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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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official. 43-year-old muslim. labor candidate for mayor. he has one. it was not even close. why did it take so long to count the votes up? >> they are not as click here at fox business, are they? becoming the new mayor. also breaking today, president obama coming down hard on american voters. warning them not to get sucked in on what he calls the circus element of this race. i am trish regan. welcome. calling on voters to take their responsibility seriously. >> serious times. this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> of the news saying all ryan
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will meet face-to-face. they are not the only ones facing a unity challenge. check out this video right now. bernie sanders supporters protesting a hillary clinton speech. bernie sanders is not going away anytime soon. neither is that fbi investigation into her eat it -- e-mail scandal. back to the issues that created such drama in this presidential race in the first place. our lack of growth. the u.s. added the fewest number of jobs in seven months. americans drop out of the labor force in droves. an exciting class warfare. watch. >> the republican congress joining us to take some steps. we could put some traditional
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wind out the at the back of wars in america. >> what will this lousy job market need for the election? we have the intel all coming up. softening the blow of this horrible headline. adding the fewest number of jobs in seven months. do not look at him. not his job, he says. paying their fair share. the need for more government's pending on infrastructure. >> the republican congress has been resistant to taking on this problem in a serious way. because of an ideology that says government spending is necessarily bad. i addressed this when i was insolent. that mindset, that ideology, has led to us not investing in those
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things that we have to do to get it. trish: $19 trillion worth of debt. kind of hard for people to think about spending more. people's wages have not budged in the last 20 years. americans dropping out of our workforce. more than 10 million americans now on food stamps. 10 million more americans. compared to when obama took office. no real growth on the horizon. how will hillary clinton sell her agenda? the only business in this race. joining me now is mark sharon no and maryanne marsh. we heard from the president there. trying to play the blame game. it is congress this fall. the republicans fall. the reason our economy is not going the way it should right now. why should voters trust hillary
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clinton for four more given the state of the economy now? >> hillary clinton's policies largely near bernie sanders socialist policies. calling for free college. calling for paid leave. more government handouts. getting more and more reminders all the way through the fall. around hillary clinton's next. she will live under the shower under obama economics. naturally, this notion, she has had to fully embrace it. this notion that we have not spent our way out of this crisis yet. what she will say. what she will continue to say to call voters.
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that is why her husband was president. do not forget that. >> her husband was president. that is where medium incomes are now. this is not about jobs or job growth. this is about better wages. trish: let's talk about that. the late '90s going into 2000. that turned into nothing but a big old bus. there was a lot of momentum in the economy. however, it turned out not to be real. >> it to bill clinton to clean up after george h. w. bush. it took barack obama to clean up after george w. bush. a surplus after bill clinton. bush drove us into the deficit.
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trish: i do not think you need to -- no, no, hang on one second. marianne makes a valid point. there is blame to go around. we were already on a bad path with our economy before president obama came to office. however, he has been there for eight years. we have never seen such a lackluster recovery. >> he is not. he refuses to. they will not get away with it. we have seen that. primary. it is about wages. yes. what about wages.
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what about wages for minorities? what has barack obama done for minorities in eight years? >> he is saying, we are not spending enough. that is absurd. he believes we have not had enough deficits. trish: saying a similar thing. the exact thing. bernie sanders is willing to take it even further. prospering in this type of environment. the answer is to have better economic policy. you are in fantasizing. that is whether or not they will bring it together. 10 million more voters than ever before. let's face it. he will keep the party together if he is going to beat you like it. you have paul ryan out there. i am not ready to support the agenda.
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i am not ready to support paul ryan's agenda. these guys have to work it out. here is paul ryan mentioning this just yesterday. >> i am not there right now. trish: okay. not there right now. >> first of all, paul ryan is a symbol of everything that is wrong with washington. he had actually, this is the start. >> i will give you that. classic establishment. you still need those voters. you do not want paul ryan and mitt romney and the bushes not being at the committee. all against you right now. >> trump has got the voters. okay. talking about the leadership of the establishment.
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look, paul ryan is acting selfishly. he wants hillary clinton to win this fall so he can win in 2020. it is purely about him. trish: i think that he has a lot of unification done his agenda that he will need to tackle hard. >> it will happen. so good to see you. trish: we will see a little bit. thank you very much. donald trump says he plans to pick someone with pulling a cool experience. all names are on the table. he is spreading rumors that he will pick a democrat. watch here. >> we want to have a great ticket. the democrats have been in there for a long time.y is terrible. we will have a tremendous victory. we are going to win. trish: all right. could my next guest be on his short list? or maybe right now from new
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hampshire, scott brown. senator, welcome back to the program. >> rate to be on. thank you. >> what do you think? >> he will not pick a democrat. that is like fantasyland. he is not. >> we do not think that he will. >> he will definitely pick somebody who has -- listen, if he calls, i would say yes. i do not think that he will call. there are some great people out there. fitting the bill perfectly. so many people out there that fit this bill. i am hopeful that when he starts to actually announce his cabinet to include his vice presidential pick, a lot of the people that you were talking about, i may not like him, but i like the people he is surrounding himself with. that is where brian said i am
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not quite ready, but i think he will be. i think they all have to. trish: mitt romney? >> i do not know. you will have to ask him. i am hopeful that he will say, you know what, i do not like him, but i will support the party. how do you not support the party. 10 million new people in this country are coming into our party. how do you throw that to the wayside. it is very disappointing and disheartening. they get and start a third party. they do not recognize what is at stake. everything you just talked about in this prior segment.
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it is at stake here. this is not a vote. it is not necessarily about donald trump or paul ryan. supporting trump's message and agenda. by saying, no, i'm not supporting him, you are basically blowing off the millions and millions of people that have supported that effort and that man and that agenda. >> it is a little mind boggling. it may be decreasingly destructive. >> i think that donald trump recognizes that. you do not want chuck schumer to be the majority leader. he will make harry reid look like cinderella. he will not be getting the help of congress. they have two years before i got here.
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bernie could've led the charge and they didn't. zero. trish: thank you so much. you set it on record, you would accept if he asked you. >> it is not going to happen. it is not going to happen. i am flattered to be part of the conversation. >> that is some spirit for you. senator brown, thank you very much. a second person has died after a series of shootings at a maryland grocery store and ball. a gunman opened fire in a mall parking lot. they are investigating whether or not it was actually connect did to a shooting at a nearby grocery store. shot dead they are at the grocery store.
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others wounded they are at the other shopping mall. the almost fatal killing last night at a high school. early lockdowns are in place. the shooter remained at large. police are looking for the shooter. they say at this point, does not appear to be terrorism related here it addressing the public again in about an hour. we will continue to bring you the latest. the encouraging news. it is not seeming to be terrorism. new video of that isis attack that killed a navy seal. preparing to move u.s. troops closer to action. will it be enough to stop isis.
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stopping the tweet on cinco de mayo. i love hispanics. do not seem to love him back so much. how can he bring them in? can he get their support? the fastest growing voting bloc in the country. stay with me. ♪ show me movies with romance.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. ♪ trish: you are looking at genetic new video of the isis attack in iraq. the attack that took the life of charles keaton. the attack was a surprise offensive move u.s. troops
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closer to action in iraq are under way. you are looking at video that has just come into us. this was the attack that killed our soldiers there in iraq. also on the international front, we can tell you who the new mayor of london is. the first muslim mayor of the major western city. he has been under a bit of criticism. a consultant to one of the 9/11 terrorist. one of the bombers. he consulted him in his defense. he also, just two days ago, had to apologize for being caught on tape. uncle tom. you will work called the editor, former member of british parliament just talking with us about all of that yesterday. here with analysis of the
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mayoral election is author of a new book defeating jihad. welcome back to the show. this new mayor, he is from the left. part of the labour party. he has an opportunity. he is muslim. he is now the first major muslim leader of a western city. how will that help him in his, one would hope it is going to help him, in his ability to protect that city. >> it is an amazing platform, trish. this is not any old city. this is london. an excess of $50 billion. a police force larger than the armies of some nations. this is the center of europe.
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this could be a wonderful opportunity for a man who wants to try to help the problems of national security, immigration integration. this may be the wrong man for the job. trish: there is that. doctor gorka him again, two days ago he came out and apologize for calling moderate muslims uncle tom. he does not respect moderate muslims. what is that telling us? >> yes. absolutely. being racked by accusations of anti-feminism in the last few weeks. ted livingston, whether it is jeremy corbin, the head of the party, they have a real, what do they call it here in washington, optics issue. once he is defending, that al
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qaeda, he held, he represented the nation of islam. he has been on public life forms with really radical clerics. he has defended them. >> it is a reflection of what is going on in the continent. in the uk. they are openly calling for the destruction of western civilization while sucking up hundreds of thousands of social aid. this is an indicator of how bad the indicator is on the uk. the 9/11 for the uk. the seven-seven bombings. you know what, the prints are responsible for this. it was our policy that brought it upon us.
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apologizing for the bad guys. >> it is remarkable that he saw the success that he did get given what all of europe is going to. thinking logically about protecting themselves. what you are telling me, doctor gorka, it does not sound -- >> i would not have voted for him if i was still in the uk. i am a proud american now. not the guy. how they failed. how the politicians have failed when it comes to the question of immigration, integration did this man indicates that they have lost their identity as a nation. >> thank you very much. donald trump sparking an uproar after sending this tweet on cinco de mayo and say i love
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hispanics. how is he going to win their support? we have some ideas. that is next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> he has expressed being a racist. that is what we all perceive. trish: former mexican president calling donald trump a racist. just a day after he apologized to the presumptive nominee. why the change of heart? why did that happen? maybe because of this tweet. happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. turning conservative commentator clarence weaver. good to see you again. i know that you are a trump supporter. how would you tell hispanic
2:28 pm
americans to interpret what donald trump says about them? >> i would tell them to interpret it as a man that likes mexican food and enjoy his company. interpret it the way any human that was a aware and alert and conscious would interpret it. >> do not forget the opening speech. he said, the hispanics that are coming here from mexico, they are racist. they are drug dealers. you remember the whole quote. how does that hispanic americans deal with that side of donald trump? maybe they like some of the other stuff. >> everything you said was true. no one is denying that.
2:29 pm
the truth, it is like a break to their head. they cannot stand the truth. they stop you by calling you a name. racist. sexist. it stops you from the issues. allowing you to defend yourself did no one cares if trump is a racist. is he going to build a wall? that is all we care about. >> i think that this election is some fear in what president obama calls the reality tv entertainment aspect of this. people enjoy seeing the theatrics. we are suddenly talking about issues like trade. like the economy. fighting isis.
2:30 pm
issues that people were not willing to talk about. we have listened for decades now. we are so busy trying to take out of a government burden in our lives. experts how to help. what to think. we have learned that they have misled us. these same experts have told us they only want bob dole to win. only monica or the same clowns that donald trump cannot win. we are tired of it. we are awake. limit demographics. i am a black man. no one does that.
2:31 pm
>> i think that the left has succeeded. >> no. it does not work that way. >> a lot of people convinced they need to think that way. the odds are stocked against them. they are a woman or they are african-american or hispanic or this or that. >> a common statement. i know a whole lot of black folks. they may think that the schools are bad or that jobs are not there. they do not go out to dinner thinking i have to go to a black restaurant. no matter what color you are or who you want to go to bed with. we have to create jobs in america.
2:32 pm
we have to make america safe for everyone. they have a little category. trish: there you go. clarence, thank you very much. good to see you again, sir. >> stay right or be left. trish: we will be right back. ♪ this might look like a zero-gravity drop... but it's actually a triumph of predictive analytics. because of optum. through population health data, they provide insights so doctors and hospitals can identify high-risk patients. like me... asthma... potential hospital visit. so now thanks to optum, this asthma thing's under control. gravity not so much. this is healthier, powered by optum. from health plans to providers to employers. we connect all parts of health care. healthier is here.
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trish: breaking news. this just coming into us now. donald trump set to meet next
2:36 pm
thursday. nearly a week to try to work out some of these differences. sit down face to face and try to hash it out. paul ryan was not ready to support. moments after saying, i am not ready to support paul ryan and his agendas. there you go. try to work it out on thursday. the need to unify the party. what about democrats? even bernie sanders supporters protesting a hillary clinton event in california. bernie sanders certainly is not going away. poised to win several more states this month. that e-mail scandal, that is not going away either. we're learning today that her top aide was interviewed either fbi back in april. just two days ago, hillary clinton had this to say. listen carefully. >> i will just ask you, mention
2:37 pm
this to my colleague in april, has your representatives been contacted by the fbi to set up an interview? >> no. >> l contact their? >> no. >> i don't know. trish: is this all about semantics here. your representative contact me and your aid? your surrogate? your lawyers? it is a fair question, right? mark and marianne are back with me. hillary clinton saying two days ago, no, neither she or any of her former representative were contacted by the fb i. we have learned that in early april whom of aberdeen was interviewed by the fbi. will this affect that perception of her not being trustworthy?
2:38 pm
>> you have to realize, trash, probably scheduled this back in march, but they did not actually meet until a boat. these art -- everything is fungible. everything is a shade of gray at one point or another. hillary clinton has beltway establishment. traditional democrat. the big mistake that the democrats will have made this year is taking last times runner-up. an establishment figure. trish: i am just trying to figure out whether or not she lied in that interview. >> she lies every time she speaks. she lied. trish: what is your take, marianne? >> we can confirm that she was contacted and was interviewed by the fbi. why did she say it? >> thanks for letting me in on
2:39 pm
this. i am not surprised that mark is using the word liar just like donald trump has are to use. that is what will make the fall campaign so interesting. that is usually the word for october. she said you're campaigning. people that work for you, yes, different answer. different story there. trish: i think that that is a fair analysis of it. i will weigh in with my own $0.02. i wondered why, that journalists, did not go back and follow up and say, well, what about your stock? >> trish, fairpoint. you should have done the interview. this is the cheap shot that mark and others are taking at this point without looking at the facts. you can demagogue this all day long. let's look at all the facts. >> marianne -- >> mark, i did not interrupt you once. you have had like six segments
2:40 pm
already. hillary clinton answered the question she was asked and she answered it honestly. there are still more stages of this to go. this -- trish: there are still a lot of questions. the concern is to hillary clinton. she will not come out and say, hey, guess what, she was interviewed just a few weeks ago. anyway. i want to ask about bernie sanders. eventually, coming out of nowhere. a bit déjà vu like he had he does not have the momentum barack obama did. how? how is a socialist succeeding as he has, mark, in this kind of an environment? >> take a look at the job participation rate as an example, trish. there is such utter disgust and frustration. folks on the left, they are not
2:41 pm
appreciated the fax that it comes from this white house. it is interesting that you have these protests going on. >> maybe they are. maybe they are appreciating that it comes from this white house did marianne, will she get it? >> hillary clinton is a democratic nominee. she has fewer delegates. that is a fact. bernie sanders can win. every single primary. including california. not have enough let's delegates and the superdelegates will not change their positions. those are the facts. that is certainly what i tried to do. when you follow the facts, you usually end up with the right analysis. >> it comes from the frustration of the electorate did that power is not going away. >> those have been the rules for 30 years.
2:42 pm
every democratic nominee. trish: it is not a great system. people complain about the republicans. you know what, they should represent the people. democracy. >> superdelegates. trish: coming up, everyone, we will talk about the economy. it is pretty lousy out there. pretty bleak. the fewest number of jobs added as americans drop out of our labor force in droves. what will it mean for the election? what will it mean for interest rates by the fed? what does it mean for your what does it mean for your investments? we are all over it after this. ♪ with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ p6 a little upside. this friday afternoon. or it after having a downside for the day. now trading at 82.4 the dow. apple's ceo, watching apple. the ceo, tim cook, reportedly planning on visiting china again this month. shares of apple are actually down for a third straight day. the lowest level we have seen since august. tim cook has been making these trips since china. the property staff, of course. people participating in china.
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given the slowdown. we will be right back. much more. including a look. what it means ♪
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trish: only 160,000 jobs were added last month. let's put this into perspective. it is nothing. you need to be adding at least twice that. inflation in the population, that is. you need to add more than 300,000 jobs a month. we are not doing that. we are now at the lowest level then we have been in since september. now looking at this statistic. the labor force participation rate. the number of people that say they are looking for jobs right now. well, that is that the glow is level that we have seen since the 1970s. you have people basically giving up. i cannot find a job. why will i keep looking. you find some other means.
2:48 pm
giving up on work altogether. the president says our economy is doing well. we are on the right path. university of maryland, peter. >> this is a terrible jobs report. it comes down to bad trade agreements. higher taxes. the full impact of obamacare on small businesses. we continue year after year to lose more small businesses then we create. this is a society that will be a bunch of folks on welfare. they bought the whole country of. you want more the same, vote for hillary. >> she is running on the record. if you do not think isis and
2:49 pm
syria is enough, then look at the economy. twice as many jobs every month. >> peter would say we're going through a structural change. >> going through a structural change then. the baby-boom. coming into the job market. coming-of-age and so forth. too many college graduates. we are always going through structural change. that began when somebody ripped a tree down. called it -- >> you need to adapt with it. that is the lesson. thank you. >> take care. >> we will see you back here. ♪ you're late for work.
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trish: people around the world
2:53 pm
are gathering to commemorate the 6 million jews killed by the nazis during world war ii as what is known as holocaust remembrance day. my next guest has a plan to bring restitution to the survivors. joining me right now from the world jewish restoration institution. hundreds of thousands right now living in poverty of the half of the million holocaust survivors that are still out there. >> their 80s, 90s. very difficult conditions. this holocaust memorial day. urging a younger generation. these survivors have properties. they had his misses and homes. most of them never received compensation. >> how are you going about this? >> we are approaching government. we are going to the people that
2:54 pm
are hungry. we are making a call to action. encouraging younger generations to make their voice heard. tell people that they care. that is why we put together a social media campaign. they will not be able to speak up. >> what response are you getting from the government? >> some positive. some are more difficult to deal with. there were 3 million jews. most of them perished. we are looking for a powerful message from the public. this is an issue that has to be addressed before a new future. trish: when did you start this? over the last few years. >> anybody reaping the benefit of that? >> passed in serbia recently.
2:55 pm
some countries, taking positive steps. stepping up and doing justice. at the end of the day, it is not about the money. it is not about the property. returning property very early and very quickly. they still have a lot to do. >> thank you very much. you can help by going online and sign the petition. we have an update right now. they have the shooter in custody. do not forget earlier today there were two shootings in two separate balls. 8 miles apart. one woman was shot dead outside of a grocery store. the other shooting area saw three victims. we are learning that they have
2:56 pm
to shooter in custody now here it do we know? i am asking the producer. do we know that this was the same shooter on both locations or it was different? they do not know. the maryland suspect is in custody. this is the man, we are learning, that shot his wife on thursday. we will continue getting more details on this. we will bring it to you later today here at. ♪ you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town.
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. trish: you know, people used to tell me before i had kids, being a mother is the most important job you'll ever have. i thought it was kind of a cliche. once i had my own, and there's my three little ones, you met two at bring your child to workday. being a mom is the most important contribution i'm going to ever make, it's also an enormous responsibility. i got to say my mother has always been my biggest advocate, my champion, knowing what i was capable of long
3:00 pm
before i knew it, and i hope i can be as good a mother to my own children. so to all the mothers out there, to all the mothers that are making sacrifices every day for their children, thank you. i love you, mom. have a great weekend, everyone. happy mother's day. liz: to you, too, trish. if you stay tuned, you're going to see a picture of me and my mom when i was three yearseled. trish: i can't wait. i was five in that picture, so fun to take that walk down memory lane. happy mother's day. liz: to you, too. happy day to the bulls, the markets are spiking higher at this hour after that disappointing april jobs report basically kills the chances of a june rate hike by the fed. dow jones industrials jumping 63 points right now as the nasdaq moves higher by 12. s&p up about 5. the major indices started reversing losses, could this go


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