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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 11, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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tonight follow the on and twitter and facebook or e-mail at box business. have yourself a safe word and a pleasant night. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the united states has been fighting the islamic state for six months, and now president obama has officially asked congress to give him authority to use military force against the islamic state. complicating the matter, however, mr. obama has been claiming all along that the united states is and has been successfully carrying out his strategy comprised main leaf airstrikes against the islamic state operating in syria and iraq. a further complication, mr. obama has made it clear he believes the national media has exaggerated the threat of the terrorists and a new complication, some congressmen
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and senators in both parties are divided over the language of the president's request for authorization, which they see as unclear and too broad, and has been the case of late the president is talking about what he won't be doing instead of what he will. >> the resolution we've submitted today does not call for the deployment of u.s. ground combat forces to iraq or syria. as i've said before i'm convinced that the united states should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the middle east. that's not in our national security interest and not necessary for us to defeat isil. it is not a timetable. it is not announcing that the mission is completed at any given period. what it is saying is that congress should revisit the issue at the beginning of the next president's term. lou: the president seeming ama
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ambivalence in sharp contrast to testimony on capitol hill where, the head of the house homeland security committee and intelligence officials all warned about the islamic state. that is, in their words spreading like wildfire around the globe. >> they're barbarians and i think the barbarians are at the gate. >> it's possible there are greater numbers of foreign fighters and potentially even greater numbers of individuals from western countries and the united states who travel to the conflict zones. >> there is a number that we don't know about. lou: so should congress grant the president his authorization? right now, the congress and senate don't agree to the answer to the question. we'll talk with foreign relations and intelligence committee member senator james rischer and critics question whether the obama administration has the ability to defeat the islamic state. we're learning the white house
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is revising strategy in afghanistan. a full debate what may be greater changing roles in afghanistan. ambassador john bolton joins us tonight to evaluate those plans. and european leaders in a high stake summit meeting with russian president putin as they try to negotiate a cease-fire in the raging conflict in eastern ukraine. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor will be here to examine the curious u.s. absence from those talks. we begin with the president's request for war authorization. coming on the same day as further embarrassment to the white house. the government of yemen a country president obama once touted as an american counterterrorism success story has collapsed, and western embassies there have shut down. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the latest. >> reporter: president obama making his pitch for a new authorization for military
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force with what can only be dubbed the obama doctrine. >> isil is going to lose. >> reporter: bold declarations about victory coupled with vague language how to get there. on one hand endowing ground forces while leaving the door ajar if he has akzable intelligence to attack isis leaders. >> i would be prepared to order to take action becausil not allow the terrorists to have a safe haven. we need flexibility and need to be careful and deliberate. >> reporter: the mix of caution and aggression leaves them wondering if there's a plan to win. >> the president's point he wants to dismantle and destroy isis. i haven't seen the strategy yet, but i think we'll accomplish that. >> reporter: exhibit a may be yemen, a country where the president touted separate fight against al qaeda as a success, but now in shambles. the u.s. embassy was closed and in a scene reminiscent in taking a dip in the pool last
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year. routine rebels in yemen seized 25 embassy vehicles and had u.s. marines hand over weapons. at the white house spokesman josh earnest tried to change the definition of success to pressuring al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> in ordering u.s. military operations in the region we have succeeded in applying significant pressure to the aqap leadership operating in yemen. >> reporter: that hints the president stopping but not defeating al qaeda. latest fox poll shows 68% say he should be tough or islamic extremists. 26% say he's tough enough. 60% believe it will require ground troops. 23% say airstrikes alone. 17% are unsure. the president made clear he wants ground troops supplied by partners like jordan and caps the u.s. air campaign at three years. >> it is not the authorization of another ground war like afghanistan or iraq.
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>> reporter: though just as he once claimed al qaeda was on the run today he said isis is pounded despite the associated press reporting the coalition has not stopped the flow of up to 20,000 foreign fighters from around the world taking up arms with isis. asked whether the language of the new war authorizesation fuzzy, ernest said yes. >> intentionally so. >> reporter: his point is the language is vague to give the president flexibility, but democrats say it leaves the door open to mission creep, republicans are complaining this ties the hand of this president and next president on ground troops. bottom line, that's why the president doesn't have the votes of either party right now to pass the resolution. lou? lou: ed thank you very much, ed henry from the white house. without much public notice the islamic state has now established a foundation in afghanistan, and its presence there has become a matter of increasingly strategic importance to the united states. the radical islamist terrorist
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group forcing president obama to reconsider his timetable for the drawdown of troops from afghanistan. fox news chief washington correspondent james rozen with the latest. reporter: he had campaigned on it and finally last december, it seemed as though president obama was delivering on his promise. >> this month, america's war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. >> reporter: now senior aides have confirmed that at the request of the afghan government, the president is rethinking plans for withdrawing the 10,000 u.s. troops still in afghanistan. the present timetable calls for 5500 to remain in theater through year's end. >> the president throughout that time has preserved the flexibility to respond to the security situation on the ground. >> reporter: over 13 years the u.s. lost 2200 troops in the afghan war. the afghan national security force has complete responsibility for safeguarding the country.
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those americans who stay will conduct counterterrorism operations and train, advise and assist the afghan forces. >> while the casualty rates of afghan partners in fight against the taliban are high there's no doubt none whatsoever, about the afghan willingness to fight and die for their country. >> reporter: at the senate armed services committee, top former officials warned the commander in chief about the perils of precipitous withdrawal. >> my sense is that in 2016 is too soon to assume that we that the afghan national security forces will be capable enough that we can afford to withdraw all of our forces from the field. >> by fixing a date certain to draw down to a certain number and then to draw down to basically an office and embassy, simply tells our adversaries how long they have to hold out before they have
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the field to themselves. >> reporter: lawmakers emphasize that the u.s. mission in afghanistan has by no means been a failure, noting since 2001, the number of school children has surged from one million to ten million with girls accounting for 40% of the students and women comprising 40% of the country's teachers lou? lou: james rosen, thank you. denied victories elsewhere, our troops are celebrating success in the fight against ebola in west africa a significant improvement in the region's number of ebola cases. new cases dropping to about 150 each week. that's down sharply from the more than 1,000 cases a week back in october. as a result, president obama order issing our troops to return home in stages after about four months in the battle to control the ebola outbreak. the worst in history. >> more than 1500 of our troops have been able to return. today i'm announcing by april
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30 all but 100 who will remain to support the ongoing response, all but those 100 will also be able to come home. lou: on capitol hill, the republican-led house today passed a bill calling on the obama administration to approve construction of the keystone pipeline. the legislation already passing in the senate, so today's 270-152 vote sends the measure to president obama, but he's already vowed to veto it. president obama has ten days to do so, and republicans, as of right now, don't have the votes to override it. those washington folks they can be quite something. we're coming right back with more of their antics. stay with us. the nobel peace prize winner wants his very own war. foreign relations and intelligence committee member,
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. lou: house speaker john boehner today challenged senate democrats to pass a bill to fund the homeland security department and got president
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obama's executive amnesty fiat. >> the house did its job. we won the fight to fund the department of homeland security and to stop the president's unconstitutional actions. now it's time for the senate to do their work. in a gift shop out here, they've got these little booklets how a bill becomes a law, right? the house has done its job. why don't you ask the senate democrats when they're going to get off their ass and do something? other than to vote no. lou: plain spokenness has arrived in washington, d.c. joining us is senator james risch, he serves on several key committees including foreign relations and intelligence, senator, good to have you with us. it's quite something, the speaker telling the democrats -- i'll rephrase it slightly get off their butts and do the right thing and do, as the president would say, what they say to do.
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>> you're characterization of the fact that the democrats are blocking even a discussion of the bill is absolutely correct. they have blocked any movement on that. they're going to close down homeland security, and i'm surprised. lou: is it your sense now that the democrats are willing to not fund dhs and will continue to refuse to move the bill? >> that isn't my sense. they have said that three times, they have been given the opportunity three times to move to the bill, and discuss it amend it vote no on it whatever you want to do but they're blocking any movement on it at all, so they are going to -- the result of that is they're going to shut down the department of homeland security. lou: let's turn, if we may, quickly, to the request for the use of military force. the president brought forward today requesting the congress and the senate to approve it. what is your predisposition
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concerning giving him that authority? >> well, number one, as long as we're talking about the constitution, that should have been done six months ago. the constitution is very clear that the president does not have authority to declare war, that is use military force without the authorization of congress crystal clear. he's done that and now has come forward with the resolution. when the president of the united states asks congress for the authority to use military force, that's one of the most sobering things that we do clearly it is part of our foundational constitutional responsibility, and since that's gotten here we've had a robust discussion of the language in the request. we're not bound by the language, and i suspect that when all is said and done the language is probably going to come out different. i and other members have been in meetings with the white house where they have been up here shopping the resolution, which is a good thing. the president should do that.
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in the past he's tried to go alone without congress and what have you. we have had meetings on it and have had, i think, discussions that were productive. i do believe that there are provisions in that request that are going to draw very heated debate, but look on this particular issue we're americans. when you're talking about protecting the united states of america, and the president is right on this isis or isil whatever you want to call them. do pose a threat to american interests. not only abroad but we have good evidence to believe that isis is moving wants to move to actually use force here on the homeland. and we've seen that. that's not out of the realm of possibilities, we just saw that in paris. lou: quickly, the irony is the president is requesting this use of military force authorization for, it at the
11:19 pm
same time, we're learning that there is a more significant presence of the islamic state in afghanistan as well as the taliban, at the same time, that the islamic state now holds about a third of iraq and syria, and the president who is basically been saying the national media is over, if you will, overexaggerating to use the term overexaggerating the power and the threat of the islamic state. this is confounding. it is perplexing. how do you wrestle with all of the conflict and contradiction? >> lou, we know for a fact that isis or isil is in at least eight countries, perhaps more. the president, i'm sure sees the same intelligence they see, and he should know that this is a clear and present danger to americans everywhere in the world, not only that but also
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here in the united states. we have got to deal with, this nobody wants to people wish they didn't have to deal with this unfortunately, it is a fact of life. it's in front of us we have to deal with this. lou: thank you very much senator, and i want to just stress how much i agree with what you said. i think the president is to be commended for bringing this request for the use of military force to the congress. the date that ensues the arguments that will follow over language and whatever and your ultimate decision on it that's fine but at least for the first time we've got a debate going since 2002 on this country's use of force. i think that's a healthy, healthy development. >> very much so. lou: senator, always great to talk with you, senator james risch. good talking with the senator, and a man that's plain spoken himself. time for a look at our online
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poll results. we asked -- be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question -- cast your vote at opening statements today began in stephenville, texas, in the trial of eddie ray routh the alleged killer of real life american sniper chris kyle. prosecutors argued routh a former marine was numb by marijuana and whiskey at the time of the fatal shooting. defense attorneys say routh suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and that's why they say he shot both kyle and his friend chad littlefield at a gun range in 2013. kyle's wife also choked back her tears as she testified.
11:22 pm
she knew something was off when she spoke to kyle at shooting range and he was quick on the phone. the trial is expected to take about two weeks. up next, topless demonstrators storming another trial. a trial about lavish orgies with prostitutes and the powerful men who attend them. a full report on dominique strauss-kahn's legal troubles. and my commentary on the president's endless troubles abroad and his strategy to deal with them. here next. stay with us.
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. lou: a few comments now on a nobel peace prize winning president in wartime, and the tough time he's having apparently making sense of it all. president obama wants congress to authorize limited military force against the islamic state. after previously insisting he had the legal authority to deploy nearly 3,000 of our
11:27 pm
troops to train iraqi forces and conduct airstrikes. some in congress mostly republicans, criticize his request as vague at best. charges mr. obama prefers to talk a lot about what he won't do instead of what he will do to defeat the islamic state. >> the resolution we've submitted today does not call for the deployment of u.s. ground combat forces to iraq or syria. it is not the authorization of another ground war, like afghanistan or iraq. at the same time, this resolution strikes the necessary balance by giving us the flexibility we need for unforeseen circumstances. lou: the president's request comes on the same day as another embarrassing setback in afghanistan. the islamic state he variously declared to be junior varsity, incapable of threats against us that the national media he says exaggerates, his administration
11:28 pm
considering slowing the withdrawal of our troops afghanistan. the second such delay because of a threat that our president has been trying to downplay. the administration's current plan calls to cut the nearly 11,000 troops that we have in afghanistan to 5500 by the end of the year, with the entire mission to be completed by 2017. all this coming from a president who ran on a campaign promise of ending wars in iraq and afghanistan. he's halfway there he's a nobel peace prize winning president. and one who has made the right decision at last to ask congress for authorization to use our military against the islamic state. my compliments to the president, my thanks and hope that he is becoming a constitutionalist. now, our quotation of the evening on our constitution, and duties and rights under it --
11:29 pm
the eighth president of the united states, martin van buren, when all who held office saw themselves as servants of the people. we're coming right back. the conflict in ukraine is intensifying. european leaders seeking peace with putin, former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, william taylor on those negotiations
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. lou: among the top stories we're following tonight, a possible break in the mysterious case of the argentine prosecutor who turned up dead while investigating whether argentina's president whitewashed a deadly 1994 terrorist bombing. forensic experts have found dna from an unidentified person found that dna in the apartment where the prosecutor was apparently killed last month. they are now working of course to find a match. and a stunning fall from grace for the man once, once thought of as the potential challenger to former french president nicolas sarkozy, dominique strauss-kahn testifying before a french court this week he only only
11:34 pm
attended four luxury hotel orgies in a single year, and that he did not know the women there were prostitutes. she known as dsk. he faces up to 10 years in prison on, and this is the charge, believe it or not, he is charged with aggravated pimping. 600 of our paratroopers are headed to ukraine to train troops to defend against attacks from russia. heavy fighting continues in the region with ukrainian government claiming 19 soldiers killed, nearly 80 injured over the past 24 hours. the latest round of fighting from leaders from ukraine, russia, france and germany gathering in minsk for peace talks, and joining us the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, william taylor, who is now the acting executive vice president at the u.s. institute for peace.
11:35 pm
it is great to have you with us. thanks for being here. >> thank you lou. lou: let me turn to first, the fact that the united states is not at this table. right now, angela merkel is effectively the leader of the free world, not the president of the united states. >> angela merkel is clearly taking the lead in this negotiation. and that's not a bad thing. she has been very careful to check with us to check with the americans and stay very close with the americans. she's also been very careful to check even more importantly with mr. poroshenko, the ukrainian president. so she understands mr. putin they speak both of each other's languages. she has been a lead hard person, taken a hard stance against the russians so she's a good person to lead this. lou: a good person to lead it but it is also at the same time, is it possible to come to
11:36 pm
an arrangement that affects all of europe, nato, and -- and leaves the president in anything but an awkward position? >> if mrs. merkel and mr. hollande and mr. poroshenko can get a deal with mr. putin, then the united states would be happy, nato would be happy, as long as mr. putin pulls his military troops. he has soldiers he has army formations in eastern europe. pulls them out and allows the ukrainians to seal that border, nato will be happy the americans will be happy and europe will be more secure. lou: while that is obviously a lofty and hopeful goals, what is -- is there any reason to expect that merkel and hollande and poroshenko will be successful with putin? he seems to be absolutely in control of all of the levers
11:37 pm
here. >> i'm not sure he is. i'm not sure he's totally in control. i think in the medium term he is in trouble, his economy is in very bad shape. sanctions that the europeans and the americans have put on him are biting badly. the oil price on which he depends for all of his revenue virtually is dropping precipitously, as we know. those two things don't look to get better. furthermore, the americans are considering providing sophisticated weapons to the ukrainians, which leads to another problem that president putin has which is dead soldiers coming back to russia from ukraine. lou: dead soldiers, though are the result of both sides of a conflict and he has an inherent advantage. he has troops weaponry materiale in position on that border. the ukrainians do not. the united states nor any member of nato has sufficient
11:38 pm
manpower or resources to -- to attack, should he decide if he sees one installment of that weaponry and arms for ukraine would that not provoke him, perhaps, to do exactly what you're trying to stop, that is further his invasion his incursion. >> what provokes mr. putin is a successful ukraine. he does not want to see ukraine succeed economically, political plea, he wants to see them struggle. and he can do that. and you're absolutely right, the ukrainian army is not a match, at this point, for the russian army, no doubt that mr. putin can dominate the escalation as i say but it is also true if he does, that as you suggest he might, he will have to commit overtly what he's been doing covertly his troops across the border. when he does that we have
11:39 pm
economic escalation dominance. that is, we could put much harder sanction. we've not by any means exhausted economic leverage over mr. putin. lou: while that is heart warming, it raises the question having taken effectively crimea, and maintained positions and his support for the separatists and russian backed rebels in eastern ukraine, what in the world? it's a fait accompli he's tain a vast vast chunk of ukraine already, and appears has designs not only in eastern ukraine but also estonia and the baltic states? >> it is true he's invaded a neighboring country. who knows what's in mr. putin's mind. he may invade another country. that would be a bad mistake, i think even he recognizes. he knows his army as good as it is against the ukrainians is not a match for nato.
11:40 pm
he knows that could be a line he could not cross without response from all of nato. he does have constraints but again, the economic constraint he has is that if those sanctions can be broadened, we can cut him off from economic transactions, all transactions that are done in dollars, he could be cut off from, that would really hammer his economy. he has to consider that. lou: ambassador we thank you very much for being with us appreciate it. come back soon. ambassador william taylor. >> glad to be here. lou: up next the third time proves the charm for spacex in efforts to launch a climate satellite. company, however, not able to recover their booster after the launch. we'll tell you why.
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. lou: president obama asking the congress for authorization to war against the islamic state but the american public is concerned about a lack of a coherent strategy a new fox news poll reveals that only 19% believe the administration has a clear strategy to defeat the radical islamist terrorist group. 73% of those polled say there is no clear strategy.
11:45 pm
joining me former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton. ambassador, this view that the president doesn't have a strategy, we heard speaker boehner say the same thing, until that strategy is articulated, can congress give him authorization to use military force? >> well, i -- if i were in congress present with the draft legislation that the president introduced today i'd vote against it because it's unconstitutional. the president's trying to tie his own hands. this is not the document of a commander in chief. this is the document of a politician, and i just think it will -- lou: you mean sun setting the authorization as well as limiting the force that would be used? >> exactly. so many limitations put in there. look, the right kind of authorization to use force is the president's here by authorized to use all necessary means. he is the commander in chief. there can't be 535 of them. this is exactly the wrong way
11:46 pm
to make war. but i think the real point is that 73% in the poll that don't think we have a coherent strategy, i think are just going to be reinforced in their view by this document that the president has articulated. and the 19%, i'm surprised it's that high. that number is going to go down. lou: yemen, the government of yemen has collapsed. the success story as the president highlighted is no more. libya, we are now told reliably that the islamic state is moving across that country that's in chaos and may reach the mediterranean in short order. what in the world is our response to what we are witnessing here? these are failed instances of failed u.s. foreign policy amongst a host of other issues. >> right, failed states that will be breeding grounds for terrorism. the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, now given more
11:47 pm
latitude because we don't have -- we have less capability to go after them. libya already a breeding ground for terrorists. somalia hasn't had a stable government in 25 years. iraq and syria are collapsing and we're withdrawing our embassies, visible symbol of the decline of the rise of the united states, influence for iran, it puts israel in danger it puts our arab friends in the region in danger. i am extremely worried that the series of discreet crises and god knows there are enough of them from isis and boko haram in nigeria we see the entire region in anarchy. lou: and as you note no response in foreign policy or military support by the united states and this administration. let's turn to ukraine where, things are not getting a lot better there either. talks with the president of the united states or this government absent from talks
11:48 pm
between germany france among those countries and, of course, ukraine and russia any. hope that there will be any meaningful meaningful success? >> i don't see it i think the north atlantic alliance is in disarray because of our failure to lead. what germany and france are doing in large measure because they don't see strength from the united states for the next two years, they're looking out for themselves. they're going to cut the best deal they can with russia the european union is fractured on the question of additional sanctions, i'm afraid putin is going to get away with this. lou: ambassador john bolton good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou. >> the dow down 7 points the nasdaq gained 13 point. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares. apple climbing on the $850 million solar farm deal to
11:49 pm
power the apple campus. tesla shares reporting a surprising loss in the fourth quarter. a new report shows american earnings potentially largely decided in the first ten years of a career. workers see earnings growth of 38% on average. growth stagnates after the first ten years of work. listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. spacex tonight successfully launching its unmanned falcon 9 rocket. the goal to take a climate satellite into deep space. the company hoping to recover the first stage booster of the rocket by landing it on a barge off the coast of florida. but three story high waves in the atlantic ocean making that impossible. the google owned robotics company boston dynamics showing off this little fella. it's new smaller, lighter version of the robot called spot, it can run, and can climb stairs.
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there it. is that looked more like a walk to me, but even that is pretty impressive. and it can cope with being kicked. was that a kick? the goal is for spot to be used -- that was a kick. go get 'em, spot. no one should have to put up with that. that's fascinating. a major shake-up for fake news, real news all kinds of news, should brian williams and jon stewart switch jobs? the a-team takes it up here ne congratulations. you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough, adding crestor lowers bad cholesterol up to 55%. crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor.
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lou: well, an update on the dobbs power rankings. potential former florida governor jeb bush, a little hiccup in the campaign as chief technology officer resigning from his super pac job over controversial tweets the bush camp calls insensitive and regrettable. they posted certain women he calls sluts and that martin luther king jr. should be praised for not speaking in gibberish and wearing pants that sagged to his ankles. you kind of worry how he got vetted. nbc news anchor brian williams has been suspended without pay for six months as investigation continues with his reporting on the iraq war. michael goodwin who has a very good idea about
11:55 pm
the williams story can do. senior politics editor jackie. jackie, great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: let me ask you this: your thoughts on the suspension, is this the conclusion? where are we in your judgment? >> in terms of brian williams? it seems like nbc decided that he shouldn't be around anymore. and it's -- i think -- just as a broader picture, it's a sad day for journalism because of the trust that was eroded by the realization that brian williams was not telling the truth. lou: should he have been fired? >> that's up to nbc. lou: i just want to know how sad. >> if that's where you get your news. you're in iowa, where i'm from, you see brian williams. it's a sad day for journalism that brian williams was in this position. put himself in this
11:56 pm
position. lou: you think the gentleman may solve everything and just switch jobs. >> right. i think brian williams' heart was not in this job. i think that was the problem here. i've seen him in private events with journalists and art patrons. he's hilarious. a song and dance man at heart. he should take jon stewart's job. he can do deadpan. rap the newswrap the news the way jon stewart did. he thought to replace jay leno within nbc and they said you're nuts. you're a newsman. lou: we got a lot of money in this. >> apparently, he didn't see himself as a newsman. lou: he may have company he may not want. >> if i may make a point about, yes, it's a sad day for nbc. i think it's a good thing. somebody has been held accountable and been
11:57 pm
called out. it should have happened sooner. nbc probably knew about some of this stuff but i think it's good when there are consequences for misbehavior. so i see it as a reaffirmation of standards. >> i agree with what you're saying. but the fact that it had to happen at all is not necessarily good for journalism. lou: i think anything that attaches skepticism to the news that people watch read, listen to, i think that's a very health healthy thing. we're in a peculiar society now where we have all sorts of spin. i mean, it is a machine. it is an industry now to influence the reality that is perceived by audiences. it has sometimes very little to do with truth. and i think the people like us, who are trying to speak truth to our audience, i think there ought to be great skepticism of us as well as any other source of impressions of reality.
11:58 pm
>> look, lou there's an old thing in journalism that you well know. the job of the journalist is to comfort the afflicted. i think it's been about providing comfort food for the committed. i do believe you have to find other sources. you have to vary -- have a diversity of news sources. lou: and jackie, let's turn to the presidential race. jeb bush. a chief technology officer who wasn't thoroughly vetted. the governor is having trouble here isn't he? >> yeah, definitely. the number one thing for a staffer particularly someone who is a chief technology officer or maybe a peripheral person, you don't want to become a distraction to the candidate. this individual became a distraction. pro tip in general. don't say things like that on social media. don't write it. >> one question for jeb bush, have you ever heard of google?
11:59 pm
lou: for his folks who are doing the hiring, anyway. by the way, i want to go back to nbc's -- well there's comcast. steven burke. nbc ceo steven burke releasing this statement. by his action, brian williams jeopardized the trust of millions. his actions are inexcusable. his suspension is severe and appropriate. he deserves a second chance and we are rooting for him. that sounds pretty conclusive. when you roll out the ceo to say that, they're going to stick with this guy. right? >> well, look, they did emphasize also that the review continues and they're looking for other incidents. i suspect this is a big incremental step away and he will not come back. lou: jackie your thought as we wrap up? >> i don't disagree. lou: you did it! i think i would say a chip off the old block. thank you so much
12:00 am
jackie and michael goodwin. we thank you for being with us tonight. we -- we hope you have a very pleasant evening. good night from new york. strange ♪ ♪ will. announcer: was he a lifelong corridor or collector? the answer lies in sizes knowledge regard told what rusty old cars. which is the truth? we are about to find out. ♪ ♪ jamie:


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