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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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deirdre: dr. kelly powers thank you very much. joining us there. thank you for joining us here on risk and reward. making money with charles payne starts in 7 seconds. charles: wouldn't you know that stocks continue to surge after big count out a month ago, dow finished up 165 today, went shadow of the all-time high. donald trump is ready to nesh yale, an negotiate, tv debate alone. >> bill gates embracing socialism, i tell you what, it is more dangerous than hypothetical rhetoric. >> "making money" starts right now.
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charles: sorry about that, breaking news for you, congressional hispanic caucus issued a statement of opposition to donald trump hosting saturday night live, this is after trump made comments about illegal immigrants coming in through mexico in june. that a lot of people were, fended by, their statement reads, congressional hispanic caucus calls on nbc, universal, broadway video, and snl produce ir, lauren michael to disinvite donald trump to host saturday night live, because racism is not funny. after all g.o.p. candidates, campaign drafted their demands over the weekend for future debate, we learn that donald trump is rejecting that consensus and making his own individual demands on tv executives, joining me now,
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tammy bruce, mercedes, and mark serrano. mark, we'll start with you. i guess, it is monday so donald trump "going rogue" is not new, but it feels like every time this happens the plot thickens more. >> if you are lauren michaels at nbc, you are looking at doubling your ratings versus trying to appease the hispanic caucus in congress could you going with ratings. donald trump if he is "going rogue" in terms of negotiating deals, that all about market share, he is driving the ratings, he is not going to sit at same table and negotiate with networks as chris christie or rand paul or bobby jindal, this is all
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about ratings for the frontrunner for the nomination. charles: how you can have a debate, with just -- what he going to get his own stool his own spotlight. >> donald trump is capable of anything, i think that it would have been smart for reince priebus, to step aside and let donald trump handle all of these thoashiation negotiations with the networks. i think for donald trump he will make his stand, he did it last time with cnbc, made it clear, it was going to be a two-our debate, they would have hoping and closing statements be he is setting the way he wants to do this, i think they lot of the networks will go for it in the case of nbc, right now we know is suspended, but it could come back to life. charles: tammy, all campaigns got together over weekend. i feel after that cnbc
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bedebate it was reince priebus trying to save his own neck. now donald trump saying he will negotiate on his own. where does that put the other candidates? if i am another candidate, i will just sit this out. >> at-this-point for ern, because of numbers are so high they could thank donald trump for bringing in extra eye, reince priebus has demoted one man who was handling the debate. and changed up some of the staff, that made an impact on the rnc. at-this-point, donald trump is very smart, his demands are not so different. charles: do you know? >> opening statement, they know the format is bev they debate, they understand the intent and direct, some of the candidates, some that are on the lower end wanted more people on the main stage, he dud not want that -- he does
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not want that, it also for him, i think he can at the end of this say, he is the one who negotiated this, he made this be a winner. when not so different from about what everybody else was talking about. charles: the presidential hopefuls coming off quite negative. so far, in the big question, can to be party of reagan? can they resurrect that ronald reagan enthusiasm that captivated this nation, and lifted every's spirits, everyone keeps invoking reagan's name, i don't feel that same morning in america for all americans. i feel a lot of finger-pointing. a lot of griping, and a lot of anger. >> i don't know if you were born in late 1970s, ronald reagan was a tough campaigner, there was a moment in new
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hampshire debate, he was debating george h.w. bush he said, i paid for this microphone. he was tougher in primaries then he was against president jimmy carter, i think that just the rough and tough part of politics. this happens during the primary. i believe the candidates that stay above the fray, they can focus on the optimistic message, and hone in on the passion and anger out there to the g.o.p. side will resonate. but to say that you know reagan was all optimistic, you need to look at history, you will see he was tougher than nails. >> yep. charles: but the american public feeling optimism because of him. did they feel it was morning in america or hey i am going to the candidate that fills my anger -- feels my anger and stokes it more. >> reagan came in after one
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term of carter, we're looking at two terms of obama with this abysmal economy. the truth is that this and i caricature of the left. about republicans being mean, and nasty, and negative. the truth is, these candidates running for president on the republican side, could not be more optimistic about our future. but they know we need a complete course direction, they are in touch in contact with the misery that is being felt by many americans. they still are optimistic about our opportunity. i have gone around country with a candidate for president, it is a miserable existence month after month. you have to believe in america to go through that all these months. charles: this would have been 8 years, divisiveness of someone who deliberately put american against american, we would be prepared as a people,
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as a nation for someone to heal us. >> we know what last 8 years, and we have been lead to, treated as though we're all a bunch of idiots, there is anger, but covers, one of great -- kr-6s conservatives are they are optimistic, they are romantic. this is a great nation because of the forward looking message of the conservative. charles: if you went to locale train station, and asked first 20 people they would say conservatives are optimistic or mean-spirited. >> in general, america, you go center right we know what conservatism is, all the american people want is a republican party that actually act knowledges the nature of the fact that country has, you know someone is trying to
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destroy us, someone has destroyed our economy right now that worthy to be angry. you can be angry but you can also be optimistic about the changes that are going to be made. >> you saw this a major vick roor ivictory marco rubio, beginned -- he gained support of billionaire paul singer. what does this endorsement mean for rubio? >> he has to be careful, right now it looks like if he gets a sheldon adelson endorsement he is the default establishment choice. we have to be careful about what that mines, at the same time mr. singer endorsed mitt romney. this is a very different time, main of the candidates in a lineup can be in a position
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like ted cruz, mr. singer made a point of a liberal point will view on social issues that might be an issue with the nomination process, and what the basic base of the republican party is looking for. charles: also, mark there is a sense that the republican -- this is a bruising fight. it has been acknowledged here this this panel. this is just how it goes. you have to go in tough skin, and come out with bruises, he seems to say of all people out there in the mix, that somehow rubio will dodge the most punches and come out smelling like a rose. >> i think he is saying, jeb bush of the the odds on favorite for the establishment, this looks like a safe chase as a second chase for the establishment. this could be the kiss of death. this is a year for the outsider. looking at polls, 56% of republicans are going with an outsider.
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for rubio to all of a sudden by come the favorite of the establishment it might be like being the you know favorite skunk at the zoo. in an elect, where an outsider is odds on favorite, right now with poll. >> rubio is polished, and professional he could be a terrorist irleader but he is not fully tested. charles: mercedes, we know this is a double edge toward, a lot of money, a lot of up fleinfluence. and singer is a very good friend of israel, that stamps rubio has a very good friend of israel. >> it is a double-edge sword. on other hand, tammy mentioned, he is a moderate, that does not fit well with the conservatives, that is why you could see a ted cruz benefiting receiving additional money from more
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conservative donors. i think this is sending a strong message, that look we'll need to rally, around one establishment type of candidate. that might be rubio. about 10 have to drop out for any establishment candidate to rise up. charles: i think you will get ta weeding out process soon, i hope not true he has to call him, sir. >> you don't want to miss fox business very own republican debate, tune in g.o.p. hopefuls taking center stage in wisconsin, tuesday, november 6, right here on the fox business network. charles: target, macy's and other guys offering big time money for the holiday season workers. what does that mean for and you your money? we'll tell you when we come back. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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charles: a new gallup poll shows concerns spending was out last week compared to last year. retailers are offering more hours, and higher pay. an economy that is plagued by a couple things, with unemployment, and companies bending over backward to hire people. we can't figure it out are people just lazy? they don't need a job, what is it that, men mih minimum wage is going up, we hear 94 million people don't work,
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they can ignore these lucrative offers to work. >> two things are happening, one, minimum wage laws. we have wages that have to go higher and higher. but number two you have a dummyings down of education, a lot of people that are not qualified to work for the companies, you end up with a very small pool of perhaps people that are employable. charles: i wonder where we find that sweet spot, of raisinraise wages but people are not getted those jobs. >> because of entitlement, and family formation, the 25-year-old, and 35-year-olds are living at home with their
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parents who are in their 60s, and 70s. that is why target and macy's said maybe we'll hire you permanently afterward. this is a time of year when from fro grat -- tips are made. you would rather work at a steak house. charles: i think that it might be one of the dynamics. but you think about the attack on left about the entry level job providers, people become more dismissive, what happens those perhaps without the full skill set who have been told don't worry about it, sit out on the corner or go get a welfare check that limits the
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level of entry level employees. charles: people insist they would never work in mcdonald's. you know there is enough stuff and programs out there for them to not have to. coming up, ask payne. you hit me with questions, the market going up, but not every stock, keep them coming, tweet me, we'll be right back.
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charles: you hit my with a ton of questions, what do you think of smith & wesson or estee lauder for all day buys. estee lauder up huge. good call. maybe friday it would have been better. smith and wesson off i think a 50 buy moving average, i like both.
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el longer term will not be affect by outside factors >> johnny wants to know, what do you think about footlocker ahead of earnings? charles: i love footlocker, i think they will blow away earning estimate. but i don't like how they have reactioned from time to time to the earnings. think about under armour on weakness. any fur further weakness is the buy before footlocker. it feels like something bad is going to happen in the market, do you agree? it always feels strange, with these days of volatility. we have to worry about is when everyone think its feels great, when nobody is afraid to be irrationaly exuberant,
6:24 pm
this whole rally no one has been that, they have been skeptical that is c this rally continues. and yo it is gimmicky. maybe you buy through 440 but no long-term investor should consider this. why are things like facebook and twitter with no real value, no real potential to earn allowed to sell stocks? you are right and wrong, facebook does have value, it is up over 100% in last 2 year, twitter down 35%, the market taken them and looked at them objectively, one is phenomenal one needs to gettinget its act together to your point. >> and charlie, my stock
6:25 pm
portfolio, macy's i dividend play? i don't still like it, they have a super star ceo who can talk his way through so many bad quarters but back-to-back bad quarters crushed it stock. look at burlington coat, fay d they do not offer i did off dividends. >> and reports third quarter earning, crush wall street estimate on top and bottom, stock right now, getting hammered in after market because they will sell shares and raise additional money, this is a stock $37 right now, down 3 bucks, if you are in it i would not panic, lower guidance has stock looking down for moment. bill gates looking down at capitalism, saying there is
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charles: the world's richest man is the symbol of capitalism, but bill gates saying that only big
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government ca can -- fix climate change, the bottom line is gates is saying that bottom line is not big enough to find a cure for climate change. mark, what do you make of this? i am so used that to these silicon valley guys having it both ways this is the most in your face disof capitalism that i heard. >> this is replete with irony, we would not know the name bill gates if not for capitalism, and accumulation of wealth that comes from it. the irony abound. looking at this, you know at least you could say this, about bill gates mostly democrats like to redifferen to -- redistribute other people's money, at leave he using his own, but he has it wrong, he has the approach all wrong.
6:31 pm
charles: mercedes, here is the thing, he when he dies his money does not go to government but to gates foundation. here and i guy, his money goes to foundation, they are phony, they are full of it, they are rich as hell they want everyone to pay more money for their fan fantasy. >> i think, and it is ironic he was for capitalism when he was starting his company, has he looked at fruits of socialism and communism in the world, in eastern europe alone, in time of communism you could not plant crops there because of the chemical wasteland they built. and this idea you have to include the heavily government subsidies, he is part of the least regulated sector when he was building out his company. we know that capitalism creates innovation, it helps individuals really build owl
6:32 pm
out their companies this is a insult to small businesses. charles: even when government does something like create the internet, they don know what they're sitting on. the thing too is that this -- dis on democracy, saying enough americans don't know yohow to do math, so we don't understand. >> this is classic, with people who are a certain category of individuals in society they believe they are the only ones that matter, they are only ones that is understand what is happen socially and what is necessary economy like, you also have a man, ironic like is begging his own question, he is putting $2 billion of his own money for renewable energy, that is great, that is private sector, he needs to look at what government did with i-t, and obamacare and the marketplace to see anything that the government touches fails -- touches, not just this one any government, it
6:33 pm
destroys the good idea. this straimpl strange thinking for a by who is is up hosed tsepulveda oised to be -- is u-- supposed to be smart. >> he wants a climate tax. if this was such a threat to mankind -- charles: i think this obama misjudged the deat depth of ted kennedy. all right switching. uuber investing in self driving cars with driver less truck, wiping out 10 to 14 million jobs, truck drivers, i am not sure people know this is the most common job. number one job is truck drivers, who will replace the people?
6:34 pm
heather hanson is joining us no now. this whole clean energy thing will mean less jobs. >> it will mean less jobs or very different jobs, not all people that we need to be educated of if you to fulfill those -- educate to fulfill those jobs that will be the problem. we need people to have the education so they can do the technology, and marketing and sales, and other jobs that will arise from this technology. charles: bill gates already say we're not a smart nation. that is why we should not have a representative democracy. people making things by hand went to a person could do it. >> i think this is a bad idea. it goes into attitude, americans are individuals, they don't matter any more, airplanes can my themselves,
6:35 pm
trains can drive themselves, but the human element even though there are accidents because of human error they matter. like with captain sulle -- sullengerger in the river. we could have perhaps automated trucks that are requiring the individual to be there, this eliminates too much. charles: while we were talking we had a truck on the scene, automated truck. >> to say nothing of hijacking. charles: someone brought up that too, i want to stay on the topic but tweak it a bit. today, a man was arrested in california, after he viciously attacked a uber driver, the passenger who was intoxicated hit the driver, pulling his hair. >> jerk. charles: the driver pepper
6:36 pm
sprayed him, helger, yo helg you are the attorney. >> thank god he had the pepper stray and the camera, the uber drivers get a bad wrap, they are in danger, the tacky drivers have -- taxi drivers have the glass up, it will be important as we seeing more and more of this economy taking root these people protect themselves. charles: mercedes, uber has a low end part, housewife will take the kids to soccer practice. to airport pick someone up. >> sounds like me. charles: and soccer practice but i don't know after watching this video. >> you know i think that dash cameras are important, it is welcomed by police, that's an increasing trend, it could help avoid these situation or document them of bad behavior
6:37 pm
or sexual harassment. and also to deal with underage passengers, you are not allowed if you are under 18. charles: ages 16 and 17 ran up a $4,000 uber bill. >> wow. charles: that would have been me and my son. >> uber is responsible for over a million rides a day. this is one ride that we got to went on a camera, the guy in the backseat is a birth bag -- dirtbag, but uber is by and large a very safe option. >> i love it too, but there will be interesting adjustment. we have breaking news. new "wall street journal" numbers poll out, ben carson over takes donald trump in the lead, brand-new breaking news, we'll come back and break it
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charles: breaking news, the plot continues to thicken, "wall street journal" numbers poll shows ben carson above donald trump, this is a national poll, we have all of the numbers, we'll be right back.
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charles: a new "wall street journal" nee nbc news pop out, ben carson takes over donald trump in the lead. 29 percent of the voters. carson's 29% follow by donald trump 23%. marco rubio at 11%. ted cruz 10%. jeb bush is 8% on this. we have mark, tammy and mercedes with us, mark, we knew that carson had momentum, but now i think maybe people
6:42 pm
will take him more seriously? >> i think so. challenge for ben carson, can he translate results like this, two national polls in past week, in to increase poll numbers in new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada, and florida. that is really the determination here is. he is dig well in iowa, got two national polls looking really good, but can he translate it on the ground, can he raise more money, he is spending a lot of his money. you can come out of iowa, iowa has been 4 out of 9 of past elections, winners in iowa did not become the nominee, iowa is only so good, the national poll soppil only so good. charles: he has raised a lot of money from small donors, according to this poll he does well with value voters, people
6:43 pm
who go to church, people who make less than 75,000. >> over 60% of his donation come from small donors, he has a strong appeal for social conservatives, they are key in iowa and south carolina. he has a likability factor, which is interesting, he is not strong in the debate. the onies to watch are two numbers issue we have rubio and cruz in double digits, those are two numbers to watch at this point. because, they are growing, which means that other ones are decreasing, then you know we need to watch closely, because, i wonder who trump is going to say, is it poll scientific enough. charles: well, the thing that is interesting, despite the fact that carson has been coming on in the last week, donald trump started this week attacking marco rubio, because, if felt like media
6:44 pm
deemed rubio the winner. he did shoot up in one poll in new hampshire do you think that trump is not taking carson seriously enough. >> when you look at the appeal of ben carson, i think that donald trump realized that marco rubio's appeal or a ted cruz appeal has a long are run with details the issues, and how seriously they will be taken. , when dr. carson is asked about detail he seems at see a little bit -- at sea a little bit that will catch up, this poll was taken before and after the last debate, republican primary goers that good. but keep in mind this is national, have you still, he may be ahead in iowa, donald trump is well ahead in new hampshire, marco rubio moved up in that poll but he is at 13%. south carolina still owned by mr. trump, this is a long haulfor arl-- for dr. carson.
6:45 pm
charles: really? >> yes, as we get closer you will see him falling like you have seen mr. trump fall to some degree. charles: we'll talk about this, we'll delve into it more, at home, fox business, we're doing it right, the republican debate next week could tune in gom g.o.p. hopefuls taking center stage, we'll be there. all-star panel of moderators tuesday november 10, 6 and 9 testimony, we'll b p.m., right here on fox business. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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6:49 pm
lead, these are the numbers, carson getting support of 29% of g.o.p. primary voters hark is highest percentage for any g.o.p. candidate with this survey. carson at 29, trump at 23, rubeo arubio at 11, and jeb bush at 8. marc, tammy and mercedes are back with us. mercedes, what do you think this would mean for rubio and cruz. they seem to have momentum, and beneath the radar this sometimes works for you. >> i, agree am we're seeing now they have broken through to the double digits that is key for both. it shows that at this point, they are the candidates that seem to be getting support they need, the debates were
6:50 pm
important for both of them. in terms of how they performed and able to again be viewed from establishment side, who can we support that is the insider type. but when you look at carson and trump, the numbers show over 50%, what do they want? aboutsideer. this is a fluid way until january, and but i think at-this-point, rubio and cruz, this is good news for them. charles: mark, what do you think happens now, tomorrow morning, tonight, gather together. what do ciancia tomorrow morning -- what do we see tomorrow morning. >> positioning, what is happening is fluid as this race circumstance i think now we're seeing a trend where 4 top candidates are emerging. we're only 90 days from the first vote in this race, 90 days, and who would have thought that two out of three
6:51 pm
g.o.p. voters supports an outsider with trump, and carson. and cruz, and fiorina? so we're 9 days out, the campaigns will position, rubio will say i am the choice that is tie it together all of the factions of the parties. trump will say i'm the reason why this outsiders are supported, i am waking the slipping giants among -- silent majority. and other guys will duke it out. charles: i think you are right, rubio getting that endorsement and money over the weekend. tammy, i want to get back to carson. he is number one. i think every time he has done well, in last week, it seems that carson is number one, later we saw donald trump walk his dog. one thing, two things about
6:52 pm
him that stood out from the beginning. second choice, and favbill tie. >> this is huge, i believe they are still in 20 percentage points. reagan had 48%, this is still early. ben carson, america is telling everyone is that we' somebody who is politically incorrect, he says the truth, it might be unappealing to the liberals but we don't care, this is a signal to every other candidate to be honest and true to your principle. in the end, i believe carson will have a roll in the -- role in the cabinet but not the nominee. charles: we have to take a break, we're going to comb through the numbers deeper,
6:53 pm
this is big news. i think we're coming to a finality. we have top 5 candidates, we'll be right back. ♪
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6:56 pm
charles: all right. we're back with more breaking news and flowing in, and i'm trying to treed as much as possible. we're talking about this wall street journal nbc news poll. ben carson has overtaken donald trump, he has surged into the league in a republican pack. he's getting 29% -- in this pop of the goll primary voters and keep in mind. this is the highest percentage for any of these gop candidates thus far in this particular survey. carson at 29, trump at 23, marco rubio at 11, ted cruz at 10%, and jeb bush hanging in there by a thread at 8%. carly fiorina, kasich, huckabee, christy, all at 3%, rand paul bringing up the rear at 2%. mark and tammy with me, and we also brought in star parker. before we go to star, tammy.
6:57 pm
>> yeah. charles: we were talking here. you do the deep dive analytical stuff with this. your assessment on donald trump because he's been stuck in the 20s. >> yeah. charles: you see that as more than as negative hand a positive. >> well, look, he's at 23 in this poll. most polls between 23 and 25%, he's had tens of millions of dollars of clear advertising, we know who he is, he's not been able to break out san individual past that 23, 25% and the same with dr. carson. you saw some moving up for him but the -- when you're at this point in the 20s, at this point the year before the election, and you're not really breaking through, and you don't have numbers like 48 like mr. reagan did, then it's an indication that you're not convincing people. this is where rubio, cruz, and even jeb bush have a opportunity because it's a five--point margin of error. they're effectively tied for third. charles: can we say the outsiders have half and the establishment almost have half.
6:58 pm
not counting cruz. >> yeah. charles: star of the numbers just come out what i find fascinating are the groups that are behind ben carson. your value voters, your churchgoers, people who make less than 75,000. they want an outsider that they can trust and it feels like it should be ben carson. >> it looks like that. i have to agree with tammy that they're consolidated behind outsiders because they're looking for something new. there's been a lot of fuel behind this change washington voice is, and they want to stay with that. but donald trump was a little too loud and ben is a lot sort of but i have to agree we're watching ted cruz and marco rubio because they are rising in the polls. this is where the settlement is going between cruz being able to capture that social conservative and marco rubio replacing -- jeb bush for that more moderate establishment vote. charles: mark, a lot of people said dr. ben carson and donald trump are the same coin be opposite sides of the same coin, represent that outside
6:59 pm
establishment vote. could one of the other get one of the other guy's votes? in other words, if for every reason one started to fade, would the voters go to the other candidate or find themself back with the establishment. >> no. no. most of those voters i think if you take a look at the -- take a deep dive in the polling, most of the voters will stay on the outside, they're going to stay with carson, they're going to stay with trump. and i'm going to say with tammy, there have never been 15 candidates with one nomination, so you can't expect one candidate to exceed charles, take a look at this. at this point candidates should be looking at money, media, and ground game. let me give you an example. if you look at ground game, the toughest state to get on the ballot is virginia. today they announced they have three times ballot signature required. they've got 15,000 signatures six weeks early, and they did that to make a statement saying we're going to invest in ground game in that state and all --
7:00 pm
charles: he's going to have to start spending a whole lot more money. >> that guy hasn't -- well, that's the other point. he hasn't spent any money yet. charles: free publicity gets you so far but you're the expert. you know. >> absolutely. charles: at home we thank you every night watching 6:00 p.m. you don't want to miss a moment of the show. you also don't want to miss lou dobbs. he's next. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, a major shakeup in the race for the republican presidential nomination. a brand-new national poll finding ben carson overtaking donald trump at the top of the gop voter poll. carson taking 29% support, that's the highest percentage any gop has obtained so far in this survey. trump taking 23 pest. republican presidential candidates are outraged at their treatment by nbc and they're trying to gain more


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