothing but their somewhat -- i would call it a mushy grip on reality, and absolutely no hesitation in disparaging an american hero. that's a shame, but it's their shame. the hunt is over boston police have solved the mystery who shovelled the boston marathon finish line clear in the middle of tuesday's blizzard that dropped more than two feet of snow on boston. images of the good deed went viral, and twitters desperate to identify the so-called boston shoveller. it turns out he is nothing other than 25-year-old chris laudani, five-time marathoner
7:59 pm
himself. he thought the finish line was such a part of his life hallowed ground, it shows the folks in that beautiful city under two feast snow are boston strong. time for a few of your comments. we love hearing from you e-mail us at, follow us on twitter. go to our facebook page links to everything at and take a second to "like" the fox business network facebook page as well. that's it for us tonight, we
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thanks for being with us. good night from new york. . neil: welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. kicked in the buns for not selling as many buns. the corporate world can be so cruel and mcdonald's former ceo don thompson knows it leaving because customers weren't coming. fried because he wasn't selling enough fries. happens all the time in the private sector rarely if ever in the public sector. the same folks who bought are rehired by the irs to work magic there. talk about inbred incompetence rewarding it! a hard charging ceo is out even though his company still made $4.76 billion last


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