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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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have a float can you build yourself at home. inspired by our toy pieces, it's amazing to see kids watching and building along with the parade. deirdre: debbie, great to see you, debbie sterling goldi blox founder. charles payne is here. charles: president obama says there is no specific and credible threat for ison its homeland. and protesters gather for a second night in chicago, but it might be time for them to protest the leaders that have orchestrated the demise of this and other great american cities. wages are up bigtime last month, so is savings. why is main street hoarding money? "making money" starts right now. . charles: americans are on edge tonight as law enforcement
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agencies across the country remain on heightened alert ahead of thanksgiving and black friday, but president obama is assuring americans there is no credible threat in his vow to defeat isis. >> we're stepping up the pressure on isil where it lives, we will not let up, adjusting our tactics were necessary until they are beaten. that's our first go. right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the home land. charles: isis releasing propaganda video taunting america and telling the west to, quote, bring it on. the terrorist group hitting on high suicide rate of u.s. vets and targeting lawmakers and corporate america. so should we listen to president obama and rest easy? joining me fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino and martin storm, former member
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of al qaeda and also the cia. these are casualties at the hands of isis this year, it covers the entire globe. morten, are they still underestimating isis? >> yeah, i think so. if isis say we're going to attack, we should expect it. there's no way we should drop the cards. but also understand that we should continue our life and not let them interrupt our daily life. but for sure, we have seen in france, seen it all over, that, you know, isis are capable of hitting the west. charles: morten, when you were in al qaeda, did you see, did they get anger? see it as a challenge, no big deal when experts say live your life as normal did. that rile them up even more? >> well, to be honest with you, when i pled allegiance to al qaeda i did it as a double
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agent for the cia. i have to say what the people hate is we live a normal life. they want to make us live in fear. the strongest thing we can do is prepare ourselves, be ready for a fight, but don't show them fear, you know? i am under threat, i have death threats, i'm on the kill list. i go anywhere, i go to the mosque to speak to the imam, i've been told there was a terrorist in there. i don't back up from these people. charles: you know, charlie, you're not the type that backs up either. >> i don't want any fight with these guys. charles: two fridays ago, people at a disco, people at an outdoor cafe and also a soccer match going on. there is some sort of middle ground. >> right, we should be really clear what terrorists want to do. they want to destroy our way of life and our economy is what it comes down to. i know this is a money show,
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i'm not grasping for straws. they want to say normal people don't shop during christmas and do things and want to hits you in the pocketbook. that's why president obama said listen, we don't know of threats. he doesn't want to see gdp go down because of terrorism. charles: are you insinuating there were threats and if there were, he wouldn't tell us? >> this is the one thing with president obama. he doesn't have credibility on the issue. when you start out saying calling these guys the jv team and it's pretty proof positive much more than that. and when you ignore the rational advice from people like leon panetta former defense secretary, former head of the cia. leon panetta said we should be taking the fight to them more. when you have someone like that, hard to believe we should stand down. i know why he's doing it because terrorism, they want to kill and then they want to destroy our economy. charles: how confident are you that this is the right person, president obama, to make this happen? in other words, we don't want
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them to win, we don't want to change our lives. how confident should the average american be that obama is going to right things to keep us safe this week? >> if you look at the record on this issue, he did one thing, he killed osama bin laden. misread everything else particularly what isis is and allowed them to grow in power where they're a global threat. do you trust somebody -- i'm not saying he's a bad guy. charles: i'm talking about him as commander in chief. >> competency on this issue, i don't think he's competent. charles: morten, do you get a sense how al qaeda, isis, how the members feel about president obama? do they see him as somebody feared? not only underestimated them but made their job easier? >> i have just read today an article in the "new york times" that unfortunately that the cia with president obama in head of it paid 5 million dollars to al qaeda in afghanistan in 2010. you know, it's a disgrace.
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we had the chance, myself, when i infiltrated al qaeda to kill the leader of aqap and the cia backed out of it. it's a disgrace. charles: you had a chance to kill this person, you asked for permission and they said no? what was the reason they told you to stand down? >> well, i had a very safe plan to take them out, and which you can read in my book, and the cia backed out of a very bulletproof plan, the same plan we have to kill, we were successful. my missions were successful. in the end, the cia backed out of my plan. charles: want to talk about the latest propaganda video from isis. listen, these guys are extraordinarily successful with this stuff, in this one they talk about veteran suicide rates. race relations in the country and the failures of government knowing how much we owe. a tactic that lured thousands of westerners want and you to
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take a look at this picture. you remember this teen, she fled from austria last year, she was the poster girl from isis. reports out in the last 24 hours she was beaten to death for trying to escape isis in syria. morten, should the west fight fire with fire? should we show the picture of the beautiful young lady who thought isis was the way. joined them, tried to back out and she was beaten to death. how much should we tell american kids and western european kids this could be your fate? >> well, it is a fate. i know the fact european muslims traveled to syria and iraq to join up with isis. and some of them disagreed with the actions and got executed because they wanted to leave. this is what they do. it's a one-way ticket. those who travel and do atrocities against humanity and finding out that they're going to get killed.
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charles: what do you think, charlie? if i'm on the edge, a kid who things haven't gone my way, i'm not popular. came as muslims from another country. if i see this, i get cold feet. >> i don't know anything about the woman. sounds like she has a slavic last name, maybe she's a european muslim. charles: i think they emigrated there. >> maybe from albania or macedonia or something. already she's muslim and radicalized. you know what's interesting about the european muslims. a lot of them, they're very secular. i know a lot of albanians in the u.s. but they're secular. it's interesting that isis is having that type of pull on european muslims who are normally secular, they can recruit. and can you recruit people that are generally muslim but secular and not radicalized right off the bat, it's a scary thing. charles: think about this woman who blew herself up in the police raid.
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she was the sister or cousin of the mastermind, and she was westernized to a certain degree. she drank, took provocative photographs but never an attempt by the west that at least i can see that actively telling the young adults don't join, this is your fate. >> we can do it two ways or combination. we can go out and basically try to tell kids not to do. this we can educate people or go out and we could start killing them and say if you join them, you're going to die. maybe we should do a combination of that. charles: i like that. >> what needs to be done is a degree of education and death. they need to be destroyed. listen, rules of engagement of the obama administration. talk to any marine in the battlefield and the hoops you have to jump through to kill the enemy is amazing. that's stopping us from bombing the hell out of them. doing what donald trump said bomb the crap out of them. charles: i put a poll on twitter about an hour ago,
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president obama saying no plots against us. 97% of the people who took the poll do not trust president obama, they do not believe there are no plots against the homeland. 3% do. morten, i suspect you are with the 97%. americans understand something is wrong, got to be terror cells waiting for their orders. >> of course, we're not the lone wolf. isis and al qaeda, we don't have to only look at isis, al qaeda is out there. people inspired by the ideology. inspired by the koran, inspired in these books and that inspire the people to commit these kinds of crimes. >> let's be clear here, president obama is being cute, no credible threat. i'm telling you if you talk to any fbi agent, anybody in law enforcement, they will tell you every day they are picking up leads, thwarting threats. now when he says credible threat, there must be some
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legalistic definition of what credible threat is meaning it's going to happen within three minutes, but clearly james comey said himself, didn't he say that the other day? he gives -- the head of the fbi says they're foiling threats every day. when he says there's no credible threat, right off the bat, there's a huge degree of spin there. charles: absolutely. keep in mind, 42 million americans are hitting the road for thanksgiving. and, of course, not letting terrorists stop them, they want to see grandma but terrorism is the most important issue in america these days. so how should we live our lives? plus go live to chicago, protesters are gathering there for the second night. we've got a couple of police experts coming on, and charlie's going to stay tuned.
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. >> what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. charles: well, that was president obama announcing that he's going to travel overseas to the climate change thing, going to go to paris and this will be the comeuppance for isis. they're going to see how serious he is. a new poll says the most important issue for americans right now is terrorism. here's the bottom line. how afraid should we be? what should we be doing? joining me rod wheeler former d.c. detective, bo dietl former nypd detective and fox news contributor and back with us, charlie gasparino. rod, to you, since you're the guy on remote. the president is going to get on climate change summit and that's going to change everything, we're home free. >> change the world. thank god for the climate change summit. we have a lot more important
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things. the poll came out today or yesterday where americans have made it clear that climate change is not a major concern. the major concern for this country is terrorism and race relations, and the economy, and the president has a horrible job in addressing all of those issues. charles: bo, he's talking about the "fox news poll," out of 8 topics that was number 8. >> it's funny, the president talks like that. he's going to have 3,000 guys security around him. i did an op-ed page for the new york post a couple of days ago about the security in new york city about the private side because what happens whenever there's a terrorist attack in new york after 9/11, they ramp it up. my big thing is a lot of soft targets there's no armed guys, and i'm the advocate. getting formal law enforcement, if you get one of these aba dabba do's that want to go to the next generation, they come in with a gun, you don't stop them with unarmed security guard.
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charles: what are they called? >> you know what they're called. my point is you have to think about security in the sense. effective way to stop them. two weeks ago we said you got to go in because they're going to kill the hostages. charles: you are right about that. everyone says how we deal with this changes it completely. don't cordon it off and don't bum rush them. finally president obama said if you see something, say something. people need to be able to take action. >> i don't trust him at his word. i trust james comey, competent guy ahead of the fbi. president obama says there is no credible threat, james comey said just the other day that they're getting threats all the time. who do we believe? i say you believe james comey over president obama. >> here's one of the things i said, and rod you appreciate. this the fbi has 10,000 guys, they have a shortage. why don't they deputize. we have task force, you make
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them fbi, federal task force and every police department give a few hundred guys, the big police departments and utilize them for surveillance and all that across the country. we could have 100,000 supporters of the fbi. use the police departments to support the fbi. it's not fbi/cops. it's america. we've got to join together. >> hate to reduce it to markets. if you notice the stock market reaction is muted. i think if something really bad happens and the markets start cratering and looks like economic impact, that's when president obama will get off his rear end but won't do it until then. charles: that will be a damn shame if it comes to that. >> i think it will. charles: rod, one thing people believe, certainly i do, when the inevitable attack happenis and hate to say it, i think it will, i bet you whoever does it would have been in our grasp at some point. we would have known these persons and did not surveil them to bo's point and let them go?
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>> bo is 100% correct. we need more law enforcement officers on the street. the problem with all this is the fact we get so much lip service out of washington, d.c. we get a lot of lip service from the president. and we don't see anything really changing. now we have americans this weekend afraid. should we travel or should we not travel? that's the clear description of what's going on with this administration and why this problem has continued to expand. charles: that's why we call it feckless leadership. thanks a lot. guys. want you to take a look at this, we're going to show you live pictures out of chicago. this is the second night in a row, protesters gathering in the streets of chicago after seeing a tape of a black killed by a police officer. maybe i'm time the town turned
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on the spokes. we're going to discuss that next.
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. >> rahm emanuel needs to be impeached. he knew this happened 12 months ago. everyone, all the police officers that saw the shooting, they need to be fired. they need to go to jail! >> angry protesters last night downtown chicago. of course, quick to point fingers at chicago mayor rahm emanuel, critics claim he withheld this video until just now because he wanted to protect his re-election bid. this could now end up being epiphany for black voters who automatically pull the d-lever. joining me eric guster, fox news political contributor tammy bruce, rod wheeler and bo dietl back with us as well. first to you, tammy, i like
6:24 pm
that this particular incident is more from the black-white issue to more in my mind, not more important but resonated for a long time. political leadership, or lack of leadership seen in america cities become ruined from detroit to gary, indiana to chicago. >> what you're hearing is finally they're manipulated. there's a reason it's going on. not only the crime rates but worried about the gangs moving in, about other opportunists, they saw what happened in ferguson. the people did not want their town destroyed. carpetbaggers and others came in. a young man, 17 years old, pcp in his system, not having direction. this is a result of gangs, no jobs, economy. then when they can make the connection to not having investigation come into the light after an election, maybe some of the dots can get connected. it's imperative, demonstrations are great and hope the towns and individuals in the neighborhood keep the
6:25 pm
carpetbaggers out that move it into something ugly as opposed to transparency. charles: eric, this is frustrating for me, talking about this stuff for so long. why do you automatically, if you're black, vote for the same people in control of your city for five decades and blame woes on tea party members not even republicans. maybe the people we're voting for either don't have our best interest at heart or are incompetent. >> in chicago, they need to get rid of emanuel. this was a cover-up for the police officers, absolutely. when you hear in reference to the democratic party and african-american community, the democratic party actually benefitted many in the sector of the african-american community, he can't ignore that. for example, you're looking at donald trump as the front-runner of the party. charles: i'm not talking about donald trump. let's talk about the democratic
6:26 pm
record. >> no. charles: he's not the president of anything but trump towers. . >> let's talk about detroit, baltimore, let's talk about new orleans. let's talk about the cities where black people live and their lives are worse. >> let's talk about donald trump. charles: i'm not worried about donald trump! that's why we keep voting for the same -- hold on a second, bo. that's why we keep voting for the same people all the time. worried about the strong man. donald trump hasn't made any decisions for people in this country. >> you are talking about voting, that is why the gop is behind. that's what african-americans see. if the over 800 people killed in the last year in chicago, over 4500 shot, another 25 involved in shootings over there, and nothing is gone. when you got rahm emanuel saying take it to the alley ways to the gangs, that's where the kids are getting killed.
6:27 pm
and paint one broad brush for all the cops. charles: let's bring in rod. >> charles, let me chime in. bo, i have to repeat what you just said, it's the truth. where was rahm emanuel when all of the 400 black people were killed over the past couple of years? he was nowhere around, and what he is doing is pandering to the african-american community, and eric, you need to realize that, and i think a lot of african-americans are realizing that now, and that's why we are taking a close look at some of the republican candidates. >> go ahead, eric. >> i've always been into the voters. i've never believed in straight democratic or republican voting. you have to vote for the right candidate. in reference to saying stay away from the democratic party, that is absolutely ridiculous. that is why i'm discussing donald trump and his racial rhetoric he's been feeding. in my hometown. >> forget about donald trump. >> he promoted it saying he deserved it.
6:28 pm
>> that's a terrible thing. >> that's what america stands for, according to the front-runner in the eyes of many people. >> eric, forget about donald trump, forget about donald trump. >> how? he's the number one candidate. >> look at john kasich, chris christie, they have real solutions to solving the problems. charles: here's the thing, tammy, we're talking about history, not -- this is what i'm saying, we're analytical to a certain degree. we've got enough evidence, a war on poverty for 50 years that hasn't worked. president obama said our policies in cuba hasn't worked in 50 years why, go on? can you apply the same logic, why would you vote for the same people over and over again, the same policies over and over again that have not helped people. >> look, this is a situation for police departments as well. looking at the people on the front lines of extraordinary violence every single day. you have a dynamic. this will unfold, we'll find out what happened. it will be more dynamics
6:29 pm
discussed. in the process, everybody in the cities lose. chicago has been a river of blood, and a situation that people felt like well, there's no other alternative. there are alternatives and the people of chicago, the people of baltimore and elsewhere need to know that. >> my problem again is i'm surprised the president didn't come on now again. he comes on when there's a bad shooting or possible bad shooting. what about the deaths? 800 people killed in chicago over the last year. why isn't he saying a damn thing? charles: we're going to come back and talk about this some more and want everyone to think about what's happened in baltimore since the freddie gray situation and the police have backed off. that city has gotten a lot worse. there are alternatives. we'll go live to chicago where there are protesters starting to gather. it was peaceful last night, so far looks like it is going to be peaceful, but this may be an opportunity for people to change their mind. we'll be right back. war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine
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the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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charles: pro test or gather in chicago for a second straight night, mike tobin is in chicago. >> reporter: this is chicago historic michigan avenue bridge, that is the wrigley building, to the side is the trump tower. the people are just sitting in the street at the moment, they shut down the traffic. one of the speakers said they will shut this street down on
6:34 pm
black friday. that is what they said in the day when they went to mayor's office. they threatened to shut down black friday shopping in the heart of chicago shopping district. if mayor rahm emanuel does not meet with them, we have not heard if mayor will do that. that is the threat they get out here. >> mike tobin, thank you. charles: come back with panel, rod, peaceful protests, we respect that. we understand, we understand trying to hit an economic issue to get your point across. we know what happened with rosa parks, but i don't understand why won't they sort of apply this to themselves, to ourselves, if you will, when we have one of these weekends there is 50 people shot, 23 kids murdered. mostly black on black violence. when are we going to say, we'll start with ourselves,
6:35 pm
we'll be honest about it then spread it out from there and elect people that are not looking to pander to us but looking to help create opportunity even if it means tough love. >> i don't know when that time will come, but that time will probably most likely come when we have a change of leadership. i go to fact we need mayor leadership, real leadership. look at ferguson, and nixon there governor, horrible leadership, baltimore mayor, horrible leadership. now with new york with de blasio. horrible, until we get real leadership we'll see the problem that we see today in chicago. charles: to your point, i talk with conservatives, one thing they tell me, we have not actively gone after the black folk because they won't vote for us. that is stupid. i hate that idea people are running for elected office
6:36 pm
because they have their own constituent. if i am running for president, to me, everyone is my constituent. i understand that side. but if you automatically give your vote away, what to i have to to to earn it. earn? >> the gop does not go afghanistan can american vote -- african-american vote period, they go with the party they like. and they have been dealing with, because if the g.o.p. went to the african-american voters saying this is our plan to help you, then they would listen but they don't. >> not true. eric that not true. >> it is true. >> i have to agree with at some point. >> they never tried it. >> the problem with the republican party they have been dealing out liberal light, they have not wanted to articulate the conservative ideal, small government,
6:37 pm
small, personal success, personal responsibility, they have not been able to make that argument and articulate that to any community, one second, i think this is the chance the opportunity. but we have to have individual like rubio like cruz. who can -- articulate the actual conservative ideal, if you just gets another liberal argument why not stick with the people you always voted for. >> i think rod hit it on the head, look at inner-cities, washington, baltimore, and ferguson, these were being controlled by democratic voted officials, they did nothing with jobs for these kids, to say because -- i a i and independent voter,y vote for the man, and everyone black voters should do the same, vote for the best person. >> white voters as well. >> absolutely. charles: i like what you said could tammy, on paper. if you look at what conservatives say are
6:38 pm
important to them on paper. a lot of it matches the things that my grand -- that were important to my grandmother in the black community years ago. whether it was religion, pulling yourself up by bootstraps, there has never been a way to merge those two for various reasons, these american cities have been reduced to rubble, violence and hopelessness, thank you. >> well said. charles: president obama he 64% of americans feel they are losing when it comes to politics, but a group says they are winning. we'll go back live to chicago, protesters on the street for a second night, we'll be right back.
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charles: police are applauding president obama. then, they can't play the
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charles: a new survey from pew say that 64% of americans feel like they are losers when it comes to political support. joining me now, conservative columnist gina loud en, and ebony williams attacky bruce is back -- tammy bruce is back with us. everyone said that president obama is thin air but maybe he has surrounded himself with the college grads, they think he is great. >> only people that think this the size of government increasing is a good thing are over educated idiots, i have about 10 years post grad work, and alphabet soup of letters behind my name, but it makes
6:43 pm
me stupider, to relate to people, i have to unlearn everything that i learned through that schooling. charles: and on other hend, donald trump, "wall street journal" had this week, 55% of his supporters, white working class, a lot do not have pledge degrees but they are represented of middle america that is left behind, and they don't understand why they don't have a voice at the white house. >> this is remarkable for me, there is something plain spoken. whether you agree with them or not, his presentation, his cadence, his rough around edges delivery is appealing to a certain segment of the population, to your point feel like president obama that type of candidate very unreach able type of candidate that is unattractive to those voters. charles: the same thing with big government, and wall street, and even religiousin
6:44 pm
organizations. i think that obama made the decline that much more rapid. >> one of more important questions that relates to who will be elected president. who relates more to the problems in your life. when understands your issues. now we're answers no one. we see what is happening on university campuses today, we realize how separate they are from our real lives, the whiney babies who are victims and what safe space. we realize going to an ivy league school does not mean you are smarter than everyone else. we look back at our own lives, maybe we only have a high school education, but we're running or own lives better and more efficiently than the government is running its business, this tells new real life maybe we do know more than they do. charles: although the ivy leaguers, we're seeing b by
6:45 pm
furcasion -- those doing well chilling in the hamptons say president obama doing a great job. >> i am not that person. i live uptown. if you feel like you are being influential, you have no proble problem. but that is an dime t indictment to me of mitch mcconnell and boehner too. >> i think they are part of the elite implement -- elitism, okay, amazon pulling some ads for their new show. the ad, heavily combined about on twitter, i have to tell you. author is one of my favorite writers. charles: americans making more
6:46 pm
but spending less, is this a potential red flag for holiday season. live pictures out at chicago so far protesters have been peaceful.
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so don't wait another day. if you're medicare eligible, call now... and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ charles: a big report out today it seems that americans are making more but saving less, extra 40 billion dollar last month that did not go into the economy, gas now, in many places is less than $2, consumer confidence plunging? why joining me is hillary cramer. you know, i just, see this over and over, and over. earlier in the year we saw
6:50 pm
walmart stock plunge, macy's plunge. no sector isic mun-- immune but you ask yourself what so fearful that people are putting money under pillow. >> now it is a concern about terrorism, and lack of confidence this administration can defend us, will defend us, is telling us the truth. there is a fire fear, seemingly the unemployment situation seems to improve, people do not want to spend. look at what wall street tells you about the consumer, main street, 52-week high, stock campbell soup, that is a stock people buy when they have fear, hormel they make spam. charles: canned soup? >> home depot and lowe's up 40% on the year. these are the companies we turn to. when we have that fear of uncertainty. charles: terror thing is in
6:51 pm
the news in particular last couple of weeks, this is something that has gone on for a long time, gas prices went down. this is going to be year with extra money in our pocket. my theory there is a difference with backward prosperity, and real prosperity. >> there is that feeling like there might be a few more extra dollars in my pocket, which hopefully will translate to spending at places like tj maxx, and kohl's, but maybe not like nordstroms. charles: interesting. long way from luxury stuff. >> yes, spending is not there there year. charles: would say this is an indictment against leadership.
6:52 pm
i think that is it people, even if they are making more, they don't think it going to last, they don't know when the next shoe is going to drop, i believe this is an indictment against leadership. >> absolutely, no one knows, what the future is going to bring, i bought high-end flashlights as stocking stuffers for my friends, what does that tell you. >> thank you. president obama is a lame duck. he threw in the towel on another campaign promise, or maybe he didn't. i have big news for you on gitmo. >> and protesters out in chicago for a second night in a row, so far it is peaceful.
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? charles: we have breaking news
6:56 pm
for you, just about an hour and a half ago, president obama signs a bill that bans moving gitmo detainees into the united states this is a surprise move given the administration's opposition. here to discuss it. fox news military analyst, captain chuck nash. have you been to gitmo twice, you are surprised that administration is blinking on this. >> not really. the vote was veto proof, passed 91-3 in senate. 370-58 in the house, he could have vetoed it, it would have been turned right back around that would have been a bigger embarrassment for him. charles: what is it that member of congress got, what he saw there. captain nash, what did you see
6:57 pm
in gitmo that somehow, our members of congress on both sides think, we need to keep control of these guys. >> first off, it is run under a military pr tribunal system. other thing, they have proved right that is that al qaeda is not on the run, and isis is not contained. maybe the next president may want have to a follow like guantanamo bay to use, this is long from over. charles: christian this is high on the president's list of things he was going to get accomplished. call me a cynic or skeptical, but because they banned him from bringing the prisoners here, maybe they can take them to the middle east or somewhere else. >> that is possible, the number to keep in mindis 1 -- 116 terrorists released from
6:58 pm
gitmo have returned to the battlefield, those are only the ones that we know about. obama administration has transferred a number of these. this is a bipartisan rebuke of obama's view of the conflict in the world. he has not believed that islammism drives terrorist and muslim brotherhood and others like that. this theory you will restore dignity through islammism, he believes that things like gitmo drive our ad adversaries. he thinks that gitmo -- there is no evidenc of that. charles: peter, i think that only group that may side with the president are libertarians who say this is unconstitutional. >> if you bring them on u.s. these are neither prisoners of war, if someone takes them on court. they are let loose on the street, that is the real concern in congress.
6:59 pm
if you put them in an american prison with al qaeda strong, they are liable to reestablish, connections, start radicalizing other prisoners and recruiting new terrorists, you just don't want these people in the system, we don't have a way of categorizing them. charles: captain nash, what about likelihood of bringing more people in the war on terror, the net is widening, maybe we should increase the number of people in gitmo. >> that may prove to be the case. like i said before, this conflict is far from over, we're fighting an yelled on -- ideology of which isis is just current phase, they are still around. it just seems that new groups pop up they never go away. charles: you were all fantastic. enjoy your thanksgiving, at home we appreciate you watching every night, watch
7:00 pm
show 6 p.m., if you can't catch it dvr it, happy thanksgiving, lou dobbs is next. happy thanksgiving. >> good evening i am tom sullivan in for lou dobbs, no specific credible threat is the message from white house to the public, with concern over a terrorist attack like the one in paris two week ago, president obama saying his administration is taking every step to keep public safe. but critics are concerned about the travel warnings. i'll have a full report coming up. also tonight, tensions essca


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