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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 16, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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breaking. hillary clinton will call on her husband bill. the industrial average is up. see what i do for you, neil. it is your time, now. >> you are the man. thank you very, very much, stuart. i do not know if you caught the latest "time" magazine. we are going to dwell on this a little bit. the markets are choking our economy. the markets are full. all righty. then we have a lot more on that. the markets are choking anything today. this time, apple driving it. warren buffett about a million dollars worth. the stock has been beaten out of
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it too far and too much. the sultan of stocks as you sometimes know, invest in the company. that movement was big enough to change the makeup of the most valuable company on earth. being the most market rich capital company on the planet. all right. other situations we are looking at. pfizer and a $5 million bid. the deals are back in town. the bidding wars are back in town. who, by the way, whoever said that prince is dead. another development we are reporting right now. donald trump. the question is, whether he can get them off. will there be others out there, the casino mogul and did
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billionaire. touting a general election. can he get them? former marco rubio fundraiser. what do you think? will more follow? >> many, many will follow trump out of various motivations. good afternoon, neil. i think you will have plenty to work with. the question is, how much does he really need? if you look at rubio cruise and jeb bush, they all have far more money then trump did in the primaries. he has crashed all of them. i am wondering how much money he really needs to have. >> other hal holdouts include the life of paul springer. they are looking for a third-party candidate. obviously, not everyone is so swayed. does that word were you that not everyone is on the same page?
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>> not in the least. there stayed in american society today. i think trump has tapped into that artfully. i think a lot of these swing states is where it will be. i think that trump is going to win. not as relevant as it has been in the past. >> what bothered some of the people that supported donald trump in the primaries is he was beholding nobody. no one can buy me. no one can influence me. in a general election, that will be a very different story. giving cost cause to those that think he is above being bought. >> i think that it is an excellent argument. i think that he is in and in our midst position of strength in terms of financing his own campaign. i think you will go into the election with all the money.
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well he make a major faux pas that will cause him the election. this chatter about the third-party run. if you have a third-party candidate, making the candidates get to the white house. that is your worst possible outcome. that isnonsense talk. neil: part of this strategy, and, i agree with you, really. part of the strategy is, it denies potentially, potentially, someone from getting all 270 electoral votes. therein lies the possibility that they control the house. and play for the presidency. >> i think it is too clever.
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too much time on our hands. neil: thank you very much. in the meantime, a lot of the drama may be over with this campaign. certainly on the republican side. telling bernie sander folks who see some desperation and campaign hillary when it comes to kentucky. when a state is up for grabs tomorrow. that is where we find our jeff flock. >> very serious about kentucky. four stops here today. we are awaiting hillary clinton probably in the next five-10 minutes. she said he'll clinton will not be part of her cabinet. one of things she did was continueto hit bernie sanders.
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that is suggesting that bernie sanders was opposed to the auto bailout. this is what she is telling voters in kentucky. >> one of the big differences in the upcoming primary is i voted for and bernie sanders voted against it. looking at it new, it is even clearer. i was right. we did bailout the auto industry. it was not easy to do. look at where we are now. >> here is the reality on all of that. part of the separate bill. sanders voted for it. he voted against that. i think that people would understand that he would vote opposed to that. he has left this state. it does not look great for them here. it is a close primary. he does not get those crossover voters. those independents. her husband won the state twice.
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if, for some reason she does not win, though, tomorrow, it will look really bad. neil. neil: we will see what happens. oregon is also up for grabs. he would see a one-on-one deal if that were the case. he loses kentucky. we do know that hillary clinton the list is burying. doubling down on potential passion here. maybe someone might bernie sanders to add some energy to the ticket. where do we stand with that? on that, i am looking at this and i am saying, who would you need to wrap up? she is not doing it. bernie sanders, is elizabeth warren, her name comes up.
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>> her name does come up a lot. developing quite a bit. from the state of virginia. i think it is interesting that he is moderating conservatives to speak to psalm to the right a little bit. bringing in some substantial constituencies throughout the country. i think senator brown from ohio, obviously from any party. also, someone who i think could carry this thing. i think it can shore up some of her political left. with that said, there is a danger for that. if you were to become her vice
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president, they would be appointing the next senator. that has ramifications for democrats being able to take back the senate. i think that elizabeth warren is a good choice. i say that that is not a disqualifier quieted all. >> all of this is a search for passion. hillary clinton is not engendered. someone who would equally drawl out folks. >> i think that that is an interesting narrative. you know, if you want to look at rally attendance, maybe that is true. i guess they are where it matters on the ground among voters. there is passion. there is energy there. there is certainly a formula for winning the nomination. i would also add, if she chooses
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someone like senator warner and, it does bring a lot of constituencies that senator sanders gets support from. it is not to say that senator sanders was incapable of unifying the democratic party as we get closer to july and the convention. i think senator warren -- neil: thank you very much. good catching up, my friends. it is a great cover story. getting a lot of buzz. now, the one thing is the notion that it is not that capitalism as we know it that has killed us. the markets more to the point have failed capitalism. no one in here dedicated to the if you that maybe governance has hurt us.
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maybe governance is to blame. then again, i am going off of excerpts. first and second late, ask yourself this question. i do not think it is markets. i think it is compliant media that is not working at all. more after this. ♪ you bang up your car.
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you'll get a repair estimate in one business day or sooner, without leaving home or work. call liberty mutual is available 24/7 so you never have to wait to file an accident claim. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: all right. a nice way to start the week. starting with a bang. and a lot of it has to do with apple, first and foremost. a dramatic wave.
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purchasing a billion dollars worth of that stock. it has been a drag on the dow intel today. also, deals are back. pfizer with emma quarter pharmaceuticals. north of $5 billion. not exactly earning pfizer. we are keeping an eye on that. amazon, earlier in the broadcast in this notion. a lot of people are saying, spreading its wings a little too aggressively. a little too fast. going upscale. showing a lot of private label brands. a lot of upscale brands. hyperdrive in the months ahead. looking at that. the retailers that are not having nearly as dandy of a
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time. >> i think that it is a brilliant move by amazon. probably the next evolution. a safe play or the public or any of the grocery stores. you see more and more of their private rands. that is where their margins are. they have the shelf space with their amazon prime channel. people are kind of locked into. not going anywhere else. i would say number two of the three legs. have you gone into a bricks and mortar retailer lately? it is depressing, to be honest with you. this kind of a dismal experience to turn around. you may be see the thing that you want. you go back to amazon and find it cheaper.
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>> i may argue with you. a wonderful experience. i do want to touch that when i am with you, about what has happened to capitalism and the premise. an excerpt in the latest "time" magazine. the markets are choking our economy. what has been a trend lately and eight george clooney movie over the weekend, that may be what we are doing is getting the wrong villain. there are plenty is of others who contribute to what has been less than a stellar recovery. what do you think of this question is pile on wall street? >> it is funny when you talked about that in the previous block. we do not really have
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capitalism. let's take healthcare for one example. we have the least free market in health care. one of the least. capitalism being allowed to drive in healthcare. supermarkets bringing up the most poverty ridden parts of the country. they can excel and make money. for a doctor to hang out a shingle or to go off states in use other companies, you can't. there is no competition. the one area that you can point to is them plastic surgery. there capitalism can thrive. capitalism does not work and in things like transportation, healthcare we just talked about. when they say in the cover of the magazine, i say, we do not have capitalism.
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>> capitalism provide the money for a lot of businesses that come off the ground. it is also providing opportunity for americans to enrich themselves over a period of time. it abuses the privilege. absolutely. hopefully their high knees are rounded up. just thoroughly embarrassed. the very government that emboldened these guys to lend everybody to provide mortgages to everybody. surprised to find out that eggs are clever enough to prioritize that. without any of those in washington saying they emboldened not. they encourage that. >> exactly, neil. talking about the financial crisis. the finger is always pointed out the private sector.
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i note is that kid is out freddie mac, for example, and fannie mae that said they did not want to make these lousy loans to the people that could not afford it. you must make these loans. put the handcuffs on them to do it. at the end of the day, the government gets a pass. all of that private money that wanted to rip off the homeowners. sure, some of that happens. government gets a free ride on this. >> thank you very, very much. again and again whether you are watching george clooney. the latest wall street dashing flick. believe me, as many of you watch this, apologizing for these institutions. all anchors are idiots.
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and glued to the prompter. we will explore this. it has affected my appetite. all right. one thing i was not delighted to hear. president obama's rutgers graduation speech. really going after donald trump without naming donald trump. for being ignorant. the affordable care act, not so affordable. a lot of programs that have yet to yield the big results. a stimulus package that never stimulated. he is blaming donald trump for being clueless? really? ♪
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>> if you are listening to today's debate, you might wonder were at this strain of anti-intellectualism came from. [applause] 2016, but me be as clear as i can be. and politics and in life. ignorance is not a virtue. [applause] >> he imposed national tax cuts. it was an ignorant dog gnosis.
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almost 26 million jobs later. i think we are scratching our heads. at being through two of california governor. part of the united states. presumably donald trump. i am thinking one of the subjects i love most is a sick math. pretty clear. on the right or the left. a keeper in the red kind of thing. $17 trillion. allowing you to grasp basic
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math. gary, when i hear this and i hear -- regardless of whether you like him or not, really? they often fail michele, we offer you dietary advice. i'm not can i go there, so best you not go there. >> donald trump is not cool. because he is ignorant. he has not cooled during your presidency to force the pond, that taxpayer another 8 trillion debt. absolutely screwing the favor. we had gdp and maybe a half percent. i think president obama needs to look at his past eight years. the last part of the not cool is getting in front of graduates.
12:28 pm
you should be inspiring, not putting anyone else down. even if it is an election year. >> graduation speeches are supposed to stay away from politics. a time for political. what bothers me the most is this comes as a time where the president talks about the political correctness issue. we have eight candidate donald trump. more schooled in reality shows. then reality of government. paraphrasing here. i have no problem appearing on such venues. i think that it is a bit disingenuous to incite another guy for something you are doing. >> and donald trump is running for president. he is only proposing things. not actually an act did things.
12:29 pm
i have no problem with the president going out on any show. the bottom line is, this has been eight years of putting down almost every industry out there. oil, medicine, you name it. the police officers a few times. we should be uplifting. they should be uplifting and inspiring, not the other way around. i hate the fact that all these students were given major alterations for the things he was saying. >> obviously making a racial reference there. what he forgot to say, when we had a lot less debt, our dollar had some poor principles and values, numbers far greater than today.
12:30 pm
when we as a company were a leader. those were the good old days. those are the days where the currency stood for something. >> 20 trillion in debt. that is what washington stands for. neil: all right. it makes you think. i do not mean to belabor this. those are class houses. i would avoid picking up so much of the pebble. they reality is this, my friend. wages were more. quality of jobs were richer. when this country was doing much better. you convene today. my comparison to that. you also risk being called something else. ignorant.
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neil: all it takes is buying stop. warren buffett buying at the tune of the billion bucks. the stock surges after hitting multi- year lows. that certainly is not good enough to propel the dow today.
12:35 pm
google, a back, i don't know. we need more i am done. they are still solo to donald child. they are desperately seeking alternatives. meghan mccain. saying, essentially, i think make and stopped it. you are no huge fan. on the ballot everywhere. the deadline of closing very soon. the taxes deadline had already passed. you know, my problem right now is that romney, we have had
12:36 pm
plenty of time to take on trump. it was all too little too late. fantasyland, i would love a formidable third candidate. i just do not see it possible. by the way, supporting donald trump. having said that, many are not. the brassica, some other names that have come up. >> a bizarre choice. i think that back in certain reflex stearate late. he is a fresh new senator from nebraska. he has to be with his children. if you will not come up to me and to weaken support-- neil: here is what they said. when i first read it, i shared your immediate reaction. a third-party entrants could
12:37 pm
deny anyone from getting the 270 electoral votes that they would need. not keen on donald trump. going to that third party candidate. what do you think of that? >> i think that it is possible. i was not a donald trump supporter, but this is the will of the american people. i am more on the paul ryan camp then i am my father's camp, quite honestly. he has had an invitation and he has been open to it. >> a convention chair. not backing the nominee. >> there are still a lot of questions. i think at a certain point, he is going to have to. he has to start being a leader.
12:38 pm
people like me, people that still have hesitations. it is possible. >> we represent the will of the people. >> i get it. there are so many things we have a hard time defending. >> i told you, a tuna sandwich over hillary clinton. [laughter] >> there is no way. >> i think hillary clinton is truly evil and truly a liar. she is responsible, in my opinion, for getting people killed. she is darth vader. she is darth vader, in my opinion. a third-party candidacy, i do not think that that romney is the right vehicle. going to debate that he can come back around. he claims to say that he will not. that he does not want to.
12:39 pm
real solutions for people like me. i do not want to continue sitting here this late in the game. we need $250 million with two weeks left to make this happen. we just keep talking about it, talking about it and nothing happens. >> much like you. [laughter] >> thank you very, very much. all of these say that it is that, it is just not what it was. somebody may want to tell good net that. it just up its bed. chicago tribune, los angeles times. what do they get that maybe others do not? ♪
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♪ nicole: i am the co-petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average is up. 72,676. you do see up arrows after re- straight weeks of selling. s&p five hundreds gaining 17. today gaining. up 468 points. looking at apple. housing to lead the dow today. up more than 60 points on the dow. 9354.
12:42 pm
her char hathaway, warren buffett, revealed a big stake. that helped to push the market cap above alphabet, by the way. oil gains. adding onto yesterday. the highest close of the year. up 3%. some of the oil stock. this is goldman sachs. ♪
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12:44 pm
>> i already told you how warren buffett is influencing apples right today. he made back a bit on the part of quicken loans chairman and others. to take yahoo!. that stock is up over 3% today. 9% year to date. pretty much throughout the. once considered a dog. a darling of a dog for those that think what i would do there. let's take a look at trends. you always hear that prince instead. proof that you are in the right profession. you may have to explain that on usa today. bidding for tribune. this is the second time in as
12:45 pm
many weeks. there is great value and great synergy. the chicago tribune. los angeles time. i caught up with the chairman sometime back on this very show. he, too, was saying it was a very different world out there. >> i know you told troops and everyone else that prince is gone, prince is dead, you are saying we are singing the funeral song to soon hear. >> i understand that certain mediums coming though. there is just different ways to get the content out there. that is better then anyone in the world. i totally believe in this business. >> whether he is accepting or reject the best.
12:46 pm
obviously, there are more folks that see rewards in these types of stocks. >> i feel like you have to get him back in your studio. this is a good offer. a lot of people that do not understand exactly why. seems to be rejecting the offer. there is a list. i copied down a few analyst topics. this is why they would in fact want the tribune. you mentioned l.a. times. a lot of news that comes out. cutting costs. it who staying revenue. one key day to keep in mind. there will be a big board meeting at tribune on june 2. probably, that will be a pivotal day.
12:47 pm
it seems to be the idea just to keep in mind. opening day day has 10% of the market in the u.s. tribune. i think it has about 5% of the national market shares. you see it as it is strengthening. coming back with another one. >> whether you physically pick up a newspaper or magazine, we are getting along to places like this. we are just reading them on different days. >> that is exactly it. using mr. ferro's point as well he had whether you are reading it from a tablet or your phone. you are still reading it. the content is still a viable business. bottom line is we are all still
12:48 pm
consumers. >> thank you, very, very much. a little bit of damage control. it denies that it is trying to stream out any sort of conservative. stripping out those opinions. making sure that they do not trend anywhere. he will meet the top 10 conservatives to flush it out and make the point. we love you guys. ♪ when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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>> we are getting reports now that o'connor is missing. i believe in a suburb. she has a history of mental illness and depression. she was on a bike ride yesterday. last seen in the area around 6:00 a.m. yesterday. she has yet to return. sounding increasingly suicidal. she made a number of alarming suicidal threats. she was taking an overdose because of the other trails. the singer has been in and out of this which she has freely admitted. we will let you any updates on this. police are looking for her. it has been better than 48 hours now. goldman sachs natural gas player.
12:53 pm
it turns out, it has been a very big way. technically one of the world's biggest producers. phil flynn over at the cme on what that means. obviously paul is out of their normal market for vo. >> it worries a lot of people. it does not worry me. during the 2008 financial crisis, there was a lot of criticism. they will have that come up again. let's face it, a 25% chance. you turn on your heater, some of that money will go to goldman sachs. that is how huge it is. from goldman sachs preview, it is a very sharp way. natural gas prices are near historic lows right now. we are seeing production get cut
12:54 pm
back. a choice for america. for the first time in history, the power generation is mainly by natural gas. goldman is making a big fat on that play. neil: i fear that they are overdoing it. trying to arbor tries their fuel cost. normally, it does not work out that way. >> it could be a fearful play. we will be using more natural gas. not just for power generation, but for cars and transportation. it is the fuel of the future. >> thank you very, very much. the host of others. what do they all have in common? starting to sort through whether
12:55 pm
that social media site has a thing against conservatives. he says no. >> were we invited? >> well, you know tucker. does not like to share his schedule with anyone. >> what does zuckerberg hope to prove here? no evidence of this happening. why meet with these icons to sort it out? >> he is just trying to check a box. he has a ready decided. really, a damaging story. a few days later, they said, look, we have done another investigation. we are in a set. they have absolute contempt for people on the right. really do look at conservatives
12:56 pm
as primates. what he did here is reached out. can you put together a list of people that should come and meet with me right now? have them come out here. we have had a dialogue. then we can go back to doing whatever were doing. they have not even admitted that there is an issue here. clearly, there is an issue. half of those people get their news from facebook did they are picking winners, picking losers. they have said there is no problem here. the guy that led the investigation, in charge of trending, he has matched them out. i would watch very carefully. be very skeptical. >> i thought that it was a sham.
12:57 pm
thank you, my friend. we will learn more about what is going on here. not getting any winded all. ♪ recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. ♪
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. neil: all right. after three down weeks in a row, maybe the dow is trying to put something together to not make it four. news that warren buffett is buying a billion-dollar stake in apple. chump change in the big ol' scheme of things. but one of the salviest investors in the planet says apple is a buy to him, well, obviously apple is a buy to a lot of other folks as well. it is a dow component, that is helping. so that and deals back engaged right now. we told you a little while ago about pfizer now looking to scoop up pharmaceutical. and that's a big sort of play here that is not nearly as controversial as it hopes to reposition itself in ireland to avoid paying taxes here. regardless the fact that deals
1:01 pm
are back and all of a sudden attention to those deals is back enough to get some buyers back. all right. in the meantime, this new york times report that's been out there on donald trump and whether he has sort of a very iffy relationship with women and whether he's just a sexist pig. washington times on if donald trump can extend his base when major media like "the new york times" are saying he's base, and way off base with women. what do you think, kelly, with just the reporting and whether this reverberates? >> well, you know, i don't think there was any bombshells in this reporting. donald trump is a different kind of candidate. he spent the last ten years in people's living rooms living out this aspirational lifestyle on the apprentice. before that he was new york city's public tabloids. there isn't much we don't know about donald trump's past. and to be honest with you, unless there's something criminal in it, it's not going
1:02 pm
to go under much attention from the general public who view this super stitially. neil: still the reporters that look into the past, they don't have nearly the same zeal when it came to then senator barack obama. be that as it may normally when people are digging up stuff, stuff comes up, they discover stuff, and it's not going to affect donald trump's base of supporters who is the candidate himself once said famously during the campaign season wouldn't care if he shot someone on fifth avenue. but you want to expand beyond that base. could this be part of the media to paint an oppression of them as a sexist pig and don't even entertain him for the higher office. >> well, that is definitely what the media is trying to do. but you've got to look at donald trump, and he does need to expand his base, neil. there's no doubt 52% of the electorate are women and, you know, 70% of them don't have a favorable generating. he needs to turn that around. how he can turn that around is look at the economy.
1:03 pm
look at barack obama's legacy, what hillary clinton is running on. 3.7 women have been driven into poverty. you see the median wages go down. $733 by the average woman. this is something that he needs to drive on and something that hillary clinton is driving on. neil: so you don't think he needs to address this, apologize for this, explain this with or move on. >> this is who he is. this is part of the donald trump. everyone wants donald trump to become more presidential, morph into somebody he's not. this is part of his personality that the american people i think know about and don't have any concerns about. they just want him to go to washington and tear up the washington establishment and politics as normal. neil: certainly has an effect interesting part of donors who now apparently has seen and read all of these accounts and stories and still committing money to him. we'll explore that phenomenon in just a bit. but then you have to ask -- and i want to thank you very much. you have to reexamine the
1:04 pm
various stories getting all the press attention. are they fair and balanced or just presenting one side? well, one of those women featured is -- was on fox and friends. and she was saying that a lot of what she said was taken way out of context. look at this. >> "the new york times" told us several times that they would make sure that my story that i was telling would come across. they promised several times that they would tell it accurately. they told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece and my story would come across the way i was telling it, and it absolutely was not. they did take quotes from what i said. and they put a negative connotation and spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. neil: all right. the quote stood in that taste there and a lot of people can interpret it as they may but the fact
1:05 pm
that she came forward to say it wasn't what it appeared, leads to media critic rodger to ask some questions about other candidates and whether they would see that same aggressive treatment. what do you think, rodger? >> well, yes, neil, you're exactly right. and she has made the point that the times completely distorted what she said. and really i'm not sure this is an avenue that the times or the clinton administration or the clinton candidacy wants to go down. because really she is selling her candidacy as a copresidency with bill or turn to the good ol' days of bill clinton and quite frankly, if you look, and you want to go there and what happened with women, for instance, juanita. i take a look today on the times website and since 1999 when she went on tv with lisa meyers of nbc, there's been one mention of her, and that was in a column.
1:06 pm
and she credibly claimed that bill clinton raped her in 1979 and there's testimony to back that up. and hillary herself has said not-too-distant past that anyone who claims to have been raped or assaulted should be believed. and, again, there is so much material there that i'm not sure -- and trump is not afraid to go there. and really as mica said this morning on another network, is this all they've got? this wasn't very harmful to trump, this whole new york times piece. neil: but do you wonder, rodger, it's all about setting a series of doubts about donald trump? beyond his base overwhelmingly supported in the primaries but to disallow the opportunity to expand on that coming out the gate for the general election. in other words, to plant these seeds of doubt so that it never gets beyond the folks. warts and all. >> yes. and i think their
1:07 pm
game has been thrown off its course because they were all anticipating a republican convention that was going to be contested, disputed, brokered, whatever. and now it's looking like the real problems are at the democratic convention where bernie sanders refuses to go away, promises to go after every super delegate and fight every plank on the platform. so it -- this is not the drama that the media were counting on or expecting. so they're having to rethink how they go after trump. we know their agenda -- neil: no. i agree with you, rodger, but you're going to have to be zealous to look at relationships a quarter century ago, you might as well go with the same zeal and same reporting as hillary and bill. if that's where you want to go. rodger, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: in the meantime the
1:08 pm
search for donald trump running mate, whether any of this stuff is affecting his search for a running mate, there is still a number of people who would be interested in that position. and don't the folks over at snl know it. take a look. >> i thought one strong option could be jeb bush. [laughter] >> oh, little marco, i can't ask him to be vp until his parents sign the release form. ted cruz? >> hard no. >> ted cruz? >> he said not right now. neil: that's supposed to be chris christie who kept offering himself. as an alternative. by the way, -- rubio never really considered for vp. pete schneider on if anyone really wants this job. you know, pete, you told me there are a lot of people who will say no. no. no. but they contest too much. very few will turn down the job. >> absolutely, neil.
1:09 pm
you have a 50/50 shot of being vault of the united states of america. i think it's a 50/50. there are going to be men and women hoping and angling that their phone is going to be ringing in the next coming weeks. neil: apparently marco rubio has already said of donald trump he's the presumptive nominee but best served having someone, but surrogates who agree with him on his issues. but as we've discovered, not all running mates -- stranger follows have met; right? >> absolutely. and i think it's going to be more of a chemistry thing. look, i wouldn't be surprised if it's a trump christie ticket. you know, both alpha all the time. northeasterners and, you know, they're proven fighters.
1:10 pm
neil: that's my prediction, by the way, pete, so you might as well run away from it. but he was my argument with that and raised it with governor christie in the campaign season even though he pooh-poohed the talk. but he was open to it. but the argument is the traditional viewer running mate is he or she is your attack dog. has veered away from that but there is no greater prosecutorial opponent, quite literally that republicans could have to face whoever hillary clinton's running mate would be, assuming she's the nominee. then someone like a christie; right? it's not about winning your state, which may be problematic in new jersey's state but making your case; right? >> absolutely. that would be the wwe meets politics. and i think those two would be just an absolute wrecking ball throughout the political system. but then you look at folks like senator bob of tennessee. the almost antichristie has great foreign policy chops and people who are concerned and, hey, look, this guy ge
1:11 pm
things done when he comes to washington. corker would be a great partner for him. marsha blackburne as well. neil: laugh people say a woman should be on that ticket. do you agree with that? >> look, i think it should be the best possible fit for donald trump. i mean these things come down to chemistry. neil: yeah. >> who can you work with well? who's going to help exact your agenda when you get into town? . neil: fair enough. >> and making washington work might not be the answer. it might be wrecking washington outright, and it could be the right fit there. neil: all right. thank you, my friend. always good -- i always learn something. again, run away from that christie prediction now because i'm on that page. pete, thank you very much. pete schneider. all right. i've been bemoaning this coverage story in time magazine. that's based out of bookmakers and takers. i've written, i've seen her pieces, i've seen her on television. very sophisticated woman.
1:12 pm
but i'm notifying in this makes meant to claw to get my hands on the book, which i will. but the markets are the ones choking the economy. what's going on here is choking the economy. is anyone choking the markets by any chance? is anyone choking capitalism as we know it? is anyone bemoaning capitalism in the motivate? is anyone bemoaning rich people and how lucky they are? it's not their hard work that they just kind of lucked into where they are. and i'm thinking to myself, gosh where -- i got it. after this
1:13 pm
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1:15 pm
. neil: all right. i can understand how george clooney can, you know, target wall street being the bad guys
1:16 pm
in money monster. it does fit its theme in hollywood that if in doubt, just blame wall street. and these guys, by the way, have it coming to them. but for major news magazine to do so yet in the another time magazine makes it very, very clear what ails capitalism is the fact that the markets have ruined it. let's just -- a quick take on it here. but on a day
1:17 pm
in terms of tax policy and regulatory policy, that when you raise the cost of doing business, you get -- lower the cost of doing business, and i think we'll have an economic reviva. neil: you know, dan, what comes through in pieces like this, and may i remember during the times the other bank rescues late years ago, i bemoan those rescues and the president said but i think what people forget is those in government were pushing banks to lend more, to provide
1:18 pm
mortgages which went from becoming a goal to a birthright. now, if the government would be surprised and was surprised, then banks would find a clever way to collateralize that risk, then it was certainly naïve. but everyone had a hand in that melt down. but i'm seeing in articles like this -- the bogeyman even in george clooney movies and the rest is wall street. i'm perfectly happy to go after wall street but to not go after the others in wall street, what do you think? >> i think this article is ridiculous. the real culprit here is the federal reserve and the treasury. the federal reserve is the one that controls the interest rates and pushing this debt side onto the american people constantly. always showing us how to borrow money and take money -- it doesn't work. it's not capital markets. the capital markets are very efficient. in fact, a lot of companies and a lot of products that we use today would not be in existence if we didn't have capital markets.
1:19 pm
so you can't blame it on again. i blame it, again, on our government policies, our federal reserve and if you go back and look at when the federal reserve started. we have these boom and bust period and when things don't go well, they blame the markets and when things go well, they congratulate the federal reserve. neil: well, we have limited time, david, and i think a lot of wall streeters paid a lot of money and a lot of people look at it of dispro important amount of well. but where is the fair and balance reporting of all the culprits led to housing? all of the culprits because nobody claims on the way up. they all complain on the way down. >> well, we should mention on the way down during the financial bailouts that you and i spoke out against during 2008 and 2009 what the government did and what the government combined with the central bank did was open a window for all of these financial transactions by
1:20 pm
giving them access to cheat money from the central bank, open windows that didn't exist before that were -- that were kept closed shut for the kind of gambling part of the wall street. there's a certain part of this article tearing with, and dan touched on it that yellen, janet yellen. in and of itself sufficient to get the economy going again. you need as i said before to lower the cost of doing business by fiscal reform. big question, by the way. donald trump said he doesn't like the work that janet -- all of this central bank magic because he doesn't think it works, and i agree with him. the question is whether he can fire janet yellen. some people say he can't, but i went back and looked at the federal reserve act, there is a line in the federal reserve act that says each member shall hold office unless move for cause by the president. and is that cause -- what would that cause be? perhaps a slow economic growth
1:21 pm
or even worse hurting saviors with this zero interest rate. that would be cause to me. neil: good stuff. i wish we had more time, but, unfortunately, whether to. i just want to be aware of this because this is the prevailing wisdom in the mainstream media. i'm not criticizing the mainstream media. i'm just saying when the markets are choking the economy without reference to the government that's been choking the markets, sometimes for good reason, there are such things as extremes. this is a manifestation of that extreme. the markets provide the vehicle by which a lot of individuals can get wealthy. look at interest rates right now. you're not going to be doing it in a savings account. now, that does not mean that the markets are not without fault. or without sin. let's just say there are plenty of other sinners. so what i would have loved to have seen here is reporting on more sinners. sorry, george clooney. we'll have more after this
1:22 pm
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. connell: i'm connell mcshane here with coast to coast, tim cook has gone to china, the apple ceo. over there after apple announced a big investment, a billion-dollar investment in a chinese company that's a rival to uber. the kind of company it is. so he's over there, apple stock up today. other news that neil's been talking about, but he's over there and tweeted out a picture of him and the ceo of that company. but another is mobile eye, expected business over at china to increase exponentially and that's the word from the ceo. they're looking for a pick up as the government, the chinese government is going to require automated driving systems to be in place eventually for all the trucks and buses over there. so that would help a company that's in that business as mobile eye is. and then we have a story about a cruise ship but not any old cruise ship, it is the largest cruise ship in the entire world setting sale for france. look at the size of this thing. it's the harmony of the seas they call it from royal caribbean and the thing is almost 1,200 feet long.
1:26 pm
16 decks on it. holds, like, 6400 people. >> what? connell: you still couldn't pay me to go on a cruise. it's bigger than the eiffel tower, neil, this cruise ship, and it's going to be in the water. neil: 6400 people are onboard with you? connell: well, that's exactly right. if i owned a cruise ship, i would went a can a into with as few people as possible. neil: crowd out the buffet. all right. in the meantime do you ever wonder we get fixated on stories, like, for example, this whole transgender debate and the bathroom that have to be set up for all the schools and if they don't, federal funding could be on the line. and i'm thinking at this time homicide rates are raising in 20 cities including most notable, los angeles, chicago, host of other cities. so i'm thinking to myself all right. the transgender thing, murders going on like crazy, charles payne here with some
1:27 pm
perspective. yikes this is scary stuff. >> it is scary stuff, and we keep talking about it over and over again. and of course for me chicago is the place you've got to focus on. up -- chicago murders in the first quarter up 70%, 141 homicides. certainly on pace to be the worst year ever for that city. in the paper today, there's a story. neil, it will break your heart. ten slain, 16 wounded in chicago over the weekend including a 16-year-old girl. a popular track standout at johnson college prep was stabbed in the chest in a fight that began at 7:30 p.m. here's the thing. about 80% of these murders in chicago go unsolved. not even a suspect charged. so we're talking about an environment where these cities are falling completely apart. people feel completely unsafe, and you get these politicians who make the police the bad guys. or it's quote gun violence. and it gets worse and worse. . neil: but it's happening in so many cities. and the fact that it's on a
1:28 pm
pretty dramatic up tick across the country, what is going on here? i mean this isn't just sort of an event in chicago or new york or some of these other cities. something is a miss. >> this is what james comey has been calling the ferguson effect where these cities with these large cities with these mayors come really hard on the police force and the police force finds themselves in a bind, such a bind that they feel handcuffed, no upon intended, to do their jobs. atlanta up 70%, san ontonio up 20%, national up 54%. to your point, happening in a whole lot of places. and -- but the problem is it's such a complicated situation and when you start to get mayors deciding who's guilty and who's not and saying that the police are guilty whenever something happens, the police are naturally going to pull back. but it hurts the communities more often than that than not. you know chicago from 2000 to
1:29 pm
2014 200,000 blacks moved out? these are mostly middle income black families. they've moved out. one fifth of the black population. because no one wants to be around this sort of violence. if you could afford it, you would move out. but yet we live in a day and age where we've likened to what's going on with transgenders, that that is sort of a racial issue in and of itself. when i hear these statistics, increasing violence, i'm wondering how the african-american community feels about that. relates to that. or even sees that. >> the whole, the transgender thing does not even -- doesn't resonate -- i talked about it in my family and my kids, these are the issues that resonate. the issues that make 200,000 people leave their home. that's what's resonating. you can't equate it. you can't even begin to equate. when you have public officials in the obama administration
1:30 pm
making these sort of crazy analogies over comparisons, it's insulting, tremendously insulting and stupid to its core. neil: and now to all the school systems that have to set up to accommodate and adhere to a policy when i think, for example, a school system in chicago and some of these urban areas getting hit by violence. that's probably last on their to-do list. >> 100% -- not even on the to-do list. if you said -- how about graduating kids in high school who have a clue of what to do the day after school's over. how about that? how about that number one? how about preparing as kids? how about not giving them age for water down curriculum to make them feel better and get yourself a raise? how about that? it's just a nonissue. it was a nonissue, all of a sudden the white house made it an issue, it's a nonissue. neil: a great deflector, though. >> yeah. neil: charles payne making money catch him at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. he doesn't always make money. he makes sense. i felt compelled to share that
1:31 pm
with you because i think it gets lost sometimes. and i think this is lost on a lot of billionaires. they can't sell their swainingy penthouse apartments. one was cut down from 100 million to $72 million. buy now. . . . .
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
neil: all right, house republicans are proposing a counter to the president's offer to come up with a lot more money to battle zika virus. they want $622.1 million. the president is closer to a billion dollars. this would essentially shift funding had been going from ebola to help cover cost of this. i don't know anymore details than that but obviously they're trying to resolve it on the zika thing that is as close as puerto rico. reports there are cases here. they have not evidenced themselves yet. meantime news that luxury real estate, at least when it comes to some key environments are giving up a little bit of ground. there is a report that steve cohen, the big hedge fund manager, can not unload his penthouse. it was originally priced at $115 million. even though he paid $24 million for this property. he had to cut it down to something like $72 million.
1:36 pm
this is preview of coming attractions and does that trickle down as the prices go down? manhattan, for example has been immune what is going on in the rest of the country. maybe it is catching up to the rest of the country or setting the stage? we have a bear when it comes to real estate. he said this may be a preview of coming attractions. david liken is a bull. david, you're not worried, why not? >> the number one reason this is effect of china beginning to crack down. beijing is cracking down what is referred to hot money moving out of the market. look at absence of chinese investors in the real estate market and they're really starting to have impact only on upper end homes. not an impact down deeper. we see a lot of housing demand, buyer demand for houses available. we're dealing with inventory issues. it will really not have a big impact. love to hear what jason's perspective in on this.
1:37 pm
neil: what do you think, jason. >> neil, it is not just overseas buyers. we had seven 1/2 years of free money. that create ad development boom. that boom we're seeing problems exist. we have 14,000 new units online in new york city between now and 2017. we have 700 apartments in this city listed above $10 million. that's just too many apartments over $10 million. so i feel bad for all the people that are cutting their prices but we need to see price correction and we need to see it now and i'm starting to see in bankruptcies roll in on some of these developers. that is always bellwether sign we're in a frothy part of the market. neil: does it have, i want to get your thoughts on it as well, david, something akin to what we saw prior to the melt down in the housing industry close to a decade ago? >> neil, it is like it. it is not the same. every cycle is different.
1:38 pm
you don't have the same kind of debt levels that people took on in the 07, 08 crisis but again, the money has been free. it is really, right now, in miami, you have 70% of home sales existing homebuyers are foreign buyers. so that market's been propped up by the overseas buyers. i think it's a different dynamic this time around. there is know he you will see distress and real distress soon. neil: one counter to all of this, at very, very high-end, for lack of a better term, 5 million and up and 100 million and up and on very, very low end, starter homes, they are hard for a lot of young people to get, it is crunched on both ends. >> that's right. neil: normally when that happens, david, the argument it's a matter of time before everyone in the middle feels crunched too. you don't buy that. why not? >> no, i don't. we're dealing with inventory issue unique to the upper end market. a lot of developers saw money
1:39 pm
flowing in, they overdeveloped. it is law of supply and demand. when you oversupply in the upper end of the market you will have these kind of corrections. it's a correction. neil: it never happened in manhattan. the argument has always been they're not making more space in manhattan and that is one of the arguments for this happening, they are making more space. going up. tall structures, that is where they're making more space. >> that's right. neil: david, i'm saying did they overdo that? >> yes, they over did it in manhattan and other parts of the market to meet demand of chinese people and foreigners coming into the market. reality we're seeing that evaporate. u.s. dollar compared to other currencies. we're starting to see absence of foreign buyer. now back to just us here at home buying inventory here. i wish we had the problem in the rest of the market. it is not there. >> david, you have to understand what happened in the market. you had these uber luxury condos selling san francisco, new york,
1:40 pm
miami, selling 5000 a foot in some instance. >> that's right. >> what happened, land prices got driven up, you could sell condos over 5,000 a foot. problem those developers will be left with a ton of inventory they can't get rid of. five years of excess inventory between now and 2017, that is a lot of inventory to eat up. >> good point, jason, but here's the deal. how much of the market is comprised of this type of property? if you look at dollar value standpoint iting significant. if you look at unit basis, number of properties in this category it is inconsequential to overall big market. unfortunately we'll see bankruptcies of developers that built in this market. they overbuilt. should have learned from last time. regular market, builders are not overbuilding. we have inventory issue, bottom line, our viewers will get a penthouse in manhattan for a song, maybe 20, 25 million tops.
1:41 pm
thank you very much. called the warren buffett effect today. if he isn't helping out apple he is helping out yahoo!. how the sagatious turned stocks on their head. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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1:43 pm
one point but up triple digits. s&p 500 up 18 points and nasdaq up 53 points. oil is trading at highest price since 2015, november of 2015. it was up at one point a buck 48, falling back a little bit but still up over 3%. energy stocks doing well, marathon oil up almost 6%. transocean up almost 4%. devon energy up almost 5%. look at chevron. they announced they will cut 800 jobs in asia, half a billion, $500 million and trying to save money there. chevron is up a little bit. delta increasing dividend to 81 cents. they will cut their capacity growth. more "cavuto" right after this. there's no one road out there.
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five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. neil: when yahoo! announced earlier this year it was essentially putting itself up for sale or parts of it people said it was interesting. turns out everybody and his uncle is interested including warren buffett a number of other including the guy who heads quicken loans. peter is looking at this very closely, former yahoo! senior executive producer. you're looking at all of this, peter and with buffett coming in that's a big change because he
1:46 pm
adds an air of respectability to what seemed to be sometimes outlandish interest but what's going on? >> i think what is happening here it is atypical deal for buffett. he says he doesn't understand tech and hasn't invested in tech in the past. it is familiar with. he knows dan gilbert well. he knows the yahoo! team. he streamed annual shareholders meeting that was successful, a million viewers. they have a very large audiences although may be declining business they still have massive audience and there's value there. neil: comes at a same time gannett keeps coming back to tribune publishing arguing there is value there and i think both stories are joined at the hip in this sense, there wasn't a time that long ago when both were dismissed as just about dead on arrival.
1:47 pm
what happened? what changed? >> i think with yahoo! the situation is, if you look closely, they still have one of the largest audiences on the web. like i said. it is declining business. they need to fix their mobile business a bit and grow audience there. but if you took away the name yahoo! and said i will give you a company that has almost a billion monthly users, it has a finance property that's number one, a sports property number one or number two, it has products people still like to use. so if you, we interviewed barry diller a couple weeks ago and he said something really smart. let's not make yahoo! great again. the owner, new buyer should come in and say we're really good at this. strip away everything else and run it as a cash flows business. that is probably what buffett is looking at. from a finance point of view it is a safe deal. neil: cash flow from what? we'll have to see. >> with gannett and tribune you have both strong broadcast businesses there.
1:48 pm
neil: you're right. >> gannett it is scale play i guess. if you're going to be in the newspaper business you might as well be number one. that is how you bring in big advertising dollars. i think that is the only wray to play newspapers anymore. neil: leverage off "the los angeles times," chicago tribune, key properties. keith, very food -- good having you again. >> good to be here. neil: house republicans will hold i am etch peachment hearings -- impeachment hearings, not for the president of the united states but the head of the irs. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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1:52 pm
congressman, good to have you. >> thank you for covering this. neil: what are you doing it for? >> well, my successor, jason chaffetz already looked at a very long record on the commissioner, one in which he made false testimony before our committee. he failed to protect documents, a lot of them to be destroyed under his watch. and quite candidly he withheld both information and mischaracterized what he could have given us. so these failures to do exactly the job that he said he came in to do, which is restore confidence is the reason that the chairman referred to our committee for impeachment. the punishment for impeachment remove somebody from office who is no longer qualified or who failed to faithfully uphold the duties of that office. for the american people who saw their rights unfairly taken away, saw themselves essentially persecuted under lois lerner, he has in fact failed to perform
1:53 pm
the very duty he told our committee he came to do. neil: do you fear though, that in the mainstream media will cover this as sort of you going after the head of the irs as a political vendetta? how do you disavow americans of that notion? >> well i think the case was well-put together by the committee when it was sent over to us and like the impeachment of federal judges, you don't impeach them because you have some sort of vendetta. you impeach them because they're inappropriate to have on the bench. that doesn't happen very often. this is next step in a process that began during my tenure, one in which we tried to have lois lerner testify before congress. we tried to get the information that existed and, quite candidly, the ways and means committee referred to the department of justice for criminal prosecution and the fbi director and the justice department refused to perform the duty that was statutorily
1:54 pm
their requirement. so i think although no decision has been made to the merit of this case, for jason chaffetz it is very clear, his next step could not be another referral to a justice department that is part of a cover-up by willfully failing to execute its duties. i think there is nothing more to say than, this is the logical next step in the chairman's mind. neil: congressman, you have indicated that you would support donald trump. many in your party have come to that same conclusion even though they personally disavowed him during the campaign season but they are largely rallying around him. not although. what do you say to those who are holding back? what is your argument to say, support donald trump or we all go down? >> well, look i'm a republican because i believe in the direction of greater liberty, individual freedom and smaller government. if i i have a choice between hillary clinton who i find to be disqualified for her core are
1:55 pm
upness but i also find her direction to be exactly the wrong direction, the one we've been going for almost eight years i'm picking nominee of our party, the presumptive nominee because he will take us in the right direction while hillary clinton will take us very far in the wrong direction. neil: when you hear barack obama say as he did at the rutgers commencement address this past weekend, clearly referring to mr. trump, ignorance is not a virtue, what did you make of that? >> well, it is inappropriate for the president to say things like that. he should be above the fray of his successor and i'm sorry that he's decided that he wants to be emersed in the middle of the fray once again, personal attacks. the president's time has expired. it is time for him to start packing his bags. time for him to start figuring out what his legacy could be if he does things in the waning months. it is not time for him to actively participate, particularly in the negative,
1:56 pm
least desirable parts of an election. neil: congressman, great having you again. thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: darrell issa. quick peek at the dow right now. now over 70,700. a gain of 167 points did, 17,700. we complete the third down week in a row. earnings contraction for the third quarter in a row. all that is forgotten because of a guy named warren buffett who is buying apple, interested in seeing a sort of a management-run change for yahoo!, and all of sudden everyone forgets what ailed them last week. more after this.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
neil: all right. it is not exactly as all-time highs. apple stocks surging today. with that in around 93, $98 a
2:00 pm
share, the fact of the matter is apple is getting the attention. that shows you how quickly sentiment and numbers can change. that is helping the dow all because of foreign buffet. trish regan taking you through the next hour. trish: thank you very much. a big market rally. thanks to oil, recent merger in the big new york time merger. she knows her comments were taken out of context. welcome to the intelligence report. a major beef. listen to what a former girlfriend of trump who was put in the article said. >> he was very gracious. i felt him around all types of people. all types of women.


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