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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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powered torpedo. has the backpedaling begun already. melissa: scrapers. we'll bring you numbers -- jpmorgan numbers. we'll bring you numbers as they cross. david: looks like today is negative day. the closing bell rings] we're red on the dow and s&p. as liz mentioned, nasdaq taking biggest hit percentagewise, down almost a full percentage point. oil down again, down a full percentage point. only green on the screen is gold. we get news maybe the fed will raise interest rates this year after all. melissa: that's right. david: as markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. donald trump is not going to be on stage at democratic debate in las vegas. but he has said he will tweet out round by round account what goes on there. that may turn out to be only
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real drama in the debate as the five democratic candidates are not likely to slam each other the way republicans have. joining us fox business's blake berman, live from las vegas. hi, blake. reporter: hi, there, david. just five candidates on the debate. so much to talk about ahead of tonight's debate. so much focus will be on hillary clinton. it has been another day of headlines regarding poll numbers and email. she wants to get to night's debate as fast as possible. the our latest "fox news polls" show is the democratic frontrunner, 20 points ahead of bernie sanders. related to the general election matchup, it is joe biden on the democratic side who fares better. as far as email pose there was report out of the associated press the way the server was set up, made her more vulnerable, internet connection, to potential hackers. we'll see if poll numbers and email set up will be issues
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brought up in tonight's debate. there are of course four other candidates. bernie sanders's campaign is touting major grassroots efforts. they say there will be 4,000 watch parties across the country. they say that is a presidential election record. as for the other three, martin o'malley, jim webb and lincoln chafee, they need to gain some traction, try to get a carly fiorina-like bounce coming out of the first democratic debate. one person who won't be here is the vice president joe biden. not officially yet in the race. still mulling his decision according to all accounts. he will be watching at home tonight in d.c. david? david: blake, thank you very much. melissa: intel how the with third quarter results. wills which is has numbers. gerri what do you see? >> the expectation was for a 59 cents a share against 66 last year. that would be a decline. looks like a lackluster quarter.
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you see the numbers down here, actually 64 cents a share if i'm looking at that right. not a good quarter for intel and here's why. the company highly dependent on pc sales. that is where most of its computer chips have gone. they're trying to get into the cloud business but not quite as lucrative. we're looking revenues. estimate 14.22 billion. the year ago was 14.55. you see all of this declining as the company continues to struggle. the actual, 14.5 billion. those are the numbers. this company's shares have gone up recently but for the year they're down 11%. we'll see what happens in the coming moments. melissa, back to you. melissa: thank you, gerri. david: let's bring in gary kaltbaum, fox business contributor. gary, expectations were pretty low. in after-hours the stock was up a little bit.
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it actually beat some expectations even though it was way down, earnings per share over last year. >> most important thing is look, there is a thing called beat the number on wall street. throughout the quarter expectations come down and then you beat. but bottom line sales are down year-over-year, earnings are down year-over-year and that is just a recipe for a stock to do absolutely nothing on upside and maybe go to the downside if we start heading down again. it's a great company. does big numbers but no growth anymore. david: great company, but again the question, leif, pcs. is the pc market -- earlier a couple years ago, everybody said the pc market is dead. i don't think it is dead. it had a little bit of a comeback but is it enough to keep intel going? >> pc market, that is not intel's, not their bailiwick today. they shifted their focus doing more in clouds and devices and shipping 14-nanometer products.
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you're right pcs are down. they're expected in the 10% vicinity. not a big surprise so not a big deal gary i want to talk about j&j. johns and johnson reported earnings. -- johnson & johnson, it would have tanked but for the announcement of $10 billion buyback but paying for the buyback with borrowed money. borrowing millions to do that. we've seen so much of that recently, getting stock price up by borrowing money to buy back shares s that good or bad? >> i don't like it. i know other people say it is okay. look this has all been enabled by central banks keeping rates down at zero. so the cost to fund this is absolutely nothing. i got to tell you, there are bond that i bought five years ago in the market that used to yield 5%. the equivalent bond now is yielding 1%. that is why they're able to do all of this. there has been a ton of it done. all it does is make eps look
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better but doesn't help the company's future. david: we have a lot more coming up, guys. melissa. melissa: hillary clinton private server was open to intrusions because of the way it was wired to the internet. according to new data reviewed bit associated press. fox business's peter barnes in d.c. with the details. peter, i guess it is not a surprise. that's for sure. reporter: more revelations about her servers and her private email account, melissa. ap is reporting that clinton's private home server appeared to allow users to connect openly to it over the internet and control it remotely with no security while she was secretary of state. the server used microsoft's remote desktop program. the u.s. government and private industry warned it was vulnerable to attacks from even low-skilled hackers. remote access programs allow users to control another computer or server from another
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location, usually through an encrypted connection but clinton's system appeared to accept commands directly over the internet without such protections the ap reports. clinton said her server featured numerous safeguards but has yet to explain them. the state department has retroactively ruled hundreds of her emails contained classified information though it was not marked so when the emails were sent. clinton spokes person telling the ap quote, this report, like others reports before it lax any evidence of any breach, let one alone specifically targeting hillary clinton. justice is conducting review of security of the server and we're cooperating in full. no comment from the state department. melissa. melissa: stay tuned, right? david, the story has legs. a few other stories we're following, twitter laying off to 336 employees. that amounts to 8% of the workforce in a cost cutting move
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as the company struggles to attract new users. this comes a week after the company made cofounder jack dorsey its permanent ceo. barclays expected to make former jpmorgan chase banker james stanley its ceo after he was passed over for the top job two years ago. his appointment requires approval from regulators that could be a couple weeks away. looking like anheuser-busch will truly be the king of beers after blockbuster merger with rival sabmiller. the $104 billion deal would merge the world's two biggest brewers to produce 1/3 of all the world's beer. that is a lot of beer. new details on malaysia flight 17. that was shot down over ukraine last july. final results of an extensive investigation are out. we now know what was to blame. melissa: five democratic candidates set to duke it out in tonight's first debate. did you know there were five of them? david: wow --
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>> i only know of possibly three, bernie sanders, hillary clinton and vice president biden. melissa: nope. [laughter] david: only got four of them and biden was not among them. by the way, new england patriots quarterback tom brady slamming coca-cola. comments from his personal health guru calling coke, that is coming up. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: u.s. issuing a new warning to russia. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the latest on this one. jennifer? reporter: hi, melissa, at a press conference held in boston with australian ministers, defense secretary ash carter
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issued a veiled warning to russia. >> our counter isil fight will remain unchanged as we continue to urge russia to change it is failing strategy. russia in the meantime must act professionally in skies over syria? reporter: pentagon spokesman steve war nsaid's recently as saturday russian warplanes came in contact with u.s. planes over syria, which secretary warren described as reckless and indiscriminate. he said u.s. pilots are showing incredibly disciplined. >> a couple of russian aircraft came within visual recognition distance of a couple of them. coalition aircraft, visual identification took place. all pilots conducted themselves appropriately. everyone went about their business. but this is, but it is dangerous, right? it is dangerous if two sets of
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aircraft come into the same piece of airspace without clearly laid out protocols for safety. reporter: meanwhile the russian defense ministry released following videos of their airstrikes over syria. u.s. officials tell me what is most striking about the new video is that to the trained eye what the airstrikes show how far from the cross-hairs shown of the strike the russian bombs actually fan. they are mimicking the pentagon by releasing video from their their airstrikes. one is from a ammunition dump. the pentagon says very small portion russian airstrikes hit isis territory. secretary carter said u.s. military officials will meet for third time with russian counterparts to deconflict the space over syria. expect the talkses to yield an agreement on air safety oversyria soon. melissa? melissa: thank you so much. david: not exactly precision strikes there.
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a few other stories on our radar, three i will race littles were -- israelis were killed, 20 injured in shooting and stabbing attacks. this so-called day of rage declared by palestinian groups. prime minister netanyahu called an emergency meeting with security officials to combat escalating violence there. is this where the world's top financial officials get their insights from this guy? actor, die-hard hugo chavez fan, sean penn shown meeting with imf chief christine lagarde, u.n. secretary-general and imf bigwigs at annual conference in lima, peru. they're searching for ways to pull the global economy out of an economic rut. no word on the advice offered by mr. penn. melissa is shaking her head. good news for kids in connecticut after milford, connecticut school district canceled halloween parades calling it being inclusive.
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it was fight against political correctness. we told you about it yesterday. we thought we would give you updates. melissa: we're waiting on earnings from jpmorgan. what is that? ashley webster standing by with the numbers. ashley, you got those? >> i do. melissa and david, took a while. 15 minutes after the closing bell. earnings per share, 1.37. huge beat coming in of 1.68. that is the good news. the other side of the coin though, revenue, expected at 23.69 billion, coming in at 23.9. short, just a little on revenue. beating on earnings per share. difficult industry backdrop if you like for banks. zero interest rate environment. they have all been struggling with lack of revenue or certainly declining revenue and trading. we'll dig through the numbers. hit, beat on earnings, miss on revenue, twice. melissa: what an interesting mix. let's bring in gary and leif. they're back with us as well. what is your take?
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what do you think they did to make earnings look good on revenue? >> well, i don't know -- go ahead, sorry. >> look, when i look at financial earnings i have to get through them first because i got to tell you einstein can't figure out some. things in there. so we'll have to go underneath the surface. zero percent interest rates they better make a lot of money and better beat estimates. i'm not so sure it will help the stock out. financials have been lagging. we'll see how the after-market goes. melissa: leif a lot of concern for jpmorgan was centered around trading revenues on the year. jamie dimon had said at conference recently he thought their trading revenues were in line with other of their rivals, looking 5 to 6% reduction in total trading revenue on the year. we did see the reduction in revenue. it will be interesting to see how they made it up on earnings side. another thing, leif, jamie makes argument, even when interest rates, doesn't matter to him
4:18 pm
essentially what interest rates are. they sort of make a margin on it, no matter what. a lot of people say that is the not case. where do you come down? >> i think trading revenue is clearly issue, flat market for everybody. maybe he is in line with industry standards. it hasn't been a great year for trading period. they had investment banking has been down. i'm thankful that the company didn't come out to say they will buy back shares just like intel. formula seems to be, you know, we blow it on, we have good earnings because we cut expenses. blow it on revenue and we buy back shares. good on them for not, you know, throwing out financial life-support we've seen with johnson & johnson this morning. melissa: gary, i would say that is a real area of risk going forward. if you look collapse we've seen in price of oil and glut of oversupply. a lot of guys go up there to put up rigs and drilling to create that business borrow on that, all the way up to big e&p guys,
4:19 pm
going out collapsing because of the lower oil price. do you think there is risk on financial side or trading side related to collapse in price of oil? >> absolutely. there are tens of billions of dollars raised for oil companies. a lot of risky companies last few years. melissa: right. >> if those prices come down that will be an effect. tell you the other effect, there has been massive amount of ipos and secondaries last couple years. if market continues to suffer, that business stops, those fees go away and that will affect things. i promise you if markets head south, jpmorgan stock heads south as well as business. melissa: we'll dry down more on. investment banking that is area we want to see how it shook out. we'll remind viewers there was huge beat in earnings per share side. 1.68. we were anticipating 1.37. revenue was miss. anticipating 23.69 billion. instead came in at 23.56.
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guys, thanks so much. david? david: amazing mets got revenge against dodgers last night. will they seal the deal tonight? democratic debate is couple hours away but trump is crashing the party. will his tweet get more viewers than debate itself? ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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>> number 26, infielder, chase utley. [booing] david: if boos were electric they could have lit up new york city. the boos directed at chase utley were louder than ever last night. many expected the mets to retaliate but they didn't. they let their bats do talking instead. in statement after the game, the mets blocked out noise that surrounded utley and his take-out slide that broke tejada's right leg.
4:24 pm
they turned first playoff game in city field history into a victory, a big victory, beating dodgers 13-7. the dodgers are facing elimination tonight in queens, where ace pitcher clay ton kershaw faces mets rookie phenom steven mattes. there is another game. melissa: one step closer to history, cubs defeating cardinals 8-6 in a thriller. with a win they would clinch the first playoff series at wrigley field ever. one step closer to at least one prediction coming true from back to the future ii. you may remember marti mcfly travels 30 years into the future, remember this? to arrive october 22nd, 2015, where the cubs have won the world series. david: so bizarre. that is really kind of weird. melissa: that is really bizarre. david: jpmorgan out with a miss on revenues and adjusted third quarter earnings due to
4:25 pm
tax benefits and legal expenses. we're going to dig into that a little more. but as you can see, a slight miss after-hours. a slight bid down on the stock after-hours. we'll wait to see what happens tomorrow. meanwhile the countdown is on until the first democratic debate. you know who is competing on the main stage? take a listen. >> hillary clinton, who is running now? does, oh, what is his name? bernie sanders, is he running for democratic -- okay. melissa: wow. that was a reach. only two. playboy bunnies are buttoning up. the new look for the infamous brand. that is coming up. ♪ d flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services -
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five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. starting at $38,950. >> market drivers is brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. melissa: it is fight night in vegas. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders and something, some other guys plan to be there as well. >> i know hillary clinton is one of them. >> i do not know who jim webb is. >> the guy from baltimore. forget his name. >> only know two of them, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> do you know who jim webb is? >> not at all. >> i do not. >> got bernie sanders. we've got hillary clinton. we've got o'malley. the other two, i don't know. biden isn't running.
4:30 pm
>> hillary clinton. oh, my goodness, bernie sanders. and, i have forgotten the rest. >> hillary clinton, bernie sanders, joe biden doesn't know whether or not he is running and other people nobody cares about. >> i did not even know there were five. melissa: it is just hurtful to those other candidates. what must their mothers be thinking at home no one can come up with these people's names. poor thing. dan henninger, "wall street journal." alan colmes, host of "the alan colmes show" on fox news radio. julie roginsky, former political advisor to senator frank lautenberg. fox news contributor. julie, i mean, this is new york city! i mean other being in like berkeley, california, we pretty much have all the democrats out in the street. they have got no idea who is in this race is it meaningful. >> no respect for jim webb metric system program? what is going on, people on the street not recognizing trying to dot metric system.
4:31 pm
melissa: lincoln chafee. >> excuse me, you're right. it is lincoln chafee. there you go. >> no, no, it is lincoln chafee. it is sad. nobody knew who carly fiorina was six months ago either. today after great debate people know who she is. melissa: who will pop out? >> i think these guys are counting on that. >> whoever speaks will -- probably a tightening. people find out who jim webb is and lincoln chafee is. melissa: no, they won't. >> couple people following but you know. melissa: funny how much the conversation has changed, at beginning it was like hillary clinton will come out, she will really shine. we're wrapping her in bubble wrap. surrounded by people that won't attack her. this will be a piece of cake for her. to now it turned into detriment, i think nobody will watch this debate. ratings will be much lower. it is helping republicans there are 10 billion of them. everyone watches that debate.
4:32 pm
they attack each other. it has gone opposite direction what would be helpful and hurtful in terms of numbers. >> two biggest liberal tv markets in the country are new york and los angeles. unless i miss my guess, there is baseball team from both cities playing in a championship tonight. >> right. >> they can tell you the pitchers are but can't tell you who martin o'malley is. martin o'malley will be interesting figure. hillary has vulnerabilities email, authenticity. bernie sanders will not attack her on that. o'malley has nothing to lose. i think he is growing to try to attack her on those things. will have to defend herself. all bernie sanders has to do is sit there and perform and pick up the pieces. melissa: scenario as we've laid it out, who does it help the most, who does it hurt the most? you can include joe biden in that. >> it is interesting, hillary has to rehe set the narrative tonight. this is her opportunity to speak with people one-on-one without filter of media and get back to where she was.
4:33 pm
melissa: what would you tell her to say. >> quite honestly become human. make it clear to people, this is not about her, but about the rest of us. that is number one imperative. she has huge opportunities. rest of them have opportunity to take her on and become the next carly fiorina. >> expectations are so high for hillary, this is one everybody knows. has got name recognition. most to lose. will go down a few points as other people gather a couple of percentage points but not enough to make difference in long term. melissa: okay. >> we'll see how the polls go. name we haven't mentioned is joe biden. >> empty podium? >> yeah, at the podium. if after this debate hillary's numbers fall and bernie sanders go up, i think biden's in. if on other hand hillary does well and her numbers rise i think joe biden win step back. melissa: do you think he benefits most. he is not there to get hurt. everybody looks boring. we need joe. there is empty podium. he is represents everything everyone separate whoing for
4:34 pm
that is not on the stage, he is big winner. >> i have done many campaigns. you're never as popular as the day before you get into the race. the day you get into the race your numbers go down. >> biden wins until he gets in. melissa: thank you so much. >> thanks. melissa: be sure to tune into the first fox business republican debate on tuesday november 10th. you don't want to miss that one. david? david: dan henninger watching baseball and politics tonight? the. >> both. got a little square. david: i bet the big screen will be baseball for dan. democratic debate we were just hearing is a few hours away but the gop might steal the spotlight because donald trump says he will live tweet during the entire debate. to make things more exciting rand paul is doing live streaming, a day in the life of rand paul. deirdre bolton joining us for details on these two stories. >> david, donald trump says, this isn't going to be boring tonight, only because i'm going to be live tweeting it.
4:35 pm
we'll want to hear his comments. i personally think he will have a lot to call out on hillary clinton. you've been talking about this. she showed up at an event on trump property right near the las vegas strip near protesters and basically egged them on. i'm sure he will have specific feedback this evening for hillary rodham clinton. you mentioned rand paul. we had his dad, dr. paul, on with us week 1/2 ago. saying that has to be your number one pick. more on that later tonight. david: deirdre bolton on "risk & reward" after the show. thanks, deirdre. melissa: jeb bush representing alternative to obamacare today. the presidential contender -- i'm going over here. unveiling his plan to repeal and replace the president's health care law. fox news's carl cameron in d.c. with the latest. carl? >> melissa, governor bush argued that the president promises
4:36 pm
universal coverage and lower premiums. by administration own estimates premiums rise 2900 bucks over next 10 years and 26 million people will still be uninsured. bush's opportunity to explain why he wants to get rid of affordable care act and try to insert himself in tonight's debate, make democrats defend obamacare ion at his prompting. >> hillary clinton supports it and so does bernie sanders and other democrats in the debate. las vegas they will be supportive of top down driven, highly bureaucratic insurance plan that is stifling our ability to go up. for democrats this is what they like. they like the power deciding things from above. this is their essence. >> this is how they roll, this is their essence. all the republican presidential candidates say they want to get rid of obamacare but only one with detailed plan to do is louisiana governor bobby jindal called jeb's plan obamacare
4:37 pm
light right out of the gate. he said pretty much the same thing scott walker proposed before he dropped out of the race, four weeks ago yesterday actually, melissa. melissa: what else is in the jeb plan, carl? >> pretty elaborate. backing popular conservative reforms. all desired to lower insurance cost. make insurance portable across state lines. expand health savings accounts. put more money. restore individual insurance markets and employer sponsored coverage. regulate,hhs and eliminate taxes with obamacare and unleash technological innovation. if his plan becomes any topic of discussion or puts democrats on defense because of affordable care act jeb's team will call tonight a victory, melissa. melissa: carl, thank you so much for that. >> you bet. david: we have some breaking political news. donald trump speak to our own neil cavuto on fox news moments ago. take a listen. >> honestly, very little. a couple million dollars or something because i haven't, i
4:38 pm
had earmarked to this point in budget about $20 million. i have spent zero on advertising because you and fox and all of the others, i won't mention names, but every other network, they cover me a lot, to put it mildly. in covering me almost like if i put ads in on top of the program it would be too much. it would be too much trump. so we expected to be about $20 million at this point that i have spent so far nothing and you know, which i think is a great tribute. it is your show and a business show predominantly although you become more and more political i noticed over the years in all fairness, neil. sort after great tribute to business because i've spent the least money and i have the best poll numbers. melissa: you know what? it would be too much trump. can't put more trump in there. it would be too much trump. david: according to trump you can never have too much trump. melissa: there is no way. david: our own charlie gasparino reporting a couple weeks ago he wasn't spending any money on political ads or anything else.
4:39 pm
he can deduct expenses of his trips to various campaign appearances and so forth. heard it here first on fox business. new report about the airliner shot down over ukraine. it was a missile. has russian fingerprints all over it. iran today officially voting yes to the nuclear agreement with the united states. why is the country testing a brand new advanced torpedo system? is that a violation of the agreement? details coming next. ♪ the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. melissa: big news in the investigation in in malaysian airlines plane shot down over ukraine. the big news it was russian missile but who launched it?
4:43 pm
reporter: this confirmed what many people previously suspected it was shot down by a russian made system in territory controlled by russian-back separatists. there were 15 months of painstaking analysis around the crash site as dutch authorities collected thousands of pieces fragments over an area hundreds of miles wide. they reconstructed the entire forward part of the aircraft. using detailed analysis as well as audio recordings from the pilot's headset and satellite imagery they were able to confirm the type of weapon used. here is what the lead investigator told the media. >> all were participating in the investigation and endorsed the conclusion that the crash was caused by the detonation of a warhead in close proximity to the airplane. reporter: the point this specific kind of russian missile, buk system, doesn't hit the aircraft t detonates just
4:44 pm
next to it and shrapnel from the weapon was found in the fuselage and in the bodies of the pilots. the report also said that some of the passengers would have been conscious for a terrifying 90 seconds after impact. and that more must be done to avoid airspaces over conflict zones. it concluded that 168 commercial planes flew over the area that day. the report however, did not speak to a apportion blame. much of the evidence does point to russia as culprit but russia of course denies this there is ongoing criminal investigation at same time, until results of that are released, families of victims may have to wait a little longer for closure. back to you. melissa: wow, benjamin. thank you so much for that report. david: unbelievable. iran's parliament put its stamp of approval on country's nuclear deal, on the same day it tested advanced torpedo system. after an american reporter for washington post imprisoned in iranian jail for 14 months was convicted of espionage.
4:45 pm
here with very latest on this, jerry seib, "wall street journal's" washington bureau chief. steven yates, d.c. advisor and ceo deputy assistant for vice president of national security affairs. steven, does the new torpedo technology that they just tested or announced they just tested today, does that violate the terms of the agreement? >> david, i don't believe it does violate the terms of the agreement, partly because as we're learning the agreement covers less and less of the strategic threat iran presents. of course what is the major naval power this new torpedo system could be possibly targeting? i'm not so sure. but what it comes to conventional weapons and iran's roll in the region russia advanced with iran pushing forward the position. this agreement does nothing to curtail that. david: jerry, even if we suspected the new torpedo system violate ad particular clause in the deal the details which we
4:46 pm
don't know everything about, we can't talk to them about it, because the supreme leader said no more talking to the united states. >> that's right. they will have to talk to some people about implementation of the deal. the bigger problem with the surface-to-surface ballistic missile test iran did over the weekend which white house says, or there are strong indications it violates security council resolutions not the nuclear deal just completed but existing security council resolution, limiting iran's ballistic missile capabilities, in long run that is more serious concern. one that is more of a clear violation. david: one thing of great concern everybody who has been reporter overseas, jailing of this washington post-correspondent. many people, gerry, you were once imprisoned in iran. they claimed, correct me if i'm wrong, that you were an israeli spy. you happened to be a roman catholic, for the record. so i mean that claim was absurd
4:47 pm
but tell us what you think this reporter is going through. 14 months. you were only there a couple weeks. >> i was there a week. he has been there 14 months. it is hard to compare. i wouldn't dream of comparing my experience with jason's but dynamic is often the same. iranians will grab a journalist, or some cases government workers or business people, throw them in jail. try to figure out later what to do about it. that is what this looks like. to me that happened in my case. in this instance, it is hard to know exactly what they have convicted jason of. seems pretty clear he is out there to be used as bargaining chip in some kind of an exchange with the u.s. conviction is hard to take seriously when the trial was in secret and conviction was in secret and "washington post" called it outrageous. david: jail itself, i can only imagine, it is not up to u.s. standards, right? >> no. it is not. i wasn't mistreated there and i
4:48 pm
won't claim that i was. the reality this place has been used for years by iranian regime, by the shah's regime and current one to house political prisoners t has a clear purpose. often serves that purpose as it is in this case. david: glad you got back so quickly. jerry seib, thank you. we wish the best for "the washington post" reporter and his family. stephen yates, thank you very much. >> number one to number seven, amazon's fall from business grace. maybe sex doesn't sell after all. iconic magazine will never be the same again.
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
performing ceos on planet. biggest surprise, jeff bezos previously number one on the list fell all the way down to 87. lars sorenson, ceo after danish company novo-nordisk topped the list. whopper weighing in at astonishing 1969 pounds for a pumpkin. took title of plummest pumpkin at san francisco bay. new york city got a whole lot classier. a new apple bar called, stay classy, with will ferrell's movie and cocktail menu of his fame must quotes. the bar september to open on october 25th, lower east side of manhattan. kind of a big deal here. melissa: "playboy" covering up after 62 years. the magazine will stop publishing nude photos of women because naked pictures are just
4:53 pm
quote, passe now. we'll bring in bruce terkel, ceo of terkel brands. so they're getting a ton of pr out of this today. we heard more about "playboy," name of brand over and over again. in the long run do you think this is genius. >> i only read articles. melissa: if i had a dime i heard that joke, bruce. i expect more from you, my friend. go again. >> let's try this. this is their strategy, going from t and a, to q&a. is this going to replace this? i can't imagine how. melissa: no. okay let me be devil's advocate. here are i was they're improving themselves. can't bring up naked pictures of people on office computer. you can look at articles in the office if everybody is not is nt naked. they have done what is opposite.
4:54 pm
porn and nudity are everywhere. "maxim" has done very well. maybe they're trying to be more "maxim" and more "esquire"? >> i'm glad i got through puberty before they made this decision. they have to try something. as you were describing it you weren't falling for it. melissa: i'm not their target. i'm not their target. i'm not person that would be looking there anyway. when you say you're glad you grew up, if you were growing up now, you would have porn everywhere you look. >> wouldn't be anything left to the imagination. that is a good point. you know what? i have to tell you, they have to try something. melissa: they have to try something. >> i can't imagine how it will work. melissa: david? david: we'll switch topics stay with our person here, new england patriots quarterback tom brady slamming coca-cola. he came to the defense after health boo rue -- guru called it poison and took a hit at frosted
4:55 pm
flakes, saying it is not real food. frosted flakes, that is all i ate when i was a kid. what do you make of this. >> when you grew up they were called sugar frosted flakes. there was truth in advertising. here is what i find very strange about this. tom brady and his wife earn a major portion of their income, spokespeople for products, putting their names, putting their likeness. now adays, coca-cola, kellogg's they own some different things. i can't for the life of me figure out why he would make this stand. makes no sense to me. david: i don't want to come to the defense of the sugar products, warren buffett says he gets 25% of the his caloric intake every day from coca-cola. he figured out how much coke he drinks. that is a fourth of all he takes in. i mean, he is 83 years old. he has billions of dollars. he is pretty healthy. >> well i don't know that i would use that as my measuring stick for what is healthy and what's not but come on, we all know what is in the bottle.
4:56 pm
we all know if we should drink it or not. we know when to have it as a treat. there is no question about that. david: bruce, thank you very much. good to see you, my friend. >> thank you, david. melissa: in the case of joe biden, an empty podium waiting for the vice president to join tonight's debate. it is not the only available spot. >> is not only one that has both a fantastic imagination and access to podium technology. bring it on out, boys. [cheers and applause] mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? >> if you build it maybe he will come. that is what they're thinking. a podium ready and waiting for joe biden at tonight's presidential debate. >> there it is. they have an extra podium just in case biden drops by, like you do. you know, this year's presidential debates are basically an open mic night [laughter]. could be biden.
5:00 pm
could be carrot top. >> can't get joe biden with a podium waiting in the wings. you get joe biden with wings waiting at a podium. [laughter] david: i'll be listening. i'll be listening or watching baseball game. here is "risk & reward." deidre: five democratic presidential candidates will compete for mindshare in just a few hours. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. first debate of 2016 election season kicking off in a few hours in vegas. fox business's blake burman with me now. blake, senator bernie sanders, frontrunner hillary clinton, they have pretty much been quiet, calm about each other. is that going to change tonight? reporter: hi, there, deirdre. they have been gloves off at least with each other in this cycle. i say probably unlikely these


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