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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  January 31, 2015 1:00am-2:01am EST

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paying for the cameras and expensive things that go into making tv. i'm glad we have some intellectual property laws. that's our a second to like the fox business network on the facebook page. have a great weekend and good night from new york. ♪ ♪ no. neil: welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. avenida scrooge and barack obama. which one of these does not belong in wide i will let you think about that. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ the answer is barack obama. >> we know that jeb bush doesn't
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have a second to spare. the powerhouse finally making this after cutting the spending spree so how about it, mr. president, there are still times to cut the spending and i'm begging you to put the shovel down, not to save your soul. and also how the private sector learns from its mistakes and how others learn as well. what do you think? >> no we are always hoping that government will act more like the private sector and show some fiscal restraint. but now instead of being more responsible with the taxpayer's dollars, the president is announcing a new budget on monday that will increase spending 7%.
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neil: those are caps that both parties should agree on. and it seems like much ado about nothing. >> i love your analogy, the white house should learn from some examples of what is happening in business. you look at this with amazon and obviously he was getting scrutinized and so were others because they were not cutting back on their spending. and certainly they have had to make some tough decisions. as a leader you do need to know how to balance the budget and how to make investments, how to make tough cuts when you need to and certainly in business it might be making a return to the shareholder and it is the
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taxpayer with government. neil: there's nothing wrong with being late to change on something. and so we always see that presidents will change what their political dna, bill clinton did it in the midterms. and so i don't see that as president yet and i don't see any attempt to learn from past mistakes rather than through compound them. >> this budget is really more of a political document than it is a real suggestion or fast forward because there's no chance of a republican-controlled congress would take up this budget proposal. instead the president moves to
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the left instead of in 2014 the message from the american public was pretty clear that they want more fiscal restraint. neil: again going back to ebenezer scrooge. it could've started out badly. so what are the odds in your book that this president will change? >> you know, i think that i would love to see some changes certainly for the taxpayers but i don't think we're going to see that over the next two years. there are certainly challenges here not only with the budget but even looking at some of the federal programs in place today when you look at improper payments, the misuse of funds, they are in the billions of dollars and we have challenges with medicare and medicaid and unemployment. so we need someone in government to step up and kind of fix these issues and we certainly are
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looking at the white house to do that. ultimately right now this does come back to the taxpayer. neil: and doubling down right now on ignoring all of this, this is the latest. listen to this. >> what is the next logical move to stay ahead of the curve? >> 14 years, there should be college that is for free. neil: and that is of course if you want to pursue a law degree. welcome it's just a few more. well, the vice president does acknowledge that this will make it tough to pass. and this goes beyond. the fox biz all stars say more.
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so okay, you are not surprised that he does hold out for more of the goodies. >> yes, absolutely, we saw that with the state of the union. it was not president obama that showed up, it was obama santa claus. so we see that. offering free babysitter's. neil: i guess it depends on the babysitter. >> free community college. what bothers me is when you see someone like this put forth meaningful budgets to address our growing entitlements, the democrats demonize him. >> they are getting out of hand. >> you have obamacare, unemployment, we are working so
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hard and if it was for free. >> part of this program has a 2.0 average. >> you know, he's not hearing anyone or anything. >> they must be pull testing this. of who could come up with this crazy thing. but to kaylee's point, they could pull test is. >> this. >> you could do that and see who signs up for that they could say i picked this any day of the
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week. a hand out any day of the week. he throwing it out there for a shock factor and it's a waste of time. neil: we are setting up the stage where republicans are going to be the party of not wanting to help you with whatever your tuition payments are and not wanting to give you paid sick leave. >> that is why republicans have to change the narrative. >> you would think that with mitt romney making a presidential run, that it would be a sure thing.
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not so he's taking himself out of the race to give the new blood a chance to make their case. so we have leery talking about this from the very beginning. so when, what do you think? the idea is that jeb bush would be delighted chris christie would be delighted, the mainstream money guys have one less candidate to focus on. >> what's going to happen is out of courtesy and deference to mitt romney, the big-money establishment throws for the last three weeks and in one way they did a favor to other candidates. >> so that is going to be their
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first stab. they are doing auditions right now, scott washington is in -- scott walker is in washington. but they are doing it, they are going around. and the next will be on the side of the senators, who has more appeal to some special interest money. neil: there is that evangelical money and the foster friess money. so what do you think? does this change the money dynamics in the grand scheme of things? >> yes, it changes some of it. one of the reasons why mitt romney ended up running, he ended up at tracking on what he had suggested earlier is because when he checked with many of his biggest donors in 2008 and 2012 that they were otherwise engaged or unsure.
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neil: had declared a little earlier with this he might have had a different result. >> it's possible, i think he would've had to run flat out. basically you know that that is the problem. you talk to republicans not just at the top come you ask them what they think about mitt romney and they will say some nice things and that he had his chance and he blew it. it is really hard to overcome that. >> also you have a field a very attractive candidate this time around. he didn't have that in 2012. >> some of them seem like there's. [laughter] 's. neil: i shouldn't have said that. but who of that has mainstream type money?
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>> the governors of the strongest contenders here and i know chris christie has problems within the republican base and former governor of jeb bush and they have a story to tell. neil: what about rand paul? >> dislike marco rubio they don't run anything. neil: the senators are going to go nowhere fast. >> not necessarily. and this might be part of it it's a one term senator name barack obama that decided to run. why wouldn't you? neil: i'm just wondering and you make a good point everyone seems to be itching for a governor. so you never know. we went from one form of governor to a different form of governor, we can easily go from a senator to another senator.
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do you think that that holds weight? >> in theory people would like to have a governor and i agree that some of the governors like scott walker and john kasich possibly others could present a good argument that even though we don't know foreign policy, we know executive action and we have done it, that is what we do day-to-day in our state capital. some of the other candidates i will try to talk about, they look like they are out of the bar scene in star wars. >> i can't compete with you on that. but, you know i don't rule out marco rubio at all. i think he's one of those attractive new candidates that mitt romney was talking about when he stuck it to jeb bush with that statement. jeb bush is not a new face and a new generation.
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neil: really quickly, what did you make of that? elise as far as governor romney is concerned, it is these up and commerce who are more attracted to him and say jeb bush is. >> you guys are criticizing me as well. >> with politics there's a lot of things, sometimes it can be so old or so new. neil: i like that. you guys brought their a game. neil: you don't look a day over 60 right now. very good. meanwhile, don't even think of homeland security funding because you don't like the president executive orders. not just any republican concern about homeland security but how about the first guy to run homeland security?
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anywhere. ♪ ♪ [ dog growls ] ♪ ♪ oh. so you're protesting? ♪ ♪ okay. [ male announcer ] introducing xfinity my account. available on any device. neil: a message from the first homeland security secretary for republicans trying to free homeland funding because of the president's executive order. tom ridge, good to have you back with us. thank you for coming back. >> it is my pleasure. neil: if this is not the time the place, what would you do? >> that is precisely it. i don't think the constitution enshrines an imperial presidency, the nature which we have been dealing with with related issues and it kind of
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reminds me and you are too young to remember the 10 commandment movie. but let it be written and let it be done, that is not the way the constitution says we operate. so i think if you want to send a message to the president, you don't make it more difficult for those responsible for many security operations, cybersecurity, dealing with al qaeda and the taliban and isis, there's another way to send a message, that is to send a comprehensive reform package. neil: a they are not doing this, and i think it's silly, i don't think it's fair that the party taking the president to court those are always uphill battles. but having said that, they feel that they are left without options and they could scramble and get a bill together and they know inevitably they will reject it and then they are back on this. what do they do short of that?
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>> first of all, i think that they accept the reality. since they control congress, their job and opportunity is to solve problems. immigration is a huge national problem. during 27, they would say that they bill to the president. and he said that he would be vetoing it. i think we have to say that he probably would veto that and then you have a secretary and hundreds of thousands of people responsible for this unable to proceed because they sent a strong fiscal message. they undermine the responsibility of the department and i just don't think they want to get caught up being accused of undermining the security because if they don't find it that is exactly what they are doing. it would be like fox news saying
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that we have to make some changes very adept not how you run an enterprise whether public or corporate. neil: thank you sir. i want to give get your thoughts on the president who is trying to buy the central american countries and not nearly amount of interest to deal with the illegal search here. what did you make of that outside of no money for that? >> i think the president has a responsibility to lead. the previous group is talking about this experience solving problems at the executive level and i think that it is important that our friends south of us have their interests in terms of keeping illegals from coming in our country and they are coming
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from mexico into the united states and that's not the source of the problem right now. the first responsibility is to defend our borders and i think his priorities are a little bit skewed at this point. neil: governor, it is always a pleasure. >> i agreed with the panel before and i think we need a governor. neil: you are a war hero you never mention that. and you were the first one to chair the homeland security as secretary. you are big on fighting terror. so you're the whole package. >> i'm going to support jeb bush. neil: okay, we will watch that closely. jeb bush benefit of the mitt romney dropped out today? >> yes, i think so. everyone is a beneficiary because i think that mitt romney had a few strong supporters compared to advancing his interest in doing so. i think it was right for him to
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decline to run for the third time. so i think that probably there are opportunities there for multiple candidates to get into his support and fund-raising days. neil: do think that the supporters were beginning to wonder, if that was not the case occurred in a different story? >> i happen to agree with larry that there are a lot of folks who respect and admire his works as a businessman who never felt the need to find himself in after two tries in a billion dollars, i think a lot of people are looking for something a bit different. neil: coming up next going back to it trick question. all this time you have been focused on deflated balls.
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neil: the nfl's we deal not overheard half of the league pays federal texas. i will save you the trouble. they don't pay 1 penny they are tax-exempt. you heard the right the multi-billion institution is shielded from any federal taxes at all. how they got to that status is beyond me. but the last time i checked they are saving tax money but not by helping us by gouging as. have you been to regain? that is the way to say they are screwing us. with the jerseys or the tv rights or paraphernalia me thinks they are toying with
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us. legitimately people that don't but to flaunt that favoritism? give me a break. i am all for success just don't call yourself a charity to put it on my time. let me know your thoughts. i am sure there are many cases that would surprise people the profitable institutions are? that is a big problem right there. >> is a huge problem and they laugh all the way to the bank. neil: absolutely. >> at the expense of the finance and the taxpayer why should we pay for the hobbies of billionaires and why is the nfl treated as a not-for-profit? reviews and save analogies ocean but analysts they have franchise owners like
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mcdonald's. >> i think it should be not-for-profit but republicans could get in front of something like that that they are raping the system we are against that to fight that egregious. i assure you the nfl. >> and major league baseball gave the the status but it is a bipartisan issue. because they understand it is fundamentally unfair prepay all around the country. so at the end of the day the ticket price is don't change
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and the average family cannot afford to go to a game. neil: the last time it was -- it cost just for the hotdogs. i know republicans are closing the loopholes but imagine how much money you could raise and using the nfl as an example. i think that would change people's perception to expand the tax base. >> this is the great place to start it is so egregious. when they have the wherewithal with intellectual property ownership. without the help of u.s. taxpayer. >> everyone thinks it will
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benefit bush. what do you think? >> so how does that benefit the others? >> always learn something from you. know we event together is a bigger crowd. >> what we're doing to prevent them from ever coming through. sheila! you see this ball control? you see this right? it's 80% confidence and 64% knee brace. that's more... shh... i know that's more than 100%. but that's what winners give. now bicycle kick your old 401(k) into an ira. i know, i know. listen,
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neil: football holy grail in the run the whole legal to
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disrupt to the super bowl now ready to control social media for any type of attack they say they have their work cut out for them. i know you cannot give away secrets but they're checking everywhere? >> most certainly for everyone to understand the business model and this is the greatest stage with specially been so much as the secret service will federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies are looking for the same thing that the general public are on social media if they should be contacting police. wis is the greatest return on investment. so in order to safeguard law-enforcement is cash
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credentials pitchers and questions are the top four. rigo i cissy and bill wolf using social media to communicate. but i will spend 10 or 15 rand that is a problem. neil: that is one-third of this city right there. >> if you go to twitter or facebook they are shopping is a red flag. also credentials. >> you don't want somebody to have press credentials. also pictures. also instagram not just law enforcement but the general
1:37 am
public people are showing pictures like aerial photos that carries or camera locations, a security checkpoints are parking lots that is a red flag these will be skiing on the. sometimes it will sound overly simplistic with those of the ones that our concerned. however they screening bags and what can i get in? not only law-enforcement looks but clearly the general public. >> are they getting more chatter than normal? >> no question. but i am not disclosing anything i shouldn't but we have such a sophisticated system with respect to
1:38 am
monitoring events on social media we are ahead of the curb. people have been waiting a long time for this sunday. neil: are the koch brothers about to end the world? with their campaign some people say it will bleed to planetary disaster by undermining climate action. the end of the world scare tactics are getting old but they must help raise money. >>. >> for how many decades have you said catastrophe is just a few short years away? >> if it has a shelf life for a while and has been 26 years. in fact, i obtained a memo
1:39 am
under the freedom of information act on the 20th anniversary of the first warning to say it is increasingly inconsistent and persuasive argument we have to move from polar bears to rest materialists we should not just walk away lightly. neil: climate stage covered a lot more area. but i think of comedy central. >> koch brothers you're making it difficult to boycott. right? the world's most comfortable fabric? >> nobody is taking my lycra [laughter]
1:40 am
>> it is easier said than done. >> to personalize just when you talk about a lot of people, as the liberty movement with the establishment press to push 26 years that this individual library -- liberty will not kill us off with affordable and reliable energy will not. but the best line in the piece is this is not an exaggeration except it has been 26 years. i don't expect the argument to get better but the corporate titans it is a probe liberty movement and by the way nobody claims that they can find it.
1:41 am
they admit it is the vehicle. neil: trying to put a face on this the coke brother say nothing about any one of the left it shows the hypocrisy but good points. i appreciate it. it has been a rough week for mcdonald's the ceo is out now the president is moving in.
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neil: end as if it has not been their rough enough week the white house wants to kick it again. that all franchisees' have to move to the same corporate'' a and minimum-wage individual franchisees' say they cannot afford to do so because they are not a corporation but individually you run and self-contained. by the way not just mcdonald's but in the fast food joint has the issue but obama people say stick a fork in it and that work force, unionize it. so this attack has a direct impact on you because the administration and says we don't care if you are a small business franchisee we see you just like your parents mcdonald's?
1:46 am
>> it is disturbing. the five and elected washington bureaucrats of the labor board don't seem to get it. there are 700,000 franchises just like myself we operate in the communities that we lived and worked. to and within those rehire employees and train them and set wages. the franchise board does not do those things. for me or my brilliant the exchange it provides us a system and we operate within that but day-to-day operations are ours. rehire employees and take pride in the communities that we operate. neil: the you are treated no differently the and in international conglomerate.
1:47 am
>> it doesn't matter but that is the slippery slope. >> absolutely. and one that has been successful that creates a million jobs i believe today are in the franchise business. all that is at risk if franchisees' cannot bear the burden to ask is if we were a conglomerate. neil: thank you very much. america l are busting their wallets in the middle of this going over budget last year on things like food. they're getting bigger and getting poorer. it is time for the financial
1:48 am
fast and she played a long for her right -- for her readers it is the best book in very clever. i am happy to have to back. what did your readers to discover what? >> they have been doing it sinc wrapping up on the 31st. they have been saving a ton of money one reader save $25 within three days by stop smoking. lot of it is just not eating out she saved $400 since she began another save $2 and others said $95 and looking at bank statements from the previous month and it was
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several hundred dollars for and she said i did not even believe it because they spend and don't realize it. neil: you make people think about only by what you obviously need largess spee what is important to fit is that $5 lot peso be aware so you first argue awareness. i told you the last time you were here i have a fondness for bakery products so i would keep them but then i discovered i read spend more on bakery products and my mortgage and it was the dilemma. see you are asking people jostled get what you were spending and you will be surprised. >> i am asking people on the fast people said i am starting at one woman just started of blogging and to be intentional.
1:50 am
you cannot achieve what you want unless you are intentional the study that shows they're busting the budget by a 80 now you are not intentionally were just eating out and that is how the budget is busted. you only have a little bit of money even bill gates cannot spend more than he makes. if you have resources you have to decide. i like eating normally spend $100 the month. put in the envelope in when it is:is:. if you have a budget. >> attwood praying that envelope to the panera bread. and i have just the envelope. i argue the 10 percent that we waste a lot of money and are not aware. but after the 21 days to they stick with it?
1:51 am
or do they go back? >> when people see the amount of savings of the unconscious spending they change their habits. not everybody but a great deal of people change how they deal with their money. i get testimony after testimony people who can pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars of debt because now they are disciplined and to save for my kids college fund and pay off my mortgage. or rick is a home to watch the kid in the didn't think they could do. a will then put a contract between her and her husband on the refrigerator how to spend money. it was revolutionary for them because now they're talking about monday. it gets you to talk about it to know what is going on.
1:52 am
and to be purposeful. neil: nacelles like the strategy a took with my wife is wrong. i need to go back to chapter number one percolated the great book because it does make you think. is a bakery products are vital to your life you do after you everything she says. five. >> just dial little bit. neil: i only go so far. [laughter] is the great book and i appreciate this. we well. in the meantime if this new jersey guys goes for president what if i told you that he is a shoe with and
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neil: all right in our business splits, as you know, chris christie could be an instant and if you share a on the part of mitt romney to bow out of the presidential race. a lot of people think it's chris christie or jeb bush, in the event, by the way, it is chris christie who decides to run for president and even when will
1:57 am
have to give up look at who is the backup guy. >> he has the highest name recognition in the state and it's not just me. i talk to a lot of powerful people and i know a lot of people and that is how they work and they all mention it in terms of this. so you could be the entertainment at your own inauguration. [laughter] neil: day one. i remember like it was yesterday. [laughter] neil: what do you think? [laughter] >> well, we are so lucky. jon bon jovi, bruce springsteen, they help out. neil: you are already running. what do you think that all of a
1:58 am
sudden the whole mitt romney thing has changed? we joke but not too much about how it changes the possible races in new jersey and how one guy leading the presidential contest was part of this. >> for the country as a whole it most certainly does and i think part of why it that he has something or and we are looking for someone who's not going to walk on in. i think that john kasich has this here. but joe represents new jersey's better than anybody that i know. neil: when is the last time that we had a funny president? so what do you think? >> i think this leaves a lot of room like someone such as scott walker to come in. >> one thing that is not brought
1:59 am
up is that he has won three elections in a recall, running as a conservative in a blue state. this is not chris christie running in this way. and this is a conservative man ran and he won the race. sue on what do you think? >> and for that, what do they have you guys doing? >> you know, i'm not lucky few on when people know that you run, they are all going to come out of the woodwork. >> i don't know.
2:00 am
>> [inaudible] >> those are the good old days. but you never know. make you money. this is the best time to do it and the best time to watch lou. and good evening, everybody, i'm ashley webster in tonight for lou dobbs. the race for 2016 got a whole lot more interesting. former republican presidential nominee mitt romney announcing today he will not run for president in 2016. the announcement coming just three weeks after romney shocked the political world by saying in fact, he was considering rung for a third time. >> after putting considerable thought into make another run for president, i've decided it's best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee. >> also the afghan taliban taking credit for an attack that killed three american contractors


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