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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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would do with that much money. >> i would give 98% of it to charity. i really would. cheryl: that's what new yorkers had to say. we have breaking news. we want to give you an update on the two u.s. navy boats. the breaking news coming in right now. the president has been briefed. charles: welcome to "making money," we start with breaking news. two navy ships and at least 10 sailors detained by iran. reporter: the obama administration is reiterating they believe these sailors will be released quote promptly. a senior defense official says 10 sailors were stopped on board two ships after they entered iranian waters.
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the officials says one of the ships might have been disabled and drifted into iranian water with the other one nearby trying to fix the communication problem. we are told secretary of state john kerry has been in touch with his counterpart on the matter who kerry negotiated the nuclear deal with. they were heading from kuwait to bahrain. they are being held on farsi island in the middle of the persian gulf and controlled by the revolutionary guard. charles: joining me now judge pap *, tammy bruce, and judge i will start with you. you have got one ship disabled. the iranian revolutionary guard
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takes them both captive. we should let the audience know, 9 male, 1 female. is this an international act of aggression? >> it's too early to make the assessment. if the situation were reversed, i'm sure the american military will do the same thing. it's certainly a black eye for the president tonight. but in terms of finding a foreign ship in an area you claim to be yours, you have the right to stop it and board it. charles: perhaps that's the case. before it appears it's gone on for a few hours. they take them to a deserted island. farsi island. the american public is worried. we started the day off with a bombing in istanbul and the targets were westerners, pry
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mayor think german tourists. we are going to get a state of the urineon address tonight. national security number one, global security number two. this doesn't feel like it. julie: let's put in perspective what's going on in iran. there is a critical election happening in iran next month. that election will determine the eventual successor to their supreme leader. one of the people running is the grandson of the ayatollah khomeini which is actually a moderate compared to other people. it seems like more a message to the moderate. it seems more like a domestic policy issue. the problem with the president is he has to give a speech where i suspect he will talk.
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the iranian deal. charles: this amazing deal we cut with them. they get the clock running and nuclear power and they get 100 to $150 billion. it hasn't stopped moments before they get the big check. >> with this kind of relationship even if you don't like each other you can pick up the phone. to take effectively 10 american hostages. they have not released the americans they are holding in prison currently. the white house is trying to say this wasn't hostile. of course, it's hostile. what else is it going to be? they are supposed to be our friends. it especially because of -- charles: this is a picture. you are getting a picture of what the ships look like. two of those have been seeds. one was disabled and the other came to assist and both were
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seized by the iranian forces. you think it's premature in the grand scheme of things. >> from the optics point of view of it looks terrible. it looks like iran is still it aggressor, no matter what they are trying to accomplish and no matter what kinds of relationship john kerry has with his opposite number they will take advantage of any opportunities to embarrass the united states or because they really believe somehow we are a threat to them. charles: in 2007 the iranians seized 10u.k. sailors from two ships in the royal navy and that lasted for 13 days. i think it was the ultimate come yo -- theultimate.
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>> you can say what a tabled web we weave. what's going to happen is we'll see instance after instance after instance where this fraud policy out of this administration put israel in the cross-hairs over the near term is going to be on exhibit. this is just a classic example of how this will be a comuppance for this administration, and most of it will come after barack obama leaves office. any vote for this deal is a vote against israel. the region is becoming more tenuous and more instances like this will take place. charles: julie, do you agree with that? >> yesterday in the "new york
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times" you had allege ope -- yod an ome an op-ed by the iranian foreign minister saying saudi arabia is the problem. charles: you don't think what's happening in iran is no longer a threat but it will become a bigger threat in the future? >> i think the nuclear deal on balance was probably, probably marginally bert for israel in the sense hopefully they will not go nuclear. people disagree with that. we shall see. iranians are not just a nuclear power. they are delivering all sorts of military hardware. so of course they are a threat
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to israel became was referring is on balance -- >> if they are not testing, they are certainly bulking up. >> all of this look at destabilizing the entire american footprint in the middle east. russia remains angry as turkey, you have this capture. you have got the statement in the "new york times" giving the enemy a voice there. bad regimes are going to do everything they can. barack obama you can step all over him, but they won't able to step on the next president. thursday we are releasing 10 prisoners from gitmo. you are going have that imagery happening. and 10 american sailors. charles: it doesn't seem we can woo them with releasing prisoners from gitmo. the bad actors of the world whether it's north korea or isis or in this particular case,
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iran. >> i don't imagine they can care about people being released from gitmo. but it's an interesting imagery about 10 and 10. i have long been an opponent of gitmo. i rarely side with the president. it couldn't be closed soon enough in terms of the shutting down. >> to the judge's points, these are afghani or iraqi people at gitmo. they are historic enemies of iran. >> it's the number one state sponsor of terror still. the odds are high they will return to the field. but whether it's yemen where iran and their proxies are fighting saudi arabia, they are
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enemies. the more you have got terrorists in the field, the more it destabilizes the united states. the more it's beneficial to russia and iran in the process. >> this ways we are going to hear tonight in the state of the union. an ally is actually an enemy and our enemies are actually allies. they turn facts and reality upside down. israel has been treated like an enemy for 7 years under this administration. charles: we do hear more and more from our allies that they are not sure we've have their back which is one of the reasons. i want to shift gears and go to the judge on this. i want you to hear the focus on hillary clinton. the legal walls are closing in
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on her at the same time the political walls seem to be closing in. we could see nothing the form an indictment in the election. >> there have been a couple developments in the past week which indicate the f.b.i. is focusing intently on making a recommendation for indictment or against indictment. but it's nearing the end of its investigation. one of its indictments will extend the investigation. we were originally told by director comey, expect a recommendation by january 15, that's next week. but the fine recently revealed through our colleagues catherine herridge and pamela brown that it has begun a parallel investigation of mrs. clinton with whether she conferred phase on foreign evennities when she
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was secretary of state -- foreign entities when she was secretary of state that paid her husband to speak. but the email investigation seems to be coming to a close. the two most harmful emails show a willingness to instruct subject ordinar --subordinates s by removing top secret before they got on her private server. charles: we'll have more on hillary clinton and the political firestorm this is causing. bernie sanders rocketing in the polls. thursday the remaining gop candidates are going to take center stage. you have got trish regan and sandra smith. at 9:00 p.m. it's maria
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bartiromo and neil cavuto. 10u.s. navy sailors have been detained in the persian gulf by iranians. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes,
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: 10u.s. navy personnel sailors have been detained by the revolutionary guard in the persian gulf. in the meantime congressman marsha blackburn is here. she has been briefed on this. i don't know if it's too early
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to call this an address by iran. but it feels like an inappropriate action by iran. >> we have not had a classified briefing and don't have details. what we do know is this. the state department, the administration has been in touch with iran. there is an understanding supposedly that the sailors and the ships will be returned or the boats will be returned and will be freed. i do agree with you. i think this is an enormous embarrassment for the white house on state of the union day if you will. also i think it's important to note that the house took action on an iran sanctions bill. and it leads you to curiosity to exactly what has happened and why it's happening right now. charles: there is no issue
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larger than national security. we woke up this morning with another isis attack on westerners, this time in istanbul. we see the aggression in iran's persian gulf. what do you think the president is going to say about this tonight? >> he should be focusing on national security. this is the primary issue. it's what we hear first and foremost. when you look at not on what happened in istanbul. look what happened here last week. you have philadelphia, you have the arrest that took place in california and texas. people are very concerned about the national security issues. the president should hit his first and should say we are at war. we have an enemy. it's radical islamic extremism. he should call them out, name the enemy and deliver the message. we are going to hunt you down and destroy you, and your networks. then in the middle of this,
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people hear about the gitmo detainees being released and they are saying wait a minute. these are people who do not wish us well. they want to do harm to us. why are you releasing them? it elevates the discussion around the hotpots and the insecurities and the uncertainty that exists, whether it's iran or iraq. and by the way, i have 1,300 troops that are leaving fort campbell in my district now and are returning to iraq. we have a strike team that is going back over there. people see this as an unfinished job. we are going back to reclaim territory that we have won and we have lost. you look at the entire middle east. you look at what's happening in turkey. you look at what's happening in north korea and you say, wait a minute. we have got a lot of unrest.
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we have a lot of activity. this makes me very uncomfortable. that's what we hear more than anything else. charles: ' unfortunate these men and women don't feel they are given the amount of support thee need to win this once and for all. >> we have a commander-in-chief that cannot give a clear vision and clear orders as to what and how to do. when the rules of engagement are tainted or changed and you cannot give that order with preciseness, then of course it lead to confusion. not on for the troops and the commanders, but the families. charles: congressman blackburn, we really appreciate it. we'll be right back with more breaking news this hour.
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charles: hillary clinton is feeling the burn because her democratic challenger bernie sanders is igniting a flame of voter support. in some polls he's ahead of her. look at this. bernie has 49%. the democratic support. hillary clinton 44%. i have got to tell you something, back in december the same survey showed clinton at
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51%. any sense of panic? we have seen this movie before. >> panic? i don't know. i don't think there should be. first of all, both new hampshire and iowa are not representative of the democratic coalition. south carolina, there are more minority representatives. that's representative of what democrats across the country look like. charles: if bernie sanders were to win it adds credence to the belief that a lot of democrats are ready to cross the aisle. >> in 2008 obama sent a message
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that we can take this guy seriously. what mattered was the enthusiasm that was built up for a man that was virtually unknown versus the guaranteed winner nominee hillary clinton. she is at risk of the same thing happening. but the bigger risk is what are the stories that will come out from the f.b.i. and the doj about not just emails but the personal enrichment with the foundation. >> barack obama did incredibly well with minority voters. charles: but he did win iowa. he did well with women and young people. >> she right now according to every poll is killing bernie sanders among minority voters. you cannot win a primary without
6:28 pm
minority voters. charles: the same self of enthusiasm won't thereby as it is for barack obama. joe biden talked about bernie sanders in the most glowing way. he says he speaks to a yearning that's deep and real. bern christmas authenticity on those issues, he talked about the realness of bernie sanders which illuminates a problem for hillary clinton. she is detached from the average person whether she wants to admit it or not and this could be the end of her career. >> those comments from vice president biden were very calculated. it's no mistake he's talking about these things. the elite of the party are in a panic. they are concerned about an indictment. they are look at the polling. this shift in polling shifted 16 points in a month against hillary clinton. look at the trend line, the
6:29 pm
trend is not good. bernie sanders is sitting on $20 plus-million. remember the ad in 2012 against paul ryan with him throwing granny in a wheelchair off the cliff? this is like that. grandma hillary is being pushed over the ledge by joe binder. that's what it looks like to me. she is a big risk as a candidate. joe biden's bags are packed. he's ready to go. if bernie sanders takes the leased -- charles: that's not farfetched. he's dropping hints left and right that he regrets not running. i still don't think the establishment wants to rally around bernie sanders. 10u.s. navy sailors have been detained by irania the persian gulf.
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they have 9 men, one woman. we'll have the latest when we come back.
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as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. charles: we are following breaking news. two u.s. navy ships with up to 10 sailors detained by iranian forces in the persian gulf. they are being held on the iranian controlled island of farsi. it's an uninhabited island.
6:34 pm
er in being held by the revolutionary guard. >> the two small a stroll boats were headed from cuff wait to bahrain when one of the boats had mechanical issues. secretary of state john kerry was informed the safety of the sailors was assured and they would be able to continue their journey shortly. but it is dark there now and there is no details about the timing of the release if at all. the iranian revolutionary guard captured 15 sailor s from the u.k. and held them for 13 days.
6:35 pm
the iranians fired a missile 1,500 feet from the u.s.s. harry truman. and there are new doubts about that. an iranian official is denying reports it has dismantled the country's heavy water reactor. they are denying it has been done. the senate armed services committee is demanding a briefing in advance of the state of the union address. we heard a white house official saying the president will not address this new crisis in the state of the urineon address tonight. so we shall see. charles: i heard you tell neil your son in the navy served on these ships. they are not threatening enough that iran would goal the need to say they felt threatened or seize them or keep them for so long. >> these things are armed with
6:36 pm
chain guns which are rapid firing machine guns, some .50 caliber machine guns and small caliber weapons. i think they can be outfitted with rockets as well. they are extremely fast. my son told me when i asked him about the potential deal here. he says venturing into iranian territorial waters and losing power was an absolute worst case scenario. that absolute worse case scenario has been realized. charles: captain nash, i don't understand and the audience probably doesn't the steps that are protocol that's normally taken. it would seem to the average person was iran on the verge of getting a $100 billion check. was iran on the verge of being okay to start toward having a nuclear weapon with it being
6:37 pm
overlooked time and time again. this would be a terrible time for them to embarrass barack obama. >> the deal was done in desperation. they know beer desperate. this could be a message to the arab, our former allies and some say still allies on the arab side of the gulf letting them know there is a new power in town and the united states is not really on their side anymore. and the iranians are going to be the big dog in the neighborhood. or this could have been just exactly wait said, where one of the boats lost power. they cot get a line on it to tow them quickly enough and it drift into iranian waters. we don't know which case this is. but either case is completely plausible. >> you were a captain in the
6:38 pm
navy. recently saudi arabia and iran ratcheting up the saber rattling to where there is a threat of conflict between the two nations. does this move them even closer? >> i think this is more about us than about them. we have basically abandoned the saudi arabians because we want this summer romance with iran who view themselves as being at war with the united states since they took our diplomats hospital table in 1971. ever since they signed that vaughn deal they flipped the birdie of the iaea. they tested medium-ranged
6:39 pm
ballistic missiles. they fired missiles close to our carriers and this is the cycle of after he guessing and provocation. they are pushing the envelope, they will keep pushing it. charles: eric, there is some speculation that perhaps the president is making alterations to his speech. he certainly probably has to. his claims about how safe the world is. i not was in there originally,bt
6:40 pm
up. we know he wants to talk about safety and security in the world and the iran deal. >> the state of the union address is suppose to be about where the state is. it's not going to be about that. it will be about obama's fantasyland. anything iran was doing is a permission slip for them to do whatever they please. and now we are seeing it. charles: a poll shows americans will reject trump *'s message. is barack obama right or is he living in a fantasyland.
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charles: in an interview this morning with matt lauer president obama suggested he believes most americans reject donald trump's simplistic solutions and scapegoating. donald trump has this to say in response. >> he's being a wise guy and that's fine. i'm very critical of him. he's been a terrible president. he has done a terrible job. the world has blown up around us. we created havoc in the middle east. our economy is terrible. the real jobs have been taken away. not the crummy jobs they report all the time. part time and crummy jobs. charles: what do you think about the president's comments with regard to the scape getting and
6:45 pm
the simplicity of donald trump's ideas. >> most of us conservatives can't manage obama as president except on "saturday night live" but we wake up to the nightmare every day. but when it comes to trump the thing we are critical of trump is he remind us of obama on his policy issues. he's for expanding government call of healthcare. and he wants big tax increases. on the economy he isn't different than barack obama. charles: our fox business debate is thursday. none of the republicans have scored well with what we know so far, particularly on the deficit side. that's always been an issue with true conservatives. 18 trillion in debt. it could be $20 trillion the end of the year. how do you grow the economy and bring the debt down?
6:46 pm
>> i think especially as the race really start to move into the early primaries and state and the caucasus, the messages that will cop across are lowering taxes, reducing our regulatory burden. this crop of gop candidate all support those in one way or another. so absolutely we'll start to see more of those messages. what's dizzying about the president's comments. 7 years later he's selling hope and change. that went out of style with flip phones and pagers 7 years ago. and he's still selling those idea despite the result we have had after 7 years. so the reason why trump is the frontrunner of this race is two reasons. his command of the media and number two, people have suffered under this administration. charles: eric, do you think he's
6:47 pm
said enough or heading in the right direction where most conservatives can get behind hit of pollsters connected to a lot of super pacs. almost all of them have said this is a race between trump and cruz. trump's voters are go to cruz and cruz voters will go to trump. a republican field he can wade through a general election and beat hillary clinton. he's probably more trusted than hillary clinton. charles: mexican drug lord el chapo may be in jail but his style, living in a free world.
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charles: the market shook off it negative link to crude oil. but stocks rally into the close. even though crude tumbled yet again. maybe cheap gas finally helping. but will consumers be able to step up to the plate? the nation's collective savings, $700 bisounds like a lot it was $1.2 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2012. then there is other factors like a lack of confidence. somewhat surprising, this according to gallup and ever since then, it has remained mired at pessimistic levels. the only solution better jobs
6:52 pm
and higher wages and maybe we are getting to that point. finally americans are telling their boss to take this job and shove it. 2.i.8 million people quit their jobs. many stocks in this market are on sale. one i think has potential for 25% to 30% move. people flocking to pick up the shirt el chapo made famous. they say sales have spiked through the roof.
6:53 pm
of course, make sure you tune in for fox business later tonight. neil cavuto is live at 6:00 p.m. he has coverage of the state of the union address. president obama gives a swan song tonight. did he meet any of last year's goals? do you have think president obama achieved any of his goals?
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6:56 pm
. charles: we're just a little more than two hours away from president obama's final state of the union address. so what can we expect? jim rickards, back with us tammy and christian as. national security, christian. particularly gop voters but i think most americans, what's the true state of the union with respect to national security? >> the true state is that
6:57 pm
wildfires around the earth, are blazing unattended virtually every single foreign threat we face whether it's islamism or iran which is part of islamism or the russians or chinese have gotten worse over the last four years, especially in the last year, accelerating and accelerating and the obama administration in a state of delusion. jen psaki previewed this. they're going to tout the iran deal at the same time that iran took a bunch of navy guys is one girl hostage. and you'll hear about the trans-pacific partnership that's so flawed that pro trade advocates on capitol hill aren't in favor toward it. it's not going to pass in the obama administration. maybe subsequently if it's improved. but a total failure on the national security front. charles: jim, the national association of counties, american counties released a report saying using the criteria of four different elements of economic growth, 93% of counties have not fully recovered. to me, that says it all. give us the true state of the
6:58 pm
economy. >> that's the important piece of information, charles. i wouldn't worry about the last recession, the next recession. the u.s. heading into recession, labor is a lagging indicator. people keep hiring into a recession. that doesn't turn down until after recession begins. manufacturing and world trade, a lot of data heading into a recession. charles: okay, anything, how much of it is the president's fault or is there anything that can be done to avoid it? >> i don't think the president has -- the president is proud on regulation. charles: taxes on regulation and obamacare. >> i agree, not conducive to business investment. but i lay it at the federal reserve, tightening into weakness. why are you tightening into weakness? you should never do that. charles: people say don't be loosey goosey with the executive orders. president obama is going to pitch gun control policy to the
6:59 pm
american possible despite the fact that overwhelmingly people are saying don't touch my gun. >> look, all the regulations whether about gun control or health care, you don't know what's coming up next. you can't plan. you have no idea what i'm doing next time. that's where the president has contributed to a variety of collapses here and around the world and signaled to matt lauer today on nbc, he said that -- and this is what you may hear tonight also, there is no existential threat against america. talk about lowering the bar about what one expects. now it's just about, well, nothing is going to kill us. he seems to know it's not about business for him, it's about cementing a legacy. only about him. look, if you had a drinking game and based on every time he referred to himself, you'll be drunk in five minutes. have a good time, if you watch. >> we had a depression in 1919 that lasted in 19 months, the difference is uncertainty. >> that's it. >> nobody wants to make a
7:00 pm
commitment. charles: this is the same president that said isis is contained and tonight he's going to take a victory lap on the same observation. thank you for watching every night at 6:00 p.m. a big night. lou dobbs next. later on neil cavuto and the state of the union. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the president has just been briefed by his military and intelligence advisers at the white house on iranian provocation in the persian gulf. the iranians have seized two u.s. navy river patrol boats each with a crew of five sailors. the boats and the ten american sailors are held on a small island farsi island in the gulf. the iranians have told the navy that our sailors are safe and that they will be released soon, along presumably with the boats. this incident taking place just hours before the president's state of the union address. it's his last stat


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