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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  April 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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foxews rorting in jersey city, n jersey. rightver tre is lower manhattan wherehe twin tours of theorldld trade center once stood. 15 of the 19 hijackers liv or moved tthe state ofew jersey. a decade afterhe attacks the world tre center is rising ain. newldings will be finished in aboutwo years' time but t iconic skyline of manttan mains incompleteo this day. on tt fateful morning,000 people die in n york at the pentagon in washington
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and in shankslle, pennsylvania. after exhauststive studidi by congress and the 9/11 commissio there are qstions we are sll askingtoday. who really helped the 19 men? who helped them t move around our country largely undetected and was this man at the center of the p9/11? we begin o report with catherine herridge >>ananuary 5th, 2000. kuala lumpur, malaysia. in a condoverlooking a golf cose, a dozen operatives including these two futurure hi jackers, gathered for a meeting. the coming plots to bombhe s of uss cole in gulf of aden and the plot plan. it was a terror summit. since t -- capred and
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recorded phone calls. it w 60 miles outsi the capital. theouse was osama bin laden's opations center. e cl came in and thesaudis that would hihighck the plane spoke. > i remember t the ptures clr as day. >> mark wasn fbi agent signed to work wit the cia's osama bin lade agt. >> theting was surveilled. there had been a meeting. these peopl were coming in. follow them take their phographs. see wha ty're doing, where ey're going. thata what happened. we had no ide what they were
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doing. buom areisas to the u.s. > then the cia refusused to e those w with other agencies suc as the fbi and border patrol which aowowed two to literallyl walk i into the united stateses th los angngeles airport a week after the summitt of terrorism concluded. >> we blew it. >> with that advance notic we cod have gotten a listening device in the condominium uniti. ththe director of the ciaad just said that al qaeda, bin laden, was numbeber one priority of th agency and that every effort should be given to corralling them before they attacked . >> former sor bob gham co-chaired with then congressen porter gos int the inquir this was a repor bed o a halflion documents which finished in domeic 2002.
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graham wrotehehe acclaimed intelligence mattersnd a new novel "keyeys to the kingdom." >> this i is probably one of th most painful things about me or things that i regret, i could not tell the bureau about what we were talng out. we are getetting aval from it was cia protected infortion only. >> a the terror smit 24-year-oldadar arr in and bakok. unlike osama bin laden who was om a wealthy saudi family who was familiar with the west, thes two saudi had nev been
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to america. what's so significa about ? >> they werehe f first o the 19 to comto the uted states. mber two, ty almost immediately began receivi substantialssistance from t saudi government or representatives of thehe saudi gornment. >> a saudi citiz living inan diego was one of the fst people to help the highjacker on our shores in this document, the then 42-yeaololdd had been in the u.. on a student visa since 1993. >> is there any record that he was studedent ithe united states >> he professed tha he was a student. i ccked with the university that he said had attended. they had no recordf his hing been a student. >> a a reporter for the san diego tribune, kelly thornton wa aware of him. >> he was very well kwn i the unity and thought to be by someaudi sp spying on
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other saudis for the federal gornment and often h a video mera. >> he wasollecting a salary of a ghost employeyee o of a subsiy for a saudi aviation company. then this story. >> when he comes up fm san diego at the request of the cons ul for political and cultural affairn the saudi consute in los angeles, we don't know meeting thathey as soon as teeting was over, umi and his dver we to a specific restaurant and ended up at a table next to e two hijackers whiched to him asking if they would be interested in relocating from loanges to saniego which they agreed to do. >> how likely is it thahat somee wiwill have a chance meeting wi two hijackers? >>rere were 13434 middle etetern restaurants inn los angeles in january of2000. we had a statistician d do a
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probability tha f four people would end up at the same place at the samee time. and it s in the more than 5 million t one cary. >> 5 milliono one? >> yeah. >> rememb, the fstwo hijackers here no notng about getting aroun california and speak n engsh but the ever heful bay umi had someone in mind. a student at gross mont college. he told me that byumi was the one who askedim to do at. modar was fluent in english and spoke wl and the hijackers did nott speak so wellll. he was askedo helphem get driver's licenses, social security numbers, tha kind of thing. >> the hijackers walked into the
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country legally buthe entry into the u.s. fromanada was anything but legal. >> he presents his meni passport. shortly aftft receing his u. visae travels to san diego. within a wk of his arrivale hailed an application for asum clalaiming to be a citizen of somalia fleeingrsecution. further says he enter the uned states through new york utilizing a fraudulent italian passport in thehe namof franco de polo. >> the chicken? >> right. within a fo-month time period. >> pat brandy heen a flight instructor f 26 years. why doo you believe tha planess the plane theyflew. > this was the only cessna tt had at the time. >> what was it like to rlize you he been flying in t same plane that the hijackers had been flyg in? >> it was an eerie feeling,
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that where it all started from. >> the hijackers moved here and biumi signed the lease. in t 9/11 commission report is a reference to four phone calls on february 4th, 2000. >> the fbi wasas aware that heed had c contact with al qaqaa figugures. >> johnrger, author of jihad joe. filed areedom of information t. >> he was iolved in charities. they had cut the investigation shortl before t invesgators dd arrived and dececided that h s not worth investiting anymore and droed it. >> what was the relationship like betweenl laukynd t the hi lacker >> that it wa a close relationip and al lauky may have been o of the few people
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that they shared with wha they werehere for and t plot of 9/11 w going to be. lo and behold, it wa a time period. i was analyzing phone numbers -- >> in an exclusive interview with fox news. ji bushxplains how he discovered the links. >> there is a phone cal from al bay umi' phone to aawlaki. what the pho call was or who the pne call was between,t's on speculion. you can make rational nclusion that there w ntact at that time. >> who w at the welcoming party that al bayumi threw for the hijackekers in san diego? s al awlaki thehere that's coming g up.
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. the f first two hijackers a
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liviving large in n san diego courtesy ofbayumi wallet. >> theheir life-style becamee expensivive. they liked to go to bars and they spent a lot ofmoney. hosnsni wanted to mar one of t strippers he had met at the bar. >> bayumi was one of the individuals who had been subject of a countererrorism investation or inqui by the fbi and lo and beholdnds u being really vy helpful. >> executive direcr eleanor hill remembers details that n shine a bghter light on the >> bayumii has phone calls with al awlalaki. >> joint inquiuiry states tre is no bank docentation supporting the reimburme of t monies to al bayumi from the two hijajacks. if the 9/11 commissisioneport says the hijackersrs paid them
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thespot. >> our iestitigation didn't find any rord to support thehe argument that tyy h had rebubursed bayumi. >> bayumi held a party for the jackers and veotataped that party. >> he had one p party to irodude hosni a and mittar to an inner circle of key m muslims primari saudis in san diego.o. >> the vio'o's cameraman n was wewealthy 22-year-old, c clayto morgan. he was searching f answe in radil islam. in ts document morgan is describedas, quote, trust fundid who h grown up althy. >> tri to obtain the videotape and the f refused saying it was beingsed in an ongog investigatn. if theres an ongoing investigation of anybo on the tape. certainly it would seem tt anwa al awlaki would be t
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candidate. aawlaki was cnected to these guys a was a spiritu mentoroo themem. i was told theyy would go behin osed doors and have private seions togeth. . >> soon after thehe party the t hijacks c changed addddrees and moved into thihis home with thi fbi informant. >> a verymportantigure in this plot who had recentlyone through a very difficult divorce and had a large vacant hoe. >> it wassked thatikh was still livin in california he was an indian bn muslim claiming head a doctorate and occasiononally taught e english colleges. fox x news could not confirm th. while the congressional inquiry wrote about sheikh. th9/11 commission did not even though commission investigators tervwed him. >> h was doing for the uted states what bayum was doing for
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udi arabia. in a sense. >> he tolde that he mtioned a first me. >> he was one ofhe several people that was never made available tour iniry. >> w didhe fbi deneny y access? >> t asset program is so sensitive that they didn't want to have any discsure. iound that to be a disisingenuous answer given the fact that thihis want as paid handsomely. and yet he had two off the hijajackers living in his home d apparentlyly never told anybody. then there was a lot of negotiation, which at one point had sheikh saying i will testify if you, the joint inquiry, will give me immunity from any future
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prosecution. >> since the only thing you can conclude is that he f felt thate had v very damagaging informati >> that hee wanted immunity fro someththing, and that something hahad to do with his r relation with these two jajackers. >> did y you ever speak to the i directoror, robert muller, abou that block? >> absolutely. he is the one who sa thehe reason we're not g giving you access to sheikh is because t asset program is very vuable andeannot have any oututside intrusion io it. >> did youeel tt wawas an honest answ? >> well, tt was thedirector's answer. >> d the hijackers use a rror network across the country. help?roup always eager to andre these i place in america today? [dad] wear a dozen diffeferent hats
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we ctinue the investigatio wh eric shshawn. >> the cold face of this 33-yeaold egyptian is sred in amemerican mery. he would crash intnto the world tre center's north tower. >> he is the ringleader. he clearlyewverything and everybod and what their res were. >> he had been picke by khali sheikh mohammed to be theead hijaer. he had liv aa student in cao and her in hamburg, germany. june2000. he left san diego mg out of theome hehared with fbi set sheikh. it was tporary good-byeo al awawlaki. experts say he headed to yemen to recruit other hihijaers. he toucheded dowown in floririd having flown there from prague in t the czech republic v
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newark, new jerseyey. first stop,, venice, florida, o the statate's gulf coast wheher settled wit the pilot who would flfly united flight 175 into o woworld trade center's southth tower. alalready there was a lebanese n wh would crash united flight 93 in the grouninshafrpnkville, pennsylvan. they made this video together as thei lasill and testament. in san diegoll startedaking ying lessons. ata w consistently o the move, flying to spain in january 20. afte he rerns, theyoved again into this apartment in coral springs jusust outside miami. we they using a supuppo network whihich had beenn in pl in america for decades? >> what youou have in terms of support system are anotherayer of people who kindf know what these guys are about, but don't want to ask a lot of questions.
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>> andndw mccarthy was the lead precutor in the world trade center bombing of 1993. >> to the e extent that thehey give them some help, whether it with housising or money orr jobs or trainining they canan lr tell wever asks thehem about it theyey were simply fulfilling their obligatnn as muslims to help other muslslims. >> oneerson innlorida who seemed to f the bill waa then -year-oldmistry major who nowas a $5 million pre on his head for his alleged role in al qaeda today. >> he iss a sau born inaudi arabia andnd came to thiss coun during the 1980s wh hisis family. >> his fatr was a translator forhe blindsheikh. >>his is the brooklyn mosque, home to the hard could hav
8:25 pm
islamic egyptian cleric al rack with a nan. >> he had gen the authority for t killing of president anw anwar saddate. >> he arresteted hundredsds. >> what was t relatioionship betwtween them? >> ls. one is runni an egyptian terrorist organization. anround the s time that abdul rac is running the islac group. >>hey wouldo their sepate ways. one meant to pakistan whe h met up withsama bin laden. shake camee to america in 1990. >> when he g here h was
8:26 pm
already a supersta >> why did we let him in? >> thas the 64 zillion dollar question. on is tryg too kp himut. the other isiving him a green card aa religious worker the blind sikhid fund raisg tours through the united stes. >> in another secret of/11 this fbi dument wtten weeks after the attacks withheld t name of a manwho, que, i in october 1992 hosted party for sheikh omar rachman. the regressl joint inquiry. >> 9/11, howeve names the party st. >> mr. bos n inamed? >> a sdi natnal who would lateter be in san diego and accordrding to invesestigators close associate of bayumi. yes, the ty samean who signed the lease for t hijackers a threw them a party. back i1990 the blind sheikh inspired another missn. november 5, 1990gunhots ring
8:27 pm
tn a new yor tel. nosar, a follower of the blind sheikh at the brooklyn mque guns dn a rabbi. >> out of nowhere cameome person, shot him right he, and the bullet came right out l lik that. he had beeeen practicicing for years. hehe was part of the blind sheikh cad re of leaders. >>hree years laternother foller the blind rk drosheikhroe aan with explosivesnto the garage o the word tde centers. it's amazing tt only seven lives were los in th world trcenter ck. >> in octer 1995 e blind sheikh was convicted of terrorism and sentenc to prison b the personanal translator and his familyoved to south flida. >> there was another t terror cl linknked i the blind shehh and
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al q qaeda that was b based i i ft. uderle ararea. and that washehe community in which adnan shuk ra r ruchen wa going off. > new details of the hijacke movements in arizona, flororida virginia, connecticut and new jersey, and why was anwar al awlaki invitited to luncht the pentagon shortrtlyfter the attacks of 9/11?
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. i'm ashleyebster with your x business brie mixed close o frid. the dow csed the finis above the 18,000 lelut the nasdaq closed wer. crosoft and google's pent company alpha betbet plunging. several anasts a slashing their price tgetss a result. monald's snedd on earnis day being both profit and sales expectations for ahird straight quarter.
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turns out that wn it comes to th all-day breakfast menu both americans andraderslike are loving it. the tragic d dth o 57-year-old pop icon pnce is resulti in a spike in sal f songs o his music catalog. fi of hisost popular sonongs surging to the top spots on itune's chart. watch thehe fox business networ for thehe latest in busininess financncial news.. fox businesess giving you powero prosper. by the spring of 2001 the key figureses in the 9/11 plott were well establilish in amererica. besides takakin 727 flighght simulator lessons at opa-lockak aiairport, the two moved into ts apartment i in coral springs, flororida, just north of miami. living in this hououse in nearb miramarr was another man who wa raised in america because his father was the blind sheikh's
8:33 pm
translator. . >> he goes to school at broward communitity college. >> h here he is giving a clalas prprestation at the college. bu experts say he wasn't only pursuing an educatio >> during the late '90s he had been approached by a local muslim who was trying to put together a terror cell. >> he was r recruited to be in that plot butut got spooked by . >> the fbi b believed he may ha snififfed out tir informa and ininstead he wenent to pakista trained there. >> after allegedly training with qaeda adnan was bk in south florida. buried in the lasast page of th declassified 9/11 dodocument is mention thahat adnanan and a ad together on may 2, 2001, five momont before the attacks. >> an immigration officer who said that ada and another man and shuk ra juma came into thehr office. >> short after he disappeaeared,
8:34 pm
likekely in pakistan, where he s killed in 2014. >> he is a trained operative who poses an operational threat to the united states. >> you see almosost a 20-year story heree going back to the mosque in brooklyn, to florida and allededly being with mohahammmohamed atta. >> secrets of 9/11 lay d deep i america's southwest. >> al qaeda has about a presence in arizozona almost since al qaa was fofounded. >> the connections too arizona run far deeper than any obviously any of t the others. >> now at the goldwater institute. marklatten has been an investigative reporr in arizona for ove 28 years. >> he had bn h in believe '91 taking classest the university of arizona. >> during the nine yearsrs betwn 1991 and 2000 saududi nationa honi hon joour. pilot of flight 77 that hit the pentagon had moved i in andututf
8:35 pm
arizona at leastst three times stududying english and taking flying lessons. >> a l lot of people w who haven connected subsequently to terrorism hadad been to the tucn area and studied in the tucson area. >> people suc as all haj. >> he was one of the firirst members of al qaeda. >> wasas now in p prin for the 1998 bombings of the u.s embassies in africa. inhe '80s he was plane shoppingng for bin laden in the grand canyon statate. >> h he asked an american citiz to pururchase planene on behalff ososama bin laden.n. we too what's called a bone yard andnd boughght a fairlyy l cacargo jetor b bin laden. >> this is the plane bouought f bin laden. >> it was transported to sudana andd subsequently they crashed the plane. >> the deep roots of i islamic extrtremism in arizona remain a secret of 9/. .
8:36 pm
>> the fbibi and cia issued a joint intelgegence report that designed arizona as a long time nexus for arizona. i was able to obta a copy of the report for the freedf inrmation act but everythg except the headers were deleted. >> phoenix fbi special ant ken williams was suspicious. >> agent wilams gained a great deal of notorietyty bececau of e phoeninix note which he authore in jy of 01. >> describing severalal flight scschools in arizona thahat h h ununusually large number of midl eastern studentnts training the, particularlyly saudis. >> thehe memo states osama bin laden is trying quote, to estatablish a cad ree of individuals who w will be in a popo in the fute to conduct terrorctivity against ci aviation targets. the declassified par of memo don't namame those two men but named a radicalized 24r-old lebanesenational. >> was a disciple or advocat
8:37 pm
of osamain laden. >> williams notedhat in 1999 he droveve two men to the phoen airport for a flightt to washon, d.c.. t individuals had gotpp on an america wt flight of phoenix, went a tried to essentlly jimmy or force their way intohe cockpit and were stopped. and they said, oh, w thought it was the bathroom. the they post 9/11 becameme that this was eentially a dry ru that thi was a way for them t t sesee howow hard it wldld be to uputut of your seat, walk to the cockckpit and go into the cockt. >> sator graham ned that on at least fiveccccasionsbra and hanjoor trained together at the same flit school. the mo fell ears. >> it w a p priority at the time. it didn't rise above thehe backckgrou noise.e. >> by the time williams sent his memo h hanjoor and hazmi were gogone.
8:38 pm
having left three monthths earlier. they forwardrded the u utili refunds to thiss mosque in virginia where anwar al awlaki was now the imam. >> whatid thiss man haveo do withl awlaki and whatid he do for the hijackers? th is just ahead. offers throrough mercedes-benz fincncial services. offers
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weed toak the truth, even ift sounds bitter. >> in jaary, 2001, anwar al
8:42 pm
awlaki became imam at this mosque. within months flight 77 hihijackers hazmi and hanjour would follow their spiritual keeper. >> not louisiana, o or michiganr new orleans. they e up in falls church, virginiaia, next to the mosque that the imam is al awlaki. >>e againsked people who were his followers to help tse guys out with i.d.s, with driving them around, finding aptments. >> anonother secret of 9/11 isi this ma 28-year-d jordanian. ran illegal driver's lense sches in new jersey, nnecticut and virnia and had apartments in all thrhree ststa >> an iesestigation lead came up from our vginia office askin us to run dow and loce an indidual by the name of al ra baba expected tootor vehicle drer licenses addresses
8:43 pm
similar to the hijacks'. >> we'e'reomingg up to where at's pho cards was found. >> fbi special agent led the bombmb iestigation team inn patterson, newew jersey and tald about the 9/11 casee for the first time. >> he found out we re looking for him, nodoubt. when he got tipped off he was in connectit at the time. walked into the concticut office o t the fbi and id, by the way, i just happened to m mt the hijackers. we knew it wasast ue >> it was sll september. our patterson office called me and said, peter, are you s sittg down. >> he is an fbi special agent i thee fbi field ofoffice. >> this s is the first live pers. . >> yes. >> how did he meet t hijackers? >> his first story was h m met them at the local 7-eleven. heped into what he recognized as two saudis. he looked at them and said, he i know you're fro out of stat do youd a place to live. what can i do to hel you?
8:44 pm
>>is second story ived this man, a an old roommate >> ra baba. >>now him. apartment and later in vivirgin. fox news found shay awesa still living in the u.s. >> za hawes was always very well dressed anytime we deaealt with him.m. neve worked. ne h a job. >> dg the course of inveigation we found that he hahad made a call to the saudi embassy in washitoton and also made a call to the saudi embassy in ssia. >> t months was spent investigatg g the relationship wi the hickckers. >> he a admitted that za h hawe told me to go to the imam a
8:45 pm
ask h him for work >> when heentee saw thatee was in a fightitith somebody at the mosq.. he said i didn't feel hee was a reregious man because of the argugument. then he went into the prayer area. after the prayersrs were erer, turned aroun and t two hijackers were standing there. we thought thawas very very range that theyicked him to asst them to g an apament we the was fourr five hundred other people there. >> how many timesidou s hamzi and hanjour. >> i think three times. bring them to the house, s eat some food. i was seehem ass very nice. >> we asked him if he is religious man. he said h didn'ty and didn't go too any mosqsques. >> are you rereligious? >> no. >> why w would youo to a mosque. >> i am bad muslslim. >> how did y you meet him?
8:46 pm
>> i am upset aboutut atat, really. everybody have to dodo somethi for them. >> he just didn't goowown there and meeeet these pplple by accident. they had to have a network. >> bukowski and bush believe he tasked himim to helpp the hijaerers. th9/9/11 commission sred tha sususpion buttt didn't include shay awawesa. and there is this connection >> a seah of al shibh's artment in new jersey. the people found the fax number forhe vginia mosque where anwa al awki was workin >> it was anoer thread that ties al awlaki to the 9/11 plot. >> the hijacrs movedte a bit. they keptoving equeuently. >> thi ishe apartment tt ra baba found for the hijackers in
8:47 pm
alexan alexan exandria, virginia. >> in 2001a baba found them with twoewew room mates. it was aoad trip in hell. the fiveen dro up i-95 a stayed twoights in cneicut this motel i room 73 75 phone c c were made to locatelight schools, car agcies and apartmts >> they argued overmoney. d they wanted t move on. i gue it jus didn't pan out up in connticut. so a ra b baba suggested i'l take you to patterson. >> he said that s the last time head seen them. the next dayhey moved t to paerson. >> they settled here forhree months onninion avenue and stayed on the third floorp re. >> investigators pced ra baba in patatterson for less than tw montnths b before 9/11. >> this s is where hanjour used computer. >> we have a wness putting
8:48 pm
ayad with himt t the library. he denieied itit. >> i think we got 90% of the storory. >> coming w we dig deepeper an ask what happened too the peoee who helpedd the hijackers, wher are they now. sosome of the answers you'll fi stunning. whyy wasnwnwar al awlaki the m n whwho m ow ierit al eda, invited to lunch athe pentagon only monons aer the attacks. that's aox news exclusive. something you u did for fun. until the daitit bame something mumuch more. and that is whyou invest. the best returns aren't just . td ameritrade.
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>>wo days before the 9/11 attacks, anwar al awlaki was back in s southern californinia irvine attending a rallyly for n also known as h-rabrown who was eveually conviedff killing aeoia deputy
8:52 pm
sheriff. >> oneptember 11 he wasfullwas flying from san diego t washington, d.c. >> in the cha following the murder of,000 people the idenes of the 19 hijackers ged. 15 why saudicitizens. last points ofontact were tracked downcluding al awlaki o was interviewed five times between stember 15th and9t he was quick to go on a media ououtlet tour f for isislam. isis emailobtained exclusively by fox ns confirms he was invited tond attende a lunch in the white house ding room. many people areopied on the invitation from t offic of genera counsel. a lawyer wrote s she pticularly ke how he addressed how the avere middle eastern person perceives the united states besides the knownelatiohip wit least thr of the
8:53 pm
hijackers he had a rap sheet wi arrests for prostcution and anothe for ltering around a school. >> is this lunch shocking? >> itt may have bnn another example of wha the department of defense was unaware of what the department of justice and i knew about al awlaki. >> days later he left the country and three mons later an arrest was issuedor passport fraud. >> there was aysterious return tohe united states inctober 2002. despite the outstanding warrant foxeported lastear al awlaki waseleleased from federal custod on therders of an fbi ent. >> wrote you concern in a fox report about the 22 decision to rse al awlaki. >> i would be happy to lk into e matter. after this hearing congressmanwolf's office was told the fbiirector considere the matter cled. onee week a after the fox n new investigation was first broadcastt the chairman of the house homeland security
8:54 pm
committee sent this lter to attoey generale holder. it confirmed congress has opened an official investigation intoo al awlaki's possiblee involvemet in thehe plannining d executionf the 9/1111 attacks on ee uninit states. ng and frank wolf annouounced they h have iroduced lelegislation. what happened to those who facilitated the 19 hijackckers? the pararty t thrower. b bay umy left san dieiego before the attacks. he was detained at scotland yad at the request of the fbi. but. >> the never showed up so they h no alternativeut too release buy um and he rurned to sdiarabia. >> abdullah tried to remain in the u. >> after 9/11 he ted to mry somebody. >> he was tryingo protect his
8:55 pm
immigration atus. >> he was deported to yemen in y 2004. ra ba was chaed with doment fraud and depoed to jordan in jy o of 2003. his rmmate is still trying to stayhere >> he now has a social security number and he is free t move aboutn thiscountry, w is sheful. >> he waso be deported. he went into immigratiourt an somehow downplayed his involvement with t jackers. and he was subsequently granted asylum. > authorities are sti trying to deport him. and theres this secret. >> there were 27 pages in the joint inquiry tt were redacted >> well, i canell yuch because it's a state secret, classified but i rated prarily to the saudiole in the united states in theths leading up to11. >> wld i be correct to assume thathe pages dealt w with the money ail? that was part of it.
8:56 pm
>> aignificant ->> aajor part o >>yeah. >> like aouse of mirrs t is something iesting about the enemies we face. some are american born raised he. >>o you believe rig now that there areslamic trorist cells hen the united states th want to kill us? >> i don't think t there is any qutition about that. me get ready for tax te.e. to separate expenseses,i just swipe. it's onene hat i don't mind wearin [passenger] work for me. anso does quickbooks itstimates my taxes, i know how much stays imy p pocke anthat'sow i own it. [announcerstay in the flow with quibooks self-employed. art your free thirty-day tri today at join-lf-employed-dot-com.
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so we know how t to cover almot alanything.ything, even a stag pool partyty. (party music) (splplashing/destruction) (splashing/desuction) (burkeke) and we covered it, octobeber twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to o farmrmers. we know a g oror two because wewe've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmerers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-m-bum ♪
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>>sama bin laden is dead but the harsh truth remains at al qaeda and all itsranchises rish here andround the worlfteniving in plain sight. the sad fact remains that, after the murder of 3,000 people on a bright september morning ten years o, thereasnly been one cviction in u.s. court of law. that of the would-be 20th jackmiso youy. trls for the conspirators at gitmo a still beingorked out tohis day. are strong reasons t look back
9:00 pm
and continuehe investigation to the secrets of 9/11. for fox news reportin i am bill hemmer. ank you for watching. great week . great week as hotpopots arise around the rld, our military is powering down. >> most of you in the army know is that the army is rerecing its size >> i worry about the capapabili and cacicity to win in a major fight. >> with thermrmed forces getting new rcrching orders -- >> male rotc cadets were pressured by the militaryo walk aund in wom's high heels. >> i found that entire incncide just kind ofof bizarre. >> is the new u.s.s. military ready to facace new threats? >> you'r're sending the messageo the e rest of the world you're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting.


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