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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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election insurance in case you leave country after the election, and. mark zuckerberg is not partnering with hexprk h, and m on a new line of t-shirts. david: we'll see you later. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion. >> the answer is, that there has to be in form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah i -- some form. dierdre: wisconsin win is more important for donald trump after the original comments on abortion caused a firestorm. he restated, clarified his point of view, some say that the damage is done, less than 4 days to go to winner take most, badger state, a new fox business poll shows the uphill
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battle he faces, women in the state are in revolt, they are backs ted cruz over donald trump by 19 points issue a trump supporters will with me in a few moments this is "risk & reward," i am deirdre bolton. donald trump said that msnbc over edited that piece to his disadvantage. >> you should hear the whole thing this was a long convoluted questions they cut it out, it was really convoluted. if the perch -- if the abortion were outlawed person performing the abortion, the one who is responsible for the act is responsible not the woman. dierdre: worth noting, msnbc said nothing was edited out.
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joining me now, senator. how important is wisconsin for donald trump. if he wins, this winner take most state, he silences critics? >> well, of course, but i'm not sure that is going to happen, it has a small amount of delegates, he has a couple hundred delegate lead at-this-point, and new york up next. if he does not win or he splits. you have new york next week that is in a little bit that is huge. then we go back to the northeast, i think that is a strong area. if you remember, i said when i think i was on 4 months ago, i thought it would not be resolved until california. in hindsight it looks like it may be the case, we'll see what happens issue he had a tough couple of day, everyone makes mistakes. i am glad they clarified it
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here we go, we move on. dierdre: a lot of people say, this is part of his appeal, this is why people like him, he goes off script, he says what he thinks. we had dr. zehra attar -- ben carson on with us, who endorsed trump, but what is it going to cost him? a situation where instead of a 12:37 there are a few less, and people use that as an excuse to push him out. >> we can pontificate about, that i am not worried about the final number. it will be whatever it will be. he -- that chris matthews is not a hardi hard interviewer it was a wake-up call to let him know he cannot be off script when he goes into the lion's den. the republicans and independence and people who are supporting him there is
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snow one they like less than hillary clinton. but then you put in chris matthews, they hate him more. it would have been easier way to get around those questions, and answer them, i think it was a wake-up call. he went to the rnc and wet with people -- met with people shows there is a learning that is going on. dierdre: would no one in his campaign staff have advised him there are a few hot button issues that are coming up, let's figure out your talking points together, when you do a town hall, you will be prepared. >> i am sure it is happening, i am not privy to inside of the campaign. i would have -- i know how i was prepared. those questions were easy. i would have turned it back, and said, by the way, chris, you are asking me about abortion when hillary clinton has the most extreme position in ever for someone running for president, looking -- supporting partial-birth
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abortion, and federal funding of abortion, gender selection of abortion based on groups that support her. it is an easy turn around, it was a good i think ability to learn, we're in the big time now, we need to move forward, be more prepared. dierdre: this is a new fox business poll, we have this stat, donald trump is falling behind to senator cruz. in wisconsin, 42 to 32% this is among women. or women part of that vote. can he move forward if he has alienated so many? >> well, you know, it is interesting, i'm surprised it not worse. i never in my life, i have run 19 or 20 races, i have never in my lifetime seen onslaught one person has been getting. you expect it from the left. the dny and radical environmental groups and you know liberal groups.
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but not from our own. people who you are actually trying to brick together -- bring together and unite. hopefully take back the white house? you don't expect that. it comes at you, you are like oh, my goodness, i am surprised it is not worse. he will spend additional time there he will go to new york and work hard their and push back. dierdre: he has a lot of name recognition? >> he has a lot of name recognition, people know what he has done in terms of job creation, they know his positions, new york, get a sense of him better than some others, he has had situations, as we have had, there ebbs and flows, this still a long process, he had more highs than lows, my hope is after this is over we will unite, and people will kind of bury the hatchet, and there will be apologies behind the scenes, a meeting of the minds that recognize we have an
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opportunity, to gets the judicial positions, the ambassadors, the cabinet secretaries, set the agenda up for america. and that is very important. and he will have good people around him as ronkonkoma did -- ronald reagan did in his first term. dierdre: you mentioned how donald trump is taking it from all side, carl rough even said -- karl rove even said a fresh face at the convice presidenttion mighthe convention might be better. >> that is like fantasyland, that not going to happen, you are not going to have a white knight coming in. there is no great savior coming through the door in cleveland, this is who we have, a slate of people we went through, we have three lift, it will be one of those three, period. dierdre: i have to ask you, if
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donald trump reached out to you and said be my running mate would you do it in that's never going to happen. >> thank you, that is fl them and everyone else to unite, that is my job right now, when i speak with my former senate colleagues, i said what is the biggest problem with donald trump, they said, we don't know him, my job is to get my former colleagues to meet the guy, there are a let of incric inevitable correct -- incorrect assumptions. dierdre: all right, good to hear it. >> never going to happen but thank you. dierdre: i say never say never but i hear you. senator scott brown with us there. wisconsin, pivotal primary just days away, 55 delegates at stake for republicans in winner-take-most. fox business new poll showing cruz in the lead, for how long?
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open question, fox business this tuesday night with instant ruth, results, analysis, with neil cavuto and lou dobbs myself the whole team is here. >> we're waiting for president obama concluding remark at nuclear security summit, press will ask questions, he is to speak this hour, we'll bring you those comments as soon as he starts speaking. >> critics say that john kasich no longer running a clean campaign. a pro-kasich pack, posted an ad today, calling out senator cruz, for being lying ted, ted cruz's spokesperson with he next to react, april fool's day, our own maria bartiromo got pranked by governor mike huckabee. >> there are 4 of us who suspend our campaigns, and you know we used that term carefully, suspend not end.
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and as of today, we're back in. we're still on the ballot that announcement will come later this morning. and we decided that there is just too much rancor, too much absurdity going on we will go in to make sure it goes to the convention. >> wait a minute. >> we have specifically chosen this day, april 1, for me to make this announcement. this is. >> i had you going, you have to admit it. >> i had you thinking. >> you are trying it trick me on april fool's day.
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steal a win in iowa, lies about being best in g.o.p. when polls show he can't beat hillary clinton. if ted cruz is -- he is lying. dierdre: a tv ad paid for by a super pac that supports ohio governor john kasich, kasich is very unhappy with the ad, he asked his team to communicate with the super pac, get it off the air, right now national spokesperson for senator cruz ron nearing, what do you think of that ad, and kasich 's response, did he give someone a go ahead to become more intense, or is it a misunderstanding? >> i think that kasich campaign has a -- relationship with rialto going forward.
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to try to you know rig the election going forward and carving up one state versus another, senator cruz is only candidate with a plausible path to victory to win the nomination either before or at the convention, we're working very hard for that to be before, that is why senator cruz has been in california, and kasich campaign lost 27 elections so far they will turn increasingly desperate, we're maintaining our focus and on our way to rack up victories in upcoming states. dierdre: speaking of that wisconsin, senator cruz, at least by fox business poll, showing that he is gaining a lot of traction. i want to ask you about an endorsement just received for donald trump. it is national border patrol council. it is the agents union, first ever presidential primary endorsement. immigration is a key issue for so many voters, how will
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senator cruz rise, fight the idea, that donald trump is stronger on that issue than he is? >> donald trump is not particularly strong to and issue. he had that off record editorial board meeting with "new york times," unwilling to allow that tape to be released, reported that what he really had to say is that he did not really mean what he said about building a border and a wall. >> he said that, everything is for negotiation, he is starting with a certain point of view, asking his supporters to support him, trust that if he does gain offers, that he would look at things equally. >> well, you can't really trust what ton don says, he for 40 years has been bank rolling and supporting liberal democratic officials in new york. giving money to democratic party, and fundraising and money to "gang of 8".
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by contrast, senator cruz, is only campaign to release details plan, you can see on ted for how we secure the border. look this is someone who has multiple positions on multiple issues in the same day, that is not an easy thing to accomplish. trusting a candidate to be consistent and principles and strong on the issue of put a stop to illegal immigration. a stop to the schumer amnesty bill. no bearnobody. dierdre: i have to ask you, you said state new york, next focal point after wisconsin. donald trump has a lot clearer name recognition in new york, relationships with businesses in the northeast. how much of a uphill battle will that be fur your candidate cruz? >> we're focusing on new york,
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but emphasis will increase after we see results in wisconsin. i'm born and raised in new york, on long island, everyone knows that you know what the issues are in state of new york, one of the highest taxed states in the country. name i.d. is not simply a driving factor any more, everyone knows donald trump, everyone knows ted cruz, new york is not a winner-take-all, it awarding delegates by congressional district weaker have real opportunities in new york going forward, i think that new yorker are concerned about the issues of national security, you listen to what donald trump says in terms of withdrawing from nato and other bizarre positions people know on issue we lated to national security and defeating isis, there is nobody who can be trusted more to provide leadership necessary an ted cruz. dierdre: all right, ron thank you. >> ron nearing with us, with cruz campaign. >> donald trump met yesterday with rnc and also his new
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>> the last person that wants to play the nuclear card, believe me, is me, but you can never take cards off the table, either -- from and stand point. dierdre: donald trump taking criticism for his comments he would not rule out possibility of using nuclear weapons on our european allies. he met with his new foreign policy team, ad advisor walid fair -- waleed fair us is with me now. >> this is, as we know, first meeting official meeting with all of his national security foreign policy advisors.
5:23 pm
they were general things, but mr. trump asked many questions, resources, in areas such as defense, intelligence, economics, international relations and, of course, terrorism. three most important were nuclear proliferation. and the fight against isis, what are other alternative the. and kind of coalition we need from now on in to conduct that fight, and make sure that the terror network that will be dismantled will not be back again. dierdre: speaking of nuclear weapons he stunned allies, south korea and japan, after he suggested that u.s. military should be withdrawn from those shores. >> at some point we have to say you know, what we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac and north korea.
5:24 pm
>> saudi arabia absolutely? dierdre: when you meet with him, what kinds of comments are -- is he getting in this goes against, at least last 60 years of our history. >> it does in a sense, i can not disclose a lot of details of what is spoken, general idea is simple. the wars have changed. the cold war is no more, the fear between cold war and 9/11 is no more, that no more after the rise of isis, there need to be adapt tatetions -- adaptations, but to say the posture of u.s. will change, no, he has asked experts and more experts in future, if he makes it to house wo white house he will ask experts of government and agents who are other alternatives about maintaining north korea.
5:25 pm
that needs to have a lot of discussion with the two countries with congress, with the other allies. this was a piece of a wider discussion. dierdre: for those who know you well, as we do here at fox and fox business, we're reassured he has called in people such as yourself, learning what to discuss with people. he doubled down on hisnatedoy comments last -- on his nato comments last evening on o'reilly. >> i was -- we're paying share of nato, nato is largely off the leash, it has to be restructured and changed. and other countries have to pay some of the bill. i don't want to disband nato but i don't want to pay for a vast majority for the cost of the nato either. dierdre: some of your guests former mayor of new york city rudy guliani, saying that nato sacred to the u.s.
5:26 pm
do you see it this way? >> it is sacred to the u.s., it has been sacred to the west, it is feared by the enemy, correct, but nato has to be restructured, itself, i speak with officials in europe, with experts at nato and brussels, per say, they tell us we have been structured to face-off with an enemy coming from the so union, soviet union does not exist any more, we're asked to intervene expin ter fea -- and interfere with yugoslavia. it does not mean a dismembers of nato. >> thank you very much. foreign policy advisor to donald trump. >> on heels of a report that isis may have access to nuclear weapons, president obama will make his concluding remarks at a nuclear security summit, press will be asking questions, so as soon as the comments and questions starts we'll bring you live to that events.
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dierdre: donald trump is getting sued for violence at one of his recent rallies. >> more on the fatal police shooting in virginia, a new report this trooper's killer hated cops. sheriff clark said that dodge is -- administration is responsible for our nation's antipolice climate, and his take on what is going on at the trump rally. >> i heard pop, i never heard a real gunshot before, i did not know what was going on. >> the man of get down, get down, he was like crawl, crawl. >> we ran across the parking lot, these were so scary, i did not want to get up from where i was hiding. >> a. >> at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. dierdre: we're moments from president obama's concluding remarking at nuclear security summit, that is taking place in dc, on heels of report that isis may have access to nuclear weapons, the press will ask questions, as soon as president begins the remarks, and press asks questions we'll take you there. >> a virginia state trooper was a husband and a father two children, he was shot dead, at a greyhound bus station, during a police training exercise in richmond.
5:32 pm
>> you see suspicious activity go over and engage. in a soo a -- conversation, that is what was taking place here, early stages is when the other subject pulled a weapon and shot chad multiple times. >> i had my hand on the door handle, i heard two gunshots go off, i didn't think they were gunshots but there were 5 more after that. i could see the flash. dierdre: a confrontation between trooper chad dermyer, and the gunman, james brown iii from aurora, illinois, according to reports brown had an extensive criminal record, he fired at the trooper point blank, other officers shot back, and killed the gunman. here is part of the 911 call. >> greyhound terminal.
5:33 pm
a mass casualty. dierdre: according to suspect, aunt, brown had a lot of anger about police in the past, with me now milwaukee council sheriff david clark, how do you see somebody who serves population where you are this string of shootings that target police? >> it rips my heart every time a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty, 30th law enforcement officer killed in line of duty by gunfire in 2016, that is a 150% increase over this time last year, what happened, criminals always had a run first mentality, but it has been flipped with this moran police, and irresponsibility rhetoric from high profile people in the u.s., yes, i am talking about the white house, and president obama. who has led the chorus, he does not cause these things but he creates pathway -- where now criminals no longer
5:34 pm
have a run-first attitude, it is a shoot first, then run. dierdre: do you think because you say white house discourages people from taking personal responsibility? >> well, no, he said irresponsible things about the law enforcement officers. and one interview he said our law enforcement officers, have a fear of people who don't look like them. he said that the law enforcement community is as institutional racism, and they treat blacks differently, that criminal justice system -- that is irresponsible rhetoric, there is no data or research to support that, he and his previous attorney general eric holder, invoking this racial profiling. again, no data or research to support that. >> sheriff we take you at your word, you are there in your community. i want to actually continue to another day this is a big and important topic, i just want to ask you, while you are here, trump rally lawsuit, 3
5:35 pm
people claiming they were attacked, were faced racial slurs at a donald trump rally they are suing him and his campaign, lawsuit filed thursday on behalf of 3 protesters, from a march rally, first in louisville, kentucky, alleging that trump encourages an atmosphere of violence, i don't want to asks about the legal ramifications, but what do you think of a candidate able to be sued for tone at his rally he is not responsible for every person. >> these is politically motivated, these individuals were not protesters, they showed up to provoke and insight, when they get a response they try t to play victim, they are riot starters to create a distar bans -- des
5:36 pm
turbans to shut down speech and people's participation in a ralliy it participate in our process of determining the next president of the united states all little bittingly motivated -- all politically motivated. dierdre: when you deal with local events, where you are, do you know ahead of time, people say protestors go out and recruit. they are trying to get a mass movement? sure. agitators they use a bunch of disparage groups they don't have enough on their own, these are cop-hater, anarchists, criminal element, rowdy juveniles and are some misguided university students and occupy movement there are some well intentioned people in this group but they are being used. we get a lot of information from public beforehand about
5:37 pm
recruiting efforts, we follow-up, there is nothing wrong to recruit for a rally but we look at who these people are associated with, that one of members tha grouch that i mentioned -- group that i mention, cop-haters have been arrested in past as these things for you know trying to insight provoke, and shut down really, we take additional steps but we monitor their all of the time it is our responsibility to do that. dierdre: thank you, sheriff we love having you here. >> you're welcome. dierdre: we're moments from president obama's concluding remark at nuclear security summit in dc, the press will ask questions, we'll get you there as soon as we can, as they start speaking. >> a u.s. border' date, caught in acts, new video of two suspected drug smugglers, scaling at u.s. mexico border. we talk about that. >> some excited about idea of
5:38 pm
donald trump's wall. national boarder patrol union is endorsing, a candidate, donald trump. >> one of the members is with me next, to explain why. >> and who's going to pay for the wall? who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> we're going to build a wall. >> we have a trade deficit with mexico, they are going to pay for it they will be happy about it. by the way, who'ses go t going to pay for the wall. dierdre: donald trump promised to build a wall across entire length of mexican border, and
5:42 pm
have mexico pay for it has made headlines. with me now from tucson, arizona, national border patrol council local union president, art, we're glad to have you, this is border patrol agent's union first ever presidential primary endorsement, ever in history, why did your organization break a pattern to support donald trump? >> you know, represented the organization we believe these are different times from before, they are stressful times for our agencies and our organization, i thin i stressful times for the united states and security of the borders, we also talk about economy security, after 9/11 the economy came to a screeching halt, -- many americans lost their job, that important, we talking about an
5:43 pm
economic security. dierdre: we know your organization represents about 17,000 u.s. border agents, you are in the trenches, you are working hard. but since you are on national tv right now, what would you like to till people, primary voters in wisconsin, for example, about donald trump because right new he is slipping in the polls there against 10s senator cruz. >> you know, we deal with different types of aspect and border security a well the come through the southern border, they are not just staying in the states issue they are going to communities all over america including wisconsin, donald trump reached out to us, he showed us he was serious about border security. he came and asked for advice from the experts, he broke the mold, and not just went to the administration, but he came to people that are experts in border security, and i think that means a lot, it should mean a lot to the american
5:44 pm
public 92 we wanted your opinion on it thank you for that. dierdre: i to want ask you, on the heels of a international tragedy, that devastating easter bombing in pakistan, that killed more than 70s people. and a new report from the national border patrol council said that rash of pakistanis have skyrocketed in u.s. this year, first 5 months of 2016, 79 arrests compared to 57 of last year, do you worry that terrives will try to get -- terrorists will try to get through the mexico-u.s. border. >> that a huge concern that all america should be worried about. and i have said before, i will say many times, we don't close our doors at night because we're -- we don't love the people outside, we close the doors because we love the people inside. we need to take care of people that are inside. our families, that is the reality of it.
5:45 pm
we need true consequences when individuals come into our country illegally that is what we need to focus on true border security and consequences for have thes thaindividuals that break those law. dierdre: let me ask you, keeping people safe here, family, drug trafficking is also a problem in arizona, we have video of two supposed traffickers who were caught, almost by accident on video. whether they realized they were spotted they climbed right back over the wall quickly. so it took something like 15 seconds for them too climb that fence, it probably shows you what are up against every day? >> yeah, something we're up against every day here in arizona, you know, arizona right now, two -- still accounts for over 50% of drug seizures apprehended in the united states, that is big number, we need more enforcement of our laws, i
5:46 pm
know different policies come out from our commissioner at times, where, we don't really agree with them, but, reality is that we need people too bachus up, and when -- to back us up, when donald trump came to arizona specifically asked to speak with us, he wanted our opinion, he did not go with status quo or old regime of what the administration said. dierdre: that probably one of the most important thins that anyone said he went to the experts and listened and asked for your advice, anyone will say that is a sign of leadership, art del queto thank you very much. >> we're moments away from president obama's concluding remarks on heels of report that isis may have access to nuclear weapons, the pris will be able to ask questions issue as soon that that parts of the even kicks off we'll get
5:47 pm
leufer twe'll live to dc . dierdre: hillary clinton said she is sick o of senator sanders' lies. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying. dierdre: a new fox business poll shows that general election ends up being trump against clinton 42% of voters would pick a third party candidate. or stay home. john stossel, hosting a presidential forum tonight at 9:00 right here on fox business, he is with me next. >> suppose none of you exist, have you a choice between trump or clinton. >> i would choose -- >> a case of the measles and a bladder infection
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>> it's not what you said, lying ted. >> are you disappointed? >> we heard so much from the republicans and democrats, now it's time to hear from libertarians. three top polling presidential candidate, debate here tonight two-part libertarian presidential forum. dierdre: you heard it, a forum here tonight on fox business. with john stossel. former two term new mexico governor gary johnson, tech entrepreneur john mcafee. and austin teete teat peterson, a fox business ho
5:52 pm
poll shows, the race ends with donald trump and hillary clinton. 42% would likely vote for a third party or not vote, john stossel is here. what are you expecting? >> people will learn, there is a third party candidate. we should very them. three leading libertarians based on a poll they took. dierdre: they took or we took? >> the libertarian party took. dierdre: i was going to say. i want to ask you, it seems this could be year for a third party. i mentioned that poll where hillary clinton and donald trump have a lots of popular support, but they have very high negatives. >> some people hate them 92
5:53 pm
the. dierdre: they do. >> they want to micromanage life. it is good to have alternatives. dierdre: you asked candidates, trump or clinton, here is what a few told you. >> suppose none of you exists, you have a choice between trump or clinton. who? >> a none non-- ex is stent, i don't vote for people i don't believe in. >> you are asking me to choose between the case of the measles and a bladder infection. >> i would vote for libertarian candidate if none of us were up here. a third party candidate. dierdre: you asked about issues that everyone -- some
5:54 pm
are economic issues. what were you most interested in? >> i start with what i think people fear about libertarians, soft on defense. >> isolationists. >> yes, we're not, we want to interact with the world. we think some of this that is why people top kill us, we think that libertarian means libertine, we' everyone to get high all of the time, yes, they do want to legalize drugs, we should see from the last segment you did, the wall does not stop the drugs, no one is trying to get over the wall with wine or beer or tobacco, they are legal, the stupid drug war causes the crime. dierdre: we love difference and varyings opinions we'll watch you tonight, forum 9 p.m., stossel's libertarian
5:55 pm
presidential forum, 9 p.m. eastern here on fox business. we're moments away from president obama's concluding remarks at nuclear security summit, you can see introductory comments made, as soon as president takes stage for his remarks we'll bring you there, worth noting for your own programming there will be a question and answer session following. >> former president capitol hill clinton -- bill clinton speaking on what he sees is a smaller wall street. >> hillary said look, i know my opponent said that wall street is the only problem. that is not true. there are between 50 to 70,000 fewer people working on wall street today than there were before the crash. dierdre: his wife, democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, said her relationship with the financial industry is not too tight. she dismisses bernie sanders'
5:56 pm
attacks on her favoritism saying, i can never understand what he is talking about. heritage economic steve moore joining me now, i always know steve moore. we had jobs data out earlier, financial industry one industry, so should candidates be more focused on manufacturing, i am just picking that out, largest decline since 2009. >> but why is it good news that wall street is laying off people. i don't get that logic. i think it is -- hillary clinton represented new york, right, thigh are laying off people in the investment business. i do not see that as good, it is a bad thing, just as manufacturing i is laying off people that is bad. there is an idea that wall street is evil, and the more lay offs the better, these are the people who put the dealing it that make for great
5:57 pm
companies. >> i am with you. hillary clinton firing back. activist, after she was accused of accepting donation from fossil fuel industry, we'll play that -- deirdre: i want to look at oil. it was down 4% the piggest drop since the end of february. does it come to a point where it's dangerous for the u.s. economy to have cheap oil.
5:58 pm
>> the cheaper the oil, the cheaper it is to produce everything else in the economy. i don't bite argument that cheap deirdre, i'm writing a book about the fossil fuel industry. this is the industry in america that created more jobs than any other industry in the last five years. why is it an evil industry with it many creating jobs and lowering the price at the pump. we should be celebrating this industry, not tearing it down. deirdre: we talked about the goal of energy independence. that $300,000 came from a pool of workers so she should not be ashamed to be aassociated with their support. >> within four year we can be energy independent if we continue to promote this industry.
5:59 pm
and our carbon he anythings are falling. the reason is because we are producing more natural gas and natural gas is a fossil fuel, but it reduces greenhouse gases. deirdre: we are always glad to have you, steve, you are a fount of information. a lot of contests in the primary states. steve moore joining me from the heritage foundation. we are moments away from president obama's concluding remarks at the nuclear security summit in d.c. there has been a recent report isis may have access to nuclear weapons. the president may address that, he may not. but there will be question and answer time from the question at that event. so my colleague charles payne
6:00 pm
will get you there as soon as it start. a quick check on the markets after that jobs report. the dow, indiana damage the a & p all -- and the s & p all higher across the board. charles is here with "making money." charles: you are looking at the stage. president obama following a very important nuclear summit he had with over 50 world leaders tackling a range of issues from nuclear weapons in iran to the tensions in the south chain ra sea -- china sea. general scales. i think this is a well-timed summit, but we know about these global gatherings and oftentimes nothing's come comes o


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